• 3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (144mL)

    3 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (144mL)

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    Diffuser contains DAP and offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behaviors in your dog during:

  • challenging situations (fireworks, loud noises, staying alone at home)
  • adapting to new surroundings (adoption, moving home, new family member or pet).

  • *The efficacy of ADAPTIL has been demonstrated by numerous studies published within reputable scientific journals and presented at international conferences (under the trademark DAP until 2011).

    ADAPTIL is a behavioral pheromone treatment, not veterinary medicine. If there are signs of disease or other medical issues, consult your veterinarian.


    Usage Information

    ADAPTIL Diffuser contains DAP which offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behaviors in your dog during:
  • challenging situations (fireworks, loud noises, staying alone at home)
  • adapting to new surroundings (adoption, moving home, new family member or pet)

  • Combining ADAPTIL Diffuser with ADAPTIL Collar or ADAPTIL Spray may provide optimal results for dogs showing multiple fears in different situations. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

    ADAPTIL can also be used under the direction of a behaviorist and alongside behavioral theraphy to help in the management of clinical behavior problems such as seperation anxiety, noise phobia, etc.

    ADAPTIl Diffuser is not recommended for use in cases of hyperactivity or aggression.

    Direction for use:
  • Remove the vial cap
  • Screw the diffuser onto the vial
  • Plug the diffuser into an electric socket and switch on continously for one month.

  • Each vial last approximately 4 weeks. However air turnover, and diffuser location will affect how fast the diffusion occurs (this should only be considered as a guide.) It is recommended the diffuser be checked a few days before the refill is due to be change.

    A peel off sticker can be found on each ADAPTIL Refill vial. This sticker can be applied to a calendar or diary to remind you when to check your ADAPTIL Diffuser.

    Duration of use must be adjusted depending on the nature/cause of the fear and according to the duration of combined behavioral theraphy.

    The diffuser should be replaced after six months of use or after using six refills.

    Canine appeasing pheromone analogue ............... 2%
    Excipients q.s .................................. 100g Covers 50-70 m2.

    Each 48 ml vial lasts up to 30 days.


    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Well Worth Trying for Anxiety by Lainie from Philadelphia, PA06/02/2011

    We adopted a dog with severe anxiety issues. Rain, thunder, firecrackers, the heat or air conditioning clicking on, any loud/sudden noises leave him shaking and hiding well after the noise has stopped. Sometimes he would refuse to eat because he was so upset. I did not think at 9 years old there would be anything other than medication (which I did not want to start as the "triggers" were constant) that could help him as his behavoirs were so ingrained. I wanted a natural approach. I tried the D.A.P. diffusers with great success. I used the plug-in duffusers for approximately a month before noticing my dog had a marked decrease in his anxiety level when stressful situations occurred. Now he will even sleep under the diffuser at times. The anxiety is not totally gone, but significantly reduced and I can see my dog is happier. I would highly recommend D.A.P. diffusers before other forms treatment.

    Awesome Product by Peanut08/16/2014

    Our Siberian Husky has had seperation anxiety issues. Our Vet uses this in her office and I was always so intrigued by how calm he is when we are there. I bought these for the house and he calmed down and we are even able to leave him alone for a few hours.

    Partners with the collars by alby from Sacramento, CA10/23/2013

    this diffuser is in a room where most of my five dogs spend much of their time. Four of them have genetic aggressions to one degree or another. Three of them also wear the collar. I think the collar and the diffuser compliment each other. I believe my dogs are calmer, happier and respond better to me using these products. They only last 3 weeks for me, though.

    Didn't use by Wild Bill from San Jose, CA07/25/2014

    What comment do you need?? I didn't use any of the 3 refills

    3 pak of DAP - Best value I have found by Walker from Wisconsin10/29/2011

    We have used D.A.P. for our dog for several years. This 3 pak was the best value I have found...and I have searched several stores and online vendors. It arrived within the specificed ship date and was exactly what I ordered. I will be ordering from Entirely Pets again!

    Good purchase by mlpdogs from Fort Smith, AR04/29/2014

    This product has helped with my dog's nervousness and stress.

    seems to be working by Cocker-Friend from MD01/06/2013

    My dog seems to be resting more comfortably during the day when I am not available. I know this due to the tell-tail signs of less things in the home are not disturbed.

    Daisy and I love it by pat04/29/2012

    Daisy is a young border collie from a shelter with fear aggression and territorial aggression. DAP truly calms her without drasticvally changing her personality. I have used it before with my mixed lab with separation anxiety and it really helped him.

    Works at calming anxious dog by Shadow from Sherwood, OR11/28/2012

    I found these after attending a training class with a foster dog who has severe separation anxiety and overall fear. He had been abused and was terrified to enter the training area, but once in the room, he was a totally relaxed and laid back guy. They were using the spray and suggested trying the plug-in at the house. It has been great, he is much more calm and less destructive than before, this and a lot of work are helping him to be a great dog.

    by Dottie'smom04/23/2012

    Helps with separation anxiety and thunderphobia

    Excellent Value by CPatty from Bremerton, WA12/26/2013

    Purchasing the three-pack Adaptil refill from Entirely Pets is a very good value.

    Refills are fab by Rory & Quin from Vancouver, British Columbia11/12/2012

    Don't have to purchase entire unit, works very well.

    by Penny08/31/2014

    Excellent product. I notice a big difference in the behavior of my dogs

    by from 03/28/2012

    but it might work for yours.

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    Helps - A LOT! But won't cure. by BT10/27/2011

    We adopted a 2 year old Australian Shepherd who seemed to be very anxious and high strung, didn't matter if we were gone for 10 minutes or 5 hours. We tried the diffuser a few days before we left on vacation for 2 weeks - in the meantime, we had a dog sitter come so that he can stay in our home. When we got home, we were met by a mostly mellow and calm dog. There is still a bit of excitement, but no more barking or feeling frantic. Towards the end of the diffuser's life you can tell that the levels are getting lower because his old behavior is back. I'll be reordering more of the diffuser and possibly the collar. My only gripe is that I wish it lasted longer, because ~3 weeks is not very much time. It is released into a roughly 800 st ft area

    3 Pack Adaptil by labby from Denver, Co.10/08/2013

    We have a Lab with severe anxiety. This product is part of a daily routine to help our dog feel safe and calm. We can't be without it, it really is effective.

    Wonderful Product by Sandi from Atlanta, GA11/17/2011

    My Vet gave me this product ( for a much higher amount than I bought it for here) to use on our Boston Terrier . She came from a rescue and had lived a very difficult life for 6 years. She was fine around me, but when she was in a new place, she would panic. We had just recently bought a new camper and wanted to take her with us. I did like the bottle says, I used both the spray and the one you plug into a wall outlet. My dog was perfect throughout the entire trip. The first time, without the medication, she would run all around, in a panic, jumping from one chair or table to the other. This time, she wasn't sleepy at all, just calm. I have already mentioned this product to several people who have a dog afraid of fireworks, thunder storms, etc. It's a wonderful product !

    great for the room you spend time in by robbie from sydney Australia11/06/2012

    works well to supplement the collars or alone if you have run out of the collars

    Sanity Saver by KJ from Middleton, Idaho12/06/2011

    When we acquired our rescue Weimaraner, we had no idea she had separation anxiety. As long as we have the pheromone plug in going she does pretty good. If we go two weeks without it, she becomes very stressed and destructive. It has been a real help and she is a much happier dog!

    works for my dog! by laura06/07/2012

    i've heard that not all dogs respond to dog appeasing pheromone, that it's kind of hit or miss; but i got the diffuser to use in conjunction with a d.a.p. collar, and it definitely helps my dog!

    by Ali10/20/2014

    Have been using for over a year. Great way to keep my dogs calm. Works well.

    a work in progress by boomerboy from Wisconsin05/13/2013

    I purchased this by recommendation of a friend. She had started to use it, then gave me the warmer unit to try. There was a small amount of liquid in the bottom and I plugged it in. It seemed to help calm. She then noticed the difference at home without it. This is what prompted me to purchase the three pack units to try. I have them in two areas of the house the dogs stay most often. We are not through our first month but I do think they help. This will not be a cure all for barking or high energy but does help with relaxation. I will know more once I have used them for a few months. I do see a difference and would suggest a try as long as you do not expect immediate results, it's a work in progress.

    A restful sleep by ota02/28/2012

    Our 16-year-old dog has canine dementia. Some of the symptoms are constant pacing, anxiety, and sleeplessness at night. My vet recommended DAP diffusers. The very first night after we plugged them in, my dog slept through the night, and the pacing subsided. I always know when it's time for a replacement refill because my dog starts pacing again.

    Love them by Murphy10/17/2013

    I use the adaptil diffusers, they keep my dogs calm especially when we leave them alone it helps with the separation anxiety.

    Works!! by Map1029 from Columbus, OH06/16/2013

    We have an American Bulldog with anxiety and a Great Pyrenees that is afraid of storms. Keep the diffuser plugged in at all times in my office. The Great Pyrr scratches at the door to get in when she senses a storm. Can tell by their behavior when it needs replaced. Won't be without. Great price too!!!

    Great Calming Assistance by Beagle Mom from Wilsonville, OR08/06/2013

    When we travel we have a dog sitter come and stay with our our dogs. We have found that plugging several of these pheromones in around the house really help to keep our furry kids relaxed and calm. I even plug one in behind the crate of our newest rescue to help keep him relaxed and it seems to help.

    Give it a try!!! by Harvey05/08/2013

    I was skeptical about this pheromone diffuser making a difference with my dog. He was on two pills a day for anxiety so I thought it was worth a try. The first month I let the diffuser run out and we immediately noticed a difference in our dogs anxiety behavior. Refilled diffuser and life was better once again. Then ran low on pills, so went down to one a day until refill came in and with the diffuser we have decided to stay one pill a day. He is much calmer, not as jumpy and a happy dog once again. I will make sure to keep diffuser changed on the monthly date. I think I will buy a second holder for the outlet, because the unit gets very hot. I might change them out every other month. Definitely worth a try if you have an anxious animal. It is in my bedroom and I have only noticed a difference in the nervous dog, not the other dog, cat, or even myself!

    Great Value by Lee from Ontario, Canada02/19/2012

    If you are using the D.A.P. diffuser for your dog, the 3 pack refill is a great value!!!!

    Adaptil Purchase by leabbott from Texas08/28/2014

    This product is amazing! my dogs are not jumping up and down acting crazy all the time, instead they still play and act happy without the craziness.

    Dog Appeasing Pherom by Rachel Faith06/02/2008

    This is great! When we run out, our dachshund gets a bit frantic, but as soon as we plug one in, he is happy as a clam.

    Pretty good product by KJtheMom from Phoenixville, PA02/09/2013

    We have an 11 year-old Chihuahua. He's always been on the neurotic side but last fall, he developed a new phobia to gun shots for a distant outdoor range and refused to go on walks. I spoke to our vet and she suggested D.A.P. During the first month, it didn't seem to make much of a difference. But after the first diffusers became empty and I replaced them with new ones, his phobia seemed to lessen and he started to go on walks again. Sometimes, if he hears the shots, he insists on returning home right away. Other times, he doesn't seem to be bothered by them. Most days I can get him to take a walk so, on the whole, I think he is responding well to this product. It beats putting him on Prozac.

    Not really sure - long term user by Wendy from Sydney01/01/2013

    I have been using the Adaptil for almost a year. One of my dogs is dog reactive and anxious so I tried everything available to relax her. I was about to give up because it's hard to know if it makes any difference but I got a new pup so thought it would help with the introductions. Not sure if it did but everything settled down after a couple of days. My vet behaviorist uses it at her office. She has no doubt it helps some dogs.

    by from 11/19/2012

    We have a young Lahsah-Shitzu (Chewbacca) who melts down then we leave the house... when the moon is full... when he thinks we are still home... when we are sleeping in... and on and on. He drools, panics, drools, digs, drools, chews, drools, drools, drools.

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    This product really works by petlover12/04/2010

    Our thirteen year old female dog was experiencing sleep incontinence. She was urinating in her bed and even on ours. Our vet recommended DAP and it really worked. I haven't used it for awhile and the problem has returned. So I am ordering more. Thank you for a great product.

    does not last 30 days by jm04/19/2012

    The product says it last about 30 days. I'd say mine lasts about 15-20 days. I bought this after I moved. I don't know if it actually works, but I continue to use it. It's been about 2 months since the move and my dog has finally adjusted so I don't know if it's the product or that my dog has adjusted to the new routine.

    Great value by Wendy06/19/2012

    Best value for DAP at Entirely Pets - even with overseas purchasing. Does it work? Who knows? Can't hurt.

    D.A.P. by Shadow06/19/2012

    I found this when we were in training class, and every time my foster dog who has severe separation anxiety, fear anxiety and a host of other issues, would just melt and relax like he was totally safe. It has really helped keep him calm and at ease both when I leave and when I'm home. I noticed that when it had run out he was more needy and agitated, within an hour of changing the bottle, he was back to resting and more an ease. This has been a great help with additional other behavior modifications, he is becoming a terrific dog.

    Excellent product by Arline from Castle Rock, Colorado10/03/2013

    I started my dog on Adaptil a month ago, and it has worked wonderfully. So I ordered the 3 refill pack, and was amazed to receive it in just 2 days. The fastest service I've ever had when ordering anything online.

    Was skeptical at first.... by J.Torres from New Jersey10/15/2011

    Have seen this for years, never thought it would actually work. I have a very hyper three year old Chow mix and had tried all types of training tricks and other behavior modifications and was at my wits end. The trainer I hired at that point recommended it. It does have a calming effect on her. I know when it runs out because she gets a little more agitated. I'd say it's worth a try if you've tried everything else. It has no odor that humans can smell.

    by Amanda12/09/2012

    Works well for seperation anxiety, well purchase again.

    Helps to make my dog calm by chef from Cleveland Oh01/08/2013

    I have a severly high strung Dachshund and use this product along with the Pro-quiet, Anxitane and a thundershirt and wow...what a different dog! I am all about natural remedies and these all help to make him calm and peaceful with out knocking him out. He acts like a happy, well adjusted dog now! I also started training him too. So...I don't know how each would work by themselves alone..but everything together has made this dog and my life much calmer! And all of these are SO much cheaper here than from the Vet! I am doing the auto ship too so I am sure to have them and at an even greater discount!

    Good Stuff by Chris from Melbourne, Australia08/20/2012

    The Vet recommended the DAP for my highly strung poodle. It appears to work, I wouldnt dare stop using it.

    This D.A.P really works! by Petie from Big Pine, California05/12/2013

    This product made a marked difference in the behavior of my 5 little dogs. They don't bark as much, they seem to be more content and calm. It made even a bigger difference when I added the collar. I thank you and my dogs thank you!

    This product works! by Scully11/01/2011

    I have an aging Husky. She has always been high energy/high anxiety but with age it effects her health more. We place the DAP diffuser in the area she sleeps and she is far more calm and sleeps better through the night when it is plugged in. We also use the DAP collar and have noticed an incredible decrease in her anxiety. These two DAP products have changed her life for the better! (and ours :-)

    DAP by MArybeme from Minneapolis,MN10/16/2013

    I have a dog who hated fireworks and thunder stroms. So for 2 years I put the DAP in my living room . Now he only lifts his head if the fireworks are really loud. But nothing like the shaking and pacing he did in the past.

    by Bill from Nashville, TN05/09/2014

    The Adaptil product has been very helpful in calming down a bad case of canine agression. I'm delighted my vet recommended it.

    DAP by sleepingdogs from Minneapolis, MN06/22/2012

    I have used the DAP for going on 3 years. My dog hated loud storms.. He would walk in the house until the thunder and lighting ended. And if we had Fireworks he had to be outside. And on the move. Not a safe place. We plugged it in and the first year he was a bit more clam, did some pacing during really loud storms but would sleep through the small one. So the next year we plugged them in again and he now lifts his head for only a bit to look around, but that is it. I only use them from May to August . I also Foster and having dogs who don't care if its loud out makes a difference to the new dogs coming in.


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