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Pet of the Week Every week we select one lucky pet submitted by our readers to be the EntirelyPets Pet Of The Week! The pet that's chosen is featured here on our blog as well as our Facebook page with over 350,000 fans, and the owner also get to choose from a variety of prize packages with toys, grooming supplies, dental products and more!
Send Entries To: petoftheweek@entirelypets.com. You can also send us a message on Facebook.

To enter, send us the following information about your pet:

1. Photo

2. Name

3. Breed

4. Location

5. Story and details about what makes your pet awesome!

Note: We can only send prize packages out to pets in the Unites States.

Pet Of The Week

  • Rocko, The Chihuahua On A Mission

    Posted by  on January 6, 2017

    Rocko the Chihuahua might be tiny, but he is a pooch with a mission. After her mom was diagnosed with dementia, Amanda met Rocko - who would become her canine companion and supporter. Every day, Amanda would take Rocko to visit her mother at the Memory Care facility in the hospital. He was so popular with the office staff, everyone loved him!

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  • Liam, the Wonder Pug!

    Posted by  on January 2, 2017

    Liam the pug is undeniably adorable. He was born in Iowa on May 14, 2016 and his human came to pick him up all the way from Spring Valley, Illinois! After loosing two pugs within the same year, Mary knew she had to give another Pug in need a fur-ever home. That's when she met Liam and his brother Jackson. The two have a blast with each other.

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  • Willey Makes Us Smile, Here's Why!

    Posted by  on December 26, 2016

    Willey Aka The Willster was born October 15th, 2006. One of the most unique dogs was born. Willey is a shiba inu that lives in Portland, Oregon. His days consists of sleeping and eating and more eating. He will eat anything. That means jumping up on the table and getting human food or to opening the glove box in the car. Nothing is a match with this dog when it comes to food or treats.

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  • Sophie is Known For Being The Cutest Little Rascal!

    Posted by

    This little cutie's name is Sophie. She's adorable, fluffy, sweet... and undeniably mischievous. How could a pooch so cute, be a little rascal you may ask... Well... Sophie is a master of stealing her human's socks and bras. Sophie also demands attention in any way she sees fit. She first asks politely, by pulling on your shirt. But if she doesn't get the attention she wants - she tugs on your hair. We are starting to understand why her human calls her a "little rascal."

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  • Meet Phinn the Maltese Known for Being a Comedian!

    Posted by

    Two years ago, a little white dog was wondering the streets at night, lost and scared. It just so happened that one human in particular saw Phinn, and knew she had to do something. Yvonne immediately stopped and called to the little white dog, who didn't come, but was happily picked up from where he was standing.

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  • Meet Max, The Smiling Bichon!

    Posted by

    Ready for some adorable fluff? Meet Max! Let's start off by saying, Max is undoubtedly king of the household. He is loved so much, and certainly spoiled! Sharon explains that her kids might even say he's spoiled more than them. Max travels everywhere with the family, from errand running to hiking and swimming - Max welcomes every adventure with a wagging tail!

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  • From Homeless, To Part Of The Family: Meet Samson!

    Posted by  on Tuesday November 15, 2016

    Samson was born at a high-kill animal shelter in a small town in Virginia. Fortunately, it was Jonathan's father that came in and adopted Samson. He then surprised Jonathan with the pooch, and the two were instant friends.

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  • Have You Met Buster the Beagle?

    Posted by  on Tuesday November 8, 2015

    Buster the Beagle started life out "ruff." He was living in a local animal shelter when his human Tegan, came to visit. Tegan was visiting the shelter on her birthday, not expecting to leave with a present...

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  • Meet Sasha, The Boston Terrier Who Loves TV!

    Posted by  on Wednesday November 2, 2015

    This is Sasha, she is a 1 year old Boston Terrier. Sasha's family describes her as such a sweetie! She loves to play and watch Television too. When one of her humans has a bad day, Sasha is always there to make them laugh and smile.

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  • Meet Luci Ann the Charming Chihuahua

    Posted by  on Monday October 24, 2015

    This is miss Luci Ann She was born on June 14, 2012 under an abandoned house along with her four brothers and sisters in Amite, Louisiana.

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  • Luka, the Mystery Pup!

    Posted by  on Monday October 17, 2015

    Woof, woof! Have you met Luka? This four-year-old Belgian Tervuren Shepherd hails from Tampa, Florida. Luka's human explains that there is a strange story behind how Luka came to be part of the family.

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  • This Is One Funny Dog You Have To Read About!

    Posted by  on Tuesday October 11, 2016

    When Melisa came across an animal shelter booth at her local Spirit Fest, Ace immediately caught her attention. This goofy pooch had so much personality, and Melisa knew it was meant to be.

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  • Meet Ally, The Beautiful and Loving Golden Retriever

    Posted by  on Tuesday October 4, 2016

    Phil and his family introduced Ally to swimming in their pool. She has learned to step in and out of the pool as needed and she loves it! Allie is a beautiful golden girl, bringing so much happiness to her family! Allie knows she has made the family complete with all her unconditional love. Congrats Ally!

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  • Meet Jabba, The Rescue Lizard!

    Posted by  on Tuesday September 27, 2016

    Jabba was brought into Bellingham's local humane society as a stray lizard. He had been hanging out in a local's front yard. After a short waiting period, no one came to claim Jabba. Caitlyn and her boyfriend decided to welcome Jabba into the family. When they first brought him home, he was so tiny that he could fit in the palm of their hands!

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  • From Homeless To Loved, Captain Miller Is One Sweet Cat!

    Posted by  on Tuesday September 13, 2016

    Cappy Mills came to his family about 4 years ago when they received a call from a friend and veterinarian assistant that he had been rescued and needed a good home. Cappy Mills had been 4-paw de-clawed and then abandoned outside. There is no doubt that this story touched the heart of Carly, and she quickly fell in love.

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