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Triple Crown Everlasting Treats

Triple Crown's pet products division brings you the benefit of their vast experience working with thousands of dogs and their owners. Triple Crown creates innovative toys and training products that reflect the way dogs learn and have fun. Also try Triple Crown Collars!

Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - SMALL (2.5" diameter)
Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - SMALL (2.5" diameter)

($12.95)  $9.99
Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - MEDIUM (3.75" diameter)
Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - MEDIUM (3.75" diameter)

($19.99)  $14.99
Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - LARGE (5" diameter)
Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - LARGE (5" diameter)

($24.95)  $19.99
Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - SMALL
Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - SMALL

($4.99)  $2.54
Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - Medium
Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - Medium

($5.99)  $3.99
Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - LARGE
Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - LARGE

($7.99)  $5.99
Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Small)
Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Small)

($3.99)  $2.99
Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Medium)
Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Medium)

($5.99)  $3.99
Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Large)
Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Large)

($6.99)  $4.99
Starmark Pro-Training Treats (5 oz)
Starmark Pro-Training Treats (5 oz)

($3.99)  $2.99
Starmark Interlocking Treats Chicken (Medium)
Starmark Interlocking Treats Chicken (Medium)

($7.99)  $5.99
Triple Crown's pet products division brings you the benefit of their vast experience working with thousands of dogs and their owners. Triple Crown creates innovative toys and training products that reflect the way dogs learn and have fun.

Everlasting Treat ball provides hours of chewing fun for your dog with the interactive Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball. Made of a soft, yet durable puncture resistant material, it will hold up to even the toughest chewers, and the unique design allows for it to wobble and roll around on its own. It's great to use for preventing destructive boredom behaviors or to keep your dog happily occupied. Hide it around your house or yard for a game of doggie hide & seek with a tasty reward when your dog finds it, feed your dog his regular meal portions out of it, or insert a Triple Crown Everlasting Treat. The options are endless, the fun is everlasting.
4.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - SMALL (2.5" diameter)
Keeps them occupied by doglover3 from St. Louis, MO08/07/2012

Great toy - I would have given it a 5 star, but it is kinda hard to get the treats inside - and the sides have to be replaced from time to time, though they last a good while. All in all - worth the money!

Featured Reviews for Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - MEDIUM (3.75" diameter)
Fair and fun by Lenny's Mom from Somerset, NJ01/17/2011

I received this as a gift for my dog. He is a Shepherd/Beagle mix. He had a lot of fun chewing and licking the treat for several hours...and then he got it out and ate it all. It lasted a few hours, not a day and a half as above. I just need to know how healthy it is...otherwise...I recommend it!

keeps them entertained but stains carpet by Mishy10/21/2011

My 2 dogs both really enjoy trying to chew the treats out if the ball and it keeps them busy and out of trouble! The only problem I have with the treat is that when they chew on it for a while, their drool mixes with the brown treat and lightly stains the carpet. Now they only get it outside or in their playroom...

Gone in 60 seconds by mb12/25/2011

Hey, this is a great concept, but the ball is expensive, and the refills cost more than you can imagine. This was a Christmas present for our 80 lb. lab, and within less than 1 hour he had tore the treats out, and was chomping them to nothingness. When he finished, it was as if he was on a sugar buzz, and was being extremely beligerent (sp?). I am now worried that to refill this thing will eventually drain the dog budget. Great idea, good chew toy (for a very, very short duration).

Two Paws Up for Triple Crown! by Sarah07/31/2008

I'm purchasing a replacement for my springer's FAVORITE toy (it has worn out after 3 years of daily use). The shape is perfect for sticking healthy treats like carrots inside. It cleans up in the dishwasher. If you have a smart dog that loves a challenge, this is the toy for you!



Featured Reviews for Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - LARGE (5" diameter)
The only toy my dog has never shredded by Featherluv02/09/2012

I have a Lab. She eats EVERY THING! i don't mean just chew things up, i mean ingests EVERYTHING! She was a rescue dog, & has had 2 overcome a lot of emotional aftermath. We have given her every toy imaginable... including the indestructible Kong toys... they were all shredded in just a few moments. She has even shredded & demolished 2 couches. When i saw this ball, i thought it was pricey but i was willing 2 give it a shot. i have 2 say it was COMPLETELY worth it. she has carried it around every where she goes, & its still in 1 piece! She hasn't gone 4 any of our socks or my daughters toys since! that's a plus 4 her digestive health, yay!

everlasting treat ball by butch08/14/2011

Very disappointed with the everlasting treat ball.This item was suppose to give hours of entertainment to my pet.It took him aprox. 15 minutes to remove the treat and he was done with it.This was not a inexpensive dog toy and the refillable treats that last 15 minutes are quite costly also.So needless to say I am not impressed with this item and would not recommend this.

BEST TOY FOR LAB! by FINN04/09/2013

Hi, My lab just turned one and as a pup, he destroyed every toy I got for him. I got this and it keeps him entertained for hours. I've gotten them as gifts since he loves them so much. A bit tricky getting the replacement 'balls' in and out but worth it!

best buy ball by Ax from greenwood, in01/27/2012

Ax (Alex) is a 140 pound mastif whose jaws can tear up anything, except the 5" ball we bought from you folks. We're gradually removing the ten or so tennis balls she tears up on a weekly basis in favor of the big ball. At the price of tennis balls the "big ball" was a great investment.

Not too thrilled by Sal06/12/2013

I bought a new treat ball, so it came with a treat on one side. However inserting the second treat WAS NOT as easy as the guy on the video made it seem. After several attempts we just gave up. My dog wasn't too thrilled with the item either.

Great product, holds up well by Julie from Minneapolis, MN01/02/2010

Even though this is the second treat ball I have purchased, I have to say it is a fantastic product. I have a 120lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who considers chewing his job, and he strives to be the best. He LOVES this ball, the treats last him for more than an hour (however I have friends whose dogs can take days to get thru one), and you can put treats in the middle of the ball to make it a game. I can split his meals and put half in his bowl and half in his ball so he has to work for his meals. After a year of hard use we finally need another one, but it is well worth it. The price is great here too- I have seen them on other sites for up to $30!

Love it! by Jan Marie from Washington DC03/01/2011

My uber-active Labradoodle and his sidekick Maltichon LOVE this toy! It's the perfect "babysitting" tool to keep on the shelf and give to them when we have dinner guests. It keeps them busy, well behaved and engaged while allowing them to stay in the same room and not bother people.

Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball (Large) by JD TAYLOR from Central Texas01/01/2013

This was our second ball to buy. The first one lasted close to ten years. This is one toy our dog has been unable to destroy. She's a 13 year old Lab mix.

not so everlasting treat ball by petey12/07/2011

This ball is made very sturdy - so I gave it one star. The two reasons I debated for months getting this were: 1. It is extremely expensive and 2. the "treat" is made primarily of corn and other poor quality ingredients. I decided to give it a try since I found a wheat and corn free option and my dog really needed something to chew for longer than an hour or so (a good cheap bone at the grocery store lasts about that long). I was extremely disappointed. First of all the treat only lasts about 10 min. (with two in there!) Second the ingredients are very sweet - not good for the dogs teeth at all. Not to mention the "treat" is actually somewhat soft - not something I would imagine would survive very long being chewed. And I don't have a super chew-er - just a standard poodle mix.

great option by dr dog02/22/2013

great option for medium chewers or big chewers in a little body. The medium and small and mini are not appropriate for my 20# power chewer, the lab can get this discs out, but usually likes/plays with it for a long time, so go large for the littel power chewers

best toy ever by sharon hamm03/26/2011

My daughter showed me this toy when I was there for a visit and I decided to get my dogs one. This was the best buy I have made in years. They loved it and it kept them busy for hours. Try it. You WILL be happy you did.

Featured Reviews for Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - SMALL
Long Lasting Treat! by LynnDee from Mount Vernon, WA11/14/2011

My dogs like their treats, no denying it. But most on the market are 'short term' treats that are gone in a very short time. If I plan to be gone awhile, and want to keep my dogs busy while gone, I pop a couple of these into the ball and give it to the, knowing they'll be happy while I'm gone. They love the taste, and really enjoy chewing it down to where they can get it out of the ball ... to work on the other side :)

Triple Crown Everlasting chicken Treats - Small by bbm from Greenville, NC01/20/2013

My dogs absolutely love these treats that go inside of a round ball. I have to put the dogs in separate rooms so the biggest dog won't eat the 6 lb dogs treat because he can eat that in no time. I highly recommend these and it also keeps them occupied for a couple of hours!

great product by Popcorn from Talbott, TN11/17/2011

My dog loves the everlasting treats and spends a lot of time trying to get it out of the ball.

Having a small dog, not a good purchase by Big Mike from Minnesota11/24/2012

She loved it, but she was choking on it.

Wrag's Favorite Treat by wrayj from Idaho10/26/2012

Of all the treats out there in the pet world, this is Wrag's favorite treat. If I don't remember to give her one after lunch, she's nosing me in the leg to remind me. It's a one a day habit.They are a healthy treat for her and clean her teeth in the bargin. There is no better place to buy them. Shop for them at Petco or one of the other big name pet stores and pay more than twice what they cost here at Entirely Pets. It's my best search find in years. Love it.

Bedtime Snack by Grandma Teri from San Francisco Ca10/23/2012

My dog has one of these every night before bed and @ 8 years old has exceptional teeth (per his vet) and it is a ritual for him now.

Best Treat EVER! by Lady P from Chandler, AZ10/27/2011

My little guy just loves, loves, loves these treats! I put one in his ball when I go out and it keeps him occupied for hours. I have never found a treat that he likes so much.

Even my picky one approved! by Dozersmom from Elberta, AL02/07/2013

These are great! 1 of my 4 dogs is extremely picky and even she loved them. After eating hers (she is 8lbs) she then stole her brothers (he is 70lbs)......I will buy more!

Everlasting Treat Ball Inserts by Debbie01/21/2013

I had originally purchased this product (the ball and inserts) at a retail store. My dog loved it. He could play with the ball, then stop and enjoy the chicken flavored inserts whenever he wanted. The store rarely carries the inserts for the small ball, so I found them at Entirely Pets. Not only do they always have the size I need, but the price is much better than I find at the store. Delivery is always quick and the website is easy to navigate. Thanks.

Everlast at last by Sam from San Francisco, Ca10/29/2011

Thank you so much for stocking everlast treats. I have a treat every nite before bed. Your delivery service is also 5 stars.

everlasting treats by Brenda04/23/2008

These are amazing. My dogs love them. I just wish they were easier to find in my area.

Featured Reviews for Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - Medium
Keeps Lola busy! by Freckle from White Plains, NY03/01/2013

This treat keeps my very energetic 10 month old rescue dog Lola very occupied while she tries to pry it out of its rubber receptacle! I would recommend this to anyone who has a dog that needs to be kept occupied, it wears them out and keeps them busy while you get on with whatever you need to do.

Super Tasty & Fun by ks from Texas11/08/2012

My dog seems to love these treats. Keeps her busy and they last a long time.

Triple Crown Everlastng Treat Chicken-Medium by bbm from Greenville, NC01/20/2013

My dogs absolutely love these treats that go inside of a round ball. I have to put the dogs in separate rooms so the biggest dog won't eat the 6 lb dogs treat because he can eat that in no time. I highly recommend these and it also keeps them occupied for a couple of hours!

Great for vigorous chewers! by LynnDee from Mount Vernon, WA11/14/2011

I have a Cockapoo and a MinPin, both are heavy chewers (fortunately of treats only!). I started them with the small version of these treats and the balls they fit into, only to find these two devastated the treats in no time. I got them the medium size ball and treats, and they have had a great time working on them. I highly recommend these for others with dogs that like to chew!

Great Treats by Bernadette10/11/2009

My three dogs love this treat. They figured out how to get the treat out of the balls pretty quickly but the treats themselves do last for at least an hour for my pittbul mix 45# and lab mix 65# and longer for my smaller mix dog 35#. I get the medium for all three and they love them!

Great Babysitter by kenomoney from Vacationing is Arizona02/25/2012

We have 2 dogs...a very mellow Brittany that is 11 yrs. old...and a very awnry hyper mini-dachshund that is one year old. The Doxie is a chewer...we can't leave her alone for a minute. We have to put her in her crate when we leave the house. After listening to her howl, I had to find something for her to do. The Everlasting Treat answered all our problems. We can leave now, and not worry about her chewing up our carpet, scratching on the door, or whinning or howling...she is totally entertained and obsessed with chewing on the treat ball. This is the greatest puppy-sitter there ever was...she loves it and it is good for her...we don't have to worry about her choking on a rawhide either. I will definitely be ordering more...you should too!

by boxer mom12/16/2012

Excellent treats, my boxers love the challenge as well as the treat

Best discovery ever for my dog! by Char06/11/2012

My dog just loves these!! They are excellent to clean their teeth! My dog is a chewer, that is why she likes them so well!

Featured Reviews for Triple Crown Everlasting Treats Chicken - LARGE
BEST BUY EVER! by Italia30805/08/2013

This treat was the best item i could have ever bought! My dogs LOVE it and it keeps them busy for hours. I highly recommend this product to everybody. I have already gotten a few of my friends to buy them & they love them too! Great buy!

Gives my unemployed working dog a job>>>> by MargaritaMarcia from Boston, MA05/15/2011

Our newly acquired 1 year old Golden Retriever is a LARGE puppy with energy to spare. She also grew up with a kennel full of dogs so has learned to chow down FAST! This chew toy keeps her occupied and busy for hours. She can roll it, chew it, paw it and entertain herself for stretches of time until we can play and have other outlets for her enthusiam. It has been a sanity saver!

Triple Treats by Lemster from Federal Way, WA05/30/2012

Could not be happier with this product. They last and you have the best price it town. Fast shipping as well.

by Moose08/20/2012

These are great treats when used with the apprpriarte holder/toy. My dog likes them imensely, only downside is that he goes through one very quicly

Dogs love them! by Robin from Montana10/08/2011

We use these treats all the time. Both dogs look forward to having them. They work for hours!

Pit Puppy Tamer by La Quigs05/06/2011

These are the best treats to help our sweet pit bull puppy satify her strong chewing instinct. I couldn't give it a 5 because she nearly works through one every other day. Great aid for dental cleaning and really works off her energy gnawing away at the treat in the soft blue ball. She loves it! It wears her out so that she can be more focused on her obedience training and it is a great treat when she succeeds!

Cheapest price I've found by JD TAYLOR from Central Texas11/06/2012

I've bought these for many years and my lab Abbie never tires of them. They help to keep her teeth clean and keep her busy. Entirely Pets has the cheapest price I've seen. Also fast shipping.

Excellent by Jess from South Jersey10/23/2012

I give my shepherd and Siberian Husky these without the ball! They last all day!

My dog loves these. by eyedoc12/06/2012

Very entertaining for my dog. He even sleeps with his head against the ball.

by from 02/14/2012

Supposed to provide hours of entertainment and challenge. It takes our 7 month old lab about 25 seconds to remove the treat from the ball and another three or four minutes to eat the entire treat.

buy by any from moreWe


W by Ranch from Hotchkiss,The


Keeps the dogs occupied for days! by PennsylvaniaAnnie from Pennsylvania10/08/2011

One of the greatest treats ever invented! The design keeps dogs from "wolfing" this treat down too quickly & actually lasts my 2 fellas a few days. Best bang for your buck in dog treats & the "boys" find them delicious!

Yummy by lori01/15/2009

It's true, he dogs love them. They just don't seem to last as long as described. They prefer them out of the treat ball, which is what mine do. It takes them only a few seconds to remove them and then less than 10 minutes to devour them.

Saves the Furniture! by Roe from Gilbert, AZ11/04/2012

I love these things!!! It keeps my Border Collies from chewing the furniture! They love them in all flavors and they seem to last longer than most other brands I have tried. The orange nubby ball that they go in lasts pretty long too! Bella has had hers for about 3 years....Einstein is already on his second ball in 3 years.....takes all kinds, don't it!?

poor quality by petey12/07/2011

These are not very hard and are of very poor quality ingredients. They are made in a base of corn and wheat and are very sweet. These are not good for dog's teeth at all.

This is better than cat nip! by W8ZV from MI01/18/2013

My big male retriever gets so zoned out with this that even the fireworks on New Years Eve went un-noticed. Both dogs love this thing.

always yummy by kea12/31/2012

Originally got for my Doberman puppy to keep her busy and out of trouble-she loves it !! My Lab mix loves it also. Had to get two because they don't like to share ! Only down side is I have to take it away after 20 min because they would eat the whole treat at one time if I let them !!

The Best Product of the Market by Victoria from Dayton,Ohio08/19/2012

My two German Shepherds, Valda and Hagan love this treat. Both being young dogs they need to be kept busy. These treats with the two sided ball keeps them going for hours. Best buy for your dollar!

keeps them busy by tam from hillsboro.ore05/15/2013

we have astray that was a grabage dog and it is a work in progress. The treat in the wheel is good for keeping the teeth clean and the dog busy. thanks

Everlasting treat by Jenn10/22/2012

My dog, a black lab, loves these treats. I have trained him with a large variety of treat toys so he is really smart and amazing with getting the treats out. So good, in fact, that it takes me longer to get the treat into the toy than it takes him to get it out. I even put it them in upside down with kibble in the middle and he gets them out pretty quick. I now use the interlocking treats.

must be tasty by lori03/06/2013

My dog works very hard to get the treat out of the treat holder. She gets them out so easy that I put one in correctly and one in upside down. She eats the whole treat when she finally gets them out.

Featured Reviews for Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Small)
by sdb04/09/2013

My dogs loved these, and ate them completely within 20 minutes. Not really an "everlasting" treat.

Featured Reviews for Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (Large)
A Good Product for Dogs by Greta from Mol Belgium05/06/2013

These Treats are very good for the dog.He's playing with it and it's also health. I buy them by Entirely Pets for Belgium because at the moment there were here no Treats available. His dog is a beaucheron. He is very happy now to give the treats for his young Dog. The dog,he like the treats and he played a lot with it. He really have fun.

waste of money by ponydoc from lower Alabama05/02/2013

My 75-pound dog, well within the weight range suggested, not only ate the treat, but destroyed the holding rim of the expensive toy that holds it, in the time it took me to shower... VERY disappointed.

good change from chicken by tam from hillsboro.ore05/15/2013

we didnt want the dog to get tired of get one kind so we have two kind to go with. thanks

Featured Reviews for Starmark Pro-Training Treats (5 oz)
Great treat by librarydogmom from La Mesa, California06/24/2013

Lots of variety, my pup is picky but likes everything in this bag!

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