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ProzymePROZYME is an all-natural, plant-derived enzyme supplement that will improve the nutritional content of your dog's food. PROZYME is clinically proven to improve the nutritional benefits of pet food by up to 71%, improving the absorption of nutrients such as Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B-6, Linoleic Acid, Omega 3 Acids, and other essential fatty acids.

PROZYME can benefit the health of any dog, but is especially helpful for dogs who suffer from nutritional absorption issues such as dogs with immune & digestive disorders, dogs with weight problems, lethargy, bloating, flatulence, and more.

Unlock the hidden potential of your dog's food with PROZYME!

Prozyme (200 gm)
Prozyme (200 gm)

($21.99)  $15.49
Prozyme (454 gm)
Prozyme (454 gm)

($32.99)  $23.59
6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm)
6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm)

($149.99)  $134.99
Prozyme (4 lb)
Prozyme (4 lb)

($115.49)  $83.99
Prozyme Powder for Pets (85 grams)
Prozyme Powder for Pets (85 grams)

($11.99)  $7.99
Prozyme Plus (300 gm)
Prozyme Plus (300 gm)

($33.99)  $25.99
The enhanced bioavailability and superior assimilation of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other vital nutrients as a result of adding PROZYME® to the food, is beneficial for pets of all ages, especially older ones; particularly those experiencing problems which benefit from increased nutritional absorption.

Adds essential enzymes to your animal’s food – maximizing the nutritional benefits of their diet. Prozyme has been clinically proven to improve the nutritional benefits of animal food by up to 71%

An all-natural combination of four highly purified enzymes in a palatable powder form. This proprietary blend of enzymes, initiates the bio-conversion process of animal food.

Splits the bonds of cellulose-containing fibers resulting in a higher bio availability of food nutrients.

Daily dosage: ¼ tsp. per cup of food. For initial use, begin by providing a small quantity and gradually increase the dosage to the appropriate amount. Dosages should be doubled for companion animals eight years of age or older. Store in a dry area out of extreme heat and direct sunlight.
4.58 rating based on 12 reviews
Featured Reviews for Prozyme (200 gm)
Very Good Product. by carpenter3501/10/2013

Our little poodle was having stomach problems and the vet had us get this and he is now 14 yrs.old and has been on this for 13 years of his life and is doing real well.

Prozyme by Mur12/18/2011

I never received it! I was sent the wrong thing and I am still waiting for you to send it!!!!!

best purchase ever by Diana L from Buffalo, NY05/31/2012

often my eight cats throw up for numerous reasons. this is easily administered by sprinkling on their moist food once a day. they seem to like it and it aids in their digestion.

Won't go without it by Jackie06/12/2013

I tried Prozyme because my dog suffered with stomach upset and allergies. She is so much better. No more stomach upset and allergies are under better control.

PROzyme enzyme supplement by LES from Chambersburg ,Pa.01/28/2012

Our little poodle has a sensitive stomach a lot of foods would cause loose bowels and throwing up .He has been taking this sprinkled on his food for several years now and it has fixed the problem.

This Product May Be Saving Our Dog's Life by John L from Huntsville, Alabama07/25/2012

Our 13 year old Shih Tzu Abby stopped eating so we had lab work done which showed her liver enzymes to to over 10 times normal levels. We then had an ultrasound done and the vet saw a mass around her liver. The vet thinks it is cancer and felt she probably only had a few weeks to live. I researched alternative drugs and found CAS Options, Denamarin, and Prozyme were all highly recommended to fight the cancer and possibly regenerate the liver function . After 7+ weeks on these 3 drugs, I am happy to report Abby is still with us and she doesn't exhibit any symptoms of liver failure so far. She still will not eat on her own and must be hand fed (which takes up to 2 hours a day), but she is eating better and I have faith that soon she will start eating on her own again. I can't say these are miracle cures, but so far I am impressed with where we are in extending her life and maybe some kind of recovery.

Entirely Pets by dogmother53 from Eatonville, WA05/29/2012

I love shopping with Entirely Pets. Their prices are competive and reasonable. They have the fastest shipping anywhere. Great and reliable company. Keep up the great work Entirely Pets!

Great Product by LART04/05/2012

If it wasn't for Prozyme my dog would not be here. I have been giving it to Curly for over three years. Great product.

recommended by vet by Lynn11/28/2012

This is to help with breakdown and digestion of nutrients in the gut. It should help with breakdown of hair according to my vet. Older cats who need to absorb more nutrients from their food are helped. While I can't say I notice a big difference, I trust my vet's advice and this product certainly mixes with their wet food easily and unknowingly to my cats on it.

Too early to tell... by Peener from Otisville, MI01/05/2013

I have only read about this product recently and thought I would give it a try. It has only been a few weeks and I am not seeing anything earth-shattering yet but I am hopeful.

ProZYME is AWESOME!! by Mark L from Mesa, AZ03/18/2013

Got ProZYME because my cats were having some digestive issues and beginning to have behavioral problems secondary to them. I began giving them ProZYME and the results were amazing! Pretty much immediately, the digestive problems ceased (one was always vomiting the other has loose stools) and so did the budding behavioral issues. Thank you Entirely Pets and ProZYME for saving me much money (on vet bills) and worry! This product is great!!!

Switched foods - only prozyme worked by K.H.02/15/2010

Our twelve year old lab struggled for one year with a smelly, oily, itchy coat. We had multiple vet visits and switched his food to Candidae with no results. I finally started him on Prozyme and his coat is now beautiful, soft, shiny, and odor free! I think the Prozyme finally allowed him to Absorb the nutrients in his food that he so desperately needed.

Very Good Product by Corky from Chambersburg,Pa.10/25/2011

We been buying this product for a couple years now ,our little poodle has a sensitive stomach and it helps his digestion.

Featured Reviews for Prozyme (454 gm)
Miracle product by amyjdj1206/12/2012

My collie dog went through 5 homes before we got her -- because she made messes with loose stools. Any variation in her food (even a bite) would have this result. One half tsp of Prozyme on each feeding (2 times a day).... now she can eat anything -- no problems. I give it to my other collie, as well. Prozyme eliminated the smelly gas he used to emit. I will always use this product with all my dogs.

Greyt product by Dash's human06/01/2008

Dash the greyoun has irritable bowel syndrome. The vet recommended Prozyme to aid in his digestion, and it's really helped Dash stay IBS free (in combination with milk thistle, Chinese herbs and periodic acupuncture during his now-infrequent flare-ups). I've tried other probiotics, but Prozyme has better results.

Great service! by beaglemom from Hanover, VA03/19/2013

Our dog 'Scout' has Pancreatic Disorder Syndrome. She has to have the enzymes in every meal to help her digest and process the nutrition and calories. Entirely Pets has the best pricing and speedy delivery so we can count on them to help us keep our pet healthy.

great for our dogs by jlbailey from Minnesota05/30/2012

when we adopted our 2nd dog, JD, he was really sick and malnourished. he was having trouble digesting his food and had terrible gas. this product was recommended to us at a pet food store and we've used it on every bowl of food for the past 5 years.

Add to Home-Prepared Dog Food by canderse from San Diego, CA02/04/2013

Since my 12 years old dog was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma (nose cancer), I have been making home-cooked dog food for both of my female dogs. I add Prozyme to their food to ensure good digestion. Great product! Best price on EntirelyPets (454 grams).

Prozyme supplement by Carolann from New Mexico11/19/2011

This is the best product to help with any skin allergy or digestive problems your dog may have. I would highly recommend it!

Good For My Dog by Blessed from Tulsa,Ok10/26/2011

Prozyme helps keep my dog's digestive tract healthy.

Great product by Sue from Warwick, Rhode Island06/18/2012

Several years ago, my border collie mix had persistant diarrhea for over a month. My veterinarian had her on antibiotics for several weeks without any change. When he suggested putting her on steroids, I said absolutely not. I started to research digestive enzymes along with food allergies. I changed her food to a blend with no soy, corn or wheat AND started her on Prozyme. No kidding, after about a day and a half, her stool was on the mend. I was floored! Since then I have continued to use Prozyme on both of my dogs, and have recommended it to other pet owners. Love this product!!

Can't Do Without by DogsMom from East of the Mississippi05/02/2010

Our 16 yr old miniature schnauzer steadily started losing weight though the vets could identify no cause. Her now yellow poo suggested her digestive hormones were not adequate. This was confirmed by our 10 yr old male schnauzer suddenly becaming interested for the first time in eating her poo. I started looking for remedies for the poo eating and saw a review for Prozyme that indicated it might resolve my 16 yr old's poor digestive process....so I bought some. While it took us a bit of time to figure out how much to add to her food for best results, her weight loss slowed and she now is beginning to gain back some of it. Without Prozyme, our 16 yr old would likely now be gone. It's not an exaggeration to say that her life depends on this product.

Important part of daily meal by tiggergram from Fond du Lac, WI10/28/2011

This is the only product that helped control my dog's bowels during chemo treatments. Now that he's "on the mend", he still receives it every day as an aid to his digestion. Love how easy it is to give...just sprinkle it in his food.

Good Product by Gopher01/01/2013

Good supplement. Have never had any problems with digestive system in any of the dogs we have owned. This is an all natural supplement and we use as directed.

Prozyme Enzyme Supplement by Kristen Ann from Michigan12/15/2011

The dogs get the most nutritional value from their food with this supplement. Great in cutting down on "noxious odors".

prozyme for my cats by L Henderson02/15/2010

I have been using this product for years for my cats. It's a powder and they can't taste it when applied to their canned food. It keeps them healthy and helps to properly digest all of the nutrients in their food. I highly recommend it for any pets.

Did not send product displayed by Lynn from Colorado03/05/2013

Was expecting the product that was pictured/described. Received a different version of the product from a different manufacturer. Product's ingredients were different as well. I call this misleading advertising/sales! Very disappointed; will not purchase from Entirely Pets again as this was second of two products I ordered that was screwed up.

A must-have product for special needs pets! by Wendy from Tucson, Arizona03/15/2013

This has helped my Norwegian Forest Cat tremendously! He had digestive problems for a while before this product was recommended - now he is one happy boy and much more comfortable these days.

by nekko01/09/2013

Prozyme is an excellent product and I have been using it for years. I feed my pets a raw food diet, and an enzyme supplement is an essential part of the plan, especially as they get older. And this (as with many Entirely Pets products) is a great price. Add to that the super quick delivery time and Entirely Pets always comes up a winner for me.

This product really works! by Donna01/04/2013

I feed my dogs high quality meat based food and treats. This tends to make them quite, um, gassy (!) The smell would literally drive us from the room! I was recommended this product for this problem and to aid in digestion, especially for my 15-year-old pointer. Adding Prozyme to my dogs' food solved the problem within days. Highly recommend this product! :)

Helpful food supplement by Birke04/23/2012

I have used Prozyme in the past with good results. I believe they digest the food better and it cuts down drastically on "recycling" of stool.

Really makes a difference! by SheltieLover from NH02/24/2011

I have rescues with sensitive digestive systems. Prozyme really helps them digest their food and eliminated the problems I was having with stress diarrhea, especially in stressful show situations. I highly recommend it along with good quality food.

Digestion Bliss by Sandy from Boise, ID12/17/2012

Prozyme has been a life saver for my older dogs. I have used it for many years to help my older dogs get the most out of their foods. It changed my Norfolk Terrier from many accidents and lots of stool to better control, better stools and fewer, better formed stools. I currently use it for my 10 year old English Setter and also for her son who is 6 years old and tends to have a sensitive stomach. Prozyme works great for my dogs and I highly recommend it.

seems to work pretty well by poodle from Phila., PA01/11/2013

Prozyme seems to work pretty well. The dogs don't get upset stomachs as much

Great digestive help by Sue from PA11/14/2012

Prozyme helps my little senior dogs get the most nutrition out of their food. It also prevents digestive upset when switching to other foods. I put a dash on their food at every meal.

prozyme by cheyenne08/21/2012

My large golden retriever is 8 and this past year began having bloat and gas after every meal. Changing foods made no difference. Then I began giving him Prozyme with every meal and voila!---no more gas or bloat. Great stuff and natural too.

by cheezypuff705/15/2012

I have a male show sheltie who has trouble keeping weight on because he is so active, this on top of a high kcal food, has been finally maintaining his weight. Easy and effective supplement!

recommended by our vet by dlk from NYC, NY06/15/2012

since i've been adding this to my CRF kitty's food, HE'S BEEN DOING GREAT. (sorry, hit the caps)

Shiny coat by sammydj from Los Angeles, CA12/24/2012

I've been using PROZYME powder for decades on all the generations of my dogs throughout the years. Prozyme dissolves in dog food easily and the results, besides being a digestion supplement, is that I see are a soft, shiny coat and any stinky dog smell is completely neutralized and eliminated. A great product!

by from 03/18/2013

Have been using this for over 12+ years; all the dogs (puppies through seniors and fosters) receive this product in their food. Started using this product when the company claimed you could feed less food because the dogs metabolized their food better. The claim of feeding less food disappeared, but I believe - based on my experiences with rescue dogs and my own dogs - food is more properly metabolized. After the passing of our senior dogs, when I ran out I did not order more Prozyme. Our young Collie girl developed dry skin, which could have been due to other factors (stress over showing, stress over loosing her buddies, weather, etc.). But it was our new pup, a C-section one, that caused me to reorder. (His dam had all sorts of problems recovering from the C-section and was on antibiotics while she was nursing. When he came home to us at 16 weeks, he had horrible gas and loose stools. So did his liter mate, owned by a friend.) Started prozyme and his gas disappeared and stools firmed up. The dry skin on our little girl disappeared, too. His liter mate, belonging to a friend, had similar problems, which cleared up too when digestive enzymes were added.

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Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Prozyme (2724 gm)
pancreatic enzymes by D. Neikirk02/15/2010

When my vet suggested the $150 porcine pancreatic enzymes to help my GSD's low normal pancreatic enzyme levels, I decided to do a little research. Poor doggie had runny stools, and one night actually got me up over 10 times (I lost count at 10) to go outside. God bless him for waking me up and not going in the house! But he must have been so very uncomfortable. Prozyme had good reviews, and was the least expensive, so I decided to try it first. It cleared up the problem, and now my sweet little rescue boy is digesting his food properly and getting the nutrition he needs. He was also very skinny when I adopted him from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue group, and he's now put on a few pounds, and looks terrific. GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) in particular suffer from pancreatic insufficiency, so this is a shout out to all you Shepherd lovers - at least try this first. When my dog's happy, I'm happy! One note: It's in a milk sugar base, so if your pup is allergic to dairy, this may not work well.

Featured Reviews for Prozyme (4 lb)
prozyme rocks by Kathleen04/05/2008

I have used prozyme for years & I truly believe in it. As animals age they aren't able to absorb all the nutrients from their food as they do when they are younger; this takes care of that. I have a 21, yes 21 year old cat who is going strong & a 14 year old dog. This is also great to give to your cats so that your dog won't be interested in the cat box! The food is completely digested & the dogs aren't interested in the stools.

by Marilyn from Santa Barbarsa, CA01/13/2012

All my dogs are senior rescues and come to me with all sorts of ailments. I give them this product to help them better absorb nutriens in their food.

by from 02/15/2010

Prozyme is a great reputable product, it's what's known as a "probiotic", it helps by producing good flora (an enzyme) in the digestive tract which aids in better digestion.

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My dogs love Prozyme by EM from Manhattan, NY06/05/2012

I have two miniature schnauzers and they have been using Prozyme since they were puppies. I mix this in with their food and they lick their bowls clean during their meals. My vet suggested I give my dogs Prozyme and I do on a daily basis.

Prozyme for Dogs and Cats by Eileen09/01/2009

This product works very well for dogs and cats... it improves their coats and health

by from 02/15/2010

I am so glad I found this supplement. In only one day, yes, one day, it has begun to clear the dark skin, oily fur, itching, shedding and odor that my 5 year old German Shepherd/Great Pyranese mix has been suffering with since June.

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Improve digestion by Candy06/10/2012

This is super..plus a great price. Big improvement in stool reduction and dogs have better weight plus muscle.

Prozyme (4 lb) by HealingGoddess from Winnipeg, MB12/16/2012

This is a great deal. Every dog need this in thier daily diet. I will be ordering this again when I start to run low. Have to keep this on hand. AND it has NO SOY - which makes me Very Happy.

by from 06/05/2012

Prozyme is great by chickenlady from Roseville, CA06/26/2012

I use prozyme for my 12 year old Lab and my 4 year old German Shepherd mix. It helps them get more out of their food and may help prevent bloat. I have recommended it to a friend for her elderly dog. Great product, great price from EP, super fast shipping

Featured Reviews for Prozyme Powder for Pets (85 grams)
Can't do without this product by 4 Doggy Mama from Port Orchard, WA11/06/2012

I have been using Prozyme for 5 years and am so grateful to have found it. My senior terrier mix has had digestive issues for years with chronic loose, slimy stools. On my vet's recommendation I tried this product and it works like a miracle. As long as I add about 1/4 tsp to her meals her stools are completely normal all of the time. I will use Prozyme for her entire life. It is easy to dose and a very inexpensive fix.

PROZYME by taylor from PALM SPRINGS CA06/08/2013


Great Product by EJL from Glendale, AZ12/15/2012

I have used Prozyme for years and it keeps my dogs and cats very healthy

by from 06/26/2012

I have used Prozyme for over ten years for all my pets and love it. I was first told about it by my complementary vet who told me that anecdotally vets she knew had noticed that pets who were on Prozyme had very little problem with fleas and ticks. I have found this to be true, at least until my guys got to be so old or sick that their immune systems were totally shot.

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Featured Reviews for Prozyme Plus (300 gm)
Doing the trick by nikon5 from Milwaukee, WI03/19/2013

I'm using the Prozyme Supplement on the advice of my veterinarian to help with the digestion of kibble. Have used it since I've had my new rescue dog (1 month) and all is well. No side effects noted. Solid stools, great energy and no gas. Yippee!

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