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Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution

Keeping your pet's ear clean is a vital to their health, and can prevent infections and complications such as loss of hearing. Vet Solutions ear cleansing solution provides a safe and effective way to keep your pets' ears clean. Regular ear cleaning is a vital part of proper ear health.

Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (16 oz)
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (16 oz)

($19.99)  $14.19
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (8 oz)
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (8 oz)

($12.99)  $9.29
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (4 oz)
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (4 oz)

($12.99)  $9.99
Cleaning your petís ears can be easy to manage, but using an effective ear wash solution is critical in getting it done thoroughly. Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution is an affordable, effective solution that is gentle enough to use daily. You will find it effective in removing ear wax and maintaining the health of your petís ears. Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution uses a variety of ingredients to clean, dry, acidify and deodorize your petís ears. Cleaning your petís ears should be a part of your petís grooming routine. It keeps your petís ears clean and it will help keep them free of disease. Some pets may need cleaning as many as one or two times a week. This will be especially true if you live in a warmer, more humid environment. Dogs with long or floppy ears may need frequent applications as well, and Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution is safe for these regular cleanings. From the dirtiest of ears to routine maintenance, this is the product of choice for many pet owners and it is formulated specially for dogs and cats.
4.84 rating based on 37 reviews
Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (16 oz)
Vet Solutions Works by Carolinajill05/11/2013

This is the best ear cleaner for my Poodles! It keeps their ears clean with regular use. And it is the only ear solution I have tried that they don't abhor!

great ear cleanser by Lisa06/19/2012

Over the years, I've used many ear cleansing products on my German Shepherds, with this being the best. I never pour it directly in the ear -- I always squeeze it onto extra-large cotton balls and take a little time to carefully swab all areas of the ear and gently get as far down as I can. (It takes about 4 cotton balls per ear when I do a really good job if the ear is a little dirty.) I use it once every 2-3 weeks or so, more if their ears have been dirty. It's also good to do if they've gotten their ears wet (after a rain, after a bath or swim or been playing with the hose outside) to make sure their ear canals stay clean and dry. My dogs don't mind this gentle attention, the older ones even seem to like it. I always give a treat afterward. For dogs that don't like to have their ears cleaned, you can wait until they're calm (after exercise) and then feed them small pieces of treats while you're doing it (works best with a partner) -- this method works great for nail trimming too.

Gentle enough to use every day by tms2003 from Sterling Heights, MI06/20/2013

Love this product. I have a dog that swims everyday in the summer and has floppy ears so he is very susceptible to ear infections. This product is gentle enough to use everyday and helps to keep my dog's ears clean. I got this product the first time from the vet and now I buy it cheaper from EntirelyPets.com

MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK! by Sparkygal12/10/2011

Have a dog with floppy ears? Spending too much money on the stuff your vet wants to sell you to care for them? This works great and you get more bang for your buck! Squirt it in, rub on your dogs ear (hear it swishing around inside) and dry it out with a cotton ball or paper towel....done!

Excellent product by yorkiecrazy from Oregon05/15/2013

Love this product~ This keeps the ears in healthy condition~

Love this! by lunasmom from Arizona03/28/2010

I have 2 dogs that are prone to ear infections. This cleaner works wonderful.It does smell different than some of the other cleaners, but you get use to it. The price on this site is very reasonable also, my vet charges alot more for it.

Good Stuff by Madam X from Flushing, MI11/14/2012

I use this routinely to clean our dogs' ears. It's effective, doesn't sting, has a pleasant scent, and nips a lot of ear issues in the bud.

For Use on Bunnies by Nancy07/25/2008

I have pet bunnies. This solution works well for period cleaning of their ears. I also have a tabby cat, and I use this on his ears every couple of weeks. He is an outdoor cat in a humid climate, and it works very well.

Good product for dogs with droopy ears by rano from Milwaukee, WI01/22/2013

Our vet recommended this product. We use it once a week on our spaniel to eliminate ear infections. I needed to replace this but the vet was charging twice as much as EntirelyPets.com. Also, I like the free / inexpensive samples and quick shipping.

Stop scratching your ears... by PJD from Lakewood, CO01/11/2013

This product helps eliminate the discomfort which causes ear scratching and ear odor. Easy to use and pleasant smelling. Good for dogs and cats.

Can't do without this product by Zoo mom11/24/2012

I use this product on my dogs after their baths every other week and in between baths to keep their ears smelling clean and fresh. My dogs never have any of that brown goop buildup and don't get ear infections.

Have to have this product! by Lily Girl04/13/2012

I have been using Vet Solutions ear cleansing solution on my Shih Tsu since she was a puppy and she has just turned 10 years old this month. It is simple to use and the scent is a very clean right out of the shower scent. I use it once a week and she has never had an ear infection or even yeast build-up. Her vet always says "Lily's ears look so pink and clean". Needless to say my dog loves it and so do I!!!

Best stuff by Rob from Chico, CA07/25/2012

I have had 5 hound dogs over the course of the past 25 years and their ears always need attention. This cleaner keeps down the yeast infections by controling moisture and smells better than all the rest! You can pay more however this is the BEST cleaner/moisture control product out there of all the products we have tried..

Best ear cleaner ever. by simonster from Philadelphia, PA03/10/2012

Cleans ears completely and leaves ears fesh smelling!

Effective for intended use by Cin11/25/2010

It works to clear up a yeast infection along with antibiotics when used regularly. It does have a strong odor, but is not terribly offensive

Works really well! by Jackson's Mom05/06/2013

I have a Cocker Spaniel and those big floppy ears get cleaned twice a week. When I got him he was 3 y/o and had double perforated ear drums. Lots of treatment later his ears are healthy, and it's imperative I keep them clean. This product works great - I've been using it for over 2 years.

Vet Ear Cleansing Solution by Muffy's Mom from Wilton, NY11/07/2011

This is the same solution my Vet uses in her office and recommends I use for my Cocker Spaniel's ears. I use it every day to clean her ears in conjunction with an internal solution and it works like a charm. It is non-burning and is very soothing.

terrible smell by Julie03/02/2010

The scent of this product is (to me) awful, and so strong that I was unable to get it off my own hands even after repeated washings. I dread to think how long my dog's ears are going to smell like this. I don't recommend it.

Best Ear Cleansing Product by Linda from Port Charlotte, FL05/24/2013

I love this ear cleansing solution. Works great, keeps ears clean and has a pleasant smell. Would highly recommend this product.

Best for Yeast Infection of Ears by Melissa from Atlanta, GA08/27/2011

Our German Shepherd has a tendancy towards yeast infections in her ears, the vet recommended this product to maintain her ears. It's safe enough to use daily, but we use it weekly. I would recommend anyone to use this for their pets. Also, the scent is NOT offensive...a little strong, but that is just one thing you have to put up with because every other med is the same!

A "must have" for my bully by all4gordy11/28/2012

My English Bulldog is prone to ear infections. When we use this product, his ears are great. If we stop using it or switch brands, his ears are red and itchy again. This cleanser also has a nice clean smell.

Best product for drying the ears by Kim11/06/2012

I had tried several products our vet recommended for our lab who swims everyday. After ear infections every couple weeks, I decided to go back to this product which I used on our other lab. Works great, and drys the ears out completely! Since using this product, our lab has not had anymore ear infections!!

Great Ear Cleaner by Brandy from Goshen, NY11/06/2012

It is good to clean out dogs ears. Gentle for the ears.

great for ears by denise from Pittsburgh,PA12/29/2012

Have purchased this at vet for a lot more, with 2 golden retrievers, i use it for cleaning and refreshing all year, best plus it has a great smell. not that good for an established ear infection but great product.

Good stuff by LindaC from Liberty Hill, Tx12/13/2012

Has been working very well for my dogs. Good price too!

Best ear cleansing product available by chattycathy136 from Rochester, NY10/23/2012

The only brand my vet uses. I tried other brands to compare...there's no comparison. This solution breaks down the "gunk" in my dogs ears leaving them smelling clean, not medicinal. Takes care of ear infections due to yeast and, with regular use, helps keep them from coming back.

by from 03/28/2012

Excellent service.

I by expected. from Arrived


Best Prompt Service by Thessy from San Diego, CAHooked


VET Ear Cleansing Solution by Judy from Royal Oak, MI02/07/2012

I find this ear cleaner the best we have found so far. It does not sting, has a pleasant smell and works to keep Buddy's ears clean.

excellent item by rj from columbus, oh11/06/2012

I have been using this ear cleansing solution for 15 years and it is great. It prevents ear infections when used as directed. It is wonderful and worth every penny. I would not have a dog without it. do yourself and your dog a favor. buy and use this product regularly. you will not be disappointed.

Best ear cleaner by Jojoann04/02/2013

The best and has a wonderful fragrance that is not offensive

It's a Great Product and smells Great to... by keith from Tonawanda,N.Y.10/13/2011

I had used this product before from my vet.Then they stopped selling it and what they replaced it with didn't seem to do the job this Product does.

Terrific Product for Ears by paloloshopper11/09/2011

Our Lab mix has the characteristic "floppy" (cute) ears that encourages yeast to grow. This solution has a nice fragrance and is effective in creating an environment that minimizes the brown, yeast build-up. "A MUST" for weekly, if not more often, maintenance. Great price for 16oz. -- almost the same price as the 8 oz. size I can obtain locally.

Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution by YellowStar07/31/2012

Just pour this solution in your dogs ears, they shake their heads and it cleans them instantly. Quick drying and with a fresh and claen smell makes this the best ear solution ever. My dogs never itch their ears after I use it. Highly recommend it.

awsome product by Gracie from Murfreesboro, TN11/06/2012

My bloodhound has allergies which has caused ear issues. I started cleaning her ears daily with this solution and now I only clean them once every week or two and no ear issues. Its gentle and smells great. I tried other products but they only made her ears red and irritated. This is a great product for every day or just when needed. Great price too !

Vet Ear Cleaner by Cole12/11/2012

Very effective product. Priced right too

Ear cleaning product.. by mavis from Thornton, Co.03/19/2012

I love this product, I have tried several other ear cleaning products, and have always come back to this one, it smells really good to, not only that it is really reasonable priced when buying online, my vet sells this product for 10$ higher then i pay for it online, thanks for keeping the price down.. It works really well to!

4X cheaper than my vet! by JB04/16/2012

I usually buy ear cleaner from my vet. My Jack Russell has numerous allergies that effect her ears. The Cleansing solution soothes them so I use a lot of it! I pay $18 for 8 oz at the vet's office. At Entirely Pets I got 32 oz for just about the same price! HUGE savings!! Thank you Entirely Pets!

Good Product by Ed04/22/2012

My vet told me I should routinely clean inside the ears of my two basset hounds. He told me that I could use cotton balls and a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 hydrogen peroxide, and 1/3 water. That solution worked but smelled bad and my dogs didn't like it. I switched to buying and using Vet Solutions Ear Cleaning Solution, and my dogs don't dread the cleaning procedure. The inside of their ears are clean, smooth, and actually smell good.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (8 oz)
Good cleanser by Marty04/24/2013

I am a big fan of the Vet shampoos, so I decided to give the ear cleansing solution a try. It has a pleasant smell, and does not irritate. I would have given it 5 stars if it did a better job cleaning the ground in dirt from my dogs' ears.

Works well by doxiemom11/04/2012

This product works well for cleaning ears an I like the larger size bottle that is available.

Better then the high $ ear cleaner. by Burk from Odenton, Maryland11/19/2012

When we adopted our Bowler he had a ear infection. Using our Vet's ear cleaner it was ok, but still after 8 bottles there were still signs, so we elected to try VETS cleansing solution. With in a couple weeks his ears are doing alot better. Thanx, the Burks & Bowler

Best ever by emilie04/17/2013

Vet Solutions ear cleanser is the only one that works for my Wheaton Terrier's sensitive ears. I am very pleased to have found it here, as my vet has stopped carrying it. This cleaner is gentle, and does a great job of keeping my dog's ears dry and clean.

Perfect Solution! by LVTdognurse02 from Northwest Florida04/14/2011

As a veterinary medical professional, I've used many ear cleansers and medications over the past 15 years. This general ear cleansing solution is lovely with its fresh scent and can be used daily, for weekly maintenance, or after bathing/swimming for acidifying/drying. Always use this and other products with a veterinarian's recommendation and if your pet is exhibiting signs of an ear infection, please consult your veterinary professional.

by missy from akron, ohio10/22/2012

Sam loves to swim. Vet ear cleansing solution is perfect for his ears after swimming. it cleans his ears easily and is effective in removing earwax. It leaves his ears clean and odorless.

Same As What The Vet Sells You For MORE! by bon from Gainesville, Fl03/07/2012

This cleaner is the same solution the vet sells you for more. I have been buying this from here for a while & the fast service is great.. Thanks, Healthy Pets

excellent product by sherry from daytona beach, fl11/25/2012

this product is excellent. it has a pleasant smell as well and my two yorkies dont mind when i use it. it really has worked wonderfully for their ears.my one yorkie has allergies and her ears tend to get very dry and this has worked really well to not only clean the ear but to keep it from becoming so dry.

Best purchase ever by ffpicard from Dallas, TX02/25/2013

This product is outstanding and the price with Entirely pet can not be better!

Ear cleaning solution by Eileen from Pa05/29/2013

Works wonderfully. We use it after the dogs have been swimming and just regularly throughout summer. Keeps ears clean and free of mytes and infections.

Good Price by Sarah from Phoenix, AZ04/25/2013

My dog has big floppy ears and gets ear infections regularly. Cleansing his ears once a week with VET solutions ear cleaner has dramatically decreased the number of infections. My Veterinarian sells VET solutions ear cleaner for around $10 more than Entire Pets does. Great price for my favorite ear cleaning solution.

cleans very well by hef321 from Houston, TX03/20/2013

recommended by my dog breeder. It have a very nice smell and cleans up my dog's ear very well.

Excellent value by Nan from Western New York07/31/2012

This product must be effective because our dog's ear issues have not worsened. It is the same as vet sold us and for less money. We use it as directed faithfully. It saves us a vet bill .

Good Ear Cleaner by mat from Florida12/03/2012

Does a great job keeping my cockers ears clean and yeast free.

Awesome ear cleaner by Maddy02/19/2013

Works Great! Smell great! Great product!

Vet Solution Ear Cleaner by rick06/03/2012

Best product I have ever found for maintanence cleaning of dog ears.

Best Product in its Class! by Rey10/22/2012

I have used many ear cleansing solutions. This is by far the least greasiest and best smelling one I have ever used. I would go so far as to say its actually pleasant and enjoyable to work with!

Great product, great price! by MRG10 from Berkley, MI03/01/2011

I love this stuff and could only get it at my vet for about $10 more.. then I found EntirelyPets! It works great for my two Golden's when they have ear infections or just for maintenance after they've been swimming, etc.

good ear cleaning solution by slodude from San Luis Obispo, CA05/19/2013

This is what our vet recommended and it does work well

cleans ears good by pheona from palos verdes ca.06/25/2013

my dog does alot of swimming. this helps clean the crude that gets in there and dry it out.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution (4 oz)
Great Stuff by FerrFrnd from Glenview, IL10/25/2011

I use this earwash on my ferrets all the time. It doesn't have a repelling smell like most other ear washes do and it keeps their ears smelling good, even a few days after using it. It's a good, sensative formula that does the trick!

Ear Cleansing by Mona from Hong Kong12/12/2012

That a good product, the smile is OK, and let the dog ears in good condition.

Geat Ear Cleaner by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH12/17/2012

I have been using this for years upon my vets recommendation.

by 2goldens12/29/2012

Same as from the vet but at a much better price.

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