Proflora Probiotic

Proflora™ ProbioticsProflora™ Probiotics for dogs and cats help support digestion and overall pet health. Proflora helps maintain a healthy probiotic balance in the digestive system. Contains live (viable) microorganisms. Use daily to help populate your dog's or cat's GI Tract with beneficial bacteria that assists in digestion, ability to absorb nutrients, and overall immunity.

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Proflora Probiotic for Dogs (30 Servings)
Proflora Probiotic for Dogs (30 Servings)

($25.99)  $16.99
3-PACK Proflora Probiotic for Dogs (90 Servings)
3-PACK Proflora Probiotic for Dogs (90 Servings)

($59.99)  $48.99

($16.33 Each)

Proflora Probiotic for Cats (30 Servings)
Proflora Probiotic for Cats (30 Servings)

($25.99)  $16.99
3-PACK Proflora Probiotic for Cats (90 Servings)
3-PACK Proflora Probiotic for Cats (90 Servings)

($59.99)  $48.99

($16.33 Each)

Soft Chews

Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (60 Count)
Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (60 Count)

($19.99)  $14.99
3-PACK Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count)
3-PACK Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count)

($51.99)  $41.99

($14.00 Each)

6-PACK Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (360 Count)
6-PACK Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (360 Count)

($113.99)  $81.99

($13.66 Each)

Proflora Plus Probiotic Soft Chews (60 Count)
Proflora Plus Probiotic Soft Chews (60 Count)

($22.99)  $15.99
3-PACK Proflora Plus Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count)
3-PACK Proflora Plus Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count)

($64.99)  $44.99
6-PACK Proflora Plus Probiotic Soft Chews (360 Count)
6-PACK Proflora Plus Probiotic Soft Chews (360 Count)

($125.99)  $87.99

Proflora Probiotic for Dogs is a probiotic supplement that provides for and helps maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your dog's digestive tract. Use daily to help populate your dog's GI tract with beneficial bacteria that assists in digestion, ability to absorb nutrients, and overall immunity. Proflora Probiotic for Dogs supports normal digestion upset by food intolerances like poor diet or by antibiotics. Intended for supplemental feeding along with your dog's regular diet.

When administered daily, 200 million CFU of beneficial bacteria and the prebiotic, inulin, work to help your dog's gastrointestinal tract have the proper balance of healthy microorganisms. This special formulation contains 4 strains of live (viable) bacteria cultures that assist in healthy digestion and regularity and promotes intestinal well being.

The chicken liver flavor that dogs find tasty makes this probiotic easy to administer, while it supports the protective layer of the bowel and bowel health so that your dog can maintain normal stool consistency. Simply sprinkle over or mix with food and Proflora Probiotic for Dogs helps maintain proper microflora in the GI tract. This box comes with 30 doses of the supplement in individual packets.

Key Features:
  • Contains 200 million CFU of beneficial bacteria
  • 4 unique strains of probiotics for optimal balance of microflora
  • Includes prebiotic inulin to work synergestically with probiotic blend
  • Comes with 30 packages of 1-gram doses to mix into your dog's food

  • For Use In: Dogs
    Sprinkle packet daily on top of your dog's food. Give 1 packet daily. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
    Guaranteed Analysis per Packet (1 g):
    (All values are minimum quantities unless otherwise stated.)
    *Lactic Acid Bacteria (Enterococcus Faecium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Casei) 2x108 CFU**/g
    ** Colony forming units
    *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
    Ingredients: Chicken Liver Meal, Maltodextrin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sugar, Salt, Silicon Dioxide, Inulin, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Plantarum Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Ferrous Sulfate, Taurine, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate.
    5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Proflora Probiotic for Dogs (30 Servings)
    Will buy this product again. by Mollylena from Laurel, DE01/16/2015

    Katy was throwing up and had very loose stools but since using Proflora all that has been gone. She is keeping everything down and her stools are much more solid. Great product.

    Featured Reviews for Proflora Probiotic for Cats (30 Servings)
    works as well as higher priced product by phylnow from Erie Pa01/16/2015

    This helped with loose stools my cats had issues with. They liked the product, and it is less expensive than other products.

    Featured Reviews for Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (60 Count)
    by lr from nv01/17/2015

    Something weird wwas sticking out from one of the chews. It looked like twine. I emailed the company and did not hear back from them.

    terrible service. by abby06/05/2012

    I ordered this product 2 weeks ago and still don't have it. Now they want me to write a review. Their service sucks! I will never order from Entirely Pets again.

    Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews by Phil1336 from Key West, FL03/13/2013

    Been using the Purina Powder Envelopes of FortiFlora before I gave these (chews) a try. So far appears to work just as good and my Golden doesn`t mind the taste. Think I will stick with the Chews as long as she takes them willingly. Also, a bit less expensive as well.

    by from 08/20/2012

    OK, so after spending a small fortune on Proviable DC at the vet's office, I found them here at a reasonable price. But the stock became unreliable. Meaning I couldn't always get it when I needed them. So, frustrated they were YET AGAIN out of stock... I tried these.

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    Good product by Cockermom from Dallas, TX08/14/2013

    Comparable to the expensive Forti-Flora. Seems to help my dog.

    Seems to work but hard to chew by Sandysue from Virginia09/18/2014

    I had trouble with this product because my little dog can't chew it. He is a daschund and had has some teeth pulled so he had a hard time since they are chewable but very hard. I tried crumbling them up into his food and his digestive issues have improved enough to reduce his medication by half after only a few doses so it does appear that they are helping. I just have to be creative to get him to eat them.

    no more doggy farts by Mj from Sedona, AZ03/10/2014

    started giving my Corgi these after a round of antibiotics... much as I would do for myself... and have been pleasantly surprised by her tummy's reaction. NO MORE DOGGIE FARTS! Not only do I feel good about replacing the heathy bacteria in her gut, but the "side effect" has been totally worth it as well. And she LOVES them. It's her special treat in the morning after her long walk of the day.

    a big help by Gitanjali from India11/23/2012

    My lil cocker spaniel adorable puppy had one little problem - stomach gas. This lead to the room smelling rather unpleasant as she lay by my side when I was watching tv or sleeping. This is my second packet of Proflora. I found the first packet so helpful in resolving this problem that I have decided to continue her on this.

    reasonable by JD07/31/2012

    easy to give, good price, keeps their tummies in good condition.

    Great treat and healthy too! by JamKirch from Sacramento, ca03/19/2012

    This is one of those taste good yet healthy treats. My dogs love them. I have two boxers that both have very bad gas and this has helped a lot with that smelly issue. I have also noticed a difference in the dogs coats as well, they seam to be more smooth. Great product!

    Great product..... by Claud01/08/2013

    I started giving Proflora to my dalmatian about 3 wks ago and it completely cleared up her problems.....primarily gas and soft stools.

    Corrected Digestive/intestinal issues.... by ADalsmom from Tampa, FL02/25/2013

    My Dalmatian had looser stools and regular gas. After giving her Proflora, these problems have been resolved! Normal stools are much easier to pick up for sure! Proflora smells delicious and are a beefy chew. My dog loves them as a treat!

    So far, so good by Thelrose02/22/2013

    I got these based on a recommendation by two friends. We all have westies and they tend to have a tendency to spit up in the morning on an empty stomach. I was told it takes several weeks to take effect. Their dogs love them, mine is a bit more fussy but we easily break it up into small pieces and mix with his food. So far so good and we will continue with these.

    Better by Dustin01/25/2014

    Better than Fortiflora and cheaper too! We really liked the results.

    Great product by wycowpie from Lander, WY04/23/2012

    These are a great product, my lab loves them. Will definitely order again.

    Probiotics great for gas by Buddys_Mom from New Hampshire04/20/2012

    My Golden Retriever was having some issues with room-clearning gas and we ordered these to try and help him 'move' whatever was causing the issue through him. They have worked great to stop the gas and he has handled them quite well (no additional urgency or frequency). The only downfall is they have a strong odor so his breath ends up very strong. He LOVES them though - we need to be careful he doesn't eat more than 3-4 each day or he could get quite a belly ache.

    Works well by nanip from Los Angeles05/02/2013

    This is an easy "treat" I give to my dog after breakfast each day. Seems to work well and she doesn't hesitate taking it.

    So Far So Good by Ebony from Northern Colorado05/07/2013

    I purchased thse probiotics for my 6 year old standard poodle in-lieu of the very expensive ones available at the vet's office. I give one daily with her evening meal and it seems to help with her digestive system and is affordable too! Mission complete..

    Proflora works wonders by starnorthwest09/18/2013

    I have two Shih-tzu with different issues one with scooting and soft and the other with the sensitive tummy constant rumble and runny stools. They are on a good no grain food. I bought Proflora and started them on a half a chew and moved up. What a difference a 100 percent improvement in their stools and they love them. Win win for us both I highly recommend this product.

    Proflora did the job! by AW from Sapulpa, OK01/02/2013

    My Silky Terrier Skeeter has had a problem with throwing up after eating. Our vet recommended giving her a probiotic to see if that would help. Since she has been having her daily Proflora 'treat' she has not regurgitated her dinner one time!

    Local by Matt from NE Florida08/02/2014

    This is a nice product as long as you buy it locally. It states on the bag and on this website to store it below 70 degrees F. Do not buy this (at least not in the warm months) not because it is a bad product but because it will travel in several vehicles that do not have A/C and you do not know if it was stored in the company's warehouse below 70 like it states on the package.

    Awesome product! by Dogmom from Chicago07/22/2013

    My dog Millie has had digestive problems, causing frequent bouts of diarrhea. Adding rice to her food only helped for so long. Now we give her one Pro Flora after her morning meal. She no longer has diarrhea or loose stools. This has been such an easy solution to a messy problem.

    Really Helps by Keegan's Mom10/02/2013

    This product has helped with his frequency of colitis attacks!

    by from 03/04/2013

    Good product by KTM from VA08/21/2014

    Our Springer likes the chews. It helps with digestion and gas.

    Smells good by Azdogmom from Coolidge AZ09/18/2013

    You can smell the brewers yeast in this, in a hot dry climate they dry out quickly.

    by from 01/17/2014

    But not mine..after being on Proflora for about 3wks. my yorkie wouldn't eat much, had to go out to poo more often than usual..My bichon/poodle who never goes out during the nite, was up at least 2 times during the nite & more often during the day..

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    Helped my yorkiepoo with his liver problem. by Infowiz07/30/2014

    Dog didn't like it at first, but cut up he thinks they are treats.

    Excellent product by kringleo from Petaluma,CA07/24/2012

    My dog loved it . It easy use. We have no stool problems in weeks now!

    Helps my tummy by Sporty from MI05/30/2014

    Takes several days to regulate dose amount... taking 1/2 chew ea/day... keeping me regular with nice uniform stools... best probiotic we've found thus far.

    works well by doglover from new york, ny07/11/2012

    I have a 14 yr old sheltie who has digestive problems and with this product she has normal bowel movements. I recommend it for any dog with this problem.

    Probiotic that works well by Angel from Davie, FL11/17/2013

    We are currently feeding our Lab this excellent probiotic, and it is working very well... would recommend.

    Love these by DMR2 from CT04/29/2013

    Our retired Greyhound has a sensitive stomach and can get diarrhea easily. These probiotics don't have all the extra unnecessary ingredients as FortiFlora and work like "magic" to keep his stools perfect. We give him an extra one when one of us is away on travel to overcome the stress that causes him. And we think he loves these chews more than us. He gets one after morning potty and late night potty and he BOLTS through the front door straight to the fridge to wait for it. Lives for these!

    Wonderful purchase!! by Jan from Wisconsin04/26/2013

    Got Proflora Probiotic Soft chews for my 12 year old Yorki-poo. She has stomach problems several times a year. Hate doing antibiotic from vet every time, so decided to try this.. Amazing! One chew a day and no stomach problems. She only poops every other day and that has become easier for her. She is happier and so am I. Just ordered second bag, good for 2 months!!!

    My dogs' favorite! by Colleen from Sarasota, FL04/13/2012

    Won these in an entirely pets contest, and am so glad I did! My dogs absolutely love them! I will definitely be buying more when my current bag runs out!

    Great product by Esther Louise from Hampton, VA03/04/2013

    Ordered the product and arrived in a couple of days. The tablets look and smell similar to another brand I was using but that does not matter because it works. Recommend for any canine owner with an aging dog having gastro issues..

    proflora by dem02/17/2013

    my dogs won't eat it. they do better with a powdered probiotic. may work for other dogs.

    by from 07/19/2013

    My dog, Pepsie has acid reflux, upset stomach. Instead of buying Purina Forta Flora, I found Proflora Probiotic chewable and saved money!

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    Its not the best probiotic by gigi from Las Vegas, NV09/27/2013

    I fed my pekipom proflora 2days after taking antibiotics from her lung infection. She liked it for about 4 days then she just didn't eat it like she used to. She would eat it later. As the video shows that all dogs love the taste...Hmmm..I am not too sure about that.

    slow introduction by Kobe07/17/2013

    The probiotic supplement I use to buy for my dog changed it's formula and just didn't work the same for my senior dog. Based on the reviews, I thought I'd give this one a try. My dog must have loved the flavor because he didn't hesitate to eat it. However, that night his stomach began to rumble quite a bit. I thought it was just hunger pains, but the next morning his stool was very loose and much lighter in color. Long story short, I stopped giving him the probiotic for a few days to see if things cleared up and it did. After consulting my vet, I started giving him one every three days to see how things went. It went well. Stool was softer (like it was with the other brand my dog would take), it seemed like his stools were larger in quantity, and he seems to have more energy. After three weeks, I started giving him one every two days. Now he's taking it every day and doing well. It's a great product, but in our situation we had to slowly introduce it.

    Just what he needed by Shorty11/11/2012

    My golden retriever had been having issues for quite a while. A couple of different times we took him off all food and gave him just rice to quiet his intestinal distress. That would work for a couple of days and then he was right back to loose stools (very loose). I was in the process of ordering glycoflex for him when I saw the Proflora and decided to try it. Wow! It helped him fast. He has bee having normal stools for a few weeks now. I would purchase this product again.

    Proflora is a fantastic product by Charlies mom from Michigan07/02/2013

    Charlie, our adopted Brittany (approx 5yrs old) was having problems with occ. loose stool-seemed like this was happening on a more frequent basis when we gave him any small additive (table food) to his diet (which is assorted premium hard food mixed w/ variable low fat meats from the table). After an episode w/ C. Diff (drinking pond water when out for a run one day a year ago), a Vet ordered a purina probiotic. Of course we don't use purina, but i went looking for other,better options and found this. For the past year, he's gotten it on a regular basis-as a treat when he comes in from his last potty break for the night. NO problems with loose stools or gas since using this-and its been almost a YEAR. Convinced this helps him and he will stay on it forever if it makes him more comfortable! Note: compare origin of microorganisms in this product and purina. PRIMO stuff!

    Fabulous Product!! by Kathy K from Long Island, NY04/13/2012

    I have been using Proflora for two weeks now and the results are great! I have used other probiotic products but this one is so easy to use and, unlike some of the others, my pup loves the taste! He has had stomach issues with gas and picky appetite and since giving him the Proflora I have noticed a lot less gas and he is eating better. I highly recommend Proflora for anyone who wants a healthier pet.

    They love them by gta1 from Florida's Space Coast04/14/2012

    My dogs LOVE these. This has helped regulate their bowel movements and they all seem to be feeling better. Great product.

    No Rumbling Tummy by BG from Texas06/17/2013

    One of our Yorkies has digestion trouble. Her tummy will squeal, rumble and generally make strange noises. Soon, her bowels are a bit soft. I have been giving her 1/3 tab a day, and so far she is doing great.

    No more tummy problems! by Bosco from California08/07/2013

    Given daily, proflora has helped my Bassett Hound deal with a sensitive tummy. I feed him high quality food, but he still tends to get tummy issues. Proflora has helped to keep him "regular".

    Proflora by Trilby from Arizona03/06/2013

    Bought these for my 2nd dog and when ever there's an upset tummy, 10 days to 2 weeks on Proflora gets them back on track. I always keep it on hand.

    by from 04/15/2013

    My one dog has had digestive issues since we got her and the pro-biotics have helped a lot. These seem to be just as effective as the vetri-science capsules (I can't tell if they are any more effective), so I alternate between the two.

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    Great Probiotic by Animaluver from Ohio09/12/2013

    My 'gurls' liked Proflora, the biggest hurdle, and I feel good about doing something proactive for their health & well being.

    Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews by starnorthwest from Stanwood, WA10/27/2013

    My dogs love them and I love how they have regulated them, Pepper had such a sensitive stomach and soft stools now he is so much more regular.

    Proflora Seems to be a Magic Bullet by Trixiesdad07/03/2012

    I've tried just about everything to eliminate our beautiful Trixie's frequent tummy upset and diarhea and nothing seems to work or work for long. It may be a bit soon to wax too eloquent about this product since she has gone a few weeks without a recurrence before, but this product has me very optimistic. In addition to no diarhea since we started her on it, she has stopped eating grass and making herself barf. There may be more to come on this topic, but so far this looks to be the "cure" I was looking for.

    So easy and it works!!! by Laura from Georgia01/25/2015

    Proflora is an easy way to provide a pet with the necessary probiotics to prevent diarrhea. My dog loves them!

    Highly Recommend by egriff06/19/2012

    My dog has stomach issues such as gas and soft stools. Probiotics were recommended when yogurt, added to his food, was not working well enough to help his issues. After the first couple of doses I noticed a small difference, he was less stinky. After about 2 weeks of giving him the recommended dose, his stools are finally normal. Nothing else I have tried has been able to help his digestive issues. He loves the taste of these. I would recommend this product.

    Proflora Probiotic by kaybee05/30/2012

    My dog loves these, getting him to eat them isn't a problem and his stools have been nice and firm. Highly recommend!

    Good Choice by LP06/23/2013

    Keeps our Bouvier with a rather sensitive stomach in good shape.

    Does what it's supposed to do by JCP from Illinois04/16/2014

    Our lab was getting ear infections often. Has not had one now since we started giving her Proflora.

    Too soon to tell by Levic from Trinidad & Tobago07/03/2012

    I only started using this one recently so it is too soon to tell. I will update in a few weeks

    by Donnie from Arizona03/21/2013

    I keep Proflora on hand at all times. I give it when any of my dogs show signs of tummy trouble. It gets them back on track in about a week, sometimes less. Reasonably priced compared to similar products, just as effective. Dogs enjoy the flavor so it's easy to give.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count)
    stopped scotting by stalkergranny from McIntosh NM04/17/2013

    I have 5 dogs and seen this product while looking around . this I need to try. sure am glad I did ,they are not scotitng all over my carpets anymore thank you so much

    Proflora Works! by Luv my Danes from Rossville, TN11/25/2014

    My 5 year old female Dane has excessive gas and her stomach growls when she drinks water. I tried Proflora for 3 weeks and it has eliminated her gas problem and her stomach growling has decreased at least 90%. It worked for my baby, and if you luv your baby, give it a try!

    Great Product! by SussyQ from Prescott Valley, Arizona01/25/2013

    I am satisfied with this product. It is helping my dachsund, since she is Miss Piggy. Her stomach is more settled and she seems more alert and moving easily. She is 14-years old. Thank you.

    first trying this by KPhx from Phoenix07/18/2014

    So far, she seems to like them but I am not sure how to measure what they do for her. I know a probiotic helps me so I thought I would try the pet version for my older dog.

    tasting good to my pets by elitzaus11/10/2012

    I cannot tell if they work, but my 2 cats and dog love them.

    dogs love it!! by jean09/23/2013

    have 2 airedales and my girl dog have a sensitive stomach. this probiotic had been helpful and they both love the taste.

    Good Probiotic by Graymare2 from Orlando, Fl.06/13/2014

    These are working well for my dog & he readily takes them.

    by from 09/10/2013

    My dog is eager to eat these and they have been very effective in curing the tendency to overly loose stools that he was experiencing. We had tried various high quality foods with limited ingredients and still do feed one of them, but the diet alone was not sufficient to solve the problem.

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    ProFlora Probiotic by Mush-Push from Valley Stream, NY03/21/2013

    Terrific product. Great for my dog's digestive tract. Loves the soft chew. My dog eats it like a treat.

    Works Great by Dobie99910/04/2013

    We've been giving the Proflora soft chews to our 1 yr Dobie for last couple of months. He's always getting to something in the backyard which would give him upset stomach and very soft stool. A week into taking the probiotics, his stool is normal and he is a very happy camper.

    A good dietary addition by RSH228 from Mechanicsburg, PA07/12/2013

    I break one into each of my dogs dinner bowl, since it's recommended for 'after meals'. I think it helps with their bowel movements. The little guy had giardia when he came from the breeder, and his stools are now almost normal. I intend to keep using them.

    REALLY WORKS by Sue from Gaithersburg, MD08/07/2012

    My white boxer had digestive and intestinal problems for months until I started her on Proflora. I will buy it again and again and wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone whose pet has similar issues.

    Proflora continues to rule by mzee from Northern Michigan12/02/2013

    Now using for the 3rd month on our recent adoptee, and continuing for the past 18 months on our adopted Brittany. Both dogs have consistently great intestinal health (unless in a weak moment, I allow them too much in the way of beef treats from the table!!! Then, all bets are off!!!). But the product has been a great find for us.

    For Dogs With Frequent Stomach Issues by Gordon from Manhattan Beach, CA07/25/2012

    Since we've started this product, our dog Trixie's digestive issues, frequently manifesting as vomiting and diarrhea, seem to have largely been eliminated. While it's too soon to tell if this is a 100% effective remedy for whatever ails Trixie, there has been a definite improvement, and she loves them, so getting her to take one after every meal is a snap.

    Proflora is a great help! by ADalsmom from Tampa, FL02/10/2013

    My Dalmatian was having looser stools. This is a small chewable treat that goes down real well. She has fewer stomach grumbles and less it's a win-win for both of us! 1 chew a day does the trick!

    by from 06/19/2013

    In my experience, adding probiotics to my own diet made a noticeable difference in my overall wellness, so adding one to my dogs' diet was a no-brainer.

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    quality good for both dogs, repeat purchase by chris06/26/2012

    excellent product, dogs love taste, good way to deliver essential digestive care. Will buy again.

    Good for the belly by christine57 from Melbourne Australia03/20/2013

    I give this to my older poodle who has a sensitive tummy and it works

    probiotics by BJ from Kansas01/23/2013

    I am a great believer in probiotics for all our animals. Our dog thinks she is getting a treat and in a way, she is. It not only tastes good but it keeps her digestive system running smoothly

    Proflora: excellent dietary aid by Gordonista from Manhattan Beach, CA01/10/2013

    My dog, Trixie, had nothing but stomach problems from when she was a puppy, more food changes than I can count didn't seem to help until we started her on Proflora. Whether she finally outgrew it or it's the Proflora, I don't know, but she loves it and I'm not going to mess with success.

    by from 12/17/2012

    I ordered this product, based upon its description, never having tried it before, or talking to anyone who has. I am quite disappointed in the product.

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    makes tummys happy by Denise from Pittsburgh,PA12/29/2012

    Have a 4 yr old golden retriever that has had runny stools and would have to get up in the middle of night to go.Tried switching food etc, vet recommended powder probiotic, but it was a little pricey. Proflora is chewable and has helped the problem considerably. great to order in 3 pack and price isnt bad. Happy stools make a happy Mom.

    good choice by Jan10/29/2012

    My Standard Poodle has problems with ear infections, and some intestinal issues. Proflora Probiotic Chews seem to help both issues.

    Great Probiotic! by sunny_gs11/08/2013

    My dog used to have issues -- periodic diahrrhea -- but since taking this, she has been regular with no issues.

    Probiotic chew by mzee from Michigan02/03/2013

    Wow. I paid a ton for a much poorer quality product (PURINA Fortiflora (ick)) prescribed by an ER vet office last spring for a bout of acute diarrhea. Thought i'd have this on hand for the next time around-the content is much better than Purina (which uses animal digest as an ingredient). I read in reviews many keep their dogs on this full time. I began doing so last month when this arrived-as we were traveling and our boy seems to have developed a "delicate" constitution w/ occasional episodes of diarrhea when we travel. Since using this product-for the past 5 weeks-Not one episode of diarrhea!!!! EXCELLENT product.

    Great product by Griffy106 from Lak Balboa, CA03/19/2013

    My poor Shih Tzu had bouts of loose bowel movements. I had her tested and there were no parasites. I read that probiotics were good for this problem and decided to try this. It is amazing, my dog feels so much better. She is actually eating normally again and running around like a puppy. I know she is feeling better because her stools are firmer and she has less gas problems. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do all they can to make their baby feel better.

    No tummy troubles anymore!!! by Juleria from Pennsylvania01/08/2013

    I am thrilled with this product. I've been using it for about 6 months. We have 3 dogs, all had occasionally had issues with diarrhea and gas. Whether from a incidental outdoor eating episode (something they shouldn't have) or just from having a change in diet. This product really works. I combine it with a tablespoon of greek yogurt or kefir. Our tummy issues are gone!

    Best product EVER! by Abby's Mom02/03/2013

    I have a 14 year old Aussie that has occasional problems with her digestion. This product works wonders and she actually enjoys taking them.

    by Pyrenees12/07/2012

    I have 3 Great Pyrenees, 2 with sensitive stomachs. It's only been a month, but so far, this has helped better than any other product I've tried. While one still has occasional issues, it has definitely been less frequent. I have already ordered a refill.

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (360 Count)
    Good for dogs with sensitive stomachs by Lucy Loves Dogs from Corpus Christi, TX07/01/2013

    One of my 3 dogs has a very sensitive stomach (undoubtedly due to the amount of stuff he finds to eat outside which he shouldn't). This product really seems to help a lot. I had previously tried a powder that I got from the vet, but this works better.

    Great Stuff by Cath from New Zealand04/21/2013

    This is an amazing product and I would recommend it to any body that has a dog with a sensitive stomach. My dog used to get loose bowel motions often and smelly wind. Since going on Proflora Probiotic she does not suffer from these problems and seems much happier in herself and our noses are happier. She has not had to go to the vets and go on scour ban(vet drug) for 9 months, she has been on Proflora for about 10 months. GREAT PRODUCT! We send from New Zealand to get this product that is how good it is.

    My dogs love this- and its a supplement! by D in Philly from Philadelphia, PA09/04/2014

    My dogs can be finicky sometimes, so I'm always looking for supplements that they will take without giving me a hassle or that I don't have to hide in treats. These probiotic supplements are like treats in themselves. My dogs love them. Even my most finicky pup loves these things and he won't eat joint or heartworm preventive chewables. Proflora also seems to reduce their flatulence. Oh joy!

    Great Buy by Shelleybean306/29/2012

    I purchased this 6 pack as several of my dogs have taken antibiotics recently. I always give them probiotics in between the times they take the antibiotic. This helps maintain the good flora in their intestines. I've been buying a tablet version and came across these online. My dogs love them so much more than the white tablets I purchase locally. These are actually like treats and have a much higher count of probiotics. They are also much cheaper than the other product I buy locally. Will definitely buy this product again.

    by Sunny from North Carolina12/24/2013

    My dog loves these and they keep her digestive system balanced. I only use these probiotics now and they're economical as well.

    Excellent supplement for sensative tummy by Bichon Mom from USA01/03/2014

    Wonderful probiotic that is strong enough for a bichon frise with food allergies and sensative/digetive tummy issues! My dog loves eating these crews, and I use them in daily training commands. There is no more runny stools,throwing up bile during the night, or picky eating habits!

    Great Products and Service by Bustruca from Naples, Florida11/07/2012

    I enjoy shopping on this website as the products are quality and the service is great

    Really works by abrennie from Fort Payne, AL10/22/2012

    I bought these to help my dogs after they both got a yeast infection due to a change in their food. Trying to get their good bacteria back into their systems after antibiotics. This product has changed my little dog from being a pickey eater to he eats all his food each meal and his "poops" are regular instead of hit and miss. I know from his actions he must be feeling better and am happy to have found this product. I did not even know he had a problem until I saw how regular he has become.

    This works by RVR from Dallas, TX11/19/2013

    I used to use powder probiotic and had to mix it in with pumpkin so my labs would eat it. Very time-consuming... I found these chews and my dogs love! It seems to be doing the trick. Both of my dogs are over 100 lbs each and I give them 2 a day each. I could probably bump it up to 3 a day do to size. In short, neither has had stomach trouble since. I hope this is the magic formula!!

    great value by bittersweet from st louis mo01/12/2013

    I have used a different product in powder form for my dogs for years. Although we have just started this, it is early to tell. However, my pups always love little treats so they enjoy them. Good service and pricing.

    The Anti-Fartiness Treats by toys from TN03/12/2013

    These seem to take quite a while to help regulate our dogs' digestive system, but once they have been taking the supplement consistently for a few weeks... we can really smell a difference. We are all breathing much easier.

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