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Personalized Pet Tags - Cat & Dog Tags

dog id tags

Small Heart Pet ID Tag
Small Heart Pet ID Tag

($4.95)  $3.99
Small Circle Pet ID Tag
Small Circle Pet ID Tag

($4.95)  $3.99
Small Bone Pet ID Tag
Small Bone Pet ID Tag

($4.95)  $3.99
Large Heart Pet ID Tag
Large Heart Pet ID Tag

($6.95)  $5.99
Large Circle Pet ID Tag
Large Circle Pet ID Tag

($6.95)  $5.99
Large Bone Pet ID Tag
Large Bone Pet ID Tag

($6.95)  $5.99
Please choose what you want the tag to say in the 5 lines below.
3.78 rating based on 9 reviews
Featured Reviews for Small Heart Pet ID Tag
Cute piece by Sistersue from Kettering OH10/23/2012

This tag was very nice and came really fast.He has it on now and it looks really cool with his red collar.I wish they had some more colors I would have rather had silver.

pet ID tag by dogtwins07/06/2012

The pet ID tag is of good quality. It is offered at a great price!

Perfect by J. Terry05/29/2008

Shipping was super fast. Very pleased with purchase.

Very nice by D. Baugher03/05/2008

This is very nice and also a good price.

good fit by stanley04/26/2013

These little id tags are perfect for my cats. The cats do not fuss with them because they are light.

Accurate, arrived quickly by Terin11/05/2012

The heart shaped tag is cute but could be a little awkward for fitting type depending on what info you want on there. Type was accurate, and I could read it just fine. I would order again if my cat loses this one.

worst purchase ever by Bree03/12/2012

I first ordered the small heart tag, the font only took up half of the tag so it was replaced by the large tag. Now the tag is too big, I have a cat and cant use the tag. I am never going to purchase id tags from you again. Only sticking to my cats medicine. I will go elsewhere. Now I have to spend money again for a new tag. This was a waste of time and money.

tags by jcb03/14/2012

the lettering was too small on the tag and one of the tags my cat's name was misspelled

A Bargain by Clair Bear'd Mom03/06/2012

Smaller than I realized, but still adorable and such a bargain!

Featured Reviews for Small Circle Pet ID Tag
Bright Tags by aecs422 from Los Angeles, CA08/02/2012

The tags work well for our three small dogs. Very happy with the product.

Small circle pet tag by Betty from PA12/06/2011

I bought this tag for our cat and wanted both my home and cell numbers put on it. Either I made a typo in my home number or one of the numbers was left off the tag by the engraver. Either way, I think the person entering the information should have realized it was an incomplete phone number and they should have contacted me if it was my error. As my cell number is correct I am going to keep it but the engraving was not correct.

by from 11/22/2011

I ordered the "small" pet ID tag. The size of the tag is fine, but the FONT used on it is so small you can't read it easily. If an elderly person was the one to find our dog, they would not be able to read what was on the tag. I even had such a hard time reading it and I knew what was on it!

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great by Michele from east Tn.12/09/2012

Really great item, especially for the price

Quality product by Grannie from Michigan12/03/2012

Very nice tags for a very nice price. Text is engraved, so should not wear off. I also like the smaller size. It is hard to find.

Fast Service for the price by kickithilo from Hilo Hawaii10/25/2011

Printing is very small but it works. Came very fast....

Accurate, arrived quickly by Terin11/05/2012

The type was accurate, the quality was what you'd expect, the price was right (my cat tends to lose his collar out in the world at one point or another, so an expensive custom tag would be a waste). Arrived quickly; I'm pleased

Great tag by Mowzer07/17/2012

They hold up very well, are easy to read for a small tag, and hold a good amount of text on one side. I also like that they are easy to spot under my cat's long fur.

Great size for cats! by salandry54 from The South03/22/2010

I just rec'd these in the mail and they are great! Small enough for cat necks, but still easy to read and it fits quite a bit of information for such a small size! I have 2 phone #'s and my address. I did not give it 5 stars because there is only 1 color --- gold. I would have prefered silver to match the Kitty-Glo collars I also bought here on Entirely Pets. It only took days to receive also, even though they had to be engraved!

Featured Reviews for Small Bone Pet ID Tag
by rebull from houston,tx04/25/2012

Excellent, just the right size for our liitl guy

cute by khubie06/16/2012

Nice little tag, but $4.95 to ship? in an 81/2 by 11 envelope? Really? It could have been sent in a regular sized envelope for a buck. Otherwise it would be 5 stars

disappointed by sue from Ohio01/19/2012

The first week of wear on dogs collar the inscription is already starting to wear off>

cute tag by Gene from Bardstown, KY04/24/2012

This was this cutiest tag. Tiny, but had the info I needed ingraved. Great for small dog size. Nice price for what you get.

small bone ID by r.studwell from Stone Mountain, GA12/14/2012

Way too small. I have a Boston (Bull) terrier, known as small dogs. This was way too small for a 20 pound dog. The writing so small you could hardly read it. Perhaps, the product should be indentified as for dogs about 10 lbs.

Nice little tag by khubie07/03/2012

This is a nice little tag and is the perfect size for my poodle/bichon mix. I gave it just 4 stars because of the shipping cost. This tiny tag came in an 8 1/2 x 11 envelope for $4.95 or $5.95 shipping. The thing could have been sent in a small envelope for a little more than the cost of a stamp. Ridiculous

Nice tag by TJ04/18/2012

It's a nice size tag for us smaller dogs, just wish the printing could have been a bit larger so it would be easier for people to read if I ever get lost.

dog tag by Nancy Eade04/04/2012

The printing on the dog tag was so small that it is very hard to read. Had I realized it ahead of time I would have purchased the larger one.

by Rbtldy03/30/2013

Correct product; accurate; other parts of the order were NOT correct, however.

Not a good tag by Connie05/31/2010

We bought one of these when we got our puppy in August and by March or April the color had worn off of the tag making it nearly impossible to read. I would recommend purchasing something else.

Great Value by makeup*your*life from San Juan Capistrano, CA11/01/2011

These are a great value for your money. The printing is easily legible and they are the perfect size for my 15 pound puppies. If you have a very large dog you might want to go for the bigger size. They are standing up pretty well to chewing also.

ID tags by Mamajo from Sapulpa, Oklahoma12/29/2012

I have bought several identification tags from Entirely Pets and have been very satisfied with them. The engraving stays readable for a long time and I have never had one break off its hanger ring.

Good name tag by R McD08/01/2012

This tag is perfect for our little dog and at less than the price of any local store.

Featured Reviews for Large Heart Pet ID Tag
Accurate, arrived quickly by Terin11/05/2012

The price was right, the print was accurate, and the quality was what you would expect. Shipped quickly.

Excellent Service by Doug10/27/2011

Product was "as advertised" and arrived earlier than I expected--great Work

by Pat06/05/2012

These tags were much less expensive than similar ones at local pet stores. It took just minutes to order and they arrived in the mail in a few days.

More Variety by drxcreatures from New Mexico02/25/2010

There should be more colors and shapes, to choose from.

Small by Luanne Gavisk02/02/2008

received ID tag and somewhat disappointed.The print is so small,unless the light is just right or you have a magnifying glass---you can hardly read it

by from 12/21/2012

Our last name was left off tag even though it was clearly requested.

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by Mary from ohio11/15/2011

engraving too small. Difficult to read and not returnable

Featured Reviews for Large Circle Pet ID Tag
Great name tags by ilikepets from McLoud, OK10/26/2012

Purchased two large circle Pet ID Tag for my two new baby goats. They are just perfect for the two little ones. Easy to read.

Large Circle ID tag,GREAT PRODUCT! by Brandi's Dad from Shreveport , La07/04/2012

The sturdy tag with my pets' name and address,PLUS phone number will help her find her way home. The tag was well printed and sturdy to last for years .

Excellent Tag by Deni04/30/2013

Very basic, but yet essential tag that works and looks beautifully. All three of my dogs got new tags, and they are very sturdy and engraving is excellent.

Pet tags by Al01/08/2011

These tags kinda suck. They're aluminum, not brass which will wear-out in NO TIME. Not to mention the fact that they are LOUD! It sounds like my dog is wearing "jingle bells". Find a brass tag. More durable and QUIET. TRUST ME, it's that bad. They misspelled my tag too

I'd try again next time by Poodlelover from Kaneohe (Oahu) Hawaii06/02/2013

They are good for the money; printing is smaller than I'd like and the tags are lightweight. Not flimsy, but not heavy duty. The order got processed accurately and quickly. I wish I had gone with a more expensive, heavier duty tag. I use the tags for four standard poodles and I'm not sure how long they will hold up.

Featured Reviews for Large Bone Pet ID Tag
Great Purchase by Pam10/29/2011

Great tags..Great price! Would recommend to anyone

by Queenie from Arizona06/30/2012

It's a nice looking tag, easy to read, and a good price.

great dog tag by melleu10/22/2012

Nice to have the dogs identified. Good price

by unsatisfied customer10/31/2011

I didn't get what I requested written on 2 out of 4 tags. I called customer service and they promised me that they would mail me a postage paid label so I could return the 2 tags done incorrectly, and resend the ones I wanted with the writing I requested. It's been almost 2 weeks and the return shipping label never arrived. I was also given rude service by the customer service rep. who actually hung up on me before I finished what I wanted/needed to say. I've ordered from this company in the past but will not again.

Worthless by Mary from Ohio11/15/2011

Engraving too tiny to read. Worthless and not returnable

Perfect by Maggie from Maine03/13/2012

perfect size tag, has all the info you need in case your dog gets lost

Good Buy by san01/26/2012

Very impressed with the dog tags. Engraving very clear and size of tag was good.

3+ weeks later and still no delivery by shan05/30/2012

When I track my package, Newgistics/USPS is the carrier. Ordered on May 4th. Shipped on May 8th. Today is May 30th, NO PACKAGE. I really needed these new dog tags, my dogs have been wearing tags with obsolete phone numbers for a month now. Will never order from Entirelypets again!! :( The package had things I needed, not just wanted... I expected two weeks max delivery, not 4-5 weeks.

Dog name tag by Tabbigsby12/05/2012

This tag allows for 5 lines of information which is great. It claims to be a "large bone" but it is rather small and so print is rather small. The price was right.

very nice tag by smilnacres from Readstown, Wi03/11/2012

I ordered 2 of these tags and they turned out perfectly. Very easy to read and not REAL big.

Disappointed by V. Ballinger12/27/2011

I bought 2, 1 for each of my large puppies. They seemed secure enough, but w/in 8 days, one is already missing off the collar. It's a nice tag though. Writing is a bit small. I would recommend this, but I suggest you continue to check it. I have no idea how it came off. The other one is doing well and very secure.

Lots of info by T & F from Gettysburg, PA07/31/2012

This is a nice ID tag - it is sturdy and has enough room on it to put all your information, but not so large as to be klunky - very helpful!

Perfect sized dog tag by Frank The Tank from Los Angeles, CA01/30/2013

Perfect size. Good quality. Great price. And adding your personal info on the dog tag was a breeze on the EntirelyPets website.

Very disappointed by woodswolf101/06/2012

I got the large bone size for the number of spaces and thinking you would be able to more easily read the tag. Wrong. The letters are microscopic. Think about a stranger trying to read the tag with his face right in your dog's face. The tags I have now are the exact same shape and size from PetSmart's machine. The printing is much larger on it. I guess I"ll go back to PetSmart! As for the little rings breaking, I never use those anyway. I use larger, more stout keyrings..

Font is way too small by woodswolf101/18/2012

This is the same design and size as the ones I bought at PetSmart years ago, yet the font is much smaller. It is very hard to read. Picture some stranger having to put his face right down by a strange dog's face to read this wiht a magnifying glass! I got the bigger size to allow for larger type and more characters. I would rather have fewer characters and bigger font. I consider this a waste of money, twice over, I have two dogs. I guess I will be going back to PetSmart and getting new tags that can be easily read.

large pet id tag by dog friend06/28/2012

lots of room on tag for all the important information, easy on the pocketbook

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