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Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL

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Nutri-Cal by Vetoquinol is a caloric supplement to help boost dietary intake in pets, particularly those suffering from under-eating or malnourishment. Those animals that need an extra boost in their diet or vitamin balance will benefit greatly from a regular regimen with Nutri-Cal in addition to their regular food intake. The product also works very well for working dogs that consume a lot of energy in their duties and need to be kept fed on the road to keep their energy levels up.

Nutri-Cal Paste includes a high-potency mix of protein, fat, various vitamins, minerals, and various organic acids, producing an energy-boosting calorie booster that will keep animals at their motivation peak rather than suffering from hunger or lack of nutrition.

Packed in an easy to carry 4.25 oz container sold by Entirelypets.com, Nutri-Cal Paste is easy to serve to a pet while in transit, on the road or in the backwoods, taking up little space and weight. For hunters or team animal leaders, this product is the perfect go-to food supplement for their animals. Just donít get any ideas of making it a personal snack. Your canine friend might not appreciate sharing his travel treat.

Customer Reviews

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4.80 rating based on 56 reviews
fantastic product by Marieke from Columbus, OH05/10/2012

my vet gave me this for my 17 year old cat who was losing alot of weight. it works great and he loves the stuff! i wanted to find someplace i could get it other than from my vet who was charging 13 bucks a tube for it. on entirely pets its less than 6! awesome product at an awesome price!


We rescued Ambar from the street 5 years ago. She was 15 years old and was about to lose the battle. After hospitalization, she was prescribed to take 1-spoon a day of Nutrical. Thank God and this great supplement she is still alive, healthy and happy.

Great Product by SD from South Carolina10/23/2012

Not all my cats like it, but it's a great product that I have used for years. Use it for a few extra calories on show cats/kittens. Also give it for added nutrients.

by Toni from Belleville, NJ01/30/2013

I am entirely satisfied with the Nutrical I purchased from your company. It is the best product of its kind in the market and the price will make me come back and always purchase from you. Thank you.

They Like it Too Much by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

My cats like the taste so much that one tube does not last very long. It must taste like candy although it is full of nutrients.

best purchase by steph from hebron ct03/14/2012

excellent product. would recommend this especially for pups that need a few extra calories

Energy boost by cookie04/06/2012

Field trialing for springer spaniels is a high energy, stressful sport, especially in these unusual times of high temperatures and dry climate. Nutri-cal is easy to dose; one finger full to the roof of the mouth, following a hard run. In our experience it is much better for the dog than karo, which is all carb. Nutri-cal is complex and provides extra protein and fats as well as carbs to sustain the blood sugar.Thanks to our vet Dr. Long, for the recommendation.

Great price & free shipping too! by Nani from Wood Dale, Illinois02/14/2012

Our new pup is a little fussy sometimes when it comes to eating. Our Vet suggested Nutri-Cal & hooray she likes it. So I checked on line & the price was soooo much cheaper then at the Vet, that I will be a returning customer.

by from 04/10/2010

I have been buying this product, now produced by two companies in the same city and sold by the same name, for over 30 years. For many years, it consisted of a homogenous paste and I swore by it. For some reason, in the last several years, both companies, first one and then both, have changed the formulation. I do not know if the formula has changed, but the paste is no longer homogenous. The oil of which the product is partially composed now separates from the rest.

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Best price by Carol from Newport,tn.12/12/2011

I must say I have never found nutra cal this cheap any where. i use it all the time. It is great to help pills go down easily and a tube goes out with all our frenchy pups.

by Tin10/15/2011

One of my bottles was cut open and leaked all over the other bottles, so when I opened the package it was a huge mess! I love this product and I usually buy it through Entirely Pets through Amazon, and I will just stick to Amazon from now on.

by from 06/26/2012

This wonderful product has saved more than one kitten that our family has rescued.

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Love this product by Bkrekos from Moreno Valley, Ca11/13/2012

We have Yorkies . And at times they are a little picky when eating. Instead of just trying to give them anything to eat, I would rather use this product until they are ready to eat their regular food. When our mama dog has puppies this is just up there as the thing I always use, to help keep her healthy.

Great Product/Great Price by Soph from MD01/02/2013

Vet recommended when my cat was sick and not eating much. He doesn't mind the taste of this at all. Great price. Easy ordering. Quick delivery.

Great Tasting Product For Finicky Dogs by roadrunner04/08/2013

I give my diabetic, 15 yr. old Toy Fox Terrier insulin injections twice daily. It bothered her so badly until I began giving her a capful of Nutri-cal to lick to distract her while giving the injection. Now she barely notices the needle. It also helps to get her sugar back up when it drops because of the sweetness of the molasses- like gel. The fish oil in the product helps keep her heart and circulatory system more healthy. It's good temporary nourishment for sick puppies and there is also a Nutri-cal for cats.

Palatable Yes but Dosage? by Hcacres04/23/2013

Bought this as Tomlyn brand not available. Dog likes taste though I am guessing you feed about the same as Tomlyn's because couldn't find recommended feeding amounts on tube and not mentioned in online description of product. I need to supplement calories for an older dog having trouble holding weight.

Nutrical by ShareMarie from Texas11/16/2012

Fabulous product. Have used it for years. My finicky eaters love the taste and I have no problem getting them to eat it.

Dogs go crazy for this stuff by Laurie from Memphis10/23/2012

makes a huge difference in the small dogs. They need a little boost now and then as they wear themselves out and bonk.

Calorie Load by Dog Angel from Snellville, GA06/11/2012

Recently 2 puppies came to me literally out of the trash in our neighborhood. One was starved and very near death. The vet was not sure he would survive. Nine weeks later he is 22 lbs. and a real star. Knowing he needed calories but could not eat enough in his state to put them on. I started searching for Nutri-Cal or a similar product having used it 10 years ago to save my Doxie in a similar situation. Nutri-Cal is fantastic. It loads on the calories when an animal cannot consume the calories needed daily. Nutri-Cal has saved two lives that now bring joy and love to everyone's life they touch.

Get Your Cat Eating by Kitty from Northeast Georgia Mountains05/06/2013

This is a great high nutrition product. Just rub it on your cats paw and lower leg when your cat refuses to eat. Your cat will lick it off and get the nutrition it needs. This will help get your cat eating again. You can stop using it once your cat is eating normally.

My puppies love it! by Kaysweb from Houston, TX03/29/2013

My vet recommended this to help with the Hypoglycemia that the chihuahua breed gets. I have two puppies and they both love it. If I forget to give it to them, they bounce around in the kitchen until I pay attention and get it for them.

Nutrical by Laurie from Nesbit, Ms.01/30/2012

my Chihuahuas absolutely beg for this stuff. They are adult dogs now and still enjoy it and I always keep some in the house for special treats to them.

Helped a sick kitty by Spydie from Canton, Ohio06/07/2013

Lots of vitamins and nutrients, great for a kitty who is not feeling on top of the world.

The best miracle out there by Dragon22801 from Franklin, NJ07/02/2012

We have a cat that is nearing his last days due to cancer and old age and after trying this to give him some nurishment he has been eating, drinking and coming around as if he was just givin an iv fluid treatment. He is comfortable and is playing with our other furbabies. This gave him a boost of energy and we are happy to have tried this as it was sad looking at him getting frail due to cronic weight loss thanks to this our spirits are lifted

My yorkie loves it! by Lucy02/23/2012

My yorkie loves it. I give her a pea size amount every day and she is very healthy and a very active little girl. She is full of life. Thank you for carrying this product.

agree, why, why did they change formulation by Debbie09/21/2010

I agree so much with the former reviewer. I have been using this product for over 14 years, and agree, not only is it thin and not the thick paste that it used to be, it is lighter color. My elderly cat will not even lick it up any more. & he has wonderful taste!! He can definitely detect the diff. We even see more of a difference in the last formulation lots since they changed the packaging of product. It must have gotten even thinner and lighter in the last few months. Please go back to the original formulation.

Successful by gemcat from Brooklyn, ny07/29/2012

Working very well for my 6 lb Persian who is a picky eater. She needs all the calories she can get and she enjoys the taste. On the second tube already. No small feat. Would recommend this to anyone who is frustrated at feeding time with their pet child. Vet is very happy with outcome as she is eating more and gaining ounces.

Pill Slider! by Joan Dredge05/04/2009

Our dog takes a handful of pills in the morning and at night. We went through cheese, peanut butter, any of the usual items to get the pills down. She always got tired of these items and we spent "hours" getting her to swallow. Animals LOVE the taste of Nutri-Cal! Put a little in your hand and cover the pills, and the Slide Right Down! She runs to me to take her pills for the last year. Don't use a lot unless the dog needs to gain weight.

Affordable Alternative! by Savannah Cat Breeder from Pensacola, FL04/03/2013

I've been giving my cats/kittens Tomlyn Nutri-cal for years as a great high-calorie supplement. I recently switched and this is the most affordable and comparable brand I've found out there. This product smells the same, and although I haven't actually tried it (yuck!), my kitties haven't noticed I changed! I recommend this to all of my customers.

Great Price by Dianne D05/30/2012

I usually pay $10.00 a tube from my Vet.My cat loves it and she needs it because her kidneys are failing.Ever since I put her on it she has been doing well.I get 4 tubes at a time for $25.00 including shipping.

nutri-cal by polly from Kansas03/22/2012

The dogs love the treat. Which is good for them. We buy this all of the time for the dogs.

great supplement by heather from rhode island02/23/2013

This product was recommended to me by my vet. Works great for my 15 1/2 year old dog. She loves the flavor. Great price & fast shipping.

Great Product LOVE it !! by katie may from scottsvile,KY07/05/2012

Make's giving meds. so easy plus she love the taste. She will have to take meds. the rest of her life has liver issues. So I'll be using nutri-cal long as she alive!!

Now I don't have to rely on my vet by Owen from Alabama04/19/2012

I've been trying for two days to find out if my vet has even ordered nutri-cal for my 18 year old cat. He eats but is under weight and nutri-cal keeps him going. It also helps with his bowel movements. Thank goodness I've found entirelypets.com! I'm so glad I don't have to beg my vet again!

Energy Boost by Emma Kolanich02/20/2008

I Find that just a small amount of Nutical gives my 13 year old Pom a vitality and zest that he hasn't had for years. And he really loves the taste. He licks it right off the tube. I recommend keeping the open tube in the refridgerator to keep it from becoming runny. I deducted one star for price. Those small yubes don't last very long, but, all in all, a good product.

Chihuahua Treat by Laurie G06/24/2008

My 4 Chi's love this stuff! As tiny dogs their energy levels drop during the day between feedings and a little Nutrical gets them back in action again. They are addicted to this. If the price was a little lower I would buy it by the case. Great product!

maltese favorite treat by yvonne m07/02/2008

my maltese go crazy when she see it in my hand she love the taste of it . great product and excellent price. my vet charge me the first time i purchase it $15.00 for it. you guys have a excellent price for it. thank you.

by from 02/04/2013

Wonderful product by ediec from Eustis, Florida05/30/2012

Recently, our 3 yr. old cat became quite ill, among other things, the vet gave us some of this Nutri-cal to try and put some weight back on him, as we couldn't get him to eat catfood. He started out by licking it off his paw , but eventually we achieved great results and now add this to his food. He loves it, so I purchased more and feed it to him regularly. It's easy to use, and just gives him nutrients and calories he needs right now.

Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal Awesome stuff by RidinInTheWind from Clyde,NY10/24/2012

I HIGHLY reccommend this product. I believe it is exceptionally beneficial. Awesome, awesome stuff. I believe it is life saving for pets who need these nutrients.

Vetoquinol by SD03/02/2013

This product has been instrumental in assisting one of our oldest cats continue to receive proper nutrition as he fights his battle with CRF.

Nutri-Cal by Dee Van Winkle from Garland, Texas10/23/2012

We have used this product for several years and in the past have purchased it from a retail pet store. I found it at Entirely Pets Ebay store and was amazed at the great price! My daughter and I have a small non-profit cat rescue and when we have a Kitty who needs rehab the first thing we do is start it on Nutri-Cal. The cats love the taste and they start to respond very quickly feeling better and having more energy. I recommend it to any and all as a great product to perk up their pet...Cat or Dog.

by MariaT from Deltona, FL05/29/2013

Actually, MariaT is the one who purchased the Nutrical for Irma Santiago. I give it to my dogs. Irma called me and told me her dog did not want to eat, I told her to take him to the vet and in the meantime to give him Nutrical. She did, and from now on I will order it for her so that her dog will remain healthy. He is well now and eating regularly. I recommend Nutrical to anyone who has a dog (just like a vitamin pill for adults). I purchase from Entirely Pets because I get good service and great price!

by from 09/05/2012

Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal is awesome. My vet recommended it at 1st, and with the very 1st tube I saw a big difference in the health and vitality of my senior kitty. I highly recommend this to anyone who will listen to me rave about it. Thank you, Vetoquinol for making such a wonderful product and thank you, Entirely Pets . com for making it available at such an affordable price.

Liza by Jane" from Absolute BestCindy


Great purchase by Snuggles from Shreveport, LA12/30/2012

Love this product! Will order from you again!

by Joy03/12/2013

Great product ! I use it for my baby rabbit, since my vet saved her life with this great product ?

Love this Product by Katie may11/20/2012

Makes giving meds so easy, plus she likes the taste.

Great Product by Miss Myra from Ogden, Utah04/11/2013

I have a 12 yr old Maine Coon who has chronic upper respitory problems. He doesn't want to eat when he is congested and that is constantly. Getting him to eat is very important and Nutri-Cal helps stimulate his appetite. He loves it and it is great to see him excited about eating. Thanks!

Great for older or ill dogs. by Jordana Capra11/10/2012

This was recommended by my vet and I have a 20 year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. 20! And she still scampers up and down the stairs and jumps into the car to 'go for a ride'!

One of best products by kittyrescuer from Atlanta, GA02/07/2012

This product has pulled many kitties through illness, old age, poor condition when rescued, and just health improvement in general. Would recommend to anyone to keep on hand even for the healthy ones.

Cats favorite by pvsquare04/03/2012

Our cats love Nutri-Cal. We give it to them everyday at the same time. When that time comes up they are waiting for it. It has really helped their appetite and well being.

Excellent product by hisss03/21/2012

I have used Nutri-cal for years in my cat rescue and was very happy to find that you have it available at a good price and with fast shipping. I will be ordering it from you again.

Excellent Product by Mr.Guys from San Antonio, TX04/23/2012

Hi Calorie, product to supplement new borns and nursing mothers when those extra calories count. We recommend it for all people who whelp pups.

Nutri-Cal' by lee06/03/2012

I order this because I was looking for an appetite helper. I really don't think I did anything for that but they do enjoy it.

Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL by Kathie from manchester nj03/30/2012

great product great price,my puppy loves it

Just What the Doctor Ordered by CatLover from Northern Michigan03/02/2013

If you find that your aging cat is losing an interest in food or is listless and suffering from low energy - this may be the solution. We truly believe that this product has added years to the life and life to the years for our cats. This product also works wonders for cats recovering from illness - as it helps to build them up after suffering appetite and/or weight loss.

Good product. by daHawk from ODESSA, FL12/28/2011

My dog Daisy has renal failure. Her vet prescribed Nutri-Cal as a necessary diet suppliment. Daisey likes the taste and is gaining some valuable weight. I am continuing Neutra-Cal in her medical regime as it has been obviously beneficial.

nice if they ship the right thing by bjp07/19/2012

I ordered 4 and only got 2. the other 2 they sent were menthigel which I can even use.Its a urinary acidifier. Can't sent back because I don't have a receipt. will not order from entirely pets again.

by Km from Georgia05/05/2013

Our puppy has to take pills and she never refuses to lick them off our finger with this paste on it! Plus, it's good for her.

A Must Have by BG from Texas05/27/2013

If you have little ones like me ( Yorkies) and they get down in the dumps for whatever reason, and won't eat.....this is a must have. Will save your little one from have a low blood sugar attack that will send you running to the animal hospital. I make sure I have a tube at all times. They love the taste and so easy to give.


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This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

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