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Petsport Product

Petsport Firehose Flying Disk
Petsport Firehose Flying Disk

($8.50)  $5.99
Petsport Mini Firehose Flying Disk
Petsport Mini Firehose Flying Disk

($6.50)  $3.99
Petsport USA Laser Chase
Petsport USA Laser Chase

($7.99)  $3.49
Petsport USA Laser Chase II
Petsport USA Laser Chase II

($5.99)  $1.49
EntirelyPets Tuff Balls Tennis Ball (2.5")
EntirelyPets Tuff Balls Tennis Ball (2.5")

($1.39)  $0.99
Petsport USA Tuff Disk Dog Toy (Assorted Colors)
Petsport USA Tuff Disk Dog Toy (Assorted Colors)

($3.99)  $2.49
Petsport Bubble Blinker
Petsport Bubble Blinker

($3.99)  $2.99
Petsport Fido Flash
Petsport Fido Flash

($4.99)  $3.59
Petsport Crazer Laser Light Show Toy
Petsport Crazer Laser Light Show Toy

($6.99)  $4.99
Petsport Jr. Tuff Balls (2 pack)
Petsport Jr. Tuff Balls (2 pack)

($2.99)  $1.99
Petsport Tuff Balls (2 pack)
Petsport Tuff Balls (2 pack)

($3.99)  $2.99
Petsport Giant Tuff Ball - 4"
Petsport Giant Tuff Ball - 4"

($3.99)  $2.99
Petsport Tuff Blue Balls (2 pack)
Petsport Tuff Blue Balls (2 pack)

($3.99)  $2.99
Petsport Tug Max - Assorted
Petsport Tug Max - Assorted

($5.99)  $3.99
Petsport Fling Thing - Assorted
Petsport Fling Thing - Assorted

($3.99)  $2.99
Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk
Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk

($7.99)  $5.99
Petsport Bling Bling Blinkers (Assorted)
Petsport Bling Bling Blinkers (Assorted)

($5.99)  $1.39
The Flying Disk, industrial strength, durable toy is made from the same material that firemen use. It has an inner squeaker to entice your playful pooch to chase, jump and fetch. It floats in the water for lake or swimming pool use. Get ready for the best game of fetch your dog has ever played!

  • Large: 10"L x 9.5"W - great for medium to large breeds
  • 4.23 rating based on 13 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Petsport Firehose Flying Disk
    by Shawntel07/31/2014

    Very durable! My dog chews on it regularly and its still in one piece, unlike the majority of his toys.

    Great! by Pepper from Indiana10/04/2013

    We got the first one at Petsmart but they don't carry it now and found this on iine. Our pointer LOVES this.He's an old dog but dances like a puppy when we pick up this disc to throw it.

    Not as exciting as his flying disks by Watson's mom10/13/2013

    Good and sturdy but not as exciting as his flying disks though. Squeaker is a plus.

    Durable Toy by Carol from Florida12/30/2011

    My dog pretty much tears up any toy he gets! This one has been very indestructable so far.

    Firehose flying disk by ElCee from Louisburg NC08/11/2012

    The only frisbee my dog will chase and retrieve for hours. I only use it at the dog park-don't let her indiscriminately chew on it. It has lasted a year. Several folks at the dog park use tham and we all love them. Can't get them at the moment. Thank Goodness I have a spare until they start shipping them again. they are easy on the dogs mouth and lightweight. You throw them vertically...

    great toy by Myclara05/29/2013

    I had bought one of these for my new rescue, Karlee, she is puggle and english bulldog. Needless to say she likes to chew! This is made from a real firehose and the first one lasted one year. Your company was one of the best buys for this which I really appreciated because of the cost. It was not that easy to find and your company, along with the frontline plus I bought was a real savings. Thanx!

    Petsport Firehose Flying Disk small by BAK08/23/2014

    Very durable and easy for the dog to catch. They do collect the dirt easily but rinse off and dry quickly

    Never got my order by Lulu05/28/2012

    These toys are wonderful but I have yet to recieve my purchase.

    My dog loves these by Pattycakes from Michigan08/13/2013

    I used to be able to buy these at Pet Smart, but they quit carrying them. I have an Aussie who is a voracious chewer & this is one of the few toys that lasts. Once he gets them apart, he plays tug of war with his dad for hours. Glad to find them online. Thanks, Patty

    Flying Disk by Dog Mom03/11/2012

    Is very durable but does not fly straight. Would not order again.

    Great Toy! by brl6205/30/2013

    Our boxer mix likes these toys. It takes him a long time to get the squeakers out and he will still play with them.

    by from 09/18/2013

    I ordered the large size of the flying disk for my large dog. What I received was the mini version which is too small. When I went to return, they don't even have the item they are advertising in stock. If you can't trust what the site says, then how can you shop this site.

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    Fraying quickly by CB from Ohio03/04/2012

    Overall structure is holding up, but edges are fraying after first play session

    Great chew toy for serious chewers by Rebecca from Orlando, Fl02/25/2014

    I have a pit bull that makes shreds of any toy in minutes. These are literally the only toys worth buying for serious chewers. She loves them!

    The Best by Riley's Mom from Duluth, GA06/21/2013

    My golden retriever loves Frisbees. But the plastic toys break at first catch (make that first bite!). I got him a firehose flying disc when he was a baby and he played with it for years...until I left it at the dog park...dang it! So now I am going to get a new one / a red one for him (blue, especially when it gets old and a bit chewed on fades into the tall grass...). Anyway, I know he will be a happy guy playing with his new flying disc soon

    Featured Reviews for Petsport Mini Firehose Flying Disk
    Our Leos' Favorite Toys by 3RingCircus from Whidbey Island, WA12/09/2010

    Our two Leonbergers, Barnum and Bailey, love these flying disks. A local mega store sold out of these and never got any more in. This is a real find. Our two boys love these easy-to-pick-up toys. They play chase/catch me and race through the house after each other. That's two giant breed dogs racing through the house. They take them outside and play chase too. When they were younger the flying disks did not last as long as they do now.

    The chew toy that keeps giving! by Cha-Cha from Wichita, KS06/21/2013

    Years ago I found this product for sale at my local pet supply store. All they offered at the time were the larger sized disk. Through the years I've bought them for my miniature dachshunds. It was crazy good fun to watch my little dogs play and chew on those large triangular disks. My friends and family with larger dogs often commented on, and lusted for, these toys when ever they saw one of my dogs go after them. I would always end up giving the toys to the admirers. My friends would ALWAYS report back to me, how much their doggies loved the disk. It brought me great pleasure to share this toy experience with my friends and their dogs. I would immediately go back to my favorite pet store and pick up a new Firehose Flying Disk for my pups, to replace the ones we had given away. THEN,one day..... they were no longer there. YIKES! I went to every pet supply joint in town trying to find them. I couldn't believe it, no one else in town carried them. I was crest fallen. But then of course I remembered the internet. I found your site which offered both the large AND the mini sized disks. I quickly ordered 3 of the minis, this way I could comfortably give one or two away without leaving us short. I now wish I had purchased and additional 2 or 3 of the larger disks as well.( I see this as my next online purchase.) My pup loves the mini, but it was funnier to watch him grip & chew the larger ones. I highly recommend this durable chew toy for any sized dog. Not only does my dog enjoy chewing on this toy, he enjoys chasing after it when I toss it on its edge. Due to the triangular shape, it jig jags as it rolls making it even more inciting for a dog to chase. You should probably buy more than one; your friends and their dogs will covet them so much, you will be compelled to gift it to them, OR, they may just sneak off with it when you and your dog are looking the other way.

    Best Purchase Ever by softball sherry from Salem, OR12/26/2012

    I have two Jack Russell Terriers and this flying disk is their favorite toy; Lulu takes hers to bed with her every night and if I hide it she can smell it and finds it! This is the best toy you can buy for the money; it is made out of firehose material and extremely hard to tear! They shred their other toys immediately but not this toy!!! My lifesaver!!

    I love this toy! by valrydee12/26/2012

    This toy is made out of such super tough material that even when the two pups play tug a war with it, no damage, just lots of fun

    by from 05/28/2013

    These are loved by both dogs. They do float well and are very rugged. Squeeky toys buried inside stay there and have not been a choking concern.

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    Mini-firehose Fling Disc by Carol C. from Tucson, AZ.08/20/2012

    Best frisbee disk ever- and it floats in a pool. It is soft on dog mouths- floats through the air perfectly- however, my dogs have to be watched every minute, or they will chew it up-tough as the fabric is. I buy 4 a month- because I get distracted by a phone call, door bell, etc. When I return, they have waited until the disc floats to the side, nabbed it and chewed for the sqeakers. They will chase it until it is only a 2 inch square-and then they want to sleep with it. Favorite exercise toy.

    I would never throw this at/to/near my dog! by Lethie from Oregon09/12/2014

    This sounded like a cool little toy. My doggie loves to fetch (and catch) a ball and is quite good at it. This Mini Firehose Flying Disk is stiff/hard and not designed to "fly" very far. If it hit a dog in the face - or anywhere else - I would think it would hurt. My dog is a small breed. Maybe it wld work better with a larger breed for retrieving in the water? It states on the label "Caution! This is not a chew toy." I can't imagine a dog attempting to play with it without attempting to chew it - why else wld it have a squeaker inside? My dog was never exposed to this; not sure I'd expose any dog to it.

    Petsport Mini Firehose Flying Disk by BAK08/23/2014

    Small and easy for dog to catch. Very durable..first toy that has lasted more than a week with my heavy chewer

    Disappointed by archie02/01/2010

    I bought this toy for my 6 month old Boston Terrier and it was wrecked within the week. This product is a piece of junk and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    My dog LOVES this toy! by Clover from San Diego, CA12/10/2011

    I bought a similar toy in a pet store. At first, my pug didn't want to play with it, but once she learned how to fetch, she was hooked. This thing is like crack to her! And when we take her to the dog park and start throwing it, ALL the dogs want to play with it, too. It got a little ratty, so I wanted to get another, but could not find it anywhere else except for on this site. I ordered three. She loves the new one just as much as the ratty one. The sqeakers don't work in them, but it doesn't matter - that was never the draw in the first place. People say they have never seen a pug this active - it is because of this toy that she loves to chase!

    4th repeat order. pleased with the product. by nugget's mom from West Palm Beach, FL08/18/2012

    Made for the hearty chewers. The firehose disks are strong for the beating our little guy gives them. Strong enough for our many "tug of war" games. Certainly will re-order.

    Love it! by BC dog mom10/23/2011

    I love these for water retrievals - they fly easily, so dogs get more swim time; they float; and they are small enough that they don't cause "drag" while the dogs are swimming! Smaller size is best for this purpose.

    Great toy! by pfckcs07/16/2012

    The mini firehose flying disks are affordable, durable, and well liked by my gang. A good, solid toy. Great for teething puppies and adults that like to chew.

    Featured Reviews for Petsport USA Laser Chase
    Fun but fragile by JH04/27/2012

    The top opens easily letting the batteries fall out. Initially we found it open on the counter and put what we thought were all the batteries back in but it did not work well. Later we found one battery tucked under a piece of paper and placed it in. Product worked again. The top just twists off really easily. But super fun and a good bargain with all the extra batteries it comes with.

    bad choice by crystal clear from Peyton, CO12/12/2011

    When I got this the batteries were in it and they corroded all over, so I couldn't get it to work. It comes with 3 extra batteries, but that didn't do me any good.

    disappointed by viper12/21/2012

    very disappointed, the laser chase fell apart in one day

    Petsport Laser Chase. by Momcat from Las Vegas NV01/18/2012

    Very poor product-can barely see laser dot at all. Problem is too small a light/opening.Tried to file/enlarge light opening/hole to no avail.Bought one 7-8 years ago at Office Depot $9- still have it, bought batteries 2-3 times. Best part of this: new product/uses same batteries as old O.D. laser, so I got a supply of batteries for the sale price. Size great in hand, but neither cats nor I can see light dot.

    What a Deal! by makeup*your*life from San Juan Capistrano, CA12/13/2011

    The dogs and cats love this, and I love that it even came with an extra set of batteries!

    by Laura11/08/2012

    My dog (lab) LOVES this! When I stop using it she whines and tries to look for it under the furniture! Great for exercising them in the winter! Best of all it's cheap and she can't destroy this toy!

    Featured Reviews for Petsport USA Laser Chase II
    excellent toy for both cats and dogs by lea from Denver, Colorado12/06/2012

    My pets would play with this all day. The cats are particularly fascinated and delighted by this toy.

    Really good laser! by crystalclear from Peyton, CO12/12/2011

    Now this laser is a really good one. Had no trouble with it at all. Pippin loves it!

    Great Value by Lori from FL11/06/2013

    Bright, bold laser beam, my cats love chasing it!

    Eh. Mayb its a cat thing. by Kennay from Los Angeles, CA12/16/2012

    It was fun playing with it until my lab noticed where the light was coming from lol. lost interest in couple of seconds.

    You get what you pay for by Jen O from Portland, OR01/29/2013

    I bought the cheapest lazer pointer I could find. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" is true here. Within a day, the lazer pointer stopped working correctly. The light stops working while you're holding the button down and flashes in and out. Don't waste your money.

    Now, Mom? by CJ from Forestport11/30/2011

    Our kitty, Pudgey, sits and looks high & low to see if his light is going to show up, then looks at me as if to say, "Now, Mom?" He never tires of chasing the light.

    by from 10/23/2012

    great product! by Bryce02/03/2011

    My dog got to play a lot and he loved it. And its inexpensive.

    cheap by viper12/21/2012

    very disappointed the lasers fell apart the first day we got them

    Featured Reviews for EntirelyPets Tuff Balls Tennis Ball (2.5")
    great balls of fun by phillip from arizona02/14/2013

    love how these balls dont allow dogs to rip off felt easily. also color makes it easy to find in the yard even when slobbered on.

    decent by dogpills from delaware the first state01/25/2013

    bigger than reg tennis ball. dog like it. not as bouncey. durable.

    Tuff Balls are Tough! by mb1554 from near Chicago03/17/2011

    This is the first tennis ball that proclaims to be durable that actually can withstand the jaws of our black lab, Harry. He can chew through almost any ball or toy within seconds of us bringing it home from the store, and then seems bewildered that it is broken! I bought 2 of these and they have lasted at least 3 months-a new record for Harry. I would definitely recommend them for heavy chewers!

    Good by Mac from AL12/27/2013

    These last a lot longer than normal tennis balls with my dogs.

    Tuff.. but not tough enuf by BullyLove from NJ02/04/2012

    Well constructed but my staffy bull was able to pull it apart after about an hour of fetch. Not unexpected since she can destroy anything... I'm sure these will last if I don't let her chomp on them before giving them back for the next throw. Very happy that she was unable to pull of chunks and swallow them which is something she is prone to do with toys

    sending these to k9 units in afghanistan by smilnacres from wisc02/02/2012

    We haven't tried these yet to see if they are any stronger than regular tennis balls. We purchased these to send overseas to some army k9 units who we are supporting.

    Tuff Ball by kiki from West Palm Beach03/03/2013

    My pet was not interested in this ball and did not play with it

    Best Play Ball for Dogs by Scrapbooker4611/21/2011

    I have tried many types of balls for my dogs and this by far it the toughest. I have one dog that we play fetch with every single day, rain or shine. We have to replace more balls due to them being tossed over the fence then the dog breaking them. Entirely Pets is the best price too.

    Best Tennis Balls for Dogs! by mediasandy from media, pa02/17/2013

    Our dog MUST have a ball in her mouth at all times, sometimes even when sleeping. She doesn't love the rubber balls and regular tennis balls are done for within 24 hours. These last for days & days. I buy them by the case, as she LOVES getting a new ball even when the old one is still good.

    by from 08/18/2012

    I previously purchased Tuff Balls for my lab/springer spaniel 3 year old dog. They were extra hard & durable - lasting at least 2-3 months each.

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    Dog loves the balls by Mad12/17/2012

    Balls are wonderful and durable. He loves playing with them.

    baltos tennis balls by baltos mom from long island, ny01/01/2013

    balto loves them! loves them thrown far away or tossed in the air to catch. also loves to snuggle with them.

    A Winner!!! by Teka from Opelika,Alabama01/24/2013

    I did not think there was a ball in this world that Bandit, that's one of my other pets, Could not be tortured!! He is still playing with just one of the two balls i bought. It's amazing!! The name Tuff Balls really stands up to it's name. I know now where to buy his balls from, Thanks so much EntirelyPets for this product!!! Please keep in stock!!

    Tuff tennis balls by kel from Shakopee, MN01/01/2013

    Ball only lasted 10 minutes with a 9 month old Springer Spaniel. Not very Tuff! Would not recommend.

    Not so Tuff by Judy from CT10/21/2013

    My Belgian Malinois destroyed one of these in 20 minutes! Sorry, not a good choice for a workaholic dog.

    O.k by KS from Michigan03/14/2012

    My dog still seems to be able to tear up these "tuff" balls. Price was right tho.

    very good toys by lea from Denver, Colorado12/06/2012

    I like that they bounce a little, most dog balls don't bounce. My dog enjoys this ball a lot.

    Not Tuff Enough by timy from Mississippi12/17/2012

    My German Shepherd reduce this ball into pieces within half an hour unsupervised. I wanted these for "catch". At least the ball did not abrade her teeth! I admit the price was right (I bought 6).

    Not "Tuff" Enough! by DK12/15/2012

    I was SO EXCITED to receive these balls thinking they would be much much more preferable to the regular tennis balls. Not SO! As a matter of fact, they were MORE EASILY DESTROYED by my dogs than REGULAR tennis balls!! VERY DISAPPOINTED in this product!

    Better than regular ones by Labmom from AL08/02/2013

    These last longer than a normal tennis ball with my sister's lab. Still not totally indestructible, but at least last longer than 5 minutes!

    Terrible by Lushy02/09/2011

    It felt great with a hardness to it, but my pit/hound shredded this thing in half within a day. He's not a large dog, about 3' tall when sitting, 3' long and destroys everything expect his kong toy. I thought he wouldn't get this but how wrong I was. Don't waste your money.

    Featured Reviews for Petsport USA Tuff Disk Dog Toy (Assorted Colors)
    Good Purchase by Liz from Fort Lauderdale, FL01/14/2014

    One of my dogs loves to play frisbee, and these are good quality and string and durable, I recommend if your dog loves to play frisbee.

    Not TUF at all by Cin022 from Germantown, WI05/09/2013

    One catch and it cracked right away. I had to pull it away from the dog so that he wouldn't chew it to pieces. Very disappointed.

    Don't waste your money by cg12/17/2012

    This so-called tuff disk is no more resistant to bite marks than an average frisbee, which I get free at many places.

    awesome disc by Labmom from AL01/01/2013

    bought these as a gift for my sister's lab. Her regular discs which my sister buys as seconds last about a week....thus far, not scratches, splits, etc & as yet no mouth dings on the lab!

    frisbee by CECE from Missouri09/20/2013

    my girl loves to play frisbee so this was suitable and works fine not sure why such low stars we do also use soft ones as it does hit them in the face hard when they catch em

    Tuff Disk (not) by arfwoof11/14/2013

    Horrible disk for a large dog. Our German Shepard poked it full of jagged holes in under an hour - turned it into a large yellow cheese grater. You can imagine what it would do to her mouth if she were to actually catch it. I threw it in the trash the same day I received it before she could hurt herself.

    Not Bulldog Proof by Mac from AL12/27/2013

    This may be good for most dogs but it didn't last 5 minutes with my bulldog.

    Featured Reviews for Petsport Bubble Blinker
    not worth the purchase by Ally from MA05/05/2014

    the strength of the light was great. I could keep tabs on my gsp when he wander in the woods. The clip however broke within a week and the bulb somehow remained on and died out quickly. I'm still on the lookout for a sturdier item.

    Featured Reviews for Petsport Crazer Laser Light Show Toy
    Battery problem by Poppy from Ohio02/11/2014

    The Petsport Crazer Laser is a good product, but in the one that I had delivered to my home the original set of batteries didn't work. I replaced the batteries with the extra set and the laser worked.

    Featured Reviews for Petsport Fling Thing - Assorted
    Fling thing by Cin02 from Ohio06/23/2014

    This is a great toy for throwing. No need to get your hands dirty from the ball. Just grab onto the rope and throw. This is also a very durable toy. I use these toys while I train Obedience with my dogs as a reward for a job well done. They love them.

    Featured Reviews for Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk
    by trainloyalcompanions04/28/2014

    My Border Collie LOVES this disk! It is soft and flies great!

    Excellent toy for high energy dogs! by BC Mama from Madison,WI04/28/2014

    Cosmic Dog disc was a great product, with a great price. I didn't expect it to be so study and last so long since the price is about half of what other brands charge. My border collies will run for hours, playing with the Cosmic Dog Disk!

    Featured Reviews for Petsport Bling Bling Blinkers (Assorted)
    not worth the money..... by nmt07/18/2014

    We purchased 2 of the BLING BLING BLINKERS & both NEVER worked past the driveway....

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