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Mikey (11/4/05)

Name: Mikey Submitted by: David & Lu K.
Location: Olathe, KS About: Mikey, the 13 year old trained attack pug,
needed to take a short nap after patrolling the
kitchen area searching for stray food crumbs. Likes: Besides his incessant love affair with food
he also likes females, human females!Dislikes: Besides being a food critic, Mikey moon-
lights as a music critic. The music most irritating
to him is Bach, the theme song to “Andy Griffith”,
and the song “Bad to the Bone.” Also, because of
his superior training as a “attack pug” he is furious
with joggers because they can outrun him. After
each “fast walk” chasing the joggers Mikey needs
a nap to replenish his energy before his next meal
or snack.
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