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Skinneeez Stuffing-Free Dog Toys by Spot

Skinneeez Stuffing-Free Dog Toys by SpotBring out your dog's natural hunting instinct with our realistic Skinneeez toys. Our stuffing-free Skinneeez last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for your dog to rip out!

Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Raccoon (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Raccoon (23")

($8.50)  $6.89
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Squirrel (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Squirrel (23")

($7.99)  $5.99
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox (23")

($8.50)  $6.89
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Chipmunk (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Chipmunk (23")

($8.50)  $6.99
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Skunk (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Skunk (23")

($8.50)  $6.99
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cat  (14")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cat (14")

($6.00)  $4.15
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cats - Assortment 25" (each)
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cats - Assortment 25" (each)

($7.99)  $6.99
3-PACK Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cats Assortment (25")
3-PACK Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cats Assortment (25")

($20.97)  $17.99
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo Dog Toy (13")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo Dog Toy (13")

($6.50)  $5.59
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (23")

($8.49)  $5.09
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Beaver (14")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Beaver (14")

($6.50)  $4.99
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Hedgehog (14")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Hedgehog (14")

($6.50)  $4.20
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Wild Goose (13")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Wild Goose (13")

($7.79)  $6.79
Spot Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toy (10 pack)
Spot Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toy (10 pack)

($2.99)  $1.59
Spot Skinneeez Exotic Series Barnyard Chicken (18")
Spot Skinneeez Exotic Series Barnyard Chicken (18")

($10.99)  $7.99
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Rabbit (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Rabbit (23")

($8.50)  $6.99
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo (20")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo (20")

($9.39)  $8.39
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (14")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (14")

($6.39)  $5.39
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Raccoon (15")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Raccoon (15")

($7.50)  $5.99
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Chicken (13")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Chicken (13")

($7.79)  $6.79
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Beaver (23")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Beaver (23")

($8.49)  $7.49
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich (19")
Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich (19")

($9.39)  $6.71
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Skunk (15")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Skunk (15")

($7.50)  $5.99
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox (15")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox (15")

($7.50)  $5.99
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich (12.5")
Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich (12.5")

($6.50)  $4.99
Spot Skinneeez Cat Toy - Assorted Mouse
Spot Skinneeez Cat Toy - Assorted Mouse

($3.99)  $2.49
Spot Skinneeez Monkey (16") - Assorted
Spot Skinneeez Monkey (16") - Assorted

($7.99)  $5.99
Skinneeez Stuffingless Dog Toys bring out your dog's natural hunting instinct with our realistic Skinneeez animals. Dogs will enjoy hours of entertainment flip-flopping these stuffing-free Skinneeez. All Skinneeez toys have 2 squeakers, one in the head and one in the tail for double the fun.
4.00 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Raccoon (23")
Not too bad by Jess from Benington, VT11/20/2011

My dogs loved these toys, though he still shredded them in a hurry to get the squeakers - still it was far better than having stuffing all over the place. I would most definitely recommend these "stuffless" dog toys!

for medium non chewers!!! by jam from ny02/11/2012

can easily be taken apart but at least not a clean up mess. as little stuffing!!for smaller breeds or non chewers!!!

Good Quality, Pup doesn't love it by Blue Eyed Athena from Phoenix, Az04/10/2014

My German Shepherd can be quite picky with her stuffed animals. There are two squeekers in this which I like, but they sound different than most squeekers. I'm not sure if that's why my pup isn't quite as playful with it as the other toys she has. It seems to be a good quality but it's hard to judge since it doesn't get used all that often.

My Dog loves this toy by JPad from New York, NY01/15/2010

He takes it everywhere and I don't have to worry about stuffing all over the house.

Great toy by Dog lover from Dayton Ohio12/09/2012

This has entertained our dog. She runs throws catches and has a good time playing within and hasn't tore it up. It has lived through her test. Fast shipping too

Popular with dogs by from Fremont, CA12/16/2009

My Jack Russel Terrier likes this toy more than his other toys. I like how there's no more stuffing around the house.

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Squirrel (23")
skineez by ls from PA07/09/2014

my shih tzu loves these - but he learns quicker now how to bust the squeakers. i keep buying them - his favorite toys.

my dog loves it by Airedale's Mom from Los Angeles, CA12/11/2012

I attached it to the string and drag it on the ground - my dog loves chasing it and "killing". I am surprised it is still alive - after dealing with Airedales jaws on dayly bases. Great value and a lot of fun

My dogs love these by KMLarr02/27/2012

My family of 4 dogs love these. Unfortunately, they tear them up after a few weeks.

didn't last long by steffo03/21/2013

my two aussies ripped this apart in a matter of days

It works by zookeeper from Portland, OR10/09/2013

My Rotti carries it around and fetches it and then tries to shred it...for dogs who like to carry things in the mouth it's great and no loud squeakers to listen to with every chomp...

Dogs love it! by Best toy ever! from SC03/15/2012

All of my dogs love this toy! I love that it is very durable and has no stuffing! My Golden Retriever carries it around with him and often sleeps with it. Entirely Pets has the best price on this toy, too.

Easily torn apart by mikes08/08/2012

This product was torn to pieces in 1 day by my Lab pup.

Spot Skinneez Squirrel by PrairieBlue01/06/2012

My Sighthound puppies LOVE this toy..it brings out their prey drive for sure! Thanks!

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox (23")
My Laboradoodle's Very Favorite Toy by C. Haggerty from Bedford, MA08/03/2010

My laboradoodle has had his foxy for over 3 years. The squeekers still work. He won't go outside with out bringing it to the door and dropping it before going out side. If for some reason fox can't be found he looks for skunk (2nd favorite) or squirrel. His sister likes them too! I have given them as gifts to friends' dogs and they have fallen in love with them too. I hardly reccommend any of these. In fact I will by checking out some of the new ones.

Very good toy for any dog by Dyanne Henderson05/03/2012

I bought this toy for my aunt's dog who is a 10 year old Westie. He loves it. My aunt said he was afraid of it at first, the squeky part that scared him. My aunt says now he loves it. My aunt lives in southern Oregon and I live in northern Ca. She had never heard of them or seen them. I bought the 1st 2 from Petco and the 3rd one I ordered from you. I have a year old chihua mix and she loves all 3 of them. I will order them from you from now on. Yours are cheaper. She hasn't been able to chew them up. She broke the squey part in one of them. Thank you

Great Quiet Toy that Lasts by PJ02/26/2010

My dog loves this toy and it takes her a long time to totally mutilate it (which is her mission).

Fox is great fun! by Rocky's Playhouse from Portland, OR11/23/2012

My dogs love the fox. It is fun for them to throw around and squeek, they like to retrieve it also.

Havanese Loves This by Tigerhops from San Antonio, Tx03/10/2013

I love this product. It keeps my Havanese from leaving stuffing all over my house.

New favorite toy by yorkiemamma from Atlanta08/16/2010

We have two yorkies and they love this little fox. They run around all day with it in their mouths and love to play tug of war with it as well as shake the living day lights out of it. It's hard to find toys that keep their attention more than a couple min. But they play with this the whole day and never seemed to get bored with it. I love that their is no stuffing in it as I am always mending their other favorite toy so the stuffing does not fall out. I think I will have to get a couple more.

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Chipmunk (23")
total enjoyment by otisjem from Grants Pass, Oregon01/09/2013

The dogs these toys were purchased for really like them and no more torn up stuffed toys, they chew on these but don't tear them up and squeak the squeakers often............

review by missvalerie801/09/2013

I was buying organic cotton w/natural vegetable dye, pricey toys for my spoiled little 7 month old morkie puppy. he chews them to death (literally), since he was teething, and I found batting all over the house. the decorative features which are often thread sewn on, were gone. he has had this since Christmas, and it is still in the exact same condition (plus a 'lil love slobber) as when I purchased it. so far, soooooo good!

Very durable toy by Windsor42 from Houston, TX02/13/2013

Great toy. Durable and good for light tug-of-war. Don't need to worry about fiberfill all over the floor.

by from 03/21/2013

Great Stuffing Free Toy by JosieRussell from North Carolina12/29/2012

Good for pups who like to sneak up on their toys only to attack and pull out all the stuffing. This little guy squeeks at both ends and is long enough to wrap up play with you pup.

They love it! by Els from Canton, MA02/25/2013

My two bichons love the stuffing free toys with squeakers. They play tug of war with each other and sit on as much of the toy as they can so the other can't get it. They hold up really well and last a long time. One of their favorites!

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Skunk (23")
wonderful toy by tetaray03/11/2012

My son's golden retriever loves these tthings, and no stuffing all over the place!

Very durable by Naomi10/23/2012

This has turned out to be an excellent purchase! It is extremely durable and has lasted much longer than my dogs other toys. Very happy customer!!

by jim12/07/2012

Shipping went to HI ? Arrived 2-3 days later than desired.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cat (14")
Favorite toy. by GingerF from Portland Oregon01/16/2014

We get a lot of action out of this toy and others like it. My dog likes to shake it and the fact it has squeakers in end is great fun for us both. It's durable for a tug of war game and he gets a lot of running and exercise out of this toy.

This is a real winner too! by Cher12/31/2011

This is perfect for kitens with sharp teeth! He is able to bite on it and not pull out any eyes, and there is not any stuffing for him to cut open.

Recieved product that wasn't pictured by laurenandthedogs from Alaska01/05/2010

I thought I ordered the lion as pictured but I got the tiger, but no big deal. However, the toy is smaller than I expected, so I had to give this to my little dog instead of my bigger dog. This toy is cute and soft, has 2 squeakers, and my dog likes it. She doesn't destroy her toys easily, but I think this toy would hold up longer than most plush toys. It doesn't have button eyes or nose, so those won't be as easy to pick off (most dogs like to chew noses/eyes off their toys).

Great toy by Darlene12/27/2011

I was tired of stuffing everywhere...they didn't last 5 minutes. This is a great alternative toy and my furkids love them.

Best ever by Dyanne Henderson05/03/2012

It is great. Great toy . thankyou .Dyanne

great product by shorty03/06/2013

our dog loves to play with these toys. She can squeak them all day long.



by MJ from Washington12/11/2012

Again this size only for a tiny dog as too flimsy.

Poor Quality by Lynnie02/05/2013

I ordered several of these toys, thinking my labs would have fun for a bit. They very quickly broke the squeaker, which was one of their favorite parts. The size was not much bigger than a mouse and was destroyed in no time.

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cats - Assortment 25" (each)
Great toys by Lauretta from Clarksville, MD11/23/2012

Our dogs love these toys--they play alone or tug with them all the time.

lasted one star! by misty from Pa10/19/2013

This is about all it lasted is one tug and pull and it was gone. Chewed it right up.

We love SKINNEEEZ! by auntie from Tucson AZ12/13/2011

My two pit mixes love their Skinneeez toys the best! They have a toybox full of toys, but they play with these most often. Just got a new puppy last week and he emptied the entire toy box and scattered toys everywhere, but he already has learned Skinneeez are the very best for playing tug of war with the other two dogs. I highly recommend this product.There is no annoying stuffing to pick up, and even though the squeakers will break and get torn out, and the toy will look tattered, it will last for a very long time. I throw them in the washer and dryer often and they come out beautifully clean!

Great toy by molly from Huntsville, AL09/20/2010

My toy poodle loves her lion so much that I'm purchasing another stuffing free toy for her.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Jungle Cats Assortment (25")
GREAT VALUE by HAPPY from Connecticut04/01/2013

My dog enjoys these stuffing free toys, he carries them with him when I take him for a walk... so cute!!

Fun toys by Jakki from Texas08/07/2013

My dogs love these and there is not stuffing for them to pull out

Stuffed toys, nice squeeks, no stuffing mess! by plumeria from Santa Monica, CA05/02/2012

These are great toys for the dog who can't wait to yank the stuffing out and leave it all over you rug!

Fantastic price by LB from Clarksville, MD10/04/2011

Great deal for 3 extra long toys. The labradoodles just love these for some reason--like catnip! I love them because they're not stuffed and no mess on floors. They also love playing tug with them and carry them everywhere in and outside! This is the second order I've bought from Entirely Pets.

awesome!!! by jazzy from Rancho Cucamonga, CA03/03/2010

I had already purchased the fox which immediately became #1 favorite toy."mr. foxy"has lasted thru about 2 months of solo chewing and squeaking plus interactive tugging and more squeaking and washing machine and has come out looking ( and squeaking!) like new. That's why I'm buying the 3pack jungle cats to share with friends!!!

Dogs Love Them by Mark From Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh, PA01/10/2012

Great toys. My English Bull loves them. And no stuffing to make a mess.

Best toys ever! by Lauretta from Clarksville, MD10/23/2012

I have 2 Labradoodles and they just love these toys to no end! This is at least my fourth order. The dogs seem to know when the toys arrive and goes crazy over them--like catnip! They have a great time playing tug together or just alone.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo Dog Toy (13")
by from 10/22/2012

My dog loves his Skinneeez Stuffing Free Chicken - plays with it all the time - and best of all - there is no stuffing to pull-out.

Mochi by loves from toMy


up by with from theseI


Adorable Flamingo by Rocky's Play House from Portland, OR12/07/2012

The Flamingo is really cool, I only give it to the nice small dogs to play with so they won't destroy it. I board dogs in my home in Portland with dogvacay.com http://dogvacay.com/pro/SueBProDog save $10 on any Dogvacay home using my code= save10ondog

Very Disapointing by Lynnie02/05/2013

I ordered this at the same time as the others, I was also disappointed with the quality and size. I would have rather paid a few dollars more for something that would have lasted more than a few mins. :(

Spot Mini Skinneeez Flamingo by lilsuse from Reno, NV10/05/2013

Cheap - poorly made - squeaker broke immediately - not worth the money!

Pink Flamingo by 48marigold from The Dalles OR11/30/2012

My Maltese loved this toy, but the fuzz came off easily and it doesn't look like a flamingo anymore.

One of these things is not like the other by Jackrabbit from Northern California10/31/2012

We put this in the Kygen Hide-A-Squirrel with the squirrels, and she always seems just a little annoyed with us. Flamingos don't live with squirrels, duh! Even the cats seem surprised when she pulls that out, but then again, dogs are crazy, right?

My dog loves it. by Kim F. from Stockbridge, Michigan03/22/2013

My little girl dog isn't so little. This toy is, but my girl carries it around with her wherever she goes. And I like it. Isn't that why we buy the pink or the red or the blue toys...because we like them. Well, Sasha does too.

perfect toy by kayt18 from Nashville, TN10/06/2011

great fun for pups, two squeakers no stuffing

enjoys the small size by ss from san diego, ca02/20/2013

it is easy and fun for my dog to play with this toy. the squeeker works good..

great for flamingo lovers by savlor from sav ga12/31/2012

we have a running gag with our aunt to get her something flamingo for each christmas and this was it for 2012. she loved it! liked that it squawked when squeezed. i thought it would be more stuffed and stand up by itself but it is more of a rag doll flamingo. nonetheless, it suit the need.

No stuffing toys by mag01/12/2013

She still managed to shred this and 3 others toys I bought just like this one.. What else can I say for the few bucks a piece I paid for them.. It kept her happy for a day..

Pink Flamingo by Rocky's Playhouse from Portland, OR11/23/2012

The pink flamingo is really cute and bright. A gentle small dog will be kind to it.

Good Idea by JK11/30/2011

It was a great idea having soft toys that last. My dog usually gets the stuffing out very quickly. These toys last.

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (23")
squirrel Skinneeez by Bea from Denver, CO09/06/2013

My dogs love Skinneez--especially the squirrels. They toss it around, play tug of war and sometimes fight over it. I love the fact that there is never white stuffing all over the house and yard. Skinneeez toys last a long time. I have a fox that has lasted 2 years with large strong dogs trying to tear it apart! Good toys!

Only lasted 15 min. by misty05/21/2013

We have a lab who is 8 months old and it din't last her more that 15 min until she had the first squeaker out, and etc.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Beaver (14")
Skinneez Stuffing Free 14" by rainydaybobo from Spring Hill, FL12/25/2012

This toy was an instant favorite with my Yorkie!

Great toy! by Tam from Illinois11/06/2012

My mini dachshund loves to play with this beaver! She is rough on her toys, but has yet to rip this up & try to find the stuffing or squeaker! She drags it, shakes it, & it is still in great shape!

by laf10/26/2011

My little morky loves this toy -- he has a box of toys and this is the one he goes for every time.

MINE ALL MINE by SIMON01/14/2013


Very good toy for any dog by Dyanne Henderson05/03/2012

This is a very good toy for any dog. Thank you

Rat Terrier Seal of Approval by Kat03/29/2012

This toy has actually lasted more than 2 days. My Ratties kill most stuffed and plauch toys within 10 minutes. I did not have to worry about them ingesting stuffing and the toy was really tough!

Size and Quality Poor by Lynnie02/05/2013

Too small and poorly made.They must have pulled it from end to end to get that size and it fell apart after a few plays.

by Helen11/06/2012

I have bought at least 7 or 8 of these over the years. My dog has never tore one up.They wash really good.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Hedgehog (14")
HORRIBLE...... by capecodgirl from Cape Cod07/29/2012

Dont expect the good ones here..........they are junk, dont waste your $$

Great Toy by JK11/30/2011

This toy lasts for a very loong time. My little guy destuffs toys very quickly. He is having a great time squeaking it and not destroying it.

Expected more by Lynnie02/05/2013

I thought after reading about this, it was a good purchase. I was not happy with the quality or the size of this product.

dont waste your $$ by mvgirl from Cape Cod07/14/2012

they're a rip off of a better product. Dont waste your money, get the real ones..........even the dogs laughed.

love these stuffingless items by tetaray03/11/2012

My son's golden retriever thinks these are his babies. He brings them to me if I come over and lays them at my feet.

perfect for our new dog by doglover from Virginia11/25/2011

We adopted a 6 yr. old Retriever-Cocker mix 3 months ago. Looking for toys that she would enjoy but not destroy we came upon these Skinneeez toy animals without the stuffing. She treats them like her babies and carries them everywhere...has not destroyed one yet. Great find!

TOOK THEM ALL by SIMON01/14/2013


Not Just a Dog Toy, It's a Kitty Toy, Too! by jazzbby from Riverside, CA07/22/2013

My year old cats love this guy! They chase him, throw him in the air, carry him around the house, etc. My kitties are very hard on their toys, so it's nice to see something that doesn't have things that will come off (like feathers). Apparently, they don't need the catnip!

by Maggiemae01/04/2013

Did not recieve the squirrel or hedgehog or any back order items.

Great toy by Maggie's mom from Denver05/07/2012

My sheltie loves her hedgehog. As soon as it arrived and was unpacked she was ready to play! Love the fact that it is stuffing free because Maggie LOVES to tear her other toys apart and pull the stuffing out. Thanks for a great product.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Wild Goose (13")
Very durable - survives doggy tug-o-war by Bucky from Milwaukee12/31/2012

Nice product. I will buy again when my doggies eventually rip it to shreds, which they have not been able to do for a month.

Not what I expected by Lynnie02/05/2013

I was not happy with the quality of this product either. The concept was good, but was a lot smaller and was easily destroyed.

Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Wild Goose by Otto & Gus's Mom from Tampa FL03/21/2013

My little guy (who doesn't play much with toys) has carried this one around for several days. The lack of stuffing is a bonus, since there is less mess when it finally gets torn up. The different material for the feet and beak add interest to the toy.

Featured Reviews for Spot Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toy (10 pack)
Best play toy! by LERBFL from Palm Harbor, FL12/04/2013

Both our cats love to play with these springy toys! They are small and easy for even our littlest cat to carry and bat around, and they bounce wonderfully and keep everyone entertained!

Wonderful Purchase Experience by Rox12/11/2011

I was so glad to find the cat toys my "kids" love best on your site. My order was handled smoothly, quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend your website to all my animal loving family and friends.

Disappointing by purrfect from MI11/06/2012

Thought these would be really fun for our 2 playful cats but they ignore them

The only cat toy by T-Bear04/27/2013

My cat prefers this bunch over balls, etc. What to say? That is Her choice!

Best Purchase EVER by Cat woman12/28/2011

For the price these can't be beat. My kittens play with these more than any other toy.

Best cat toy by Shannon01/17/2012

My cat loves to play and carry these around. They slide nicely across laminate/tile flooring without scratching the surface. It is entertaining to watch my cat push them around.

Always a hit! by Jen04/03/2013

I foster cats and kittens for a local rescue, and these springs are always a popular toy. They bounce well, roll easily, and are light as a feather. And a bag of 10 means I don't worry about one being stepped on and ruined (which can happen).

My baby loves these! by Terri K02/09/2012

Pandora will play with these all day! She loves them very much. I love the fact that they are soft, and don't hurt when you step on them in the dark! Please don't ever discontinue these!

by Niecy07/26/2012

My two year old cat Ivan aka Ivan the Terrible (because he is terrble sweet and active at the same time!) is positivley OBSESSED with Spot Wide Springs! He will fetch the springs as many times as I throw them.

Favorite Cat Toy by Teri from Montclair, VA07/21/2012

Was glad to find these online as they aren't carried in the stores I used to get them at. They are a favorite of my cats!

best cat toy; great price by kate from NY NY03/14/2012

I cannot say enough about this springy toy. My cats LOVE it. It is light (easy to swat and send flying and easy to carry), round (rolls well)has spaces between (easy to grab with your claw) and makes a nice little scratchy noise on the floor. So inexpensive, you 'll want to stock up, as they do tend to get chased under things. Have fun!

Great Cat Toy by KC04/25/2012

My little cat loves the springs. Plays with them for a lon time.

by crazycatlady05/21/2013

My cat just LOVE these springs! I've bought many packages and have given them to friends who have cats and I have brought some for the cats at the shelter that I volunteer at. They ALL love them and they're so cheap.

by admickey06/24/2014

My kitten loves these springs. When we adopted him he came with one and when I saw these online I needed to get him more.

One of the best kitten toys by Jen09/20/2014

I foster kittens for a local rescue and these are always one of the most popular toys. They bounce in unpredictable directions, roll easily (really fly across the room), and are easy for even the little ones to pick up and carry around. A single spring can be purchased in some pet supply stores for $1 or more, so these are a steal! I buy them in bulk and usually send one with each kitten to their adoptive home.

Best Toy by lenny1312/23/2013

At my home and at the pet rescue shelter where I volunteer, these "Springs" as well as the "Looney Loops" are the kitties' all-time favorite toys! They'll swat them, throw them, pick them up and carry them. One of my cats at home will literally play with them for an hour or more! They're great! Only problem (as with any small toy) is that they consistently get swatted underneath furniture!

springs by skippy02/09/2013

my kitten goes bonkers playing with these. she carries the springs all over

Best Cat Toy Ever! by Crazy Cat Mom from Richmond, VA01/16/2015

All of our cats have enjoyed these! Who would have thought? They play with them, carry them around, bat them around the kitchen, toss them with back and forth for hours! Some of our cats will even bring them to us for a game of fetch!

Sproing! by pixwater from Potrland, OR09/16/2013

These are the greatest cat toy, ever! They are very sturdy, but as with all pet toys, check often for damage.

even better than a milk jug cap by Karen from Outer Banks, NC09/26/2013

OMG, these things are amazing! A friend encouraged me to try them and the cats and kittens play with them constantly until they are irretrievably lost under furniture. I have to go around daily and fish them all back out. They absolutely love them!!!

Cats and Kittens love them by Darlene02/01/2014

I breed maine coon kittens and the kittens love them and the adults are always coming into the room and carrying them out to their area....luckily I order plenty!

Springy Things by Gorgie & Ootiful's Mama from Rochester, NY10/23/2012

These, what we call Springy Things in our house, are literally hours and hours of entertainment for my Gorgie and Ootiful, they especially love them on the non-carpeted floors, they take them everywhere with them. They have a ton of toys but the Springy Things are their fave, fortunately I bought a lot of them, I find them in the darndest places, even in my bed, these are great for independent and interactive play. And they will tell you if they can't get to where they end up during play. :)

Looked for these everywhere!!!! by KASS from Douglasville, GA01/16/2013

Our youngest cat loves these springs. We had two, but she kept losing them so we needed more. I looked everywhere and was excited to find them at EntirelyPets. When I ordered them, they were on backorder, but it was worth the wait. She throws them, chases them, carries them, etc. We will definitely buy more!

best purchase ever. by bert from Walkerton, IN01/02/2014

my cat plays for hrs with these springs. My last order was out of stock, and didn't know when they would get any more, since the manufacture quite making them for a while. Don't know why. My cat loves them.

by CJ02/27/2013

My cats love the springs so much that I ordered more to share with friends who also have cats. I have a kitten 6 months old, a cat 3 years old, and another cat 13 years old. Believe it or not, the 13 year old enjoys playing with them as much as the other two. They pick the springs up and carry them through the house. They bat them around everywhere. I get a lot of enjoyment watching them enjoy the springs so much.

good price, multiple play uses by schtanzie's cook from nj01/18/2013

two of my cats have stretched them too far and gotten smacked by them, but no big hurt. you can hook these on things, they bounce, they stretch and they don't break or hurt if you step on them. they roll pretty well on bare floors and are easy for the cats to pick up.

My cat's favorite toys! by greatlakedweller from North East, PA06/07/2013

My cat loves these toys. They're light and bounce. Standing at the bottom of the stairs we throw one up high and it bounces on the landing. She runs up the stairs to get it and then chases it as it bounces down the stairs. Good exercise and lots of fun!

Great fun for kittens by CB from Lititz, PA02/16/2014

Great inexpensive toy that provides hours of entertainment. A real favorite with kittens.

Cheap, clean, safe fun for cats!!! by Roxy from Atlanta, GA05/10/2012

Cheap, clean, safe fun for cats!!! They LOVE these!!

Spring into action with inexpensive fun! by Elaine from Illinois03/26/2014

My littlest feline likes action. These springs give him the romping time he needs. Wow! I enjoy watching him sneak up on the springs and run around with it in his mouth while he chases another. This has made the other felines take note that they want to play too.

Something different! by ren from Waterford Ct.07/01/2013

Our cat Winifred gets bored with her toys easily. These springy things were great fun and something new to bat around. Very affordable too.

cat LOVES these by Amber02/14/2014

As soon as I brought these out my cat was immediately intrigued. He would carry them around the house to play with them in other areas until he loses them.

You need to hoard these! by Cleo209 from Madrid, IA02/04/2014

My kitten LOVES, LOVES, LOVES these springs. She bats these around the house, carries them easily in her mouth and loses them under the furniture. I am constantly digging them out from under the furniture and out of the closet, which is why I have a couple of packages of these, but it's worth it to see her playing with them. She is about 7 months and my two other cats are 15. The 15 year olds could care less about these.

These are the best! by KG10/02/2013

We have two kittens and they absolutely LOVE these springs! I had a great experience ordering from Entirely Pets and would recommend the site and products to everyone!

great toy by Sadie's mom08/19/2013

my cat is three & LOVES these springs. she chases them all over & pounces on them - I think she likes they way they bounce in different directions - like a real mouse. the only problem is that they roll under the couch & into places that she can't get them out of so I have to do a "spring search" with a yardstick to dig them out. we've lost about 7 of them - never found - but my cat really likes them and they're very inexpensive - so I simply bought more.

Kitty's Favorite by Dee from Port Charlotte,Fl12/25/2012

This is my cat's favorite toy. They go wild chasing the springs.

worked well by Susie from Seattle WA05/19/2014

My older cat doesn't usually play with toys, but these prompt her to push the springs around the floor each night for around 20 minutes.

by DB from Phoenix,AZ11/08/2012

This is for a gift, but the cat it is for, just loves these springs and plays endlessly with them!

Your cat will LOVE THIS! by Sharon05/01/2013

Extremely reasonable price. They were smaller than I imagined, but the cat really gets a workout chasing and carrying these around..and he seemed to NOT know how to play when we rescued him off the street.

awsome toy by ragdolls03/21/2011

My little guy loves noise things and these are probably his favorite toys for a few months now. He will play alone and with someone using these and they don't break (or hurt your feet if you step on them) like some of the other noise plastic toys he likes.

Perfect Cat Toys by smeemers from Clarksburg, MA10/25/2012

These springs are a fantastic toys for any cat. They roll easily and are light enough for kittens to pick up. At the Rescue that I work at these are the favorite toys!! The kittens carry theirs around everywhere and take them home when they are adopted.

Best cat toy ever by Pats01/13/2013

Forget the mice and catnip toys! These springs give hours of entertainment for cats who love to chase! My cats always prefer the larger springs to the thinner ones, so I now purchase just those. I've only been able to buy them mixed, until Entirely Pets website came along! For the price it's worth it. The only drawback, they end up under the stove or in places where the cats can't reach them. That's when I have to 'fetch' ! Try these, you won't be sorry and your cats will be happy!!

by kelley01/16/2013

several of my cats love these springs, cheap toy & dogs cant de-stuff them !!

Spring Love by Cat Mom from Brentwood TN12/14/2012

Our kittens & cats love these springs. They are light weight and go everywhere. A big hit at our house!

springs cat toy - wow! by Lynn R from pgh, pa08/07/2012

my cats simply love these things! I always said they like cheap toys - bags, boxes are their favorites. but these springs are great! they bat them across the floor, pick them up are carry them around like proud captures. great buy!!!

Simple and great! by mc from VA04/06/2013

My chubby cat will only play with these most of the time. The first pack I got she was hooked. She loves to rip stuff up so whenever these are around she will try with all her might to rip them up- which is just adorable to watch. I also bounce them around her which gets her excited. She loved them so much I bought 2 more packs. Wish I didn't keep losing them on the floor though!

the best ever toy for an Aby by Anna from Gothenburg, SWEDEN10/23/2012

This is the ultimate toy for an abyssinan, hours of unsupervised fun for your cat. One of the best fetch toys there is. And it will keep that belly at bay, for yet some years.

Boo loves these! by rabie03/22/2013

My cat loves these springs. He uses them to play soccer with and the goals are to bat them under closed doors.



Great, simple toy by Zack from Pittsburgh, PA08/27/2012

They tend to get lost a lot under furniture, but they are most definitely worth every cent as they keep my cats entertained by chasing them for hours.

Our kitten loves the springs by Cher12/31/2011

They are nice and light. He is able to carry them around in his mouth. He also likes to pounce on them.

Wonderful cat toy by Mother of 23 Cats from Hackettstown, NJ02/27/2014

I bought the 10 pack of the Colorful Springs Cat Toys for my younger cats. The cats love them, they bat them all around the house and walk around carrying the spring in their mouth. I would recommend these toys to all cat owners.

Playful Toy by Cathy from Greensboro, NC12/29/2012

Bought these for our cats for Christmas. At first not much interest. Now they are starting to play with them. Pushing them around with their paws. Even the older cat who normally does not play has had some fun with these.

cats love it by rico08/17/2012

I have piles of cat toys that just sit there but these springs is all they play with it's like a child with a teddy bear they carry them everywhere they go. They specially love the green ones for some reason. Now just because I'm giving a good review doesn't mean go up on the price...lol

Love These! by Sandy from Ontario,Canada07/17/2013

Our cats love to spend hrs slapping these springs around.They are also great as they are washable when they get shot under the fridge and come out with dust bunnies......lol We Breed Ragdoll Cats in Canada so have had plenty of experience with these little springs. www.ragtownragdolls.com

never received by Susie from Seattle WA12/28/2013

I would like to write a review but as I have never received this item (it has been on back order for over a month), I can't address any of its characteristics. Hopefully and as someone who orders from Entirely Pets every three months, the company will contact me.

do not buy by disappointed01/07/2012

The springs come in a cluster together and we cannot separate them

Excellent Cat Toy by teacheralice11/27/2014

My cats love this toy. It was recommended to me by a friend and our pet stores don't carry it. I was so excited to find it here and at such a low price. They play with this for hours!

What a blast! by debthebee01/29/2012

Bought these and put them out immediately, they have been a real hit with my girls and there are so many in the package that I plan on giving them as gifts to friends...

good toy by tonkhanh from canada08/19/2013

good and cheap but cats love it Very pleasant to see your cats running after the springs.

Don't buy just one by Susanmn from Minnesota01/16/2013

These springs are the absolute favorites of both of my cats. They roll, bounce and are carried from room to room, and are perfect to shove under doors and every piece of furniture in the house. So unless you want to spend time every day pulling them out for your waiting cat, buy at least a few packages at a time and dole them out as needed. Unlike mousies toys, when you finally dig them out from behind the furniture, a quick rinse will take off the dust and crud and they'll be good as new.

Love them! by Jana from Reading, MA10/01/2013

Fast and light and make a great skittering noise when "shot" across a hard floor. They also rebound off of table and chair legs, making the chase better for the cat. It's one of the only toys one of my cats will chase.

Endless Fun by Lanie from Seattle, WA01/02/2013

These springy toys keep my cats entertained. They are lightweight and fly across the floor when batted with a paw. Unlike other toys, these springs have never lost their novelty with my cats.

All Cats Loved These by Lisa from Minnesota05/01/2013

I wish I would have purchased lots more packages of these. I had no idea my cats would go bonkers over them. Such a simple toy that my cats play with for hours. They love them. I will buy more with my next order as they get lost under furniture.

Want to teach your cat to fetch, get these springs by Kathy10/22/2012

These plastic springs are the greatest cat toys! Both my cat and my daughter's cat have learned to fetch these springs. Really, they will run after them and bring them back repeatedly. We play fetch twice a day, it is fabulous exercise for them. Because they are light weight they can easily carry them in their mouths for quite a distance. We are playing fetch in the house with them, don't know how they would work outside.

Awesome cat toy by tenacats from cedar rapids, IA03/06/2012

I foster lots of cats and kittens and these are great. They love to bat them around and carry them in their mouths. If you step on one with your bare foot, it just goes flat, doesn't hurt and pops right back. they are easy to sanitize between fosters. Oh, and my own cats love them too.

Fun! by Batty10/27/2011

This is one of my cats favorite toy. He likes things he can throw and chase and this worjs for him. My other cat could care less. So individual toy choice but cheap enough to be worth the purchase risk.

Good Purchase by Cookie from Bonaire GA09/09/2014

My cats love these. They get one end in their mouth and pull on it - and watch it spring across the room.

by from 09/12/2014

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Exotic Series Barnyard Chicken (18")
by from 11/05/2011

The dogs destroy this toy within ten minutes after we gave it to them. Wish there were similar toys that are build tough enough to endure the rough play of our two pits.

recommend by this from toyReason


Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plus Rabbit (23")
Cute toy! by Sherrie08/15/2012

This has turned out to be my dog's favorite, and I believe it's because he can't get anything out of it... The only reason it didn't get five stars is the squeakers stopped working almost immediately. Still, very cute.

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo (20")
by from 10/26/2013

awful by unhappy01/22/2013

I ordered this item 2 weeks before christmas ad it was backordered. They put all my order on hold till it came in. I continue to check status and finaly it said two weeks later discountinued. They didn't even release my order till I called them to tell them the status. Awful followup on an order. I will not use this site again. Got present 2 weeks after christmas

Flamingo by Bumpyfingers12/20/2010

Our dog is crazy for this toy. Plays with it by himself and it is very rugged. It is his favorite.

Just another toy by papboyusa from Hot Springs, AR01/09/2013

My dogs love to shreed anything with stuffing. Decided to give this one a go. They liked it for about the first hour...then it became just another toy....LOL!!!

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Raccoon (15")
Great Purchase by jacklean from shreveport, La01/23/2013

My chihuahua's LOVE their mini skinneeez!! They have a great time with the Raccoon and Fox!!!! Wish I could find them in stores locally!!!

These toys don't last by Cricket03/03/2013

The squeakers in these toys do not last. The first one lasted three weeks, the second one only one week! Wouldn't buy them again.

Very Disappointing by Lynnie02/05/2013

A lot smaller than I had expected, think they must have stretched it to get the size. the squeaker stopped working after the first few mins and it was easily torn apart.:(

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Chicken (13")
by from 10/22/2012

My dog loves his Skinneeez Stuffing Free Chicken - plays with it all the time - and best of all - there is no stuffing to pull-out.

Mochi by loves from toMy


up by with from theseI


Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Beaver (23")
Skinneees toys by 3cats3dogs2horses from California11/06/2012

These toys are much too flimsy and easy for my dogs, a Cairn Terrier Type and and English Bull Dog, to shred.

Great toy! by Whitelion from Montana06/08/2013

I bought this or a friend's dog. The dog,cody,does not like any toys that have stuffing in it. Since this does not and it has a squeeker(a plus) cody loved it! Pays with nothing else! Even sleeps with it. Thanks! Made him a very happy dog!

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich (19")
Entirely Pets - Excellent service by Lucy's mom10/25/2011

Smooth & easy transaction. Dependable and honest seller.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Skunk (15")
Great toys by Lauretta from Clarksville, MD11/23/2012

Our dogs really love these toys! They play with them all the time either alone or tug.

Featured Reviews for Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich (12.5")
Can't Rate It by Karen01/03/2013

Not received, yet, but it's paid for. All items I ordered were, and I guess still are, on backorder. Very dissappointed puppies and Mom on Christmas morning!!!

Not Just a Dog Toy, It's for Kitties, Too! by jazzbby from Riverside, CA07/22/2013

My year old cats love this guy! They chase him, throw him in the air, carry him around the house, etc. My cats are very hard on their toys, so it's nice to see something that doesn't have things that will come off (like feathers). Apparently, they don't need the catnip!

by from 10/22/2012

My dog loves his Skinneeez Stuffing Free Ostrich - plays with it all the time - and best of all - there is no stuffing to pull-out.

Mochi by loves from toMy


up by with from theseI


by MollyMitzi from Texas/California05/11/2013

Our doxie loves this toy more than any others. She will play with the other ones but this is her favorite and she always has it with her or in a "special" place where she can find it. Hard to find the small ostrich in any pet stores, so very glad to have found it here. Mitzi thanks you and so do we.

Kaiden's all-time favorite toy!!! by kati911/11/2010

We bought one of these about 15 months ago for our then 4 pound Havanese puppy Kaiden, and he immediately loved it. At 14 pounds, he still loves it. There are 3 main features that make this toy great. First, it is incredibly durable. Kaiden eventually tore open a seam to expose the "guts" and remove one of the squeakers, but it took him a year to do it. Second, it is long enough to use for a game of "tug-a-birdie" without the dog accidently getting the human's fingers. Third, there is a squeaker at each end. Kaiden likes to play tug-a-birdie for a while, then take a break to have a squeaking duel. This is one of the few toys that has kept his interest for a long time - over a year now.Until I found this site, I wasn't sure what kind of bird it was. We first called it Mutant Wingless Birdie. In the past year he has managed to disintigrate one eye and remove the guts (the sack holding one of the squeakers), so we now call it Mutant Wingless One-eyed Gutless Birdie. Whatever its condition or name, it remains his favorite toy.

Never again by ljt12/26/2014

This is the first time I have been unhappy with an order from entirelypets.com. I ordered several of these for our dog and our kids dogs. I gave this one to the smallest of the dogs and he had it chewed to pieces within 5 minutes. I would have been better off buying something from the Dollar Store.

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Cat Toy - Assorted Mouse
Look out mousie! by PaisleyGirl from New Hampshire01/05/2014

Well our cat loves this toy! We had one and during a move, it was lost. She kept looking for her "flat mouse" and since no local stores had it, we went online. In concern on losing this for any reason, we bought 4 to have a back up supply. She LOVES this mouse! It gets tossed, kicked, slides across the floor, then gets cuddled. Even a brand new mouse, she never seemed to realize it was not her mouse. There is no other toy she wants more than this mouse!

Skinneeez are her favorite toys by Corey09/16/2013

My cat loves her skinneeez toys. I bought a mouse which we call Flat Rat first and she wouldn't put it down. She loves to hide her toys in small spaces and under things like the coffee table, oven, pantry door and spends hours trying to get them back out. Occasionally we have to rescue Flat Rat for her and then she is at it again. I had to get more so we have several different animals now and she still favors Flat Rat but plays with all of them. One of the best cat toy purchases I have made.

Silly cats love these mice! by Swenny from Long Island, NY01/16/2015

I have two Birmans who entertain us with these mice. They play hockey with them, and toss them by the tail and then pounce on them. Armani leaves one in his water dish at least once a week!

Featured Reviews for Spot Skinneeez Monkey (16") - Assorted
my dog loves these by linda from New Brunswick,NJ10/12/2013

My akita loves these stuffing free toys,they are the best...

Monkey Man by medora from Hershey, PA12/13/2013

My litter of English Cockers puppies enjoyed "Monkey Man" so much I bought one for each puppy to take to her/his new home. The toy survived lots of tugging. The puppy I kept is still playing with it.

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