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BONIES Natural Dental Bones Multi-Pack REGULAR (5 Bones / 11.15 oz)

Item Number: BONIESR5
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BoniesBONIES Natural Dental Bones Multi-Pack REGULAR (5 BONIES / 11.15 oz) is unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients. Made to be a healthy treat for your dog while freshening their breath at the same time.

Healthy Ingredients
Happy Dog

Bonies Dental Formula contain natural peppermint and parsely to help freshen breath.

BONIES uses brown rice as its first ingredient and unlike other edible chew bones, BONIES contains no animal by-products like gelatin or animal glycerin. BONIES contains zero saturated and trans-fat. Each ingredient in BONIES was carefully selected by a board certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety, enjoyment and digestibility with no compromise to your dog’s health.

Dental Formula
  • BONIES are highly digestible.
  • BONIES satisfies your dog's chewing needs.
  • All Natural
  • Low Calorie
  • Helps freshen breath and clean teeth
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Bonies Benefits
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BONIES uses a 100% natural chicken flavor concentrate made from antibiotic-free US chicken livers. Once chewing starts, the saliva activates and magnifies the natural chicken flavor, making for a delicious but healthy and functional treat with great benefits.

The combination of 100% natural peppermint and parsley create the perfect combination to freshen nasty doggy breath.

Mother Nature designed bones to be hard, not soft and chewy. BONIES is uniquely formulated to be hard enough to scrape and polish teeth. While chewing a Bonie, dogs will exercise their jaw muscles and massage their gums.

Save even more when buying in bulk! BONIES 3-PACK (15 Bones) BONIES 6-PACK (30 Bones)

Try BONIES for all your dog's needs:
Natural Dental Bones Joint Formula Natural Calming
MINI: 2 Pack
SMALL: Single

Multi-Pack MINI - 20 Bones
Multi-Pack SMALL - 15 Bones
Multi-Pack REGULAR - 5 Bones

Bulk Box MINI - 240 Bones
Bulk Box SMALL - 120 Bones
Bulk Box REGULAR - 72 Bones
MINI: 2 Pack
SMALL: Single

Multi-Pack MINI - 20 Bones
Multi-Pack SMALL - 15 Bones
Multi-Pack REGULAR - 5 Bones

Bulk Box MINI - 240 Bones
Bulk Box SMALL - 120 Bones
Bulk Box REGULAR - 72 Bones
MINI: 2 Pack
SMALL: Single

Multi-Pack MINI - 20 Bones
Multi-Pack SMALL - 15 Bones
Multi-Pack REGULAR - 5 Bones

Bulk Box MINI - 240 Bones
Bulk Box SMALL - 120 Bones
Bulk Box REGULAR - 72 Bones

Usage Info

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 6.0% min
Crude Fat 2.5% min - 3.5% max
Crude Fiber: 2.0% max
Moisture 14.0% max
Ash 4.0% max

Brown Rice Powder, Rice Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Tapioca Starch, Pea Powder, Natural Chicken Flavor, Carrageenan (natural seaweed extract), Calcium Carbonate, Brewers Dried Yeast, Lecithin, Parsley Powder, Citric Acid, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Source of Vitamin E).

Feeding Instructions:
Feed one bone daily as a healthy & 100% natural treat to promote clean teeth and fresh breath during chewing. Always supervise your dog to ensure that the treat is adequately chewed; have fresh, clean water accessible.
BONIES Natural Dental Bones SMALL SINGLES (0.81 oz)BONIES Dental SmallReg price: $1.50
Sale price: $0.79
BONIES Natural Dental MINIS 2 BONE PACK (0.7 oz)BONIES Dental MiniReg price: $1.99
Sale price: $0.89
BONIES Natural Dental Bones  Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)BONIES Dental SmallReg price: $14.50
Sale price: $8.79
BONIES Natural Dental Bones Multi-Pack MINI (20 Bones / 7 oz)BONIES Dental MiniReg price: $14.50
Sale price: $6.79
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Customer Reviews

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4.66 rating based on 162 reviews
My dogs love these by banditsmom from Central Flroida02/27/2013

My dogs absolutely love these. They camp out by the cabinet and wait for it to be "bonies" time. They have never been this crazy for a treat product before. I am happy to find a good product that I am comfortable giving them and that they love.

Great by cainsmomma from Calvert City, KY03/11/2012

My dogs love these. Great product. I will continue to purchase.

a good purchase by Janet from Crofton, MD11/05/2011

I'm glad I tried these for my dogs. I notice a difference in their teeth - a lot of the tartar is removed. I also like the fact that these are natural and easy for my dogs to digest.

Bonies by LooCeeBelle from Florida01/08/2012

I used to feed my dogs greenies until I found Bonies. They do not choke and they are digestible. My dogs absolutely love them. They get them on Sunday and pester me for their special treat. I use the breath/dental and noticed an improvement in their breath. My chihuahua, who is 11 with very bad teeth, has no problem eating them. I give them as gifts to all my dog friends. Wonderful product!

by Lori01/02/2012

My dogs really like these Bonies....It takes them probably 10 minutes to chew them. I like them because they are so low fat.

by Kate01/19/2010

My dog is very picky about what bones he will eat but loves these!

Great Product! by Poodle Mom from Erie. PA03/25/2013

Our standard poodle just loves these! It's a nice switch-up from Greenies. Variety is the spice of life!

Good Price by dpoudrier from Austin, TX04/05/2013

Having six dogs, I need to find something that I can afford so I can give them to them often. This product fits that category. The size is good for the larger dogs to get a little teeth action in, and the price is reasonable!


I would highly recommend the "BONIES" Natural Dental Bones because of the 100 percent natural ingredients, the low fat content and the easy digestibility of the product.

Excellent Purchase by pocono196105/04/2012

My dog went crazy for these! I just ordered another supply.........

Love these by Diane from Parsippany, NJ06/17/2012

My greyhounds love these bones. They are a good size and they aren't super hard for them to chew, while still hard enough to not be devoured in seconds.

Dogs like them by melleu10/22/2012

My dogs like them and they clean their teeth. Good deal for both of us.

A big hit by minpindiva from Alaska12/07/2010

I got a free sample with one of my orders. My Min Pins absolutely love Bonies and I will continue to buy them. I especially like the fact that they are wheat, corn and soy free.

Dogs love them by CBG from St. Louis, MO02/28/2012

I've never purchased these before but I bought them to try as they were on sale. My dogs just love them and they are good for their teeth. Glad I tried them and will purchase more.

Everybody's Happy by dog mom03/27/2012

My Belgian and German Shepards both thought they were getting a great treat and cleaned their teeth in the process. Win-Win!!

Terrific by nikki03/11/2013

These are great jaw exercisers and teeth cleaners. It takes my dogs at least 45 minutes to work through one of these bones. When they are finished, they are exhausted and take a nap!

Awesome product! by jp02/28/2012

I am so pleased to have discovered Bonies for my dog Maddie, what a great treat! She is a big chewer and these actually do last more than 2 minutes. I also love that they are natural, without plastics and such. She has never experienced digestive upset and they actually do freshen her breath! The size is perfect too, I have purchased other dental treats in the past and have been very dismayed that the size is not compatible to small, medium and large dogs, I bought the regular size and it's perfect for either med-large dogs. Maddie loves her Bonies!! We will continue to purchase this great product--thanks!!

Made my dog throw up! by Cbyr10/23/2012

It went down, it came back up. I threw the rest away!

Lean Treats by Catherine The Great from Campbell, CA06/20/2013

Such fast delivery and the product is always very fresh! These are two great things about Entirely Pets.com so I keep ordering from you. Thank you very much!!!

He thinks they're great! by Simon's Dad from The Outer Banks03/13/2013

It appears the dog has a new favorite snack!

dogs like them by vickig from SF Bay area04/02/2013

My dogs like these bones, but since they're labs, the bones disappear in no time, and I'm not convinced that they do anything for the tartar on their teeth. Hard to tell. Also kinda pricey for a daily treat.

Bonies Dentals by Maggie03/30/2012

Maggie will eat anything but she gets the benefit of clean teeth and fresh breathe with this stuff.

Dogs like them by Sewist2 from Birch Tree MO10/23/2012

Our dogs liked them very much but they were able to finish them off very quickly. Wish they were a bit harder to make them last longer.

Bonies by Bobbi10/23/2012

Our dogs loved to eat them but they do absolutely nothing for dog breath.

by Huffy07/27/2012

Love this product, all natural ingredients, easily digestable, cleans their teeth and my dogs look forward to their bones each morning after breakfast.

Another USA Option by Mary11/04/2012

Not a hard, long-lasting chew for big dogs, but another acceptable option for my pups.

SHE LOVES THEM! by 1bluetick07/25/2012

These bones have turned out to be the BEST treat when we leave our hound inside alone. She can hardly wait for us to leave so that she'll get her treat. Satisfies a nervous chewer very well!

Happy dog - Happy owner by LRC from New Jersey03/09/2013

I have a 10 year old French Brittany, a 4 year old White German Shepherd and a 3 month old Brittany Spaniel and they all love their Bonies. I have been ordering them for over 2 years and know I am giving my dogs a quality product.

Excellent by IMOScout from Texas12/30/2012

I buy all 3 sizes of these since our dogs are small, medium and large. They all love these and will bug us if they don't get one every few days. Their breath is nicer and it definitely helps clean (and keep clean) their teeth. Would highly recommend!

Disappointed by BC Lady03/30/2012

My dogs loved the taste of these bones. However, I was surprised at how fast they ate them. I thought this would be something that would take some time and give them chewing opportunities.

These bones are too soft for German Shepherds. by Pat from Southern California05/13/2013

My dog chewed one of these bones in a few minutes and had diarrhea for the next two days.

by from 01/25/2011

My dog really loves these bone-shaped treats. The bones are hard. One "Bonie" will keep my dog blissfully busy, gnawing and chewing on it for about fifteen minutes. Aside from seeing my dog enjoy them, I like their natural ingredients such as brown rice powder and others.

give by my from dogMany


Great bone no bones about it! by Eye07/25/2012

My dogs love these. They can't have rawhide at all. Thanks for a great healthy product!

Bonies for dogs by sltppy from Chelsea, michigan06/26/2013

Great for dogs who need to chew, but too expensive if you have more than one dog, like we do.

Bonies by DogMom5504/11/2013

I did notice better breath on my dog after he'd had one - for a big chewer like he is, it didn't last too long, but he enjoyed it and it did what it was supposed to!

Our Pet Enjoys It! by Boru from West Islip, NY10/31/2011

Bonies are terrific and safer than real bones! I like the fact that the ingredients are natural and contain no wheat, corn, soy. Wish you had more in stock of the regular (non-dental) bonies. Seems to be a very popular product.

Clean those teeth! by June from Harvest, AL06/21/2012

We give these to each of our dogs after their weekly nail trim. A reward for tolerating the dremmel and helps clean their teeth. Two products in one!

Yum by natalie112 from Blaine, MN02/28/2012

My dogs love this. What a yummy treat. I would definitely purchase again.


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