Littermaid Self Cleaning Box and Accessories

Littermaid Self Cleaning Box and AccessoriesThe LitterMaid team has developed a self-cleaning litter box that takes the chore out of litter cleaning and provides you and your cat with a constantly clean, odorless environment. The LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box automatically scoops the litter and empties the waste into a sealed, disposable receptacle. How it works is easy. Once the cat leaves the unit, sensors are triggered, turning on the timer for the cleaning cycle. The unit will not start a cleaning cycle while the cat is in the box. After 10 minutes the cleaning cycle starts. If the cat re-enters and leaves the litter box before the initial 10 minutes have elapsed, the timer will automatically reset and delay the beginning of the cleaning cycle for an additional 10 minutes. Not only will your cat love the LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box, but you also will love how easy it is to keep your house smelling fresh and clean.
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Littermaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter (7 lb)
Littermaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter (7 lb)

($23.99)  $17.99
Littermaid Waste Receptacles (12 count)
Littermaid Waste Receptacles (12 count)

($22.99)  $16.99
LitterMaid Litter Box Carpet
LitterMaid Litter Box Carpet

($26.50)  $23.99
LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent
LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent

($46.99)  $34.99

Scoop with Ease Using Littermaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter (7 lb)

The litter box may seem like the only downside to owning a cat. With Littermaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter (7 lb), you no longer need to dread cleaning out the litter box. Littermaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter (7 lb) reduces the hassle of litter box clean up by using environmentally-safe clumping material that is easy to scoop and eliminates odors.

  • Dust free formula prevents the spread of litter and protects breathing
  • Made from natural materials
  • Safe for cats and kittens
  • Keeps litter box smells locked away
  • Perfect for finicky cats that demand a debris-less litter box
  • Clumps immediately for ease of clean up
  • No added scents, the material prevents odors without artificial chemicals
  • Smells like pine naturally
  • Will not irritate the skin of your pets
  • 2 times the absorbing capacity of clay
  • Featured Reviews for LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent
    frame by dewjmw@gmail.com08/23/2009

    after 1 year frame broke in 3 places; can you buy just the frame?

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