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Optixcare by Aventix

Optixcare by Aventix

Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant (15g)
Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant (15g)

($18.95)  $14.99
Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g)
Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g)

($17.99)  $13.49
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (15 g)
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (15 g)

($16.99)  $12.89
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (25 g)
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (25 g)

($25.99)  $19.99
Optixcare Eye Cleaner (100 ml)
Optixcare Eye Cleaner (100 ml)

($9.99)  $7.69
Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes (50 count)
Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes (50 count)

($11.99)  $8.69
Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats & Kittens (60 Chews)
Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats & Kittens (60 Chews)

($24.99)  $18.89
Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant helps keeps your pet's eyes moist. It is important to consult your veterinarian before using. Optixcare by Aventix is for dogs and cats only.

Directions: Instill 1-2 drops in one or both eyes as often as required or as instructed by your veterinarian in the event of acute or chronic eye diseases, your veterinarian should be consulted. To be used within 1 month after opening.

Ingredients: Aqua, sorbitol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, cetrimide, disodium edta.
4.75 rating based on 12 reviews
Featured Reviews for Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant (15g)
I have nothing but good to say about the product. by JudyK from Ft. Myers, Fl11/07/2012

This company makes it so easy to take care of your pet's needs. I just e-mail my order and within a couple of days it arrives, safely.

It's working by Barb11580NY from Valley Stream, NY07/29/2014

So far these have been the best eye drops for my pug. He suffers from dry eye and even the drops my own eye doctor gave him did not work as well as these. I would buy them again.

Optixcare by Steve A from PA04/24/2012

Excellent eye lubricant; sold by my dog's excellent opthamologist (and here $5.00 less which helps since I go through a tube every 10 days-2 weeks for both pugs)

Prescribed by the Vet by Texas Peg from San Antonio, TX11/06/2012

My Shih-Tzu developed dry eye and vet recommended this lube for his eyes. I mistakenly purchased a smaller size, so ended up paying more than I paid for a bigger tube at the Vet's office. My fault, but probably will not order from you again.

Great Product Bad Customer Service by Jane02/20/2013

The product is great, unfortunately I can no longer buy from this site, they lost my order then rejected it. Lodging a complaint did nothing.

by corky03/27/2013

These drops, recommended by an opthamolic vet, seem to keep moisture in my dog's eyes which don't close completely, even when he's sleeping. I don't like how big the drops are coming out of the tube and the fact that tube is no longer sealed when purchased.

Optixcare by Sandy09/08/2009

Although I've used other lubricants which also worked well, this has to be the best for the reason that it is the easiest to instill into my pets eyes. It is a gel and works like a liquid. Drops easily into the eyes without the mess of ointments.

Excellent Product by Sue from Berkeley, CA06/01/2010

Hi, this moisturizing gel is a non-oily lubricant that works better than a liquid. It is soothing and easy to use. My poodle gets allergic eyes in the spring (pollen allergies) so he gets his eyes rinsed with a boric acid isootonic eye wash followed by a couple of drops of Optixcare once or twice a day. This regime has alleviated his discomfort.

Excellent eye moisturizer by Nickie from California01/06/2010

My dog has chronic dry eye and is on several medications for her eyes. The Optixcare lubricates better than other lubricants I've tried and doesn't leave gunky deposits on the lens.

Amazing Product by 4myPet06/19/2012

Keeps the eyes moist for a long time. Excellent for night time so your pet can sleep more comfortably.

Optimum Moisture by CookieR from Ohio07/09/2012

Best product I have found for my dog's prosthetic eye to keep the moisture level where it needs to be to help against ulcers.

Great Product! by doglover01/29/2013

This product was recommended by my vet and I have been using it for years now. I highly recommend it.

Great for dry eye by SarahZ04/23/2013

I have been using this for the last 7 years on Shadow's eye, twice a day, in conjunction with Rx meds. Provides great lubrication all day long.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g)
by JOe from Hicksville, NY10/18/2013

My Toy Poodle has had eye problems for over 10 years. The veterinary ophthalmologist prescribed Optixcare (2 Drops per day). This medicine has always worked fine. The new size is also more economical.

Dry eye relief by poes4me from Oh06/05/2013

Opthamologist prescribed along w/other eye ointments. After 6 weeks, one eye responds well to all ointments, but other developed an immunity, as it has with every ointment used on that eye. However, this lubricant has provided the longest lasting relief, AND minus the "gook" buildup so many other ointments cause.

by luvsdogs08/21/2014

This eye gel is a good lubricant, but the tube should be made more like a tootpaste tube, so you can accurately use the gel. When you first start using this, it comes out too fast, and when it gets low, you can't squeeze the bottom, so you loose a lot of product.

Helps Dry Eye Problems by Texas Peg from San Antonio, TX01/14/2014

Our shih-tzu has a dry eye problem and this lubricant really helps relieve that discomfort.

Great Product by Cookie R. from Ohio03/18/2014

Our beagle has one prosthetic eye and in order to keep her from getting ulcers on this eye, we use Optixcare daily. It is easy to use and in our opinion the right consistency. Not running everywhere like a regular eye drop and not a thick ointment that is hard to get into a dogs eye. It is just right for getting in the eye and staying there.Thus a well lubricated eye stays health, even if it is a prosthetic.

optixcare by dog lover from Philadelphia11/06/2013

Been using this product since my cavalier had a bad eye infection. The 15g tube was much better as it was sealed when you opened the package and so you could snip off the end in a way to control the size of drop. The new 25 g tube is not sealed when purchased and the drop that comes out is so large that the larger tube lasts no longer than the smaller tube. Also,as you get to the bottom of the tube, no matter how you try to get the contents to the nozzle, the contents come out with a blast of air which probably does not feel so good on my dog's eye. Another thing I noticed is that he used to like getting the drops. Now he runs away. I wonder if the ingredients have been changed and the new stuff hurts his eyes.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (15 g)
Good Product for Dry Eyes by Westie mom from Texas07/10/2013

This seems to be working well for my senior dog with dry eyes.

better than vet lube by Boots from Scotttsdale,Arizona07/01/2013

one drop twice a day is all a day is all it takes to take the dryness out of my little Schi-tzu friends. And you know they can be go blind as they age. The "blueness" In his bad eye has noticeably faded and its the drops are the only thing different.

best so far by Luv my pups from Monroe, Michigan03/20/2013

This quickly re-hydrates Captain Morgan's dry and seems to last longer. His eye no longer produces any tears only mucus that will dry and stick to his eye. Eye lube softens anything on his eye and allows me to remove it with Q-tips and clean the eye. Dry eye was a side effect of the anesthesia use at the Vet. For a teeth cleaning or his eyes were not protected properly during the procedure. No help from that Vet & no longer go there. Took him to eye specialists for more than 3 years and purchased many expensive perscriptions from them and no improvement. His eye may never make tears again but the eye lube makes it hurt less

great for older dogc with eye problems by kozmo from fort erie canada10/30/2013

i have been using this on both my dogs, they have glaucoma and one of them has cataracts.great soothing gel

Just what the doctor ordered by lw-cs03/27/2013

My vet recommended this for my dog's dry eye problem. It works longer than drop because it is a gel. The only problem is keeping my dog from pawing at the eye for a few minutes while the gel does it's work.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (25 g)
Great Product by murphy01/29/2014

This product has done wonders for my dog's dry eyes. I have used other OTC products and prescriptions but after a short time his dry eye symptoms would return. Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron thick gel coats and sooths his eyes - I only need to apply it once a day sometimes every other day.

Good product by Oldrwsr from Santa Cruz01/10/2014

Arnie hates his eyedrops, but Optixcare is easy to use, as it dispenses only one drop with a gentle squeeze, and can slide in if he blinks at the last minute. He seems more accepting of it than the other drop he needs, so I think it must sting less.

Eye lube by Cindy12/02/2013

Works really well, has made a tremendous difference for my girl.

Opticare Eye Lubricant definitely helps by Westie mom from Texas09/05/2013

I am pleased with the results of this product. It is good for dry eyes in senior dogs.

Best eye lubricant by Pinky from Fort Myers, FL05/14/2013

I tried many eye lubricants for my diabetic dog. She does not produce any tears and this product is the best of all I tried.

great for dry eye dogs by Boots from Scotttsdale,Arizona07/22/2013

we own two sch-tzu males both with eye problems the older dog his now half blind with one "blue" eye but with daily application of the Optixcare the color has lightened significantly. I know the dogs are more comfortable ,no more rubbing at their eyes. I am very pleased with this product and will be buying it as long as my cogs live. I would advise ths product to any pop-eyed dog owner.

Great for Doggie Dry Eyes by Stella from CA05/07/2014

My boston terrier is prone to dry eyes (conjunctivitis), and this product is a great cost effective alternative to prescription cyclosporine. I've been using this on him for a month and his eyes are much brighter and don't have that dull cloudy look in them anymore. No more eye yuckies either! I'd recommend this for anyone who has the same issue with their dog.

Best product for dry eyes by Dianne09/10/2013

My Westie has dry eyes as well as allergies. Optixcare is the best product I've found that help with his dry eyes and does cause any allergic reaction like some other products. Thank goodness for optixcare!!

Simply FABULOUS by 24dogs1cat from Minnesota08/31/2014

We have MANY small dogs here at our sanctuary and many have eye issues either chronically or periodically. This is a SUPERIOR product. I use this to rapidly dissolve and dislodge the thick, tenacious goobers that can form over the cornea secondary to dry eye or other chronic conditions. This product rapidly "melts" the goobers which then float right off the eye. I have even used this in my own eye when a particle of dust or dirt seemed to want to stay put....it does not have a chance with this in my eye...it floats away painlessly. This product is cool feeling on the eye also and when irritated the eye immediately feels soothed. I always test these items in my own eyes if or when my eyes are irritated. This product does not sting. Actually, I highly recommend all the products from this company. These are top notch, high quality, and ohhhhh sooooo sothing. The dogs LOVE these.

Good Product for Pet's Dry Eyes by Brittany from San Antonio, TX04/21/2013

Best eye lubricant for my pet diagnosed with KCS.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Cleaner (100 ml)
by Ruby Red11/15/2013

Really assists in keeping your pet's eye's clean and it's application is comfortable to them.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes (50 count)
Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes (50 count) by Jan05/21/2013

Optixcare eye wipes for cats are difficult to find, and now I know where to purchase them. They are great for easing my cat's allergy symtons.

A wipe that really cleans by Elaine from Illinois03/26/2014

I needed a wipe that was going to remove the discharge from my cats' eye. He has one eye and the other is an opening with a missing eye from birth. He needs cleaning everyday and an eye ointment to keep it lubricated. I am very satisfied with my purchase of these wipes, because not only is it an abundant size but it removes the brown dirt easily.

by sambo09/19/2013

It is a great product I think however I haven't receaived mine yet. Seems like your company has a lot of backorders!

Featured Reviews for Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats & Kittens (60 Chews)
Optixcare Lysine for cats & kittens by Sal from MI07/21/2013

No guessing on the doseage. All pieces are uniform in size (unlike some other brands). Plus my cat loves it.

My cats line up twice a day to take the opixcare. by Ely from Grand Island, NY07/30/2014

My cats take this product like it's a treat. I have 5 cats that have herpes of the eyes. They each take 1/2 tab twice a day and it's keeping them in perfect health (no more eye secretions)

Treats by Micky from Blue Ridge, Ga07/05/2013

Our cat loves them. All I have to say is "treat" and he comes running

Happy Kitten by Ben Appleseed from Aynor, SC11/12/2013

Dropped off 3 month old kitten. You know the story. Currently on my lap in her new home. My vet and neighbor recommend I put her on L-Lysine. Went to the Drug store purchased the pills. Not only did she not like the idea of pills neither did I. As a prior satisfied customer of entirelypets.com I ordered Optixcare L-Lysine at the suggestion of their excellent customer service person. She (Pumpkin) is now on her 2nd bag and enjoys her special treat. I would certainly recommend this product to other cat lovers.

Just what the doctor ordered by Seshana from saskatoon, sk11/16/2013

When my vet told me that my cat needed to be given Lysine daily, I was scared it would be a huge ordeal. I was worried that he would hate the supplements, so I ordered these treats with low hopes. I could not have been more wrong. He loves them! If my cat, a picky eater, loves them, then I would reccomend these treats to any and all who need to give their cat or kitten lysine daily.

Soft chewy by lilmcmac04/04/2013

I thought I would try these for my little persian. My vet had prescribed the Enisyl-F, however they were a bit stiff for her likeing. I had to find another way to get this suppliment to her. This is a great alternative, I cut them into fours since they are a bit large for my little princess. But she LOVES this and I'm greatful for the alternative...

Optixcare L-Lsine for cats and kittens by cp from norton, ohio03/03/2014

Our five cats really love these chews and will try to steal each others chew when fed. Great taste according to Magik, Soot, Flame, Cadbury and Fang.

Excellent service by maineloonatic06/29/2013

The items arrived within two days. Amazing! Well packaged. One cat loves them; the other won't touch them..........

Glad to find something my cat likes! by cchang from Denver, CO06/10/2014

I had tried other L-Lysine cat chews and my cat quit eating them after the first few days. She loves these and has no problem eating them. I like that I only have to give her one and it cleared up her eye right away.

A Life Saver by Supermax07/14/2013

I manage a TNR colony of feral cats, and one of the feral cats contracted the Herpes Virus in her eye. After some emergency treatment at the Vet, he recommended these. The cat absolutely adores them, they are practically making her a non-feral cat. Most important is that her eye, which she might have lost, looks fantastic. I continue to give her one of these every day and her eyes are clear and healthy looking. Highly recommend!

Optixcare L-Lysine for cats by Jeff Boettner from Shelburne Falls, MA06/02/2013

Our Vet (eye Dr.) thought our twin Bengal cats were in need of Lysine to overcome a deficiency and to improve eye health. She recommended this brand. Both our cats are pretty fussy eaters, so I was dreading getting them to take these. But the product is outstanding. Both cats look forward to their lysine, to the point where now all we have to do is yell "Lysine" and they come running. They have been on it for 4 months and still loving it.

Pellets are too big by Hallright from Roseville, CA08/08/2014

Neither of my cats would eat these. They are fairly large, and kind of chewy. Not the type of thing my cats like

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