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NUPRO Dog Supplements

NUPRO Dog Supplements

NUPRO (30 oz) for Dogs
NUPRO (30 oz) for Dogs

($22.50)  $14.99
NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs
NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs

($42.00)  $36.99
NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs
NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs

($168.99)  $115.99
NUPRO (30 oz) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
NUPRO (30 oz) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs

($21.50)  $18.99
NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs

($42.50)  $35.90
NUPRO (20 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
NUPRO (20 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs

($200.99)  $139.99
NUPRO Nuggets for Cats (1 lb)
NUPRO Nuggets for Cats (1 lb)

($14.56)  $9.99
Nupro Small Breed Dog Supplement (1 lb)
Nupro Small Breed Dog Supplement (1 lb)

($15.50)  $11.99
Nupro Joint Support for Dogs (1 lb.)
Nupro Joint Support for Dogs (1 lb.)

($14.99)  $12.99
NUPRO Custom Electrolyte Formula for Dogs (1 lb)
NUPRO Custom Electrolyte Formula for Dogs (1 lb)

($12.99)  $8.99

Improve Your Dog’s Health With
Nupro® (30 oz) Supplement for Dogs
Nupro® (30 oz) Supplement for Dogs is an all-natural supplement for all dog breeds. Scientifically researched and developed, Nupro® supplements give dogs valuable nutrients and enzymes that processed and cooked dog foods typically lack.
Help Your Dog Live a Long, Healthy Life
Nupro®'s Gold Supplement was created by a nutrition doctor to help improve dogs’ overall health. It has been formulated with essential minerals, vitamins and digestive enzymes that are not included in most dog foods. It does not have any corn and wheat based ingredients and is an entirely holistic dog food supplement. Either sprinkled on the food or mixed with water to create a gravy, even the pickiest eater will love the taste of Nutro® (30 oz) Supplement for Dogs. It is recommended for dogs of all ages.
  • Helps burn fat
  • Fights allergies
  • Improves bone growth and arthritis
  • Increases female fertility and male potency
  • Helps with digestive process
  • Repels fleas
  • Shown to improve appetite
  • Improves alertness and general disposition
  • Improves dry, itchy or irritated skin
  • 4.92 rating based on 13 reviews
    Featured Reviews for NUPRO (30 oz) for Dogs
    Great! by Duck06/16/2010

    We love the Nupro. Our dog cannot wait for more, she has had trouble with weight loss in the past, but no longer! She looks healthy, has more energy and we contribute that to the Nupro!

    Great product by iowndogs02/14/2012

    I love this product! My dog thinks it tastes amazing (no joke, she will eat the plain powder if I put it in her dish) and it has made her coat look so healthy. She looks and feels great!

    Best purchase by Lady Di06/26/2013

    We recently purchased a new puppy and was informed by the breeder to put Nupro in his food. It really makes a nice gravy and Riley loves it!!! He gobbles it up in no time.

    Great Price and Convenience! by Lee from Grapevine TX11/07/2011

    I purchase two 30oz tubs of Nupro supplement every few months for my Basenjis. The qualilty is always fresh and the price can't be beat, even online. Free shipping with a coupon is the icing on the cake!! Thank you Entirely Pets!

    Nupro - Great Supplement for Lady, the Super Akita by Lisa the Rock01/25/2013

    I have used this product for a few years now and highly recommend it for allergic skin reactions in longer haired dogs. I found it initially on an Akita breed site and have since lost that contact, so thank you for having Nupro on hand. I mix it with an egg and Lady just laps it up and we call it a snack! She has fewer outbreaks using this and it goes a long way.

    Great Product by Big Boned Kennels12/31/2012

    Love usuing this product on my dogs, They love the taste of it and it makes them so healthy and beautiful. Can't go wrong using NUPRO it's a great product!!!

    We are thrilled! by Frank from Chester County Pennsylvania01/06/2014

    We are thrilled with what Nupro has done for our 13 year old labrador retreiver. Before we tried this product, Ebony was really showing her age. Since we began using Nupro 5 months ago, she is much more energetic. Her gait, which had become stiff, is much more limber now. We could not be happier with the results that Nupro has given us.

    THE BEST by Lalisa from BETHLEHEM,PA11/05/2011


    by from 02/01/2013

    I never write reviews but I had to share this as this is the best product I have ever come across.

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    Very good product for added nutrients to dogs diet by Clara from NC07/06/2014

    I started using this product years ago for my aging Dalmatian and Siberian Husky, who both passed at age 13. I have now adopted 2 more Dalmatians and 3 Siberian Huskies, and started putting them on this product as soon as I added them to our family. They all are healthy and love this gravy added to the morning meal.

    Dogs love it by dgale from Southern California11/29/2012

    So far I have been using it for two weeks. My dogs LOVE the flavor and how I make their kibble a gravy. I purchased this for my one GSD's itchy skin. He doesn't seem to be itching as much. I think it's helping. The product says it can take up to a month.

    Great Stuff by OdinsMom01/30/2013

    I've used this in the past and really liked it. Decided that the furbabies needed to go back on it and will not be taking them off of it again. Entirelypets was fast in their service as well.

    Helps with skin condition and energy level by Penny04/14/2014

    On our second 30 oz. jar. My dog (8 years old) seems to have more energy and her skin condition is back to normal. She was having strange looking "pimples" on her stomach, probably due to an allergy of some sort. The vets didn't seem to think it was serious although the redness, weeping of site, scabbing, and flaking were worrisome to me. Those issues have completely gone away.

    Featured Reviews for NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs
    Best Supplement by Chris from Malvern, AR10/17/2013

    I have Beth and she's a working Black Lab for us in the Fire Department Investigations Bureau. The Nupro is like her morning coffee and it does what is advertised. Cleared up her "hot spots" quicky and maintains her coat well. She likes it so well that I can get her to drink more water on hot days using just a pinch in her water bowl while we are out working fire scenes.

    Excellent Supplement by Gen in AK from Fairbanks Alaska12/31/2012

    My Pit was diagnosed with cancer in Oct. He is doing exceptionally well. I came across NUPRO when I visited Anchorage and decided to give it a try. My Rottweiler is 12 and arthritic. Since starting the NUPRO she is looking better and is more active. I have tried several supplements over the years but NUPRO is by far a better supplement than the others I have tried.

    Best Purchase Ever by Missle02/07/2012

    I've been giving my dog nupro gold for the past year or so. It has been the best product I have ever purchased for her. She has chronic allergies, and her digestion is something to be desired. The nupro has certainly helped with both significantly. With a diet change and nupro every day she is a much happier and healthier dog!

    Outstanding product by Li from Reading, PA12/13/2012

    Wonderful nutritional supplement for my active agility dogs. Easy to prepare, I make a gravy with it and pour over their food and they love it. They are healthy,energetic and look great!

    Can't say by Mulluckdog from Lititz, PA12/12/2013

    Ordered product never received it, but after using the silver, don't really care to.

    helps fur by ColoradoPup11/07/2011

    Our trainer recommended this product a few years ago, and we find that our collie's fur is much more manageable when we give her NupPro. It tangles less, is softer, and doesn't seem to shed as much. We don't give the recommended dose, as this product is high in calories and only a little is needed to get good results. The high caloric count and the excessive dose recommendations are why I didn't give this 5 stars.

    best purchase ever by missle from Bristol, RI08/02/2012

    Nupro is one of those products everyone should buy for there dog. It is an all in one vitamin supplement. You don't have to buy separate vitamins for your dog when they are on this product. My dog has severe year long skin allergies and some times her stomach isn't just right; since I put her on Nupro she has been a lot better. It is not a cure, but it is certainly helpful in her treatment. Not only that, it saves money in the long run!

    Nupro 5lb for dogs by akrose56 from Fairbanks, Alaska04/29/2013

    I love the product, but I will NEVER order from Entirely Pets ever again!! After all the stuff about ordering over $85 to get free shipping, and then you tell me that it can't be shipped via the USPS(which is BS! I happen to know that packages up to 70 lbs can be shipped via the USPS.) Then you tell me that I have to pay another $42 for shipping? I don't think so! I canceled my order, and ordered from someone else, and got it for $33.00 per jar, AND free shipping, and it cam faster than yours! So don't email me again. Thank you

    Excellent product by Fozzy's mom from CA04/03/2012

    Our dog has entered his senior years, so we were looking for a product that would supplement his reduced food intake. He loves the liver flavor. We like Nupro because the ingredients used are fit for human consumption and are all natural ingredients. We've sprinkled it on dog food and also added it to a small bowl of water.

    Great product by Chris from Layton, NJ03/25/2014

    After only a few weeks my dogs are in better coat and their stools are firmer.

    Love this by Missy from Howell, Michigan04/14/2014

    I have 2 labs one 13rs and one 3 years. My 13 year old has arthritis, this product really helps his older hips. I put my 3 year old on it to for regular use as well. They both have very shiny coats and lots of healthy energy!

    Really Good Price by Von from Lady Lake, FL04/02/2013

    I have used Nupro as a part of my Golden Retrievers diet for the last 10 years. I love this product, and Entirely Pets has one of the best prices.

    Can't See any difference by Aussiemom from Ventura, CA05/07/2013

    My dog has been on this for two months now and I don't see any improvements in either his performance, health or even his coat. I'm finishing the container but won't order again.

    Great Product by Sandy from West Palm Beach, Florida11/06/2012

    This is a very good product. My 8 year old Cocker Spaniel has had skin and joint problems in the past but after giving her this product for the last couple of months or so, her skin and joint problems are so much better. I would recommend this product to everyone!

    good product by pet lover from boulder, co03/10/2013

    We put this on our rough collie's food, and she loves it, especially when we add water to make it turn into a "gravy." It helps her coat, too--fewer tangles, less shedding overall (though collies shed a LOT), and fewer knots. WARNING: Do not use nearly as much as they suggest, or your dog will end up FAT!

    Great stuff by Janice03/01/2008

    I have fed this to my year old Shepard mix. Only a year old he has had severe hip problems. One hip has been operated on. I started him on Nupro silver right before his surgery. The Vet has told me that he has never had a big dog recover and do so well after this kind of hip surgery. I credit Nupro silver.

    they love it! by ltjs from northern ontario08/16/2014

    And Rylee has stopped limping after her daily big run!

    Nupro Gold is worth its weight in gold! by Pupraiser from Buffalo NY10/23/2012

    I was at my wits end. I have a seven month old puppy that was having digestion issues and was trying some of the suggestions from the vet with no luck. A friend suggested I try Nupro Gold. Within a week I noticed my puppy was tolerating her food much better and not having random bowel movements anymore. She started going on a consistent schedule that went along with her meal schedule. Within a month she was gaining weight, developed a nice shiny coat and was sleeping through the night. But the most amazing thing was the calmness that came over her. I do believe she feels so much better that she can function like a normal dog should. I'm so happy for her. I have since began using it on all my dogs including my Labrador puppy, an eight year old Labrador and a 12 year old Chi/Rat Terrier mix. They all enjoy it very much on their kibble. All you do is mix the recommended amount per the directions with enough water to make a gravy consistency. They gobble it right up. I heartily recommend this product!

    Nupro for Dogs by Jerre12/31/2013

    I make my own dog food for 3 big dogs. I love the Nupro because it becomes gravy with a little hot water and the dogs patiently wait and drool on the floor as I am mixing their food. They get the Nupro 2 times a day and their coats are shiney and they have energy to spare, even the 13 year old who has osteosarcoma (bone cancer). The vet told us to take her home and "spoil her", and she is doing very well, even runs after the 2 younger dogs and plays with them. Thank you for a great product.

    Featured Reviews for NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs
    WOW!!!! by Autm8811/09/2011

    I've been using NuPro since the 90's. Tried other products along the way but nothing compares to this one. Treats skin conditions like nothing else. My dogs are now 15 and 17. Nobody believes me when I tell them. They're still energetic, healthy, and still playful. I attribute that 100% to this product. Entirely Pets has the best price around! I'll definitely be buying from them again.

    by from 03/05/2013

    Your company never informed me that the payment didn't go through and in fact said it had been processed.

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    Great product! by chelscolly from San Diego11/16/2011

    I love this product and the dogs love the taste! I breed and show Collies and their coats need to be in top condition. This product is one of the best conditioners!

    NUPRO...a daily dose by xx from Dallas, Texas06/15/2012

    NUPRO has all the supplements needed for a pet. Treat them to healthy life.

    by Sunny from Lillington, NC03/29/2012

    I've been using Nupro for about 10 years now -- it was suggested by my vet for my dog with skin problems. It provides a lot of nutrients and I will always use it. You can't beat the price either!

    by from 05/13/2011

    Not only do the dogs love it (both nine years old), they devour it, so it must taste good. But that's not nearly the reason this is the best investment. My Labrador is clearly aging. His joints are sore, especially his hips, he sometimes has a hard time getting up after long periods of laying and sometimes even slips (can you say heartbreaking?!?!?). The vet prescribed meds that basically worked out to over $130/mo. I love my babies and would do anything for them, but I questioned this being the only solution. I went to my local natural pet food store and she recommended Nupro (she had samples but none in stock). I ordered it that night and started the samples immediately. Within a day my boy was bouncing around like a puppy again. He has no difficulties getting up, even after a whole night's sleep, and no slipping around the corners. His coat is shinier and he gets that puppy-face when I'm mixing the gravy.

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    Amazing product by Limeylady from Carolina shores, NC07/07/2012

    My four dogs have the healthiest,shiniest fur, never have skin problems and I'm sure it's because they have Nupro every day.

    20 pound NUPRO by apache56 from Yuba City, Ca01/26/2013

    We have 7 dogs, we show and course our sight hounds. the NUPRO product gives them the little extra they need to perform beautifully. Great product!!

    Great product for 5 years now by Luna from New York07/06/2011

    When I was rescued my humans discovered I had displaced shoulders. I was always stiff when getting up, the stairs were difficult for me to descend and I was only 2 years old! Everyone could hear me walking around because my joints creaked so loudly. My humans tried several supplements but only Nupro worked for my joints. It took a little time but my joints don't creak any more and I'll run for hours chasing tennis balls.

    WOW!!!! by Autm8811/09/2011

    I've been using NuPro since the 90's. Tried other products along the way but nothing compares to this one. Treats skin conditions like nothing else. My dogs are now 15 and 17. Nobody believes me when I tell them. They're still energetic, healthy, and still playful. I attribute that 100% to this product. Entirely Pets has the best price around! I'll definitely be buying from them again.

    Great Product by Murphy from Michigan02/25/2012

    I was giving this to my golden retriever for years along with the silver. He lived to be 14-1/2 and outlived all the dogs in his litter. I would add a plastic cup (inside container) to his food and mix with water...he would pretty much inhale his food. I think this product helped keep him going as long as he did. I have a 2 year old golden now who I give this to also and he gobbles up his food when this is on it. I never had problems with fleas, dry skin, allergies, nothing by using this. I will continue using it on this dog and my new 4 month old puppy.

    Nupro - the wonder powder! by Diana M from Calabash, North Carolina11/29/2011

    I've been adding Nupro to my dogs' food for many years. I ran out and forgot to re-order - my yellow Lab was scratching within 7-10 days. And just as quickly, once I started adding Nupro to his food again, he stopped scratching. All three of my dogs have wonderful, shiny coats - even the vet comments on them. I find it also cuts down on shedding. I highly recommend this supplement to any dog owner.

    Good Stuff by Albert from Oregon11/12/2011

    I like to mix canned food with my dogs' dry food for dinner as a special treat. A couple years ago I started making a gravy out of the Nupro instead of using canned food. My dogs still love it; I don't have a bunch of empty cans to deal with; their coats are nice and shiny, and I think it probably has a higher nutritive value than canned food. The cost comes out about the same. It works for me!

    excellent product by victoria07/23/2012

    We feed raw and use the Nupro supplement as well as Salmon Oil. We make a gravy from the Nupro and the dogs LOVE it! Entirely Pets has the best prices on products, as well as shipping costs and are very easy to place an order with.

    Worst customer service ever by Lindy03/26/2012

    I ordered one product and the company sent me the wrong product. When I called to fix it, the man told me that I ordered the wrong product and I would have to pay to send it back. I received many emails from different people. They all told me something different. I still don't have my product and my dogs are the ones that are suffering. I will NEVER order from this company again. So sad!!!!!

    nupro by oakland dogs from California05/20/2013

    Excellent product. Quick delivery. My dogs have nice clean sheen to their coat. Great supplement in weaning my dogs off of kibble and onto a quality diet. Thank you Nupro and Entirelypets!

    Featured Reviews for NUPRO (30 oz) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
    seal was broken and product looked used by cj04/14/2014

    The seal was broken and it appeared to have been used. I contacted Entirely Pets twice and got no reply.

    Nupro Joint Support by jlm3033 from New Prague, MN06/04/2013

    Since we started using this product, Stella our boxer (7 yrs) has an easier time getting up & doesn't seem to have pain. It works wonders!!!

    by dae01/23/2013

    l have to say l am very happy with your line of products.And very happy with how you treat your customers!!! You have a loyal customer on this end!!

    Awesome! by mbakian04/29/2008

    Nupro is awesome! This product has totally transformed my dobermans dry skin in about 2 weeks. His coat is very shiny and he loves the stuff.

    Great stuff! by caryn02/06/2008

    I purchased this product about a year ago for my elderly, but very youthful, 12 pound llasapoo. He did not exhibit any problems, but, now at the age of 13, he is vital, flies up a very steep stairwell in my home, has boundless energy (I am jealous) and a good appetite (which wasn't great before) since taking this product. I can only attribute at least part of his vitality to the Nupro Joint Support.

    the product was opened by not from entirely pets04/09/2014

    I purchased this Nupro 30oz jar and went to use it last week. When opening it the seal had been broken and the powder was all over the inside of the lid. I looked as if it had been used. I contacted Entirely Pets and the will not reply.

    They lLiked It by MLL from Madison WI11/14/2013

    Our two Sih Tzu's love the gravy over the top of their food that this product makes. I am seeing increased mobility and I am comforted that the two of them are getting in the nutrients to support their immune system, and has other nutrients that they are not getting in their foods.

    Great product by Dog lover from Las Vegas06/14/2013

    We can see the difference in our dog's mobility already. It's worth trying!

    by from 04/30/2013

    I expected this product to be easy to use - but it thickens up like paste so quickly that it is difficult for my dogs to eat.....and it smells ugly as well. Wish I could return it to get my money back!

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    great product! by cindy wiese from oregon03/07/2013

    This product was recommended to me by my breeder. I was looking for a good vitamin for my 18 month old bullmastiff Evie. The price charged on line was cheaper than the stores here in town and we received it quickly.. within two days. This powder does make a nice gravy and Evie has had no complaints!!

    Love this product by Oliver from North Carolina05/08/2014

    My dogs coat looked like straw. Now that he is on NuPro he has a beautiful, soft coat. It helps with shedding. The vitamins and glucosamine are excellent. I highly recommend this product.

    what a difference by PJ02/28/2013

    This product was recommended to me by a friend for my 10 year old lab who suffers from hip problems. She takes Adequan booster shots which have helped but after 2 weeks, we really noticed a difference in her attitude on her walks. She showed more spunk and was definitely more active. Instead of just going at a slow pace, she walked more quickly and out front instead of lagging behind us.

    Featured Reviews for NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
    Awesome Product by Tee from Delta,BC09/11/2014

    NUPRO Joint Support for dogs is amazing. My 12 year old dog feels so much better after 2 weeks. More energy and even wants to play fetch. We thank you so much!

    Great for my older dogs by Carol2 from Northern California12/06/2011

    I have been using Nupro for several years. It has really helped my older dogs with joint issues. I also give it to my younger very active dogs.

    Fantastic Product! Works miracles! by Milena04/26/2013

    My Golden Retreiver, Corona, has been on Nupro Joint Support for several years due to early-onset arthritis from a car accident at 2 yrs old. She also developed a serious liver condition and has a greatly enlarged heart, either of which could easily contribute to early death. I honestly did not expect her to still be around at 11 years of age with all this working against her, but I must be doing something right. I believe Nupro has made a huge difference in her current condition and how well she is aging, still running and playing like a pup. I highly recommend this for any dog with joint issues.

    love this stuff! by sandy05/10/2013

    A breeder of German Shepherds told me about this product years ago and I used the regular Nupro for years but now that my dog is older the joint support really works well to ease the stiffness in her hips-and it's cheap!

    Works well for my dogs by Indydogz from Philly PA03/05/2013

    I've used this with four dogs over the past decade and all seemed to enjoy the taste when mixed in with their food. It really helps them recover from long hikes and stiff older joints.

    Healthy Supplement by L Milum from Florida05/22/2013

    My dogs both have had joint issues; my 12 year old dog has arthritic hips and my 6 year old dog has had dysplasia since he was a little puppy. This is one supplement that helps time in so many ways, not only easing their joint pain but improving their coats and ... even their energy levels!

    Great for the whole pack by Dog Mom11/06/2012

    We have three dogs, ranging in age from 7 months to 7 years, all on this product. It is a nice overall supplement and they polish their bowls as they seem to love the taste.

    by from 11/06/2011

    This product works wonders for the" Retired Racing Greyhounds" in this family! The trio - ages 6 to 12 ALL benefit from this product - less joint issues which equals more mobility - end result - a longer and healthier retirement!!

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    Wonderful for older dogs by Annie12/31/2012

    My vet recommended this product years ago when my ECS developed joint pain. This product has worked wonders as my ECS is now a senior who acts like a puppy at times.

    Great Product by Michael06/09/2014

    NUPRO joint support for dogs is an unbelievable product. I am usually very pessimistic about products like this and their claims. My 11 1/2 year old Chesapeake was not moving too well and I thought the end of his life was coming. I used this product and within two weeks there was a noticeable difference. A few days later he actually started running again. Now a year later he is still running and enjoying his life. I have recommended this product to two friends who both had similar results. This is a miracle supplement indeed.

    Glad I Took Cousin's Advice by doglover from Miami, Fl.01/31/2012

    Several years ago my cousin, who had a 120 lb. Akita who lived to be 14, recommended Nupro Joint Support for my dog, Charlie, a mixed lab. Charlie has been on Nupro for 3 to 4 years and is doing well at 13 1/2. He has arthritis, but still walks about 2 miles a day during his 3 walks. The vet says that for his size (75lbs.) and age he's doing very well.

    Amazing by PG from Smyrna, TN05/16/2014

    We have been using this product for a year and have seen such great results with our 5yr large breed 110lb dog that we started using it on our 12yr 15lb dog. They both seem to have more energy and they love the gravy mix in the morning. The large breed with both rear knee problems has a lot of energy and recovers quicker and less stiff getting up and down. I only use once a day. A full scoop for the 110lb and 1/5 scoop for the 12lb.

    by Gi08/02/2012

    Was recommended this product by a friend for my arthritic 8 year old dog. Still has the occasional morning stiffness, but I have really seen an improvement in her since I adopted her from the shelter two years ago.

    Nupro works! by Bobopup from Providence, RI10/18/2011

    The joint support formula was highly recommended by a friend over many other similar products. Main difference is you can see results. Nothing is a miracle but in comparison to other products Ive used, this one I like best....my friend was absolutely right about it.

    Fantastic Product by crusher285 from Alberta, Canada10/11/2013

    I have been buying this Nupro powder on the recommendation of my Vet. I have seen great results with my 9 year old Great Dane. He has more pep in his step and his back end is sagging less. We have 2 Danes that we give this to and they love the taste.

    by Jim from The Villages FL11/06/2012

    An excellent product especially for older dogs. Our 7 and 5 year old Border Collies run like the wind and cut on a dime.

    fine by picketthale from Concord, NH01/23/2013

    The product came in a timely manner. Wish you had Lipiderm liquid for sale.

    Best Product for Dogs by Jill12/17/2012

    My dog used to have digestive and joint issues and nothing ever worked to help. If she went on a jog one day, she'd be limping for several days after (at the age of 2). She always had stomach problems and every food I tried ultimately caused her to have reactions. I started her on this product and she has been on it daily for 3 years. She is like a puppy and has never had any more problems. The price at Entirepets for the big container is exactly what I needed (especially since adopting another dog) and it shipped quickly.

    Great product by mokefrancesrose from San Diego, CA.06/08/2012

    The people who create this product provide unbelievable customer service. They KNOW animal health exceptionally well, and are completely trustworthy. NO JUNK here!! Our dogs LOVE these products, and the cats do, too! And it has improved their coats and health. Using it with raw diet now, and 15 year old dog is 14 pounds and pulling me up the hills! I can't keep up with her!!

    Best Joint Support Product by Pacfan11/07/2012

    I have a german shepherd that could barely get up on the couch or up a flight of stairs, woud limp as she walked. Within a few days of using this product she was back to her normal self. Very easy to give to your dog, just make a gravy, put it over their food and they inhale it! This is a must try!

    Excellent by Dogmom03/23/2012

    My Akita loves this, dry or as a gravy. It makes a special treat mid day for pills.

    Nupro joint support by jfaulk from Phoenix, Az.04/04/2012

    I have been using this product for over 3 years. I started my Sheppard mix on it when he was only 6 months old due to a inherit hip disease. He under went surgery with a poor prognosis due to his breed and size. Now he is 5 years old and runs our 1 acre yard with our other 3 dogs ( who are also on Nupro) and shows no signs of hip problems.

    by jfaulk11/11/2011

    I have been feeding Nupro to all four of our dogs since our Sheppard mix had hip surgery at 4 months old. The vet was amazed at how quickly he was able to use his new hip saying he had never seen a large breed recover and do so well after this kind of surgery. I give Nupro the credit.

    Exceeded expectations by blackdog02/07/2012

    Our 8 year old female lab was diagnosed with two torn ACL's. NuPro was recommended by a friend and within 2 months she went from struggling to get up to leaping to her feet to chase the cat. (The cat loves the dog). Far exceeded our expectations, she's like a puppy again.

    by noyfb04/19/2013

    No problem with the product. Nu Pro is fantastic. My problem is with your website. I placed an order but got no confirmation of order, notice of shipment, and no charge was on my CC. So I ordered again, this time getting confirmation etc . Then 2 packages showed up, 1 day apart. Obviously I was charged for both. I didn't need 2x as much product, nor did I need to pay 2x (esp. so close to tax time). GET IT TOGETHER OVER THERE!!!

    Good product by Mkissl from Southern California10/04/2011

    EntirelyPets is the best place to buy this, for both cost and overall experience. I have been using Nupro powder for about 2 years with my yellow labradors who have joint and orthopedic issues. It's really hard to tell if it's truly helping, but it seems to, and they love the taste. We sprinkle some on and add alittle water with every meal.

    great product by flyfloats12/13/2012

    My dogs love the taste and look forward to their food! I have only used it for 2 weeks but my 13 year old has shown improvement going up and down stairs. It has also made their coats shiny. If you feed your dogs wet dog food to get them to eat the dry food you won't need it anymore. Makes a great sauce that they love.

    Nupro Joint Support for dogs by nannacathyab from Baxley, GA12/14/2011

    Wow! Or should I say.....Arf! Arf! My two girls love Nupro. I also order Nupro Gold. My 9 year old poodle gets the joint support and my 8 month old Boston Terrier gets the Gold. Not only do they love the taste but I see two beautiful healthy dogs. The coat of my Bostie is so shinny, it looks as if it has been painted on her!! I also order Nupro for a friend whose dog was diagnosed with cancer. My friend has been feeding her dog a very natural, nutritious diet, which has included Nupro. Spirit's cancer seems to have gone into remission!! Thank you Nupro!

    by from 12/02/2011


    been by using from theI


    Mix this along with the kibble by sun7101 from Blaine, WA04/25/2012

    I usually mix this product with dry kibble and home made veggies (squash, yam). My dog loves it and the glucosamine and MSM help with pain relief as my dog has a cruciate ligament tear. My dog loves this product and now is part of his food. Very good price here.

    NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs by bear from northern, nj07/05/2012

    been using this product since my dog was a puppy, never had a problems, my dog still runs and jumps like he was 3, he is now 8

    Will continue to purchase by PattiA from Fishers, IN03/29/2012

    Only been on it for a little over a month, my 11 yr old lab loves the gravy flavor even with his recently diagnosed osteo arthritis condition he can't wait to have his breakfest he spins circles waiting for me to put the Nupro mix over his food, I've never seen the bowl so clean:)

    by from 10/20/2011

    Nupro Joint Support has turned my 11 year old German Shepard into a running, jumping, playful pup once again!

    Joint by Support from myBefore


    Nurpo by Joint from Support,I


    not worth money by Mulluckdog from Lititz, PA12/12/2013

    This really didn't do anything except make a nice gravey

    Works very good... by Kevin120 from Atlanta, GA10/30/2011

    Nacho has been much more active since using NuPro...

    Nupro by Jasi's boss08/07/2013

    I first heard about this product through a friend who had been using this supplement for years on her dogs. I have noticed some improvement in my dog's mobility since starting my dog on this product. However, it is not a cure all. My dog prefers this as a gravy and depending on the amount of water added can be thick or watery, but that is more owner and dog preference.

    Great product and great value! by Yoshi02/06/2013

    This has been an excellent product for our older dog and the value is excellent. Thank you!

    Wonderful Product by JFaulk from Phoenix , Arizona10/05/2011

    This joint supplement not only works well but it is also something that my dogs well eat. I just sprinkle it on their food and they love it. Being that I have four dogs that I have on joint supplement this product also gives me more for my money then any other joint supplement I have found on the market.

    Nupro Joint Support by groom1 from Phoenix, Az.06/09/2012

    I have been using this product for over 4 years now. I started using it on a recommendation after our Sheppard mix had major hip surgery at 9 months old. The Vet. gave us a very guarded prognosis for the out come of this surgery but we put this pup on Nupro supplement daily and his recovery even surprised the Vet. Today I have all four of our dogs on Nupro Joint support.

    Great product! by RavenShdw11/11/2012

    This is an excellent product! It has helped keep my older dogs mobile and able to be much more comfortable.

    I buy this all the time by Diane from Reno Nv12/12/2012

    dogs are doing great 6yr old dog acts like a pup again. I add this in the food I make for them

    Great product by lovemydog from CA02/10/2012

    My friend recommended this to me for my lab. I have only been giving it to him for a shot time and I already notice a difference. He is jumping more and acting more playful . I am so happy. Plus no more table scraps for him, every time I feed him he barks and gets super excited because he thinks it's a special treat. Win Win for both of us. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you!

    Easy purchase by LUV10/27/2011

    Would have preferred shipping to be faster, but overall a good experience,

    I love Nupro by kaz from Victoria, Australia04/23/2013

    My dog has been on the Nupro now for a couple of months and the improvement in her coat is nothing short of amazing, it is like looking in the mirror, appetite is a lot better and her muscle tone has also improved. Very happy Thank you

    nupro joint support by macy molly02/24/2012

    excellent product. I have two older yellow labs who have arthritis. Really has helped them. You will see a noticeable difference within two months. I have made it part of their diet for the last three years.

    NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs by Shelter Volunteer from Elk Grove, CA11/25/2012

    I've used the regular Nupro for years and had very good success with it. I tried other joint support products and wasn't really sold on them. I tried Nupro and I could see a difference in all my dogs in just three weeks. I add it to their food with enough water to make a gravy. They really like it!

    Excellent Product! by Priscilla02/29/2012

    I'm very happy with this supplement and my three dogs love the taste! Love that it has all natural ingredients. I've seen improvements in coat, allergy symptoms and energy.

    Believe in this product by diane from NC12/12/2011

    My dog had back surgery a couple of years ago and I started giving him Nupro shortly after he started back walking again. He now is almost back to the dog he was before. He's doing good and I think Nupro helped him regain his ability to walk and even run again.

    For the health of your dog by Linda06/28/2008

    This is a superior product. I just put a scoop on my dogs' food and add some warm water. It makes a gravy my black labs are wild about. My two black labs have never looked better. Even though they do eat a quality dog food (Solid Gold), this product adds the digestive enzymes plus all the important ingredients for the best joint support.

    Wonder supplement for my dog by Sue from Bensalem, PA10/23/2012

    My dog is on may different vitamins and supplements. When I started him on Nupro the change in him was so apparent. He is like a young puppy again! He is 10 years old and hopefully with this product, we will get many more happy years together.

    Nupro best purchase ever by Lynda from Wisconsin10/14/2013

    Made my Golden act like a puppy again! I tried everything on the market including everything the Vet had to offer. Lola suffered from very bad allergies, hip dysphasia & being a Golden had her share of shedding. Nupro got her off her allergy meds, shedding decreased significantly, had a beautiful shiny coat. She ran after snowmobiles & anything else the kids rode until she passed away. Nupro gave my Lola quality of life that no other product could. Allowing her to enjoy life as a beloved pet, Therapy Dog & Crisis Response Dog. She would not have had freedom of movement without it. The winters here in Wisconsin can be brutal. I would just give her a but more throughout the winter months & she never slowed down! All my dogs are on it even though they are healthy. Still helps with shedding & they all have a beautiful coat.

    by from 06/16/2009

    I have a 10 year old Corgi - a few years ago he started to demonstrate trouble getting his joints "warmed up" after getting up out of his bed or lying down. He would limp a little for a few minutes before he walked normal. At this stage in his life, I knew arthritic conditions would present, but I wanted to find something to alleviate this.

    online, by searching from forI


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    use by 1 from scoopHighly


    showing improvement by lennon from seattle,WA08/08/2012

    i am a lab mix,ten years old, possibly older.i'm on meds for thyroid issues.i've just started my second 5 lb. tub of nupro.i love it as gravy! my joints are less stiff,my skin and coat look healthier,i am getting back to my old hour-long daily walk routine.i'll let you know if things improve even more.

    Much better size, too! by hmeyer from Pennsylvania10/09/2013

    This product is great! It's helped our puppy girl move more freely, and the new larger size is great! Thank you for helping our "12 year old", happy again!

    by Jai jai from BKK03/06/2013

    My dog has good health because of Nupro Joint. Thanks a lot

    Works great! by Samyb from Canada08/13/2014

    I have been using this product for a few years now and it works great for my dogs.

    Great Supplement by Tambo from Florida06/10/2014

    I have several Search & Rescue K9s and I have found this product to be the best supplement for their active life. Even my retired SAR K9 is on this to help with his aging joints.

    Nupro joint support by holly from Huntley, il01/31/2013

    Recommend by my breeder who uses on her dogs, so good enough for me, my bulldog and newfy love it, makes a good gravy, and these breeds need the joint support, happy I'm on board also gave my son some for his lab Gus, he loves it too!

    Nupro by Carol2 from Paradise, CA01/21/2013

    Nupro is a great additive to my pets' diet. My older pup has arthritis and Nupro helps to ease his aches. For my younger dogs it really helps their coat and energy. I heartily recommend Nupro.

    This is the best product by Pacfan07/18/2012

    I was recommended this product by a friend. I have a german shepherd who was having a hard time getting up steps, jumping up on the couch, etc and within days we saw results. She is no longer having any of the symptoms and she loves eating it! Give it a shot you will not be disappointed.

    My dog loves it! by Shepherd from CT06/06/2012

    My five year old German Shepherd loves this stuff. It makes a great gravy that he licks clean from his bowl. The only drawback is the price. It's a little pricy compared to other joint products.

    NUPRO (5 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs by bear from northern, nj07/18/2012

    have been using this product since my dog was 1 year old, now 7, still runs and jumps well as ever,

    great product by Charlie from Apple Valley, CA12/15/2012

    Have used for many years. While viewing diagnostic xrays for a different concern, saw that his back and hips were in excellent shape for a 60 lb, 10 year old male basset. Will continue to be a staple in his diet. Only downside, it can be a bit smelly - but well worth the outcome!

    Cant beat the price.. Great product by BullyLove from NJ02/04/2012

    Best price on this great product! I was also using a coupon code and should have stocked up. LOL

    This Really Works by Shelsbells from Los Angeles, CA06/11/2013

    I've been giving Nupro Joint Support to my two Chow Chows for years. The older dog has had two TPLO procedures and suffers from lameness and arthritis. She was allergic to the prescription arthritis (Rimadyl) so we set out to find a supplement that would relieve her discomfort. We tried EVERTHING! The only product that worked was Nupro Joint. In addition to giving our dog back her ability to run and jump we noticed that her coat was gorgeous. We decided to give the product to our other dog as a preventative measure. They have both done beautifully on this supplement and I recommend it to everyone I know. They all have the same feedback...Nupro Joint works miracles. My husband wishes he could use it.

    by MegB04/02/2013

    NuPro has done wonders for our GSD's coat. It is softer and has more shine. We have also noticed a decrease in shedding even when he is "blowing" his coat when the seasons change.

    by from 11/05/2011

    A couple years ago, we took in a very large, 7-year-old, male greyhound named England. His previous owners had been feeding him cruddy supermarket brand dog food and England was becoming increasingly lethargic and hesitant to get up and walk around or interact with us or our other pets.

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    by from 10/27/2011

    Excellent health product by Dr. Wayne Kirtland from New Jersey Shore06/26/2012

    This product mixes well with all dog foods. It produces a brown gravy my dog loves. The nutritional benefits are great for his needs. Great price too.

    Outstanding product by Linda's&Labs from Gig Harbor, WA10/21/2011

    I've been using this product for my two black labs. Not only does it help maintain their sleek appearance, but is a great joint supplement. My male lab was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his elbows, but with the help of Nupro Joint Formula he's going strong without having to add prescription meds (very important to me). They love the gravy it makes on their dry kibble. Another added benefit is that I can switch dog food brands (always premium food, however) without any "break in" period. Never any diahrrea.

    Great Natural Product by wenda11/17/2013

    I trust the people making this. If you check its ingredients, you'll see how benificial this product is to the overall health of your pet! Joint support is exactly the same as the regular Nupro with added glucosomine. Excellent product!

    Nupro Joint Supplement by cocoskylar from pacific palisades, CA01/14/2013

    I love this product!!! I have two senior dogs and when I started using this product, my dogs were so much more energetic and so much more happy and pain free. I suggest this product wholeheartedly!!! marguerite pacific palisades, CA

    Awesome stuff-works better than arthritis meds by dallas dog lover from dallas tx05/30/2012

    We bought a German Shepherd puppy four years ago and the breeder sent us home with this product. We also had an eight year old lab with arthritis at the time and started giving this product to both dogs. The lab was on arthritis medication every day and still limped. After using this product for several months she quit limping so we took the lab off her arthritis meds altogether. She is twelve now and on no meds, still doesn't limp. This stuff is awesome!

    For all canine life stages by BC from VA02/22/2011

    This product was recommended to us by our breeder when we recently purchased a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. It was described as a food supplement, natural flea repellent, preventative for arthritic conditions/ hip issues, and would keep the skin and coat healthy. We decided to additionally add it to our 10 year old Chessie's diet. WOW, that is where we really noticed the effects... in this senior dog. It has noticeably helped his arthritis & his skin & coat. Folks comment that he doesn't look or act his age. We highly recommend this product for all ages and plan to keep both our dogs on it.

    The absolute best by L2 from Gig Harbor, WA03/17/2013

    Is product is so easy to use. Just sprinkle on kibble and add water. My labs coats could not look better and, most importantly, the joint support helps my male lab enjoy life in spite of his arthritic elbows. This is a great, great health product.

    Great Deal! by Canadian Newf from NS Canada04/30/2012

    Have started using this product since my newfoundland dog had a TPLO done. Have seen great results in last 8 weeks. Started giving it to my lab mix and his coat looks amazing. 1/4 of the price pet stores charge in Canada. Very happy with the product and the price.

    Great product by Tango baby from Sarasota, FL04/09/2013

    My German Shepherd absolutely loves this product. He can't wait to get to his food when I make a gravy and mix it with his dry kibble. I have stopped adding canned dod food to his kibble - no need to. He gets the best food anyway - no preservatives or by-products. I have only just started to use the Nupro Joint Support, so I haven't had time to see if it is helping the osteoartritis in his knees. He's on Previcox already for thje pain and stiffness - so hopefully the Nupro will increase his mobility. He really loves it.

    Amazing by Quaill249 from Asheville11/26/2012

    I started using this product 4 months ago....I switched from Dasquin to Nupro and seen a huge difference in my dog. I have a large dog with bad knees. I put a little water in to make a gravy and he eats it right up!

    Nupro joint support, best product for elder dogs. by Grand old dog owner01/14/2013

    We have used Nupro for many years. Our dogs are both giant breeds and love "chocolate sprinkles" on their food. This is a terrific product which we have also used to get "picky" eaters to eat as well.

    by from 07/30/2012

    I have been adding a small amount of Nupro Joint Support to my dogs' food for several years.

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    SUPER joint support! by eswilley from Hoschton, GA01/25/2014

    We have 3 canine kids in our home- a younger mixed husky and two seniors- a chocolate lab (12 yrs) and border collie (13 yrs). I've had all of them on the silver NUPRO JOINT SUPPORT for about 2 years now and all I can say is WOW- what a difference it has made in the 2 older males. The lab and collie, as they hit around 10 or 11 yrs, began having trouble standing up after laying for awhile, going up and down the backyard deck steps, etc. About a month or so of daily dosage of NUPRO they began to improve a good bit and it's been better ever since! They can now walk around much easier, up and down steps and heck they even run sometimes still. I am a believer in NUPRO and highly recommend it to anyone whose canine companion(s) may have joint issues. It's a brown powder- I mix it in their food, add some warm water and it makes like a brown gravy. The dogs love it and clean their bowls each and every time!

    by SamyB09/06/2013

    I was told about this product from a friend and have been using it for a while now. It works really well and my dogs love it!

    Huge help by Robin from South Florida12/14/2013

    Nupro was recommended to me by an employee in a store where I was buying glucosamine tablets for my increasingly crippled pit bull. She said her dogs love it and that it's a good deal, too. She was right on both counts -- my dear Bucky is so much better and visibly happier. The limping is much less noticeable. Other two dogs of similar age love it, too. You sprinkle it on their food and add a little water to make a gravy. GREAT PRODUCT

    GOOD GRAVY! by Msdogwalker from Huntsville, AL02/24/2013

    I wrote a review awhile ago concerning this product. I felt the need to reiterate how satisfied I am with NUPRO. My boxer, Zoie, had to have both back legs surgically repaired due to severely torn ACLs. With metal plates and screws to repair the knees, she does experience arthritic pain with her legs. Through surfing and reviewing multiple product reviews, I decided to try NUPRO. Excellent decision. As long as she stays on a steady diet of NUPRO, she does not appear to experience any pain. She runs and plays with my 2 other large dogs. I put it in her food and with a little added water makes a good gravy.

    My dog is a puppy again! by Boxer Lover from Clearwater, FL11/12/2012

    Thanks to Nupro, my 8 year old Boxer, Blaze, runs and plays like he did at 2 years old. I put a scoop of powder on his food and add water making gravy. He loves it. He has been taking Nupro daily for a couple of years now and it is amazing to see the difference in his agility.

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT by SNO from Alaska03/17/2014

    I have been using NUPRO for about 2 years now. My dogs went from picky eaters to gobbling their food. I have a 13 yr old rottweiler and the joint support has worked wonders for her arthritis. I also like that the product is all natural. I never have trouble getting her to eat, and spitting out pills is a thing of the past.

    NuPro Review by Andy from Canaan Valley, WV07/19/2012

    We have an 11 year old yellow Lab (Max) that dearly loves the Nupro supplement. He is still extremely active, swimming & chasing. I firmly believe that this product has enhanced Max's quality of life...

    Worked great by Rex from New Hampshire01/23/2013

    My dog had a lot of joint pain. After using nupro for a couple of days he was moving around with no pain at all. He likes the taste of the graveyard also.

    Amazing product by Barbara from Salinas, CA06/25/2013

    I don't normally do this...but I have to say Nupro Joint Supplement has made a world of difference for my 8 year old Boxer who was experiencing an unknown front leg lameness. We knew she had bad osteoarthritis of both hips, but our dog started limping on her front legs for a couple of months, and seemed to get progressively worse. Went to a specialist for consultation; after another set of xrays (inconclusive), the working diagnosis was a possible bone chip in the elbow and recommended arthroscopic elbow/shoulder surgery. Shortly after this visit, we started our Boxer on Nupro...now, 5 weeks later, she is not limping at all! Plus, she had started showing signs of muscle atrophy on the side she limping on. After another vet appointment last week, the muscle has filled out and now, I have actually cut her Rimadyl in half (Bailey is also taking the usual joint supplements of fish/krill oil and glucosamine/chondrotin). I am convinced that Nupro has improved the quality of life for our Boxer, Bailey!

    by tina, from jersey from newark, new jersey06/26/2011

    just love this product. after the 1st week i seen a change in my dog's coat. flakiness was gone.

    NuPro by Andy from Ashland, KY12/18/2012

    We've been using NuPro for three years and our Lab (Max) thoroughly enjoys the supplement at dinner time. As he ages (11 years old this month) NuPro has helped keep him active and enjoying his daily walks & runs.

    Featured Reviews for NUPRO (20 lbs) JOINT SUPPORT for Dogs
    Good product by Gin03/24/2012

    My dogs like the flavor. Several of my dogs are 9 years old and older and they run around like pups. I would recommend this product.

    the best stuff on earth! by Willow from Oregon02/09/2012

    This stuff is so good for them! My dog loves it with a little bit of water - thinks she's getting wet food but she's not. It does wonders for getting rid of hot spots and a great way to get the glucosamine in her!

    Life Saving Product by Nancy N.11/22/2011

    Our Big Girl, Lab Mix Maggie could no longer climb the stairs, was becoming incontinent and lagging on food consumption.Found this product and it literally added 4 years to her life!! It took 10-14 days and she was climbing stairs with pep in her step, no more leaks and food was again her best friend!!! Maggie has since passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but we continue to use this product daily for our 3 big furry kids!!!

    Makes an old man young by Chris Cattie04/30/2008

    We adopted a 12.5 year old lab who was not able to go up stairs or climb on the couch. After a short period of time taking this, he leaps up stairs taking them 2 at a time and hops on the couch in 1 jump. It is great for our younger pups too. They don't lay down as much after active days.

    Nu Pro joint support by spikeman02/22/2011

    This product was literally a life saver. Our 14 year old lab/boxer mix could no longer climb the stairs and became incontinent. We thought we were preparing ourselves for the rainbow bridge. A health food store owner suggested this product!!! Within 10 days our dog was climbing the stairs, jumping on the bed and no more wetting!!! She was with us 2 more wonderful years. All our dogs now enjoy the Nu Pro addition to their diets. We have recommended this product to numerous people who cannot believe the results!!!

    Great product and great price by Shasta from B. C canada03/02/2013

    My 12 year old Shepard was tired and gimpy until I started her on this product. Nupro turned back the clock. Within two weeks she was trying to scale the fence and escape.

    It works! by Mary-K06/04/2014

    I started using this in 2010 for my then 13 year old Lab-Shepherd mix. He could not get up the steps or onto the couch. Within a very short while he was able to move easily, climb stairs and even run a little! I attribute it all to Nupro Joint Supplement, as that was the only change I made.

    Great Supplement by Sunny04/24/2013

    Great for my dog who has skin allergies occasionally and also her hip displaysia

    Product - good; standard ship time could improve by angeln from Florida08/01/2014

    The product seems to help my older German Shepherd's mobility and they're playful again. The shipment, although received in the timeframe given, was at the very end of the timeframe. I would have like to see the product sooner than 2-3 weeks, without having to pay extra for expedited shipping.

    Great product by johmanda03/27/2012

    Great product at an even greater price. great all around supplement.

    Featured Reviews for NUPRO Nuggets for Cats (1 lb)
    Cats won't eat it by Mulluckdog from Lititz, PA12/12/2013

    My cats spit it out after picking it from the dry bowl, very unhappy with NUPRO products.

    AMAZING PRODUCT by KK07/08/2012

    My cats literally CRAVE this product. It's like radar. They get a whiff of it and follow their nose until they get it. I sprinkle it on top of their canned food. It is so healthy for them. TRY IT. Your cats will love you!!!!!!!

    nupro nuggets for cats by starcroix11/29/2011

    My picky cats love them. Seem to do well on them. Good way to have them take a supplement.

    Really good stuff for your cat by Sheena from Houston, TX09/29/2013

    Nupro is a supplement containing vitamins and minerals cats need. Just sprinkle the nuggets on wet or dry food. These nuggets are very tasty as my cats love them!

    Tasty Supplement by Lanie from Seattle, WA01/02/2013

    My cats loves the taste of Nupro and I like the ingredients in this supplement.

    Featured Reviews for Nupro Small Breed Dog Supplement (1 lb)
    gauranteed shiney coat on your dog by bobdog from mont clare pa11/06/2011

    my dogs breeder has been using this product for a long time and suggested we continue to give it to our dog.She loves the taste of it and in the long run it does show in dogs appearance.

    Featured Reviews for Nupro Joint Support for Dogs (1 lb.)
    Recommended By My Dog's Breeder by rapper from New York, NY08/14/2012

    Nupro Joint Support was one of the supplements the breeder of my Boston Terrier instructed me to give her every morning with her food. I have done it faithfully for six years and my dog is as active as a puppy and has never had a health problem.

    Very effective by Maverick from Chicago, IL02/21/2014

    My Rottweiler has hip issues and this product is making his life easier by making walking less painful.

    Best product by Bennysmom from Long Island ny09/22/2013

    A friend recommended nupro for our 3 yo pitbull. Benny had started limping. The vet told us that Benny has loose hips and mild dysplasia. His limp got progressively worse. Bought nupro and after approx. 2 weeks we saw a marked improvement! Has been almost 5 weeks and Benny's limp, stiffness etc is all but gone. We now give it to all 3 of our pups, even the one year old, for overall health maintenance. Plus, they LOVE the flavor!! Thank you nupro! We are with you for life!!

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