Kyjen Invincibles

Kyjen Invincibles

Kyjen Holiday Invincibles - Santa
Kyjen Holiday Invincibles - Santa

($11.99)  $10.93
Outward Hound Invincible Snake Ginormous
Outward Hound Invincible Snake Ginormous

($25.99)  $19.99
Kyjen Invincibles 2 Squeak Gecko - Green
Kyjen Invincibles 2 Squeak Gecko - Green

($10.99)  $7.99
Kyjen Invincibles 3 Squeak Snake (Green/Black )
Kyjen Invincibles 3 Squeak Snake (Green/Black )

($10.99)  $7.99
Kyjen Invincibles 3 Squeak Snake (Assorted)
Kyjen Invincibles 3 Squeak Snake (Assorted)

($10.99)  $7.99
Outward Hound Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko - Yellow/Green
Outward Hound Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko - Yellow/Green

($14.99)  $8.99
Outward Hound Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko - Orange
Outward Hound Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko - Orange

($14.99)  $10.99
Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake
Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake

($12.99)  $10.69
Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake (Red/Black )
Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake (Red/Black )

($14.99)  $12.97
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog

($4.99)  $3.29
Outward Hound Mini Invincibles - Duck
Outward Hound Mini Invincibles - Duck

($4.99)  $3.29
Outward Hound Mini Invincibles - Hedgehog
Outward Hound Mini Invincibles - Hedgehog

($4.99)  $3.29
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Pig
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Pig

($4.99)  $3.29
Kyjen Plush Puppies Invincible Reindeer Ornament
Kyjen Plush Puppies Invincible Reindeer Ornament

($7.99)  $5.99
Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake w/ Santa Hat  (Green/Black )
Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake w/ Santa Hat (Green/Black )

($16.99)  $15.02
Kyjen Holiday Invincibles Mini - Santa
Kyjen Holiday Invincibles Mini - Santa

($5.99)  $3.99

Kyjen Holiday Invincibles Santa is a durable and fun toy for a pet that is specially designed for the holiday season.

 There are many styles of Kyjen Holiday Invincibles for those that want to give their dog a treat for the holiday season. Invincibles are perfect for dogs that have tough bites or that tend to destroy their toys, because they are made of durable, quality fabric with thick stitching. These holiday toys are an excellent and festive way to involve your beloved pet in your holiday celebrations.

The Kyjen Holiday Invincibles line has a long format that means that the toy can be used easily for either fetch or tug, and the material has multiple squeakers within it to keep a dog interested and entertained. The squeakers within this toy will keep squeaking even if they are pierced, which means they are perfect for dogs with strong bites and strong teeth. The Kyjen Holiday Invincible toy satisfies a dog's natural urge to chew, which is a way that they can release extra energy and relax. There is no stuffing, which means that a dog can't pull it apart.

The benefits of Kyjen Holiday Invincibles - Santa include:
  • This toy features a festive and fun holiday theme that makes it perfect for the season.
  • This toy is extremely durable, with no filling and five squeakers that will keep going even if they are pierced.
  • The format of this toy is very versatile and offers for a variety of different play styles.
  • Remove if worn or broken.
    5.00 rating based on 7 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Invincible Snake Ginormous
    Fun fun fun by Ts from Las vegas06/04/2013

    This toy was very entertaining for both my dogs. They had a great time destroying all the squeekers.

    Great toy! by xraytech07/14/2012

    My dachshund loves squeakers and loves to destroy her toys. She hasn't had much luck ruining this one, though. I think she likes it so much, she doesn't want to chew it up! She runs all over the house, dragging it behind her, chewing on a squeaker to make lots of noise. She loves it!

    BESTEST toy EVER!!! by msdarlene from Lakes Region NH06/25/2013

    My rottie girl ABSOLUTELY LOVES this snake. She uses it like a musical instrument, then folds it in half & carries it like her baby. It's so adorable to watch, and it's been the biggest hit for a dog toy in my home since the rubber chicken! She doesn't share it with her brother, and they share everything! Rottie proof $20 bucks I've spent in a while!

    Durable Fun Toy by Tigger & Bodie from California12/14/2012

    This toy is great for my squeaker-obsessed dog. It takes him a long time to destroy one of the squeakers -- and that leaves him with several more to go! He loves that it's so long and fun to drag around the house, squeaking all the way! Love it!

    So Much Fun by Lovemy3doggies10/23/2012

    I love watching my dog meticulously chew out one squeaky at a time. He doesn't eat the squeak- he just enjoys the challenge of getting all the squeaks out.

    by Joanne06/29/2012

    Great toy for a dog that loves squeakers!

    Super Fun Toy! by bbstar25 from South Bend, IN02/13/2012

    My great dane loves attacking this giant snake! He finally has a toy his size. Plus, our beagle played with it for at least 20 minutes and caused no damage! Strong, durable, and entertaining.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Invincibles 2 Squeak Gecko - Green
    Instant Favorite! by Anne from San Diego County, CA03/11/2012

    Soft-nice because she likes to have you do tug-of-war with her. Was still squecky after the first dozen times she managed to puncture each squeaker.

    Wish it was smaller by Jan from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada03/31/2013

    The toy is cute and very well made. It was too big for my 7 lb. Maltese. I will give it to my friend's dog, but I wish there was a smaller version as my little guy has a mighty bite and he "kills" the squeakers in his toys all the time.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Invincibles 3 Squeak Snake (Green/Black )
    Squeaky snake by dcol11/08/2010

    We have a mini-pin that will not rest until she has killed every squeaky toy she owns (small plastic ones last about 20 minutes). This snake has lasted over a month even though showing definite signs of wear. The squeakers are easy to bite for her tiny mouth and make a lot of noise - this is her most played with toy at the moment. I have just ordered replacements for when it does finally die.

    Invincible Snake by LL from Somerset, MA01/03/2014

    I have been buying Kyjen products for some time now and love them. Squeaker mats are great. However this Invincible snake was not invincible. In 5 minutes my terrier had one of the squeakers out and was ready to dismantle it. Not an invincible product by any means.

    Going to try another by Debby from Fuquay Varina NC09/23/2012

    We purchased this item last night - our Jack Russell (Scooter) played and played. It only took 12 hours for him to get the squeaky to quit working. He looks so disappointed that his toy doesn't work any longer. Scooter truly walks around with his toy in his mouth trying to make it squeak. Going to purchase one more for a second try.... Would love any thoughts of which toy to purchase next.

    Not so much... by Gooddayz04/06/2012

    This one took maybe an hour for my 13lb power jaws to get all the squeekers out. It is NOT invincible.. it is now in shreds.

    My Puppy's Favorite Toy but Loud by Charley08/07/2012

    Great toy, my airedale puppy can't leave it alone and sadly it is still in once piece and squeaking. Dog couldn't be happier. It is quite loud though, so be ready. Boy does it keep him occupied though and I can hear where he is and what he's doing. Quiet puppy means he's doing something he shouldn't.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Invincibles 3 Squeak Snake (Assorted)
    Durable and lovable by Stef12/29/2012

    Lots of squeakers and durability make this one of my dogs favorites.

    not so invincible by kdeducator08/02/2012

    My 15 lb. dachshund was able to "defeat" this snake's 3 squeaker's in about 2 hours....However, she still enjoys throwing the snake around and carrying it through the house, but having a squeakerless toy in less than 2 hours does not justify the price paid for this toy! P.S. The first one I bought for her was "defeated" in 2 days; obviously, she has improved her technique!

    Not very tough by DV02/20/2013

    My beagle loves playing with this - but in less than 5 minutes 2 of the 3 squeekers had been punctured and no longer worked which is exactly what this product said would not happen. In another 5 minutes the last one no longer worked either. She still likes playing with it though.

    by Trekker from Denver, CO03/04/2014

    This toy can withstand chewing and tearing. Two and three dogs can play tug-a-war for a lengthy time and it never rips. The squeekers last a really long time. This toy is as tough as the description says!!

    Dogs love it! by Baxter's Mom02/08/2012

    My Doxie and Cattle dog both love this snake! the Doxie shreds toys but this keeps of sqeeking and is very durable. It is there favorite.

    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko - Yellow/Green
    Worth the money by Angie804 from Chicago, IL06/27/2013

    I bought the Gecko and Snake at the same time. The gecko is great too but my boy tends to go for the snake more. No damage after a month. I'm sure the gecko would be better for a smaller dog maybe. VERY satisfied with my purchase!

    Enjoyed Not Destroyed by Caribou2u from Central Virginia01/01/2013

    I have one of these for my Belgian Sheepdog (2 1/2 yrs and for the Belgian Sheepdog puppy. Both of them squeak and squeak this toy and do not destroy it. I tried to order another one from Entirely Pets, but it was not available any longer. So sad. If I could, I would buy 3 more.

    Favorite toy by Anne from San Diego County, CA03/11/2012

    This is her second Gecko and she loves them. This one was an immediate hit. But she had it destroyed in less than 5 days....

    tough toy by krickle01/18/2012

    Invincible is a good description of this toy; I have 2 pit bulls and they absolutely love these! No matter how much they play with them, chew them, pull them, they keep squeaking. I would definately recommend them for anyone who's dog has a whole toy box full of de-fluffed toys with punctured sqeakers who no longer work.

    Junk by Chris07/01/2013

    Was ripped apart in minutes. Contacted entirely pets and never got a response. Will never order from entirely pets again, will stick with dr foster smith who stands behind the products they sell with better prices!

    Not tough enough by Rainy from Suburb of NYC01/28/2014

    This toy, although it had a great squeaker, was chewed apart shortly after my puppy received it. I would say it is not recommended for strong chewers.

    pitbull toy by larry from florida01/01/2013

    best toys for pits last about a year a1 best

    Invincibles gecko by sweetnsassy from Morgantown, WV12/02/2012

    Great for big dogs who like to thin fabrics or small squeakers..yet he still enjoys it.....


    I have 2 dogs so I purchased 2. They played with these constantly and sad to say they are totally obliterated. A lot of money for something that falls apart like all the others. Should change your advertising.

    Everybody loves this toy by MLaz04/16/2013

    I train service dogs and this toy gets played with by labradors, goldens and other large mixes frequently. I have had dogs that are uninterested in toys love this one because of all the squeakers. A few dogs have started picking at it so would not leave it with any dog. If they start to tear it, I take it away. But I definitely would recommend it as an interactive toy playing with a person - not another dog. The squeakers eventually stop but because there are four of them,they last a good long time.

    The best dog toy! by Latisse12/15/2012

    This is my dog's favorite toy because it's soft and the body is made of 4 big squeakers. Because the squeakers are so big, she doesn't try to tear the toy apart to get them out. I love that there's no filling inside, only very big squeakers, so I don't worry that she'll swallow something. She hasn't been able to destroy this toy. The material and stitching are holding up great, the toy still looks new.

    Great Squeakers! by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY11/21/2013

    This generation of Kyjen toys is extremely durable while still being soft plush. They have giant squeakers that just won't quit. Someday all dog toys will be made this way...I wish!

    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko - Orange
    A fun toy! by Latisse12/15/2012

    This toy keeps on squeaking, even though my dog, who's destuctive, has played with it for a few weeks. It still looks like new

    by rschob from Seattle05/05/2014

    3 of 4 squeakers have lasted through a few moderate chewing sessions. However, once punctured it has not made a sound, unlike advertised. Otherwise, solid seem construction and fun, floppy shape.

    Dog loved it! by kgdc11/21/2012

    He still plays with/attacks it event hough we have had it for more than 2 months. It is a little bit torn up but still squeaks and really that is all that matters to him.

    Toughest toy ever by Dirt Dog Owner from Ohio01/01/2013

    My JRT destroyes every toy I give him with the exception of the Kyjen Invincibles 4 Squeak Gecko. This is the second one he's had in the past four years. He actually still has the first. While he has removed the squeakers, he still plays with it too. If you have a tough toy player in your house, you must try this product.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake
    Great Purchase by Kendal from Tasmania, Australia12/28/2011

    I'm really happy with this purchase. My dogs love this toy, and it has different sounding squeakers as well.

    NOT invincible by playzsoccer from Cedar Springs, mi01/16/2015

    I have an aggressive chewing Jack Russell, he had a hole in this within hours. He removed one squeaker. Luckily, this toy comes with multiple. I think he had all the squeakers removed in a few days. Cute toy that he loved. But it didn't live long.

    made well by steffo03/21/2013

    one of only a few toys that lasts with my two aussies.

    Squeakers don't last by suzyq05/06/2011

    This toy is okay, but the squeakers didn't last, which is the whole reason I purchased it. Our lab is older and her teeth are pretty worn, but she had all the squeakers killed in about 2 hours. She does this to all squeaky toys, but I thought these ones would last longer. She still likes the snake, and it is a good pull toy.

    lots of fun by 3 Dogs from MI11/02/2012

    My Coonhound and Shepherd mix will play tug of war with these and I believe they like this because each one thinks "they" have the squeaker. They do last forever. The squeakers repair themselves. Bought quite a few of these. Only one was of poor quality (ripped & squeakers came out), and the squeakers wore out completely on one after about 6months.

    Great toy! by CC from Pittsburgh, PA06/27/2012

    I bought this as a last minute "why not" because I was familiar with the brand and liked the price. I wish I'd bought more! My Weimaraner and Rottweiler are constantly snatching it from each other - they usually enjoy different toys, but this one was a hit with both. The squeakers are now smashed in but they still squeak! The toy itself is very durable, but I would recommend cutting the tongue off directly if you have a chewer like I do. Definitely recommend!

    Great toy by krickle from Florida04/18/2012

    This is a great toy for dogs who totally destroy most other toys, it continues to squeak no matter how many times its bitten.

    Where Has This Been! AWESOME TOY! by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/20/2013

    I have 2 dogs, one loves to play gently with his toys and the other likes to destroy them (which upsets my gentler dog because his toys stop squeaking). This toy is amazing and I wish someone would have made it years ago! My dogs are now 11 years old and the gentle dog still loves to play nicely with his toys and the other one still loves to destroy them... So finally after 11 years the tide had turned; the "destroyer" does his best to break the squeakers but it keeps on working (my gentle dog thanks you from the bottom of his heart!)

    just the right size by smoothrider08/06/2013

    Perfect for my Boston Terrier. He wore out his previous one.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Invincibles 6 Squeak Snake (Red/Black )
    Great toy design by kgdc11/21/2012

    This toy is a hug hit! Even if my dog chews it up it is sectioned off so that is still will work. He loves swinging this around and just making it squeak as much as possible. LOVE IT!

    We absolutely love this toy-buy it, buy it, buy it by Chartri02/22/2011

    We have two labradoodles, Charmer and Trixie, between 1.5-2 years old. They chew their toys like all dogs. They destroy toys all the time digging into them to get the squeakers out of them. And with two energetic dogs and "compete" over the same toys and play tug of war every single day together, I must say this is a most favorite toy. I accidently found it at one place once, some time ago. Its still in one piece! The squeakers are large and tube-like, and in each section of the snake's body. Yet they just play and play with this durable toy and never get board of it. While still in one piece, as much as they love it, I have already now purchased 2 more, the red and green, and got them in the mail right away. This was because I cant imagine them not having the toy if it ever breaks! It is pulled in opposite directions all the time, and yet the love it. They know its the "snake toy" and one of the dogs seeks it out when we come home to work to play specifically with this toy. We have tried many toys at various prices...this is only 9.99 and an amazing toy both our male and female pups love!

    Lab Loves It by Lamb11/30/2012

    A bit noisy but it occupies my dog for a long time. Pretty indestructible too.

    love this product by victoria07/23/2012

    My 2 aussies usually tear a toy apart in minutes...they love this toy because it squeaks all over and have not destroyed it!

    Two Paws WAY Up! by Hugenaturelover from Alaska10/03/2013

    My two dogs love this toy and one of my dogs destroys toys but he hasn't been able to "kill" this one yet!

    Best dog toy EVER by Angie804 from Chicago, IL06/27/2013

    My 18 month old boxer lost his friggin mind when I pulled this out the package. Spun around in a circle whipping this thing until his goofy self fell into a wall dizzy. I've had it now over a month and NO damage which is incredible! Worth every dime!

    Not for Power Chewers by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY01/20/2014

    My dog loves to rip apart plush toys and the blue gecko made by this company has lasted far longer than most other toys. I thought I'd try this one for something different, but it just isn't nearly as durable. That said, I gave one of these as a gift a few years ago to someone with 2 dogs who absolutely love playing with it together. They don't have the same destructive urge and their toy is still in good shape.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog
    Easily destroyedables by Wishbone Farm Schnauzers from Monroe, NC03/24/2014

    This toy looks like its 6 years old instead of a couple of weeks old. One of my younger girls got ahold of it and shredded it.

    Kyjen Mini Invincibles by boss terrier from Daly City, CA12/03/2013

    My dog tore through this in less than an hour. The only good thing is I didn't have to clean up a lot of stuffing. If your dog doesn't tear through stuffed animals, then this is for you. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

    mini invincibles by adcatcherinwa from Spokane WA10/05/2013

    My dog loved it so much it was chewed in a matter of hours. I would recommend their hard boiled softies if your dog is a strong chewer. My 11 pound terrier mix had this to shreds and the squeaker killed in about two hours. He really did love the toy though.

    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Mini Invincibles - Duck
    Duck by Drin from Morrisville, NC01/19/2015

    My dog likes this toy - it is harder than the dinosaur, but he seems to enjoy the squeak.

    Invincible? Hardly... by Matilda's Dad from Grand Rapids, MI08/14/2013

    This toy was cute and even said it keeps squeaking after being punctured. I gave it to my 12 lb chihuahua border terrier mix and she ripped the whole thing apart in about an hour. It stopped squeaking after the first 30 minutes. The carnage was almost too gruesome to watch. I truly felt bad for the little duck which is now in the trash. On the bright side my dog did seem to have a GREAT time ripping the toy apart! With "invincible" in the name I would have expected more.

    Featured Reviews for Outward Hound Mini Invincibles - Hedgehog
    no so invincible by M Lambert from Berlin, VT06/16/2014

    Lasted maybe 3 days playing fetch with it with our chocolate lab.

    Super Toys by The Clan from Delmar, NY01/17/2015

    These were given as Holiday gifts and the dogs who received them love them! There seems to be something about the hedgehog all dogs love.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Pig
    Adorable and Tough by Cleopatra08/16/2014

    I have 3 Shih-Tzu girls and this toy has been with us for over 2 years now. It is a favorite of my littlest girl, Luna, who is 7.5 pounds. The pig is actually bigger than her whole face but she loves it and (very importantly) it has held up to play from her and her sisters for a sustained amount of time and is in pristine condition. This is a tough little toy and I highly recommend it.

    by from 03/01/2014

    great squeaker for a small dog by wahmei from Las Vegas, NV06/16/2014

    This toy truly is almost indestructible! My small dog is not a chewer, so this will last him forever.

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