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Thomas Labs incorporates pharmaceutical skills into formulating natural, high quality, animal health care products. Their products hope to help you to bring a new awareness of what can be accomplished with the use of natural health care products for your dogs or cats.

Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder (3 packets)
Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder (3 packets)

($5.99)  $3.89
Fish Cycline 250mg - Tetracycline Powder (12 packets)
Fish Cycline 250mg - Tetracycline Powder (12 packets)

($19.99)  $14.99
Fish Doxy 100mg - Doxycycline Powder (12 packets)
Fish Doxy 100mg - Doxycycline Powder (12 packets)

($25.99)  $19.99
Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (12 packets)
Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (12 packets)

($25.99)  $19.99
Fish Zole Forte 500mg - Metronidazole Powder (12 packets)
Fish Zole Forte 500mg - Metronidazole Powder (12 packets)

($25.99)  $19.99
Fish Cillin (Ampicillin) 250mg (100 capsules)
Fish Cillin (Ampicillin) 250mg (100 capsules)

($59.89)  $39.99
Fish Cillin (Ampicillin) 250mg (30 tablets)
Fish Cillin (Ampicillin) 250mg (30 tablets)

($18.99)  $16.99
Fish Flex (Cephalexin) 250mg (100 capsules)
Fish Flex (Cephalexin) 250mg (100 capsules)

($39.95)  $36.99
Fish Flex (Cephalexin) 250mg (30 capsules)
Fish Flex (Cephalexin) 250mg (30 capsules)

($25.00)  $16.99
Fish Flex Forte 500mg (100 Capsules)
Fish Flex Forte 500mg (100 Capsules)

($57.99)  $43.99
Fish Fungus (Ketoconazole) 200mg (30 Tablets)
Fish Fungus (Ketoconazole) 200mg (30 Tablets)

($54.99)  $47.99
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (100 capsules)
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (100 capsules)

($24.99)  $18.99
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (30 capsules)
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (30 capsules)

($12.00)  $9.99
Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (100 capsules)
Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (100 capsules)

($34.99)  $29.99
Fish-Pen (Penicillin) 250mg (60 tablets)
Fish-Pen (Penicillin) 250mg (60 tablets)

($54.44)  $39.99
Fish Pen (Penicillin) 250mg (30 Tablets)
Fish Pen (Penicillin) 250mg (30 Tablets)

($23.00)  $18.99
Fish Sulfa Forte (60 count)
Fish Sulfa Forte (60 count)

($45.99)  $34.99
Fish Tapes 34mg (10 count)
Fish Tapes 34mg (10 count)

($26.99)  $13.99
Fish Tapes 34mg (30 count)
Fish Tapes 34mg (30 count)

($46.21)  $35.99
Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (5 Cap)
Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (5 Cap)

($35.99)  $27.99
Fish Zole (Metronidazole) 250mg (60 tablets)
Fish Zole (Metronidazole) 250mg (60 tablets)

($49.99)  $39.99
Fish-Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (30 capsules)
Fish-Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (30 capsules)

($19.99)  $16.79
Fish-Pen Forte (Penicillin) 500mg (30 tablets)
Fish-Pen Forte (Penicillin) 500mg (30 tablets)

($36.00)  $26.00
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (60 capsules)
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (60 capsules)

($18.99)  $13.99
Thomas Labs Fish Tapes 34mg (5 count)
Thomas Labs Fish Tapes 34mg (5 count)

($12.99)  $9.95
Thomas Labs Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (10 count)
Thomas Labs Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (10 count)

($64.99)  $49.95
Thomas Labs Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (30 count)
Thomas Labs Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (30 count)

($129.99)  $99.95
Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder (12 packets)
Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder (12 packets)

($18.99)  $13.95
Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder (36 packets)
Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder (36 packets)

($45.99)  $34.95
Thomas Labs Fish Cin 150mg (60 count)
Thomas Labs Fish Cin 150mg (60 count)

($45.99)  $34.95
Thomas Labs Fish Cycline 250mg - Tetracycline Powder (30 packets)
Thomas Labs Fish Cycline 250mg - Tetracycline Powder (30 packets)

($38.99)  $29.95
Thomas Labs Fish Doxy 100mg - Doxycycline Powder (60 packets)
Thomas Labs Fish Doxy 100mg - Doxycycline Powder (60 packets)

($77.99)  $59.95
Thomas Labs Fish Enro Forte 125mg - Enrofloxacin (30 capsules)
Thomas Labs Fish Enro Forte 125mg - Enrofloxacin (30 capsules)

($77.99)  $59.95
Thomas Labs Fish Flex Forte Powder (50 grams)
Thomas Labs Fish Flex Forte Powder (50 grams)

($58.99)  $44.95
Thomas Labs Fish Flox 250mg - Ciprofloxacin (30 tablets)
Thomas Labs Fish Flox 250mg - Ciprofloxacin (30 tablets)

($39.99)  $29.99
Thomas Labs Fish Flox Forte 500mg - Ciprofloxacin (30 tablets)
Thomas Labs Fish Flox Forte 500mg - Ciprofloxacin (30 tablets)

($49.99)  $38.99
Thomas Labs Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (60 packets)
Thomas Labs Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (60 packets)

($77.99)  $59.95
Thomas Labs Fish Mycin Forte - Erythromycin Powder (25 grams)
Thomas Labs Fish Mycin Forte - Erythromycin Powder (25 grams)

($77.99)  $59.95
Thomas Labs Fish Pen Forte 500mg - Penicillin (60 tablets)
Thomas Labs Fish Pen Forte 500mg - Penicillin (60 tablets)

($51.99)  $39.95
Thomas Labs Fish Zole Forte 500mg - Metronidazole Powder (60 packets)
Thomas Labs Fish Zole Forte 500mg - Metronidazole Powder (60 packets)

($77.99)  $59.95

Fish Bendazole 250mg - Fenbendazole Powder is a powdered worming agent for tropical fish.

It is extremely effective in both fresh and salt water environments. Fish Bendazole can be used against the calamus worm. It is also the only source of pure fenbendazole where other brands sit around 22%.

  • 3 packets containing 250 mg.
  • Powdered worming agent for tropical fish
  • Effective in both fresh and salt water
  • Can be used against the calamus worm
  • Only source of pure fenbendazole
  • Directions:
    Mix one packet with approximately four ounces of food and let soak for 30 minutes.

    Suggested Use:
    Can be used in a hospital tank for single fish or in a main tank populated by fish only. Best used in combination with a fish antibacterial polymer to increase palatability and reduce loss of medication to water. Treat for 3 day duration with water changes and filtration between treatment.

    For aquarium and ornamental fish only. Not for human use. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep container tightly closed and in a cool dry place. Not to be given to fish intended for food use.
    Each packet contains: Fenbendazole… 250 mg
    Featured Reviews for Fish Cillin (Ampicillin) 250mg (100 capsules)
    More Useful Now Than Ever by Juliette from northwest Ohio03/03/2013

    It's good to find a place to buy pharmaceutical grade antibiotics in today's unstable world. These are refrigerated for an emergency, whether here or on vacation. The product is pure and has the same beneficial effects you would expect from any prescription. The product arrives in pristine condition and very quickly.

    Great service by Kingcat9902/18/2012

    I haven't used the product yet, but I was very impressed with the selection and the fast service. Product arrived quickly and is a fair price.

    Featured Reviews for Fish Cillin (Ampicillin) 250mg (30 tablets)
    Works great and great price as well! by Bluffheights90814 from Bluffheights908102/16/2013

    Very efficient in keeping the birds in good health!

    Featured Reviews for Fish Flex (Cephalexin) 250mg (100 capsules)
    For my dog by CooperDawg07/02/2014

    Seasonal allergies mean breakouts for my dog. Rashes, scratching. A mess. The vet says Cephalexin twice a day. After too many vet visits to get the antibiotic, my dog takes this, which is the same thing. Cuts out the vet visit, since I do know what he needs to take. Do not skip the vet, though.

    Product is great; customer service lacking by ARNT07/13/2012

    I have placed numerous orders with Entirely Pets and have always been pleased with their shipping practices, however the way this last order was handled was very disappointing. The item I needed the least was on back order and you chose to hold up the Fish Flex until you got the other item. Even after placing phone calls to your customer service and e-mails requesting you to please ship the Fish Flex right away, I ended up getting the back ordered item before the Fish Flex which I was in DESPARATE need of. I feel your reason for holding up the Fish Flex so you could ship them together was to save money on shipping cost. I would have expected an e-mail from you advising of the back ordered item and that it would be shipped separately instead of one saying you were holding up the entire order until you received the back ordered item. Normally I receive my orders in 3-4 days and this one took over a week. As much as I like your selection of products and prices on most of the items I order, this last situation has led me to consider placing future orders with other companies instead of yours.

    who knows by Overit from Tennessee05/14/2012

    Entirelypets never shipped it to me. so therefore I have no idea. Called them 2 or 3 times, always told its being processed.

    Great company by leehampton09/26/2014

    I love ordering from Entirely Pets, first rate service, great products!

    Always Delighted by Miz.Gator from Missouri04/14/2014

    I'm always delighted with my purchases from Entirely Pets. Excellent quality, fastest shipping.

    by from 04/08/2013

    This borad range antibiotic is great for fish tanks but can also be applied to other rescue animals as long as rescue personnel know dosage, etc.

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    of by the from medUnderstand


    dont pay for faster shipping it does not help. by Carrie from Texas07/11/2014

    The product worked well .The delivery was slow.

    Fish Flex by myartangel from California/Washington03/16/2012

    A great product... I will continue to purchase. Works fast and is excellent quality.

    Best Purchase Experience Ever by EJ from San Francisco Bay Area, CA01/26/2011

    Fish Flex works wonders! When I needed this broad spectrum antibiotic, I needed it quickly. I shopped around - EntirelyPets had the best prices. My original idea was to order it through EntirelyPets & to buy a small amount locally. I placed my order & in a day, I had my product! I have the good fortune of living in an area close to an EntirelyPets' warehouse - they process orders & ship so quickly! I have placed many orders over the years & have always received them in a day (with the regular shipping). I was sent the wrong product once. I called EntirelyPets Customer Service. They readily emailed me a postage paid label to return the wrong product; meanwhile they shipped the correct product & I received it the very next day! I am totally hooked on doing business with EntirelyPets! Great prices, excellent service, a user-friendly website, & polite, efficient customer service!

    This site is a scam! by als03/18/2013

    This product never arrived. This website has apparently been taken over by foreign identity thieves!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    great help purchase by shell from Ohio01/19/2015

    loved this product used for a dogs uti and he was well in 8 days and feeling great! Thank You!

    Fish Flex by Pugmomx3 from Kingsport TN02/19/2012

    I bought this for my diabetic dog who has chronic urinary tract infections. Cost is less than what the vet would charge and I don't have to stress my dog out taking her to the vet just for antibiotics. Works well and fast shipping!

    Featured Reviews for Fish Flex (Cephalexin) 250mg (30 capsules)
    easy to give by blue from Northern California02/14/2013

    As instructed by my vet tech friend. I put 1 capsule in a gallon of water and fed our cat this treated water exclusively until it was gone. It worked, no more illness. She suspected he had a UTI. Thank you so much for making this low cost treatment option available.

    by from 11/05/2012

    Firstly, I paid an additional fee to have my order expedited because and after a week passed wondered why I hadn't received it. Well, turns out that they shipped it to my EMail address instead of my residential address.

    called by and from toldSecondly,


    been by two from weeksThirdly,


    am by unhappy from withTo


    Great purchase by Jeepnut149 from Rainbow City, AL12/18/2012

    This was bought for my "four legged pet" (you know fish!!!) and it worked wonderful! I will be back to order when/if needed in the future. This item is perfect for many different things!!!! I would recommend this website/company to anyone! You wouldn't believe how much money this saved me. I knew what was wrong with her, but didn't have $40 for an office visit, plus the test they would need to do, plus the medicine she would need. Thanks so much for having this store!!!! It helps so much!!!

    Very good purchase by T2D02/12/2012

    Item came with prompt serevice and a good expiration date. Will buy from from now on for ALL my pet needs

    Fast meds for the fishies! by Tina from Columbia, SC12/31/2012

    It got here so fast. I was so pleased. I will be purchasing from you again in the future.

    Works by Marciab from Houston, Tx08/06/2014

    Works for both of our aquariums. We have problems periodically and its easy to order online without having to go search for it. We will continue to order from Entirely Pets as service is perfect.

    Fish Flex by litqoe from Utah02/14/2013

    This is a great product. It solved the problem I was having in my tank. Thank you!

    by from 03/22/2012

    I found the product to be in excellent shipping condition and mailed to me in a timely manner. The expiration date was two years from the date of purchase which I found to be great. I would recommend this product as well as the website, Entirely Pets, to my friends and family.

    Arkansas by from BobbieJ"


    Cephalexin is a good product by JP10/30/2013

    This cured a bacterial infection in one of the new fish. Now the fish is ready for release into one of the ponds.

    Featured Reviews for Fish Flex Forte 500mg (100 Capsules)
    by buck06/09/2012

    Product was on time and what i orderd i would order from them again and would recommend

    Cost Effective by higbo03/23/2012

    This is the second time I have ordered Fish Flex Forte for my dog. The product arrives quickly, and without the added expense of a visit to the vet and inflated cost of the product itself

    Pharmacy Grade Cephalexin FTW! by kmj from Portland, OR03/22/2013

    Made by Thomas Laboratories and verified in the pill identifier at drugs dot com Fish Flex Forte is 500mg of perfect for fighting infections. EntirelyPets.com is the best source for this medicine with fast shipping and the best pricing available.

    excellent product ... fast shipping ! by raspberry from New Mexico12/12/2011

    This is an excellent product ! Fast shipping !

    Still haven't received my order from March 4th by Trina from North Carolina03/12/2013

    Still haven't received my order. Ordered March 4th and paid for priority shipping. Still haven't received it

    by from 06/22/2012

    We got this for an unidentified pit bull skin ailment. It was a raised, bumpy rash on his back that spread to his sides. A friend with a pit bull recommended fish flex as a remedy for their myriad of skin problems.

    give by it from toWe


    the by best from priceEntirely


    Fish Flex Forte 500mg (100 Capsules) great produc by mamaki from Central Florida02/20/2014

    This product is very good. Following the directions I used it in my fish pond and my fish are in good condition I would certainly recommend it.

    Convenient to order by Gridiron nurse from rural WI12/18/2012

    Easy to use website and fair pricing. Shipped promptly and packaged in easy to use format. No complaints from this consumer.

    Fish Flex Forte by Bird Dog from Reno, NV02/08/2013

    I have used this product for years and will continue to do so, even though the price continues upward.

    Absolutely a trustworthy site. by BB's friend from Houston, Tx.11/30/2013

    I am always completely satisfied with the products I order. I simply would not trust any other site.

    Great Product by MaryAnne05/27/2013

    cured my fish and that is the bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT IN STOCK by BECK030210/12/2011

    I don't know if this product is any good because it's not in stock, something that the website doesn't tell you. I ordered this product and paid extra for 2 day shipping I was never notified that it was on back order with no projected in stock date until I went online to check the status of my order and found it listed as "backordered" I have a big problem with a company that lets me order something and doesn't inform at the time of the purchase that it not in stock and this was the second time. I guess I'll have to go to Revival for my pet supplies

    great antibiotic by Kelsbells210/06/2011

    just great to know you have access to antibiotics without having to go tothe vet.

    Great product! by Greg04/29/2014

    This worked very well clearing up my fish tanks. Within a couple days I noticed a marked difference and once finished my fish are healthy and happy. A high quality antibiotic that I would recommend to anyone.

    Great antibiotics by citygirl from midwest09/16/2013

    Effective and trustworthy. I am so glad to be able to buy such quality products.

    Great product by Kathy from NH11/03/2011

    I love to keep this on hand. i never know when i will need it and the local stores are closed.

    by MNM04/23/2012

    I checked all the websites and Entirely Pets has the best prices anywhere on this !

    Money saver by Baron Big Dog11/25/2011

    This product costs at least twice as much from my local vet and I don't have to leave the house to get it.

    Fish Flex Forte by myartangel10/31/2011

    I GREAT product! I will continue to order and use. So glad I found this product!

    Fish Flex by Anndobe from Mishawak , in02/12/2012

    This antibiotic has been a great benefit to our fish health! Amazing how quick the results are.

    by from 01/29/2013

    Great product but still haven't received 3weeks, by Trina03/26/2013

    This is a great product, but it's been over three weeks (paid for the faster shipping) and still hasn't arrived. It said it's in the warehouse when I track it. I would not have ordered from here if I knew before hand that it wasn't in stock. I have emailed twice with no response . Of course, they say you cannot cancel your order once it's in their warehouse, but it's been in their warehouse for three weeks. They already have my money, but I no longer need the product.

    Good product by mslvrfx from Phenix City, Al.11/06/2012

    For what we use this for it is good. Have never had a problem with it.

    Works for Dogs! by Liz from Westminster, CO10/11/2011

    My dog has chronic skin problems and periodically goes on antibiotics. When his skin problems started for the third time, I sought a less expensive solution and found these. Worked perfectly! This is exactly the same thing my vet gives him at 1/2 the price (and no vet visit fee). Of course, always take your doggy to the vet first for diagnosis.

    Great stuff! by racindog from Louisville, KY08/15/2014

    Fresh, high quality and works good and a good price also!

    Featured Reviews for Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (100 capsules)
    Best Thing Ever by Waterpaw05/29/2012

    Fantastic product. Worked as advertised, and shipping was super quick. Any questions, just give Customer Service a call...they're great too!

    Fish mox by livermore from Lancaster,Pa.10/22/2012

    my fishes are much faster,bigger and happy and eat like monsters,thank you.

    fish mox by Tami from Frisco, Texas01/25/2013

    I use this product all the time and would recommend it, this is the site with the lowest price and I get it quickly, never have a problem, and it is quick and easy to order.

    Highly Recommend by KConner65 from Phoenix, Arizona10/22/2012

    I have ordered multiple times from Entirely Pets and my orders are always delivered very quickly, and their products are top knotch! I will continue to use them for years to come! Thank you Entirely Pets!!



    Snappy Sneeze Smasher by Beali from Bronx NY02/05/2013

    I have two cats that go outside. I also do cat rescue and feed a small colony of cats. Recently during the winter, four of the cats, including mine, started sneezing. I was going on a trip and immediately ordered the Fish Mox which came before I left. I gave the cats Fish Mox and so did the cat sitter while I was away. When I returned four days later, none of the cats were sneezing. Very happy with the product.

    Fish Mox by NoDRs12/21/2012

    About three weeks ago my fish found himself with a bad case of strep throat. It was so bad that my fish was unable to speak, so my fish had to miss several days of work. My fish had had this happen once before, about three years ago, and the veteranarian had instructed my fish to take 250mg of Amoxicilin 3 times daily for 7 days. I tried to take my fish back to the veteranarian to have my fish examined this time as well, but the vet clinic wanted my fish to wait for three weeks before they would be willing to see my fish. My fish could not miss three weeks of work while waiting for these people to have an opening. Contacting you here at entirelypets.com, I was able to purchase the antibiotics needed to treat my fish's infection and kill off the bacteria causing the strep throat so my fish could go back to living his life in comfort. The package arrived quickly and the medication was exactly what I had needed. Totallypets, my fish is very grateful for the services you offer. Thank you.

    works great by blessed acres09/19/2013

    I ordered this product for some sick fish. It worked great and did exactly as it should. Great product. Will definitely purchase again if needed.

    Entirely Pets Product Quality and Price by mags from Dulles, Va09/15/2012

    I have been very pleased with all Entirely Pets products I've purchased online over the past two years. Products are excellent quality, prices are so reasonable, and shipment is very swift,so that I won't be changing anytime soon. "mags andersson"

    Fish amoxy by Nancy from Chicago12/27/2013

    This product is a lifesaver for a feral cat when he can't be medicated any other way other than sprinkling in food. My guy had an abcess and this worked like a charm! Sprinkle l/2 of a 250 in the food....

    great product by jd04/30/2013

    The order was handled quickly and accurately. Product is excellent. Will continue to use this service.

    Excellent product by Clyde08/25/2013

    This product worked very well.......will purchase it in the future from Entirely Pets, as the price was very reasonable.

    Fish-Mox by Dianne01/29/2013

    Great product at a great price. Fast delivery, too.

    by from 05/02/2012

    Great Product by Bryn03/09/2013

    This is the second time I have ordered from your company. Always a pleasant experience. Thanks!

    Great Product by dustbuster707 from eureka ca06/05/2012

    This was my first time purchasing this product from this company and I would like to say that I am very pleased with the product . It was the best quality and grade and it was shipped fast . I would recommend this product because it cleared up the infection fast and it's cost effective .

    by from 06/01/2012

    A few kittens began to look sickly so I was advised to buy Fish Mox and treat my 10 cats and 4 kittens by mixing one 250 mg capsule in 1 gallon of water and giving the cats only treated water.

    have by improved. from TheAll


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    Happy Fish by Hayley from colonie05/01/2013

    My fish wish to thank you for sending their product so quick. They are healthy and happy . Product exactly like advertised and the shipping was amazing

    great on doggie by hammer05/24/2014

    worked great on dogs ear infection.little gals ear dried up.

    Wrong Item by Unsatisfied07/03/2012

    I received the wrong item and have yet to get my refund. I am very unhappy with this company and will recommend to anyone I talk to not to make a purchase from this company. I will also be emailing Amazon, which is how I found out about this company. Terrible customer service and terrible company.

    super happy!! by LLJZMM from Wake Forest, NC04/30/2013

    With 4 dogs, there's always some sort of issue, it seems! While not a proponent of overused antibiotics, there's a time and place for them, and it's nice to be able to provide what my dogs need without the costly veterinary office visit (and inevitable testing) that comes along with it. Will be keeping a stash of these from now on, to cover my bases for those 7-14 day stretches when I know that an antibiotic is in order for one of my fur kids!

    Fish Mox by Mountain Suze from Westcliffe, CO11/23/2012

    We have a Red Eared Slider Turtle. They carry Somenella. This product helps keep the algea down and hopefully reduces the Somenella. I am also happy with the coupon code toward $ off my next order.

    Good product by Jeff03/01/2012

    I wished it's expiration date was a little longer, but all around I'm happy.

    Fish Mox by Kris from Hemet Calif. 9254307/23/2014

    I get this to use it on my Fish but it is so great to use it on my doggies to for kennel cough or ear problems works great luv to order it from entirely pets the have it on time never had any problems at all. they are the greatest with price to!!!!!!!!!Sincerely Kristine Pore

    by from 01/30/2013

    Good Product by Majestic Fish03/08/2014

    Fish Mox seems to be a good product. No issues with it. And EntirelyPets delivers rapidly. All-in-all, a good experience.

    Great Product and Customer Service by Cat Lady from Easton, PA02/04/2011

    I purchased this product after reading reviews on how well it worked on cats. I take care of several stray cats and one had a very serious upper respiratory infection. Since starting the medication, she has improved immensely. I also want to say that the customer service was great. I received the product in only 3 days after ordering. Keep up the great service. I would not think twice about ordering from them again.

    Good product by Bob10/23/2012

    Easy to use and effective. The variety of sizes makes purchasing quite easy. The order was filled quickly and efficiently. A very good experience

    by Bob07/31/2012

    Fish Mox was reccomended for my cats by a friend who used it on his. I have a barn full of cats that were kind of sickly all the time. I got the Fish Mox, dissolved one capsule in one gallon of water everyday. In about a week, I noticed that most of the cats looked alot better. Now it has been about three weeks and they all look fine. I continue to give it to them every day to make sure to get rid of the sickness completely.

    Amoxi works great! by Wheatenmom from Santa Barbara, CA02/08/2012

    Amoxi works GREAT for addressing hot spots that have gotten infected. Starts to work almost immediatel. Great product.

    by from 04/08/2013

    Exactly what I wanted and fixes the problem.

    I by will from alwaysUS


    Entirely by Pets. from TheI'm


    by krista11/12/2012

    while the value was good the fact that the two bottles of 100 tablets i purchased have an expiration date of december 2012. I ordered them in October. Doesn't give us much time to utilize them. I will try again though.

    by from 03/27/2012

    great product by annie from atlanta ga11/16/2013

    Great price.Got it in 3 days.Works .Love entirelypets.

    good for respiratory onset! by Ms Ren06/06/2014

    I used this product to cure a 2 year old turtle-aquatic..750mg in water he lived in alone for 3 weeks..he is better , not listing and returned to the community pond. I was thrilled to fine this. Reptiles do not do well with injections due to inguinal area being near kidneys. This method of use allowed him to drink in the water-infused with the antibiotic- naturally while eating. Great service .

    Love this item! by ginrawls01/20/2013

    Thank you for your super products and fast delivery!

    Fish Mox by Brian ako01/16/2015

    I was impressed! Customer service called me to let me know we entered the cc on the site incorrectly. Excellent customer service! Would recommend always!

    Best Purchase Ever by val from Louisiana10/17/2013

    Love the fact that I can get this antibiotic which works great and save vet bills!! Quick shipping too!

    Featured Reviews for Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg (30 capsules)
    Great products and great service by Fred C from TN02/06/2012

    Entirely pets is excellent and I would highly reccomend them for all pets and the prices are cheap and un beatable ! Thanks so much agan Entirely Pets !

    Results unknown by Desert fish lover05/01/2013

    I used this product to try an save a large Silver Dollar. I put the little guy in a hospital tank and he hung on for two weeks. I dosed the tank daily and changed the water per the instructions but after a long hard fight he did not make. I would try this product again, it is unknown if it had any effect on my fish.

    Fish Mox by nanna02/10/2013

    Very good purchase. Product was priced right and was what I expected. Thank You

    got what I needed but too late by fishmonger from Illinois11/08/2012

    I finally found what I needed, but even with a $10 faster shipping option it still came too late. Fortunately alternate methods worked in meantime. I don't need it now, but have it for future use.

    Great Product That Works! by Envizionz from Knoxville, TN02/14/2012

    I bought this product after a neighbor recommended it. It has helped us!

    fish mox by animal lover03/29/2013

    This product really works. I'm glad it was referred to me by a friend. I have also referred it to my friends. Thank you for having such a good product.

    Awesome! by ginrawls01/20/2013

    great service and super fast delivery! thanks so much!

    Excellent Antibiotic and Service! by Frisky from MN.01/10/2013

    This product seems to work well and shipping was unusually fast! I'd buy from EntirelyPets again.

    worked great by Tee Terri05/05/2013

    Just as good as paying a vet for a Rx. But a whole lot cheaper

    Excellent Shopping Experience by Razorbacks from N.W. Arkansas04/30/2012

    This is how e-commerce should work, same day processing and shipping of my order and tracking information e-mailed promptly. Good prices, fast shipping, I would highly recommend. A+

    Will purchase again by tsteiger from Tx02/27/2013

    I am very happy with my order and I will purchase again

    Exceeded Expectations by doglover from Post Falls, ID09/25/2013

    The Fish Mox exceeded my expectations. I will recommend this product to my friends.

    works as advertised by petboyeee05/06/2012

    Product worked great my fish are all doing well, I plan on buying more for the future in case I have any more problems with my tanks.

    by Neil01/01/2013

    Great product. Works exactly as intended

    Great Service by Jason from Utah03/16/2013

    Entirely Pets has always delivered our products ahead of schedule. The prices are reasonable. Great delivery and great product!

    great service! by Sue from New York, NY07/06/2012

    Haven't used the product yet but shipping was pretty fast. would definitely buy other products from here.

    Fishmox by keenie from Florida02/06/2013

    Good product for general use. The price was right and shipping was quick. Thank you.

    worked good by hammer04/07/2013

    shipping packaging wasgood to protect the products and quik.

    Fast Delivery by Jason03/02/2013

    Love how fast that they deliver any of the products that are ordered by me. Thank You!

    Featured Reviews for Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (100 capsules)
    excellent by joni03/05/2012

    excellent product but even better service. I was amazed at the service

    Horrible " Clueless" customer service. by Dissatisfied01/30/2012

    Well, I ordered because it said" in stock",which it wasnt,so i called customer service to find when it would be in stock and they were CLUELESS,I HAD A rush delivery ON THE PRODUCT.I cancelled the order and would not reccoment this site to anyone.Totally unprofessional.

    Amoxicillin Perfection by kmj from Portland, OR06/06/2012

    After re-orders of this product and of Fish Flex Forte (cephalexin) I can attest to the product's purity (pharmacy grade amoxicillin by Thomas Labs) and efficacy. Entirely Pets always ships quickly. Fabulous product, best price, trusted on-line pet merchant. It's all good.

    by MR10/22/2012

    I have used this product from you in the past and will continue to do so in the future. This product works wonderfully for my needs.

    Great Product by Scooter06/02/2012

    My fish had a sinus infection and no money or time to go to the vet. I gave him three tablets a day for ten days and it cleared his sinus infection right up.

    Awesome service!!!! by Breeze from Cape Coral, FL03/14/2012

    I have several aquariums and ponds with koi and goldfish. I buy Fish Mox from Entirely Pets because I get my product promptly. And the service of the Entirely Pets staff is consistent! I actually have suggested others to shop here!

    Very pleased by Danie82904/16/2013

    Great price and received in a timely manner. I will definitely do business with Entirely Pets again and recommend them.

    Product Effective by m80110/27/2011

    Does Not Cloud Water, relieves symptoms quick! I use it all the time and always get it here.

    This stuff works! by Sickfishy03/05/2013

    Great product, recommended by a friend and he was right, it works!

    Efficient by Bob06/09/2013

    Easy to order, quick and economic delivery and a perfect product.

    Great Amoxicillin Source by sinbad222208/17/2012

    Terrific value for large doses for amoxicillin

    Fish Mox Forte by MNM04/23/2012

    I checked all the websites and Entirely Pets has the best prices anywhere on this !

    great product by wicollector from wisconsin01/05/2013

    worked as stated , good product and great shipping and price . would buy again .

    Just Awesome by Carrie from Texas03/21/2014

    This product did just what it needed to .Wonderful product at a very good price . Thank You So Much.

    super fast shipping by pokerwitch04/08/2012

    awesome product. Super fast shipping. Will order from this company again.

    recommend to friend with caveat only by zzed28 from Mich12/22/2013

    I have bought this product multiple times, and this latest formulation, does not dissolve well in water as the previous purchases. There are notice able precipitates in the water after attempts at dissolving it. However, it does seem to function similar to previous purchases as far as effectiveness goes.

    great purchase by Carolann from Cazenovia,NY08/28/2014

    I truly like the fish mox, we have 3 fish tanks, and use for healthy fish.

    great product by annie from atlanta ga10/06/2013

    Fantastic working product and a great price.Received it in three days.Love entirely pets for their prices and fast delivery

    great experience by bob02/08/2012

    I have ordered several times from Entirely Pets and my orders have always arrived quickly and exactly as I ordered.

    Good Price- Quality Product- Fast delivery! by Vic Demise from Portland OR02/25/2012

    I would recommend EntirelyPets based on the product, the price and the prompt shipping. This is a particularly high quality product (Amoxicillin 500mg capsules) that is actually the same manufacturer (and product) as generic Amoxcillin for human use. If you can afford to wait a couple days, you may save a lot of vet money!!

    Great Purchase by kwlittle01/04/2013

    Works exactly as advertised and arrived earlier than expected.

    Fast and Effective Amoxicillin by Carrie from Texas01/18/2013

    I had this with in 3 days . It was very effective . I will order more if the need should occur.

    Seems to be working by Sammer from Missouri01/23/2013

    Delivered on schedule, product seems to be effective.

    Good for treating infection by totallycharmed11/27/2012

    They don't dissolve very easily, but it helps infection.

    New brand of capsules in bottel..work 300% better by Daniel from Ft Payn Alabama10/26/2012

    I have bought these for years.. this shipment had a different brand than before.. these seem to work way better. http://www.biminitops.biz

    Antibacterial Success by The9thPilgrim03/18/2013

    After just a few treatments of Fish Mox I found it to be a 100% effective treatment. I thank entirelypets for a great product, and my fish thank you from the bottoms of their little hearts.

    Excellent and Awesome Product by John from Indiana07/23/2013

    I was surprised at how fast my fish recovered with this product... I am simply amazed i am glad I ran across this product. The quality is simply amazing.

    by from 10/31/2013

    Amoxicillin by Stitch10/22/2012

    This is the same drug as I got from my vet. Works exactly the same for any animal that has a need for this antibiotic.

    Fish Mox by Annie05/30/2013

    I would reccommend to shop for pet products at Entirely Pets. They have everything you need. And I love the fact that the shipping is one price. They said I would recieve my product in 7 days and I got it in 3 days. They are Great.

    What Product? You mean the one I haven't received by Tired from Tennessee05/14/2012

    Never received. I think ThomasLab makes excellent products, but EntirelyPets is a joke. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for their customer service guy or be irritated for all the junk I was told.

    Very good product by Tracey01/27/2014

    I was very impressed with the quality of this product. The infection showed noticeable improvement within 24 hours and within 48 hours appeared to be gone. I finished the full course as directed, but the effect of the "Fishmox" was very quick. I would recommend this product to anyone that values their pets.

    fish mox forte by Caretaker01/07/2012

    works great on my fish, great price also and fast shipping. tks

    by from 01/14/2015

    My kitten, Frankie, came to me with a cat cold last month. With round the clock care it cleared up on its own except for a lingering sneeze that started to get progressively worse. I am on a fixed income and could not afford to take her to the vet until the middle of the month. Having grown on a farm in the past, I have experience in treating animals of all sorts. This antibiotic is a staple. Started treatment for feline URI at the beginning of January and it has now cleared up. No sneezing and gaining weight rapidly. Kitten received .25 ml x2 daily mixed in with homemade chicken broth. If your pet is sick, it's good to keep them on a very bland diet. Boil chicken breasts and white rice, use the broth to mix with the rice. Smells great to them and is good on their digestive system while being treated with antibiotics. Kittens under two pounds - .25 ml Over 5 pounds - .5 ml Over 10 pounds - 1.0 ml

    treatment by of from feralPerfect


    Why have you raised the price? by Pete08/31/2011

    This item used to be $25, as your product video still falsely shows. I will not be purchasing this again at the new price - there are better deals on Amazon and elsewhere

    by from 09/17/2013

    I asked for my order to be sent to my name, and instead it was shipped to another name. This caused problems in me finding my order. I wrote a complaint letter to Entirely Pets, and never got a reply or an apology.

    clumsy by to from sendFirst


    you by lose from aThis


    Very Effective treatment by Lexa01/15/2013

    I did not use this item for fish, but was used to treat a feral cat that I've been taking care of for about 8 years in my backyard. The poor thing had some kind of lung infection, and so I put it into his water bowl and he's feeling much better. He has a friend that had an infection that caused a cyst in his lower jaw, and he too drank the treated water, and now the cyst is gone. There is always some kind of health problem that they encounter as a result of being outdoor cats. I try to take care of the poor little animals that need help but are too afraid of people for us to touch them. I've rescued over 50 cats and 5 dogs, and was successful in finding homes for them through a friend who use to work at the humane society(but has passed on). These capsules dissolve pretty good in water, but I usually take a spoon and try to make it more powder-like since the powder in the capsule has a tendency to be crumbly. It dissolves better and they all have benefited from these capsules. I use to have a fish tank back in the 1960's when I was a little girl, and I remember how the fish use to get white spots on them and die, and I wish that I had this same medication back then.

    Great Product by Mikey from St.Louis MO.03/30/2012

    Top Pharm. Quality prducts to help keep all my tanks in the best condition!

    fish mox forte by donna from Central Illinois03/10/2012

    great product, excellent customer service

    Fish Mox Forte 500mg by Kathy from Texas07/22/2012

    Great customer service, easy ordering, fast, well packaged shipping, great product, nothing but good to say about it.

    Service Great by Spidercat11/12/2012

    I'm not going to review the product other than to say it does what is says it will and more. I will comment on the service, which is and always is, excellent.

    by from 02/19/2012

    Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg by Julius1944 from Nevada05/05/2014

    I use this product in my cat's litter box, and it works very well to eliminate the odor in a hot climate. I scoop the litter daily, then once a week I wash the box, fill with clean litter, then open a capsule of Fish Mox and mix it into the clean litter.

    Totally Satisfied by thumper02/15/2012

    The Fish Mox is as advertised and my order came in no time.

    Mox to the Max! by Spearwolfe10/31/2011

    I provide a handful of local aquarium enthusiasts with sick-aquarium intervention on a part time basis. My friends always call me when nothing they have tried seems to cure their fishy friends' ills. Since adding Fish Mox Forte to my arsenal, I have managed more than one or two miraculous interventions and word of mouth is beginning to force me into a full time proposition. Whether 'tis blessing or curse, I plan to add a few more Entirely Pet products to my magic bag-o-tricks and ride the wave as far as I can Thanks entirely, Entirely Pets!

    by from 05/26/2013

    fish mox forte review by fishman12/24/2012

    works every time for healthy fish and tank if used regularly.

    Great Price. Fast shipping by Brian from Lenoir, N.C.03/04/2014

    I have ordered this product from several different vendors and I was surprised that the price was as cheap as it was. When I received the product a lot sooner than I expected, I immediately got on my computer and saved "Entirely Pets" to my favorits list. From now own when I order my pet supplies I will definitely place my orders through Entirely pets. Im glad to see that there are still places, like this, you can purchase from where you don't feel like you were taken advantage of. Thanks a bunch

    Great purchasing experience by KT from Florida12/18/2012

    I looked all over for fish antibiotics locally and none of the pet stores in my area carried what I needed. I found this site and purchased quickly and easily. They shipped it out to me fast and with tracking info so I could see when it would show up and that's good for impatient people like me. I like to be able to see my order/shipment's progress every step of the way. I got the product pretty quickly and it was everything I'd hoped for. I ordered more when the first bottle ran out and had another good experience. I'm sure I'll be buying again in the future and I have recommended this site to friends who need the same things. This is a good, reliable site to deal with and deserves my repeat business.

    awesome products and service by kwl12/23/2012

    As always, my product arrived quickly and performed as advertised.

    ordering by pandora01/17/2012

    other than it took 3 weeks to get the service was fine.

    Amoxicillin by Sissy09/10/2014

    Excellent product. Great service. Thank you.

    GREAT Service by Clbrzy from Ft. Myers, Florida10/27/2011

    I have several ornamental fish ponds. I am out in the wilderness and my fish get parasites, which causes open sores. Also, since I'm in the woods, wild animals try to catch my fish for food. Sometimes the fish end up with wounds on them. The ease of getting antibiotics is awesome. The fish get treated promptly and the products are great quality. I have referred several people to Entirely Pets! Thank you for such great service, promptness, with no hassels.

    fish mox forte by Tami from Frisco, Texas01/25/2013

    I use this product all the time and would recommend it, this is the site with the lowest price and I get it quickly, never have a problem, and it is quick and easy to order.

    Great company by leehampton from TN09/26/2014

    I love ordering from Entirely Pets, first rate service, great products!

    Quality product from a Quality company by JPH from Erie,Pa11/07/2012

    I have used Fish Mox and Fish Pen for years and have found them to treat my pets with excellent results.

    Best product and deal by fish and dogs05/03/2012

    I highly recommend this product. I have found it to be the best product and value wise, it is the best priced as well. Entirely pets is my trusted website.

    Featured Reviews for Fish-Pen (Penicillin) 250mg (60 tablets)
    by from 10/23/2012

    Featured Reviews for Fish Pen (Penicillin) 250mg (30 Tablets)
    came quick by Cat from Salem,mo08/21/2012

    it was easy to find ,great price and got here in no time :) very happy

    by from 05/21/2013

    My Beta, Charlie...had fin rot something awful. After using Fish Pen for the very first time since I bought him 2 years ago, he made a bubble nest. To say the least I was really amazed.

    been by eating from wellHe


    for by making from theseSo


    Good Value by awilson308 from Jacksonville Fl.10/01/2013

    Worked as stated very pleased with this product

    Featured Reviews for Fish Sulfa Forte (60 count)
    Good Product on BACKORDER. by John from Indiana11/10/2013

    If I knew this was on backorder I would have ordered it straight from the manufacturer or another store. This should have been stated on website. If it is not here by day 8 I should get a refund on the shipping cost.

    Fish Sulfa by rickoshay from North , Texas06/21/2013

    Very good product. US made. Good product to have in the medicine cabinet.

    Fish Sulfa Forte WORKS by citygirl from midwest01/16/2015

    Product does what it says, another healthy success story!

    Featured Reviews for Fish Tapes 34mg (10 count)
    Good product/good price by Cvault1 from Solon, Iowa05/18/2013

    These are a very good alternative to the over-priced formula you will get from your vet...and it's the same thing.

    Featured Reviews for Fish Tapes 34mg (30 count)
    by from 03/19/2013

    A great product that used correctly is dyn-o-mite to solve tank problem.

    mean by always from followAlways


    different by but from neverEvery


    dosage. by Read from theAlso


    key by importance! from This


    excellent." by Fish Tapes product from ShortyThis


    Featured Reviews for Fish Zole (Metronidazole) 250mg (60 tablets)
    Thanks Entirely Pets! by orleans12/31/2013

    Great Product at the right price and fast shipping!

    Great medicine for dogs with stomach/bowl issues by Pete12/28/2012

    The Vet charges a fortune for Flagyl which is the same medicine as Fish Zole. It works great for frequent vomiting and loose stools. I highly recommend it.

    Fish Zole (Metronidazol) 250mg (60) by Angie from Mesa, Az.01/12/2013

    Fish Zole is an excellent product, I highly recomend it. I have had no ill effects and it is the same as if you were able to order Metronidazol. Give it a try, it works!!

    Exact same as vet script by KK from FL06/24/2012

    My kitty has intestinal flare-ups and after a $150 vet bill, he always sends me home with Metronidazole. This is the same stuff at a much cheaper price. Thanks!

    Excellent Shipping Service by cbryant from Indiana08/08/2012

    I needed this product asap for my dying turkey that had blackhead disease (who ended up being too far gone to save) but I gave the product 5 stars because of the superbly excellent shipping service and reasonable price. After tons of researching for the best price + shipping, EntirelyPets won. I had the product shipped overnight from California to Indiana. I assumed (as with every other place on the planet) that "overnight" really meant "within the next couple days." I was wrong. My shipment was here the following morning after placing my order. Now that is what I call excellent service!

    Same medication as 250 mg Metronidazole tabs by FardaleLabradorsDotCom from Northern New Jersey05/02/2014

    A great medication to keep in the home for minor dog abdominal ailments until I can get them to the vet. The price could be better as it's considered "Fish Zole" and is the generic form of the medication. When my vet gives me a script it's a few dollars at any pharmacy. So the price is a bit inflated but the product is good as is the availability without a script. I order it when I don't have a script as I like to always keep it in the home. Always read on veterinary sites what the dosage by weight of a dog is before using. I had to dose my last litter at 7 weeks for 5 days, had a script but did use the Fish-Zole for my keeper puppy(black in the photo) when her food became too rich for her belly and she re acted up to it on a Sunday. I then had her back to the vet, food changed all is well.

    by from 06/05/2012

    Great purchase by kittyrescuer02/07/2012

    I got the results I needed from this product and would order it again. The price was right and fast delivery.

    Treated Giardia in Dog by Adrienne from Virginia06/02/2014

    I used this to treat giardia in my dog, a standard schnauzer. I got dosing information from a vet professional and was able to avoid a costly trip to the vet. After a few days his giardia symptoms cleared and he tolerated the medication well for the full seven day course. I still have enough left over for another round of giardia treatment should he need it.

    Great Order System by Rush10/22/2012

    Excellent order/delivery system. Efficient online and always helpful on the phone if needed. Reliable competative pricing on products. Nice one stop show location.

    same stuff by bdgmbdgm12/05/2012

    same prescription you can get from the "V"

    I keep this product on hand by Roxies Doxies from Idaville, IN10/23/2012

    As a home Mini Dachshund breeder, I need to keep Fish Zole available as an aid to prevent &/or clear up young puppies with intestinal problems.

    Good stuff by Clg from Woodstock, GA11/06/2012

    Works well! Does what it says and at a good price!

    Good for the runs by Pepper from berkeley, Ca03/27/2012

    It works great for the runs. Its the same thing that you get at the vet. So, now you don't need the vet anymore when your pooch as a tummy ache or the runs. It also has a calming effect on the tummy.

    Didn't buy for fish by lauriemike10/23/2012

    I bought this for turkeys ill with blackhead. It came very fast - fast enough to save them. Now they are gaining weight and happy and sassy. I'm grateful for the source of medication since my vet wouldn't give me any without seeing my turkeys, but he isn't a turkey vet...

    Fish Zole by WaltsDad from Franklin Tennessee12/03/2011

    Over the course of the past 6 months we have fought intestinal parasites and what appear to be food allergies in our dog. Very loose BM's and a very uncomfortable dog. With each visit the Vet sent us home with a prescription for Metronidazole -- usually in addition to another drug, The Metronidazole eases the discomfort and intestinal inflammation -- according to the Dr. With each trip my wallet was @ $100 lighter. Fish Zole appears to be identical to the product sold to me by my vet for my dog but costs 75% less. I have seen no difference in my animal's health -- Fish Zole works. EntirelyPets order process was painless and the product arrived promptly. Great service.

    Always on hand by Flatcoatfun from Orlando FL01/24/2014

    I like to keep this on hand for my dogs when we travel.

    Stops diarrhea in dogs by Beau from Denver, CO02/18/2012

    Our breeder told us about Fish Zole for diarrhea in dogs. We tried other solutions provided by the Vet at twice the cost and it didn't work after ten doses. Fish Zole works the first day after two tablets.

    great money saver by Lisa from San Bernardino, CA04/18/2012

    Treating 2 households of dogs with giardia (8 dogs total) cost me close to $600 at my vet. He ordered another round of metronidazole, and I purchased a 10 day supply for under $200 from Entirely Pets. Same drug. I am very pleased.

    Featured Reviews for Fish-Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (30 capsules)
    by from 08/05/2014

    I have been using your service and medicine for my several fishes for the last 3 years or longer, It treats my fish condition and gets rid of the black spots that says your fish has a virus and fungus. and I am a very happy pleased returning customer with a very happy lively colorful supply of fish

    Misty by Long beach Ca from Thank

    Miracle medicine

    by from 12/11/2011

    by from 02/06/2013

    I love Fish Mox because it clears up my fish faster than anything else I know of.

    am by ordering from more,In


    a by variety from ofHighly


    Ridgway, PA by from :)"


    by from 02/22/2013

    Fast shipping, good price

    will by likely from orderVery


    by JVC06/16/2013

    Fine product, fine product. I am not one for many words. Fishmox was what it was supposed to be.

    Works Great for Humans by Kristen from Greensboro ,NC02/18/2013

    I had a friend who bought this and took it for a tooth ache. I ended up with a tooth ache and could not afford to go to the dentist. So I bought some and sure enough it took my infection right away!!!!!! Wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!!!

    by from 11/11/2012

    by from 03/07/2014

    excellent by bjbla from Calif12/06/2011

    Is a great bargain and I keep around all the time

    Great Product by dell197201/26/2014

    My goldfishes were sick, they had no energy in the fishbowl. I follow the instruction on the Fish Mox Forte, and a couple of days later. My goldfishes were full of energy and back eating their fish food. I am so thankful of Entirelypets for their services and products. I will buy again. Thank you.

    Very Disappointed in product & phone staff by Jamie from NC08/04/2014

    Product arrived expiring in 2 weeks. Medication was weak and did not effectively treat my pet's continuation of treatment. I called when product arrived to make sure close expiration date was ok and was told I would get a replacement but unable to speak with correct to staff due to them "just getting back from lunch. New bottle never arrived. Tried your chat feature to ask for a replacement due to medication weak and not effective and requested another type, and I would pay difference, due to RESISTANCE being built up now from starting my pet on Amox from another source that was showing effectiveness then giving my pet Amox from your company that was not working/weak. Anyone in the medical field knows this. I was told by your rep that you do not exchange and was disconnected. I called again requesting replacement and was told to call back yet again the next day to speak with a supervisor. After that I gave up and bought from another company. My pet has been very sick from a UTI that was improving until I used your product. No one that answers the calls or chat has any knowledge of medicine and that is very sad from a company owned by medical professionals. Quit selling close to expiration antibiotics and get a knowledgeable staff if you are selling medications that can potentially take the life of a pet. Jamie P. Registered Nurse

    Fish Mox Forte = Success by citygirl from midwest01/16/2015

    Quality Product! This product delivers, and does what it says!

    We always keep this on hand by JP10/30/2013

    Since we are always acquiring new fish, we keep this amoxicillin on hand for those times the fish are needing it. Sometimes people give us sickly fish they can no longer keep or care for. This works well and has saved some fish.

    excellent by gman from atlanta10/10/2011

    everything was first class- shipping, billing and the product was excellent - I will use again and again and would recomend to everyone. I searched all thru the online companies and this was the best by far.

    Totally Happy by Cats4Ever04/23/2012

    Totally happy with product, price and how quick it was received!!!

    Featured Reviews for Fish-Pen Forte (Penicillin) 500mg (30 tablets)
    Thank you. by phishfood from dirty south07/07/2010

    Dude it cleared that STD right up! ...........

    Dang Good by Birddog03/22/2013

    II was not sure about this product, but the results were amazing. It did a great job of turning things around.

    Excellent Product by Reg05/29/2012

    The Fish-Pen Forte worked great! And the customer service and shipping were outstanding! Thanks!



    Featured Reviews for Thomas Labs Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (30 count)
    by geo miller01/21/2015

    so much easier than having to give 5 pills. Thanks

    Featured Reviews for Thomas Labs Fish Doxy 100mg - Doxycycline Powder (60 packets)
    Seems to be of top quality. by koondog from Lilburn, Georgia03/03/2014

    received in good order and as advertised. I am glad I order from this supplier.

    Featured Reviews for Thomas Labs Fish Pen Forte 500mg - Penicillin (60 tablets)
    What's not to like? by racindog from Louisville, KY08/15/2014

    Great stuff. Fresh & excellent quality & works good at a good price.

    Worked great! by Greg from Kentwood, Michigan06/03/2014

    I have had bacterial problems with most of my fish and this is by far the best anti-bacterial product I have used. And its pharmaceutical grade. Lightning fast shipping. I got it the day after I ordered it and I live in Michigan!

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