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Pioneer Pet Products

Pioneer Pet Products

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design
Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

($71.99)  $53.99
Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic and Stainless Steel Fountains (3 pack)
Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic and Stainless Steel Fountains (3 pack)

($10.99)  $8.99
Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

($79.99)  $45.49

Pioneer Pet's Raindrop Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain offers your pet an enhanced drinking experience.

Raindrop continually circulates water, which attracts dogs and cats and promotes them to drink more regularly. A replaceable charcoal filter keeps the water healthier by making it clean and pure.

Stainless steel bowls are ideal for pets to help protect them from bacterial infection. The sleek design also fits perfectly with common kitchen décor. Raindrop is easy to take apart and is dishwasher safe. This drinking bowl has a hefty 60 oz capacity.

  • Drinking fountain circulates water to attract pets
  • Replaceable charcoal filter keeps water clean and pure
  • Stainless steel design protects pets from bacterial infection

  • Directions:
    Warning: When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should be followed, including the following:

    Read the instructions thoroughly before using appliance.

    To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when an appliance is used near children.

    Only use attachments recommended or sold by the manufacturer.

    Do not use outdoors. FOR INDOOR USE ONLY.

    Do not unplug by pulling on the power cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the power cord.

    Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any manner.

    For portable appliance - To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not place or store where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.

    Always unplug any appliance when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning. Never pull power cord to remove from outlet.

    Operating Instructions for your pioneer pet rain drop fountainRemove the top bowl
    Do not run dry, for indoor use only.

    As with any electrical device, check the electrical cord for any tears or damage before use.
    Remove top cover of the pump housing
    1. Rinse the filter cartridge thoroughly under cool water before placing into the pump housing. Rinse will remove a majority of the loose charcoal dust which is harmless to pets.
    Insert filter cartridge
    2. Remove the top bowl by placing your index fingers underneath front side of the top bowl and lift up from lower bowl. (Figure 1) Set top bowl off to the side.

    3. Remove the top cover of pump housing by pulling the button on the front and pull up the cover (Figure 2). After rinsing, insert the charcoal filter cartridge into the pump housing. The filter cartridge will fit into the frame of pump housing (Figure 3).
    Put the top cover of pump housing in place
    4. Put the top cover of pump housing in place. (Figure 4)

    5. Put the top bowl in place. (Figure 5)

    6. Place fountain in desired location. The use of a protective mat is suggested to protect your floor from splashes or drops which may occur during use by your pet.
    Replace the top bowl
    7. Fill the unit with water.

    8. Before you plug in the fountain, make sure the cord and your hands are dry.

    9. Please allow 1 to 2 minutes for pump to start pumping once plugged in.

    10. Add water as needed and always keep fountain filled with water to ½ inch from top edge of the bowl.

    Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions for Your Pioneer Pet Rain Drop Fountain
    The Fountain Must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning frequency depends upon number of pets using the fountain and quality of your water.

    Filter cartridges should be changed approximately every two to four weeks. FOR REPLACEMENT FILTER CARTRIDGES PURCHASE PART #3002 UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT FILTER (3PACK).

    Disassemble and clean the fountain approximately every one to two weeks using the following steps:
    Remove the top bowl
    1. Unplug the fountain.

    2. Remove the top bowl (Figure 6).

    3. Unplug the power cord from the transformer.

    4. Pull out the power cord of motor from the power cord riser. Remove the pump housing and set aside (Figure 7).
    Remove the pump housing
    5. Pour out remaining water from the bottom bowl.

    6. Remove power cord and motor and set aside.

    7. Wash lower bowl and top bowl with a warm water, mild soap solution and rinse well.

    8. Dry all fountain components with a clean towel.

    Reassembling and Restarting Your Fountain After CleaningFlow rate lever
    1. Make sure the motor flow rate is set to the second lowest position. (Figure 8).

    2. Change filter cartridge (please replace any filter cartridge over four weeks old). If using a new filter cartridge, first rinse the filter cartridge before use.

    3. Install the top cover of pump housing.
    Press pump housing down
    4. Re-install the pump housing in guides located in the inside of the lower bowl. Press pump housing down to allow the suction cups to attach to the bowl. (Figure 9)
    Thread the power cord
    5. Thread the power cord through the power cord riser. (Figure 10)

    6. Install the top bowl of fountain.

    7. Place fountain in desired location. The use of a protective mat is suggested to protect your floor from splashes or drops which may occur during use by your pet.

    8. Fill the unit with water.

    9. Plug the power cord with transformer.

    10. Before you plug in the fountain, make sure the cord and your hands are dry.

    11. Add water as needed.

    Motor MaintenanceRemove the top cover of the pump housing
    Cleaning the motor is essential to the longevity of the fountain as well as the cleanliness of the water.
    Remove the intake plate
    1. Unplug the fountain.

    2. Remove the top bowl from the lower bowl.
    Remove the stator
    3. unplug the power cord from transformer.

    4. Remove the top cover of pump housing and set aside. (Figure 11)

    5. Gently lift the motor out of the cavity of pump housing. Suction cups on the bottom of the motor will hold it in place. A small amount of force may be necessary.

    6. Once the motor is out of the fountain, with your thumb and forefinger, gently squeeze on either side of the intake plate, and pull off. It may be necessary to insert a fingernail into the seam of the inlet to pry it off. (Figure 12)

    7. Next you will need to remove the stator by placing your finger nail under the small lip located on the narrow side of tear drop shaped stator and pull out. (Figure 13)
    Remove impeller
    8. Once the stator is removed you can also remove the impeller (three bladed propeller) which is held in place magnetically. To remove the impeller, use a fingernail to get under a blade and lift out. (Figure 14)

    9. Rinse well.

    10. Once the parts are clean you can reassemble the motor for use by replacing the impeller, stator and cover plate.

    Manufacturer's Safety Instructions
    Do not allow pets or children to chew on or swallow any fountain parts. If you are concerned about the power cord, purchase a cord conduit or cord cover at any home improvement or hardware store.

    Do not attempt repairs on the motor yourself.

    If the plug of this device gets wet, turn off the electricity to that outlet. Do not attempt to unplug.

    To avoid the possibility of the plug or outlet getting wet, the outlet should always be above the level of the fountain.

    Examine this appliance after installation. It should not be plugged in if there is water on the cord of plug.

    Do not operate any appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, or if it malfunctioning or has been damaged.

    If an extension cord is necessary, a cord with a proper rating should be used.

    When being introduced to the Pioneer Pet Rain Drop Fountain, your pet may be cautious of this new source of water. After beginning operation of the fountain, allow your pet to adjust at his or her own pace. Some pets take a few days or sometimes a little longer to begin use.

    Your pet may prefer that the fountain be placed away from their normal feeding area. Try plugging it in somewhere else, like the laundry room, bathroom or another corner of the kitchen.

    In some cases, let the fountain sit unplugged until your pet starts to drink. Later you can plug the fountain in so that the water maintains its freshness.
    4.25 rating based on 8 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design
    by from 10/22/2012

    I bought this for my 4 cats and small dog-they all got used to it and were happily drinking from it within a few days. It is easy to clean and very good looking. I do unplug it at night to save a few pennies of electricity, but it is well worth the cost especially for my older cat who likes to drink a lot due to his kidney disease.

    the by filter from wereI


    Best Purchase Ever by Jan from Niangua, Missouri10/16/2013

    Mr. Peek A Boo, my 2yr. old cat loves this fountain and drinks from it more than he ever did the other fountains I had bought Thank you very much for this wonderful product.

    Nice but cats not interested by maumom from Seattle WA08/28/2013

    Not sure I can give it a rating at all. Nice looking, easy to set up and clean but our cats were just not interested. Neither likes to drink water and thought this would entice them. That did not happen. Sent it back. Maybe our cats are just hard to please.

    by grady & zoe's mom06/18/2013

    I really like that this fountain is made of stainless steel. I'm unsure of the filters, as I have found water mold under the filter compartment after only a few days after clean water & clean filter.

    From Bathroom Sink drinking to this...... by Lynda from Eugene, OR10/22/2012

    My newly adopted 4-year old cat continually jumped on the bathroom counter to drink (previously had urinary crystals). It was cute, and I was thankful he was drinking. My Vet suggested a water fountain. After reading on line about how stainless steel is much more sanitary, I purchased this one. It only took a couple of days for him to enjoy water "whenever" he was in the mood -- and OFTEN. Now, he jumps on the bathroom counter -- I turn on the faucet -- he looks and jumps down to use the water fountain!

    cleaning equipment by stella from Dallas, TX02/01/2014

    I have 6 dogs and everything ends up in the fountain! Finally, it stopped working and after reading the instructions for cleaning the motor (great on-line instructions) it is now working!!!!! My dogs love the fountain and I have to refill it twice a day!

    Quiet! by sjmartyn from Waipahu, Hawaii02/19/2013

    This water fountain is so quiet that I forget it is there. I was a bit disappointed by the size (I thought it'd be bigger), but my 2 cats don't seem to mind.

    wish i could return this by mondo from NY12/06/2012

    My pet will not go near this fountain even though he has had various types of water fountains since he was a kitten,and is used to them. Not this one, and it is not returnable. A total waste of money. It is also very noisy, as well as something that my pet won't even attempt to drink from.

    by from 08/07/2013

    I bought this fountain for my rescue cat, because her previous owners had taught her to jump up and drink out of the bathroom faucet.

    wanted by that from freshI


    some by time from toIt


    Featured Reviews for Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic and Stainless Steel Fountains (3 pack)
    Pioneer Replacement Filters for Ceramic Fountains by lovelandteach from Colorado04/09/2013

    These appear to work well, other than some of the carbon leaking out into the water dish.

    My cats love the clean water by Jen from Laurence Harbor NJ08/05/2013

    My 2 cats love their water fountain and drink from it all the time. The filters are easy to replace and last a whole month, so a good value.

    Great for cats by Fred from Rochester,NY05/10/2013

    My cat since I bought the Pioneer Fountain with the filters is drinking more water. The filter keeps the water fresh for a few weeks.

    GreatProduct. by Jan from Niangua, Missouri10/16/2013

    Great filters,less carbon and the design is much easier to use.

    great drinker by George from Iowa09/26/2013

    Easy to put in filters. Cats love drinkers

    Filters for our wonderful fountain by Lynda from Eugene, OR12/05/2012

    I am so pleased with the water fountain -- as are my felines. Want to keep them healthy and "drinking," so fresh filters every 2 weeks are a must. Your price is great on these and so are easy to keep on hand.

    Featured Reviews for Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
    Sturdy and Strong! by AuntDi'sCats from Fairfield, PA01/25/2013

    Bought this to replace one I've had for many years that was finally on its last leg. This is very well-made, sturdy and strong and looks like it will hold up well in my multi-cat household (currently four). Stopped the declawing practice years ago and needed something to save the furniture legs and banisters. Didn't even need catnip - had an interested cat right out of the box, before I even got the base on!

    Very impressive! by Kikikobe from Huntington Beach, CA03/03/2014

    I volunteer at an animal shelter and one of the long time ladies there mentioned how wonderful this type of scratching post was. Even though it may be a little more expensive, it lasts forever she said. So, since I am tired of replacing raggedy scratching posts made of 'straw rope' I decided to try one. I have 5 cats and 1 of them would never use the post only my furniture for scratching. Now she and the other 4 all use this post. They love it. Especially the height, they love to stretch out on it.

    Our Cat Won't Touch This by JeanM from Pennsylvania11/14/2013

    Our cat shredded her previous scratching posts, and has never met furniture that she doesn't like to destroy, but she will not touch this scratching post. She sniffed it when it first arrived, but that's about it. I took her feet and rubbed them on the post to show her what to do with it, but no interest. Maybe I'll rub it with some catnip! It's a shame because it seems like a nice product, but was a waste of money for us.

    great purchase! by 7mascotas from Los Angeles, CA10/08/2013

    My cats love this - they scratch the post instead of my furniture. The sisal is wonderful. I think it is one of the best looking posts, too.

    Best cat scrathing post ever by Dr. Sax from Little Rock, AR07/25/2013

    This is a replacement of a similar product. Because it is a tall (32") post, it gives our cats the opportunity to really stretch and scratch. It's almost comparable to their being outside and using a tree. All the others we've tried are entirely too short. They also love the sisal rope wrapping. We are just delighted with this scratcher and will replace when necessary with the same style. Thanks for having this available.

    Extra Tall Scratching Post by Skipper's Mom from Northeast Georgia Mountains05/06/2013

    This is a good scratching post for larger cats as many posts are too short. So far I am having difficulty getting my three year old male cat to switch to using this post instead of couch and chair arms. He is so big he starts scratching on top of the arms and works his way down. I think a different covering on the post and maybe a horizontal instead of vertical wrap would make it more appealing. If I had bought this a few years ago he might have been more inclined to use it.

    Great Exerciser by 4purzlady from Oracle, AZ04/28/2014

    Was not sure the cats would use this product, but wanted to give it a try. They all like it, but I noticed they used it just as much when it was in a horizontal position before I added the base. Really gives them a good stretch.

    best scratching post by stevo from long island new york07/09/2013

    I have a large ragdoll cat who loves this scratching post. It is heavy enough so he con't tip it over.

    very good quality worth the price by CatDogMom01/31/2014

    These are very well made and the thickness is nice as some of our cats climb it and then sit on top. Twice I had bought one of these SmartCat scratching posts at a local shelter and each time it survived our four cats for years. Recently we had decided to take off the old sisal mat and put on new ourselves. That taught us how well made these are and how well-anchored the sisal mat is into the post. It was a huge pain in the *** to do ourselves so we decided we would buy another new. This site had a crazy sale they emailed me once and so I jumped at the chance to buy this post. It once again is a real champ, a very high quality product. BTW sometimes I rub catnip into it to re-spark interest, or I pet my cat when they scratch it.

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