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Planet Dog Fetch Toys

Planet Dog Toys are great for all pets! Their line of toys are top notch, it's made extremely durable, bouncy, and buoyant. It also features a minty-scent that pets love.

Orbee Tuff FETCH Ball w/ Rope - GREEN/PINK Asstd
Orbee Tuff FETCH Ball w/ Rope - GREEN/PINK Asstd

($18.99)  $13.95
Orbee Tuff Holiday Toys
Orbee Tuff Holiday Toys

Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - MEDIUM
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - MEDIUM

($14.95)  $11.95
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - LARGE
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - LARGE

($16.99)  $14.45
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - SMALL
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - SMALL

($8.99)  $6.95
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - MEDIUM
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - MEDIUM

($14.95)  $11.95
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - LARGE
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - LARGE

($15.99)  $14.45
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Football
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Football

($19.99)  $14.95
Orbee Tuff Ball Pink/Blue - MEDIUM
Orbee Tuff Ball Pink/Blue - MEDIUM

($14.95)  $11.95
Orbee Tuff Ball Pink/Blue - LARGE
Orbee Tuff Ball Pink/Blue - LARGE

($16.99)  $14.45
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - SMALL
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - SMALL

($8.99)  $6.95
Planet Dog Mazee - Green
Planet Dog Mazee - Green

($22.99)  $16.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Orbee Ball
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Orbee Ball

($14.99)  $10.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow for Good Ball
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow for Good Ball

($11.99)  $8.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Soccer Ball
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Soccer Ball

($23.99)  $17.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball Dog Toy
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball Dog Toy

($14.99)  $10.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff with Treat Spot - Raspberry
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff with Treat Spot - Raspberry

($7.99)  $5.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Cosmos Ball 5" - Orange
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Cosmos Ball 5" - Orange

($16.99)  $12.99
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop - Assorted
Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop - Assorted

($16.99)  $12.99
Orbee Tuff Fetch Ball is amazingly durable, bouncy, buoyant and mint-scented. 1-2-3 FETCH! It's the perfect fetch ball.
4.40 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff FETCH Ball w/ Rope - GREEN/PINK Asstd
The best toy for my dogs! by Grandma Nancy from Republic, MO01/10/2013

My dogs absolutley love this toy. My dog, Bo does NOT like the girls to play with this because it is his toy. It is very sturdy and a fun toy for the dogs. I will get another so the girls can play too!

by Angie11/23/2012

I use this toy as a reward for my male dog, who isn't that interested in treats but will do ANYTHING for a ball. The ball is on the soft side but is holding up well. The rope is only about seven inches long, which could be a problem if your dog isn't very discriminating with his bite, but you could always string a new rope through if needed.

best ball by kf09/13/2009

i have a very large pit bull who doesnt stop fetching for hours and hours. Tennis balls dont stand a chance with him but this ball holds up for months. He compresses it endlessly and fetches nonstop this is HIS favorite ball and refuses any other! Worth every penny!

Not what I expected by Kate12/12/2011

I ordered this ball for my dog that is obsessed with tennis balls to use in the house so I don't have to touch the sloberry ball to throw it for her. I was under the impression that this was an actual tennis ball on the rope and not a plastic, rubbery ball. I am not sure she will play with it that much since it is not a tennis ball.

Really Durable Ball!! by RB06/10/2008

My bulldog had destroyed every type of ball we got her. She loves this ball, and it has stood up to her chewing for hours!! Highly recommend if you have a powerful chewer.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - MEDIUM
med orande orbee tuff ball by Gail Fouts07/10/2008

My female standard poodle saw me open the package with the ball in it and she saw it before I could show her. She grabed it and ran and played keep it away from the larger male standard poodle. She loves it and is guarding it at the moment. Thanks

Problem by Kate from Florida11/23/2012

My small (19) pound dog quickly peeled off some of the exterior patches. She had both the orange and the blue/green ball. I no longer use them. She didn't get to peel much as I took the balls away right away.

by jimmy from st. helen, mi.07/15/2013

our dog loves this ball. i needed a ball that was tough and this one sure is. he plays with it constantly.i recomend it highly for large breeds.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - LARGE
Great toy for a chewer by witch of the west from Boise, Id.10/30/2011

The ball has managed to withstand the jaws of Bear--part Rottweiler--and he loves it!

better construction by Daisy's Mom11/11/2008

We have been using Orbee World balls all of Daisy's 5 years. She is a rambuncious yellow lab with jaws of steel. The new design ball in orange and white seems to be standing up better thatn the green and blue ones which fell apart immediately.

Dogs love it by Berner Guy from MI03/12/2013

This is our 5 one, all still in goood shape, hold up well. Had to evewryone their own ball. Float, fun in the water

Love This Ball by Bon07/01/2012

Our two Goldens love this ball! Actually, we have two of these balls--which is a good thing--the "pups" play with these great balls all the time. The Orbee large sized balls are great for the big dogs, bounce in unpredictable directions, glow in the dark, hold treats and hold up to those strong Golden teeth and jaws! They're easy to keep clean. What more could you and your pups want!! Our other canine friends will be receiving these as gifts!.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - SMALL
So Fun by gracelu04/22/2011

So funny, my dog loves the ball so much! The ball very flexible, but also irregular bounce, so my dog is very excited!

Great durable non-toxic dog toy by Green Doggie from Los Angeles, CA12/02/2012

I have a collection of Orbee Tuff dog toys and the ball is a favorite around here. I run a dog boarding home and this ball has withstood close to 2 years of doggie guests chewing on it day after day. The green continents are just now starting to come loose around the edges. We have a husky who is dead set on peeling the continents off of the globe. The dogs like that it bounces in all different directions and it floats. Yay!

TUFF by jack from Maryland08/09/2012

Is indeed a tuff ball.Only one I've found that can stand up to our terriers teeth.

by Maria12/18/2012

Great little ball with good bounce. Has an opening to put small size treats inside the ball for your dog to get some challenge and mental stimulation.

durable favorite! by Barbara02/04/2009

My dogs love this ball. They are power chewers, and have been working on this ball for years, yet it shows almost no signs of wear. It has outlasted countless rubber balls, and remains bouncy, elastic, and intact. I think this is a great toy, and so do my dogs.

Good and Bad by Dawn Todero05/16/2009

My boston terrier loves this ball, but she had all the country decals ripped off within an hour of getting it. She still likes it although its just a blue ball now. I don't think it should get 5 out of 5 chompers if my 20 pound dog can rip all the decals off in an hour.

by from 10/11/2013

My wife brought one of these home from Chuck and Dons for our 75 pound Golden Doodle and he loved it.

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Their Favorite Ball by KGB from Altadena CA12/17/2013

I have two dogs that love this ball. I had to buy one for each of them. If the big dog had it in its mouth, the little dog would bark until I took it from the other dog to give to him. Hence, I have to have several on hand.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - MEDIUM
Decent item by boston112/10/2012

Ball serves its purpose as a chew toy, but all of the designs fall off quick and my dog tried to eat them.

Great For Any Dog by Angie & Shannon from Italy01/15/2011

The most durable, chewy, bouncy and fun ball available for dogs. It has been a great product for our Boston Terrier, who is an aggressive chewer, and our Pit Bull, who is highly active. We would recommend this product to anyone!

by from 11/04/2011

These Orbey Balls are fantastic. My dogs love them and, althouh the Orbey Balls are now dented adn scarred, the balls appear nearly indestructible.

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Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - LARGE
Great for Chewers by bfllovesdogs from Davis, CA11/06/2012

Planet Dog balls are the only ones I buy for my labrador retriever. Although he did manage to take apart "the world" on this ball, the ball itself has stayed intact. He absolutely loves it! It is his favorite.

by from 12/20/2012

I WILL NOT EVER ORDER FROM ENTIRELY PETS AGAIN!!!I have not received my items ordered on Nov. 28th! It is now Dec. 20th. I did received an email that one item was on back order....but they have NOT sent the other item which is a joint supplment used for a very old dog that really needs it.

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Great!!! by thetotalhorse1503/23/2011

I love these toys.... very durable worth the money... my dogs LOVE them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great value for super-aggresssive chewers by Linguisticat from Bay Area, CA01/19/2010

My sister-in-law recommended Orbees to me after her golden/lab mix (which had demolished several Kongs in a few days) failed to damage it despite vigorous attempts to do so. The blue "seas" on the Orbee Tuff Ball are firmly attached to the interior ball. Even though my most aggressive chewer was eventually able to lift a bit away from the interior, it took him months to get it started and then a lot more time to grab more. I was able to trim away larger portions and give the ball back safely because he couldn't tear it apart enough to swallow it. When I finally removed the last of the outer shell, the green interior ball was still safe to play with. I keep a selection of different toys so my smart dogs don't get bored and destructive - Orbees are something I always like to have on hand for a variety of chewing needs.

Worst purchase ever by Snowbird03/04/2013

My dog peeled off the continents from this globe ball within an hour. They are glued on it probably, but easily com off. The toy not only useless, but could be a choking hazard.

Featured Reviews for Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Football
Planet dog football by Poohbean01/01/2012

Absolutely love these footballs, but do not quite last long enough with heavy chewers

Indestructible by Berner & Peke lover from Quiet Corner, CT01/05/2010

I got this for my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. He ruined all his toys in minutes. He also eats everything he can get his teeth into. He has had this about a month and it looks brand new. He usually needs someone playing with him to use it, but he will settle down and chew on it after playtime. It seems like it will last a lifetime. It also bounces funny when you throw it which can be a riot with a puppy. Highly recommend.

Doggy football by witch of the west from Boise, Id.10/30/2011

This was a touchdown with both Rusty and Bear. More of a challenge than a tennis ball!

This is the best football by Gary in MD from Maryland12/08/2010

I have tried many doggy footballs,and this is the absolute best. It really is incredibly tough -- my two giant schnauzers use them as tug toys and the balls are still intact after months of abuse. They throw well and bounce great. I have several because I always have to have one around to toss, no matter where we are in the house or yard. The only thing to complain about is the laces, which come off pretty quickly, so I just pull them off -- no big deal, the ball is just fine without them. And the ball does get a bit slimy when it's been in their mouth, but that's not really the ball's fault. Finally, they would be easier to find in the bushes if they were a brighter color... again, not really the ball's fault. But overall, an awesome product.

Still the best doggie football out there by Gary from Maryland01/28/2012

Following on to my earlier review, these are still the best doggie footballs out there. I have tried most of the other rubber, plastic, tennis ball or plush footballs, and these are the best for throwing, plus they bounce great and hold up really well even when big dogs have tugs of war with them. They don't have that rubber smell/taste that causes my dogs to ignore kong toys (they have a mint smell). My boy won't go anywhere without one of these balls, he carries them around in his mouth like big, fat stogies. My only small quibbles are that I still wish they would get rid of the laces (I have to take them off anyway) and that they would make them a brighter color, so I can find them easier when they bounce into the bushes.

GREAT TOY by PGHDK11/07/2012

This is great for throwing, catching and stuffing with treats for long lasting enjoyment!!

Good purchase by canyon03/19/2012

This is good for the dogs that put holes in everything - I just wish I would have gotten a larger one. Very durable!

Love this football! by 3dognite10/22/2012

This football is very durable and I love the crazy bounces it makes. My beagle/bulldog loves this toy. Finally found a football that he can't destroy so far.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Pink/Blue - MEDIUM
Best Ball Ever! by kz09/18/2013

This ball is indesctructable. Every ball we got for the dog has been chewed up wthinin a day. This ball is pliable, just right for the mouth of a medium size dog (medium ball) and the dog can chew all day without chewing it to pieces. She even sleeps with it in her mouth. Her favorite thing is to have you throw it in the pool so she can jumb into get it. With the holes in either end it floats. It's the best ball ever!!

the best by max from new england07/14/2012

these are the best tasting and best chewing and best throwing and best colors - I made my best friend buy two of them for me. I never thought anything could beat a plain old tennis ball, but I love my orbee so much, I try to take it with me everywhere I go!

Tuff Ball by P Metz from Palatine, Il10/14/2011

Great texture and durability the Tuff Ball is another excellent throw toy. A dog can chew inferior balls to pieces but the Tuff Ball will last time after time. I give it a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

Colorful tough ball by suejojo from Wautoma, Wi.08/14/2012

My girl really loves her colorful ball. AND it's as tough as you advertised. Thank you!!

4 Paws down by Dre09/19/2013

It took my dog less than 5 minutes to bite this ball in half. Needless to say very disappointing especially for the price.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Pink/Blue - LARGE
Great Dane Proof by Great Dane Momma from Grand Rapids, MI01/17/2012

I was a little concerned about this purchase since my 20 month great dane loves to pull toys apart. When it arrived, my initial estimate was 2 days before she destroyed it. It has been a month and is now her FAV toy. It's squishy and she can toss it herself. She hasn't even punctured it. The only fault I have with it is the blue designs on the ball. She has managed to pull some of them off.

Great Value by geneg56 from Williston, FL01/23/2011

This is a tough ball. I just bought my second in 7 years. Used and abused by 6 dogs 25 to 90 pounds.

by from 05/06/2013

This is a great product. My dog destroys everything! But, this she has not been able to tear apart. She enjoys the way it bounces and she likes to carry it around in her mouth.

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Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - SMALL
Orbee Tuff Balls ROCK by JRTsDoItAll01/09/2012

Two of my three dogs ADORE these balls! Great size for small/medium sized dog mouths, squishy and the "continents" on the globe give you some grip!

What a ball! by KGB from Altadena CA12/17/2013

Two of my dogs are addicted to this ball. One of them takes it everywhere he goes. He has to have it or he won't eat his meals. He takes it to bed with him. Bought several of these so he doesn't go nuts when he loses one.

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