Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Dasuquin Joint Supplement, Dasuquin for dogs & cats

Dasuquin for Dogs and Cats

: Cats and dogs suffer from joint issues just like humans, especially when they get older. In addition, certain breeds are prone to extreme hip displaysia and leg joint pain. Fortunately, Dausuquin Joint Supplement for Dogs and Cats is available to help offset this cartilage degeneration that can be come debilitating to your furry best friend. Dasuquin for dogs and Dasuquin for cats come in different sizing and packaging, and is also designed for small cats and dogs as well as large dogs. Dasuquin for dogs also come in a soft chew format as well as tabs for easier feeding. The supplement includes a maximum nutritional supplement mix designed to concentrate and assist the rebuilding and effective use of animal joints. Similar to the same kind of supplements available for humans, Dasuquin utilizes a concentration of glucosamin chondroitin sulfate to aid in joint health and rehabilitation. Used as a nutritional supplement regularly, Dasuquin will provide significant improvement in the mobility and capacity of your dog or cat to move again freely without joint pain. With Dasuquin easily available, there's no reason your dog or cat has to suffer with joint pain. Add the supplement into the pet's diet and joint improvement will make your pet happier within weeks. Trust Seals

Dasuquin for Dogs (Tablets)

Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (84 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (84 Chewable Tabs)

($54.99)  $41.99
Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)

($82.99)  $63.49
Dasuquin for Large Dogs (84 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Large Dogs (84 Chewable Tabs)

($62.99)  $49.49
Dasuquin for Large Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Large Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)

($91.99)  $70.43
3-PACK Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (252 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (252 Chewable Tabs)

($154.99)  $119.1

($39.70 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)

($235.99)  $181.47

($60.49 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs (252 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs (252 Chewable Tabs)

($174.99)  $134.49

($44.83 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)

($262.99)  $202.04

($67.35 Each)

Dasuquin for Large Dogs (250 Tabs)
Dasuquin for Large Dogs (250 Tabs)

($154.99)  $111.74

Dasuquin with MSM (Tablets)

Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)

($54.99)  $49.49
Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)

($85.99)  $70.43
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)

($75.99)  $56.99
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)

($103.99)  $79.99
3-PACK Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (252 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (252 Chewable Tabs)

($202.99)  $155.99

($52.00 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (450 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (450 Chewable Tabs)

($242.99)  $189.95

($63.32 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (252 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (252 Chewable Tabs)

($214.99)  $165.21

($55.07 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (450 Chewable Tabs)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (450 Chewable Tabs)

($300.99)  $230.99

($77.00 Each)

Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (250 Chews)
Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (250 Chews)

($144.99)  $104.93
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (250 Chews)
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (250 Chews)

($165.99)  $119.24

Dasuquin Soft Chews

Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs (84 Chews)
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs (84 Chews)

($55.99)  $42.99
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (84 Chews)
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (84 Chews)

($64.99)  $49.99
3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs (252 Chews)
3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs (252 Chews)

($160.99)  $123.21

($41.07 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (252 Chews)
3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (252 Chews)

($171.99)  $131.99

($44.00 Each)

Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (150 Chews)
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (150 Chews)

($93.99)  $71.99

Dasuquin Soft Chews with MSM

Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs with MSM (84 Chews)
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs with MSM (84 Chews)

($67.99)  $49.49
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs with MSM (84 Chews)
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs with MSM (84 Chews)

($74.99)  $56.99
3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs with MSM (252 Chews)
3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs with MSM (252 Chews)

($192.99)  $147.89

($49.30 Each)

3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs with MSM (252 Chews)
3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs with MSM (252 Chews)

($214.99)  $165.21

($55.07 Each)

Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs with MSM (150 Chews)
Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs with MSM (150 Chews)

($103.99)  $79.99

Dasuquin for Cats

Dasuquin for Cats (84 Caps)
Dasuquin for Cats (84 Caps)

($32.99)  $24.99
3-PACK Dasuquin for Cats (252 Caps)
3-PACK Dasuquin for Cats (252 Caps)

($86.99)  $66.79

($22.26 Each)

Dasuquin® Joint Supplements

Dasuquin is a comprehensive joint health supplement for dogs & cats. Dasuquin's enhanced formula features the same effective ingredients as Cosequin with the enhanced effects of ASU.

Ingredients Proven Effective
happy cosequin dog

Dasuquin combines Cosequin's proven FCHG49 glucosamine hydrochloride and TRH122 low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate with NMX1000 ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables). These ingredients work syngistically to support cartilage production and help block enzymes in joints that break down cartilage. Dasuquin is further augmented witht he inclusion of ASU.

A Comprehensive Formula with ASU

Dasuquin's comprehensive formula is supported by ASU. ASU has been proven to protect cartilage and improves joint function complimenting Dasuquin's additional ingredients.

Signs your Pet May Benefit from Dasuquin

If you've noticed your pet struggling to perform activities they once did with ease, it may be time to try Dasuquin. These signs may include: slowing down during walks, difficulty getting up, reluctance to climb the stairs or jump to elevated areas.

Dasuquin has earned the distinction of being the #1 recommended brand by veterinarians by providing a product with high standards and proven resuts.

Dasuquin Joint Supplement
by Nutramax
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement
  • ASU protects cartilage
  • Proven results
  • Manufactured using high standards
More Info
Nutritional Supplements

These supplements can improve joint health.

Alternative Joint Supplements

These supplements are used to help maintain an animal's health.

Healthy Diet Guide

Some tips to keep your furry friend healthy.

Pet Arthritis

Pet arthritis guide for dogs & cats

Find the Right Dasuquin Pack for your pets
Chewable Tablets
Dasuquin with MSM
Chewable Tablets
Soft Chews
Dasuquin with MSM
Soft Chews
Small / Med Dogs (84 Tabs)
Small / Med Dogs (150 Tabs)
Large Dogs (84 Tabs)
Large Dogs (150 Tabs)
Small / Med Dogs (84 Tabs)
Small / Med Dogs (150 Tabs)
Large Dogs (84 Tabs)
Large Dogs (150 Tabs)
Small / Med Dogs (84 Chews)

Large Dogs (84 Chews)

Small / Med Dogs (84 Chews)

Large Dogs (84 Chews)
Guaranteed Analysis

Glucosamine Hydrochloride *99% ............................... 900 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate* ....................................... 350 mg
Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables* (ASU) Powder ....... 90 mg
dasuquin, joint supplement, joint for large dogs, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, nutramax

Other Ingredients:
Starch, glycerin, natural flavor, vegetable oil, polyethylene glycol, silicon dioxide, sucralose, gum resin, soy protein isolate, tea, titanium dioxide, mixed tochopherols, BHA (a preservative), and BHT (a preservative).
4.67 rating based on 15 reviews
Featured Reviews for Dasuquin for Cats (84 Caps)
Excellent Service from Entirely Pets by Peg from Carlsbad, CA08/08/2012

We recently purchased Dasuquin for Cats for our 11-year-old boy. He's having some difficulty with those aging joints and this product helps put spring back in his step. I trust the products from Entirely Pets to be healthy and safe for my animals. The service has always been pleasant, engaging and prompt. I highly recommend this company for your pets' needs.

better mobility, likes flavor by wellnesscat from Birmingham, AL03/31/2013

My 17 y.o. renal disease kitty has better mobility since being on Dasuquin for several months. He is jumping and running more easily, seems more comfortable. I give 1-2 a day, sometimes I alternate with Cosequin. He seems to enjoy food more with this chicken flavor.

Great product, but when will I receive it? by DoveCat04/02/2014

The product is GREAT! I placed my most recent order over a month ago and was told it was on back order. I called about a week ago for a status check and was simply told that it was on back order -- no estimated arrival date was given. I have had good luck with your company for several months, but THIS experience is making me seriously consider no longer doing business with you. I ran out of Dasuquin and had to place an order for it from another company. PLEASE send me what I ordered and PAID FOR soon or give me a reasonable explanation of why this is not possible.

Truly amazing by threeloves from Sautee nacoochee, GA11/28/2012

My 11 year old cat was hardly able to walk. He couldn't even go up the steps that I had put by the bed. I had to lift him onto everything. I gave him Dasuquin twice a day for about a week and he was fine. It was truly amazing. Now I give him one a day as a maintenance dose. He is just fine, thank you. Don't hesitate. You and your cat will be be very pleased.

Dasuquin for Cats by las from Forest Knolls, CA09/11/2013

This works excellently; it is the same exact product my veterinarian sells at a portion of the price.

Helping our senior senorita by DCH from Montrose, CO09/17/2013

A few years ago, Miss Kitty began hesitating to be her normal leaping self. Her vet said she was likely suffering pain in her lower back and suggested we try Dasuquin. This product has enabled her to continue trying leap as always, even if not as successfully now as a senior senorita! :-)

by Ktyogini08/28/2013

Love this product. Helps my 16 year old cat with a bit of arthritis he has in his hind legs. And the price at Entirely Pets is so much better than at my vet.

Entirely Pets service by kittymom08/11/2012

Great service--delivery in less time than stated and at a great price!

Big Big Change in old cat! by pamela m. from Newport News,Va12/09/2012

This stuff is a miracle.My 14 yr old cat slept most of the time.Wake up, eat , then back to sleep. Now, he runs around chasing my other younger cat Love it!

by from 05/22/2013

After I started using this Dasuquin on my 9 year old Sassee for her Degenrative Arthritis Disease, her pain had lessened alot. She still has more pain at times due to her climbing activity and weather, but this definitely helps!

to by me from byDasuquin


Here we go again by Unhappy customer from North Carolina03/20/2014

This is the 2nd time I've been asked to review an order that I NEVER received. There are some communication problems in your order process which really makes me question ever doing business with Entirely Pets again. This order should be in a cancelled status now.....that was what I requested after realizing I was being asked previously to review products I had not received. Please get it together.

Backorder by Becky from Illinois04/14/2014

I'm a bit disappointed as I have ordered from Entirely Pets on numerous occasions & always received items promptly. I placed an order on March 2nd for Dasequin & find it very odd that I have now received TWO email requests to review the product that I have not yet received, as it has been on backorder since I 1st placed my order. I sent an email on April 9th requesting status update and received a response that I would get an answer within 24 hours. It is now April 14th & I have yet to hear from anyone. Not very happy right now, as I have actually used this product for my cat & am now out of it. It's very helpful when she gets it. Now I'll have to go out & purchase it elsewhere. I'd rate the product 5 stars, but at this point, the company only gets 1 star.

by sassy from wisconsin05/24/2014

This product works great, my cat was limping for about 2 months, vet said arthritis, and recommended this product. After three weeks, the limping has gotten better, most days she doesn't limp at all! My only dislike, is my cat hates this stuff. No matter how you try to hide it in her food, she knows it is in there and doesn't want to eat it. I wish this could come in soft treats like the dog ones! Would highly recommend if you cat is having joint issues.

5 Star Product by Barb from Chicago, IL06/04/2013

I am stunned at what a difference this product has made with my 10 yr. old cat. Before he started taking it, he couldn't jump on the sofa or go up and down the stairs. Now he is like a kitten again, jumping and running everywhere. Would never be without it.

Still waiting by DoveCat from Albuquerque, NM04/17/2014

Excellent product. Ordered it well over a month ago. Have called a few times to find out when it might arrive. No help whatsover. "It's on back order." I would NOT recommend EntirelyPets to anyone with an arthritic cat who depends on Dasuquin for daily improved mobility. I have found another source.

Great stuff! by Spice from Gainesville, FL04/16/2013

Tink is an older cat who was born with a short, kinked tail. She seemed to be in pain when jumping,sometimes it would last for several days like she had wrenched something. Our vet discovered pretty advanced arthritis in her spine at the base of her tail a year or so ago and suggested Dasuquin. She is much more mobile, able to jump again and seems pain free which makes us both happy. :-)

Jury is still out by MyJessie34 from Mpls, MN01/13/2014

Using for a cat that has bad bone spurs on his elbow which causes him to limp. Have used Cosequin, Nutro Joint, and now this. Both the previous meds worked, I want them to work better. After having laser therapy on elbow he stopped limping. Trying to keep that going. Seems to 'favor' a bit every now and then with both the previous meds. We'll see how this one goes.

The purr-fect remedy for aches and pains by Kampklok from Novato, CA02/01/2014

Dasuquin for cats was recommended by both my cat's regular vet, as well as his oncologist. He's 19 years old and has been taking Dasuquin for Cats for approximately 3 years - it really eases the pain associated with arthritis.

I guess it's good. by jot01/16/2015

Only my cat knows if he feels better and he is not sharing. I thought his hind legs worked better after a few days of the Dasuquin, but he wouldn't rate it for me. He eats some of his food(dasuquin laced) and then tries to go to the other cats bowls. ???? At least he's not spitting it out.

Dasuquin review by Chemgirl from North Carolina03/03/2014

Dasuquin is a great product but I NEVER received this order.....any of it. I thought the order had been cancelled. Evidently it was delivered elsewhere so I am now without this product. No more shopping for me on this website.

by Miatagirl from Marietta,GA08/17/2014

My cat had arthritis so bad he would not move around the house....just lay in one spot. Since taking Dasuquin daily he is "involved" again in what is going on around the house & now again goes upstairs & downstairs.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin for Large Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
Works well by MM10/28/2013

I have been using this on my dogs for a few years now and for the price it is very good...

Dasuquin for Large Dogs by slturner55555 from VA10/24/2012

Very pleased. The medication was very fresh. Very long expiration date. Great price.

Super Purchase by Hawley01/16/2015

Have been giving this product to my dog for two years upon recommendation of the L.S.U. School of Vetinairy Medicine after he had double ACL surgery. He loves the medicine and he has been having excellent checkups.

Great Product by Olive from Houston, TX08/26/2014

This worked great for my dog who is recovering from cancer.

Works for My Dog by TD from NH09/29/2013

My dog has elbow dysplasia and I use the Dasuquin and Fish Oil daily after my guy's surgery. The good results are due to a gifted surgeon and the use of these products. While my son uses a much cheaper product, I won't switch because it is working well.

works great by cindydr from Baltimre04/14/2014

My bulldog has hip dysplasia and has been taking Dasuquin for the past year.She is walking better and doesn't seem to have any hip discomfort

Great to deal with by GerriA08/25/2012

This company is always great to deal with. Best prices and very quick shipping!

Dasuquin Tabs by nantucket903 from New Jersey08/30/2014

My dogs walking is so much better taking Dasuquin. Thank you for offering a great product at a reasonable price!

Very pleased by Black Dog's Mom from Ormond Beach, FL09/19/2013

Product has good reputation. Had recommendation from friend who got hers from a Veterinarian who performed TPLO surgery on her dog. My boy is to undergo same soon. I feel this will give him an edge, plus intend to continue on it remainder of his life.

Just what the Vet ordered! by cduffey12/31/2013

My vet recommended Dasuquin for my 11 year old chocolate lab. She is definitely better.

Definitely worth the money!! by Coshee from Minnesota09/27/2013

Saw a rapid improvement in my big guy - thank you!!

Great Product by autumncolors from Columbia, MD08/11/2012

Recommended by my vet as a holistic way to help my 10 yr old flat coated retriever's limping w/out having to add even more Rimadyl as that can & will affect his liver function. My dog's situation is probably more complicated than most b/c not only do we have concern over hip dyslplasia as he grows older, but recent diagnosis of Cushing's Disease has brought on more joint issues b/c of cutting off his natural cortisol from the Cushing's medication. The bottom line is that adding the Dasuquin for large dogs was an added expense I had to think about, but definitely well worth it for his situation. Re: the Dasuquin w/added MSM - my vet said it was hype & not worth it; just go w/the basic Dasuquin.

Great Product by Marie from Covington, WA05/28/2013

I use Dasuquin for my Rough Coat Collie and my Mixed Breed dog. My vet recommended this product and it works great.

good bargain by dog lover11/27/2012

my dog takes this daily and it really has helped her joints. it is much cheaper online than from the vet. she now runs and plays ball alot more than she was when she was not on this.

Makes a big difference by Puppylove10/20/2013

I have a 5 year old pup with sore legs. When she takes this she has a lot more pep in her step and wants to play. At first she really liked the flavor and would just eat them but now she is pickier and I have to add a little peanut butter for her to eat it but it makes all the difference in her activity and ease of movement.

Seems to work by JLR01/23/2013

Our 10 year old golden limped quite a bit after running over the past couple of years. We have been giving him Dasuquin for several months now, and he seems more active without the limping/hip pains. Seems to be a good thing for him.

service by mike05/12/2014

this company is excellent and all shipping is correct

Good product by dogzmom from Western New York11/04/2013

Dog has been using this for 5 years (displaysia since birth). Has been working wonderfully until recently, she has taken a turn for the worse.. Ordered again to increase dosages and praying for a miracle.

Dasquin by mel from Tallahassee04/30/2013

My dog loves them. But then again he's not too picky... They seem to really help his arthritis and stiffness due to hip displasia and aging.

Highest Quality Joint Preparation by dorismom from Florida10/22/2012

Dasuquin was recommended by my Vet and I have definitely seen an improvement in my 14+ year old Bearded Collie since using it. My other Beardie who is 11+ has shown no signs of arthritis. Great product at the lowest price on the Internet!

Great price by denise from upstate New York04/14/2013

I paid the same for 150 tabs through this site as I did for 84 tabs at the Vets office.

Recommended by my vet by Deedee from Liverpool, NY10/16/2013

I really have no idea if Dasuquin works for my old great dane mix, but she has arthritis in her back hips and legs and recently had ACL (knee) surgery. The vet recommended she be put on this supplement, so I'm going for it. Studies differ on the efficacy of chondroiton and glucosamine.

Good joint suppliment by JoBarks from Chattanooga , TN03/26/2014

Have been using this for a couple of years and find that it keeps my bassets's joint issues to a minimum. They are 9 and 11 and those are ages when arthritis is usually an issue in these breeds. This is good but I usually order it with MSM which I failed to do this time. It may be a little better.

Dog supplement by Joanne from Cicero New York11/01/2012

I guess it works.. she's still alive and kicking

Great Product by Cindi from Kalamazoo, MI07/23/2013

My dog has deformed hips so she was in pain when she walked. Our vet recommended this product in lieu of steriods. It has helped her significantly with no side effects. She now enjoys her walks.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin for Large Dogs (250 Tabs)
Good Stuff by dogzmom from Western New York09/16/2014

Doggie has had HD since very early on. This product has kept her off the more serious drugs and has enhanced her ability to "be a dog". Six years and counting, all is okay.

Dasuquin by wyomslady from Wyoming08/05/2014

They are really nice people to deal with. I had ordered the wrong kind and they said no problem they replaced it and quick shipping and it works on my dogs.

Good Transaction by gfcathy09/07/2014

The product I ordered was out of stock and notification was slow. After several emails, I called and was told there was no firm delivery date for the product. Another item was substituted, discounted, which was fine. I just wish I had been notified in a more timely fashion. I will use Entirely Pets again but be a little more proactive about availability.

Vet Recommended by meandmine from Orange County, CA.03/28/2014

My vet recommended I put my pit mix on this after she had torn her meniscus and had surgery to repair it. I put all 8 dogs on it at that point. Happy with the larger size I was able to get here for the same price as I spent at the vet for a smaller bottle. Unfortunately when I ordered a second bottle, it was backordered and it held up my whole order, so I cancelled it because they didn't know when they would be getting any more in. ???

by from 05/30/2014

Thank you for offering a wonderful joint supplement at a reasonable price. These chewables help my dogs tremendously in walking, and getting up and down.

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offering by a from greatThank


Featured Reviews for Dasuquin for Large Dogs (84 Chewable Tabs)
Supposed to be great for joints by Min Pin Lover from Lawrenceville, GA12/14/2012

I have only given this to my min pin for a couple of days...She threw up after I gave them to her so I am waiting a week to try it again...Not sure if she's sensitive to this medicine or she had a bug virus...It's supposed to be great for dogs according to my daughter who works at a Vet's office.

My pet has been taking DASUGUIN for about three ye by Smitty from Granger, Indiana03/03/2014

She's a 5-year-old Sheltie. When awakening in the morning she's a little stiff but is fine throughout the day. THANK YOU

Very good supplement! by Predatorsfan from Mount Juliet, TN07/07/2013

We've used this for years, now we are saving a fortune!

dasuguin by Rocko06/12/2014

Have noticed some improvement with my 14 yrs old pitt bull. He seems to be not as stiff when getting up and walking.

It works! by Molly's Mom04/13/2014

Real improvement in hindquarters. Best price, too.

by Canine Lover from Chicago07/03/2013

This is an excellent product for my 8 year old Shepherd who has hip dysplasia.

expiring product by disappointed08/04/2012

I have purchased products several times from this website. Was disappointed in my most recent order of Dasuquin. Was originally sent Dasuquin for cats when I had ordered for Large dogs. No problem returning or having correct item shipped. However, disappointed that the product is to expire before I will be able to use entire contents - which from the dates means this has been sitting on the shelf for over 10 years. Unfortunately, I had already opened, so could not return.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
It works by Mike05/01/2014

I've been using Dasuquin for 3 - 4 years now. It helps my older dog Carl to keep young.

troubled order, still pending..... by RRauvola08/08/2012

Well, this wasn't the best experience (so far). The WRONG product was sent to me by EntirelyPets, and it turns out the correct product is backordered. So, 2 weeks later, I'm still waiting for the "prepaid" return label for mistaken mailing----and the actual product itself. Pretty frustrated right now.

Dasuguin by Collie Mom from Bremerton, WA03/03/2013

My 7 yr old Smooth Collie girl gets this product because the worthiness of the ingredients are backed by science. Pet owners need to do their own research though and select what product fits their pet's needs though. In the past, I have used Cosequin, this is a newer product and a little pricier. Goal is to help my girl live to old age comfortably. Many collies health problems stem from rear end weakness as they get older. Hoping this will be a preventative.

Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs by gooddogmac from Seattle Wa03/08/2013

Been using this supplement for several years now. Entirely Pets has the best price and fast shipping. My dog is 12 years old and acts like he's 5!

Dasuquin by Gerry07/28/2012

Dasoquin caused intestinal problems for my schnauzer mix dog. I would not recommend it.

by from 01/14/2014

My Daschund was diagnosed with back problems and hip disease. He was not standing on his behind legs firmly and less even could walk straight or run. His Vet gave him Dasequin to be taken every day. With care and his medication, his recovery in a matter of weeks was amazing. Know, i have to stop him from running all around the house.

by from Jannet"


My vet recommended this supplement by Bruiser's Mom from Maine12/20/2013

My young pup just had joint surgery and the vet recommended this joint supplement for her for life. The only draw back for us is that my picky pup won't eat them on her own, we have to hide them in food or stick them down her throat. But again, she is a very picky eater.

Good joint support for dogs by Lilnose17 from Xenia, OH08/08/2014

We use this on our older daschund, he does well on it.

Totally satisfied! by GA Peach from Macon, GA12/14/2012

I recently purchased a bottle of Dasuquin chewables (150 ct.) for the "Grand-dog." Price was great and the package arrived very quickly. No problems! Would order from Entirely Pets again if their price is the best.

seems to work by good dog04/05/2013

Dogs seem to respond to the product making the symptoms of the joint trouble better. Need to force the tablet. Dogs not willing to chew.

Excellent Product by RC02/08/2014

Quality product from a reliable manufacturer. Very satisfied

by from 10/20/2013

I have a 9 year old sheltie who loves to race in circles in our large fenced yard. He is showing some arthritis now because he just can't control that behavior.

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Vet recommended! by sylviaw from delmar, nyEasy




by from 05/30/2013

I recently purchased a quantity of this medicine for my dachshund puppy who has had back surgery. He is a much happier puppy when he has his medicine and this product meets his needs very well. In addition, he thinks it's a treat and gobbles it down out of my hand..... no more hiding it in food.

by from Thanks."


So far so good by Dasuquin from Florida05/10/2013

We've only been on it for about 2 months but so far so good. Barney is a rescue and he has bad arthritis in his hips. We did the 2 a day for 6 weeks and now we are on maintenance of 1 a day..

Great Product by k9nosework from Southern California02/01/2013

After a short time of giving my two mini-schnauzers Dauquin (I put it in their food) I saw a dramatic change. I work them in dog sports & my vet recommended I start using Dasuquin to support their joints. I saw the biggest change in my 6 yr. old, he actually jumped over the sofa - he loves to jump but that was a new one. I'll keep using Dasuquin & feel good that I'm doing all I can to help my 6 yr. old & 3 yr. old dogs make it to their senior years in the best shape possible.

by rascaldog from Kansas City, MO11/09/2013

This product was recommended by my vet as the best product to help prevent knee degeneration. I have been getting this product for several years from my vet, and I am glad Entirely Pets now carries it, at a much reduced price.

by rens10/28/2012

Good product and good price. Pixi loves it!

Dasuquin by Bronx2216 from Phoenix, AZ10/14/2013

I was recommended to get Dasuquin for my 13 year-old Corgi/ Chihuahua mix when I brought him to the vet for his 6 month check up. She recommended fish oil and Dasuquin. Since he is only on it for the last month or 5 weeks I have noticed he is playing more and scampers around like he's 6 again! And better still, he eats the pill like it's a treat, so it must taste doggie-licious.

Trying this.... by Westiemom308/16/2012

This is the first time I have tried this product...have heard great things about it but I can't say whether it helps or not. I do know that Entirely Pets had the best price I could find.

by from 08/21/2013

My dog (King Charles Spaniel) had occasionally painful / clicking joints despite his 20lb body. Spoke with my Vet & he rec. Dasuquin 1 tab per day. After a week or 2 clicking subsided. Now he gets 1/2 tab per day & all is still well.

this by product from inWould


All good. by Maggie10/23/2012

Good prices, great service. Shipped timely.

Dasuquin Works Well by Carole D01/23/2013

Dasuquin was recommended to me by my veterinarian as a superior product to Cosequin. It seems to work well on my 7 year old ridgeback and it only requires one tablet a day, instead of two.

Helps with arthritis in older dogs by Pam from Denver, CO04/10/2014

Our 10-year old has had two ACL surgeries, and was limping pretty badly when she got up from a nap. Our 13-year old has extremely bad arthritis in his hind legs, and recently developed a limp on one front leg. Our vet recommended Dasuquin, so we tried it, and it has helped both dogs. The old one still has a limp, but it seems to be less noticeable. This product is pricey, but we love our dogs and want them to be comfortable, so we will continue to buy it.

Dogs love it by Maurie from Dallas, tx05/27/2013

I use it as a treat, so each morning is exciting for them, they love their treat.

Easy ordering; fast shipping. by Band from North Florida03/13/2013

These pills were recommended for my dachshund. He is doing very well with them. I got a great price, here, and fast shipping. Very pleased.

Wonderful Product! by 374gracie from New York12/16/2013

Dasuquin is a wonderful product! Our 10 yr. old lab mix got tremendous relief for hip discomfort after taking Dasuquin for about 2 weeks. We don't run her as long or as hard but with taking the Dasuquin daily she is still able to do her favorite activity. I highly recommend this product!!

Good purchase by Garter from minneapolis, mn06/11/2013

I purchased it because good price and deal.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (84 Chewable Tabs)
Great Stuff by weinerpups from Raleigh, NC03/20/2013

Dasaquin works best---better than glucosamine and chondroitin combination for my mini doxies. 3 of them take it, and now they can willfully and playfully play with our new 12 week old puppy!

Important med for my pet by Jim08/07/2012

Good price, fast delivery, Well packaged

Dasuqin by sark from Clovis, Ca.03/19/2013

I have given my 13 1/2 year old Cairn Terrier this product for several years, she has done very well and is not gimmpy at all.

Wonderful product by ET from High Point, N.C.01/25/2013

This is a wonderful product for dogs and the price is better than what u pay at the Vets Office. I have a young Yorkie that had surgery on his knee and it is a life safer of pain for him. I also have an older yorkie and he is still very active.

Worthwhile Purchase by Collie Mom from Bremerton, WA01/21/2013

It's a pricey nonprescription product, but helpful in the treatment arsenal of mobility problems. Adequan injections are also good (prescription).

Puts the spring in my Westie's steps by wvmountaingirl from St. Albans, WV08/27/2013

My 14 year old Westie has joint problems in his back legs. I have been giving him this supplement for a few years, and I have seen improvement in his quality of life. He is walking and playing more normally. The supplement is chewable, and he really likes it! My vet recommended Dasuquin, and I agree with him!

Paris by Paris from Frisco, TX05/05/2014

My dog has been taking this for several years, which was recommended by her vet. This does help with her joints. She has food allergies, but she has no problem with Dasuquin. This website offers the best value.

Great Product by Cosmo from Dallas, TX05/05/2013

My vet recommended Dasuquin for my 10 year old standard poodle - as a preventive measure following an event in which he hurt his back. The dog is very active and I did not want to limit his play nor did I want to go the route of daily medication. The vet suggested that we try Dasuquin and all is going well. My dog thinks his Dasuquin tablet is a treat! So happy he can continue to play and run around without medication. And the price on Entirely Pets is the best I've found!

by Dory from dahlonega ga06/02/2013

This is fantastic stuff. I buy the cat Dasuquin as well

Dasuquin by Vetguy from California12/09/2013

Our dog will eat anything so it's hard to comment on difficulty of pilling. It does seem to help with her hips but is not all we give her, it is an adjuvent to try and keep the more "toxic" medications at low dose as long as possible.

Good Product..Great Price by Frani10/13/2013

When I first started using dasuquin for my senior canine I was unsure if it would relieve his knee discomfort. After he had been on it a while I took him off it and noticed a definite difference! I would reccomend this product to anyone who has a senior pet or one who suffers from joint pain. I found this web site to have the Best prices and the service was fast and efficient! My pug is doing much better!

by Aimsan from Richmond, VA02/05/2013

My "toller" who is 11 started with some stiffness last year. She has been using this product for the past 6 months and all visible signs of the stiffness are gone. She is still quite puppy-ish and loves a good long walk! She runs up and down the stairs, jumps onto our beds and will still put her front paws on the window sill to look out. This product has been easy for her to digest. The less expensive products did not seem to work nearly as well. We use this daily.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (150 Chews)
What feedback? by Berbree04/09/2014

You are asking me for feedback on a product that you never sent me?! I got an email that the Dasquin soft chews were on back order and every time I called your customer service said "Just a couple more days". After 4 of those phone calls I cancelled it!!!

Best Purchase Ever by Beetle Bug from Murphy, NC02/06/2014

I bought these for my dog with a torn muscle high up in upper front leg, because my vet said they were the best thing for him. She was right. He is healing wonderfully. The swelling and edema that were there almost a month ago are now gone and the muscle is healing. Thank you so much Entirely Pets for providing such a great product for our beloved pets!

by sally sue05/15/2014

Good for dogs joints. Seems to have helped my 2 dogs I have.

Great Product, but.... by JoeBoone8208/08/2014

Good product at a great price, BUT double check shipment upon arrival when ordering from EntirelyPets. My order has been incorrect on multiple occasions. One time the large dog chews were replaced with chews for small to medium dogs. Another time the large dog chews were replaced with the tablets. It's just a hassle shipping things back and waiting on another order. I do not mind ordering from a different company for a slightly higher price, as long as my order is correct. The first time, I did not mind. Second time seems to point out a potential problem with whoever is fulfilling the orders.

Dogs Love these! by Fayeb from Colorado12/27/2013

I have 3 Large older dogs who benefit from glucosamine and i was having a hard time finding something that they liked. The vet recommended Dasuquin, so i gave them a try and my dogs just inhale them when it's time for breakfast. My mastiff really seems to benefit from the Dasuquin.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (84 Chews)
Gracie LOVES these chews!!! by Bonnie09/30/2013

Our English Bulldog, Gracie Anne, LOVES Dasuquin soft chews! Our vet recommended them and I was skeptical because other "similar" items we had used did not seem to work. After only a couple of weeks, we saw major improvement in Gracie Anne! She was moving much easier and no limping from the arthritis in her hip! After a month, we cut the dosage from 2 to 1 chews a day and the improvement has continued! The chews do not upset her tummy and she begs for them like a treat! What a relief to find a product that really works!

by from 12/31/2012

Was skeptical like with other products that claim miracles, but I am here to tell you I have a 12 yr old Pitt, that was exeriencing very bad hip dysplasia.

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by Lixy01/04/2013

We have bought this product for our elderly golden for over a year and will continue using this product. Our vet originally suggested this product.

AWESOME! by Katieb1123 from rockville MD02/06/2013

my older dog was having a hard time getting up in the morning. after 2 weeks with this he was getting up and playing ball again...he hasn't done that in a year! this product has made a HUGE difference in Alex's life!

Great price on great product by JNCHAPARRO05/19/2013

This was the best price I could find on these chews. They seem to help my grayhound with her stiffness. We give her one a day in the morning.

Great supplement by mountain spirit from Woodland Park,Colorado12/02/2013

My aging dog was starting to have some arthritic pain which affected his walking. My veternarian recommended that we try Dasuquin. I looked up where I could buy it and found the best price at Entirely Pets. My dog loves these supplements and I don't have to encourage him to take them. He takes one a day and is doing very well, able to walk better now and showing hardly any pain. I am glad to have found something that works so well and is extending my dog's ability to walk without difficulty.

Great product at a great price by purplelori from Portland, OR06/20/2014

Our vet recommended Wally take these to help aid healing after surgery. An added bonus is that he loves them. It was great to find them on sale at EntirelyPets.

dasuquin chews by julie from durham, nc08/09/2012

my dog loves these. good thing as he didn't like the non chewable ones and would spit them out of his food!

Noticeable results by AJ11/27/2012

I started my 13-year-old dog on the Dasuquin chews about a month ago and I have noticed improvement in her arthritis. Although she is not "cured", she has shown signs of increased mobility, including the ability to jump onto the sofa again.

Featured Reviews for Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs (84 Chews)
great results by sunshine from Piqua OH11/21/2013

About 9 months ago our Lhasa apso developed some problems with his knee joint on his right leg. The vet recommended Dasuquin soft Chews as well as Metacam for discomfort and inflammation. After she checked him a month later she noticed a significant difference. He has stayed on the supplement ever since. Her cost was $59+tax. Your product is much less. Thanks.

best price by mzpug from MN04/05/2013

I found this to be the best price for this item.

Dasuquin by GerryW06/18/2014

My schnauzer mix is having joint pain and hip dysplasia. She has been on Dasuquin for about six months. She does feel better, but I'm having trouble getting her to eat the soft chews.

My dogs a lot like by Mariela from Rockville, MD01/16/2013

I have four mini dachsund, all like this product especial Wolfi, in the picture

Works with my dogs by cj09/12/2013

Before using my dogs would be very slow when getting up after lying for a while . Now they jump up with no limping. I use the chewables and they seem to think it is a treat and look forward to it each night.

Quick results by bev from maricopa az02/27/2013

i have used the product before but have never had such fast results and free shipping to boot.

I have recommended it to lots of friends by abloss4504/03/2013

A couple of years ago, our mommy dog, Philly, became reluctant to go for her daily walks and the reluctance eventually turned into a refusal to walk past the end of the driveway. Now, when I say it's time for a walk, she prances out the door and down the street. I give it to our (nine year old) puppy, Monster, too and she has never experienced walk aversion.

Dasuquin Soft Chews by jphh520 from Arizona08/11/2014

These were well received by my dog. . I did find them costly.

by from 10/23/2012

by from 01/23/2015

I bought these for my 10 yr old, 12 lb dog and they are hard as rocks!!! So hard I can barely cut them with a knife. The package says on the front 'new improved soft chew'. I contacted customer service and was told there was nothing they could do because they do not back this product with a customer satisfaction guarantee; then I was told to put them in a air tight container and sandwich them in bread! When you spend this much money on what is supposed to be a highly rated product to help a elderly dog, it is unacceptable. My vet highly recommended that I not give any more of these to my pet due to the poor quality. She said they should definitely not be that hard.

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by from 11/15/2013

Great Joint Chew by BonBon from Woodbury, MN.08/08/2014

I have been using Dasuquin Soft Chews for a few years now. My two dogs love them plus they keep their joints in good shape. My vet recommended these also so that is plus!

Difficult to rate by mrwesco from Georgia10/01/2013

I am having trouble understanding "dog talk", so it is difficult to evaluate this product. I gave it 5 stars since my dog has not complained in a way that I could understand. She runs real well so I assume this product has done no harm to her joints. Maybe some good!!! In my case this may be a "feel good" product since I am not sure her joints have been giving her any trouble. Maybe more preventive than corrective! My VET recommended it; however, he also sells the products of this type.

Amazing Difference by Panda07/02/2013

I have a Shih Tzu named Harley and he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. It was very difficult for him to get around and even rising from a prone position was awful. However, the Vet suggested giving Dasuquin a try and we wouldn't be without it. Harley is playing, jumping up on the bed and enjoying life again. I recommend this product highly!!!!

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Cats (252 Caps)
DASQUIN FOR CATS by MTS from Van Nuys, CA11/12/2013

This is a great product and these people offered it at the very lowest price possible. I always search the web before ordering and they were the lowest. Excellent product. I have been using it on my male cat for some years now. Worked wonders!

by siameze04/22/2014

helpful in managing feline inflammatory conditions and cystitis.

Great product by Mikoe from Chicago, IL07/11/2014

I have 2 older male cats, one is a 12 year old orange and white tabby and the other is an 11 year old tuxedo. I was giving them both Cosequin, which they love, but wanted to try Dasuquin because it also has ASU. My male tabby is an overweight cat and is having trouble with mobility lately, so I thought that would be good for him. He didn't like the taste of it as much as the Cosequin, but he is use to it now and likes it. My tuxedo didn't like the taste of the Dasuquin, so I'm keeping him on Cosequin. For him, it's more of a preventative measure. I would highly recommend Dasuquin for Cats - I can already see the improvement in mobility in my Tabby. When the 3 girls get older, I will start them on it too!!

Seems to be doing the job. by Watson's Mama from Cranbury, NJ04/25/2014

My cat, who is only four years old, suffers from extreme arthritis in his left foreleg (related to a problem he had with the blood flood in his leg when he was a kitten). It seems that Dasuquin is maintaining the condition of his leg and it enables him to get around pretty well. His limp will never go away, but it it hasn't gotten worse.

Dasuquin by Cat happy from NY03/05/2013

We have been using Dasuquin for years. It is easy to mix into food and will hopefully keep our cats joints in good health

Seems to help Seniors by Spark09/16/2013

My vet recommended this product a couple of years ago when one of my two cats was having issues walking, he said their was inflammation in her joint. My cats are now 16 years old, senior citizens. Much like people, they have good days & bad days with arthritic type joints. Dasuquin seems to help alleviate the pain & inflammation allowing them to carry on with their usual activities. Of course cats can't talk to know for sure, but seeing a difference in their walking tells me that it's working.

Best joint support by Erin from Xenia, OH06/04/2014

This is one of the best joint supports out there for cats.

Good joint support by Lilnose17 from Xenia, OH08/08/2014

This is a good product for joint support for older cats or cats that have had orthopedic surgery.

Aging joint relief by Homedoc from Chattanooga, TN09/16/2013

I bought these capsules at the recommendation of our veterinarian. We have two 14 year old calico cats who are limping around our house, and they no longer jump up to their former favorite perches. They are each getting two capsules a day sprinkled on their food. They seem to like the powder, eating those areas that have the most first. There are no dramatic results yet, but I think there may be some early improvement.

Purr*fectly by LilwithCats from Eugene, Oregon02/01/2014

I have 2 of my cats on the Dasuquin and it really does help them. Sassee has Degenerative Arthritis Disease & without taking 2 of these a day she would be taking Buprnorphine pain medicine. Bahneetah is over 13 & partly crippled from a bad fall/jump when she was age 2. She is back to being playful taking 2 of these a day, too!

Worse company ever!! by Nickie03/26/2014

I've used the product for years and I have seen substantial improvement with my pets. But, since I have tried to get it from "Entirely Pets", I have been forced to look else where and use a totaly different product. My order was placed on February 11, 2014 and it is still "out of stock" with NO explanation from the company. Never buying from them again!!

Great product by Lilnose from Xenia, OH05/17/2014

Item was on backorder so that was disappointing, but otherwise excellent.

Great product by Sandy01/22/2014

I use this for both of my cats, each for a different reason. Loki has a luxating patella, and Ozzy has bladder issues. It helps both of them. I am glad my vet recommended it for them, and I am glad to find it here for an awesome price.

I've used it before and it's a great product by Spice from Gainesville, FL04/14/2014

Unfortunately I haven't received it...still waiting. :(

Helps Keep Mature Cats Active by AZCat Lady from Phoenix, AZ10/22/2013

Dasuquin has helped my older kitties maintain their ability to remain active. Some who were showing signs of stiffness are jumping more easily onto their favorite chairs or window seats. This product is a must for "mature" cats.

Dasuquin by Walsam from Wittmann, AZ12/18/2013

Based on my vet's advice, I started given Dasuquin to my 2 rescue cats about 2 years ago. It has helped them maintain a healthy urinary tract & Walter, the older cat who is 15 is still jumping up on counters & has shown little or no signs of arthritis.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)
Excellent product!! by Luvlabs01/16/2015

My vet recommended this product for my labs. He felt it would help my lab who has hip & knee issues. I am now giving it to all 3 of my labs, and feel it will really help their joints. I have noticed a difference, and the vet said it will help them as they age.

Good product by Rio from Southern California04/20/2013

This product was recommended to me by our orthopedic vet. It has really helped to support my dog with hip dysplasia

Excellent joint care for dogs by CPatty from Bremerton, WA11/27/2012

My Vet recommended Dasuquin for my older dogs. I've tried other joint pain supplements and have found Dasuquin to be the one that works the best . . . and my dogs just gobble them up because they like the flavor. Buying the 3-pack was extremely cost effective through Entirely Pets.

Best Deal Ever!! by jasmine from timberlake, NC04/02/2014

This purchase was so easy and cost effective. The shipping was an added bonus. Best price deal we have found anywhere.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (252 Chewable Tabs)
Wonderful Product by 374gracie from New York08/13/2013

I have been purchasing Dasuquin fron Entirely Pets for a few years now. My dog was limping before she started Dasuquin. After a week she was walking and running without the limp. The cost is less than purchasing from my Vet. The shipping is fast and I have never had a problem with any purchases from Entiirely Pets. It's the way to go!

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)
by Giles and Patches' Mom from Delaware02/01/2014

Ordered on a Saturday and received it on Monday! Great product and service at a great price!

Fulfills its promise! by Wally12/28/2013

We have two German Shorthaired Pointers, ages 5 and 9 years of age. This summer, the 9 y.o. tore her right ACL and underwent surgery to remediate the problem. In doing a great deal of research prior to deciding to pursue the surgery, it was stated that arthritic changes set in quickly after an injury like this so it felt like the pressure was on to move quickly on the decision so as to avoid further compromising that joint. Much to my surprise, when the vet called to update us on which surgical approach he was going to use, he stated the pre-op x-rays revealed NO degenerative or arthritic changes seen, which, LONG STORY SHORT, I attribute to the daily use of this product. Our GSPs are healthy and ever-so active. Thank you!!!

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Large Dogs (252 Chews)
Dasuquin is a superior product by 5dogmom from Burlington, CT04/24/2014

When Brady had ACL and meniscus surgery, the surgeon recommended I start giving him a daily dose of Dasuquin to help protect his knee from most certain arthritis. Although his injury happened three years ago and Brady is now 10 years old he still runs around and keeps up with his much younger 'brothers' with no lameness. It is a superior product.

Movement improvement by Lou from Hubbardton, Vt03/07/2014

Only one month in use, some improvement noticed when getting up at night. Need more time to evaluate product.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Dasuquin Soft Chews for Small to Medium Dogs (252 Chews)
Best buy for Dasquin by Rosie from Irvine, CA11/19/2013

My dog has been on Dasquin for several years now. She was put on it originally to help her bladder. In addition it has helped her joints. She will soon be 10 years old and she still act like a youngster. In addition she loves the taste so she gets it as a treat for being good.

Where is it? by Disco Dee from OH02/23/2014

This is a great product that my two Westies enjoy taking. We learned about it through our vet, and have been using it for several years. Unfortunately, our experience with Entirely Pets is not as glowing. We ordered the product on January 26, 2014 (today is Feb 24, 2014), and have not yet received it. When questioned, we told it was on backorder. Then, we discovered the price on a 3-pack went up $20. We're not sure what to think about this, but we believe that Entirely Pets did not want to fulfill our order at the pre-increased price. We will continue to wait, at least for now.

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