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Dog Training Collars

Keep Your Dog Safe and Controlled With Proper Dog Training Collars

A well-trained dog is a safe and happy dog, and dog training collars can go a long way towards making your dog respectful of your wishes. Well-trained dogs are far less likely to dart into traffic, fight with other dogs or dig up your neighbor's rose garden. A training collar such as Premier's Gentle Leader Head Collar can help your dog learn to sit and stay in just a single training session. It also helps control adverse behaviors such as chewing, pulling, begging and barking. Because this is not a standard muzzle, your dog will have no problem eating, drinking and panting. Innotek collars also help train your dog properly. For example, Innotek's No-Bark Rechargeable Collar provides negative correction for your dog's barking issues, and unlike other dog training collars, the level of correction lowers as your dog improves its habits.

Gentle Leader Head Collar
Gentle Leader Head Collar

($21.99)  $12.79
Innotek Dog Training Collars & Containment Systems
Innotek Dog Training Collars & Containment Systems

Triple Crown Collar - SMALL (15")
Triple Crown Collar - SMALL (15")

($12.95)  $7.99

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