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Pure Bites Pet Treats

Pure Bites Pet TreatsPurebites are made with only 1 ingredient. 100% Pure Cheddar Cheese, Beef Liver, and Chicken Breast. Dogs love the taste of PureBites because freeze dried treats preserve the natural nutrition, freshness and taste of our ingredients.

PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (1.4 oz)
PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (1.4 oz)

($4.50)  $2.99
PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (6.2 oz)
PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (6.2 oz)

($15.50)  $13.99
PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz)
PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz)

($31.99)  $22.79
PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (2 oz)
PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (2 oz)

($4.50)  $2.99
PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (8.8 oz)
PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (8.8 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (16.5 oz)
PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (16.5 oz)

($29.99)  $22.79
PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (2 oz)
PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (2 oz)

($4.99)  $3.09
PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (8.8 oz)
PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (8.8 oz)

($15.50)  $13.99
PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (16.6 oz)
PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (16.6 oz)

($31.99)  $22.79
PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (1.23 oz)
PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (1.23 oz)

($3.99)  $2.99
PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (2.6 oz)
PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (2.6 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs - 3 PACK (7.8 oz)
PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs - 3 PACK (7.8 oz)

($20.99)  $16.09
PureBites Trail Mix Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (3.25 oz)
PureBites Trail Mix Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (3.25 oz)

($7.99)  $5.99
PureBites Trail Mix Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs - 3 PACK (9.75 oz)
PureBites Trail Mix Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs - 3 PACK (9.75 oz)

($22.99)  $16.99
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)

($9.99)  $4.99
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (19.5 oz)
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (19.5 oz)

($38.99)  $19.99
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (13.25 oz)
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (13.25 oz)

($27.99)  $14.49
Purre Bites
Purre Bites

PureBites Chicken Breast are made with only 1 ingredient. 100% Pure USDA inspected Chicken Breast. Dogs love the taste of Purebites because freeze dried treats preserve the natural nutrition, freshness and taste of Chicken Breast.

  • Treaters and trainers love PureBites because they have less than 10 calories per treat and are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and low in fat.
  • All PureBites are products of USA
  • PureBites are Perfect for training or as a healthy way to treat dogs.

  • Guranteed Analysis Min/Max
    Crude Protein 80% min
    Crude Fat   5% min  
    Crude Fiber   1% max  
    Moisture   4% max  
    4.89 rating based on 63 reviews
    Featured Reviews for PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (1.4 oz)
    The best treat ever by rude515009/16/2013

    They all loves this chicken breast treat!!!!! After i bought this treat, i stopped other treat to them. Coz this one is soooo natural and heathy.

    All Real Chicken by TallyDad from LI, NY04/18/2013

    My dogs love them as a snack or shredded on their dry food.

    :( by Weezeh from Oregon02/19/2014

    This item arrived completely smashed to pieces so my dogs didn't get to try them. The product is a dried meat and crumbles very easily. I returned them to EntirelyPets.

    love these! by lr from nv10/24/2013

    My dog is now getting into his kennel by himself without a big production. I just show him the treat and he walks in. He is also getting better about going into the car instead of running in the opposite direction. Wish I bought more of these!

    Fantastic Cat Tempter by Babs from Florida10/26/2011

    If the cats get "fussy" about what they will eat, I simply put a few of the chicken PureBites on the top and they dig right in. A real life saver!

    dogs love em' by krista10/23/2012

    I really like these treats and they are super healthy but they don't ship well. The first package we got was all crushed up so they had to send a new one.

    Great treat or crumbled food topper by Oshie Cat from Ohio03/06/2013

    Works for both cats and dogs as a great little treat piece or when crumbled over their food as an incentive to eat. Can break into any size wanted or crumble into a powder. Would give 5 stars, but notice differences in "crunchiness" from pouch to pouch. Some pieces don't crumble as well, but those pieces end up as treats and are eaten right up! These don't bother my animal that usually has reactions to processed chicken products.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (6.2 oz)
    by from 06/05/2014

    While I have no idea why, siince cats are so picky, and these have no scent or taste that I can discern, my cats LOVE these. They have since I first found them. My shy tiny girl will actually come near my husband, or take them from my hand.

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    Excellent Chicken Breast treat by wjwgrafix from Winter Garden, FL04/25/2014

    Hi, This is a good interim treat for dogs. I highly recomment any PureBites rpoducts.

    Beware - highly addictive treats! by Barijean from Central Oregon coast11/25/2011

    WOW - We have 6 felines ranging in age from 3 years to 24 and ALL are addicted to these treats. They fuss until they get them at each meal. ANd then there is the 5 yr. old boxer girl - she is addicted as well. So unless you are ready to buy frequent supplies - think about it. We are SO HAPPY we found these healthy treats and enjoy watching all 7 tuck in for an enjoyable munch. Go for them. Your pets will adore you even more.

    PureBites chicken breast treat by rockyt40 from Michigan05/29/2012

    My dog loves these and even my cat does. My dog is so picky it is so hard to find a dog food or even treat he will eat..But he loves theses and it makes him happy..

    Best for Diabetic dog by Lynnie from Austin, Tx08/09/2013

    Low in Calories. My boy loves them and looks forward to getting the treat after receiving his insulin

    My cats love this by cp05/29/2012

    I have two Ragdoll cats who are fairly finicky. This is their favorite treat. I break up the pieces and hide the small chips around the house so that they can hunt for them.

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat by Shoelover from Sussex, New Jersey06/06/2012

    they love it and i sprinkle it on their food when they get fussy. no sodium which is good for my senior with heart problems. GREAT price too. my pet shop charges double.

    My cats love them by Connie09/09/2009

    Good quality for the money. My cats will even let me clean their ears because they know they will get this as a reward.

    Dog's Love It! by Renee03/10/2012

    My dogs love this treat and at least it is natural. Package only seems to be half full because they sell by the ounces - large bag for amount of ounces.

    Loves It! by Vicki11/17/2009

    I have been using these treats for training and my puppy loves them! When potty training, I used them and as soon as she was done with her job, she was begging for a treat. She has learned several tricks and loves the reward of these treats! I gave my cats a taste of them and now everytime they hear me opening the bag, they are right there wanting some!

    by Helen01/28/2014

    This is also a great addition to Sophie's dog food to give it something tasty for her.

    Wonderful Pure Bites by Barb10/12/2013

    My kitties won't even touch anything else until they have a tummy full of Pure Bites. They are so happy and they let me know it!!!!!

    Best motivator to eat by Little Cloud from Chicago03/11/2012

    My dog has colitis and stomach sensitivities; I worry when she does not eat and nothing will get her started like Pure Bites, a miracle product. Just crumble a few in her food bowl and there she comes running after acting like nothing good could come of the day. I was delighted that this product helped her eat when nothing else would temp her, not even her beloved cooked chicken breast. Hooray for Pure Bites and a terrific snack for our other dog as well...so natural and nutritious. Thank you Pure Bites, like manna from heaven. The best find ever.

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treart by rockyt4010/23/2012

    My dog just loves these so much and even my cat likes them to.

    by from 03/19/2010

    I use these treats to "train" my cat and new dog to sit side by side around food without the dog growling - and it works. They both go crazy for these treats in particular. My cat is actually *purring* when I get the bag out, and wants to put her whole body inside the bag of these things. She loves feline greenies, but these take her to a whole new level where she's actually purring while eating them or waiting for it to get to her mouth.

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    Featured Reviews for PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz)
    by from 03/06/2011

    Bought several Pure Bite products listed on your web site, and everything is held or backordered. If I had known this, I would have shopped either someplace else and given up the savings, or split the order into something that was available. Please put a product availability notice on your items pages in the future.

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    freeze dried chicken treats, PureBites by catsitter01 from Fairfax, VA03/18/2014

    I buy the large bag in the dog section but they are for my cats (I don't have dogs). Since they only seem to have the small bags in the cat treat sections, I need a larger bag. My one cat wakes me every morning with a paw to the head saying "HEY, give me my PureBites treats NOW" I break them into smaller pieces. Not only do MY cats love them, I own a professional cat care company and give these treats to our client's cats as well. Big hit with the sitter making us #1 in the business.

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treats by Deafcats from Rochester, NY04/16/2013

    I give these treats to my 4 cats. The bites are bigger because they are for a dog, but I break them up. My cats gobble them up. It is a great product for my mothers diabetic cat. High in protein and no fat or sugar. Whenever I give Rocky his insulin shot, he runs to his dish for these great treats. Also great for my other 3 cats who are on a diet !! I highly recommend them and Entirely Pets is a great website.

    Best Purchase Ever by Gail from Burnsville, Minnesota03/06/2012

    I had tried a small package of the PureBites Chicken for cats and our cat, Sophie, absolutely loved them. So when I saw I could get a large bag for dogs (same product as cats) online I started ordering from Entirely Pets. Our cat will cry until we give her a treat - appears to be a nice healthy snack!!!

    Awesome! by HeatChick from Coral Springs, FL09/03/2013

    My dog loves these treats! I sprinkle them on his dry dog food or just give them as treats!

    Mmm, mmm, great!!! by temphier from Vancouver, BC06/21/2012

    Love this product - it is the premium choice in healthy treats for your furry loved one. Rather than using ones with fillers, these are pure protein. Great for weight maintenance while still allowing room for treaty delights!

    Good price by mario.corbin from Lac des Aigles, Québec, Canada02/11/2013

    Je n'ai pas recu le colis encore.... Ididn't receive the parcel yet; still waiting...

    by JL from California07/12/2013

    I give this product to my cats for rewards and treats, they love it and they all fight for each little piece. I keep several bags on hand and use it as treats for my show cats when we are at shows.

    Chicken bites by Norman from Huntington, NY06/20/2014

    Loved these treats the same as the Liver Bites

    Magic Dust! by Little Ms. Kitty05/19/2013

    This product is the bomb. I always say I'm going to find my dehydrator and make this but I have not as yet so I depend on it to sprinkle on top of the premium wet or raw food I feed my kitties and they go nuts over it! I don't think they would eat as much if I did not use this product. I do not use dry food so it's a must that they eat enough wet for their body weight. I could not be without this product. I order the largest bag and four at a time! My neighbor is now using it for the kitties she has which three or the four she adopted from me since I rescue!

    PureBites by Pat from Lake Suzy FL02/12/2013

    Our two Bengals, age 3.5 love the PureBites chicken flavored dog bites. We had to buy them in the large dog bags since there is not anything comparable for cats, size-wise. They always know when it is 8pm and time for "treaties". Thank you for a great product!

    Dogs love it!! by Barqman from ILL03/08/2013

    My 3 pugs love them! Too bad as you get the the bottom of the bag they are fairly small and a lot of dust. I just put it into their food.

    Best price for this product by cybersailor from Hilton, NY01/16/2013

    My ferrets love this treat and am pleased with the price and how fast the delivery was.

    Best Price by km05/27/2011

    My cat was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) May 2010. This is a fatal disease but with a diet change to a pure protein food that doesn't contain any vegetables, fruits or preservatives, and homeopathic remedies my cat is still alive. I was frantically searching for such a food and someone recommended Pure Bites. Knowing that she will be eating this for the rest of her life I had to search for a store that carries it for a reasonable price. I found Entirely Pets has the best price. I place an order once a month and it helps that they offer free shipping.

    Snack for my cat by pumpkin the cat11/06/2012

    I keep these in a tiny bowl as a snack for my cat. Some pieces are too tough for her to chew but most of them - like 98% - are fine and she loves them.

    They Love It!! by pief12/10/2012

    I recently purchased a 11.6 oz. bag of PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treats and it's one of the best purchases I could have made! Although they are for dogs, my cats LOVE them! I have on very particular kitty who usually takes a few bites out of her food dish and then stops. I found that if I put some of the chicken treats on top of her food, she will gobble it up! I'll need to keep these treats on hand!

    Product is great by Joan H from Sussex, NJ09/09/2013

    The shipping leaves something to be desired. I once again received sawdust instead of bites. ask for a box when you order.

    Pure Bites by catchaos09/03/2013

    The chicken I bought was labeled for dogs, but I got it for my cats. It's much more economical, and I just break up the big pieces. All my cats love it.

    by amygirl09/17/2013

    I have 2 shih tzus and they both love the dried chicken. It is good for them and all natural. It is the only treat that I trust to give them.

    MY dogs love these by leehampton from TN09/26/2014

    I love ordering from Entirely Pets, first rate service, great products!

    Best purchase price by cybersailor12/02/2012

    Checked oter places and this is the best price for this product

    The best! by jax22 from Cherry Hill, NJ05/07/2014

    Best and healthiest treat for dogs or cats. It's the only treat I can give my diabetic cat. They all go crazy for this stuff. Much cheaper in this size and from Entirety Pets!

    by from 12/03/2012

    The Best Treat Ever by Kate from Montreal09/01/2014

    My dog will not eat her dry dog food without having some chicken sprinkled on it (she is on a special diet, and the food is rather bland). She can eat this all day. And the cat comes running when I open the bag, and gobbles everything she sees. Great treat, great price!!!!

    Great !! by Beatrice04/05/2013

    This is our dog Ru-dee's favorite treat.

    The best by Joan10/22/2012

    I use these treats on top of their food to get them eating. LOL they love them. And Entirely Pets has the best price around.

    A favorite by Margie09/18/2014

    My dog loves these "bites"-----I love the fact that they contain nothing but chicken----no additives of any kind! There are less calories in a piece than in a dog biscuit, so I can "treat" him more often. My only complaint would be that in transit some of the contents end up as crumbs in the bottom of the package.

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz) by kiki11/06/2012

    Wonderful for both kittens and puppy; they don't feel jealous of eachothers treats now.

    Best Treat Ever by Scooter from Minnesota03/07/2014

    I purchase this treat for my cat - the 11.6 oz bag is more reasonable in price than the smaller ones recommended for cats. She loves the chicken treat and meows loudly where the treats are located to get our attention to feed her one!!! And they appear to be healthier than most other treats.

    Just Crumbles by Debbie07/07/2014

    I purchased this because I like that idea that the only ingredient was chicken. Most of the bag is just tiny crumbles and for the cost of the bag, there are very few bite size pieces I can use as treats. It is supposed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, but the company hasn't returned my call. I thought it was odd that I had to leave a message for customer service and hope that they call back.

    great product by none from Florida,06/10/2013

    Dogs really like this treat. Great training aid. Only problem is it gets reduced to crumbs. Still I guess you can put over dog food for flavor.

    Best Purchase Ever by Dodie from henderson, NV01/01/2013

    My cats love this product - they want this more than the canned filets and they are so picky they won't even eat the pates. They watch me break it up for them then start shoving my hands out of the way to get to it. Love it.

    by from 09/08/2013

    Our 6 y.o. collie is very fussy when it comes to treats, but you should see him lick his chops and salivate when I take these out! And we love that they're JUST CHICKEN -- no added junk!

    buy by these from againWe


    All-Time Favorite Snack by Jessepoo from MD06/15/2012

    I have to by these giant bags to keep my toy poodle happy. Other snacks come and go, but this one has always been a favorite, and I feel good letting him have this because it's pure chicken breast. Nothing else...

    Great for dogs and cats! by PJ03/17/2012

    The only treats that I'll give my pets. Thank you for shipping to Spain! We really appreciate it.

    Great but addictive treat for cats & dogs by baribari from NW Pacific Coast10/25/2011

    Actually this treat suits our 6 kitties and 1 dog to the ultimate taste treat. They are simply addicted to the chicken leaving me holding bags of other treats for them to ignore. So beware, they will love it once they have tasted it.

    My pets are crazy about Purebite chicken treats by maineloonatic10/11/2013

    Both my cats and dogs love freeze dried Purebite chicken treats. They can't get enough of them and the best part is they're healthy treats!


    I have been through so many treats and want to avoid anything with added grains- NOT much on the market. I came across this product at the local feed store. All I have to do is open the cabinet where I keep the bag and both dogs and cat come running from all corners of the house. Dogs you expect this from but my cat is so independent she doesn't move for anything except these EXCEPTIONAL treats. I have recomended these treats to eveyone I know whom has critters large,small, cat or dog.

    by from 10/23/2013

    by renee10/20/2011

    19 year old Yorkie Poo loves this !!!! Will continue to purchase this product and mix with his other food:-))

    It saved my cat's life! by Smokie'sMom from NJ08/24/2010

    Once a diabetic about-to-die cat due to improper food (cat is in essence a carnivore, not a grain eater, so the usual dry food is not exactly a good option) my cat was saved due to this (freezed-dry) natural product and other natural products (canned), so watch out what you feed your beloved furry friend! Thank God for one more life saved! :)

    Healthy, Yummy Treats by coonielover from Vancouver, BC10/22/2012

    Great healthy, natural treats. Highly recommended. My felines love these but they don't make the 11 oz bags for felines so I purchase the ones for canines. Exact same ingredients - just freeze dried chicken.

    Good for cats too by Debbie from Philadelphia, PA01/14/2013

    I feed these to my cats. They are great alternatives to cats treats with carbs and my cats love them. It is much cheaper to buy them in the large dog bags and then break them apart to feed to the cats than buying the small bags marketed for cats. If your cats are off carbs these are great all protein treats recommended by my vet.

    Healthy Pet Treats Dogs & Cats Will Love!!! by PJ from Puerto Banus, Spain05/30/2012

    I give these high protein, no carb chicken treats to my dog and two cats. They love them! I put them on my dog's food to get him to eat. They are all natural and low in calories. Great for diabetic cats that shouldn't eat carbs. Thank you Entirely Pets for shipping to Spain!

    My cats love these by Susina02/13/2013

    My cats love these treats. They are healthy with no additives.

    The product is fine. by Charlie from Schaumburg, IL01/29/2012

    Not satisfied with packaging. I asked for the product to be bubble wrapped and all they did was put 2 pcs. of flat plastic in the box. So the Pure Bites were smashed.

    healthy treats by phylnow09/18/2013

    my pets love these chicken treats.....100% pure chicken breast, and made in the USA!

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (2 oz)
    Yummy for their tummy by June from Alabama04/19/2012

    Won a free sample. My dogs love them. Used them at agility class for our beginner dogs. They loved them also.

    by wct09/05/2014

    The product is great. The shipping is too slow.

    He LOVES these! by Bandit's Mom!! from Destin, FL06/03/2013

    This is hands down Bandit's favorite treat of all time. I even have a friend who is trying to train his dalmation who is not at all "treat driven". This is th ONLY product he has found that works. Yes, will definitely without a doubt order these again.

    My dog thinks they are tasty by JC from San Antonio12/06/2011

    I have to choose single ingrediant treats because my dog has lots of allergies. She likes these. They are very dry but my dog scarfs them down. You can break them into smaller pieces if needed for training. I like that they have a very mild scent.

    Good by Shadow from Miami. FL02/19/2013

    I purchased these pure bites because they had awesome reviews. I actually thought they were moist that is why i purchased them. However, they are very dry. I have to break off a piece for my dog to eat it. He is not too crazy about them.

    GREAT TREAT by suzyqmar11/06/2012

    My dogs can't get enough of these.This is their favorite treat.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (8.8 oz)
    Healthy tasty treat by Tuffy's mom from Bristol,CT06/21/2014

    This particular brand is Tuffy' and my favorite.No additives, USA made freeze dried liver. Most pieces are pre-cut to a size that fits in my dog's toy small kong. Sometime I break up smaller bits and tie them up in and old sock.and wrap it up like a ball, It challenges him and keeps him busy .He gets the sock untied every time and manages to get every bit of his liver treats out of the sock.It's a lot of fun for both of us.

    by rat terrier lover09/25/2013

    my dogs are older now, 10,12 & 13 yrs old and I was looking for a healty treat to give them. This fit the bill, they loved them!

    by LoveBeagles from Duluth, MN04/22/2014

    Dogs Love it so does the cat. It is easy to break apart.

    by Helen01/28/2014

    This is also a great addition to Sophie's dog food to give it something tasty for her.

    Just what it says it is by katesmom from FL04/10/2013

    This product is purely simple: Just liver. No other additives or salt and no words I can't pronounce. My dog loves them, and I feel I am giving her a quality product. They seem a bit pricey but the bag is large and will last my small dog at least six months. This is an example of getting what you pay for, and I'm glad I found this product for her.

    Pure Bite Liver the best! by TuffysMom from Bristol,CT01/10/2012

    My dog Tuffy love this brand of freeze dried liver treats more than anything! The size of most of the pieces are perfect to fit into his small kong treat toy.The other liver treats are not as appealing to him.The Pure Bites liver treats are a staple of his regular diet.

    awesome treat by Leah Boxer from Wisconsin09/25/2013

    My boxer loves these treats! Can't go wrong

    My dogs love these treats! by Debbie01/25/2013

    Over the years I have given my dogs many different types of treats. PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treats are their all time favorite and I feel good going these treats to them because they are also healthy for the dogs.

    Healthiest and Best treat by Pete's kid from Northwestern Massachusetts12/13/2013

    We have 2 rescue dogs, one underweight and one overweight who both love this nutritious snack. When we first started buying it from a local pet supply store, the price was twice what I recently paid on Entirely Pets, and I am not exaggerating. Yes, TWICE ! I am so grateful to have found E.P. and can now afford to continue this wonderful product for our great little guys. Thank you EP !!

    by TE from La Mesa, CA12/30/2012

    Include these in a nutrition program for my dogs.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Beef Liver Dog Treat (16.5 oz)
    PureBites Liver by Mary04/26/2014

    I am very picky about the treats I give to my sft's who are training in many areas of dog sports. Orijen freeze dried treats supplement their diet rather then adding useless calories. They provide protein and other nutrients needed for high energy performance dogs without increasing their weight. My dogs love liver.

    Pure Bites highest quality treats, no additives by tuffys mom from Bristol, CT06/18/2012

    My dog is a very particular 4 year old Coton de Tulear and he is addicted to Pure bite freeze dried liver treats. They are pure liver, nothing else added,no preservatives. These are the only treats Tuffy will eat, and the shape and cut length fit perfectly in his small kong toy. Any crumbs left in the package I crumble onto his dry food. My only complaint is that the deliveries used to be really fast, this time it took a long time to ship and I ran out of our supply before it arrived.My dog was having withdrawals and begging for his treats.

    Hasn't tired of these yet. by Perla's mom08/10/2011

    Our lovely little mutt seems to get bored of all the treats we've used except these. She is willing to do anything for them! And all her friends have enjoyed them as well :-)

    purebites beef liver by sandy from boynton beach,fl.01/14/2013

    excellent product for fussy eater. My dog, a chichuhua, does not like treats, but loves purebites liver and chicken. It's the only treat he will eat....great product

    My favorite treat by Chloe from Southern NH12/04/2013

    I turn myself inside out for these liver treats! They are so delicious! My mom cuts them up into small pieces and gives them to me and my other 4 brothers and sisters. I do anything to get one of these treats.

    excellent product by hennic from New York, NY01/01/2012

    My dog LOVES these. They have become the preferred treat in our household since she loves them so much.

    PureBites of Heaven! by Peanut's Mom06/17/2013

    How wonderful to now have a liver product available that is US made! My dog, and all of her "buddies," go nuts for liver treats! It is funny to see people on our walks whose dog would never normally take a treat offered by a stranger take a treat so readily from me! Nice thing that they are not "cookies" - only pure liver! The price is wonderful as well. I have spent $40 in pet stores on far less than this 16.5 oz bag. Never again! Entirely Pets is the place to go with excellent prices, and PureBites are my dog's premier treat!

    Awesome Product by maineloonatic02/13/2014

    Both my cats and dogs love Purebites Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats. I sprinkle it on their food or give it as a treat.

    Purebits liver treats by none from Huntington WV03/10/2013

    This is a wonderful dog treat. My own precious pet enjoyed it for his final two years and I now give it as a gift. And yes, it is expensive but our pets are valuable so just purchase the Purebit Treats and watch them enjoy.

    My dogs love these treats by Ryan Nichols from Perth07/10/2014

    I have 3 Dobermans and one is very fussy and diabetic. They all love these treats. I keep my diabetic Doberman on a low glycemic diet and these treats fit in with what he needs. I will continue to buy these treats.

    GREATEST TREAT by Aussies from Texas11/23/2012

    My dogs go crazy for these treats. The great thing is you can break each piece into 4 or 5 smaller pieces without them crumbling away - making them fantastic for training.

    by Pete's kid from Northwestern Massachusetts01/17/2014

    Pure Bites Beef Liver treats are the hands down favorite for little Mickey and our grand-dog Jonah.! Healthy, wholesome and loved !

    by Kats06/30/2012

    My dogs loved this product. Very healthy for them also.

    My dogs love this by Margee09/25/2014

    Now, I have to give them some every night before bed or they won't leave me alone. Shelties!

    Really Delicious by Bandido from East Liverpool,OH02/05/2013

    Bubba really loves it. Made in the U.S.A.Aldo low in calories. And real and natural meat.

    Wholesome treat by katesmom from FL04/10/2013

    My sweet eleven year old Havanese was recently diagnosed with heart issues. I make her food so her diet was approved by the vet, but he asked me to not give her any treats that had salt. Every one of the "premium" treats that I had been giving her had oodles of salt. I looked online and found Pure Bites which have nothing added so I ordered both the liver and chicken for her. She gobbles them down like crazy, and they are better for her. Win win!

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (2 oz)
    did not receive item by chris06/15/2013

    I know the product is excellent, but I didn't even receive the item. I was sent duck which my dog is allergic to... so I recommend the product, but not the company

    Nice snack, nice size by Sharkiebob from San Jose,CA08/25/2014

    Nothing negative to say about these snacks. Dog likes them. Came well packaged.

    It makes my dog crazy. by berner from MI11/28/2012

    My dog really loves this. If I opened this, he appears immediately.

    Loves this treat by Prancer's Mom from Bourbonnais, IL02/14/2013

    We have a very, very picky eater. I have given away lots and lots of treats and dog food. Prancer is a pain to get to eat anything. On a whim, I got these while ordering his Pill Pockets and was surprised that Prancer loves these. Will be buying them again.

    My dog loved them by debbie from kane, pa09/17/2014

    My dog and son's dog loved them. I would buy them again!!

    Best Purchase Ever by rude5150 from Hong Kong08/29/2014

    My dog loves it, even my friends dog love it~~~~

    Tastes like Cheez-its by mrterriers2 from Phoenix AZ04/24/2013

    Our Airedale loves them; tried one and yes it is cheese. Very good

    My doggies love these! by gigi from Las Vegas, NV08/16/2013

    Cheese is a favorable treat for my babies. I would definitely buy these again!

    Great!!! by ar from nj11/16/2011

    He's picky about food so he only eats what he likes. But too fond of cheese. This is the most delicious cheese he have ever tasted.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (8.8 oz)
    by Helen01/28/2014

    Sophie Loves these as a treat with her food or if she has been a good girl.

    My dog loves them and so do I by BeerDrinker05/25/2014

    I have two dogs and they both love these treats. To be honest, so do I. After several beers I get the craving for cheese, so I usually have a few of these with a little dab of hot sauce. No wonder my dogs love them so much!

    PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat by Yankee's Mom from Utah11/03/2012

    These are my dogs newest favorites. I should have known as he loves all things cheese, but they now are far above any kind of meat treats and are wheat free so are also helping with his allergies. So glad we found them!!

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Cheddar Cheese Dog Treat (16.6 oz)
    A Definite Hit by Hana from Kailua, HI11/10/2012

    Good natural dog treat that can be broken up for training or used whole...dogs love them.

    look so good i'd try one myself by bohmbim from Sequim, WA03/23/2013

    My dog learned the word cheese in no time! This is by far the biggest food motivator for my westie.

    The best purchase ever by Puppy Mama from Morristown, TN06/22/2012

    I have tried all kinds of treats with my Brittanies, and they are very picky, but they love these! I even started giving them to the puppies when they turned 6 weeks! They are all very happy and so am I with this purchase!

    Best Treats Ever by Aussie Mom09/17/2013

    I have fed these for about 3 years and my 3 dogs love them. I keep them as special rewards or when I think my guys need extra incentive and they certainly do the trick. I try to buy extra bags when they are on sale so I won't run out.

    Cheddar bites by Pam from Hawaii11/20/2013

    My dog loves the taste of these cheese bites. The only problem is that it is fragile, came shipped in small pieces. The crushed pieces were added to his food like a garnish.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (1.23 oz)
    Dogs LOVED these treats by Pam from Clayton, CA12/18/2012

    My dogs are picky but they loved these treats. Enough said. :-)

    pure bite duck liver bites by o-sewfine from Lebanon, Tn.02/05/2012

    my two boys LOVE these! a great natural treat for my dogs!!!

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (2.6 oz)
    Dog is crazy for these by mrterriers2 from Phoenix AZ04/24/2013

    He can't wait to have one. They are good sized for a large dog. Mention "treat" and he is at the treat jar.

    Good for cats too! by KittiesMom from Chico, CA10/29/2012

    I buy this for my two cats and they both enjoy it very much. I do, however, need to take the time to chop it into smaller pieces for the cats - since the treat size is intended for dogs.

    Love this Purchase by Puppy Mama from Morristown. TN06/22/2012

    I was just looking around for some new ideas on dog treats and came across these. Im so glad I did! Mom, Dad, and puppies love these and they are Healthy treats for them all!! I love the fact they they are 100% natural with none of the bad stuff added to them...Just like the name says,,,Purebites!

    Can't Miss by Gracie's Mom07/24/2012

    Gracie loves Purebites liver treats, low calorie and once again she is a finicky girl and likes all flavors but Mom does not like the chicken as it is like pieces of sawdust.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs - 3 PACK (7.8 oz)
    Too Fragile by Liz from Midwest01/01/2014

    really likes flavor; crumbles into dust.

    by Dobemom03/19/2013

    Crumbled as a condiment on top of food to get a picky eater to start eating

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Trail Mix Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs (3.25 oz)
    My Westie Loves It! by HeatChick from Coral Springs, FL01/21/2014

    I sprinkle this over his regular dry food and he loves it! Can be used as treats too.

    highest quality treats ever made by cathym10/10/2011

    First off, I have two Pugs and 2 cats. And with Pugs you have to watch what they eat otherwise they put on weight. So I only give the girls natural treats like chicken products. One day at the Pet store I saw Purebites and thought hey 100% pure product and low in calories let give them a try. I was gobsmacked at how much not only the dogs but the cats love all the purebites I have brought home. The chicken, duck, cheese and now the trail mix. Even Seamus the cat goes nuts for the freezed dried sting beans in the trail mix. There's not one product they make that they all don't love. I even e-mailed them and asked if they could do apples and carrots. They promised to look into it. As long as they keep making their products I will continue to keep buying. And the best part is that everything they make is MADE IN THE USA!

    Great snack by jenk813 from high point, nc10/12/2013

    One of my dogs has potential food allergies and the others are pick. They love this stuff! Great purchase with natural ingredients.

    Yummy treats! by Renee03/10/2012

    Our dogs love the PureBites treat and just tried the Trail Mix and they love it - especially the green beans - wish there were more in the bag!

    Pure Bites by Rickyfeicool03/31/2013

    A perfect snack that satisfy the meat eaters with healthy veggie.

    Too many small pieces by mrterriers2 from Phoenix AZ04/24/2013

    Although our dog loves them I would not purchase again as the pieces are way too small for a large dog; perhaps for a small dog they would be a good choice

    GREAT FIND IN TREATS by rat terrier lover from WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA11/04/2013


    Meat and Veggie Mix by mba from Wisconsin11/22/2011

    The dogs loved both the freeze dried liver and freeze dried green beans.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Trail Mix Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs - 3 PACK (9.75 oz)
    Westie loves these by Lynnie from Austin, Tx08/09/2013

    With such mixture of choices, he loves it all....what a wonderful treat(s)

    by from 03/20/2013

    I haven't received my product! You are holding all my items because one item is on back order... terrible service!

    on by Feb. from 27,I


    My Dog Loves them! by HeatChick from Coral Springs, FL06/13/2014

    I sprinkle this trail mix over my dog's dry food and he gobbles it up! Really Chicken, sweet potato and green beans!

    Interesting but.. by Rini from Los Angeles, CA02/27/2014

    The trail mix is largely freeze dried liver. The pieces are too large to use as treats for my small dogs. They like the green beans. I wanted this for training treats, but it doesn't work for me

    Featured Reviews for Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)
    Favorite treat! by ZsaZsa from Dallas, TX12/09/2011

    Very pleased with the quality of these liver bits. My boxer anxiously awaits her treat time. They recommend only giving her several a day so they are really special. And at the sale price we stocked up. I am really happy I discovered Entirely Pets. Great site, prices, quality and shipping!!

    liver bits by Becky from Green Bay11/29/2011

    Dog likes them enough...the only reason I ordered them was because they were advertised as the daily special and it is always fun to offer him new treats. The daily special price, however, was not reflected on our invoice.

    These don't even smell good by sgreen3412/08/2011

    I only purchase all-natural treats without any grain, preservatives or pretty much anything else. I bought these at a heavily discounted price. Good thing, since I won't buy them again. I'm not sure what liver smells like, exactly, but I don't think this is it. The pieces are all different sizes, and all are squared off and have hard edges. I don't mind the sizing, but it's just one other oddity here.

    Love these 10 calorie treats! by karine from Oregon coast, Oregon04/17/2012

    My dog expects about 4 of these each night as we sit during the evening, reading or watching TV. She barks until she gets them. They are crunchy, nutritious and low calorie. All good things.

    Tasty by Gitanjali from India12/12/2012

    I think this is the second time I am reviewing this product. I previously bought the large jar and this time the smaller size. 2 out of 3 of my dogs love this treat. I'm glad the expiry date on the smaller jar is longer since the large 19.5 oz jar had a short expiry date and since you can only feed 2 to 4 pieces a day to the dog, depending on size, I couldn't finish it by the expiry date. Anyhow they absolutely love this - one of my great danes and my cocker spaniel.

    My picky eater just can't resist! by Jen from Southern California12/06/2011

    This is the first treat that I've found that my dog can't say no to. Other treats are ok, and he will take them or leave them depending on his mood, but he never refuses Liver Bits. They stink sooo bad, but maybe that's why he loves them so much...

    Watch your fingers! by Deanna from Hamilton, Canada12/07/2013

    Just the sound of the lid pulling back brings them running! Very yummy and desired, simple and healthy, no worries here

    by from 12/07/2011

    Received the Liver Bits and my retriever mix & pomeranian both went crazy as soon as they got the first sniff! I even crush a piece or two and sprinkle on the food they aren't so fond of...they chow it down! Also wonderful for training.

    TM by from Great

    Great Treat!

    yes, I'll buy it again by ibclare from san diego, CA06/15/2014

    These are great. I had to laugh when I read the review about the the bucket not filled all the way, since this is by weight, not volume; and the one about the smell, that too. If I had a dog's nose I don't know if I'd be grateful or horrifed, but mine love these. I even break them up in kibble size bits and sprinkle them up on their food on days they're picky or not feeling 100%. About the company's customer service, these shouldn't be in the review of the product, so those ought to push up the overall rating. I dare anyone to find me 19.5 ounces of pure, dehydrated beef liver at this price!

    Smokey likes by NancyS from Southbury, CT11/26/2011

    Smokey was eating them right out of the broken container. My only problem is that so far 2 boxes that I received from Entirely Pets came with broken packages. First was the salmon oil-yuck, and the 2nd was the liver Bits.

    Great treat but flimsy lid by Gitanjali from India02/18/2013

    Every time I buy this I get asked to review it and as always I will say my dogs love it - my great dane as well as my cocker spaniel. However this time I have taken off one star because of the lids that break every time. This treat is for limited usage so the lid needs to last at least 4 to 6 weeks but it breaks upon opening a few times.

    Liver Treats are a Hit by SingingDove from Golden, CO08/04/2011

    I first learned of using freeze-dried liver from a doggy acupuncturist. I save these for training so that they have something that is highly desirable. My dogs love these. I do have to cut them to be smaller since I have small dogs and too many training treats (even though these are low in calories) lead to a pudgy puppy.

    Liver Bits,best Treat Ever by J. A. from Pittsburgh,Pa11/22/2011

    5 star rating,my dogs love it and I will be buying it again.

    mmmmmmmmm so good by angi from NC11/16/2011

    I used to get this Product at my Vet in KS. Now I found it here. My Dog just goes Bananas when I reach for the tub. Bst Product I ever found Thank you and my Dog thanks you

    Tasty treats by GreyGhost from ashevillle, nc12/08/2011

    I got these treats for my dog because I wanted something healthy and grain free to use for training. My dog loves the taste, and I like the fact that they dont leave my hands smelly and greasy like other treats. The only downside is that the jar is only filled 3/4 of the way.

    My picky dog drools for this treat by Jen from California08/15/2012

    I have a finicky standard poodle who turns his nose up at stuff other dogs devour. Well Liver Bits are amazing. They smell horrible, but he cannot resist them. My cat comes running for them, too, and she begs for a taste when she hears me shake the container for the dog. I doubt there's a dog on this planet who could resist Liver Bits.

    Liver Bits for Dogs by lindag from Wynantskill, NY02/01/2014

    Both my Bichon and my Cocker Spaniel love these!

    Bedtime Delight by BK from Austin, Tx11/22/2011

    Perfect for that last little treat before bedtime. Our little rescue dog runs to the bedroom when I tell her it is time for bed because she knows she will get one of these healthy treats. I was giving her a dry cookie but not anymore. I am happy to find a healthy treat that is affordable and good for them as well.

    by from 01/11/2012

    I've ordered these a few times and use them for training treats. The larger pieces can be broken easily and a handful fits in my pocket. My dogs love them - even my picky dog. My dogs are on strict diets and the natural treats don't upset their stomachs.

    order by these." from great training treatsI'll


    lovin the liver by katman from Illinois11/22/2011

    My dog LOVES the liver treats. Very convenient; I like that they come in a plastic tub to stay fresh.

    Best by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/08/2014

    The best decision I've ever made, says my dogs. They'll do anything for these treats.

    What will your dog do anything for? by doodler from New York, NY10/30/2013

    my dog is not food motivated - until these liver bites came into the house! now he will do anything to have one of these liver treats. highly recommend these.

    great treata for training by Corky from Gold Canyon AZ11/22/2011

    My chocolate lab puppy learns very quickly when he knows a liver treat is his reward. Even his buddys line up for the treat.

    Company is dishonest by momstress3 from Newark, NY12/08/2011

    I placed an order on black friday for reduced prices on treat items. When I received the order, they had charged my credit card double the amount. When I called to ask about the Mistake, I was treated rudely and told to return the products. I will never deal with this company again.

    Great treats! by liz12/10/2011

    Dogs love 'em! Even if you have a picky dog...these liver treats go over great! Great for any size dog and keep a long time.

    Liver treats by Sue11/27/2011

    My dog Luna loved them. They are freeze dried and keep well.

    Great treats for training by a danes luv11/23/2011

    These are the best treats for training! I haven't met a dog that doesn't LOVE them, and they are easy to carry around a small baggie of them for spontaneous training or fun at the park.

    extra special reward treats by aprlm12/07/2011

    My dog will do anything for these treats! He only gets these when he does his "play dead" command,or when he learns a new trick. You can also sprinkle (break the treat into almost dust) on their dog food. These are great treats but they aren't for training.You have to be careful not to overfeed I break his treat into pieces since I follow the recommended amount which for my small dog it's 1-2 a day. The treat is dried liver which has a dry,yet powdery consistency,very easy for my chinese crested to eat.It comes cubed,and lightweight. Haven't met a dog who doesn't like these.

    Good product. Thumbs up. by racindog from Louisville, KY12/06/2011

    Has more smaller bit pieces than some of the other dried liver treat products but that's what its called Liver BITS so all in all is a good product. Very convenient tub. The dogs love it.

    Featured Reviews for Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (19.5 oz)
    Dogs Love Them by CrazyBorders from Liviingston County, NY02/13/2013

    These liver treats are a great value and the dogs really love them. They seem to be a healthy reward.

    Smelly, but dogs love! by abbyshouse06/18/2012

    My dogs really seem to enjoy them! They smell, but the dogs eat them right up!

    Happiest Customer Ever! by crt08/05/2012

    Thank you for being such a terrific company! Your products are everything you say they are -- and then some. My dogs absolutely love the Liver Bits Treats. After they have done something good (like doing tricks, going outside, etc.) they run straight to the cabinet where I keep these treats and stand on their hind legs and beg. They can't get enough! Plus your packaging and shipping are extremely well done. Thanks again ENTIRELYPETS! You definitely have a returning customer!

    Love the Liver by Bea Leary from Denver, CO06/17/2012

    Both dogs love them, and so much cheaper than the pet stores. All protein. One of my dogs is on a protein diet for losing weight, so he loves these treats!

    Healthy, Yummy Treats Make Obedient Pups! by Tiffy-D from Maryland05/08/2013

    I bought these because one of my three dogs has allergies. Of course, we have to be fair & give Liver Bits to all three. My dogs love these treats so much that they run inside when called. Who knew training could be so easy?

    Best Value by racindog from Louisville, KY06/12/2013

    Been using these for years. Value priced and top quality- a great deal! Momma Sea lubs them and gets them twice a day mixed & cut up with her chewable meds which she then scarfs down.

    by Kats from Esmond, IL06/30/2012

    My dogs loved these. They are healthy for them and must taste great since they can't get enough. I like the way it is packaged for ease of use and freshness.

    by The Clan from Delmar, NY04/30/2013

    My dogs love freeze dried liver! We play tossing games and learn to catch toys and treats using these.

    by from 02/02/2014

    I bought these as a healthier alternative to the typical grocery store treats with grains and things that aren't good for your doggies gut. He love's them! However they do give him a little bit of bad breath but nothing over-powering.

    pairing by it from withI


    Dogs like them by Mr B12/26/2013

    Dogs eat them real well, the only issue I have with them is they have a pretty pungent Odor

    Loves them SOOOOO much by jclopez10/22/2012

    Gabby loves the liver treats. She will do anything that we ask right away just to get some. They are great as a training aide.

    Love it! by Kim F. from Stockbridge, Michigan03/22/2013

    I have quite a time getting my one dog to come in, but he doesn't stay outside and mind his manners either. He scratches at the door constantly except for when he's barking. Well, these are the magic treat. I ask him whether he wants one and he comes in...wa,la. I know, I know. I shouldn't be giving him treats when he isn't minding me, but boy has it been cold up here in the wintertime.

    by from 08/14/2014

    My LB's arrived, and they were immediately sniffed out by 2 of my dogs. The bits are largish, but they cut easily with a knife to make smaller training treats--my purpose for buying them. There is some powder residue, but nothing alarming, and it merely needs to be sprinkled over food.

    Setter, by (the from equivalentDaisey,


    newest by addition: from anDexter


    Liver Bits by MK02/02/2013

    Liver is AWFUL - can't stand the stuff but the dogs LOVE IT!!! (:

    by Patty from Yakima, WA10/01/2013

    Dogs love liver bits!! I'm glad I bought the giant size.

    by kiki11/06/2012

    The product is wonderful unfortunately it has an expiration date of a month after the purchase. So I will have to throw most of it out. Entirely pets apologized and refunded the item. I would have prefered they check the expiration date before they sent it out. I feel awful throwing food out. Otherwise, the kittens and puppy both enjoy their new treats.

    Liver bites by Norman from Huntington, NY06/20/2014

    The pooch loved these treats. Responds well with clipper training and this reward.

    Never received product by The Clan from Delmar, NY04/15/2013

    I never received this item, my credit card was charged and when I called to check on the order no shipment status was given....

    Yummy by L:uke from Buffalo NY10/15/2013

    first I bought the medium size and then the large, so you know how much the dog liked them.

    dogs love them. by gator from redding ca02/04/2013

    the most important thing is, the dogs love them. these are dry squares with no mess. once you figure the price, these are actually cheaper than most other dog treats.

    by from 07/03/2014

    These are fantastic. The dogs like them; even my cats do. They are pure protein and not full of junk. I can give them as treats, training or otherwise, and not worry that I might be giving them trash treats. I put them on top of their food sometimes.

    great,b by oth from forThe


    by from 10/22/2012

    I've been looking for a natural treat for my five Labradors....one suffers from bloat and another is diabetic, so we try to eliminate most treats that have carbs in them (oatmeal, rice, grains, etc.)

    amazing! by My from dogsThis


    because by it's from natural,I


    great training treat by Pam from North Lakewood, WA01/29/2014

    I happen to love this product as it is a crumbless, greaseless treat that I can stuff in pockets without worrying about ruining clothing - and the pups love it !

    love these by vk12/07/2013

    our dogs love these liver treats - very reasonable

    Our Dogs love these by Chinmom from Rockford, IL03/01/2013

    These are healthy for them and they really like them. The liver bits are in many sizes which works well for my different sizes of Chins.

    great for training by olive from Upstate NY12/29/2012

    Our dogs get these for hard things like learning to DOWN and going to bed in the crate. They love them. I have heard that organ meat is the first choice of wild dogs so I hope that it is more nutritious than synthetic products.

    Great for Training by MsHollywood from Novelty Ohio10/15/2013

    My puppies know the words "LIVER TREATS"

    all 3 of our dogs LOVE it by tigre from Mokelumne Hill CA02/04/2014

    Have tried all kinds of treats from our crew and this was an immediate hit

    M.I.A. by Waggintails shopper from Wisconsin04/03/2013

    thank you for the email asking me to rate this product. I would love to rate it,...however it has been nearly one month since my order, and it has notmyet shipped! No one can tell me when, or even if this product will ship! However, your website still lists the product and it is still available for purchase! To add insult to injury, you have billed me for the FULL price of the other items on my order, but did not apply my discount to those items. If / when this item ships, ther had better NOT be a second shipping charge, and the FULL discount amount of the original order should be reflected! So far, VERY DIAPPPOINTED with you company & your service!

    Wonderful Product! by Kimberly F. from Stockbridge, Michigan02/05/2013

    All three of my German Shepherd's are very spoiled. That being said, they've come to turn their noses up at some treats, yes treats. A couple of them like this treat, but the other walks away. Well, all of them sit pretty and one of them talks when I get the bucket out. And I love it because it's, "Sourced and Manufactured in the USA?

    Molly's favorite treate!! by betylu from Iowa06/22/2013

    Liver Bits Freeze Dried Liver Treats are my dog Molly's very favorite treat.She will do anything to get these. We save them for bedtime or when she does something very special. I don't mind giving them to her as I know they are good for her as well. We usually buy two large size containers which last a long time..The price is excellent and they are made and sourced in the good old USA. That mean a lot.

    by Cath11/28/2012

    Excellent Liver treats. Small size and best of all MADE IN THE USA!!!!

    Featured Reviews for Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (13.25 oz)
    Quality Product by Tanmoy12/17/2012

    Definitely would purchase again - recommended without reservation.

    This treat can't be beat! by Jen from California12/18/2012

    As usual, LiverBits set off a stampede, as all of the critters came running when I popped the top. They love it!

    One of our favorite treats by The Clan from Delmar, NY08/07/2013

    These liver treats are awesome! Our Mom plays games with us, she tosses one in the air and we have to catch it. Of course we have to be sitting and waiting for our turn. Chester, Ellie & Fresca

    Really good! by L:uke from Buffalo NY06/27/2013

    Don't give them too much as it will spoil them for anything else

    by butters12/12/2011

    Freeze-dried little treats that don't make a mess. My new foster dog that was initially very shy and not food motivated can't get enough of these tastey lil' morsels!

    Best Dog Treat by Linds12/27/2012

    Bigger container than I thought. My dog loves these freeze dried liver treats. He will just about anything for one.

    We Love These! by timy from Mississippi12/17/2012

    This is a repeat purchase - need I say more?

    Wonderful training tool! by KAM from Ontario Canada06/11/2013

    These are exceptional "treats" for training . The dogs love them, they are easy to carry and a wonderful tool to train with. The price is great and the amount in the package is certainly worth the money! This is not,and won't be a one time purchase!

    by from 06/26/2012

    I have an older dog who isn't very hungry except for treats. I got the original little pack of these as a freebie with another order, and turned out these are his all-time favorite treat.

    put by 2 from orSo


    all by love from them,My


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