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KONG Classic

KONG Classic

CLASSIC KONG - Extra Small for Small Dogs & Cats
CLASSIC KONG - Extra Small for Small Dogs & Cats

($8.99)  $6.74
CLASSIC KONG - SMALL (2.5oz/70g)
CLASSIC KONG - SMALL (2.5oz/70g)

($9.99)  $7.19
CLASSIC KONG - MEDIUM (4.7 oz/140gm)
CLASSIC KONG - MEDIUM (4.7 oz/140gm)

($12.99)  $9.89
CLASSIC KONG - LARGE (7.8 oz/220gm)
CLASSIC KONG - LARGE (7.8 oz/220gm)

($15.99)  $11.69

($22.99)  $17.09

($29.24)  $22.49
Kong's exclusive, nontoxic red natural rubber is puncture resistant, super bouncy and chewer friendly. It is unmatched for legendary strength, resilience, durability and bounce. Kong toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and satisfied customers world wide.

Small KONGs are for Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies and Similar sized Mixed Breeds

5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - Extra Small for Small Dogs & Cats
Cutest Kong! by scoop from PA01/15/2014

I just donated these teeny tiny Kongs to the Humane League of Lancaster, knowing that they get puppies and small breeds that might benefit by reducing their kennel stress. The staff LOVED them!

Perfect for a chihuahua by GrammyX3+5doggs from Royersford, PA11/18/2012

I ordered this for the smallest of the small ones. I have three chihuahuas, a JRT and a JRT Chi mix. It's perfect for her teeny tiny mouth.

Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - SMALL (2.5oz/70g)
by kong toy12/25/2012

It is for his snack time and he loves the peanut butter I put in it.

Too small for my 14 lb. terrier mix by Eddie's mom from Newton, MA08/25/2013

The larger end opening is a little too small for the mouth of my 14 pound terrier mix. He can get his tongue in there, but doesn't seem to be able to suck on it the way he does the next larger size. I think this small size is made more for dogs under 10 pounds with more delicate jaws (e.g., Yorkies, Malteses, Chihuahuas). I bought the small though because I couldn't find a replacement medium size at my local pet stores. I decided eventually to go online and search for the medium size--and found it on Entirely Pets! So I recommend the next size up if your dog is a "tweener" like mine--always in between "small" and "medium" with respect to almost all products. In any case, if you put peanut butter in it, always use unsalted/no sugar smooth ("Teddie's" brand is good), and not too much, just smear it on the inside and into the small hole. Always provide fresh water too.

Great Toy by CKSD11/07/2012

This is a great toy, my dog absolutely loved it! I thought this would be a good size for him since he is small (a yorkie poodle mix), but I guess it wasn't. After a few weeks he succeeded in chewing the top part of it off. I will definitely be buying the next size up though, it keeps him entertained!

Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - MEDIUM (4.7 oz/140gm)
My beagle loves this toy! by rabbit04/09/2013

In fact, this is the ONLY toy my dog really "gets into". I mainly stuff it with hot dogs crammed up into the neck. I've also used cream cheese, peanut butter or chicken jerky jammed into it. Great product!

Great 'Toy' by FrugalAnnie from Mount Plymouth, FL06/20/2013

These may cost more, but they are lighter than competitors and last longer. I use it every morning to give my dog peanut butter and they last for a couple of years, before they start to disinergrate.

Classic Kong by Grace12/12/2011

My shiba inu loves this Kong. I put his treats inside and he gets it out in no time. Smart dog.

by Cindy12/09/2011


Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - LARGE (7.8 oz/220gm)
Must Have by Sarah G.12/18/2009

Kongs are must haves for all dog owners. Fill with healthy treats (can use kibble, non-fat yogurt, pumpkin, and green beans for ideas) and then freeze them. This can provide HOURS of distraction for a dog, especially when left alone.

My Dog's Favorite Toy! by AZBAM from Phoenix, AZ11/04/2012

My Bull Terrier Kallie loves her KONGS - she must have the red ones, though. She is very hard on her toys and KONGS always last the longest. I love that they are made in the U.S.A.!

by tdh from charlotte, nc03/13/2013

Our puppy is now 1.5 and still keeps chewing and literally eating things. We got the kong in hopes that she wouldn't be able to eat it and that she would choose to chew it instead of whatever else she finds. She didn't much care for it until we put a treat in it. We have now had to order another one because our other dog tries to steal it from the puppy.

Kong Toys are Great by Liz from Scranton, PA07/23/2012

These are GREAT ! I fill mine with kibble, baby food bananas, low fat, yogurt, topped with peanut butter and a treat ! This is a great treat to give to your dog when it's time to go in the crate for the day. Lately our puppy hasn't even been eating it, she simply recognizes it as a symbol of crate time. I like knowing she has it in there incase she gets hungry, plus it's durable !

It's good by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC04/14/2014

I put 2-3 Tablespoons of peanut butter in it and my dog got almost all of it out. She won't keep at it though which is why I got it so it would keep her busy while I was away.

Not up to Par by Saver203/06/2013

I buy Kong products but I question if this is an authentic product because it is smaller than the same sized Kong I own???

best toy ever by rain from columbus ohio11/06/2012

I have used kongs for years as a behaviorist & trainer, for everything from rewards to helping seperation anxiety. I should of bought stock in Kong

Second Kong by Shadow from Sherwood, OR11/28/2012

I purchased this for my puppy's crate, I have two dogs and a puppy who all like to carry the Kong around and one Kong always goes in the puppy's crate, I ended up getting a second Kong because often times I can't find the one for the crate because the dogs have taken it outside to play with and chew on. I like that I can fill with peanut butter and the puppy is content in her crate.

Stuffed Kong's are the Best! by The Clan from Delmar, NY08/07/2013

Our Mom leaves us a stuffed Kong when she has to go to work, or leave us for more than a short time. We get happy feet and dance waiting for our Kong's! Chester, Ellie & Fresca

Too large! by jasminetea from Florida01/19/2013

Received my Kong and very disappointed that it is too large and too heavy for my Cavalier. Called about exchanging it for the medium and was told they do not do exchanges. I would have to mail it back (pay for postage), wait for a credit, re-order and pay for postage again. They really should have measurements for dog sizes. Will not be ordering on line again. What a waste and inconvenience.

Dogs love them! by mis from Pittsburgh, Pa.11/07/2012

Not only do my dogs love them, but I volunteer at al local shelter and those dogs absolutely love them too! They are a great source of daily enrichment for a kenneled or bored dog ~ not to mention all the good foods and treats you can fill them with. They are also a good way to feed daily a dog that gulps their food.

by from 11/24/2011

Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - EXTRA LARGE (12oz/360gm)
BEST DOG TOY!!! by Melissa02/03/2009

I posted another review under the blue x-l Kong. The red one lasts much longer stick with the original! Blue one only lasted 2 weeks where as the red one is still going strong for 2 years now! Great toys!

Labs can't be without their Kong by Frank M from Piedmont, MO06/03/2013

I had two black labs that loved to play and Kong is their favorite toy. They constantly bring it to me to throw for them and rarely fight over it. Kong is by far the best toy I've found to satisfy my guys.

Classic Large Kong by Steve from Evergreen, CO12/10/2011

These things are nearly indestructible. We're just now replacing one that's about 20 years old because of some cracking around the hole where you insert peanut butter. It's lasted through 3 dogs gnawing on it. The price at EntirelyPets was fantastic for this product.

Wow!!!!! Tough Chewers Unite!! by Auntie Ramona from Ohio02/05/2013

Got a pitbull?? These Kongs are tough!!! Stuff it with pieces of dog treats, peanut butter, apples and let them at it! Keeps 'em busy for quite a while!

Kongs used for animal shelter dogs by Sabbyblue from Brevard County, FL11/14/2012

The XL Kongs are filled with PNut butter, frozen & given to dogs at the local dog pound. This size prevents it from going into the drainage system. Other toys block the system or get chewed up so this is the only toy that is allowed. There are not enough for every dog to get one but the few that do really appreciate it!

Can't have enough kongs by Dayk9s10/31/2011

I own 10 kongs for two dogs and freeze their kibble/water/yogurt in the kongs for partial meals and for jaw exercise. They LOVE them. This size fits about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of kibble mix inside. Thank you, Kong! I like this size for a 55lb to 70 lb dog.

by from 09/11/2012

My new dog was going through 6 toys a week. Looking for something that could last a day, I saw great reviews for the Kong.

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Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - KING
Good deal by Barb from Alden NY02/27/2014

My dog loves this toy & plays with it often. I got it when it was on sale & loved the price myself. It gives my dog something to do on those cold winter days.

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