• Missing Link Canine Ultimate Hip & Joint  (5 lb)

    Missing Link for Dogs Ultimate Hip & Joint (5 lbs)

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    The Missing Link® Ultimate Canine Hip & Joint targets the nutritional gap between what nature provides and what is available in commercial foods. Our proprietary, patented cold-processing method ensures the freshest delivery of precious Omega 3 fatty acids.

    This unique synergistic blend of the highest quality ingredients combines:
  • Glucosamine for healthy joints.
  • Omega fatty acids to support intercellular health, for absorption of fat soluble vitamins, and to maintain energy levels.
  • Dietary fiber to promote a healthy digestive system.
  • Phyto (plant) nutrients to support general health and nutrition.

  • Your dog will love the taste and love the results!



    Usage Information

    Represents minimum levels per Tbsp. (3 tsp.)=8g unless otherwise stated:
    Crude Protein (min) 18%
    Crude Fat (min) 28%
    Crude Fiber (max) 15%
    Moisture (max) 10%
    Linoleic Acid (an Omega 6)(min) 450mg (5.6%)
    *Linolenic Acid (an Omega 3)(min) 1000mg (12.5%)
    Glucosamine (min) 400mg (5.0%)
    *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.

    1 teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight
    Weight of Animal Amount/Teaspoons
    25 lbs. 1 tsp
    50 lbs. 2 tsp
    75 lbs. (Avg. Size) 3 tsp
    100 lbs. 4 tsp
    "This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only."
    1 lb. is approx. a 2-month supply for an average size dog.

    FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Add the Missing Link® to your dog's diet according to its weight. Due to the high fiber content, start with small amounts and gradually increase to the recommended level over the course of a week or two.


    Ground Flaxseed, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Freeze Dried Beef Liver, Cane Molasses, Rice Bran, Primary Dried Yeast, Sunflower Seed, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Dried Carrot, Ground Beed Bone, Dried Fish Solubles, Freeze Dried Oyster, Ground Barley Grass, Dried Kelp, Zinc Methionine Complex, Lecithin Selenium Yeast, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Garlic, Taurine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Riboflavin (Vitamin V2), Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Folic Acid And Vitamin B12 Supplement.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    good stuff! by Reg from Drexel Hill, PA02/11/2012

    I give this to both of my dogs, and it seems to help them.They are 9 and 15, and both have joint issues. This product keeps them a little more limber.They are both under 40 pounds, so this lasts a long time too!

    Healthy Dogs by Kim10/23/2011

    I have 5 dogs:Shepherds and Huskies. This is an overall great supplement is for them. It seems to have everything that they need for their joints and coat. It is so easy to use. I add it to their food and they like it. I have seen a great difference since I began using it. Love this!

    Good Product by sully from Texas07/04/2012

    I have had both my dogs on Missing Link for years. They are now 7 and 8 years old (large dogs) and show no signs of slowing down. I think Missing Link helps them stay healthy and active.

    Works miracles by Bev from DeSoto, TX08/13/2013

    This is one supplement that I make sure not to ever run out of. I have litterally seen this one work miracles in dogs. After just a week, many dogs that had trouble just walking are acting like puppies. Another dog who had swollen legs and no vet could figure out why, now has normal legs after being on Missing Link for awhile.

    BEST PRODUCT EVER by Trish from Yucaipa, CA12/05/2012

    I have (2) labs with joint problems, this product is great. I have used it for years and it has helped them greatly. Love It !!!

    Older Goldens Are Big Puppies by Chip from Pasadena, MD02/07/2012

    We currently have four related Golden Retrievers.....Dad Golden, his two sons, and his daughter. All raised from birth, except the Dad who was brought home at eight weeks. Dad is almost fourteen and the "pups" are almost eleven. We have had them on Missing Link Canine Plus with Joint Support for about five years. Dad still runs with his kids, just not quite as fast or far! He is now showing a little stiffness getting up and going up stairs, but I believe the supplement has helped them all mature virtually pain-free. Very worthwhile investment for their happiness and well-being!

    by from 12/15/2013

    Our two pugs are 10 & 13 years old and have a difficult time getting around. Missing Link really seems to help their mobility (we give it to them twice per day in their meals).

    not by seem from toThis


    by wisky from wisconsin07/17/2012

    Have been useing for years,All my dogs live outside and it does make a difference in their health.

    Best Supplement by Sabrina10/23/2012

    I give this supplement to all of my dogs - we have six! The older dogs have shown substantial improvement in joint mobility and overall appearance and texture of their coats and skin. The younger dogs have healthy skin and coats, fewer "itchies", and healthier stools. I love this stuff and never, ever run out!!!

    Highly Recommended by Cathi from South Montrose , PA01/25/2011

    A person I work with was advised to use this product by her vet. I tried it on my animals and have never regretted it. Best item for older dogs, makes a big difference in their life.

    Missing Link for Life! by Mel from Austin, Texas10/26/2011

    I have been buying this product from Entirely Pets and giving it to my Golden Retrievers religiously for years! They love it, it is easy and has so far kept two aging Goldens from having any joint issues. I love the cost savings of the 5 pound bag. Entirely Pets has great prices and fast shipping.

    Wonderful company by Catherine06/09/2014

    Excellent customer service and sensibly priced products. You can tell that they value both the owners and the pets by offering great products at a reasonable cost.

    Missing Link Plus by L~E02/05/2012

    Missing Link was recommended by my vet. After adding the recommended amount to each dogs' meals for two weeks, this supplement renewed my 17 year old Maltese's lease on life and helped my 13 year old Bull Terrier to be more limber. The difference in how they feel is obvious by the way the way they act. I found that Entirely Pets sells it for less than other vendors.

    Great product by Asha's dad from NYC, NY03/20/2013

    Been buying this product for years. I believe it really helps the vitality of my dogs.

    All dogs need this by wisky01/21/2014

    all dogs would live better with Missing Link

    This one works! by JimJ from Fort Worth, TX09/28/2013

    Used Missing Link, then switched to Nupro upon a recommendation of an pet nutritionist. It didn't work nearly as well, so now I am back and a believer. We have two nine year old dogs, one that has had surgery on both knees, the most recent 16 weeks ago, and she is back up and around like nothing happened. In the past she had trouble rising after a walk, and now we are back on ML she gets up with little effort. Our other dog hasn't lost a step, and I credit this supplement with keeping him in stride.

    by Gary from Maryland11/18/2012

    I use these vitamins in my BARF to ensure balanced/complete nutrition. There's no way to know for sure whether any vitamins are making a difference, but the dogs are healthy and they eat their food, so I'll keep using Missing Link.

    Missing Link Believer by chantrelle from Port Angeles, WA12/14/2010

    We have used Missing Link for many years with our labs. We began using Missing Link with a lab when she had such dry skin that she lost most of her hair and was scratching herself raw. Her skin improved so we kept giving our dogs Missing Link over the next 12+ years. We now have her daughter and granddaughter (labs) who get a teaspoon of Missing Link a day and never have had dry skin. Their coats are soft and shining with little shedding. I get the economical 5 pound bag and store it in the freezer, moving a portion of it to the fridge when needed. It lasts 6-8 months.

    Entirely Pets by Bill from Northwest Indiana11/12/2012

    We ordered 10# of Missing Link ultimate Hip and Joint. This stuff is great as I have been using it for 2 years now. All four dogs aged 8 to 12yo are doing great. Even my 11yo Golden Retriever who I have never seen run flat out in the 7 years of ownership is getting along fine. I got very fast service from "Entirely Pets" and a good price. It looks like I have a new place to buy my dog needs.

    Healthy, Happy, Hounds by RG from Manhattan Beach, California01/31/2013

    Wow, this stuff works wonders with older dogs. But all dogs can benefit from this product, young old, large or small breed. We have retrievers, labs and lab mixes. Less shedding more energy (yeah like they need it) shinny coats. We get lots of comments on how brite and healthy their fur is.

    Missing Link - Good Supplement! by Heather from Winter Haven, FL12/29/2012

    I have been giving Missing Link to my dog at my ortho vet's recommendation for about 5 years since his CCL surgery. He is now 9 and is as active as ever. I like Missing Link and would recommend it to anyone.

    Great product! by tom1096 from Ocala, FL10/15/2013

    Missing Link is a wonderful product that has helped my pets live long and productive lives.

    Best Supplement for your Dog by weiscon1 from Woodinville, WA11/26/2012

    I've used this supplement for years and my current dog was malnourished because he was a rescue pup and horrible dandruff and a dull coat. After only a few months on Missing Link, the dandruff is gone and his coat is so shiny and soft. He also has great energy and is very healthy and I know I'm helping protect his growing bones too.

    Awesome Stuff by tarly05/13/2013

    We've used Missing Link for 15 years plus years and it's the best, so far all my dogs live between 15 & 18 years. Shiny coats too!

    Love It! by lollipop08/17/2014

    This product was recommended for my dog with epilepsy by a woman who claimed it cured her dog. It has not cured my dog but I have seen a reduction in seizures. I recommended it to my mother-in-law when her lab was struggling with arthritis. She was able to reduce his pain meds dramatically (from 7 days a week to once or twice a week). I believe it's the best supplement on the market. I also use it daily on my mutt that's perfectly healthy.

    Miracle product by BJ from Dallas, TX03/13/2012

    I have literally seen this product work miracles with dogs. Lots of vets won't tell you about it, but it truly works wonders for dogs that limp, have legs that swell, or have any type arthritis problems. It is just good for all dogs. Don't waste your money on cheaper type products. AND, dogs love the taste of it.

    This has made a huge difference for my senior dog! by fostermom10/16/2011

    My lab/golden has had two FHOs and has recovered from a partially torn CCL. She was very gimpy after any type of exercise, yet she is a highly active dog even at almost 11 years old. I started using the Missing Link Plus back about 6 months ago and I have seen a HUGE improvement in her mobility. I am very impressed!

    Absolute Best Product by Riley from Naples, Florida02/20/2013

    I have tried other products that are similar to this, but I always go back to this because I notice a big difference in my dogs when they take this verses other products. My dogs also seem to enjoy the taste of this better than others. I am always asked how I get my dogs coats so soft and silky and I tell them about this. This sure helps with their joints, but it also keeps their skin and coats healthy too.

    This has really helped Max's arthritis by Jen from Spokane, Washington03/15/2014

    My Max has been on The Missing Link for a couple of years. It really has helped with his arthritis. He has food allergies, but this doesn't cause him any issues at all. I ran this by my vet prior to starting it, and we both saw a difference in a couple of weeks. Vet has since upped his dose, so that he takes 3 teaspoons with breakfast and 3 teaspoons with dinner. He likes it, and I highly recommend it.

    You won't regret it... by Terry07/30/2010

    I have been giving this to my two dogs (Both boxers) for the last 6 years, I firmly believe that this product is what keeps my dogs healthy... Don't doubt it... GET IT!!!

    Excellent value by lynn from grand junction, co12/12/2011

    Have been buying for this Missing Link through a local pet store at $26.00 a pound. This is remarkable price on 5 pounds. Bought 2, 5 lbs just in case they catch this BIG too good to be true price. The dogs love the taste and the ingredients are what my mighty big dogs needs. Thank you for the great and speedy service.

    Amazing Product by Sue from Romeoville, IL11/04/2013

    I have been giving Missing Link to my two goldens for about a year now. My 10 year old rescue runs and plays like a puppy...no signs of arthritis whatsoever. My 2 year old rescue came from a puppy mill along with all the bad genetics including shedding his skin (not fur...actual pieces of skin). Since we've been using Missing Link his fur is beautiful and he's stopped shedding skin...now he only sheds his fur normally! Love the product!

    Great product by Dejavu from Northern California01/21/2012

    I have been purchasing it for several years now and give it to my miniture Long Hair Dashound and Shiltie Border Colie mix. Have seen great changes in mobility, skin and coat conditions.

    Need help with a big dog with joint problems? by lynn from Grand Junction, co06/11/2013

    Have used Missing Link for all of my dogs over the last 15 years. I don't know how long this product has been on the market but it has helped my dogs stay more active with less joint issues that comes with age and weight issues. Many important vitamins are in this product. My springer lived until 15 years and now I have a Austrian/ Siberian who is turning 14 and is in great shape. Recommend this product highly.

    My Dog Eats It! by Angie10/24/2013

    I have used numerous joint suppliments and my dog refused to eat most of them. My Vet recommended Missing Link. He uses it for his dogs. It is hard to determine if it is effective for my 9 year old Boykin Spaniel, but it has not caused any problems and he eats his food with Missing Link mixed in.

    Great supplements by dogman from Banner Elk, NC11/11/2011

    This has so many good ingredients for the dog and eliminates having to give other supplements.

    Missing Link for Homemade Dog Food by Crafty from Albuquerque12/20/2013

    I have been making my dogs' food for years. I always add Missing Link/Ultimate Hip and Joint to the mixture of rice and chicken (sometimes vegetables).They are all senior dogs now and I attribute that to a healthy diet and lots of love. They are all small, indoor/outdoor rescue dogs.

    Wonderful product by Bronze from Tampa, FL12/12/2011

    My almost 11 year old Labeagle (lab-beagle mix), Taz, has had surgery to fix both her back knees in the past 3 years and has developed skin issues in the past year. Needless to say, she was slowing down a little bit and chewing bald patches into her coat. She has been using Missing Link for just about 6 weeks now and the puppy in her has returned. She is covered in hair again and so bouncy & full of energy that you would think she is part Tigger too!

    keeps dogs healthy by carly from Cincinnati Ohio02/23/2013

    We've kept our two dogs on this product all their lives. One is 13 years old and the other 10 years old. We must being doing something right. They've never had any skin problems. and have beautiful long coats.

    Missing Link by Bean11/08/2013

    This product has greatly helped our dogs. One has hip displaysia and the other frequently goes lame from playing. Missing Link reduces their pain and inflamation. I would recommend it very strongly to anyone with a dog.

    A good supplement by Gary from Maryland01/28/2012

    I use Missing Link to supplement my dogs' raw diet. They seem to like it, and they're healthy, which is what matters most.

    The product keeps his promise. by dora from Netherlands03/11/2013

    We have been using this product for several years now. Not only does it help our dogs in keeping good hips and joints. They have a shiny coat. They like the taste and there are numereous reasons more. Do not longer hesitate and keep your dog happy and healthy in giving him Missing Link every day. Within a few weeks you will notice how much he benefits from it.

    by Marilyn from Santsa Barbara, CA01/13/2012

    I have used this product for years. All my dogs are rescues that come to me malnourished, sick and often furless.Now thay are healthy and have beautiful coats.

    Missing Link Plus is Wonderful! by Dog Lover11/05/2011

    This stuff is GREAT. My dog, a Spanish Mastiff was to be on Rimadyl for life. She no longer needs the meds and has lost 20 lbs because she feels so good and is running and playing all the time. I gave some to my friend whose dog had a broken leg this summer and had a terrible limb and would end up using only 3 legs by the end of the day. After taking Missing LInk Plus only one week, she has no limp, runs and plays just like normal and her coat is beautiful. I gave some to another friend for her dog that was up all night and would sleep during the day and very neurotic. After 2 weeks of Missing link Plus, the dog sleeps all night, can take walks and not come home limping and calm and Happy.

    Been Using Religiously for 8 years! by dogsbestbud from Austin, TX12/29/2012

    I have sprinkled this on my goldens' food twice a day, every day for 8 years! The company has had 3 package design changes throughout these years. My dogs love it and it gives them all of the nutrients they don't get in a processed food diet. My ball-obsessed 12-year-old female is as spry as ever with no hip or joint problems! Entirely Pets always delivers fast!

    by donkeydic05/10/2013

    If I didn't like it or thought it didn't work I wouldn't keep buying it.

    Outstanding product! by dukozi from Netherlands08/10/2012

    Use it for several years now and recommend it to friends. Our dogs remain in excellent condition. Very lively, excellent coat. Excellent movement. I shall continue giving it to my dogs on a daily basis as I believe it keeps them healthy and in good shape.



    It Works! by Pattie Sloan-Deacon from San Diego, CA08/06/2014

    We have been giving all of our pets -- cats, dogs and even Lovebirds Missing Link for years. While it's hard to judge between "non" and 'with" ML I feel all of our pets have benefited -- better coats, and more importantly energy level. We will never stop supplementing with this amazing product!

    Best Price for a Great Product by InlandNorthwest from Newman Lake, WA02/23/2012

    Have been using Missing Link Canine Plus for years for our large breed Malamutes. Entirely Pets has the best price we've found and delivers quickly in well-packed shipment. We use Missing Link to supplement quality dry, canned food (non-grain/no filler) and fresh meat/vegetables/fruit diet. We are convinced Missing Link provides a high quality supplement that greatly helps maintain a healthy body, beautiful coat and strong joints for our big dogs! Highly recommend...

    Worth Trying by LoraJ from Brighton, CO12/06/2011

    Was recommended to try for hip/joint problems. Only a couple of weeks in and no change yet, but feel good knowing they are getting the extra effort. Will keep giving it for a couple of months to give it a fair shot.

    Excellent Suppliment by Andersonian from Hayward, California11/04/2011

    Missing link is a dietary supplement that helps provide your pets with additional nutritional value for optimal pet health. It works for my dogs and you too will notice an improvement in the skin and coat.

    Joint Supplement by Sabrina11/30/2011

    I have a 15-year-old Swiss Mountain Dog with arthritis and degenerative myelopathy and a 9-year-old rott mix with hip dysplasia. We've been using Missing Link Canine Plus with Joint Support for over 3 years and it made a huge difference in the quality of life for both of these dogs. Before using it, neither dog was able to go up and down stairs and now they bound up and down! The difference has been amazing and I recommend Missing Link Canine Plus with Joint Support to anyone looking to give some relief to a dog suffering with joint problems.

    Good stuff by k.c. from Southern Calif.04/15/2012

    My dog likes it and it's very good for his bones.

    Great product! by corky from NYC, NY11/29/2012

    I have been giving the missing link plus product to my dogs for years, ever since I overheard one of their sales people pitch it to a veterinarian. I believe it really does the job!

    Missing Link by Marilynn from Annapolis, MD03/15/2013

    Been using Missing Link for years. All my dogs have been better for it, especially as they grow old. They never have a meal without it.

    missing link by grandma12/04/2012

    Missing Link has really increased my older dogs energy. All my dogs love it they think it's a treat.

    by from 01/23/2012

    My vet recommended this product for my proud magnificient collie,Buddy. He was having some allergy issues and general malaise.

    on by Missing from LinkBuddy


    AWESOME product by Cindy from Texas03/28/2012

    Not only do I use Missing Link for my personal dogs, I use it for my Rescue foster dogs. Has done wonders for them.

    Excellent Product by CindyLou from Washington State12/03/2011

    I have been supplementing my dogs diets for years with this product. My dogs are very athletic and are shown in agility and also do coursing. People are always commenting on how shiny my dogs coats are and how good they look. I attribute this to Missing Link, and also feeding a quality dog food.

    Excellent Product--Quick Results by Pet Mom01/16/2015

    I was first introduced to Missing Link when I used one of their products for a horse that was suffering some stiffness. I didn't realize that they had a product for dogs until years later. One of my older dogs began to suffer some stiffness and when looking for a product, I found Missing Link Canine Ultimate Hip & Joint. Within a few weeks it made a complete change in my dog's gait and he now is moving normally and comfortably. I highly recommend Missing Link products.

    Missing Link Hip and joint by kaliel from Port Orchard, WA08/11/2014

    This is a great product for my 9 year old mixed breed dog. Tara injured her left knee several years ago. I switched her from the Skin and Coat formula to this one. She improved steadily from the first week until now she hardly has any problems.

    Believer of Missing Link Plus for Dogs by Carole05/01/2010

    I have an 8 1/2 year old Great Dane named Callaway, and truly believe that Missing Link Plus for Dogs has had a great impact on her long life. She still runs and plays like she did when she was 1 year old with our pug.

    Just started using. by mainer2102/21/2013

    This came recommended by our trainer for our older dog. We put on both dogs' food and they seem to like it.

    Unbelievable Stuff by Steve10/15/2008

    I started using this product with my four labs, who range from 15yrs to 1 yr, after my oldest began having problems with his hind legs. Now he is playing just as hard as the younger dogs. Their shedding has been reduced unbelievably and their energy levels have gone through the roof. Great stuff, don't stop carrying it.

    Works really well for my senior lab by hb from North Carolina11/14/2012

    My almost 12 year old lab/golden mix has had two FHOs so her front end does a lot more work than the average dog's does. I have been giving her glucosamine for several years, but as she aged, she was getting quite stiff after an active day. So I tried the Missing Link Plus, now called Missing Link Canine Ultimate Hip and Joint about 2 years ago. I could see an improvement in her within a week of using it. I don't know why it works so well, but it does so I will keep on buying it.

    The Fountain of Youth by CSweeney04/24/2012

    Combined with weight loss this product seems to have given my 12 year old lab the ability to run and play like a young dog. She has been on missing link for years now and has been able to stop all anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis. People at the dog park always comment on how well she is doing at her age, compared to other labs they know. I know in part at least I owe that to missing link.


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