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Omega-Caps Softgels for DOGS & CATS

Omega-Caps Softgels for DOGS & CATSConsumerLab Top RatedOmega-Caps Softgels - Omega Caps is specially formulated with a comprehensive blend of essential fatty acids, vitamins, chelated minerals and antioxidants for your dog or cat. Recommended for a healthy skin and coat. May also help with joints, heart and brain function.

Omega-Caps - For CATS & SMALL Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)
Omega-Caps - For CATS & SMALL Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)

($9.99)  $5.99
Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)
Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)

($11.99)  $7.99
Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength For LARGE and GIANT Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)
Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength For LARGE and GIANT Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)

($12.99)  $9.99
3 Pack Omega-Caps - For CATS & SMALL Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)
3 Pack Omega-Caps - For CATS & SMALL Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)

($29.98)  $15.99
3 Pack Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)
3 Pack Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)

($34.98)  $20.99
3 Pack Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength For LARGE and GIANT Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)
3 Pack Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength For LARGE and GIANT Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)

($38.98)  $26.99
Omega-Caps ES - For Large & Giant Dogs (250 Softgel Capsules)
Omega-Caps ES - For Large & Giant Dogs (250 Softgel Capsules)

($59.48)  $38.99
Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (8 fl oz)
Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (8 fl oz)

($17.99)  $13.99
3-PACK Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (24 fl oz)
3-PACK Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (24 fl oz)

($48.99)  $36.99
Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (1 Gallon)
Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (1 Gallon)

($91.50)  $79.99
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (60 Caps)
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (60 Caps)

($35.99)  $13.49
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (250 Caps)
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (250 Caps)

($55.99)  $29.99
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (500 Caps)
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (500 Caps)

($103.99)  $79.99
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (60 Caps)
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (60 Caps)

($39.99)  $14.99
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (250 Caps)
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (250 Caps)

($77.99)  $51.99
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (500 Caps)
Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (500 Caps)

($102.99)  $99.99
ConsumerLab Top RatedLooking for an easy to administer, great tasting way to improve your small dog or catís immune system? Omega-Caps for Cats and Small Dogs may be your solution.

Omega-Caps concentrates EPA and DHA Omega fatty acids into a fish oil supplement that will help support your petís immune system. In addition, Omega-Caps help improve joint health in your pet and will improve the skin and coat of your small dog or cat. Omega-Caps will not only help your petís joint pain to help make them feel better, but it will improve their long term immune system and at the same time give their skin and hair a whole new luster.

Omega-Caps are formulated with a comprehensive mixture that includes essential fatty acids and vitamins to improve the well-being of your dog or cat. In addition, Omega-Caps even include helpful antioxidants for your pet and may even help with heart, joint and brain functions. This great tasting formula is easy to administer to your pet. They will eagerly take in this supplement and be on their way to looking, and feeling better.

  • Concentrated Fatty Acid and Antioxidant Supplement

  • Administration:
    Size of Pet Serving
    Up to 20 lbs. 1 Capsule Daily
    21 to 40 lbs. 2 Capsules Daily
    Over 40 lbs. 3 Capsules Daily

    Guaranteed Analysis (per 1 softgel capsule)
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)110 mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)73 mg
    Vitamin A 200 IU
    Vitamin D50 IU
    Vitamin E 2 IU
    Ingredients: Fish Oil (source of Omega-3 fatty acids), Gelatin Glycerin, Water, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl, Vitamin D3
    4.58 rating based on 12 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps - For CATS & SMALL Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)
    best price by dutch from NC08/04/2012

    We use this for our dogs allergies. From Entirely Pets we get twice the amount for the same price as we get from our vet. Thanks for your great service

    A hit with my cats by Daisy12/08/2011

    This product through Entirely Pets is well received by my cats - 3 of them. Thank you!

    Works Well for My Chi by raysluv04/23/2013

    My chihuaua, Chi Chi, has very sensitive skin and tends to scratch a lot. Since I've been giving him Omega-Caps, his scratching is greatly reduced and his skin isn't as red as before.

    by from 11/07/2011

    by judy11/13/2011

    very reasonably priced, pure ingredients reccomended by my vet for westie with skin problems

    by pet owner03/22/2010

    My chihuahua had really bad skin, red itching and scratching all the time. After using the Omega caps her skin is all healed. She doesn't have the bad body odor anymore. I highly recommend this product.

    excellent omegas by momofoliver from Schenectady, NY12/13/2011

    I buy these vitamins for my little havenese/poodle mix. He rarely itches anymore.

    Great product! by Jul from Rochester, NY01/01/2013

    I think both my dogs have been healthier since taking Omega-Caps.

    It works - just that simple! by Alice from Columbia, SC12/06/2012

    My little kitty was licking all his hair off. We thought it might be anxiety, so the vet prescribed something for that - did not help. I tried other products for that condition - didn't work. Out of desperation, I ordered these Omega-Caps and his hair has almost completely grown back!!! Must be the omega fatty acids that are making his skin not itch any more. Whatever, I am very thankful!

    skin problem help by Irene from MONTROSE CA.12/18/2012

    My dog has a skin problem and itching problem.I give her this product every morning on her food.It helps greatly .

    Good product by mnicol10/23/2012

    Great product for dogs with skin issues. Reduces dry skin

    Inexpensive supplement by Righteous Rob from Miami, FL06/05/2012

    I've been using this for 3 or 4 years My pug is still healthy and I would recommend this to anyone. The price can't be beat.

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)
    by from 05/30/2012

    Been using these for years...I penetrate the capsule with a sharp knive and sprinkle the oil over the dog's food. Last order of 3 bottles, the caps were like shoe leather...very tough.

    HLP by from Otherwise

    Omega Caps

    Good product by Lorraine10/26/2011

    Our dog had problems with skin allergies and her coat started looking like a mess even after prednisone cleared up the allergies. The Omega-Caps seem to have really helped her coat to be more healthy.

    Fur so soft by ladymcbeth from Austin, TX11/15/2011

    My dog's fur is is soft and snuggly since she started taking these, and the fact they are good for joints and over-all heath is an added bonus....

    Great Vitamins by Sue07/16/2012

    I was getting other Omega from my Vet that cost way too much. I'm glad I found this product. About 1/4 of the price I was paying and it works just as good. Dog has a very shiny coat, and stopped losing his hair. Skin is in much better shape. I just drop in a cap in his food and he eats it up.

    great product, great price by jodi from Fall River, MA11/06/2012

    I have an olde english bulldoge and as you might know, bullies are not known for their great skin. my dog has the shiniest black coat you have ever seen since starting this product. and you can't beat the price either!

    Phenomenal for skin! by Roxanne09/13/2009

    We used this for our dog Sadie and you could see results almost overnight. She was red and splotchy on her underside and aggravated by the heat. She now sleeps and rests much better.

    Great Items by Joshua04/24/2008

    This is the good stuff here... very nice!

    A Really Good Product by Sookie from Miami, FL02/02/2013

    My dog started heavily shedding the little under hairs in his coat. After a week of giving him one capsule a day, the shedding stopped almost completely. His coat is shiny and soft. Plus, he eats the capsule just as it is, right out of the container.. I'm delighted with the results.

    Happy Dog free of skin irritations by Dubini from South Florida11/29/2011

    We brought our Border Collie-Chow mix in to the vet to have a look at some recurring dry skin irritation and hot spot issues when she was just a few years old. At the vet's suggestion we started her on this type of supplement and the improvements were obvious within a very short period. Our pet is nearly 13 years old now and still readilly collects compliments on her deep, soft, shiny double coat. She has been happily irritation free for nearly 10 years now and still has a coat you can lose your hands in.

    Omega Caps by kay10/29/2011

    Our ESS has had numerous skin problems. The Omega Caps were recommended by our vet for this condition and it really work wonders. She has had 50% fewer skin flares this past year.

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength For LARGE and GIANT Dogs (60 Softgel Capsules)
    Stopped my dogs itching by Jerry from Southeast, VA11/01/2011

    Took my Lab-Shepard mix to the vet and recommended putting her on a fatty acid supplement. She was scratching and losing some hair in spots. First stop was Entirely Pets and ordered this after checking several products. Saw results in just a few days. Her itching has been significantly reduced and her hair is growing back.

    by ck05/29/2013

    This came within a few days of ordering it, very well priced. My dog has very dry skin and sheds a lot due to her hypothyroidism. These tabs make it feel like she has just gotten out of the bath. No flaky skin and less shedding. She looks and feels so much healthier.

    Great Product by Gwen05/09/2013

    My dog, Miko (a long haired Siberian Husky) loves your product. I pierce the end of the caps and squeeze it on her tongue as she licks the capsule dry. The good thing is that she thinks she is getting a wonderful treat. The great benefit of the capsule is that it gives her a lustrous and pretty coat and much good health. Good stuff!!

    Great Product by LabMom200710/25/2012

    I originally bought these pills to replace Welactin while it's not available, but they are working out great for my dog. She has a beautiful, shiny coat. Thanks!

    by Sue from Portland, Or11/10/2012

    The product seems fine, but I ordered it for priority shipping and it took 10 days to arrive. I called and they said they would credit me the difference and I have yet to see the credit. I don't know if I will order from you again due to the slow shipping process and I paid for priority mailing. My dog needed the pills and had to wait the extra time..

    excellent omegas by Momofoliver from Schenectady, NY12/13/2011

    I give these to my Boxer. His coat is like velvet.

    A Wonder Product by Kathleen from New Jersey05/20/2013

    It's a Wonder Product because I have been giving my dogs this Omega Cap for years... my Border Collie Sheila lived for 16 yrs and my Border Collie Danny who is 11 loves it.. he bites into the capsule then sucks the liquid out making a slurping sound. It keeps my dogs healthy and flea and tick free... I don't use flea or tick collars or medication on my dog and still he's flea and tick free... his coat is fluffy and thick and I do believe that it is all from This Wonder Product.

    Omega Caps ES by John12/06/2011

    For years I have given my Lab with signifcant skin allergies this product with good results.

    I Love This Product! by jef01/10/2011

    I have been giving this to all 4 of my dogs who range in weights from 20-120 pounds everyday for the last 2 years. People that meet my dogs for the first time always comment on how soft and beautiful their coats are. My dogs line up every morning for their dose of Omega (with a little cheez whiz of course).

    Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength Soft Gels by BJ11/24/2012

    Our dog has allergies but we feel the Omega Caps ES prevents hot spots when he chews/bites/licks and also keeps his joints from hurting. He is about 8 years old and has not shown any evidence of joint issues even after heavy play time and walks.

    by from 02/08/2012

    My Dog loves this as a treat. I puncture a pin hole in the capsule and she licks/drinks the liquid from the capsule. She gets this every night before she goes to sleep.

    her by fur from softThis


    Velvet coat by Mom of Oliver from Upstate, NY05/31/2012

    My Boxer's coat is like velvet with these vitamins. He has allergies and these vitamins seem to help him.

    Disapointing product by Bear10/22/2012

    This product did not work any where as well as the Welactin Gel Caps my dog still itched and her skin was very dry

    Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Omega-Caps - For CATS & SMALL Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)
    Cost Savings by LorettaK from Maryland02/02/2013

    Three time the product and one third the cost of the tabs at our local vet.....a great buy..

    A Real Deal by Boatman from Clearfield,PA01/05/2013

    Omega Caps are the best buy for your money and the three pack saves you even more.I was buying fish oil capsules at the vet at more than twice the price till I found these at Entirely Pets.My mini Dachshund loves them and thinks they're a treat and they seem to keep his skin and coat really nice and also keeps this 11 year old little guy going strong.Thank you Entirely Pets.

    Great product for great price by Angie from Holiday, fl03/29/2012

    I have been a vet tech for 8 years and have used many products on my own pets, previous to this I used the small 3V capsules for my pets allergic dermatitis and then found this in my research. I have found just as good results at just a small fraction of the price I used to pay! Amazing! :)

    Not so Itchy! by lisaluvsgreys from Houston, TX10/26/2011

    My little pug, Fiona, has been itching like crazy lately. We have given her the Omega-Caps for the past couple of weeks, and he itching has reduced some. She is still itching, but not as much as she was before.

    by pt01/31/2013

    Both dogs love these. They keep their coats shiny and helps with skin alergy.

    by Duch11/23/2011

    Speedy delivery. No problems at all! Would recommend product.

    Good for coat and joints by snoot man from Broken Arrow, OK11/13/2012

    I give this to all my dogs for coat and joints. I can tell the difference on the sheltie more but also on the dachshunds aswell.

    Great Price by chelee from CA05/04/2013

    In looking for this specific product, EntirelyPets had it in stock at a really low price.

    Great for my dog's skin issues! by cvl from NW IN03/15/2012

    I started purchasing the Omega Caps a few years ago, when a similar product I was using for my pug was discontinued. Although the Omega Caps have less vitamin content than the previous brand, I find no difference in the health benefits it provides. Great for dogs with skin issues and recurring infections. My pug takes it down with a dab of peanut butter on it. I have never tried breaking the caps and placing on my dog's food, but I do know that some dogs love the flavor of the fish oil. Highly recommend this product, and buying in bulk saves me money as well.

    Omega Caps for dry skin by Candy from Western Ma12/31/2012

    This is a new product I am giving to my dog. She is a Bichon with sensitive and dry skin. My sister, who used to be a Vet Tech recommended giving Omega Caps to her and she actually loves the taste, so it's easy to have her ingest them.

    Worst Purchase Ever by Nicole10/23/2011

    I ordered these softgels for the 2nd time after trying just one bottle. Well, was it a surprise for my cats as well as me, that these softgels are GIGANTIC and are very difficult for the cats to swallow! The original bottle that I orderd and triws under the same name contained much smaller softgels. I will be returning the 4 bottles that I have not opened. There is clearly inconsistencies in the same products offered. Looks like the product was from different suppliers: I would like to see the cats of the company try these products: you clearly need to do your research and not order from whoever is the cheaper supplier! These are my thoughts.

    by Jackfrost01/17/2012

    Excellent product! Continue with the good work and great prices. Jack and Harriet just love your product.

    by from 12/31/2011

    We have two different cats that need these tablets and have been taking them for nearly 4 years.

    the by best from valueThis


    They changed the capsule size & shape! by DoxieMom03/29/2012

    If you are going to change a product you should make your customers aware of it before they order it again. The shape & size of the product has changed. I have small dogs so do not like to put large pills/capsules down their throats, that's why I have always liked the Omega caps before as they were a great size for my 3 small dogs. If I can find another similiar product I may not be reordering these again.

    Good Product by jcaxb from Pennsylvania12/07/2011

    I use these capsules daily because my pup was scratching and chewing her fur off. One a day and her coat is full and healthy.

    by from 03/11/2013

    We have used these omega caps for two years and have been pleased with the results. They are used for two different purposes, for two different cats, and work well for both of them. The added oils in the coat of the one keep him from scratching the dryness - and stop the dry patches under his coat.

    this by brand from afterWe


    Veterinary Recommended Supplements by Pam02/23/2013

    Reasonably priced Omega capsules. Both of our dogs have been taking these capsules, and both have beautiful coats.

    Omega Caps are awesome! by Niners72 from Dallas, TX03/11/2013

    Really like this product and have used it for both of my small dogs. It is a great supplement for shiny coats and skin issues. I also have my senior taking it as its great for joints too.

    Great priced Omega caps! by islalvr from Chicago, IL10/22/2012

    I have been giving my pug these Omega caps for years now, and they help keep his skin irritation to a minimum during the late summer months. They are a decent priced alternative to some of the other overly priced Omega 3's on the market.

    reliable product by Jenny from Tampa, Fl10/23/2012

    Unlike many competing brands, this product iswell described and labeled as to quantity of active ingredients.

    Good for coat by ldc from San Diego area, CA02/05/2012

    I was sold Derm Caps from my vet but they were so expensive. I have been using these which have the same ingredients. Still my doxie mix had skin problems, mostly in summer. I read up on fish oil and other supplements and came back to these, only doubling the dose. Her coat is wonderful now and no scratching. We'll have to wait for summer for the true test, but we've had warm, dry weather this winter and so far so good.

    Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)
    Great Substitute! by Coconut06/26/2012

    I bought the Omega Caps because Shed-Pro, (a product I adore), is on back order, and I have to say that the transition hasn't been noticable. My dogs coat continues to be shiny & beautful, and even our groomer commented on how good her skin looks. Thanks Entirely Pets!

    by from 03/22/2012

    My 4 year old Shi Tzu used to get frequent ear infections, which in turn required costly antibiotics. My vet recommended these fish oil capsules, and my dog has not had an ear infection since. He is a picky eater and did not like taking these pills alone, so the vet also suggested using Pill Pockets - which worked like a charm.

    year by old from LabMy


    Great product by CalisGrandma from San Carlos, CA01/29/2012

    Omega has helped our dog's coat tremendously. She's had skin problems for her entire life (21/2 years). We give this to her every morning along with some allergy medications and her coat is just beautiful! Finally!!

    Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Omega-Caps ES - Extra Strength For LARGE and GIANT Dogs (180 Softgel Capsules)
    Omega caps by Deb from Southern Pines, NC11/06/2012

    I get the Omega caps for my almost 11 year old lab who has suffered allergies and ear infections his whole life, and this product helps keep him comfortable, and not in need of antibiotics! And at a very affordable price!

    by Lindsey03/21/2013

    Great product, exactly what they said it would be. Very fast delivery! Thank u!

    Like Silk by Yogi' Dad from Dallas, TX03/20/2013

    Omega Caps Keep his coat shiny and silky smooth!

    Omega-Caps ES Wonderful by JeanieP from Oxford, NY05/23/2013

    Our vet recommended Omega-Caps ES for our dog who has had a lifetime of intense shedding and very dry, flaky skin. We give one capsule to him every day and the fish oil combined with vitamins and minerals seems to be just the right mix. He has a thick beautiful coat now and little dandruff. Honestly, I wish I knew about this long ago. I will add that our dog is in his golden years but he is very healthy. EntirelyPets has these Omega-Caps ES in a bundle (of 3) that saved ME a bundle. Good deal!

    Excellent Product by doglvrfam from Colorado12/15/2011

    Excellent Product and price. Our dogs feel and look so much better. The Colorado elements dry out their skin and this has helped greatly, their coats are soft and shiny.

    Nice soft coats by mrsneu from Spring Branch TX11/26/2011

    These really do the trick for keeping our dogs' coats nice and soft. The price is the best I found.

    Excellent... by jushol from Champaign, IL06/16/2012

    We have an English Bulldog and this product (along with a special shampoo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo every 3-4 days and a daily RX script to help control his itching) has helped with his skin conditions. He is right on the cuff at 74 lbs so are giving him 2 pills a day and we have noticed a difference. His skin condition is not perfect, but he is allergic to just about everything outside. His coat is so shiny and beautiful. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Thanks Entirely Pets by CAC from Los Angeles area01/01/2012

    We use this for our 5 year old Weimaraner. He has auto-immune skin issues. A much more expensive omega cap was recommended by the veterinarian dermatologist. When we could no longer get that brand, Entirely Pets recommended these. They have exactly the same content of the more expensive caps and work exactly the same. Thank you Entirely Pets for the excellent recommendation. We are very satisfied.

    Great expectations by Dog Mom from NC03/04/2013

    I bought these because a different product I used to buy is no longer made. My dog won't eat the capsule, so I have to puncture it and squeeze on his food. He has a skin condition, so I'm hoping it will help with that. His hair is already greasy, so I'm not sure if the fish oil makes it worse or not.

    Easy & Works Great by NakedMtn from Shipman, VA11/17/2011

    This fish oil pills are wonderful, not messy like the liquid. Keeps my dogs coat nice and shiny!

    Great product! by Joey's mom from Maryland05/22/2013

    my dog was prescribed Omega oil in liquid form for dry cracked skin on his nose. He is a large dog (120lbs), and the amount of oil needed made him sick, and he eventually refused to eat. We switched to these gelcaps, he gets 2 a day in a pill pocket. No more vomiting, and his nose, hair, and skin look great!

    Omega caps by Coal, from South Florida06/15/2013

    Great for my boy's sensitive skin. Nice shiny coat.

    Taste great and works well! by Heshey06/02/2012

    I eat 2 of these each morning to keep my coat free from dandruff. My mom is so happy to see that I am dandruff free!

    Shinny coat by Black lab from Martinez, CA11/24/2012

    I have 2 black labs who came from rescue. They used to have really hard coat. Since I started giving them Omega caps, their coat started very smooth, soft and shinny. I believe that it also helps their joins. Every time when I take them to the vet, they always ask me what I'm doing to keep their coat shinny and soft. Some of fish oils are very expensive, but Omega- caps is very affordable to keep continuing giving my dogs for long term.

    Omega tab review by Omega tabs12/08/2011

    Purchased in place of Derma Caps... To make my review simple... I will not purchase this product again...

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps ES - For Large & Giant Dogs (250 Softgel Capsules)
    by Irun26miles06/12/2013

    These capsules keep the coats of my golden retrievers shiny and healthy!

    good quality and price by dog lover from Riverside, CA12/06/2011

    it helps with the skin coats and also with joint pain.

    Excellent product by Brie from FL12/07/2011

    Double the strength of human products. Helps with a variety of problems from skin to joint issues. I have seen improvements in my dogs.

    Omega-Caps ES by Nonya11/01/2011

    Dog thinks they're treats (that's a lab for you). Makes her coat smoother and seems to shed less. Thanks for offering them in a bulk size to make them more affordable.

    Great Product by PETS from Florida05/22/2013

    My dogs have been taking this product for 2 years and I am very pleased with this product.

    Great stuff! by K9chik from Va02/02/2013

    All 3 of my dogs have been on these Omega Caps. They are good for the coat & joints. All my dogs have beautiful coats and it seems to help a lot with shedding.

    No itchy, dry skin by Liz E from Cleveland, OH12/06/2011

    I have been giving these Omega caps to my 2 year old Chinese Shar-Pei ever since we got him. Austin has never had any skin issues that Shar-Peis are supposedly prone to. Everyone always comments on how shiny and soft his coat is, so I recommend the Omega pills.

    Great product by rzirkle12/08/2011

    I swore by the Omega 3V Caps until they became nearly impossible to find. I made the switch to these hoping I wouldn't be disappointed. They have proven to be an excellent product over the past year. They are high quality supplements that have been shown to benefit both my 8.5 year old Aussie and my 24 month old Aussie with great coats/fur and overall good health.

    You Ought to see her now by Betty from Dallas, TX02/28/2012

    Our old girl looks fantastic with these. Her coat is thick and shiny once again. Her health is so much better. Won't be without them anymore.

    Shiny, healthy coats for my dogs! by RDS12/09/2011

    The Omega-Caps ES caps keep my dogs' winter coats healthy and beautiful throughout the dry, cold winter. Both Stella and Heidi get a capsule with their morning meal. We are pleased with this product and recommend it.

    by Marilyn from Santa Barbara, CA01/13/2012

    This is a fish capsule oil that my dogs need for healthy skin and coat. It works! All my dogs are senior resuces that come to me with all sorrts of aliments, often bad diet resulting in bad skin. All my dogs are now beautiful.

    good product by pjs from Masonville, CO03/04/2013

    I have been using this product for years, a tablet a day in dogs food. Have an 85lb Chocolate lab and it keeps his coat shiny and not dried out

    Omega is the Only Way to Go by Aneta09/28/2012

    I always give my German Shepherds Omega Capsules to keep their coats in good condition. I pierce the capsule and mix it in with their food.

    Omega Caps ES by mandy from Annapolis, MD06/17/2013

    helps with coat shine, strengthens nails, good for heart health

    Great results by Julia10/28/2011

    A few years ago my Lab, who is now 10 years old, had terrible arthritis in her elbows and could barely walk. I started giving her these supplements, in combination with Chondro Flex Chewables, and she is doing great. She can run and chase the ball for a long time without being in pain. This product really helps!

    Omega is the Only Way to Go by Aneta11/19/2011

    I find these gel caps to be particularly effective for my two large hairy German Shepherds. The caps keep their hair shiny and in good condition and both dogs don't mind me squirting the contents of the capsule into their daily food intake. I also feel that this is a good buy considering the large quality of capsules.

    A Miracle! by Tanya03/08/2009

    I have 5 siberian huskies and their shedding has driven me crazy for years. I purchased the Omega capsules hoping for a miracle and I got one. Their coats look amazing and the shedding has been greatly reduced. Thanks!

    Itchy Goldens by Pam02/08/2013

    Within 2 weeks, both of my Goldens have been relieved of their itchy winter skin and their silky fur has returned, with just one pill a day. I will order this product again!

    No More Hotspots! by Mimi from Atlanta, Georgia08/11/2011

    After 3 rounds of antibiotics for summertime hotspots and hundreds of dollars spent at the vet's office, I ordered this product on the advice of my Golden Retriever's veterinarian to aid in alleviating the constant itching and hotspots during these very hot and humid southern summers. Taken in combination with 1 (regular) Zyrtek every day (very important: get the Zyrtek without the decongestant!) we have seen complete relief within 2 weeks. We puncture the capsule and squeeze the fish oil onto "Noel's" supper each evening and she loves it!

    Remarkable Product by Heather Scott04/10/2009

    I started my mini aussie on this after his hip surgery, I was told it helps rebuild and repair tissue. It's been 10 months since his surgery and his hip is like new again and his coat shines like never before. I highly recommend this for any pet.

    great for their coats by djw07/13/2012

    Has definitely helped keep our dogs' skin and coats in good shape.

    Fish Oil supplement by Obie's Mom from PA10/16/2011

    My Great Dane's coat is beautiful and everyone comments on what a beautiful very large dog we have. The only place I can get these capsules without running fifty miles to a higher end pet store and still paying a reasonable price is from you. Being the size(190lbs) he is I have to order enough to have them shipped free so it is also convienent to mail order.Would recommend checking out your products to anyone having a pet

    Excellent Omega caps by Ash from Venice, FL03/28/2012

    These were the strongest omega caps i could find and they were cheaper than the human grade. Excellent buy.

    Don't know Yet. by Roger from San Ramon CA02/12/2013

    Would have rather have "3V caps", but a great company!

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (8 fl oz)
    by clyde from Australia04/22/2013

    Recommended by vet to improve appetite - maybe helpful. Dog does not seem to have a problem with the flavour.

    Great product, much easier to use than capsules by laceyyoung04/08/2012

    We've been using derm caps for years for both of our dogs in the very dry climate here and the liquid version with pump is so much easier to use than the capsules.

    Product Works by RT from Hilton Head Island, SC04/05/2013

    Many years ago our Akita/Husky mix got dry skin and a dull unmanageable coat. Our vet recommended that we put her on Omega 3 tablets. She did not like the tablets, so we pierced them and squeezed the Omega 3 on her food. They seemed to work but it was a lot of trouble. We fount the liquid and started using that as it was much easier. Her coat is now easier to brush and she no longer itches. I recommend this product.

    Excellent by Portent from Virginia10/30/2011

    We have been using this on our dogs for over a year and their coats are soft and shinny. Really easy to use you just mix the oil in with their food. We have used all of the more expensive Vet recommended products prior to finding this one and this is just as good as any we have tried.

    Wonderful Product by LakeGirl from Upstate New York02/20/2013

    I have been giving this to my tabby Roger in some chicken broth and he absolutely loves it! He had some dry skin before I purchased this product but that is gone and his fur is more healthy-very soft and shiny. I would definitely recommend this product to pet lovers.

    Shiny Coat by AdobeGardener10/15/2011

    Even with a good quality dry food, the dogs needed a supplement for dry skin and coat. Have been using this for several weeks now and their coats are starting to shine. When I brush them, they no longer have flaky skin. Plus the dogs really like the taste -- I can't smell anything, but apparently they can. Hasn't upset their digestive system, which is important to me. My GSD tends to be thin, but this is filling her out a bit, which is fine for her. As with any oil, you might want to watch the amount that you give them so you don't make them fat.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (24 fl oz)
    Fish Oil by Mona from Hong Kong12/12/2012

    This product have omega 3 & 6, which for the joint and skin is good, and we used this product around 3-4 years, sound good~

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps ES LIQUID (1 Gallon)
    Easy to use by Bichon Mom from Texas01/22/2012

    I have used for over a year. It is good for their skin, hair, joints and hearts. Two of my fosters have defective heart valves and their cardiologist recommended the fatty acids. I pour into the small bottle and use the pump.

    Great Product! by Aimee from Texas01/14/2013

    I give this every morning to all my dogs as a nutrional supplement to their morning meal, on the recommendation of my vet. I have ten dogs, and some are quite elderly, and all are very healthy. I don't know of a scientific study, but I believe the anti-oxidants in this product have something to do with it.

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (60 Caps)
    Don't Hear The Jingle! by sandieleec from Minnesota05/05/2013

    Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips have really helped my little dog stop the almost constant licking, itching and scratching. Now we don't hear the jingle from her dog tags throughout the day and night anymore! I would have given it a five star rating if it could have improved her breath too - but at least we're all getting some much better quality sleep at night now!

    Don't order during heatwave by sapphirecp from Las Vegas, Nevada08/07/2012

    Wish I could say anything about how it works, but I can't. By the time they got to me they were just a melted glob, totally unusable. I may try them again when the heat won't melt them before they arrive.

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Small Dogs & Cats (250 Caps)
    Neat idea by nedden from Swartz Creek, MI06/01/2013

    The end can be twisted off as well as snipped off. Now, I just can't get the smell of fish oil past my dogs nose, no matter how I try to disguise it.

    Fabulous Omegas. by LB from Seacoast of New Hampshire.10/23/2012

    These omegas have helped my dogs' skin and all things! The dogs love them and just happily sit to receive and gobble up their daily capsule! Our vets agree too, that these are terrific!

    Great Product at Great Price by Casey10/25/2011

    Omega caps keep my Sadie's fur glossy. She has thrived on them for years, and the most reliable and best priced source for them is Entirely Pets.

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (60 Caps)
    by shan from Wisconsin12/24/2012

    I tried these capsules recently at the suggestion of Entirely Pets as they were out of the normal fish oil I had used. I am very pleased with the convenience of only having to give one a day vs three of the others. Also the snip tip is a nice feature for putting on food, as the capsules are a little larger so difficult to hide in a treat to have my dog swallow. I will be ordering in the future. I have been getting many compliments on my dog's coat since starting the fish oil and she seems to tolerate it great.

    Good stuff by LAP from Dallas04/02/2013

    My dog had dry skin from allergies. This seems to help quite a bit. He has always taken fish oil, but this works even better.

    Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds by Mick from Michigan10/23/2012

    Our Vet recommended this supplement due to our German Shepard's ear tips breaking down. With in 2 weeks there was improvement in the skin on her ears. It is pricey but well worth the money!

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (250 Caps)
    Great replacement for 3V Caps by Z2Crew4 from Southern California11/15/2011

    Great for Sheltie coat and skin. Use scissors to cut tip and press on food. Our Shelties get them 3-4 times a week.

    Good product by Cindy from Oakland County, Michigan01/25/2013

    Purchased from vet originally. Better price purchasing from here.

    Good value by Sue11/07/2012

    I purchased a similar product from my veterinarian prior to purchasing Omega-Caps. The bottle was much smaller and cost about the same.

    Too Messy ... by Pdxportie from Portland, OR02/28/2011

    I travel a lot with my three porties in my motorhome ... I don't like smelling like fish oil!!!! It's probably an OK product ... still too early to tell! Much prefer the soft gels just thrown in with the dogs' food ...

    True Fish Oil by Rozzie from Woodland Hills, California03/13/2013

    You have to be careful squeezing these in the right place.....because if it gets on your skin or anything else it has a very bad smell. My Labs coat is looking better and I'm hoping that it helps his heart and bones as well.

    Featured Reviews for Omega-Caps HP Snip Tips for Medium & Large Breeds (500 Caps)
    Great price by bonvic from Montana / Arizona06/27/2013

    I got a bottle of these from my vet for my dog and she told me to check the internet for a better price !!! So glad I did--Entirely Pets was the cheapest-thanks for a good product and keeping the price reasonable..

    These do a great job for our greyhounds by warnertv211/20/2012

    We have used this product for a few years with great results. Our two greyhounds have very shiny coats and their skin is not flaky most of the time. In addition, it's very easy to use. Just snip the tip and squeeze onto the food. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Great Product/Great Price by Cindy from Oakland County, Michigan01/10/2013

    Been giving my two dogs snip tips for the last 6-8 months. Ordered from Entirely Pets because of the price and free shipping. Will continue to order.

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