Wag Bags

Wag BagsWag Bags is the perfect mitt-shaped, biodegradable pick-me-up doggie clean up bags. Constructed of biodegradable plastic; it's the eco-friendly choice!
  • Contains 18 multi-color plastic mitts in 3 colors

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  • Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 18 count
    Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 18 count

    ($6.95)  $0.99
    3 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 54 Count
    3 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 54 Count

    ($17.99)  $2.69
    6 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 108 Count
    6 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 108 Count

    ($29.99)  $4.99
    With Wag Bags, there is no need to worry about scrambling around looking for a plain old baggy or scrap of newspaper to pick up your pet's sidewalk unmentionables. Wag Bags doggie clean-up bags is the perfect product to bring along on walks, parks or the beach. The Wag bags come in stylish colors - yellow, orange and green to make the job more pleasant. The unique mitt-shaped design make for easy pick-up and since they're biodegradable, it's the eco-friendly choice. They're the perfect pick-me-up!
  • 18 count
  • Convenient travel size
  • Mitt-shaped for easy pick-up
  • Easy to pull open tab
  • 3 fashion forward colors

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  • 3.82 rating based on 11 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 18 count
    Bags have holes! by karen10/12/2013

    the first bag i used had a huge hole between the "thumb" and hand portion! who'd want to use bags that have holes in them? gross! the mitt shape is a good idea and the bag is pretty big - it's a shame these bags are so poorly made!

    good product by purplelori from Portland, OR06/20/2014

    definitely better than old newspaper sleeves or produce bags pilfered from the grocery store.

    Great bags by PacNorthwesterner from Salem, OR05/16/2014

    Strong, easy to open and put on the hand, compact and neat when folded--so easy to keep a few in a pocket. One change I'd suggest: make them opaque so contents aren't so visible when carried on a walk down the street.

    Great, easy to use! by Tae10/04/2011

    I love the large size of these bags & the thumb section makes it so much easier to pick up. I also feel good about the bags bein biodegradable.

    by Lori06/28/2014

    Bags are durable. However messy when picking up & tying off bag since they are narrow.

    Average Purchase by jam from Ohio05/16/2014

    The Wag Bags was not useful to me. Our dog goes more than once while we are walking her and these bags are designed for a one-time pick up.

    Very good product for small to medium sized dogs by Buzzy's Mom06/05/2012

    We have bought these bags before, and prefer them for clean-up after our corgi. We especially like the fact that these bags are mitten-shapped (they have a thumb), which makes picking up much easier than with an ordinary plastic bag, and that they are long, so there's plenty of bag to tie up when done. Also, they're biodegradable, so if you're on a long hike and decide to pitch the bag into the woods instead of carrying it around all day, both bag and contents will all dissolve and disappear, eventually. However, I'm not sure that they're big enough for the output of a large breed dog.

    FINALLY! by Nicole08/26/2009

    Finally a pick up bag that gives you total control lol seriously though works so well, I don't ever EVER I mean EVER EVER have to accidentally touch my dog's no goods again. I love it especially on those wet poo days grooooossss.

    These are great!! by Anne02/28/2008

    These are pretty cool, the oversized 'gloves' are great! I don't have to ever 'accidently' touch the doggie do. They are the perfect pick me up!

    Too skinny by Enzo05/21/2014

    Unless you have a very small hand these bags are not easy to use. The bag opening is too skinny so when you do the pull over to secure the contents there is not enough room to slip it over your hand.

    nice product good price by vegarman from chicago il12/03/2011

    bought for my tree kids who all have dogs. nice to keep in the car,just in case?

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 54 Count
    great bags by [email protected]12/14/2011

    great bags - I bought as a Christmas gift for someone with a new dog. Would be great in green and red next year!

    Easiest to Use by Peg from Rockford, IL09/15/2013

    These are the best pick up bags: each bag is already separated & and the opening does not stick together at all - so there is not a five minute fight with the bag just to get it open. It is also large enough that there is plenty of bag left to tie it closed without a problem.

    Featured Reviews for 6 PACK Wag Bags Doggie Clean-up Bags - 108 Count
    Good doggy bags, good. by CB from East Norwich, New York01/16/2015

    These are very good bags. They are strong and easy to use. Each one forms a mitt which makes it easy to pick up the droppings and then there is plenty of space at the end to knot it and throw it away. The price is very nice also.

    skinny bags by KJB10/09/2011

    the bags are long and have a mitten design--separate area for thumb. Nice but not necessary. Biggest problem is they are narrow, so hard to turn and keep the top of the bag clean.

    Unhappy Neighbor by Neighbor08/08/2013

    I think we all should pitch in and buy some of these bags for Mr. Milan. It is ironic that he sells these bags but does not use them to clean up after his dogs. Maybe it is a sales strategy because his neighbors need these bags to clean up after his dogs defecate on their lawns.

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