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Vet-A-Mix Products

Vet-A-Mix ProductsVet-A-Mix was founded in 1958 by Dr. W. Eugene Lloyd, a practicing veterinarian who recognized the need for pet products not available. Dr. Lloyd decided to come out with his own nutritional supplements made with quality and reliability. Vet-A-Mix animal care products satisfies those needs for small and large animals as well as equines.

Avi-con Bird Vitamins (50 grams)
Avi-con Bird Vitamins (50 grams)

($11.50)  $10.93
Cani-Flex 60 Chewable Tablets
Cani-Flex 60 Chewable Tablets

($20.00)  $15.99
Derma-Form (50 Chewable Tabs)
Derma-Form (50 Chewable Tabs)

($10.99)  $8.99
Felo-Form (50 tablets)
Felo-Form (50 tablets)

($5.99)  $4.50
Geri-Form (150 tablets)
Geri-Form (150 tablets)

($34.99)  $26.68
Geri-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 tablets)
Geri-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 tablets)

($9.95)  $9.43
Lipo-Form (50 Tablets)
Lipo-Form (50 Tablets)

($8.99)  $7.99
Osteo-Form (1lb)
Osteo-Form (1lb)

($12.99)  $9.99
Osteo-Form SA Powder (350 grams)
Osteo-Form SA Powder (350 grams)

($12.99)  $9.78
Pet-Form (150 tablets)
Pet-Form (150 tablets)

($20.99)  $15.99
Pet-Form (500 tablets)
Pet-Form (500 tablets)

($69.99)  $49.99
Lipo-form (500 Tablets)
Lipo-form (500 Tablets)

($70.76)  $56.99
Pet-Form (50 tablets)
Pet-Form (50 tablets)

($7.99)  $5.99
Osteo-Form by Vet-A-Mix  (50 Tablets)
Osteo-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 Tablets)

($8.20)  $6.99
Avi-con Bird vitamins is a dietary and supportive supplement designed to
provide the vitamins necessary for normal health and feathering.

For dietary supplementation, mix two measures (scoop included) per fl. oz of drinking water
each day. For young, ailing, or aged birds, double this dosage.

Guaranteed Analysis per 50 grams:
Vitamin A...50,000 IU,
Vitamin D3...6,250 IU,
Vitamin E...250 IU,
Thiamine (B1)...25mg,
Riboflavin (B2)...75mg,
Pyridoxine (B6)...25mg,
Vitamin (B12)...250mcg,
Folic Acid...15mg,
Pantothenic Acid...75mg,
Menadione (K3)...50mg
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Avi-con Bird Vitamins (50 grams)
Very Happy with the Results by Sharon Skidgel03/04/2008

Noticeable feather improvement in a very short time. The bird likes it and I like what it has done for my bird.

Excellent Product by tielteach from PA02/13/2013

I have used this product with my 33 birds for years. This is an excellent place to purchase the vitamins. I always buy a large quantity which they have in stock at a good price. The delivery was quick and in great shape. Thank you for a great shopping experience!

Featured Reviews for Cani-Flex 60 Chewable Tablets
Best price by dl88968 from Texas11/07/2012

My puppy was limping and ended up having surgery to repair her shoulder that had a malformation. Cani-flex has helped her shoulder joint before and after surgery. She no Ionger limps. I have used this product for several years now. Entirely Pets has offered the best price and service for Cani-flex. I would recommend Cani-flex.

by rundog2604/12/2012

Good product, dog loves the taste and seems to be working well.

Featured Reviews for Derma-Form (50 Chewable Tabs)
great product by osa01/16/2013

our dog has dry skin and this product really helps..

Featured Reviews for Felo-Form (50 tablets)
feloform vitamins by cocopod from Ewa Beach, Hawaii07/25/2012

I put these in with their dry food and some supplementss like healthy cat and tuna flakes. My male cat loves it that way. He wont eat it in wet food at all.. These vitamins are very easy to break into small pieces. It makes all the differtence to me that he is getting some good nutrition.

Great Product by Marguerite03/11/2008

I have had my cat on this vitamin for a few years now and she is doing great. She is an older cat and is on the cusp of lots of health issues; the vitamin has helped her maintain.

Felo-Form by Bello and Mocha01/18/2012

Definitely an effective product. Delivery and customer service very good, too.

felo form vitamin by cocopod from EWA BEACH ,HAWAII11/10/2012


by from 01/21/2013

Featured Reviews for Geri-Form (150 tablets)
Great price for product by dasuloom from Farminston, MI11/19/2011

Geri-Form is great for older dogs to help with their joints to keep them going and young

by Tunastick from Washington State03/06/2013

I've used Geri-form for many years for my older dogs and they've all maintained their health and mobility well. It's a great product and very palatable.

It works by KJ from Wyoming10/23/2012

Our vet recommended this supplement for our eldest dog, since then we've begun giving it to all of our dogs and can see the improvement in their flexibility and movement.

Geri form by winniepup from Washington, DC02/26/2013

My 12 year old dog was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Disfunction. This product seems to helps ease his anxiety, especially in the evenings.

What a difference! by Susan from Maryland02/06/2012

My older dog is now acting very puppylike since starting this supplement. I'm a believer!

Great product for aging dogs by CRH from TX07/15/2012

My 9 year old of has been taking this supplement for about a month. I have started to see slight signs of improvement in his mood, arthritis doesn't seem as painful (also give glucosamine) but this seems to enhance effect. Had noticed some vision changes in my dog before that have seemed to stabilize. Very happy with product, great value.

Geri-Form is wonderful for my elderly dogs by Rebecca from Tucson, AZ12/08/2012

Our elderly (10+ years old) Bouviers are bouncing around with more spunk than they've had for years after taking Geri-Form for a few weeks. We are very happy to see them enjoying life so much more again. They are choosy about what they eat, yet they take the Geri-Form tabs like treats, so it's very easy to give them their vitamins. I'd recommend this product to anyone for their senior large dogs.

Excellent for older dogs by Malamute Lover06/25/2013

This product does everything it promises. It has made 11 year old Mals more alert and happy.

Great Product by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH07/18/2012

I have had my older dog on these for almost a year now and they seem to help her.

Members of AARF agree by Sooby7810/24/2012

I've given GeriTabs or GeriForm vitamins to my senior dogs for years. My Springer-Brittany mix and Brittany lived to age 16.5 and 16, respectively, and were happy and healthy along the way. My Springer and Springer-Border Collie mix are card-carrying seniors, each at 12 years of age, and are going strong.

Geri-Form by Rusty from Oklahoma City, OK06/26/2012

My dogs just love Geri-Form. I highly recommend them.

GREAT PRODUCT!!!! by Sam12/09/2012

Bought this supplement for my 10 year old lab. We were scared she would have to be put down this winter but within 2 days of her starting the med she was showing more activity. Now 2 weeks later, even with the cold weather she is running and jumping around again. Due to her activity increasing Callie is also starting to lose some of her excess weight. Nice to see her meet us when we pull in the driveway again and to see her happy and energetic.

Geri-Form by BirdmanOKC from Oklahoma City, OK10/24/2012

These are one of the best supplements on the market. The advantage is that for small dogs you only have to give them 1/2 of a pill. I highly recommend them.

Featured Reviews for Geri-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 tablets)


Great price by peggy b05/22/2013

compared to buying at the doctors' office I saved quite a bit for the same product, thanks!

Featured Reviews for Osteo-Form (1lb)
Good Product by dmacaw11/02/2011

Have used this product for years as a supplement to sprinkle over parrots' fresh foods.

Good Deal by Cluckers from Snellville, GA12/13/2012

Good purchase for the price. Fast delivery also.

Featured Reviews for Osteo-Form SA Powder (350 grams)
Always Pleased with Entirely Pets by Karleene from Oregon10/23/2012

Thanks for the Osteo-Form at the always low price I find at Entirely Pets. I have been happy with every purchase I've made over the past years though I've never posted a review before. This is a place that I prefer to shop and highly recommend it to other pet owners. My six Poms are always happy when packages arrive as they might contain bones or toys. :o)

Featured Reviews for Pet-Form (150 tablets)
high quality by pkbc12/03/2009

Our lab is a little older and pregnant so vet prescribed these vitamins. I took the Pet-Form bottle to several well-known pet stores to see if they had anything comparable and nothing even came close to the ingredients. A vet on duty at one of the stores even helped me and determined the store didn't carry a product as good. I highly recommend this product.

by from 11/14/2012

I have been giving Pepper our rat terrier the multi-vitamin since she was one year old pup. Now she is eleven and she is doing excellent. So I recommend this product to other dog owners who like their pet dogs to live a healthy and prosperous live.

by from Thank


Ernie by Miami, Florida from Ernie

Pepper's Multi-Vitamin

Lloyd Pet Form Tabs by Dennis from San Fernando Valley, CA02/04/2013

Chewable Pet Form tabs is a great product and offered at a super price.

best purchase ever by Rocco from Ft. Lauderdale , Florida04/23/2013

My German shepards coat is so shiny, since I have used Lloyds pet form vitamin and supplement, people every where ask how did you get his coat so shiny.entirely pets is my favorite place to shop best prices best customer service and ships fast.

Featured Reviews for Pet-Form (500 tablets)
WONDERFUL by PAULA05/16/2009


Fantastic Service by LiuLiu's Mom from South Jersey11/10/2012

My pugs have been taking Pet-Form since we got them. Keeps them healthy & their coats shiny. Great product! Entirely Pets sent an email that the product was back-ordered and I was disappointed. The very next day my product arrived! Brilliant! Thanks again!!

great product by psuejohnson from Martinsville,Indiana11/03/2012

great product makes my newfs feel great and thier coats are in great condition

The dogs think they're treats - they're great! by Dennis from Highland, MD04/03/2012

I've got two 60# female boxers and they've been getting these vitamins for many years. The dogs are healthy and happy. It helps that these chewable tablets must taste good since the dogs think they're treats. They go down easily and sure seem to do a great job. I'll keep buying them until I no longer own dogs - and I can't imagine that happening!

Best Price on the net by jpharley06/10/2012

searched all over for these petform tabs for my yorkies.best price around and very fast shipping !

Featured Reviews for Lipo-form (500 Tablets)
by rundog2604/12/2012

Dog likes the taste and has lowered his liver enzymes back to normal levels

Lipo-Form by SueF from Pahrump, NV03/11/2012

Great price, took a little longer than I thought it would. I had to call and see what was going on, found out the warehouse had been out, but then got them at the end of the week.

Lipo-Form Tabs by Sue F from Pahrump, NV01/08/2013

I have a Greyhound that was getting charlie horses in his upper legs, the vet checked him out, too much fat in his blood, thus changed his whole diet and treats and now give him this. So far so good, this has been over a year ago and he eats these no problem.

It works by Narn from Paris, TN05/30/2012

I have been giving this product to my yorkie for many years. She had high liver enzymes and this cured it. She takes it very easily because she likes the flavor.

Meds for our pets by Sue F from Pahrump, NV08/12/2012

These meds were prescribed for our one Greyhound due to the amount of fat in his blood and he was having charlie horses (yep dogs get them to). They have done the trick and he loves them.

Featured Reviews for Osteo-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 Tablets)
Healthy mama by amy from Stockton, CA02/24/2012

My vet recommended these for me to get got my newf after she whelped her pups. I couldn't find them at any pet store and was getting nervous as her due date was quickly approaching. I did a quick Google search and found them here on entirely pets. When o received them I was a little worried she may not take them. They are fairly large and she being 120 lbs. had take 11 of them. To my relief she loves them. She thinks they're treats. She loves them so much I cannot leave them on the counter because she tries to snag them. Thank you for helping her and her pups stay healthy during the nursing stage.

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