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Chickles & Duckles Natural Jerky Treats for Dogs

Chickles and DucklesChickles and Duckles are 100% natural treats for dogs. With no additives, preservatives, flavors or colors added, you can feel good about treating your dog with these premium jerky treats. Long lasting and flavorful, Chickles Chicken Breast Strips are made from 100% natural chicken and contain no wheat, corn or soy fillers. Duckles Duck Jerky Strips are also made from 100% Duck and contain none of the fillers. Feed these natural treats to your dogs as a reward or in between meals and you’ll have them coming for more!

Chickles and Duckles Jerky Treats for Dogs are tested and approved in USA. They are ideal for adult dogs and large breeds; do not feed to toy breeds, small dogs or dogs under 1 year of age.

Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)
Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)

($16.99)  $12.99
Duckles Duck  Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)
Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)

($19.99)  $15.99
Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)

($29.99)  $21.99
Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)

($36.99)  $29.99
3-PACK Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (6 lb)
3-PACK Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (6 lb)

($74.99)  $62.99
3-PACK Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (6 lb)
3-PACK Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (6 lb)

($97.99)  $86.99
Chickles and Duckles

Chickles & Duckles are delicious, all natural treats for dogs. These strips of chicken and duck meat are low in fat and high in protein. Feed them as a snack or treat! Dogs love the natural chicken flavor!

A Guilt-Free Pleasure
Great Reward Treats!

You can feel good about treating your dog Chickles & Duckles. These treats are low in fat and will help keep your dogs slim. There are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colors added. Without wheat, corn or soy fillers, your dog can enjoy the natural chicken flavor! Feed them as a reward or in between meals, your dog will love them anytime.

Tested Safe
Dogs love Chickles

These treats are tested safe in the USA. To ensure the safety of your pet, Chickles & Duckles are treated with Irradiation, freeing them from bacteria, viruses or any other unwanted debris. The resealable bag will help keep the chunks of chicken fresh every time you serve. Chickles & Duckles are ideal for adult dogs and large breeds.

Chickles & Duckles
  • Low Fat Treat for Dogs
  • 100% Natural Chicken
  • High Protein
  • Wheat, Corn, and Soy Free
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Propylene glycol free
More Info
Pet Food

Couple Chickles or Duckles with healthy meal options.

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How to Keep Your Dog in Shape

Learn some tips to keep your dog healthy.

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Feeding Guidelines:
Intended as a treat only. Give 1-2 treats per 15 pounds of dog weight, not to exceed 6-8 treats a day. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available for your dog. Not recommended for toy breeds, small breeds or dogs under 1 year of age.

Store in a cool, dry place. To ensure the safety of your pet, Chickles & Duckles All-Natural Treats are treated by Irradiation. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Not for human consumption.

Observation recommended when giving treats to your dog.
100% Natural Chicken or Duck

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein ... (min) 62%
Crude Fat ... (min) 1%
Crude Fiber ... (max) 4%
Moisture ... (max) 16%
4.57 rating based on 53 reviews
Featured Reviews for Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)
Dogs didn't care for by Beth05/14/2013

Dogs really didn't like them - Real hard

by Beverly from Dallas, TX12/14/2012

All of our dogs enjoyed these treats alot.

by Syd01/24/2013

My dogs love these treats. they'll sit and look at the cupboard until you get the msg and give them one.

His Favorite Treat by Sweet4wv12/18/2012

My dog absolutely loves these chicken breast strips! I've tried other brands, and this brand seems to be his favorite.

by from 05/30/2013

couldn't get the chickles so got duckles instead.

mistake. by duckles from areit


Quality Product by Tanmoy12/17/2012

Definitely would purchase again - recommended without reservation.

Not a good purchase by Tango12/16/2012

I did not realize that the chicken strips were made in China and I would never feed my dog anything from China. Too many recalls and sicknesses caused by Chinese inports of foods, toys and drywall.

Dogs Love'em by Recycler29 from SC12/18/2012

Bought these for our two dogs and our 'grand-dogs' for Christmas! What a great buy and all the dogs love them.

YUMMY! by Cat12/14/2012

My girls love these! Great healthy snack for your doggies.

AWESOME treats! by Riley from Naples, Florida02/20/2013

My dogs LOVE these treats and I love them because they are all natural and made in the USA! I don't feed my dogs anything that is not made here in the USA so to find these is a wonderful thing.

Didn't receive purchase by Donna05/23/2013

I still have not received my order of the Chickles Chicken Brest Strips, that I ordered over a month ago on 4-10-2013. Even though I called last week and was told that the order would be received into the warehouse by last Friday, and my order would be shipped. I am hoping to receive it soon.

by from 05/15/2013

never could get them, had to get duckles instead. not as happy with the duck as I would be the chicken.

DOG by isn't from asor


Featured Reviews for Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)
Love em by Mickie from Atlanta, Georgia12/17/2012

That's what both my dogs would say. Yum,yum and they are made in the USA.

Dog really loves it !! by Donna05/23/2013

Even though I have not received one of my orders, I did however receive the Chickles Duck Jerky, and my dog Frank really loves it. I will recommend this product to others. It took longer to receive than I had anticipated, but it is a good product.

Amazing product but hard to get by Dog-lover2o05/18/2013

My dog loves them but unfortunely they are on back order so we have been out for many week.

good and made in USA by anlis from ann arbor MI02/07/2013

safe and the dogs love them - I have two papillons that can be picky but they love these

Product is good by Beth05/14/2013

The dogs were okay with them - Hard to find product

Duckles Duck Jerky Strips by Breeze04/03/2013

My dogs LOVE these! The only problem with these are they the dogs get addicted to them!

RuffieZ by RuffieZ06/11/2012

Great product -- low calories, high protein, great smell, and all nature. My dog loves it.

by from 03/02/2013

Great natural product by Capt. Lee from Interlachen, Fl06/11/2013

I have 2 dogs and they are very picky!! I had tried a couple o different treats for them. I bought a small bag of duck jerk treats at a local store and they loved them. I bought Duckles and will be reordering soon. My som=in-law has a larger dog that just went blind and was having a hard time getting arround. We intruduced him to Duckles Duck Jerkey and he is doing much better getting arround. This is in itself worth the price!

unavailable by fancy from scott city, Mo06/06/2013

I love the product, my dogs Daisy and Gypsy love the Duckles they are a really good product, the problem is they are never in stock I have to wait on them. They have been back ordered twice now. But all in all I give them a good rating

best purchase by dan from everett, Wa02/24/2013

my dog has been eating the the duck treats 4 two years and then thet were no where to be found. my dog is a picky eater and when i bought her other treats she just looked at me then walked away from the treats i bought to make up for the duck treats.. not to mention my cat also eats the duck treats

Duckles by donnadee from ear, DE05/27/2013

My dog goes out of her mind for these treats

I'm picky! by Sandy08/12/2012

There are spelling errors in the text on the bags. Made me suspicious. While they are labeled as tested and approved by USDA, when I questioned this, they told me they were made in China. It does not indicate this on the packaging. Most duck products are made in China due to the reduced cost and availability of duck. Sorry, not for our girl! She was eating another brand of duck jerky and had a high liver enzyme. Not taking this chance again! Returned the product!

Great product by Day from Commerce City, CO05/30/2013

I bought this just from a picture and was very pleased with the purchase. My dog loves them. she happily sits for them.

Dog Loves These! by tutu04/21/2013

These were as advertised, dried jerky strips of duck. Although they were made in China, we had no ill effects. Dog likes them, My only complaint is that they were not available again for several weeks.

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