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has now helped many thousands of dogs around the world and Thundershirts are being rapidly embraced by professionals; thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers are now recommending Thundershirts for their anxiety cases.

Thunder shirts are great for dogs who have issues with the following:
  • Dog Separation Anxiety.
  • Fear of Thunder Storms.
  • Fear of Fireworks.
  • Travel Anxiety.
  • Crate Training.
  • Problem Barking.
  • Over excitement.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Lead pulling.

  • ThunderShirt

    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XXSmall
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XXSmall

    ($49.95)  $39.95
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XSMALL
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XSMALL

    ($49.99)  $39.95
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - SMALL
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - SMALL

    ($49.99)  $39.95
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - MEDIUM
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - MEDIUM

    ($49.99)  $39.95
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - LARGE
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - LARGE

    ($49.99)  $39.95
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XXLarge
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XXLarge

    ($49.95)  $39.95
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XLARGE
    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XLARGE

    ($49.99)  $39.95


    ThunderCap - XSmall
    ThunderCap - XSmall

    ($25.99)  $19.95
    ThunderCap - Small
    ThunderCap - Small

    ($25.99)  $19.95
    ThunderCap - Large
    ThunderCap - Large

    ($25.99)  $19.95

    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution

    Dog anxiety is a surprisingly common problem and includes issues like fear of thunder, fireworks, separation, travel, crating, problem barking and much more. Millions of dogs in the United States suffer from anxiety severe enough that their owners are seeking help.

    Thundershirt Company has now helped many thousands of dogs around the world and Thundershirts are being rapidly embraced by professionals; thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers are now recommending Thundershirts for their anxiety cases.

    Thundershirt's gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. Thundershirt is already helping tens of thousands of dogs around the world, and is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers. Thundershirt is an excellent treatment for most types of dog anxiety and fear issues.

    Thundershirt is comfortablefor your dog. Washable, soft and stretchy heather gray material. Thundershirt is easy to use and is a drug-free, safe way to help calm an anxious, fearful or hyperactive dog.

    Thundershirt Dog
    Anxiety Solution
  • Your dog's thunderstorm fear or phobia.
  • Your dog's fireworks fear or phobia or
    other noise phobias.
  • Your dog's fear of strangers or new places.
  • Your dog's fear of being crated.
  • Your dog's anxiety due to traveling or moving.
  • Your dog's hyperactivity, over activity or excitability.
  • Your dog's general nervousness or anxiousness.
  • Your dog's reactivity on the leash (barking at other dogs while on the leash).

  • More Info
    Why does Thundershirt work?

    It is not completely understood, but according to some experts such as Temple Grandin pressure has a calming affect on the nervous system. In most cases you will see improvement when you first put the ThunderShirt on, but in some dogs it takes two or three uses. Click for an instruction sheet.

    Size Chest Size (measure around the barrel of your dog's chest, behind his front legs at its largest point) Weight
    XXS 9" - 13.5" < 12 lbs
    XS 13" - 18" 10-18 lbs
    S 16" - 23" 15-25 lbs
    M 18" - 26" 20-50 lbs
    L 24" - 32" 40-70 lbs
    XL 31" - 40" 70-100 lbs
    XXL 38" - 50" Over 90 lbs
    3.93 rating based on 30 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XXSmall
    Shirt is good by Lilnose17 from Xenia, OH07/25/2014

    I accidentally ordered the wrong size shirt. Entirely pets would not exchange it. Luckily, the thunder shirt company exchanged it. I wouldn't order from entirely pets again.

    Featured Reviews for Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - SMALL
    false advertising by mijikc10/30/2011

    We order the thunder coat not knowing for sure what size we needed, so we ordered a small. We have two papillions and thought that it would fit. Unfortunately it was too big. We called and were told we could not return it as our dog (our $1000 dog), might have mange or been flea infested. Why would I order this product if I didn't care enough to take care of my "pet"? I was very disappointed in the service we received from this company.

    Good Buy by Christine from Seattle, WA10/17/2013

    My pup has serious anxiety... the Thundershirt does seem to help I found that it's important to get them used to it when everything is happy and you're home just hanging out. She gets super excited when I pull it our... We have yet to see how she is when there is a thunder storm or fireworks.

    wait and see by bk04/28/2012

    Be sure to measure as stated. You might be surprised of the size your dog will need. Fit was good and didn't seem to mind wearing it. Still waiting on the next thunderstorm to see how she does. Did seem to mellow when it was put on her. No matter what, we will be ready!

    Works by Deb G from Beverly Hills,FL08/28/2013

    It calms my Jack Russell down during Thunderstorms. He actually will find it and pull on it to have me put it on.He still is nervous, but doesn't run and hide like before.

    Great Thundershirt by LindaH from Bacliff, Texas04/01/2012

    Emily seems to really calm down as soon as she is in her Thundershirt - before she shook to the point that we thought she might go into convulsions. My sister recommended it and the second time Emily saw it she got really excited and seemed calm and less fearful once we put it on her.

    Thundershirt by pb02/28/2012

    This product works great to comfort anxious dogs during stressful times: thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, etc. Easy to use, worth every penny. I recommend it!

    by from 08/07/2012

    I bought one of these for my Scottie who is very afraid of thunder. It has worked so well, she wears it when I go to work on days they forecast storms. When I am home I put it on her as soon as I hear the first thunder clap and she rides out the storm with no panting, nervousness, anxiety and will just sit on my lap and sleep.

    worry by when from aI


    by I don't have a nickname!!11/17/2011

    It has helped our dog some..She is afraid of rain in general and storms really set her off. Shes not totally calm with the shirt but it has helped her so as not to be quite so tramatic for her.

    Waste of money by Weezer08/29/2013

    This vest does not work plus it's hot and expensive. Just buy some Velcro and wrap it around your dog to see if it works for you.

    Featured Reviews for Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - MEDIUM
    Simply amazing by KP12/20/2012

    About 3 yrs ago, my older (now 12) Brittany started being a terrible traveler. She would circle, try to dig thru the carpet, pant and shake whenever we put in in the car - whether for 10 minute trips or 10 hr trips. We were having to sedate her with Benadryl if we had to travel any distance. I dislike sedating her, especially at her age, so I was hoping for a miracle. I followed the shirt instructions to the letter. After I got it on, we took our usual mile walk, and then I put her in the car for a short trip to get coffee. Instead of her usual reaction of panting, shaking and digging - she walked to the back of the car and then lay down - as calm as could be! It hasn't all been perfect - I've had an 2 incidents where she did her shaking - but after giving her a treat - she was good. She is very comfortable in the Thundershirt - doesn't try to take it off or bite at it. We went to the vet for a checkup and the vet asked me how it was going with the Thundershirt and I said I would highly recommend it. At least give it a try.

    by D0gsaregood07/08/2012

    The thundershirt works for my dog. When fireworks or a storm is present, he lays down and waits for the event to pass. Not 100% calm, but no more hiding under furniture, knocking things over or trembling and shaking. Well worth the money and no more possibly harmful chemicals given for sedation.

    Didn't really do a thing by Beeners5806/28/2012

    My Min-Pin/Rat Terrier mix goes ballistic at anything slightly resembling fireworks. I was hoping the Thunder Shirt would be just what he needed to stay calm. Unfortunately it had virtually no effect. I'm not suggesting it doesn't work for others, but for my little guy it didn't.

    Good reviews but didn't work for us by Sharon from Bourbonnais, IL05/05/2012

    We had a different brand called Anxiety Wrap for our last dog and it helped her. Our current puppy, Prancer, has many issues including fear of car rides, strangers and other dogs. He is disabled and cannot currently walk. He is on medication for these, but it was recommended that we try the ThunderShirt. Since they have a moneyback guarantee, we tried it. It didn't work for Prancer and has been returned. Don't let this discourage trying the ThunderShirt. It could be just what you need.

    Featured Reviews for Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - LARGE
    by asdf10/04/2014

    We haven't had any severe thunder storms since I bought it, but the little storms we've had, this shirt has been awesome. My boxer loves it, she sleeps like baby when she has it on.

    Excellent purchase for an anxious canine by barijean from Central Oregon coast11/25/2011

    I rescued a 5 year old anxious beautiful boxer girl. Since I am 80, we work well together - she goes everywhere with me but is anxious when I leave the car so while I rehearse my bari sax with the Yachats Big band for 2:30 hours she is less stressed when I return to the car! Once the vacationers come to shoot their illegal fireworks on the beach in front of our house - the shirt will help I am sure since when I wrapped her in a blanket this summer that helped. Great product - go for it!

    not miracle but?? by junior from honolulu09/22/2014

    It doesn't take away the dogs anxiety completely but it does help them calm down some what. It doesn't work on our little staffy because he tries to take it off by rubbing it on the walls and corners. I am happy with it because at least it helps them a little. Wish it was a 100% miracle but it's not, but then again any help is good especially when there is thunder or fireworks.

    Thundershirt by Sasha from NC01/21/2015

    The product works for our Jack Russell. I measured our dog and used the chart and dog's chest for sizing but the large was oversize overall. I had to chop and resew for a proper fit. More size dimensions should be given for online ordering. The Thundershirt also doubles as a winter coat for our cold natured Jack Russell.

    I wasted my money on The Thundershirt by brigett from Springfield, MO10/29/2012

    I have read mostly positive reviews with a few negative reviews. Mine goes in the negative category. We saw no improvement whatsoever by using The Thundershirt. I sat up for 5 hours with my dog while he was wearing it. It didn't calm him at all so we tried it on another dog who also gets anxious during storms. Still no help. I wish I had no wasted my money on it.

    5 Stars - nice coat, really works by Lucy & Scruffy's guardian from IL01/08/2013

    Wonderful coat, really works calms Lucy.

    From Skeptic to Believer by JfromCA07/25/2012

    After reading many reviews regarding this product, we purchased it for our 68 lb dog, a ten year old male, who every year had to receive prescription sedation due to the fireworks. No more sedation. Seems too good to be true, but it isn't. This thundershirt works well in lightning storms as well. We kept the packaging and receipt as we were convinced we would return the shirt, now, we'll fight ya to keep it...well, almost. Try it, you'll go from skeptic to believer too. It works!

    thunder coat by nasusmcp from Limington, Maine01/25/2012

    This is a wonderful product. I was excited to discover it as I have in the past put my dog's CFD on him when he was anxious and he would calm right down. Now he wears his thundershirt thankfully when he is in the house. Frodo is a rescued , 10 year old Australian Shepherd.

    Definitely helped by hygeni from Tucson Arizona07/18/2012

    We got the thundershirt for our 9 year old Chow/Golden Retriever mix who is frightened of 2 things, thunder and fireworks. Got the shirt a week before July 4th and he wore it a few times when nothing was going on. Had a thunderstorm and fireworks on the 4th so a real test. He was still nervous but not as clingy and not panting like during previous episodes. I put the shirt on him and put him in his crate with a blanket over the top and sides and he really did seem way calmer than in previous storms. Hopefully, we will get way more storms this season to give it a real good test. I'm glad I bought the shirt. Easy to put on and the dogs seem to like it. No resistance to being "bundled up".

    by cadebra from Stratford, CT06/30/2013

    Seems to be pretty effective & calming. Shelby is a pretty hyper young dog, so I'm pretty satisfied with the results when I put the thundershirt on him.

    Featured Reviews for Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution - XLARGE
    Amazing by Momnovot05/30/2012

    I can't believe a simple wrap would make this much difference! She's actually prom.

    Thunder Shirt by MaryAnn from Knoxville, Tennessee07/06/2014

    This is nothing short of a miracle. My 12 year old dog has been terrified of thunder storms, heavy rain, and of course very loud noises such as fireworks. The day the Thunder shirt arrived we were expecting a heavy rain in the evening. My husband and I got KC out of he closet where she was already hiding and put the shirt on her. The transformation was unbelievable. She still panted a lot but laid on the dog bed at our feet and was quite content in spite of the storm! A blessing for KC and us.

    Works Great! by Mitch11/10/2014

    My standard never had a problem with thunderstorms until a few years ago.Thank goodness we found the thundershirt. Don't know why or how it works, it just does the job!

    Great Purchase by Tuff10/30/2011

    My dog is older and very nervous when it comes to thunder. He is already on meds for other problems and did not want to add anymore. I was desperate to find relief for him and us. I have used this vest a few different times (no thunder yet). It is great!! He calms down enough to relax. I would recommend this vest.

    Not quite what I expected by Jane from Dallastown, PA06/05/2012

    I am a little disappointed in the Thundershirt. The first one was too small and the 2nd one seemed too big. But neither size was able to calm our Boxer, Molly, down in the car. She continues to pant uncontrollably while in the car and cannot sit still. I have to keep her leashed while in the car and keep a tight reign on her while driving. I was so hopeful this was going to be the answer to taking her along on rides.

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