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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

Every week we select one lucky pet submitted by our readers to be the EntirelyPets Pet Of The Week! The pet that's chosen is featured here on our blog as well as our Facebook page with over 350,000 fans, and the owner also get to choose from a variety of prize packages with toys, grooming supplies, dental products and more!

You can enter your pet for a chance to be the Pet Of The Week by sending in a picture along with a detailed description of why your favorite pet should chosen to: petoftheweek@entirelypets.com. You can also send us a message on Facebook.

Pet Of The Week

  • Meet Ponce: A Chorgi Who Found His Forever Home - Pet of the Week

    Posted by  on Monday February 23, 2015

    Eight years ago I was on vacation in Puerto Rico and I was staying in the El Yunque Rainforest. This poor little guy was tied up to a tree and was surviving on frogs and lizards.

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  • Meet DC: A Lovable Chihuahua Who Hates Baths - Pet of the Week

    Posted by  on Monday February 16, 2015

    Our family fell in love with DC and she is now part of our permanent family. She loves to go on long evening walks. She's great around young children. She runs and hides when it's bath time.

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  • Pet of the Week: Jax 2/9/2015

    Posted by  on Monday February 9, 2015

    This is Jax, the newest addition to our family. He is a nine-week-old Heeler and Mini Aussie mix from a breeder here in Colorado. At first, he was the quiet one among his siblings.

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  • Pet of the Week: Lilly 2/2/2015

    Posted by  on Monday February 2, 2015

    We adopted Lilly the Shar Pei from the Rhode Island SPCA in March 2010. She was 5 years old and had already lived in 4 homes in a few different states!

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  • Pet of the Week: Snowball 1/26/2015

    Posted by  on Monday January 26, 2015

    Snowball (yes..a black cat) was a starving feral kitty in the woods that our family rescued. She enjoyed her first Christmas as a housepet...a little too much. She attacked the tree and stole decorations.

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  • Pet of the Week: Rio 1/19/2015

    Posted by  on Monday January 19, 2015

    My dog Rio has been cooped up all week because of the very cold Canadian winter temperatures! Her fingers and toes haven't been able to tolerate the extremely cold snow for anything longer than doing her "business".

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  • Pet of the Week: Lacey Mae and Zoe 1/12/2015

    Posted by  on Monday January 12, 2015

    Lacey (Jack Russell) came into my life when she was only 7 weeks old. I was always a cat person until I looked into the eyes of this little puppy. Her living conditions were terrible and I knew I had to do something to save her and her siblings.

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  • Bucky 1/5/15

    Posted by  on Monday January 5, 2015

    Bucky is my 10 year old puppy! In February of 2013 I had to send my dog, Cody, of 13 years, to the Rainbow Bridge. For over a year I had been trying to adjust to my disabled status after working as an RN 39 years.

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  • Delilah & Amber 12/29/14

    Posted by  on Monday December 29, 2014

    My boyfriend & I were at his parents house outside on a rainy fall day. We heard loud meows and it was a stray cat wanting shelter from the rain. We fed the cat and decided that we would take her home with us. We named her Amber but she prefers to answer to kitty. We didn't expect her to become a part of the family but she did.

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  • Jelly 12/22/14

    Posted by  on Monday December 22, 2014

    I have fostered dogs for many years, and even though I was tempted many times, I never became a “foster failure” and kept any of these cuties for myself. That all changed when little Jelly the Pug came into our lives. She arrived here after being rescued as a sick, emaciated stray puppy in S. Korea. A wonderful group there cared for her for many weeks until she was well enough to fly to the U.S. She was still fragile, but oh my what spunk and spirit she had! Not to mention ADORABLE.

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  • Greddy, Lucy, Toothless 12/15/14

    Posted by  on Monday December 15, 2014

    I think all THREE of my pets should be pet of the week, and I'll tell you why. My husband is a Military Police Officer in the US Army and we are stationed in Ft. Stewart, Georgia 3,000 miles away from our home town in California. With being so far away from home, all we had was each other. Not long after we moved, he was put on cycles where he would leave anywhere from a week to a month at a time, leaving me alone.

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  • Wilhemina 12/4/14

    Posted by  on Thursday December 4, 2014

    Wilhemina (Mina) is 2 years old and came into the family in a very unique way. My dad is a locksmith and he was going to do a job on a foreclosed house. He went to go change the locks and he discovered a dog locked in the back room by herself. She had been abandoned by the family who had moved out weeks earlier and was left with only a few bowls of water and food. My dad immediately called us to tell us about the abandoned dog and we rushed over to pick her up.

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  • Duchess 11/5/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday November 5, 2014

    Duchess is around 2 ˝ years old. I originally found her as a feral kitten but through kindness and care, she became a tame, loving, outdoor cat. However, one day Duchess was found meowing piteously on the front porch when she and the other outdoor cat, Smoky, were being fed their dinner. Further investigation revealed Duchess’s right hind leg’s bone protruding through the skin, and she was rushed immediately to the vet.

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  • Chuy 10/13/14

    Posted by  on Monday October 13, 2014

    Chuy is a 5-year old Blue Chihuahua that is the inspiration and mascot for Irresistible Pets since 2010. Chuy loves to travel with her mom Mimi and has even been to the Blog Paws conference the past two years! In her spare time, Chuy also helps her mom with DIY projects and comes up with ideas on how to help other pet owners save money.

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  • Buddy 9/24/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday September 24, 2014

    This is Buddy, he is a 11 year old Wolf Sable Pomeranian. He was a rescue puppy from a puppy mill. He has been my faithful friend all these years. He loves to take long walks and greets everyone with a “Big Ole Smile”. He is very reserved when people try to pet him but for good reason. He is a highly nervous dog and sometimes gets seizures if he gets a lot of stress put on him.

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