Premier Collars & Leashes

Premier Collars & LeashesPremier Collar and Leash for DOGS is made of high quality material that is durable and comfortable for your pets. They come in different sizes and cool colors that perfectly suit your pet's need. All Premier Collars look great and are built to last.

Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6 ft - Royal Blue
Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6 ft - Royal Blue

($10.99)  $5.29
Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6 ft RED
Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6 ft RED

($6.99)  $5.29
Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6ft Black
Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6ft Black

($6.99)  $5.29
Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Black
Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Black

($10.99)  $7.99
Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Red
Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Red

($10.99)  $7.99
Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Royal Blue
Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Royal Blue

($10.99)  $7.99
Premier Collar ( 3/4 inch )
Premier Collar ( 3/4 inch )

($7.99)  $6.09
The Premier Collar ( 1 inch )
The Premier Collar ( 1 inch )

($8.95)  $6.99
Premier Pet Leashes (3/4" x 6 ft) are simple nylon leads that are made from a soft, durable nylon with heavy duty stitching. This leash features a comfortable loop for your hand at one end, a secure snap bolt clip for your dog at the other. A simple yet quality lead in great colors. 6 feet long and 3/4 inch wide.
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6 ft - Royal Blue
Worth the money by Kathy from Sacramento, CA10/23/2012

Well worth the money if not more. Just like the ones you would spend 10.00 or more for in a pet store.

Featured Reviews for Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6 ft RED
Darn good leash by NeedaNap11/17/2012

So far so good. We inherited a dog from a neighbor and she chewed through the first two leashes we put on her while trying to get her and the other dogs ready for a walk. The third one (this one) has been spared the same fate. Good width for a lab sized dog. It seems to be durable. Price was great.

Featured Reviews for Premier Pet Leash 3/4 x 6ft Black
leashes by emma1dyna from Massachusetts06/02/2013

I purchased 3 of these leashes and the quality if great for a very good price

Featured Reviews for Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Red
Nice lightweight leash by AandK from Washington DC07/27/2013

Very good leash - works well with the Sensible Harness for my 42lb Husky mix.

Premier Pet Leash by sec1176 from Virginia Beach, VA06/13/2014

Great leash. Strong and durable. It is thick enough that it does NOT cut into your hand if your dog pulls at all.

Not as expected by graciesmom from Houston, TX08/13/2013

You can not tell the quality or lack there of from the photo online. The leash material is very thin and I have a large dog. I was expecting it would be a more substantial material.

Featured Reviews for Premier Pet Leash 1 x 6 ft Royal Blue
Light leash by ML10/13/2011

Nice leash. They are very light. Good price.

Featured Reviews for Premier Collar ( 3/4 inch )
Premier Collar by MK from Dahlonega Ga11/15/2013

Had I known that this collar had the quick release connection I never would have bought it. All previous Premier Collars I've purchased had a continuous nylon loop that was adjustable via a slide mechanism. The only reason I kept the purchase was that I needed it for an obedience class.

Quality Collar by KJ from Wyoming10/23/2012

I liked that this collar is all nylon and metal, no plastic parts to break. It is a good weight to be strong, yet not bulky. I'm considering a second one for my bigger dog.

safe by meta11/16/2011

I work with rescue and each of our dogs that comes to us in rescue has a Premier collar so we know it is safe. this collar keeps a dog from pulling and slipping out of the collar yet it is a gentle way to keep a dog safe.

Great collar!!! by Danielle Yenna04/18/2008

I am a firm believer that chain choke collars are not good for any dog...however the Premier dog product line offers a great collar that gives me, a large dog owner, great control over my dog. Without any worries that I might hurt his throat or irritate his skin and coat!!! Thank you so much! but my I suggest that I would like to be offered to personalize it as well....Just a thought!!

Greatest Collar Ever by Basenji Mom from Monroe, NC11/24/2011

This is collar is by far the best collar I've ever used on any of my dogs. The breeder recommended the collar to me when I bought my first Basenji. In fact, it came in his "adoption basket". The collar is comfortable for Benji (when he's not tugging) and it is also escape-proof (for when he's determined to pursue what he shouldn't be pursuing). I would recommend this collar to anyone who has a dog that is a little bit on the rambunctious side (of which Basenjis definitely qualify). It's simply a great collar that gets the job done.

by Heather10/23/2012

I was told this product was on back order and never received it.

Highly Recommend! by Peewee04/12/2011

This collar gives you a safe way to lead a scared dog. They cannot choke on it, they cannot back out of it, yet it slides right on and off with human help. Plastic latch buckles break.

Hatfield Control Collar by kylee33 from South Mills, North Carolina10/02/2010

For one thing this collar has no directions as to how to use it! I am assuming that you just slide it over the pet's head? I would really like to hear from this company, because my granddaughter opened these products (collar and leash) and now I cannot return them, so I am stuck with them! I would rather have my money back, so that I may purchase another type of collar and leash!

Featured Reviews for The Premier Collar ( 1 inch )
Love the Premier Collars by Love Dogs11/08/2011

I volunteer at our local ARL. These are the only collars we use. I am very pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product.

Premier Dog Collar is great by shanon06/12/2008

I bought this for my young lab cross and it's fabulous. It allows me to correct him on a leash and it really doesn't allow him to escape. If he lunges forward to chase something, he corrrects himself and has learned quickly. I love it. Plus, because it's nylong, it's soft.

Premier Collars are Great by Critter House01/25/2015

High quality. Fit well. Dogs like them. Generally safe since they can be removed easily.

Best dog collars made by bassetlover from Spokane, WA.01/12/2012

These are the only collars I use on my dogs,they slip out of regular ones. Love them.

Worst collar I've ever seen. by tedsdad06/03/2011

I ordered this collar for my dog. When it arrived I was surprised by the poor design and would not use this on my dog. There is no quick release for fast removal. That's right, no buckle, no clip. This is a choke collar and not one I would use on a dog. The collar was not advertised as a choke collar and I will never order from entirely pets again. Sorry, but I feel I've been had. Gary Ramsdell Barrington N.H.

good purchase by viper12/21/2012

looks like good quality but my daughter says she won't use it, she don't like it, she just doesn't understand how it works

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