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Pawz Dog Boots

Pawz Dog BootsPawz Dog Boots is the world's only disposable, natural rubber dog boot designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps. Fashionable yet durable, Pawz is serious paw protection. Pawz protect against: snow melt and lawn chemicals, liquids, soil, sand, pool liner tears.

  • Recommended Sizing Chart : View Here

  • Pawz Dog Boots (Tiny)
    Pawz Dog Boots (Tiny)

    ($22.99)  $16.99
    Pawz Dog Boots (XX-Small)
    Pawz Dog Boots (XX-Small)

    ($18.99)  $12.00
    Pawz Dog Boots (X-Small)
    Pawz Dog Boots (X-Small)

    ($16.99)  $12.00
    Pawz Dog Boots (Small)
    Pawz Dog Boots (Small)

    ($18.99)  $14.00
    Pawz Dog Boots (Medium)
    Pawz Dog Boots (Medium)

    ($18.99)  $15.00
    Pawz Dog Boots (Large)
    Pawz Dog Boots (Large)

    ($20.99)  $16.00
    Pawz Dog Boots (X-Large)
    Pawz Dog Boots (X-Large)

    ($20.99)  $17.00
    Pawz Dog Boots are the most natural-feeling puppy boots your dog can wear because the material is so thin your dog feels the ground, providing a sense of security. Protects against snow, ice, heat and chemicals.

  • Recommended Sizing Chart : View Here

    More advantages:

  • Disposable
  • Biodegradable
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof
  • Bends with paw
  • Guaranteed to stay on
  • Serious protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Dogs love them


  • Ice and snow
  • Salt
  • Mud and clay
  • Pad rashes or infections
  • Traction control
  • Hot pavement
  • Pesticides
  • Prevents licking paws

    *Each pack of Pawz contains 3 sets of boots.

  • 5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Pawz Dog Boots (Tiny)
    Like Kryptonite by Laura10/21/2008

    Well, today marks the third day my IG's used your booties on our morning 5-miler (on cement and asphalt in downtown Chicago) and other than being a bit dirty from the streets, they are as good as new. Those little things are like Kryptonite. I am impressed. Your booties keep my dogs feet nice and dry ? no where near as cold, wet and red as they would be without PAWZ.

    Featured Reviews for Pawz Dog Boots (XX-Small)
    My Jack Russell Tolerats them by Jane10/21/2008

    Thanks!! These are the greatest product ever. I have a Jack Russell who has NEVER let me put anything on his feet?the temp has been below zero here all week and I was forced to put the PAWZ on him. He totally Tolerated them and we've been able to go on walks in this frigid weather. Without them he lasts about 2 minutes! This is a dog who needs his walks so the PAWZ saved my life!! I told everyone at agility class about them. Thank you, thank you!!

    Featured Reviews for Pawz Dog Boots (Small)
    pawz dog boot by debbie05/13/2009

    work great! Really stay on well for extended outdoor walks. Very reusablen for many walks but eventually have to dispose of them due to tearing.. I have never used to stop feet licking as I am afraid to leave on dog unless i am watching 24/7.

    Best product ever, by ally from Gainesville, Fl02/27/2012

    I've tried many dog boots, but these are the best, my terrier keeps them and and runs like the wind.

    by Mar11/06/2012

    They stay on and withstand the elements.

    Horrible little balloons by Ernie from California07/07/2012

    These little paw covers are difficult to get on and are basically little balloons which your dog will just chew off and possibly swallow, which is incredibly dangerous. Don't buy these!

    Boots by Carlos01/25/2012

    Yes , these little "balloon" boots seem to help keep the snow from balling up in my dogs paws. I have a Min. Schnauzer and maybe should have ordered the next size up for him as they are a little tight and difficult to get on. Thank you.

    Featured Reviews for Pawz Dog Boots (Medium)
    What a disappointment by pancake11/29/2010

    If you are looking for balloon boots, these are for you. That's what they are. Just like a balloon only round. Hard to get on. The balloon rubber tangles up in the hair. Very hard to get off, that is, if you can even get them on your pet. I would never recommend these.

    pawz dog boots by redpig12/01/2011

    Easy to get on, nice fit, hasn't snowed yet so don't know how long they'll last.

    Great product, really stays on paws by gainesville gal from Gainesville, Fl05/31/2012

    Keeps your pups paws dry and clean,,,great for when it's hot outside...

    Paw-saver!!! by Angela10/21/2008

    My friend Nomi's dog's paw was injured and had to have surgery to remove (2) pads from her paw. Because of this, it's imperative that her dog always have a PAWZ boot on when they go outside. Please ship me another order ASAP. Nomi is a product expert now, and you can use her for product testing

    Best dog boots ever. by ally from Gainesville, Fl03/01/2012

    I have tried many other dog boots, they always fall off...Not these.

    Featured Reviews for Pawz Dog Boots (Large)
    Paws boots by Roxi'sMom from Indiana12/28/2012

    These dog boots are of good quality and colorful, but we find them difficult for one person to put on our dog, who does not seem to mind wearing them but who does not like the putting-on process. Unfortunately, because of this, we do not use them as much as I would like. On a better note, though, we gave one set to our daughter to use on her Sheltie, who is more mature and not quite as wiggly as our hound, and she has used them with great success.

    by Loco01/26/2012

    Way too short, more than one inch of snow was too much. Also way too tight at the top.

    by from 01/25/2013

    Surprisingly, these balloon boots work pretty well for giving older, arthritic dogs much-needed traction. They let my old, gimpy dogs walk on the pergot hard flooring without slipping and sliding like Bambi on a frozen pond.

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    Practical Boots by Aussiemom from Ventura, CA01/24/2013

    I used them for snow on my littlest Aussie. I like the fact that they come in a six pack and they're inexpensive because I have yet to get through one hike without having at least one boot come off and get lost.

    LOVE the disposable booties! by Lisa10/21/2008

    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the disposable booties! Edgar (the Basset Hound) accepts the boots. They are the best?easiest.

    Pawz Dog Boots are awful by AJ02/11/2013

    I did not attempt to put these on my dog. I could have bought a whole bunch of balloons instead. I returned them, USPS says they were delivered, but I never got a refund.

    Featured Reviews for Pawz Dog Boots (X-Large)
    Too constricting by jxsy from Arlington, VA02/23/2011

    I bought the X-lg pairs for my 100pound golden retriever and its so constricting near the ankles that I think it'll hurt him and the rest of the bootie is so large that its floppy. I asked to have it returned and found out that this website will not let your return the item. BUYERS BEWARE. YOU CANNOT RETURN THIS ITEM!!!

    Great by Norma10/22/2008

    These boots are great; I'm telling everyone about them I even bought a pair for my friend in Florida for her Bichon.

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