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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

Every week we select one lucky pet submitted by our readers to be the EntirelyPets Pet Of The Week! The pet that's chosen is featured here on our blog as well as our Facebook page with over 350,000 fans, and the owner also get to choose from a variety of prize packages with toys, grooming supplies, dental products and more!

You can enter your pet for a chance to be the Pet Of The Week by sending in a picture along with a detailed description of why your favorite pet should chosen to: petoftheweek@entirelypets.com. You can also send us a message on Facebook.

Pet Of The Week

  • Rocko 7/22/14

    Posted by

    Rocko Fuerte Cruz is a six year old Doberman Pinscher living with icthyosis.We obtained Rocko from a breeder in California. As far as we know, none of his siblings have the disease. We had a health guarantee but that would mean giving him back to the breeder and I could not do that. Six years later here we are! Most animals with this disease are put to sleep as puppies but Rocko is living proof that with a healthy diet and a great vet you can successfully beat the odds.

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  • Tonya 7/9/14

    Posted by

    My name is Talented K9 Tonya. My story is unique because I was abandoned not once, but twice in my short life! My forever owner wasn't my first owner and for all she knows, wasn't the second either! You see, my forever owner used to be my dog walker and she walked me ever since she first met me and my former owner when I was around 5 months old.

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  • Kirby 6/25/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday June 25, 2014

    Kirby’s official name is Sir Kirby Kingston Martin of Mississippi, but you may know him as Kirby the Dorkie (http://kirbythedorkie.com/) or The Canine Chef. Kirby was adopted by his mom Debby when he was six weeks old. Kirby loves riding in the car, swimming and playing games with his two cat sisters, Chelsea and Kaitlyn. Kirby loves good food and is able to try tons of recipes made by his mom, which get published in The Canine Chef Cookbook after his approval.

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  • Mattie 6/19/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday June 19, 2014

    I found Mattie wandering on the side of the road about 7 years ago. I was looking for signs of her owner wanting to find her, but there were none, so I took her into my home. I put Mattie on a healthy diet and she transformed in a gorgeous dog! My doctor suggested she would be a perfect service dog for my PTSD. Having Mattie by my side these past 7 years has allowed me to live a normal life with confidence. Not a day goes by that I don't hear "What a beautiful dog you have...what kind is she?" I proudly answer, "She's a mutt...the only one of her kind.

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  • Preston 6/2/14

    Posted by  on Monday June 2, 2014

    Preston is a five-year old West Highland White Terrier and the inspiration behind the popular dog blog Preston Speaks. Preston has been trained for camera work at a young age and has attended classes since he was five months old. Preston loves to travel and flies out at least once a month to visit his fans across the United States! You can find Preston on Facebook or on Twitter @Preston_Speaks.

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  • Sterling 5/21/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday May 21, 2014

    Sterling's 5 months old - had him since he was 12 weeks. I was hesitant of getting a dog, because I was being afraid that taking care of a dog would be too much for me to handle. But Sterling's pretty much perfect! Although his instinct to herd kicks in when around the cats, I think he knows his place. He's easy to go on walks with, and if there were no cars I would be comfortable letting him walk off leash because he's walks close to me and if he were to strand off too far, he would come to me when I say.

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  • Lucy 5/14/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday May 14, 2014

    Meet Lucy, my amazing one-year-old Golden Retriever! Lucy is the sweetest, happiest, smartest, most loveable little girl and therapy dog ever! She enjoys going on long walks to the park, chasing tennis balls for hours, falling asleep on laps, and cuddling with her big, fluffy, orange brother and best friend, Morris the cat. I got Lucy when she was six months old and in the first couple of stages to become a therapy dog from Golden Meadows Retrievers – I will forever be indebted to them, as Lucy brings more joy, love, and happiness to my life than I could have ever imagined! Without Lucy, I would not be who I am today.

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  • Lulu 5/7/14

    Posted by  on Wednesday May 7, 2014

    Lulu is a four-year-old beagle living in Orlando Florida and the inspiration behind the popular pet blog Life With Beagle. She was rescued from SPCA of Central Florida when she was six months old. Lulu loves chasing squirrels, being outside, stealing her owner's spot on the bed and food.

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  • Coby 4/30/14

    Posted by  on Tuesday, April 21, 2014

    This is my 2 1/2 year old chihuahua named Coby. A few years ago my longtime fur buddy was stolen from our home when we were out. I never thought I could get so attached to another pet after feeling such a huge loss. After what felt like an eternity I stopped by to our local animal shelter because I wanted to volunteer and take some doggies out for a walk. When I first laid my eyes on Coby, it was as if he knew me for years!

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  • Max 4/21/14

    Posted by  on Monday, April 21, 2014

    When our last little dog passed away my husband and I agreed that we would not have another dog, as we are getting on in years. I first saw a photo of Max on the DARG facebook page, and instantly fell in love. He is a Maltese cross and we believe he is about 8 years old. We adopted him the next day, and as it was obvious he had some health issues we took him to our vet, who said "take him back to where you got him from".

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  • Tequila 4/15/14

    Posted by  on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    Tequila is a four month old Havanese. She is friendly, loving and gets along with all humans and other animals that she meets. Tequila lives with a Lhasa Apso and two cats. She is very playful and loves to chase them and be chased.

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  • Keiki 4/8/14

    Posted by  on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    This is my mixed breed Maltese. Just a little Pekingese left in the bloodline. Her name is Keiki, pronounced Kay-key, which is Hawaiian for "baby". Keiki is very laid back, not a barker or jumper and an all around sweet dog.

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  • Archie 4/1/14

    Posted by  on Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    Archie is gentle, kind and loving to all people and animals of all shapes and sizes. He recently stayed by my brother's side while our home was on fire and he is one of the most loyal and devoted dogs you will every meet. Archie is a 65 lb full-bred English Bulldog and enjoys his belly rubs and chew toys.

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  • Zsa Zsa 3/24/14

    Posted by  on Monday, March 24, 2014

    This is our beloved Zsa Zsa. She is a 12 year old Rottie. Zsa Zsa has always been a youthful and vibrant girl who puts a smile on everyone's face as soon as she enters the room. On October 13, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, been through an amputation and has had to go through chemo treatments. Despite these obstacles, she is still as loyal and vibrant as ever!

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  • Precious 3/18/14

    Posted by  on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    I would love to nominate my pet for Pet of the Week because she is so precious, that's why I named her Precious! Precious is a purebred chihuahua and is extremely loving. She is only five weeks old and was a birthday gift from my oldest brother.

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