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Pala-Tech Products

Pala-Tech ProductsPala-Tech Labs is founded on the principle of palatable technology. Each product is made to ensure pets will readily consume by their free choice. Pala-Tech pet products are made with convenience, compliance and caring. Their products are excellent for dogs, cats and horses.

Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health for DOGS (120 Soft Chews)
Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health for DOGS (120 Soft Chews)

($47.99)  $39.99
Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)
Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)

($12.99)  $11.99
Pala-Tech Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Granules (300 grams)
Pala-Tech Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Granules (300 grams)

($19.99)  $15.99
Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health Chewables for DOGS (90 tabs)
Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health Chewables for DOGS (90 tabs)

($48.99)  $33.99
Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 gm)
Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 gm)

($27.99)  $23.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaPala Tech Canine Joint Health Soft Chews (Glucosamine, Creatine & MSM) is a dietary supplement containing a unique combination of essential nutrients known to be beneficial to healthy joints and muscles. This combination of nutrients will help replenish joint fluids and optimize muscle performance strength and endurance.

Each Soft Chew of Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health Soft Chews contains:
  • Glucosamine HCl - 900 mg
  • Creatine Monohydrate - 750 mg
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)- 50 mg
  • Vitamin E - 25 I.U.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids - 12.5 mg
  • Manganese (as manganese sulfate) - 5 mg
  • Zinc (as zinc sulfate) - 5 mg
  • Selenium - 5 mcg
  • 4.83 rating based on 6 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health for DOGS (120 Soft Chews)
    Pala Tech is fantastic! by Marlyss THiel from Sligner Wisconsin07/02/2012

    My 11 year old could hardly get her butt off the ground, she had such joint pain and arthritis. I got this Pala Tech joint chewables for her and she loves them! They worked almost over night! She acts like a 2 year old again! Can run circles around me now. It is the wonder drug for dogs! NOW, if only they could find one for people that works this great!

    Great product for a good price. by cherryobebe from Phoenix, AZ11/07/2011

    I have visited my local veterinarian offices to see if anyone sold this product or one similar for less. I only found products that had half of the amount for about the same price. Also, many similar products on the market are lacking key ingredients that Pala Tech Chews has. Overall, this is an excellent product at a good price. I have a Chihuahua with knee problems. After taking 1/4 of a chew a day, she was able to jump. Something she hadn't done much of in her life. I also give it to two large breed rescues that are approaching 14 years old.

    Satisfied! by Quilter02/12/2013

    Just located this product on your website for $39.99. Was paying over $70 for the exact same thing through our veterinarian's office. This will certainly help a senior citizen's budget! It really helps our older rescued dog. Thank you!

    by from 01/05/2012

    My dog "Hunter" had hip surgery (a Femerol Head Ostectomy - FHO procedure) and his doctor recommended Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health for Dogs. So I've been treating him to them everyday in his breakfast and he loves them. I give him 1/4 of a nugget each morning and he is very happy and healthy. He runs like the wind now and jumps for joy when we go out for long walks. He has done so well that Hunter and I started our own business of Soft E-Collars, called "Neck Hugs" for post surgery protection. We recommend EntirelyPets to all our customers! They say necessity is the mother of invention and we are living proof, thanks to Hunter's doctors and of course, EntirelyPets!

    offering by this from productThanks


    by sam08/25/2010

    My dog loves the taste and the benefits of this product have been self-evident. Our pup is almost 12 years old and still very peppy.

    Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health by Joe02/05/2012

    We have been giving Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health chewables to our dogs for many years now and we're confident that our dogs mobility has remained good because we have.

    Great Product by Buffett from West Coast Florida11/02/2011

    I have used this product since my golden was roughly 1yr old and am very happy with the results.

    Featured Reviews for Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)
    Eliminated dog's UTIs by macroes from New York, NY06/13/2013

    Since my dog was started on cranberry tablets and the D-Mannose tablets has eliminated the occurrence of UTIs.

    Works for me.. by Millie06/24/2012

    I have a 14 yr old insulin dependent diabetic husky who is prone to bladder infections. I purchased these from my vet at their recommendation at a much higher price. Since using this product, I also noticed that my dog's glucose seems to be more stable. I will continue to use this product at the much better pricing through Entirely Pets.

    Great Product by Ciro04/29/2013

    This product works great and on the same day given to my dog.

    Recommended by Vet by Sally from Maple Grove, MN01/10/2012

    This item was initially recommended by the vet because my dog was having problems with urinary tract infections. Since she started using this item, she has not been bothered. It has even reduced the burn-out spots in our yard!

    Good support, but not amazing. by LRose07/14/2011

    My dog has been taking this ever since her first bladder infection a year and a half ago. For several months she did not have another infection and I think it was thanks to this, but now she has had a few more despite taking this daily. I would say it helps, but it's not miracle-working. Maybe if your dog has mild bladder/urinary issues it may be all you need but for my older dog it is not enough by itself. I don't want to stop giving it to her though because she has been taking it for so long, but I am starting her on another bladder support supplement as well now as she keeps getting infections.

    by Lanukvi from Buford, GA11/28/2011

    This product has basically stopped by dog's reoccuring urinary tract infections!! I would highly recommend this product!

    Love the value by angieg05/09/2013

    My boxer has been on cranberry tabs since the day we got her. I would defiantly recommended this product you get a great deal on it and it is no different than any other cran tabs.

    Cranberry Tabs by Anne from Raleigh, NC11/27/2011

    I have been using these tabs for just about 2 years now. My labrador eats them with her food with no trouble. She is prone to UTI's and as long as she is taking her cranberry tabs there is no trouble with the UTI's. These tabs are great!!!

    First Time User by Maro from Houston, TX01/27/2012

    It's an easy product to use, and the dog loves it, :)

    Best tx for prevention of bladder stones by mtg02/24/2012

    Several years ago, our female dachshund developed a large struvite stone in her bladder, which required surgery for removal. A short while later she had them again; this time smaller and more granular. I refused to let my vet do surgery again, so we placed her on a special diet, short term, & started these tablets @ one a day. We've had no return of bladder stones & she's been completely healthy. My vet suggested cranberry tablets after doing some research on this problem. She'll take them for the rest of her life.

    Best I have found! by Savanna from Waterford, Mi.07/28/2012

    My 12yr old English Springer Spaniel was having constant urinary tract infections and sometimes he just had the urge to urinate with no infection. Tryed this product because I liked the ingredients. He has been on it for 2 months and no infections or the urge feeling. There is 1 problem with the chewable tablets, he doesn't like the taste so I just crumble in his food and that works.

    Great purchase by nikkii05/30/2013

    My vet told me to use these, my rottie has cronic UTI"s and these do help. She doesn't have the problem when she takes them.

    Dog Likes the Taste by Laura10/20/2011

    My dog gets frequent urinary tract infections. Since using Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus, the infections are much fewer and far between. While cranberry is not a cure for infection, it sure keeps her from taking antibiotics so much! And dispensing is easy because she likes the flavor!

    BEST PURCHASE EVER by MM. from BELLPORT NY01/19/2012


    Cranberry tabs for bladder stones by SSI Chick from St. Simons Island, GA06/26/2013

    When my female Dachshund came down with bladder stones for the second time, I refused to allow another surgery. My vet did some research & recommended pure cranberry extract to keep her urine more acidic. I started her on Cranberry Plus Chewable Tabs. over 3 yrs. ago and haven't had a problem with bladder stones since. Always check with your vet before starting your dog on this product.

    Really Happy by Tuesday Lady from Pennsylvania04/15/2013

    Very pleased with this product. Really seems to help my dog. And it is very easy to take.

    Featured Reviews for Pala-Tech Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Granules (300 grams)
    Helped incontinent dogs by Rhonda11/15/2011

    Bought this for my incontinent dogs and they went from leaking and wetting every day several times a day to almost no wetting or leaking at all. We might have one small accident a week now using this when before it was more than daily.

    Awesome Product by miyochan from Honolulu, HI03/05/2013

    This is another great product that we use for our cat with kidney problems. We mix daily with human baby food. (beef, ham and/or turkey). She eats this 2 times a day and it has been great!!!!!

    Great Product - Fantastic Price! by MandaSC from Lexington, SC01/01/2012

    This product is great for helping to reduce my dog's urinary crystals - and it is a fantastic price! Nearly 1/2 of what I paid at my vet! Thanks, EntirelyPets!

    Great product. Great price. by Linda01/02/2013

    Our vet recommended this product for one of our dogs several years ago. Entirely Pets is one of the only places I can find Pala-Tech for a good price. Entirely Pets also delivers very quickly. I've been ordering through them for several years and have been completely satisfied.

    Pala Tech Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Granule by Toby's Mom from NJ08/05/2012

    Toby has had 2 surgeries for bladder stones, started using this product after the last surgery in 2009, coming up on the 3rd anniversary of surgery. The product has worked as Toby had surgery in 2007 & 2009. Hopefully, this is the end of the surgeries. Very expensive!!

    by amanda from omaha, ne01/25/2012

    have used before. Have not received this order placed on 12/31/2011.

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT! by scotchhunky2 from STEELER COUNTRY06/22/2012

    Our Bichon has a liver shunt and is prone to developing ammonium urate bladder stones. He had his first surgery to remove stones at age 1y4m. We were told he could easily have recurrence within 6 months. Along with a low purine diet, we started using the Pala-Tech Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry granules religiously per our vet's recommended dosage. Our little guy did need a second surgery, but not until age 4y1m. With a liver shunt, we know we can't prevent his stones altogether, but everyone involved applauded the three year span in between! We also tried the tablets, but our guy didn't care for those as much. We mix the granules with a small amount of peanut butter (his peanut butter candy!!) and he just loves it that way!

    by from 11/25/2012

    I received my order so quickly. Our dog, korkie, needs the Potassium powder to keep him free of kidney stones. This is really working for him. Thank you for producing this product.

    td14 by Orlando, FL from T

    Korkie's food

    Helped my older dogs by Barbara from Upstate New York05/31/2011

    I began using this for my 12 year old dog who has some kidney issues. However, to my surprise when I started using it for my 8 year old dog, his urinary leakage stopped within a week. I love it. Both are healthy and in better shape now.

    by from 03/15/2012

    we have been asked by a Vet. to add this product to our Shitzu's meals to help him with the problems he is having. He is doing beautifully.

    good purchase by pianolady09 from Estherville, IowaThanks,


    Lowest Price by Bob11/15/2011

    I researched this product extensively on the internet and Entirely Pets had the lowest price

    Lifesaver by Christa from Evansville IN03/16/2013

    My Shih Tzu has a history of Bladder Stones. Pala-tech, along with his special food, has prevented him from producing these stones for the last 3 years. Thanks Pala-tech!!

    by animalfriend01/10/2012

    Very palatable and hypoallergenic! Works great for my dog with food allergies since he can't eat the diet recommended for his bladder stones. He licks the bowl clean to get all the powder!

    by from 10/23/2011

    I highly recommend this product because it has saved me hundreds of dollars in Vet bills for my small mix-breed Ginger ... and it came highly recommended from my Vet.

    I by had from toSeveral


    9 by years from old,Ginger


    Cost efficient, palatable, effective product ! by Jeannie from Birmingham, AL03/13/2013

    Price of Potassium Citrate plus Cranberry is almost half that of same product purchased at vet. My dog loves it added to her food daily and has Not had recurring bladder stones that previously plagued her. Prior to using this additive, she had three surgeries for removal of stones. Certainly money saving, not traumatic to my dog, and she eats it without coaxing. We are Happy.!

    Potassium citrate by dotygirl from Doty WA01/17/2013

    My dog is on a special diet for allergies and stones. My vet recommended this product to help curb the stones. I just mix the required amount in his food two times a day.

    Featured Reviews for Pala-Tech Canine Joint Health Chewables for DOGS (90 tabs)
    Not what I thought by JT07/31/2012

    Thought I was purchasing the treats. This has about half the strength of the treats, so I would have to use double the amount. I purchased these using a 15% off deal, but EP will not extend reorder under the same terms. Refund on cc will incur fee. Not real happy with outcome.

    by bigjim12/19/2011

    I am very happy with my first order with Entirely Pets. I received my exact order earlier than promised and much earlier than I thought possible. I recommend their services.

    Featured Reviews for Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 gm)
    Reduces Chance of Bladder Stones by JJay495 from Denver, CO04/24/2013

    This was recommended by our vet to help reduce the chance of bladder stones (the one that was removed two years ago was painful for our schnauzer and expensive for us). Urine tests have been favorable since then and so far the granules seem to be helping.

    Vet recommendation by JUD10/15/2011

    I have a "rescued" 12 year old Llasa-poo that has been in the family 4 years. He came to me with a history of having bladder stones that needed to be surgically removed. My vet put him on this as a suppliment to his special food and he has had no issues with bladder stones.

    by from 06/17/2013

    I applaud your personal service, not only in your email, but I could actually speak to a real person if I had a question. My order will be repeated each time I am in need.

    Dooley" by Swift Service from td14Thank


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