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Optimex Anti-Tear Stain

Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (1.1oz / 30 g)
Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (1.1oz / 30 g)

($30.58)  $14.99
2-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (60 g)
2-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (60 g)

($36.99)  $27.99
3-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (90 g)
3-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (90 g)

($70.99)  $53.99
Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (4oz /114 g)
Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (4oz /114 g)

($44.99)  $39.99
2-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (240 g)
2-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (240 g)

($120.00)  $76.99
Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (8.5oz / 240 gm)
Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (8.5oz / 240 gm)

($77.99)  $68.99
Optimex Anti-Tear Stain is designed to eliminate under eye tear stains, and staining around the mouth and feet. It reduces the staining by activating your pet's natural immunity against stain causing bacteria. Use a tiny scoop of Optimex on your dog or cat's food daily, and watch the tear stains vanish naturally in two weeks. The Optimex formula is made with the highest grade ingredients including Argentine grass fed beef. Veterinarian recommended for a healthy immune system.
Directions for Dogs and Cats:

Months 1-3 Use the recommended daily dose
Months 3-6 Use daily dose every other day
After 6 Months Use daily dose twice a week
Note: If stains reappear, double the daily dose for 30 days.

Size of Dog or Cat Table Spoon Included 1.25cc Scoop
Puppies & Kittens up to 3 months 1/8 tsp. daily 1/2 scoop daily
Pets 2 to 5 lbs 1/4 tsp. daily 1 scoop daily
Pets 5 to 8 lbs 1/2 tsp. daily 2 scoops daily
Pets 8 to 12 lbs 3/4 tsp. daily 3 scoops daily
Pets 12 lbs and up 1 tsp. daily 4 scoops daily
* Refrigerate after opening 

Beef Liver Powder (Argentine, Low Heat, Desiccated) from healthy grass fed and steroid-free Argentine beef; Active ingredient: Tylosin as Tartrate BP (Veterinary use) up to 692,000 units/tsp.

High in protein, rich in naturally-occurring Vitamins A,D,K, and E; the entire B-Complex, Vit.C, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Cobait, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Calcium.
3.75 rating based on 4 reviews
Featured Reviews for Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (1.1oz / 30 g)
Tear tain Remover??? by Nedene from Brirish Columbia, Canada01/28/2013

After 15 days of force-feeding my little white dog this gross tasting product, (and I have tried everything I know of to mask the taste), he still has the tear stains fresh each day. I give him bottled water, he is on dog food with NO food coloring added, I Know this is a good product, so 3 stars.. I will keep trying and use the whole product up, as he Is starting to eat one mix I have made up with a treat mix and the powder. He is too small for the pill pockets.

YUCK! by Denie from Brirish Columbia, Canada01/17/2013

I've heard this is a GREAT product and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and I want to use it on my little Havamalt, but the taste to him is worse than ??? HOW do you get your dog to eat it on his food? Is there something strong enough to mask the taste? I really want to find something with a good reputation like this. Help!

optimex by bevgo from Mississippi10/31/2011

I have been using this probuct for 3 weeks and have noticed the tear stains seem to be resolving. Will order another bottle soon

So far so good by Tikismom from Hastings,Mi11/19/2012

My Shih Tzu has some staining on her face and after being on Optimex for 2 weeks I can see improvment in the stain.I am pleased with this product.

Optimex by houndtime from Lewes, DE03/18/2012

I have a white dog, with just a few teeth, so he always has dark lick marks on the side of his mouth. This product removed the saliva stains in two to threee weeks.

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (60 g)
Great product by ynny from Hackleburg, Al10/20/2013

My shihtzu had dark spots under her legs and tear stained eyes, she started taking the optimex and it totally cleared up. She has not had any more tear stain since with now and then doses.. to keep it gone..

Best Tear Stain Remover by Lisy from Miami, FL03/13/2011

I thought nothing would get my beautiful Bichon Frise her white coat back. When I tried this product, I couldn't believe the quick results. Just after one week, the stains started to fade. By the end of 1 month, she was completely white again. This is a miracle product.

Optimex by Susan from New York, NY10/01/2013

It worked on my dog for about a year but the brown tear stains are back with a vengence. Tried on the cat who had a brownish red discharge from his eyes and he no longer has any discharge from his eyes.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (90 g)
by from 03/07/2012

Advertised size and price are very misleading. I thought I was getting a total of 9.9 oz. instead each bottle was 1.1 oz.

Stain by (3.3oz from /3-PACK


outstanding product by ccg from st louis mo11/16/2010

it does what they advertise, it the best quickest tear ,mouth stain remover on the market, love it

Featured Reviews for Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (4oz /114 g)
by Bongo01/04/2012

Since I started this product on my little Bichon Frise, the stains on his eye areas and around his mouse has completely disappeared. I highly recommend this product

Outstanding Product! by Char Char10/09/2011

Use it--it works--it's the best product...........

Prefer other products by leileenw from Oklahoma City, OK11/06/2012

Optimex works on tear stains, but it is a very fine powder which makes it a little messy to use and seem like there is more on my dog's food than the small dosage.

Great Stuff by Susie from Topeka, KS11/14/2013

We love using this product. I just a few weeks, all the brown fur around the eyes, nose & mouth are GONE. Just sprinkle it on his food & he gobbles it right up. Thank you so much

Amazing! by Jane09/14/2009

Amazing! It really did clear up my dog's tear stain, took a couple weeks though but it works beautifully.

Really Works by Malshi Mom10/12/2013

I have purchased this product from Entirely Pets for the past 3 years, after trying other products. My little dog is now on a regiment of receiving a dose twice a week. I mix it with 2 tablespoons of canned dog food and she loves it. We have no stains on her face at all. Optimex is wonderful and the first eye stain remover that I have found to do the job. Mouth stains are also removed and that is a bonus.

by Pego03/11/2013

People ask me all the time how I keep Bentley, my Bichon Frise, looking so clean and WHITE. I give them the name Optimex. I've even had Vets comment on how white and free of stains he is. It has important vitamins and "it activates my pet's natural immunity against stain causing bacteria." Try it, you'll like it.

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Optimex Anti-Tear Stain (240 g)
It is working by chestertownchic from chestertown, md10/22/2012

I bought this for my 95 y o mother's poodle who is also old. She has a difficult time giving it to the dog since she thinks her dog doesn't like it. But she has been doing so more regularly and you can see the difference

Featured Reviews for Optimex® Anti-Tear Stain (8.5oz / 240 gm)
Excellent Purchase by Higgins from Boston, MA06/06/2013

Optimex works as advertised. My little dogs tears no longer stain his white coat, and he loves the taste.

Stick with it by Maggie Pistol from Kensington, MD11/24/2011

It does take a while for the product to work and clear up the brown spots, so I know I must be patient.

Great Product by Rescue Mom from Efgham, IL02/26/2013

One of our poodles had very dark circles under his eyes. Since we started using this product, they have disappeared over time. It truly delivers what it says it will. It's wonderful!

by from 10/04/2014

I have always hated the eye gunk problem on my dogs; I hate cleaning it and I hate the tear stain marks. My groomer told me about this product and I love it and my dogs love it. Just sprinkle it on their food and they gobble it up.

dogs, by one from personAfter


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