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Vedco Products

Vedco ProductsVedco provides you and your pet with an excellent range of health products. Vedco makes products that are beneficial for dogs, cats and horses. Choose from our selection and save today!

Aspirin Powder (1 Pound) by VEDCO
Aspirin Powder (1 Pound) by VEDCO

($9.95)  $5.49
Equi-Phar Protal by Vedco 16oz. (1 Pint)
Equi-Phar Protal by Vedco 16oz. (1 Pint)

($29.99)  $22.95
NutriVed B Complex Plus Iron Liquid (4 oz.)
NutriVed B Complex Plus Iron Liquid (4 oz.)

($12.99)  $9.99
NutriVed Zinpro for Dogs (100 CHEWABLE Tablets)
NutriVed Zinpro for Dogs (100 CHEWABLE Tablets)

($12.99)  $9.99
Vedco Pet Body Wipes (50 ct)
Vedco Pet Body Wipes (50 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99

For use as an aid in reducing fever and for mild analgesia.
This product is over the counter, however you may want to consult your vet before using it. Do not use in cats.

Administer orally.

Dogs - 0.15 - 1.0 gm.
Cattle, Horses - 5 - 60 gm.
Calves, Foals - 0.5 - 6.0 gm.
Sheep, Swine - 1 -3 gm.
Poultry - 0.15% level in ration

Each pound contains: Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin)....1 lb.
4.75 rating based on 4 reviews
Featured Reviews for Aspirin Powder (1 Pound) by VEDCO
Aspirin Suitable by Dynadibs05/28/2013

It's aspirin. Period. Nothing added. It appears to be palatable. I dampen a bit of grain so that the aspirin powder adheres and doesn't get inhaled or left in the pan. I add the mixture to the balance of the horse's feed and it is cleaned up. Have used this product for about a year now and it works fine.

Satisfied customer by LJZ06/16/2012

The product I ordered was a good price, arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. I will definitely order from them again.



NEVER GOT by LISA11/26/2012


Great Product by iegang from Beverly Hills, FL10/15/2013

I much prefer to give plain aspirin to my horse than a product that is already flavored. You never know how much flavoring you might be giving in a dose if it is not mixed properly. I prefer to flavor it myself. The only reason I did not give the product 5 stars is the packaging; it is a little thin. The shipping box took a beating and there were small holes in the aspirin bags because of it.

your business is unreliable. by neverorderfromthiscompany08/21/2014

placed my order, never received items, no response back from email sent. PLEASE do not order from this company. This should be a no star rating. !!!!!!!!!

Featured Reviews for Equi-Phar Protal by Vedco 16oz. (1 Pint)
NEVER GOT by LISA11/26/2012


Generic Substitution by catlover0808/19/2012

This product is a basic Pyrantel Pamoate solution, used for treatment of worms in mammals. For cats, it is usually marketed as "Strongid." I order the Equi-Phar by Vedco (which is labeled for horses) b/c it is the same medication & cheaper in this large equine-sized bottle. Interestingly, what I received from Entirely Pets in fulfillment of my most recent Equi-Phar by Vedco order was Columbia Laboratories Pyrantel Pamoate. (Same pyrantel pamoate medication, but produced by a different manufacuter, and in a bottle labled for human consumption.) I was surprised that Entirely Pets made this substitution without checking with me, but not upset. The price was the same; it's the same medication; and I will use it on the cats. But still it's a little weird to get a different bottle than the one pictured and marketed on the website. So--just be forewarned about that if you place an order. As for effectiveness: I've used Pyrantel Pamoate to de-worm outdoor (feral) cats and strays/rescues for years. It works just fine as a broad-spectrum dewormer. (Be warned, though, that it does not treat tapeworms. Just hookworm, pinworm, and roundworm. If your cat has tapes, you'll need special tapeworm medication.)

great product by mark04/10/2012

Great product. But every time I order, your warehouse has a problem with shipping the wrong product. I am still waiting and calling you guys 2 or 3 times a week for the right product to be re shipped.

You Must Purchase This :) by pawfectpuppies.com from Conroe Tx11/06/2012

This dewormer is one of the BEST for your puppies and adult dogs for removing rounds and hooks. The price is right too! My vet turned me onto it 10 years ago, he uses this for his patients. I highly recommend it and hope it won't be unavailable as it was before!

ok dewomer by bill salyer03/28/2008

i used better, but it doze work. it will kill whats there. but wont stop them from coming back. you got to kill the flees on the dog to stop them from coming back.

Not Happy by Honey10/31/2011

you send me a Human Pin wormer instead of what i ordered from you,i had to return the Product because you did not have any in stock.I am still waiting to recieve my Refund back into my Account i just talked to a Girl named DEE she said she would send it to billing so i would get my Return in about 2 Days.we live on an 800.00 dollar income so i hope you make shure i get my refund Sinc.Mrs Hannelore Schmidt Petersburg MI

Featured Reviews for NutriVed B Complex Plus Iron Liquid (4 oz.)
by from 10/20/2011

I have a disabled Persian cat who is slightly anemic. The vet prescribed another vitamin supplement, but I found it did little good.

and by after from callingFollowing


necessity, by but from thereVets


Good, but.... by jed406/26/2012

My cat likes this supplement, which is a good start, an he's been pretty healthy since he's been on it, also a major plus for an elderly pet. However, the bottle is a pain and you MUST REFRIGERATE it if you don't want it to go moldy. There is something about the design of the bottle, that makes the liquid wick up and out along the threads so that, no matter how careful you are, there's always some liquid aroung the external rim - where it very quickly gets moldy. In addition, the measuring dropper is a not the easiest to use. This would be much better sold in a glass bottle with a propper dropper!

Waste of money by Marleea from Brooklyn, New York02/01/2012

This was a waste of money. My dog's food is a high quality food and my vet said that I didn't need to purchase this product since he's getting it from his food.

Kitty doesn't mind taste by Angel Wolf11/30/2012

She's anemic with renal failure, and being able to provide her with necessary iron stores has perked her up in a matter of a couple of weeks. She doesn't mind the taste as long as I mix with wet food. Thank goodness for this product helping my kitty feel better!

Instant energy boost by gulliver from san diego, ca10/09/2011

My vet recommended this vitamin complex for my 11 yr old dog. The vitamins had an effect on my dog within 24-48 hours. He was playful again and alert. His eyes seem brighter. He was very lethargic. It took him forever to get up. You don't realized how vitamin deprived your pet is until you put them on a vitamin formula. I would recommend this product. I'd like to find some for myself!

products and service by jack from california06/03/2013

Excellent product and service performance, and yes, I have recommended to acquaintances.

NutriVed B Complex by Barb from Arizona11/08/2012

Excellent product. Easy to give - jut mix into dog food and it's palatable too.

NutriVed b Complex With Iron Liquid by Debi B02/12/2014

My dog is in renal failure & anemic. She eats this product daily and is feeling better .Waiting for labs to support this!

good product by Animal Lover from Calgary, Alberta, Canada01/30/2014

My cat is anemic and she refuses to take any medicine. This product has saved us a lot of stress. Cat takes it with soft food as it tastes almost like blood...

by from 07/20/2012

My cat has chronic renal failure, a dangerous side effect of which is anaemia. I put drops of this product on his renal catfood to prevent the indigestion which iron supplements can cause.

a by beefy, from bovril,The


Featured Reviews for NutriVed Zinpro for Dogs (100 CHEWABLE Tablets)
Good product to treat zinc deficiency by Roberto from Los Angeles, CA05/01/2012

One of my siberian huskies suffers from zinc deficiency and needs daily zinc supplements. Tried different oils and supplements but this one seems to work the best. We just need to make sure that he gets his daily dose (150mg zinc) split into am/pm with the food.

Great Tasting Meds by Auzzie's Mum from Los Angeles02/17/2012

My dog wouldn't tolerate any form of zinc, she'd always throw up, and her health requires her to get a high daily dosage. This one she actually likes, so she receives it several times daily!

Lifesaver by BobbyDee from Colorado06/12/2012

I have a Siberian husky with zinc responsive dermatosis AND allergies. This is the only zinc supplement that we have found to be absorbed such that symptoms go away albeit slowly. We cannot find it locally, so thank you Entirely Pets for stocking it & selling it.

by Babbit from england...05/21/2014

Excellent product..My daughter found your site on the internet and for 3 years i have been purchasing this product for our Labrador..Despite visit to the vet there was no treatment which helped her for her itchy skin, especially her chin and ear area...Since giving her this additive on a daily basis the allergy has been kept to a minimum which makes us happy because she is happy ..

The good and bad by reeart2 from Alabama11/07/2012

Good: We are thankful for this product. In later years our Siberian Husky could not absorb zinc: resulting in hair loss, crusty patches, bleeding and constant scratching with no relief. It broke our hearts to see him suffer hour after hour but with NutriVed Zinpro our vet prescribed a suitable dose. In no time our Husky was sleeping better and back to his old self. Bad: The chewable tablets are not appealing to our dog and too large to hide in food. However, the extra effort to pill him is worth the great results.

NutriVed Zinpro for Dogs by Dr. Rob from Atlanta04/04/2013

This product has helped with one of our Airedale's dry skin along with Nordic Natural Fish Oil.

Coupons by Mia06/02/2012

I should not have to search all over for a discount. I purchase this product on a regular basis for our dog and should automatically get a deal. I also purchase in quantity and should be remembered that I purchase from Vedco.

Stopped Hair Loss on Boxer by wildkatblue from Walla Walla05/22/2013

The Zinpro is a good product that has stopped the hair loss on my female Boxer. The price at Entirely Pets is over $6 per bottle lower than my vet and it arrives very quickly. The only negative is the taste. She won't eat them so have to slab with peanut butter.

Excellent Product by Shari11/07/2012

My dog suffered with lesions on her face (cheek area). A biopsy showed that she was deficient in zinc. Since taking the Zinpro, her face is totally healed. I'm grateful for this easy to use and not too pricey of a product. Thanks Vedco!!!

They Like it by Maria Sesto07/12/2008

This are great because even my corgie, who doesnt like anything by mouth, loves the flavor and so his other 5 companions.

Could not do without it by Sweet Old Bob12/10/2011

We go through 13 tablets/day for our dog with zinc-responsive hyperdermatosis. Cannot find local supplier. No other zinc formulation seems to be absorbed reliably. Delivery about 7-10 days after placing order online.

good product by dogman01/23/2013

Dogs with skin issues should try extra zinc.. Works great.

Helpful purchase by PDE from New Hartford, New York06/24/2013

Working well for our dog with Zinc deficiency

Excellent Product by Siberian Mom from Brown Deer, WI09/17/2012

My adopted Husky was having terrible problems with itching on her face - so bad that at times she scratched so much she bled! I took her to an holistic vet who diagnosed her with zinc responsive dermatosis and recommended zinc tablets. Like others, I can't find it locally. One week after receiving my order I started to notice a difference. Within a month she was looking like a proper Siberian, and no more scratching!

Exactly what the doctor ordered! by Siber mom08/26/2013

Our husky has been suffering from a pretty severe skin condition the last couple years and our regular vet could not diagnose anything that helped. We went to see a specialist and she immediately recognized this as a zinc defiecency. Zinpro is the answer! We added that to her diet, and also switched to a grain free food, and our girl is back to normal in about three months. This product, ( of course with help from the veterinary specialist), is the cure.

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