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KONG Dr. Noy's Pet Plush Toys

KONG Dr. Noy's Pet Plush ToysKONG Dr. Noy's Plush Toys features removable squeakers you can place within the toy itself. KONG's Plush toys are made of high quality plush that will surely impress your pets. Makes a great snuggle or fetch toy.

KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver - SMALL
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver - SMALL

($3.99)  $2.69
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy

($5.99)  $3.89
KONG Dr. Noys’ Sitting Frog (Medium)
KONG Dr. Noys’ Sitting Frog (Medium)

($6.99)  $4.69
Kong Material Dog Duckie Toy - X Small
Kong Material Dog Duckie Toy - X Small

($2.99)  $1.89
Kong Material Dog Platy Duck - Small
Kong Material Dog Platy Duck - Small

($3.99)  $2.69
Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear for Dogs Extra-Small
Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear for Dogs Extra-Small

($2.99)  $1.89
Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear for Dogs Medium
Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear for Dogs Medium

($6.99)  $4.69
KONG  Beaver Large
KONG Beaver Large

($9.99)  $6.99
Kong Material Sitting Frog Toy - Small
Kong Material Sitting Frog Toy - Small

($3.99)  $2.69
KONG Dr. Noys Sitting Frog (Extra Small)
KONG Dr. Noys Sitting Frog (Extra Small)

($2.99)  $1.89
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver features removable squeakers you can place within the toy itself. KONG's Plush Squirrel is made of high quality plush that will surely impress your pets. Makes a great snuggle or fetch toy.

  • Measures 5.5" L (including tail)
  • 5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
    Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver - SMALL
    Too Small by doxielover12/16/2012

    This toy was much smaller than I anticipated. I was disappointed.

    Good toy by Shadow from Miami, FL02/19/2013

    I brought my dog a couple toys from Kong and he loves all of them. However, this one he especially loves. He won't leave it alone until he gets the squeaker to stop squeaking! The toy does come with a replacement squeaker which is good. I highly recommend it and it is the perfect size for my dogs little mouth.

    Immediate Hit by dogs412/04/2012

    I purchased this and a small duck by the same maker for my brother's Norfolk and Norwich terriers. They were total hits and I got a picture later in the week of the female carrying the squirrel with the tail hanging out of her mouth. The size was perfect and the little bit of stuffing is nice. The extra squeaker is a bonus.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
    FURRY fun by Jay from Florida10/29/2012

    As soon as I took this out of package my cat grabbed it and began tossing it in the air.He stopped briefly to rub against my legs in a feline thank you. Then he went back to playing with squirrel. That was a year ago and he still loves his toy.

    Not for my cat by Max's Mom from Los Angeles10/22/2012

    My kitten has his favorite toys but will play with just about anything - I have had this for a while now and he hasn't so much as touched it. Not a winner in my book

    Good value. by Connie from Owensboro, KY06/06/2013

    My cats have been rolling around in the floor with this quite a bit, high as kites, because of the catnip I put in the pouch inside. It comes with enough catnip to re-fill 4 or 5 times. And it's good for holding and kicking with their back feet like Kangaroos having a seizure! They love it, and the price wasn't bad, so I am very satisfied with it. Took a month to get my $54-worth of items from Entirely Pets. I had to threaten to cancel the order, then they sent them immediately. But as for the toys, I am happy with them. Don't want to give the toys a bad review just because of the company selling them, because that wouldn't be right. So I recommend this toy, two thumbs up, just like the Play N Squeak. They haven't played with the other toys yet, just smelled them. Time will tell.

    Great Toy by LP05/31/2012

    I bought this and two other gifts for my daughter's brand new kitten. The toys varied widely in type and size as cats are so unpredictable. I just re-ordered THREE more so that my daughter can swap out the much loved little beast, which has been dragged through the house and is always nearby. She was worried what would happen when number one finally wore out and wanted reserves!

    Refillable by Tammy from Midwest01/13/2013

    The catnip was old. But the toy is nice and I grow my own catnip but due to the drought in the midwest the crop was not so good this last year. This is washable and refillable, bonus! As long as I can keep the dog from taking it outdside, she has taken a liking to it also. Cats do like it they can pick it up and carry it around like real hunters.

    Squirrilly baby by lthur1512/27/2012

    Excellent toy for my cat. After playing with it he gives it a good cleaning. This is his second one since after a year of his attentions the first one was looking rough.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noys’ Sitting Frog (Medium)
    by Laurel10/22/2011

    Toy is holding up, though I wish the "fur" was the old fabric like old one. Am somewhat concerned about her being able to get the strands of hair off and choke on them.

    Kong Dr. Noys Medium Frog by Mary from Wilmington, NC11/13/2012

    Great product however, wish there was a larger one.

    Forg by Laura from Illinois12/30/2012

    Zoe loves her frog. Every night tug of watch and catch. He gets quite a work out and holds up.

    The most fun of all. by catbug from SoCal11/29/2010

    I have a rescued Border cross and these toys have been a lifesaver. She loves the challenge of opening it, taking out the pocket and opening that. I put treats in the inner pocket, and give it to her when I go out ,and it gives her a challenge to solve while I am gone!! She's 14 now and not eating well so I use this toy to get dry food down her ,--because-- if it is in the toy it is a" treat". Works really well.

    Kong toys are great by sundance from central Illinois12/28/2012

    All my dogs love these toys - no stuffing makes them great.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Material Dog Duckie Toy - X Small

    FINALLY!!! The perfect toy for my little, nearly toothless rat terrier rescue. Sad, she didn't have good vet care before I found her, BUT NOW, she has a never-ending supply of tiny yellow duckies to spend her golden years with. These KONG DUCKIES are well made, come with a 2nd squeeker, washable and really cute scattered all over the house! As she hides them, I give her more. THANK YOU ENTIRELY PETS FOR EXCELLENT PRODUCTS/SERVICE/PRICE!!!

    I GOT THIS ONE by DEWGIE01/14/2013


    by laura08/17/2012

    My miniature dachshunds love this toy.They carry it around even after they have punctured the squeaker.I like the velcro opening so that the squeaker can be replaced.Wears well and is not immediately destroyed.

    Nice stocking stuffer by aprlm12/09/2011

    This is perfect size for a small dog, I bought the duck and teddy bear,they're ideal size for stockings.Also it comes with an extra squeaker.

    Kong Dog Duckie Toy by dog grandma from Washington--the state12/19/2012

    This is the favorite toy of my Pekingese/Jack Russell granddog. He fancies himself a retriever. It is the perfect size for him and was delivered quickly by Entirely Pets. Shipping costs were reasonable.

    A+++++++ by XENA11/16/2012


    Featured Reviews for Kong Material Dog Platy Duck - Small
    Not for tough chewers by jto10906/19/2012

    My puppy chewed off poor platy duck's arm in about 30 seconds and almost swallowed it. Not safe for chewing puppies!

    Favorite Toy by Arkie from Conway, AR02/13/2013

    When we first got our puppy Izzy, we bought her a small Kong ducky. This has been her favorite toy. She holds it in her mouth and squeaks it. She will then throw it up and chase it. She plays all kind of games with herself with the duck. I have bought several extras because she has taken the duck outside and it got rained on and ended up rotting. Any of the small Kong toys are great .. we have the bear, beaver and frog. She loves them all.

    My puppy... by jto10911/06/2012

    chewed off the poor duck's hand in a matter of minutes. Then she proceeded to swallow it.

    by Suzanne08/15/2012


    Love the little duck! by BargainLady12/30/2012

    Cute little duck! Cats and dog all like these alike... I would recommend these for small dogs!

    Not what I expected by doxielover12/16/2012

    This toy is so small, it is not even useable for my dogs. I surely didn't think that a small toy would be too small for them.

    Dog won't let it go... by Nanspud from Illinois08/21/2012

    This little squeaker toy has now become my Cairn Terrier's favorite. He plays with it every day and keeps it close to him so he doesn't lose it. It is just the right size for him and he is never too far from his ducky. :-)

    Duck of a different color by Lenny from Bakersfield, CA06/28/2013

    Ordered six of what is supposed to be the Kong Platy Duck shown in the picture (still). "Ducky" is our dog's favorite toy and she gradually chews them up. The package arrived with only three Platy Ducks that have transformed into nothing like the original. We contacted the company to explain we only got three and it wasn't what we ordered. We received a new shipment of six of the new version. Still not what we were looking for or thought we were ordering.

    Featured Reviews for Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear for Dogs Extra-Small
    Happy Girl by Sophie07/04/2012

    I was so happy to find this online. My Sophie's first and favorite was this Teddy. Sadly her last one was lost and I could not find it in any store. Oh my gosh is she a happy girl now! Teddy is her pride and joy! Thank you! I may have to buy all you have because I would hate to deprive her of her beloved ever!

    YES! by Lisa from san jose, ca03/07/2011

    only toy my dog plays with and great price!!

    Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear Toy by Carmen A from New York, New York11/03/2011

    I didn't realize how small this toy, but once I opened it my Yorkie-Coach & my Cavalier-Jake loved it. They played with it and ran back and forth and truly enjoyed themselves. I would definitely buy another one for them. It is small enough for Coach's mouth and durable for them to pull back and forth. 2 thumbs up. Thanks.

    Good for very small dog by IMOScout from Texas12/30/2012

    Bought for chihuahua, but her older (bigger) brother stole it and got the squeaker out in about 30 seconds. It did come with a spare, but the velcro opening is pretty easy to get open on the small ones. Chihuahua does like it, she just has to keep it hidden!

    excellent toys for kittens by Cher12/31/2011

    It is so perfect for our kitten. He loves it because it is tiny like him. He loves to walk around with it in his mouth. I wish your website had a printed catalog that we could look at from time to time.

    Small and strong! by BargainLady12/30/2012

    These little ex-small teddy bears are so cute, best of all my dog and my cats love him! We have one that has been washed in the machine and it is a bit more fuzzy then before but is still nice and strong for biting and carrying around... They love to play toss the bear with him! I would recommend these products to anyone with a small dog non-aggressive chewer or cats. If your dog is a heavy chewer you may want something more solid! We have several of these toys and definitely will replace them as needed.

    Favorite Toy by Jo01/12/2013

    I have a 5yr old Papillon named Eli. This has been his favorite pet for 4 yrs. I've hunted everywhere for another, but, could not find it. I was so excited to find teddy that I bought 2. He loves the new one too. This teddy goes to Grandma's house when he visits. This is a great small squeaker toy.

    love this toy by aprlm12/09/2011

    This is perfect size for a small dog, I bought the duck and teddy bear,they're ideal size for stockings.My dog likes all kinds of toys but his baby Teddy goes everywhere with him.I think it's cute.I will be ordering more soon.

    The best ever present for Sherman by Mt Lady 9611/01/2011

    Of all the bears he has tried, Sherman loves these little bears the most. When I could no longer find them in store, I found them on-line at Entirely Pets and at a great price. We haven't told him he has an extra 2 dozen in reserve. I think he's spoiled!

    Get this toy...you dog will love it! by Paulina from Miami, FL12/28/2011

    I bought this toy because the price was right and it comes with a replacement squeaker. It has been the best purchase because my dog loves it! It may seem small, but your dog will absolutely love it. I never saw him love one toy so much, and a month later it is still in perfect condition. Normally, my dog loves to chew and take the stuffing out of his toys, but this toy is indestructible. Highly recommended!!!!

    Excellent by Shadow from Miami, FL02/19/2013

    I have a 6 pound Maltese and he loves this bear. It is perfect fit for his mouth and it also has a very good squeaker on the inside. Because he loves it so much i keep getting more of them. I take them on the airplane so he has something to play with, i take them to visit family in NY, and in general i take them everywhere. The price of this bear is inexpensive compared to the amount of joy that it brings my dog.

    Nice small dog toy by Scooter06/28/2012

    Nice toy, but smaller than I thought. For Toy Dogs .... kept this one for myself, bought my doxie a bigger one ....

    Featured Reviews for Dr. Noy's Teddy Bear for Dogs Medium
    Good toy by IMOScout from Texas12/30/2012

    Both the Lab and 20# mixed breed love this toy. They switch off playing with it. It did lose the squeaker the first day - but at least there is a velcro opening so I didn't have to stitch the toy up like I usually do.

    Great Toy for the Money by doxielover12/16/2012

    This toy is a good size, and is accurately described. It is a good value also.

    I dogs favorite toy by Debbie from Memphis, TN09/12/2010

    I have a little Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie mix) and this is her favorite toy. I buy her other toys but this is Her toy and she won't let her "brother" play with it. When it's time for bed, she will grab her bear and run to her bed. Recently, she was able to "break the skin" and I had to throw away her favorite toy. I had to search the internet to find this toy. I bought 2 so I will have a replacement in a year or two. I hope I can find this toy again.

    Fino Loves this bear by MamaTam from WA state12/29/2012

    My dog Fino loves this bear and my cat does too! My cat will go into Fino's bed to "steal" this little buddy!!

    by from 02/05/2013

    Both of my dogs LOVE these toys for the squeaking features, the soft fur is fun to chew on and doesn't tear and their "shakability" is a hoot to watch!!

    because by they from lastI


    additional by choices from inWish


    DR NOY'S Toys by SLB03/14/2013

    Purchased the medium Teddy for a friends pup and he loved it. We buy our Rot Dr Noys toys. She loves them and cannot rip them apart (she has quite a few of them and all are over 2+ years) Very durable. This website is great. Prices are really good and fast shipping. Highly recommend.

    sweet teddy by andee m from Phoenixville, PA01/01/2013

    A very cute and loveable toy....my large dog loves it and it has an extra squeeker, no stuffing and is made to stand up to lots of wet lovin' and chewing.

    Great toy by I love Pugs04/09/2012

    My male Pug loves these toys, including the Frog. He really likes soft toys better than hard toys & I like no stuffing. These feel nice & silky & come with extra squeakers.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Beaver Large
    fun toy by sltppy from Chelsea, michigan12/15/2012

    Dogs ( four Belgian shepherds) loved even though the " large" is really a small toy) Shipping was VERY S..L..O...W.

    Not clear by doxielover12/16/2012

    Although I like the removeable squeakers, I would not consider the sizing accurate. I would call this medium.

    Did not recieve my order by Molly3631 from Muskego, WI12/17/2012

    I can't comment because I haven't recieved my order.

    3rd Beaver by Mary from Wilmington, NC11/13/2012

    Wish there were more of these toys for larger dogs.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Material Sitting Frog Toy - Small
    Still here after a month by elsieD from Charlotte, NC08/09/2010

    My dog loves stuffed squeaky toys, and the really good ones last 2-3 days with her before there's no stuffing and the squeaky is gone. However, this Kong frog is still intact after a month, and the dog loves it more than any other toy. I'm now going to buy one of each to keep her entertained. Marvelous price for something that lasts and lasts.

    Great Toy by Ninette10/08/2011

    Dogs (4) loved this plus removable squeaker is a great idea!

    Cute little froggy! by Bri12/19/2012

    This squeek toy is a perfect size for my little yorkie! It is very small but so is my dog!! It's great that it comes with an extra squeeker and a velcro opening to switch it out, because my dog ruins squeekers quite often!

    Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noys Sitting Frog (Extra Small)
    Frog by BargainLady12/30/2012

    Little frog is so cute! Cats and dog love this! I recommend this for small dogs non-aggressive chewers! :)

    Perfect purchase by ellieabby from Walnut Bottom Pa05/07/2013

    My dogs will only play with the xs kong frog......they love them. The xtra squeaker is the best idea. I'm glad Entirely Pets had them and will continue to have them I will be purchasing more.

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