ADAPTIL - DAP for Dogs (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

ADAPTIL - DAP for Dogs (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) mimics the the natural pheromone released by the mother dog 3-5 days after having a litter of puppies. DAP has a calming and reassuring property in both puppies and adult dogs that can reduce or eliminate unwanted behavior due to stress, such as, noise phobias (thunderstorms, fireworks), traveling, sepearation related issues, holiday stress, and puppy/dog adoption. to reduce or eliminate stress in dogs of all ages. Dog Appeasing Pheromone has a relaxing effect for both the young and adults dogs. It is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, holiday stress, traveling or moving to a new environment.

ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (48 mL)
ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (48 mL)

($35.99)  $27.39
3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (144 ml)
3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (144 ml)

($114.99)  $87.99

($29.33 Each)

6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (288 ml)
6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (288 ml)

($226.99)  $173.99

($29.00 Each)

ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser REFILL (48mL)
ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser REFILL (48mL)

($20.99)  $15.89
3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (144mL)
3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (144mL)

($59.99)  $45.99

($15.33 Each)

6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (288mL)
6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (288mL)

($116.99)  $89.99

($15.00 Each)

ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs
ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs

($32.99)  $19.99
3-PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs
3-PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs

($67.99)  $56.99

($19.00 Each)

ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Medium & Large
ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Medium & Large

($28.99)  $21.99
3 Pack  ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Medium & Large Dogs
3 Pack ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Medium & Large Dogs

($81.99)  $62.99

($21.00 Each)

ADAPTIL (DAP) Wipes (12 count)
ADAPTIL (DAP) Wipes (12 count)

($15.99)  $12.19
ADAPTIL 30 Day Diffuser Refill (24 ml)
ADAPTIL 30 Day Diffuser Refill (24 ml)

($32.99)  $17.99
ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (20ml)
ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (20ml)

($18.99)  $14.29
ADAPTIL Spray (60 mL)
ADAPTIL Spray (60 mL)

($29.99)  $24.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming Formula

DAP Electric Diffuser

If you've ever been scared by loud, unexpected noises, know that your pet is much more sensitive to them than you are. The ADAPTIL Diffuser contains DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) that will come to your dog's rescue. If your dog seems to cause problems and barks frequently without any apparent cause, it does not necessarily mean he is demonstrating his bravery-it could be a hint that he's fearful or anxious.

The DAP electric diffuser imitates the pheromone present in a mother dog's milk that is designed to appease the confused puppies. This pheromone calms and soothes the puppies, helping them adapt to new environments. Even after growing up, dogs may still experience the fear of encountering new people, places, climatic phenomena, and other unexpected situations. Fortunately, this pheromone has the same calming effect on adult dogs as it does on puppies. By mimicking the appeasement pheromone, the diffuser relieves the dogs' stress, anxiety, and fear, allowing them to relax.

The diffuser calms and soothes dogs during fireworks, thunderstorms, visits by strangers, or moves to a new house or environment; it also assists puppies in adjusting to new environments. Using the DAP diffuser will allow your pet and your neighbors to coexist more peacefully.

Coverage Area: 500-700 sq. ft. 50-70mē
One vial lasts approximately four weeks

Female dogs secrete pheromones that comfort and reassure their nursing puppies. These "appeasement" pheromones have the same calming effect on adult dogs. DAP. mimics these appeasement pheromones to reduce or eliminate stress in dogs of all ages.

4.12 rating based on 42 reviews
Featured Reviews for ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (48 mL)
worse purchase ever by ticked off customer from martins ferry ohio11/07/2011

completely ineffective in calming our dog

Saved my dog! by frustrated with fido from Little Rock, AR03/01/2011

My dog did NOT appreciate the new baby, and began marking all over the house, even though he was fixed many years ago. I bought two of these to use in the area/room that he was marking, and saw immediate results.... and to confirm it.. I KNEW when the replacements were needed because the marking returned. Craziest thing! He still deficates right infront of the baby's bouncer, but one step at a time, its only been a month!

works for my dog! by laura06/07/2012

i've heard that not all dogs respond to dog appeasing pheromone, that it's kind of hit or miss; but i got this product to use in conjunction with a d.a.p. collar, and it definitely helps my dog!

Pheromone diffuser by Me10/22/2012

did not help at all with my current dogs anxiety when I leave home.....she continues to also bark and growl for no apparent reason. I have used this product before with another dog, ( who has passed on), about 10 years ago, and for her, it did help slightly with her anxiety and separation anxiety due to changes in her life due to losses ( dogs, divorce ), but she also required medication prescribed by our Vet for several months...

I have used for stressed dogs before by Pat02/11/2012

Daisy, my 3 year old border colliek has been stressed in our new house and DAP really calmed her down. She actually took a nap the first day, which she had not done in a while. It really takes the edge off

Awesome Product by Grandma Alice from Rocky Mount Va11/16/2011

Am using the Dap diffuser for my 4 mo old Chihuahua.. Can't believe the difference a week has made in him.. He's like a different dog.. Have ordered the spray now to use when I am traveling with him.. Thanks so much or a great product

The ONLY thing that helped my dog by dogmom11/11/2012

After we moved recently our dogs separation anxiety (that we previously had under control) flared up badly. She was stressed, anxious, panting and destructive whenever we would leave the house. We repeated her training, tried the Thundershirt, and even started her on Prozac...nothing seemed to help. Within a few days of plugging in the diffuser, she was so much calmer and more like her normal self. It was amazing. I was a complete skeptic but for her it made all the difference. The collar works great too! A friends dog who was defecating in the house when they left him (separation anxiety related) stopped as soon as they started using it. I think this is the best product out there!

so grateful... by jules09/29/2009

my italian greyhound had some pretty major separation anxiety issues. she's crated, but she used to cry the whole time i was gone. this product was recommended to me by victoria stillwell ("it's me or the dog") and it has changed my life! i tried everything: rescue remedy, television on, peanut butter filled kongs, my clothes in the crate...nothing seemed to work. i ordered this diffuser and (after a one morning adjustment period in which she went nutso-hyper for a sec :) i literally have not heard her cry ONE TIME in almost 5 months! it's a miracle. it makes me so happy that she is not stressed the whole time i am gone. poor pumpkin. get it. it's totally worth a shot!!

by from 07/30/2010

OMG! This stuff really does work! My dog was petrified of the wind and rain. She would shake and whine and seek out her favorite hiding place...facing the wall between the tub adn toilet.

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Didn't do what it said by odie from York, PA01/24/2012

it said it would help with behaviors; didn't change a thing after a couple of weeks....behaviors are still there.

Solved My Problem by Kit from Savoy, IL07/15/2012

I really think my little rescue dog is calmer! I will buy the diffuser again!

Might work for some dogs.... by labmom from Iowa01/16/2013

I wish I could say that this product always works. It certainly did nothing to calm our Lab, a recently adopted dog who is somewhat fearful. Good concept, and it might work for your dog!

Great Purchase by Pat from Reynoldsburg OH11/09/2012

Will be buying three more bottles in December. This is a great calming product. It does what it is suppose to do.

Calming Effect by CPatty from Bremerton, WA12/26/2013

I find that keeping an Adaptil diffuser in my living room helps to calm my four dogs. They come in acting pretty wild after a good run in the yard. They settle right down after a couple minutes in the living room.

Good for Anxiety by WireMom from Wisconsin09/22/2013

We have used this in the past for thunderstorm/fireworks anxiety with great success. Our vet recently recommended it for our hyper active, jumpy, obsessive dog, and it did nothing. You be the judge!

Amazing! by seamus05/29/2010

I bought this product as a long shot to help my wheaten terrier with anxiety issues which were starting to annoy the whole family. Any beeps or unusual noises would send him whining and running for my lap, and one incident could last for hours. We tried desensitizing him and various other things, but the behavior just seemed to continue and even escalate. I plugged the diffuser into an outlet in the room he spends most of his time, and within hours he seemed calmer. I would say that his anxiety has decreased by at least 75%, and the true test of its efficacy was when I noticed the behaviors returning--I looked at the diffuser and the pheromone bottle was empty. (It was about a month.) I just ordered 6 replacement bottles. The prices here are much better than anywhere else.

Great Product! by Lee from Ontario, Canada02/19/2012

I adopted a rescue puppy mill dog. She has low self asteem and is very timid and afraid of noises, etc. The D.A.P. is a fantastic product that helps calm her and relieves her separation anxiety.

by cinta04/20/2010

I didn't think this did anything to help calm my pet while I was away.

Didn't Help My Dog by jwlindakay from Hot Springs, Ar.04/11/2014

While I know this is beneficial to some dogs, it did not do that much for my shy, fearful foster dog. He came from a hoarding situation, totally unsocialized. He also wears an Adaptil collar. Since I bought 3 of them, I am using them up. I would recommend trying it, but don't be surprised if it doesn't help.

Diffuser blew up with smoke and smell by Wai wai01/18/2012

Blew up instantly when plugged, emailed company for explanation, still no reply after a few days!!! So angry

did not work by karingw03/15/2012

It might be good for other dogs and I like the idea of what they try to do, but unfortunately my Maddie didn't respond to it.

Great Stuff by Chocolate Patty from Bremerton, WA03/19/2012

I have used the DAP diffuser and refills the past couple of years to help lower the stress level of my five dogs. I notice that if I run out DAP liquid, it doesn't take more than about a week for my dogs to start getting a lot more hyper than they typically are when I have the DAP diffuser operating. Obviously I try not to run out by ordering the 6-pack of refills. :^)

Great product if you get it past customs by nicky from new zealand06/23/2014

Use it as my old dog stressed sometimes by new dog. Bought on your site as price is great, however won't buy again as seized at customs in NZ.

DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone by richard from Las Vegas Nv03/19/2012

It works great. If your dog is out of control around people or orther dogs give it a try you will be surpised.

by Bee from Pa03/28/2014

Unfortunately, this did not work well for our dog.

Worth a try!! by Harvey05/08/2013

Wrote my review under the 3 pack refill, but thought people might look here first. This is definitely worth a try. Made a huge difference in my dog and he has gone from 2 anxiety pills a day to 1 because of diffuser. Diffuser ran out and we immediately noticed an increase in anxiety in dog. Would recommend buying 2 diffusers because units do get very hot. I will not run out of this again. Did not seem to effect my other dog, cat or myself (which I wondered about).

by from 03/13/2013

We have a Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix 4 year old (Chewbacca) who has always been very clingy and suffers with separation anxiety frequently.

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Dogs are not appeased by DogMom01/10/2014

My dogs seemed just as inclined to tear into my Christmas gifts while the DAP diffuser was plugged in as without it. Maybe some less ornery dogs would react better. It doesn't have any odor that I could discern, so it didn't bother anyone to have it on. Just didn't seem to do us any good.

ADAPTIL by TM01/14/2013

I've had this product in use in a small room where the dogs sleep. Unfortunately, I've seen no change in the behavior of any of the dogs, much less the one for which I bought it.

works well by baileys mom from CA08/12/2012

This product works very well! My dog is much calmer and not as nervous!

Great product! by Animal_lawyer from Houston, Texas11/28/2011

Highly recommended. This helps to keep my dogs relaxed. Also, I was very pleased with the price and fast delivery from Entirely Pets. This was the best price I have found online.

DAP Works by diane from Southern CA01/06/2012

The DAP diffuser works to make dogs calmer. I installed it in a wall outlet close to the dog's bed. When I came in the door, the dog stayed in the bed and just perked her ears up. Normally, she would bound out, jump around, bark. It works... but don't expect overnight miracles for red zone dogs!

surprised and pleased by Carrie02/09/2012

So far, this has been a great product. my vet recommended it but it was less expensive on this website so I ordered the diffusers and replacements here. I have a 2100 square foot home and placed 3 of these in the main areas and my shih-tzu is SO much calmer. Once I put out the replacement DAPs, I intend to order more. Well worth the money spent.

Try it! It really works! by Graceflone from South Florida09/14/2011

My older cocker started pacing at night. She would just wander around and around my bedroom sometimes for hours. When she did settle down she often got up several hours later and repeated this behaviour. I wasn't getting any sleep and neither was she so I thought I'd try this. It works! She now walks around a little then settles down usually in front of the diffuser and sleeps through the night! Buy it - you won't regret it.

Adaptil by leabbott from Texas08/14/2014

AWESOME, it helps all four of my dogs! Before they would jump on me when entering the house and now they calmly greet me. love the stuff!!! Bought the Adaptal because I have two male dogs to try and get them to get along and it helps my one dog that got attacked two years ago. He seems happier in his environment.

Seems to Work by SJ from Santa Cruz08/12/2013

We plug this in when we are out of town. The dogs seem to be relaxed when we get back and get good reports from the pet sitter.

Smoke? by Trudes04/24/2013

I'm seeing smoke or something come out of the diffuser. I've used this same diffuser before but this worries me and will be asking if I can get a refund. Sucks because I love this product but burning down my house not an option.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (144 ml)
I'm a believer!!! by Peanut09/02/2013

Without a doubt these work awesome! Our husky is so calm all the time now. We even had a water guy come to the house and after greeting him he went a laid down. We have always had to keep him on a leash when people are here because he was overly excited. Another great point is they do work for a full 4 weeks before needing replacement.

Too soon to tell by Dexter from PA03/30/2013

I purchased the 3 Pack ADAPTIL (DAP) and sad to say that it only lasted 14 days plugged in. I haven't seen any changes in my dog's behavior. I know it might take a little longer for some dogs, but it's too costly to replace every 2 weeks.

I believe this does help.. by Snappled from Kentucky11/12/2012

This product does seem to calm my dogs at night and reduce their barking/whining while in their kennels at night.

by Munismom from Reno,Nv.01/18/2012

Need to use this product for at least 2month to see if it is going to work, sure hope so!!

Didn't work! by Wild Bill from San Jose, CA07/25/2014

no additional comment needed even with a 7 day lead before the 4th

Product doesn't work by Lucky's Mom from Tunnelton, WV05/16/2013

I've been using this product since it arrived and haven't seen a change in my dog. I will not buy this product again.

THANK YOU for ADAPTIL DAP by Dogbullie from Northern Idaho04/04/2014

I am so thankful for your product. I took a 3 yr. old English Bull Terrier into my home in Nov. 2013. Her previous life had been ANYTHING BUT PLEASANT and she was going to be euthanized because she was uncontrollable. I have owned Bullies for over 25 years and I know they are not normally aggressive. I should mention she had been used as a "bait dog" for fighting. It just makes me sick how inhumane the human race can be. After 4 months of unconditional love and training and excellent Veterinary care, we had her health problems under control but still had one major problem. She would go into an attack mode, snarling and biting. When she had a setback, (strangers, especially men terrified her) she would have what I call "flashbacks" and hours later at night would wake up and attack even me. I have been bitten hard enough to draw blood and leave bruises more than 4 times now. I was at my wits end because I knew she was a good dog but just couldn't control these episodes on her own. My Vet suggested DAP. She knows I live on a limited budget and told me this could be expensive. I got on line, and checked with local pet stores. The pet stores offered their own versions of DAP but I decided my girl was worth the extra expense and bought your product. I was absolutely amazed at the complete turnaround in my little girl. I purchased the collar, the diffuser and the spray. Your product has turned her into an angel. I keep the collar on her at all times. I have diffusers in the kitchen and living room. I recently added a 3rd diffuser to the bedroom to stop the nightmares. (haven't been bitten since). DAP has calmed her down 200%. She actually kissed the vet on our last visit. (I take a diffuser into the vet early so it can be plugged into the room we will visit) The last visit I also sprayed a cloth with DAP beforehand and carried it into the room. She is responding to leash training and we are going for walks in public now. She seldom barks, usually when surprised by male strangers but we are working on that. I am so impressed with DAP I tell everyone about the results we have had. I will continue to use DAP until I am sure our problems are under control and will more than likely have a supply on hand forever. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT. DAP HAS TURNED A MONSTER INTO A LITTLE LOVE BUG.

Wonderful WORKS! by dogma01/03/2014

One of my dogs began having urine accidents in the house soon after we took in 2 more animals, rising our total pet load to 5: 3 dogs, 2 cats. All the animals were getting along fine, no animosity or obvious jealousy. I talked with my vet and he reccomended DAP. I bought it and began "aroma therapy" as soon as it arrived. Right away I noticed a big difference. No more accidents. WHOOPEE! I'm a believer!

by Murphy07/06/2013

Love the DAP infusers and product, have 3 dogs, One of them gets separation anxiety and picks on the others. We have come home to wounded dogs ( simple wounds nothing catastrophic) at the recommendation of our vet, we tried DAO and it helps. No more anxiety and no more fights!

by from 08/07/2013

Stopped their shaking by setzied from Minnesota04/12/2012

I have 3 dogs who are very afraid of thunderstorms. The day I received DAP, I plugged it in, and we happened to have a storm that night. This is the first time I didn't have shaking, panting or just plain fear from my "girls". This is a remarkable product!

It's Really True by Tommie from Tallahassee, FL02/02/2014

After the loss of my older Yorkie, my Tasha seemed fine but then started acting nervous, scared and after eating, would run and hide under the bed. Vet could find nothing wrong but suggested DAP. I was very doubtful but decided to give it a try. It's really true, it worked.

Featured Reviews for ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser REFILL (48mL)
This is a miracle product! by oldbat4402/03/2013

This product makes all the difference in our home. We have many rescued dogs and this diffuser with DAP keeps everyone happy and calm. If I forget to order, I can begin to see a change in the dogs demeanor and behavior within 48 hours. Would never be without this stuff!!

Not wasting my money by kay10/10/2013

I tried this product and it didnt help my dog's anxiety at all

Life Saver by rmeo06/09/2009

have a 6 year old English Setter with severe separation anxiety, soiling inside and outside the kennel and literally hurting himself when I left. I tried Clomacalm which didn't help. I was advised to put him to sleep so as a last resort tried this and it was an instant relief! I wish I had known about this several years ago!!

by from 02/29/2012

by from 05/07/2012

The product seems to be working to keep my dog calm. She is almost 10, shepherd mix, and afraid of wind, loud noises, thunder, fireworks.

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Helpful Product! by Beagle Mom from Wilsonville, OR06/27/2013

Helpful when dogs are stressed due to weather, separation anxiety, new environment and many other reasons. Nice to have on hand to help when needed.

NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE by Nell from Tillsonburg, ON CANADA06/28/2014

Not sure about this product didn't get the results we we're hoping for. The diffuser dried out the stem on the refill and I would have to unplug it because it would burn the stem of the refill. Once the stem was wet I could plug it back in again. Maggie is still terrified.

refill by Me10/22/2012

refill vial; see diffuser comment, refill vial, see diffuser comment

I highly recommend this product by Jackie10/12/2011

My dog Buster has struggled with anxiety of all sorts for years, since we've added the DAP diffusers and collars he's much more relaxed when we come home after he's been alone for a few hours and he's much better behaved when we meet other dogs and strangers.

nice idea but didn't help my dog by Alanna04/25/2013

My dog is suffering from separation anxiety....this product has not helped in the least. It is a wonderful idea but it isn't helping. I bought a refill and will use it but if the dog has not improved by the end of that one, I am unplugging the thing and saving my electricity! (Nothing I have done or purchased has helped my dog at all!!)

Not bad........... by Renee'04/26/2008

This really seems to be helping my terrier with his seperation anxiety when left at home.

DAP For The Anxious Pet by Kate549 from Bridgeville, PA02/05/2013

I have a lemon beagle mix and to say he is spoiled, is an understatement! I plug the DAP in when I am going to leave for a few hours and when I return, the barking ("thought you'd never get home bark") is not as harsh. They do not know that you are coming back and DAP helps. Hunter is a rescue/abused dog and DAP keeps him calm. Give DAP products a try for your pet. The diffuser refill works best for us.

Wasn't a believer by moke from Elko, NV04/08/2013

Vet suggested this after Clomicalm helped, but didn't stop behavior. Ordered diffuser and I didn't think much about it, but knew the month was up. I didn't get around to changing it (4 days late) -Big mistake! Anxiety came back in a big way this morning and I put the replacement in right away. Will have to see how many days it takes to bring the calm back again. Learned the hard way, this Adaptil Diffuser really helps.

Did not find it helpful by DeJohns from Madison, AL02/16/2013

I plugged in the diffuser near our brand new puppy's crate, but I did not notice that it improved his adjustment to our home at all. In fact, I found that he would sniff the air and floor in the vicinity of the diffuser and appeared to be looking for his mother! Not finding her did not calm him at all :( I unplugged it after the second night, and the third night he did not whine at all for the whole night, or any night since then. Perhaps it does work for some dogs, but I did not find that it did for our new 6-week-old puppy.

Adaptil by kay07/28/2012

After thre days my dogs were trying to kill each other. It was a nightmare. there is something wrong with this product! Don't buy it! I returned my and got stuck paying for thr difuser and 1 dap. What a rip-off.

Seen a lot of improvement by bertholfa03/06/2013

Diffuser has seemed to help calm our two male beagles down. We also received the product really fast which we greatly appreciated!

by from 10/22/2012

My small cock-a-poo, anxious with thunder and loud bangs as fireworks appears more comfortable with the plug in D.A.P. My large Wienaraner, who has extreme anxiety issues is more at ease with the D.A.P. plug in and spray for kerchief around his neck.

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by Pat from Reynoldsburg OH10/23/2012

Have used one bottle already. Will have to order more in December. Our dog does become more calm during storms when using her calming device. Your price is very good.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (144mL)
Well Worth Trying for Anxiety by Lainie from Philadelphia, PA06/02/2011

We adopted a dog with severe anxiety issues. Rain, thunder, firecrackers, the heat or air conditioning clicking on, any loud/sudden noises leave him shaking and hiding well after the noise has stopped. Sometimes he would refuse to eat because he was so upset. I did not think at 9 years old there would be anything other than medication (which I did not want to start as the "triggers" were constant) that could help him as his behavoirs were so ingrained. I wanted a natural approach. I tried the D.A.P. diffusers with great success. I used the plug-in duffusers for approximately a month before noticing my dog had a marked decrease in his anxiety level when stressful situations occurred. Now he will even sleep under the diffuser at times. The anxiety is not totally gone, but significantly reduced and I can see my dog is happier. I would highly recommend D.A.P. diffusers before other forms treatment.

Awesome Product by Peanut08/16/2014

Our Siberian Husky has had seperation anxiety issues. Our Vet uses this in her office and I was always so intrigued by how calm he is when we are there. I bought these for the house and he calmed down and we are even able to leave him alone for a few hours.

Partners with the collars by alby from Sacramento, CA10/23/2013

this diffuser is in a room where most of my five dogs spend much of their time. Four of them have genetic aggressions to one degree or another. Three of them also wear the collar. I think the collar and the diffuser compliment each other. I believe my dogs are calmer, happier and respond better to me using these products. They only last 3 weeks for me, though.

Didn't use by Wild Bill from San Jose, CA07/25/2014

What comment do you need?? I didn't use any of the 3 refills

3 pak of DAP - Best value I have found by Walker from Wisconsin10/29/2011

We have used D.A.P. for our dog for several years. This 3 pak was the best value I have found...and I have searched several stores and online vendors. It arrived within the specificed ship date and was exactly what I ordered. I will be ordering from Entirely Pets again!

Good purchase by mlpdogs from Fort Smith, AR04/29/2014

This product has helped with my dog's nervousness and stress.

seems to be working by Cocker-Friend from MD01/06/2013

My dog seems to be resting more comfortably during the day when I am not available. I know this due to the tell-tail signs of less things in the home are not disturbed.

Daisy and I love it by pat04/29/2012

Daisy is a young border collie from a shelter with fear aggression and territorial aggression. DAP truly calms her without drasticvally changing her personality. I have used it before with my mixed lab with separation anxiety and it really helped him.

Works at calming anxious dog by Shadow from Sherwood, OR11/28/2012

I found these after attending a training class with a foster dog who has severe separation anxiety and overall fear. He had been abused and was terrified to enter the training area, but once in the room, he was a totally relaxed and laid back guy. They were using the spray and suggested trying the plug-in at the house. It has been great, he is much more calm and less destructive than before, this and a lot of work are helping him to be a great dog.

by Dottie'smom04/23/2012

Helps with separation anxiety and thunderphobia

Excellent Value by CPatty from Bremerton, WA12/26/2013

Purchasing the three-pack Adaptil refill from Entirely Pets is a very good value.

Refills are fab by Rory & Quin from Vancouver, British Columbia11/12/2012

Don't have to purchase entire unit, works very well.

by Penny08/31/2014

Excellent product. I notice a big difference in the behavior of my dogs

by from 03/28/2012

but it might work for yours.

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Helps - A LOT! But won't cure. by BT10/27/2011

We adopted a 2 year old Australian Shepherd who seemed to be very anxious and high strung, didn't matter if we were gone for 10 minutes or 5 hours. We tried the diffuser a few days before we left on vacation for 2 weeks - in the meantime, we had a dog sitter come so that he can stay in our home. When we got home, we were met by a mostly mellow and calm dog. There is still a bit of excitement, but no more barking or feeling frantic. Towards the end of the diffuser's life you can tell that the levels are getting lower because his old behavior is back. I'll be reordering more of the diffuser and possibly the collar. My only gripe is that I wish it lasted longer, because ~3 weeks is not very much time. It is released into a roughly 800 st ft area

3 Pack Adaptil by labby from Denver, Co.10/08/2013

We have a Lab with severe anxiety. This product is part of a daily routine to help our dog feel safe and calm. We can't be without it, it really is effective.

Wonderful Product by Sandi from Atlanta, GA11/17/2011

My Vet gave me this product ( for a much higher amount than I bought it for here) to use on our Boston Terrier . She came from a rescue and had lived a very difficult life for 6 years. She was fine around me, but when she was in a new place, she would panic. We had just recently bought a new camper and wanted to take her with us. I did like the bottle says, I used both the spray and the one you plug into a wall outlet. My dog was perfect throughout the entire trip. The first time, without the medication, she would run all around, in a panic, jumping from one chair or table to the other. This time, she wasn't sleepy at all, just calm. I have already mentioned this product to several people who have a dog afraid of fireworks, thunder storms, etc. It's a wonderful product !

great for the room you spend time in by robbie from sydney Australia11/06/2012

works well to supplement the collars or alone if you have run out of the collars

Sanity Saver by KJ from Middleton, Idaho12/06/2011

When we acquired our rescue Weimaraner, we had no idea she had separation anxiety. As long as we have the pheromone plug in going she does pretty good. If we go two weeks without it, she becomes very stressed and destructive. It has been a real help and she is a much happier dog!

works for my dog! by laura06/07/2012

i've heard that not all dogs respond to dog appeasing pheromone, that it's kind of hit or miss; but i got the diffuser to use in conjunction with a d.a.p. collar, and it definitely helps my dog!

by Ali10/20/2014

Have been using for over a year. Great way to keep my dogs calm. Works well.

a work in progress by boomerboy from Wisconsin05/13/2013

I purchased this by recommendation of a friend. She had started to use it, then gave me the warmer unit to try. There was a small amount of liquid in the bottom and I plugged it in. It seemed to help calm. She then noticed the difference at home without it. This is what prompted me to purchase the three pack units to try. I have them in two areas of the house the dogs stay most often. We are not through our first month but I do think they help. This will not be a cure all for barking or high energy but does help with relaxation. I will know more once I have used them for a few months. I do see a difference and would suggest a try as long as you do not expect immediate results, it's a work in progress.

A restful sleep by ota02/28/2012

Our 16-year-old dog has canine dementia. Some of the symptoms are constant pacing, anxiety, and sleeplessness at night. My vet recommended DAP diffusers. The very first night after we plugged them in, my dog slept through the night, and the pacing subsided. I always know when it's time for a replacement refill because my dog starts pacing again.

Love them by Murphy10/17/2013

I use the adaptil diffusers, they keep my dogs calm especially when we leave them alone it helps with the separation anxiety.

Works!! by Map1029 from Columbus, OH06/16/2013

We have an American Bulldog with anxiety and a Great Pyrenees that is afraid of storms. Keep the diffuser plugged in at all times in my office. The Great Pyrr scratches at the door to get in when she senses a storm. Can tell by their behavior when it needs replaced. Won't be without. Great price too!!!

Great Calming Assistance by Beagle Mom from Wilsonville, OR08/06/2013

When we travel we have a dog sitter come and stay with our our dogs. We have found that plugging several of these pheromones in around the house really help to keep our furry kids relaxed and calm. I even plug one in behind the crate of our newest rescue to help keep him relaxed and it seems to help.

Give it a try!!! by Harvey05/08/2013

I was skeptical about this pheromone diffuser making a difference with my dog. He was on two pills a day for anxiety so I thought it was worth a try. The first month I let the diffuser run out and we immediately noticed a difference in our dogs anxiety behavior. Refilled diffuser and life was better once again. Then ran low on pills, so went down to one a day until refill came in and with the diffuser we have decided to stay one pill a day. He is much calmer, not as jumpy and a happy dog once again. I will make sure to keep diffuser changed on the monthly date. I think I will buy a second holder for the outlet, because the unit gets very hot. I might change them out every other month. Definitely worth a try if you have an anxious animal. It is in my bedroom and I have only noticed a difference in the nervous dog, not the other dog, cat, or even myself!

Great Value by Lee from Ontario, Canada02/19/2012

If you are using the D.A.P. diffuser for your dog, the 3 pack refill is a great value!!!!

Adaptil Purchase by leabbott from Texas08/28/2014

This product is amazing! my dogs are not jumping up and down acting crazy all the time, instead they still play and act happy without the craziness.

Dog Appeasing Pherom by Rachel Faith06/02/2008

This is great! When we run out, our dachshund gets a bit frantic, but as soon as we plug one in, he is happy as a clam.

Pretty good product by KJtheMom from Phoenixville, PA02/09/2013

We have an 11 year-old Chihuahua. He's always been on the neurotic side but last fall, he developed a new phobia to gun shots for a distant outdoor range and refused to go on walks. I spoke to our vet and she suggested D.A.P. During the first month, it didn't seem to make much of a difference. But after the first diffusers became empty and I replaced them with new ones, his phobia seemed to lessen and he started to go on walks again. Sometimes, if he hears the shots, he insists on returning home right away. Other times, he doesn't seem to be bothered by them. Most days I can get him to take a walk so, on the whole, I think he is responding well to this product. It beats putting him on Prozac.

Not really sure - long term user by Wendy from Sydney01/01/2013

I have been using the Adaptil for almost a year. One of my dogs is dog reactive and anxious so I tried everything available to relax her. I was about to give up because it's hard to know if it makes any difference but I got a new pup so thought it would help with the introductions. Not sure if it did but everything settled down after a couple of days. My vet behaviorist uses it at her office. She has no doubt it helps some dogs.

by from 11/19/2012

We have a young Lahsah-Shitzu (Chewbacca) who melts down then we leave the house... when the moon is full... when he thinks we are still home... when we are sleeping in... and on and on. He drools, panics, drools, digs, drools, chews, drools, drools, drools.

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This product really works by petlover12/04/2010

Our thirteen year old female dog was experiencing sleep incontinence. She was urinating in her bed and even on ours. Our vet recommended DAP and it really worked. I haven't used it for awhile and the problem has returned. So I am ordering more. Thank you for a great product.

does not last 30 days by jm04/19/2012

The product says it last about 30 days. I'd say mine lasts about 15-20 days. I bought this after I moved. I don't know if it actually works, but I continue to use it. It's been about 2 months since the move and my dog has finally adjusted so I don't know if it's the product or that my dog has adjusted to the new routine.

Great value by Wendy06/19/2012

Best value for DAP at Entirely Pets - even with overseas purchasing. Does it work? Who knows? Can't hurt.

D.A.P. by Shadow06/19/2012

I found this when we were in training class, and every time my foster dog who has severe separation anxiety, fear anxiety and a host of other issues, would just melt and relax like he was totally safe. It has really helped keep him calm and at ease both when I leave and when I'm home. I noticed that when it had run out he was more needy and agitated, within an hour of changing the bottle, he was back to resting and more an ease. This has been a great help with additional other behavior modifications, he is becoming a terrific dog.

Excellent product by Arline from Castle Rock, Colorado10/03/2013

I started my dog on Adaptil a month ago, and it has worked wonderfully. So I ordered the 3 refill pack, and was amazed to receive it in just 2 days. The fastest service I've ever had when ordering anything online.

Was skeptical at first.... by J.Torres from New Jersey10/15/2011

Have seen this for years, never thought it would actually work. I have a very hyper three year old Chow mix and had tried all types of training tricks and other behavior modifications and was at my wits end. The trainer I hired at that point recommended it. It does have a calming effect on her. I know when it runs out because she gets a little more agitated. I'd say it's worth a try if you've tried everything else. It has no odor that humans can smell.

by Amanda12/09/2012

Works well for seperation anxiety, well purchase again.

Helps to make my dog calm by chef from Cleveland Oh01/08/2013

I have a severly high strung Dachshund and use this product along with the Pro-quiet, Anxitane and a thundershirt and wow...what a different dog! I am all about natural remedies and these all help to make him calm and peaceful with out knocking him out. He acts like a happy, well adjusted dog now! I also started training him too. So...I don't know how each would work by themselves alone..but everything together has made this dog and my life much calmer! And all of these are SO much cheaper here than from the Vet! I am doing the auto ship too so I am sure to have them and at an even greater discount!

Good Stuff by Chris from Melbourne, Australia08/20/2012

The Vet recommended the DAP for my highly strung poodle. It appears to work, I wouldnt dare stop using it.

This D.A.P really works! by Petie from Big Pine, California05/12/2013

This product made a marked difference in the behavior of my 5 little dogs. They don't bark as much, they seem to be more content and calm. It made even a bigger difference when I added the collar. I thank you and my dogs thank you!

This product works! by Scully11/01/2011

I have an aging Husky. She has always been high energy/high anxiety but with age it effects her health more. We place the DAP diffuser in the area she sleeps and she is far more calm and sleeps better through the night when it is plugged in. We also use the DAP collar and have noticed an incredible decrease in her anxiety. These two DAP products have changed her life for the better! (and ours :-)

DAP by MArybeme from Minneapolis,MN10/16/2013

I have a dog who hated fireworks and thunder stroms. So for 2 years I put the DAP in my living room . Now he only lifts his head if the fireworks are really loud. But nothing like the shaking and pacing he did in the past.

by Bill from Nashville, TN05/09/2014

The Adaptil product has been very helpful in calming down a bad case of canine agression. I'm delighted my vet recommended it.

DAP by sleepingdogs from Minneapolis, MN06/22/2012

I have used the DAP for going on 3 years. My dog hated loud storms.. He would walk in the house until the thunder and lighting ended. And if we had Fireworks he had to be outside. And on the move. Not a safe place. We plugged it in and the first year he was a bit more clam, did some pacing during really loud storms but would sleep through the small one. So the next year we plugged them in again and he now lifts his head for only a bit to look around, but that is it. I only use them from May to August . I also Foster and having dogs who don't care if its loud out makes a difference to the new dogs coming in.

Featured Reviews for 6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (288mL)
Excellent Product by Ronnie Rosenberg from Fairbanks AK07/03/2012

We use this product at our animal shelter and I use it at home in my rescue kennel. It really makes a big difference in lowering stress levels. I am very pleased.

Helps my type A nervous dog by Susan from Florida02/16/2014

My australian shepherd is extremely nervous, and jumpy. I was pregnant and needed something to bring him down a notch, I had upped his exercise, but that just didn't stop the jumping / pacing / extreme barking, and I knew after having my daughter there would be a period where I just wouldn't be able to keep up the 2 hour a day routine. The addition of these plug ins has made a huge difference. He still has his moments of anxiousness, but he is much calmer; and he is great around the baby. I just wish they cost a bit less.

Have to have it! by chickory06/05/2014

I have 4 dogs, one is very high strung & anxious. I tried DAP for him and it is SO helpful. The others don't care one way or the other, but my one tells me in no uncertain terms when the diffuser is empty. It has made our lives so much better. If you have an anxious or angry dog, try this. It may be exactly what you need.

well worth the money by Mike from Euclid, Oh02/17/2012

Our 5 yr old German Shepard was abused, and we recued her, but because of the abuse she has seperation anxiety, not tearing up the house, but uriating in the basement. Our Vet suggested Phermone treatment. We began to use it, and found the urinating stopped. Fortunatly for us, we discovered "Entirely Pets", as the prices are remarkable, I tell all friends, family about the company. We have made several purchases and planning on getting flea medecine shortly. With the economy the way it is, you have to save when you can, and with "Entirely Pets" you can.

Wonderful by Mary from Ogden, UT11/10/2013

I have two dogs(littermate sisters) One is 130lbs the other 90lbs. I love them very much until they get into a fight. The DAP has been VERY helpful in keeping them calmer and a lot fewer fights. It was recommended when I was living in Kauai, by the Human Society. They were using it in their kennels. So I tried it. It works great.

Peace of Mind by metrogirl from Gold Coast, Australia01/19/2012

A few years ago my boy was diagnosed with anxiety and I was offered DAP by my veterinarian. After purchasing and trialing this product I noticed a marked difference in my dog's behaviour. He stopped pacing, escaping and panting and returned to the his normal happy self within about a week. The only problem was the cost from the vet was prohibitive. So I went searching on the net and found that EntirelyPets had the best price (even with International Postage). I have been purchasing this product from them ever since (about 6 years) and I would not be without it. I have travelled with it when we go on the road and set it up at all the new places we visit and the DAP collar for travel is also great. I cannot recommend this product more highly. It saved my baby from misery.

Helpful Stuff by Chocolate Patty from Bremerton, WA03/19/2012

I have used the DAP diffuser and refills the past couple of years to help lower the stress level of my five dogs. I notice that if I run out DAP liquid, it doesn't take more than about a week for my dogs to start getting a lot more hyper than they typically are when I have the DAP diffuser operating. Obviously I try not to run out by ordering the 6-pack of refills. :^)

Adaptil D.A.P refill 6 Pack by Tools from NSW Australia07/24/2013

Very happy with this product as it has a noticeable relaxing/calming effect on our Dog who has had several surgical procedures in recent times and we believe it has aided his sense of security and comfort during recovery.

So helpful, thank you by Megan11/18/2013

I appreciate these very much, they've helped my puppy relax and sleep at home so much better during a challenging time. Thank you.

Best Purchase Ever by RDCO from Kelowna, BC, Canada11/06/2012

I asked my staff if they had any feedback, and they responded with "the price was fantastic and it arrived quickly"! Thank you for your speedy service. We are the much hated Dog Pound and the DAP aids in the care of our dogs. Sadly, most people don't believe that we "care", but your product contributes to that "care".

CALMER DOGS by Petie from Big Pine, California07/11/2013

This products helps to calm my four dogs. I would recommend it to owners of highly strung dogs, especially small ones.

This Really Makes a Difference by Joe in Salina, KS from Salina, KS04/26/2014

We've been using Adaptil Dog Appeasing Phermone for several months now. At first, we thought our dog's improved behavior might be coincidence. Then when her behavior reverted back to negative space, we realized the diffusers had nearly gone empty (we use three strategically placed in the areas of the house she uses most, which are basically connected spaces). After refilling the diffusers, in about a week, her positive behavior increased again. We realized this was too much evidence to be a coincidence. We now check our diffusers regularly and keep a bit ahead of the supply we need to ensure she does not return to those awful experiences of trembling and fear. We're not sure how long we'll need to use Adaptil, but we're in for the long haul, if need be, because her well-being is as important to us as our well-being! We are grateful for Adaptil and the relief it brings to our girl!

We know when we run out.. by wufani from Denver, CO04/30/2012

Our dog psychologist recommended this to us when we added our adopted husky to the family. The resident female malamute was being very aggressive to the new husky and they were fighting over everything in the house. We added the DAP to the routine and it is amazing at how well it calms the female malamute. We know when we run out because she will start to play rough and just generally be grumpy. Great stuff, can't say enough how much it has helped our household!

Definitely Works by Loni01/23/2015

I recently adopted a shelter dog who becomes very anxious when I have to leave the house and was very hesitant to go into her crate. I recently started using Adaptil and have a cartridge plugged into a wall very near her crate. Now when I ask her to take a nap when I leave, she goes right to the crate and lies down and does not show any level of anxiety. It is worth the expense to keep her happy when I am away.

very good - definitely effective by laura from washington, dc11/11/2012

I use the diffuser in conjunction with the DAP collars because the new collars (the gray ones, not the old, discontinued black ones) do not work as well as the old ones for my dog. I definitely noticed a difference when I added the diffuser. It definitely helped.

Adaptil by Artsydogue from New Milford, New Jersey02/09/2013

Adaptil Phermone products are a life saver in my house. I have them all over the house. With 4 very large dogs to contend with, and 3 of them with behavioral issues, this does make a difference. I use 1 plug in for every 500 sq feet of my home. They last for 30 days. At the price from EntirelyPets, I buy them by 6 packs and save myself a trip to the local pet store, and a ton of money. In my area they are priced between $26 and $32 per refill. Now that is savings! And delivered right to my door.

DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone by wolfe200604/17/2012

I was amazed at how quickly it worked during a thunder storm. Sadly it was at the other side of the house. After my dog had been sitting on my face in bed, I got up and had her sniff it several times, she laid down and went to sleep for the rest of the storm.

Seems to do the Trick by JoeSalina from Salina, KS03/11/2014

Nothing seemed to calm our young Lab and her sudden bouts of fear and shaking. Our vet recommended trying your product, and within a week, many of her symptoms seemed to dissipate. When the symptoms began to return a few weeks later, we'd discovered that two of the three dispensers were empty! Once refilled, in about a week, she'd begun to return to normal once again. Ordering double next time!

Pheromone is a great product by mike from Cleveland, Oh10/23/2012

this item works great for our 6 yr old German Shepard, who was abused at 2 yrs, and she is a little "needy"

Featured Reviews for ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Medium & Large
Calms nicely, not tolerated though by Krissy from New York, NY01/30/2015

My very sweet but anxious Pekingese calmed very nicely to the collar. However, she was so agitated by the feel of it that she scratched her skin raw around the collar in less than 24 hours. I needed to take it off, take care of the wound, and not use it anymore sadly.

by flipsy11/16/2012

Did not do a thing for it. Should have a powder on it but had not. Not sure if the product was faulty

by Bee from Pa03/28/2014

Unfortunately, this did not work well for our dog.

Best Buy I could make by cml11/09/2012

This collar really works. It has calmed my dog and made her much happy. She is not pacing the house and nervous when the wind blows or hears loud noises. I will continue using this product. I recommend this to anyone who has a dog that is afraid of noise.

Did not work by kay10/10/2013

I tried this with my dog and he still hasn't gotten over any anxiety. He has shewed on all my new furniture

Great Product! by kimdes03/28/2012

Believe we are seeing results after one week! Using both the collar and the diffusser seem to really help my two year old OES with his anxiety issues. We will try the car next week and see if we also get some good results.

Not worth it by Minnie's Mom from Pittsburgh, PA01/27/2014

Recommended from our vet with the instructions to give it at least a month or two to see results. We stuck it out for about six months with very little results. My border collie mix is still very nervous and anxious and I honestly don't think it did a thing for her.

It seems to help. by Patti from Southern CA01/29/2013

I read other reviews and decided to give it a try as there seemed to be mixed reviews. Our vet recommended this collar to help with anxiety related behaviors for our 2 year old terrier mix. After about 2 days of wearing the collar we noticed she is a little bit less anxious. She still jumps up when she gets really anxious but it seems to take more for her to get to that point. We will be traveling on a long road trip and we plan to ensure she has a fresh collar for the trip. If you are on the fence about it, I would say try it to see if it will help. I think the collar has had a positive effect on our anxious little pup.

Works for Us! by GJ from Oregon09/19/2013

Our 7 year old Springer Spaniel/Lab has grand mal seizures and is on a large "cocktail" of meds. He also does not like changes when his "pack" is not all together. Our vet recommended the Adptil collar for his use during a time when I was going to be gone for 2 weeks. Twice my husband observed signs that he was going to seize. He started talking to the dog and rubbing the collar - no seizure! We are re-ordering and will keep using it on a regular base to hopefully slow down the frequency of his seizures and help our special guy lead a comfortable life.

Doesn't seem to be working by Schipper09/10/2013

We are trying this for our standard poodle at the suggestion of his behaviorist. Haven't seen anything that indicates it's working for him. Not sure how long we are supposed to give it until we know. Directions say to replace it monthly and at this price, it's going to be too expensive. Can't recommend it at this point.

by from 11/07/2012

I bought this DAP collar upon the recommendation of my dog behaviorist -- my 20 month rescue Sammie has major "people reactivity" (i.e., she hates strangers!)

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Not working for what I wanted by Bren from New Mexico03/28/2014

I had hoped it would the decrease the dominance battle and urine marking between my two male dogs, but no luck. It's just as bad as ever

D.A.P. Collar by mountain guy from Dillon, CO06/11/2013

The collar seemed to calm my Alaskan Malamute within a short period of time. It's only been on for 2 weeks so I'm not sure of the month long effectiveness as advertised. I'm also using the D.A.P. spray in tandem with the collar. I'm happy so far. I would imagine it would be more effective on a short haired breed.

So far so good by MinniesMom from Pittsburgh, PA08/11/2013

We are in our 10th week using the collar. The vet told us that we would see results in 8 to 10 weeks and we started seeing them closer to 6 weeks! I have a "high-strung" border collie mix that paces a lot and is afraid of storms. Since our 2nd child was born, her anxiety increased and she started licking non-stop and gave herself an acral lick granuloma (sp?). Her licking has definitely decreased and she's calmed down a bit.

Was not happy with collar by Misha's Mom08/01/2012

I was not happy with this collar. It did not work at all.

So far, So good by GSPLover from Glen Gardner, NJ06/25/2012

My German Shorthaired Pointer, 4 years old, who has been properly gun trained, is terrified of fireworks & thunder storms. I was skeptical about one of these collars, and this is the only brand I have used so far, but I definitely see a difference. He is aware of the thunder, looks up and is now sometimes barking at it, but he doesn't shake like he used to. He would pant with his tongue hanging out and shake from head to toe even after we could no longer hear the thunder. Now I notice that he looks up, is aware of the thunder, but doesn't pant or shake. And when he barks/growls at it, I tell him he's a good boy. Not that I want to promote barking behavior, but it seems he has more confidence and the few barks is better than him almost having a heart attack. I would definitely recommend trying it for yourself. I'm sure we've all wasted more money than this on our dogs. Now I wait to see what happens with the fireworks.

Grrrrr by Anna Bo Bana11/06/2012

They need to redesign the fastener on this collar. And the instructions. I had to tape it together. I guess the phermone worked, but I couldn't keep it on my dog long enough to be sure.

Worst item I have ever purchased by Pegleg from Leavenworth, Ks06/18/2012

I have a 4 yr. old Blue Heeler, and he is wound up 24/7 to say the least. I purchased this collar to calm him down during the severe thunder stoms we have here in Kansas. Poo has had the collar on for almost 4 weeks and we have has a few storms in that time, and your colar had ZERO effect on him. He was still a nervous wreck. Buying your collas was a waste of my money......On your rating above it does NOT go low enough...This item is worthless...

Seems to Have Worked! by SJ from Santa Cruz08/12/2013

My older lab had a tough 4th of July this summer and there were residual pops in the night periodically afterwards. She was so afraid that she would shake and dig and try to hide. While she was still afraid when these noises occurred, she was easier to calm down and reassure. As part of a modification routine, adaptil does seem to help. We also bought the plug in adaptil for all of our dogs when we are out of town.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Medium & Large Dogs
by pat from mainr11/29/2012

collar(DAP) is not as effectivr as I hoped.

by from 06/05/2012

The new DAP collar is simply not as effective as the original. My dog's behavior is spotty. She is calm one moment and stressed out the next.

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Worth every penny! by GoldenLuvr from Fairfield CT10/01/2013

My vet recommended the Adaptil products when my Lab had some real issues with a Golden puppy that we adopted. Since I have 3 dogs, it was recommended each have a collar. I can honestly say, the Lab, while still somewhat jealous, is much calmer, the Golden puppy much less upset when crated, and my older Golden with the chronic anxiety has definately become calmer. Used in combination with the spray, it has made life much easier and less stressful in our house.

D.A.P. Collar by CP01/19/2012

Good Purchase. Our Suzy is a Shepherd/Chow and high strung. In addition, she will not settle down when there is a storm. She has a tendency to follow us from room to room. With the D.A.P. collar, she is able to relax more-still doesn't like storms but will lie still next to someone till it is over. It doesn't make her slow or lethargic, but just helps to relieve her tension. She is still very active. I recommend the collar to relax your four legged friend.

I'm a believer by Rescue's Mom05/02/2012

I'm a born sceptic,but I believe in this product. My hyper rescue girl starts to get edgy on day 31 of wearing her collar. Change it and she calms down. I can see her getting wound up, look at the calendar, and realize it's been a month in the old collar. Don't know if it works for all dogs, but give it a try if having trouble with fear aggression or other behavior issues.

Consistent calming assistance by 2 Lab Mom06/04/2014

My 10 yo Lab is afraid of anything that remotely sounds like thunder or gun shots. I use a number of methods for reducing anxiety, but he has been wearing these collars for a few years now and they are the BEST for consistent calming and taking the "edge" off. He was refusing to leave the house for walks or rides due to anxiety. The collars are on him, helping at all times. They do take a few days to have a full effect, but consistent wearing definitely helps.

very good product by laura01/21/2012

my vet recommended d.a.p. collar for my dog's noise sensitivity and, while this isn't a miracle cure, it definitely makes a difference. it started working gradually but when it stopped working after 4 or 5 weeks (as it is supposed to), i noticed the difference immediately, so i got her a new one. now i keep a constant supply. i'm combining this with counter-conditioning and desensitization, so i hope she'll get to a point at which she won't need it anymore. in the meantime, though, this is definitely worth the money and i absolutely recommend it!

by from 01/09/2012

The D.A.P. collars have made a tremendous difference when traveling with my dog. I have tried EVERYTHING else and these are the only things that make traveling tolerable.

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Work well ? by onewomanink from Crockett,CA11/08/2013

The collars seem to work well, but my Smooth-Coated Collie, who is my Service Dog of 7.5 years and who is now 9 yrs. old, has only recently become afraid of the noises in our apartment building, and I don't see too much improvement. He has always been the most chill dog, but even with the collar, he jumps up each time someone opens their mailbox, or a door opens and closes. It upsets me because he is so unhappy now. But I might try the wall unit spray in conjunction with the collars.

Great for Stresshead dogs by christine57 from Melbourne Australia03/20/2013

I use adaptil on my poodle who suffers from separation anxiety. I believe it definately works

Did not work at all by Re Re from Stevenson Ranch, California06/18/2013

Although I tried the collar on my dog, Maggie May, for two weeks, I saw absolutely no improvement in her behavior. For that reason I mailed the collars back today. Oh well, it was worth a try!

sold on this product by Bailey's dad02/25/2014

without going to drugs etc our pet has less stress since we began using the ADAPTIL collar. Thanks to our vet for his recommendation

Didn't notice any difference by Donna06/22/2012

I used the collar on a "broken" dog. I did not notice any difference in his level of anxiety. Might work on a less broken dog though.

helps by Mac04/04/2012

I'm happy with the way this product performed. What I am not happy about is how difficult it is to get off once you put it on. The instructions say it shouldn't get wet. My dogs swim almost everyday in the summer, and like to play in the hose when the pool isn't available. The part that holds the collar to the clasp is pretty flimsy. It breaks when I applied enough force to remove the collar. I would like to recommend to the manufacturer they consider making the collar easier to take on and off. The other reason the collar needed to be removed is my dog is involved in agility. Collars must be removed to run. Besides for the difficulty with the off/on part, I liked how it worked.

great product by pcdt11/23/2011

See my review for the same product but in the smaller size. I think this product is brilliant and should be made more readily available to all dogs with behavioural issues as well as puppies.

ADAPTIL(dap) collar by barb a from pa.01/15/2014


Calm At Last by Shadow's Mom from WA06/23/2010

Our dog was so anxious we had tried everything - obedience classes, behaviorist, and medication which caused her to have seizures. My husband couldn't stand it and really wanted the dog gone. I had even contacted a rescue group. THEN my vet asked if I have heard of D.A.P. collars. She had heard about them from another vet, but had never seen them and couldn't say anything else. The other vet had said a family had great success with them. MAKE THAT TWO FAMILIES. Now our dog is calmer, doesn't bark all the time and gets along with our other pets. When she does start barking excessively,I know that it's time to change the collar. We now have that interval marked on the calendar. The collar is effective for a month. My husband now thinks she is the sweetest dog ever. D.A.P. saved the dog.

it works! by swanny from Mercer, PA10/31/2011

We have a mixed breed dog we found as a puppy along the roadside. He has a true Jekyll and Hyde personality but the D.A. P. collars have helped immensely. Your prices are very competitive and we received the collars in two days. Thank you!

by from 03/15/2013

The calming collars worked like magic on my 2 dogs. There were no more fights that had happened out of thin air. These collars saved me from having to give one dog back to the spca!

Marjorie" by Magic from marjieMiracles


by from 02/14/2013

The way to a calm dog by DRVDIVA from Calabasas, CA09/17/2013

These were recommended by a dog behaviorist and are 100% worth the purchase. They turn an otherwise frequently agitated dog into a content pet.

Worth it- by bornmaven05/30/2013

I have been using these collars on my Aussie who has had obsessive licking issues. Since the collar she has stopped. And she's also a much happier dog. It took about a week for me to notice the changes, but they are awesome, and have worked for my dog.

by from 01/22/2015

Comparable to a local purchase made at a vet clinic, but less expensive.

product by for from almostBeen


Not so good by DogOwner07/28/2014

The clasp on the collar was cheap and broke almost immediately. I drilled a couple holes through it and tied it back together but it stretched to the point that it was no longer snug enough. I am not sure if the formula works or not, perhaps the sprays might work, I just don't know.

Great product by Clubk907/10/2013

It does work for many dogs. Worth trying. We have used many dap products at our doggy daycare and have seen great results!

Extremely Happy by Fuzzy Bear from Melbourne Australia02/28/2013

I found the adaptil collar made a dramatic difference to my dogs anxiety. She is a lot calmer and settled and now only barks to alert us to people passing by instead of any little noise.

Life changing product by dog trainer from Wyoming03/01/2011

The DAP collar has helped a great many of my dog clients to lead much happier and less fearful lives. My own very anxious dog has been able to compete in obedience after she began wearing the collar - it allowed her to learn to deal with stress and change without fear and she has become more outgoing and enjoys her life much more

Dap Collars by Diane11/13/2008

These collars have allowed me to keep both of my dogs. They became aggressive to each other and the collars have calmed them down and they are now friends again. I will never allow them to go without them.

Amazing results! by Viki12/04/2008

I had been having trouble with my new dog for over a year and a half with night time urination in the house. I tried several different methodologies to stop this, but to no avail. My vet suggested the DAP collar and the results were immediate! His anxiety at not finding me at night were calmed and I've had no problems since!

It worked better than we were told it would by Robbie from Sydney Australia06/06/2012

We have an alpa cocker spaniel who tends to attack our other two cockers if they invade her "space" as she decides it to be. Since we have used the collars she is much more settled & leaves the other girls alone much more

Calming Effect by Dana10/28/2009

I first purchased this collar just before July 4th for both of my dogs. Kona stressed out in the car, and Sammy suffers from anxiety from hard rain, thunder, lightning & fireworks. The collar did not help Kona, but OMGosh what a blessing for Sammy. This collar helps Sammy cope with all the loud noises that used to make him crazy. He's now calm and laid back. This collar definitely works for Sammy.

Doesn't work by Shugag01/05/2012

Did nothing to calm down my female who get anxious on car rides. If anything, I would say she seemed more nervous when using this product. Also made my male dog excited. He would whine and try to hump the collar. Definitely would not buy this product again.

Amazing by Magic12/01/2009

My lab mix has been getting progressively more anxious with thunderstorms and now the certain noises (the oven, the A/C turning on). I've tried natural remedies, and clomipramine, with only very moderate success. She continued to chew through doors, door handles, chairs etc. With the collar there's been a marked improvement in her behavior. Now she's more relaxed and less stressed - even less aggressive to other dogs. After the first collar, I didn't renew it because thunderstorm season had passed, and now I'm buying more because she's back to her stressed ways. I think it really works.

great price by Emma's mom11/15/2011

Emma sees a canine behavior specialist, who recommended this product. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE and the product really works!!!

by from 07/18/2009

We got a new dog, Tigger, who turns out to be highly excitable. When he plays with our other dog Bodie, he becomes hyper-excited, & starts yipping at her & dive-bombing her, & if we didn't intervene, he wouldn't let her stop playing. The DAP collar makes it so he plays nicely with her. I can really tell the difference when the collar wears out & it's time for a new one!

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I was skeptical, but . . . by Pat09/09/2009

There was a marked and positive change in our dog's behavior within minutes of putting on the collar. She seems happier, more confident, more playful. She is noticeably less aggressive in the situations where aggression had been her standard (inappropriate) response.

D.A.P. Collar by tailsfromgreece from Ontario, Canada06/22/2012

Have found this product to be effective for our rescued dogs. And received prompt and efficient service from EntirelyPets.

Extremely Helpful by BandD from Houston, TX11/12/2013

Recommended by our Vet to help calm our pet follow heart worm treatment.

Brings peace back to the household! by LuvCockers from Sugar Land, TX11/05/2012

Initially skeptical about the effectiveness of these collars, I decided to try them. With 7 dogs at the house, feeding time can get a little 'ramped up'! One dog in particular, Lucky, is especially fond of his food and impatient while we prepare all the different bowls. Oftentimes he would charge the other dogs while waiting, be very vocal, and create 'drama' twice daily at this time. We purchased the collars, and within a few days, noticed a 'calmness' about him, and about the household in general. We can definitely tell when he's nearing the end of the month, and choose to replace the collar at the 3 week mark. Since we've done this, for the past 6 months, 'scuffles' have been kept to a minimum and the household is much more calm and manageable overall. THANK YOU for making a difference for all 7 of my beloved dogs (through ONE of them wearing the collar), and for keeping the energy of the house at an acceptable level!

these really work by robbie from sydney Australia11/06/2012

we have an alpha cocker spaniel girl and she was bossing the other 2 ladies around something terrible the collars settled her brilliantly

by Lisa03/21/2013

It really helps our dog with aggression issues.

Wonderful product by SandyO from Livonia, MI03/27/2012

The DAP collar has been a life saver for our dog --literally! She has many social anxiety issues and was just not a happy dog--dogs should be happy!!--and the DAP collar has helped her be more calm and relaxed. Great price--MUCH cheaper than buying from the vet --especially in multi pack.

DAP Schmap by Betswick from Alexandrian, VA02/15/2012

My dog has not calmed down at all. He's had the collar on for 10 - 14 days. He is an anxiety eater and has cost us thousands in vet bills and operations. In fact he ate a tissue this morning that he stole from a trash can as I was getting ready to leave for work. Back to the Hannibal Lechter mask..............

Adaptil Works For My Dog by Kate from Central Pennsylvania05/27/2014

My collie mix has some general anxiety and is sensitive to engine noises and thunder. He has been wearing an Adaptil collar for two months and appears to be more calm. It has helped with engine noises and thunder but not totally taken away his anxiety about these two things. But I feel that the collar has lessened his general anxiety and I will continue to use it.

Really good purchase by G-Ma from Rhode island03/12/2013

This purchase was for Murphy who is a very lovable boxer but does need help with his anxiety. This seems to work best for him.

Great deal. by peterg06/12/2012

We're still figuring out if this collar works. I think that it has helped calm my dog a bit. Buying a 3-pack at this great deal is a bonus.

by from 04/23/2013

How can I be expected to rate a product which I never received?

never by processed." from DisgustedThe


DAP collar by michelle10/15/2011

Great alternative to medicine for my elderly dog with a few health issues. The collar in conjunction with the diffuser has helped calm the dog's anxieties.

ADA[TIL collar for medium and large dogs by Liz08/10/2012

I have a nine year old standard poodle with an attitude. Have I ever been surprised at how calm this collar has helped her become. I will continue to use it.

May work for others by penelopepitstop from Indianapolis, IN01/18/2012

We bought the collar for our Corgi/Doxie mix. We have been using the spray and it was somewhat helpful. The only problem we have with her is she gets nervous in the car. We are RVers and travel a great deal. We adopted her at 5 yrs of age and do not know her history. The collar might work if she did not have such a thick coat at her neck. It made a little difference at first. She quiets down after about 10 minutes with the spray on a soft collar.

DAP Collars are the best by Blain's Mom from southern WI08/21/2011

When we adopted our Blain he was so fearful and full of anxiety we had to carry him into the house everytime he was out. He was afraid of shadows, noises and basically everything. He hid in the bedroom. We thought he would get better with time, he didn't. Our vet recomended the DAP collar and after a couple weeks he showed improvement. Now after a number of months he is a new dog. He runs in and out of the house on his own and is in the living room doing just that Love the DAP collar, definately worth the money.

by munismom from Reno,Nv.01/18/2012

Just started this product as recommended by our vet.

Helps me with Fireworks by Shea from Vancouver, British Columbia11/12/2012

Very afraid of seasonal fireworks.....Has helped to relax my dog and put her at ease.

Featured Reviews for ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (20ml)
by from 09/14/2014

There is not a miracle cure for a dog's anxiety; but for an effective tool in helping with anxiety, I have had good luck with this product. My dogs have more of a general anxiety reaction to situations which could explain the good results we have had. They do not have severe anxiety reactions like those with really bad separation anxiety or weather-related anxiety. This product may not be as effective on dogs with severe anxiety.

Pugs by and from ourSeveral


THIS STUFF WORKS!!! by Bonnie05/14/2014

I occasionally need to crate my beagle when people come to the house...and he howls and actually rubs the skin off his nose on the crate door. DAP works more howling or scraping his nose up!!! He was actually asleep when I went to get him, before he would have been frantically scratching at the door!!!

Didn't work by Sheree from Detroit Suburb,Michigan06/28/2014

Waste of money, bought this to support the DAP collar, no change in behavior. He is terrifed of storms and fireworks.

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