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Cosequin for Cats (80 capsules)

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VEAL SEALCosequin For Cats (80 capsules) is a nutritional supplement that helps cats maintain healthy joints. It has been rated the number one veterinarian-recommended joint health supplement brand. Cosequin's active ingredients include glucosamine and chondroitin, and it can have a positive impact on joint health, while avoiding the side effects that can sometimes accompany prescription drugs.

The usual starting dose, for the first 4 to 6 weeks, for cats under 10 lbs is the contents of 1 capsule sprinkled on food once a day and for cats over 10 lbs give the contents of 2 capsules sprinkled on food once a day. After 4 to 6 weeks, use a maintenance dose giving the product every other day instead of once a day.

Glucosamine hydrochloride (derived from shellfish), sodium chondroitin sulfate
(derived from bovine cartilage), gelatin, natural flavor, water,
manganese ascorbate, mixed glycosaminoglycans, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide,
FD&C Red #3, sodium lauryl sulfate, and FD&C Blue #1.

Guaranteed Analysis: (Contained in each Capsule)

Glucosamine HCL min.
125 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate min.
100 mg
Manganese (Ascorbate) min.
1 mg


Customer Reviews

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4.81 rating based on 510 reviews
Works well! by DebbieB from Austin, TX02/10/2012

One of my cats had licked all the fur off his lower back, and our vet diagnosed arthritis. We've been giving him Cosequin for Cats (per the vet's recommendation) sprinkled on canned food twice a day and although it took some time to work, after several months he stopped licking and all his fur has grown back and he seems comfortable. He even seems to like the taste of the powder!

Effective product by Reen from Laguna Hills, CA01/28/2013

I have two 13 year old cats that were beinging to get a little stiff. I also noticed them starting to have trouble getting up and moving around as freely as they use to. I know the cold weather does effect them so I spoke to my vet and she recommended the Cosequin. It took a bit to get them to eat it in their food, but that pasted in a few weeks. I use it daily for them and they now run around like kittens again. In fact they have improved so much that they have lost 4lbs each since their last vet fisit!!

Great for small dogs by Bobbo from West Pawlet, Vermont10/25/2012

I have a 5 lb chihuahua, and she has that knee bone problem that when she runs, she lefts her left leg up in the air - our Vet told us that the Cat version of the Cosaquin is great for her size. This works wonders! Great product.

Cosequin by Samie from Maine ,Me.05/09/2014

Cosequin is the one my vet said was the best for my cat. entirelypets.com has it at good $, there fast on shipping & have the same stuff as a store would.

by Isis01/16/2013

I have already recommended this product to friends who have older cats. It seems to really help their bones/joints.

Arthritic cat by Barb from Texas04/01/2013

This product's results were visible even a few days after I administered the first dose. I'm a fan and will continue to purchase for my cat.

What a great deal!! by Cheri from Venice, Florida07/25/2012

I ordered the cosequin for cats for the 2nd time. I got an even better price the 2nd time, I am thrilled, I love your super fast delivery, and the wonderful sale prices you give your customers. I told my boss who buys cosequin for his dog and he is going to start using Entirely Pets too. Thank you again for your great service.

Great product, great price by Sasha05/01/2013

I started my two cats, one 6 and one 12+ years old on this product. The older cat is now definitely more mobile. I take supplements for joint issues, I know they are helpful with similar problems in cats and dogs. This is the best price for the quantity out there.

My Kitty Seems to be Responding Favorably by Leesee10/30/2011

My geriatric kitty takes a number of supplements to help her body deal with the aging process. When it became clear that she was starting to develop arthritis in her hips I began giving her Cosequin. Although she still suffers from stiffness, the Cosequin has made a difference, because she seems more agile and steady on her feet since starting the supplement. This may not be a miracle cure, but it can be helpful. The directions say to sprinkle the contents of the capsule over the animal's food, but I just give her the whole capsule to swallow as she would never EVER eat anything after it had been "messed with." Thus far she has been able to swallow the capsule quite easily, so if your pet is finicky and you want to try the product, you also may be able to "pill them" easily enough. As long as my cat seems to be responding favorably, I will continue to purchase this product.

Arthritis pain gone by norman's mom from Northern VA10/30/2012

Before I started giving my cat Norman the Cosequin, he was obviously in some pain, especially going up and down the stairs. He is now 19.5 years old and goes up and down the stairs all the time! SO happy that there is something to help him! Thanks Cosequin!

Cosequin a Hidden Gem by hanksmom12/20/2011

Very easy to give (sprinkle on food), moisten a bit with water and serve. Has improved his ability to jump and do kitty sprints. Hank the cat recommends this highly since it makes him able to jump to all his favorite hangouts - beds and the all important window sill.

Ms P Loves it! by DMB from Virginia12/05/2013

LOVE IT! Best product to help Ms P! She was unable to jump on her favorite loveseat and now with Cosequin she jumps on the loveseat, she jumps on the bed and runs up and down the steps! Thank you Cosequin!

Great Product by Ernie from Phila. Pa03/30/2013

Great product. Exactly as advertized and best prices and service around

Cosequin for Cats by Cat Woman in MA from Boston Area11/06/2012

Vet recommended this treatment for my 11 yr old female cat who was exhibiting arthritic front leg joints. We sprinkle the contents of the capsule on her food and she seems to tolerate it well. It's hard to tell if she's feeling better. She's a quiet cat and seems to be more inclined to play than before.

A Happy Customer by Big John from Bucks County, PA04/04/2013

I was very satisfied with the price and service I received. Will use again and recommend to my friends.Other sites were more of a hassle than they were worth.

Best Arthritis rx for cats & dogs! by paisleygirl57 from Houston, Tx.10/26/2012

I had used these for my senior cats as it made it easier on them with their arthritis. For those with small dogs know they don't like to take medications. It's simple use this instead! I have 2 chihuahua's & a pomeranian who are very particular about what they eat. They won't eat it in just anything but do like it either in the aerosol dairy topping or small spoon of ice cream. I mix it in by opening the capsule & sprinkling it; they have no problem taking it.They eagerly await it in the evening!

Cosequin for Cats by LynQ08/06/2013

I have used this product before with another cat and found it helpful. I now have a 16 year old cat with joint issues, and while he hasn't taken it long enough to review its effectiveness with him, it did help my other cat.

Cosequin for Cats by Cheri from Venice, Fla.01/01/2013

I love this site for these pills, they are WAY less that half the price my vet was charging me. And even with the shipping, it was still a wonderful bargin. I will always come back to Entirely Pets for my cats needs. I recommend this site for all pet lovers.

Best Working Product Ever by "Noodle" from Lowell, MA03/13/2013

Cosequin for cats is highly recommended. It is very easy to mix into the catfood and cats eat it right up. It has worked tremendously for my cat. She has a much easier time walking around and jumping up on the beds.

Amazing product by Kat12/15/2012

I am truly amazed and surprised at how quickly Cosequin worked for my 17 year old cat! Within three days, I noticed she was much happier, playful, and agile. It seems like every day she gets even better! Also, kudos to EntirelyPets for their quick service and timely delivery!

A must have for active cats by blondie04/26/2013

I have a very active orange kitty and, at only 5 years old, he was occasionally reluctant to climb his tower. After the cosequin, he's at the top of his tower every day. I simply add the pill contents to a small amount of his crunchy food and he loves it. I will always have this for my athletic boy!

Cosequin for Cats by makeitso2010 from dayton, nv09/27/2013

this has help my older cat to feel better...she moves and can jump up on things again.

bladder problems by olmstedsheryl@yahoo.com11/27/2012

I use this for chronic bladder infections in a female cat. Sure cut down on antibiotic use. It coats her bladder.

Chemny Shows Improvement by Joe from Newport News VA10/25/2012

Again, quick service and the price is great. Our cat shows improvement since taking the medication. He's 15 and had begun just laying around on the floor. Now he's starting to jump up on counters, chairs, bookcases, etc. Still appears to be slow, but has more freedom of movement.

Great product by Linda03/06/2013

Was prescribed by my vet. My cat has hip problems and it has worked wonders.

Works Great! by sidjes from Columbus, OH04/07/2014

Works great on my 14 year old cat. Has improved his quality of life!

fantastic! by cat11/19/2012

I use this product 1 capsule 2 times a day for my 12 year old cat. He had torn a cruciate ligament a few years ago and he has severe hip dysplasia in both legs. He is doing fantastic on this!!! I can not say enough about how much it has helped him!!

best arthritis medicine!! by debbie from Woodland Hills, CA10/20/2011

next to Adequan injections, (which is THE best) this medicine is the best arthritis stuff out there. I really see a difference in my cat. ive recommended this medicine to many people.

Small Frequent Uses of Litter Box? Try Cosequin! by Pam from Saint Paul, MN12/11/2012

We have a female cat prone to this problem. Daily Cosequin helps my cat get back to normal when flare-ups occur. When things settle down, a maintenance dose can be used every other day. Just sprinkle on moist canned food. It tastes great according to our cat!

not that great by scotty47 from Hillsboro, OR06/15/2014

Product was expensive and did not help my cat at all.

Cosequin saved my dog's hip by Jan from Atlanta, Ga12/11/2012

My dog Winston couldn't barely walk when he was three. I took him to my vet. The vet took an x-ray after the exam. He told me Winston had hip dysplasia and would need a hip replacement surgery. He said to try Cosequin it might help. I did and Winston is 11 years old now and never had the surgery. A lot of people in my neighborhood have their animals on Cosequin too because of Winston's experience. All I can say is it's the best stuff ever!!!!!!!!

Good product by desertrat06/05/2013

My cats love the taste of this stuff and it seems to help with bladder irritation. One of my cats has problems (peeing in inappropriate places and had blockage once) and if I give him this regularly with mostly canned food for moisture he is okay. It should help their joints as they get older too - they are 8 and 10 now.

could be better by ralph10/31/2011

package was late paid extra for delivery sooner and the package was all damage and crushed boxes of pills... not to good.

Cosequin by Freedom02/27/2013

Great fast service abd good prices. I have 4 cats and one has to have the Cosequin daily.

No more limping!! by Molly cat from Florida10/02/2013

Molly loves Cosequin for cats! She had weakness in her hips but not anymore thanks to Cosequin. She runs around like when she was young.

Great product by Mom03/18/2014

I noticed a little over a year ago my 13 year old cat George was not jumping up on my bed or the sofa. The vet said to give George Cosequin to try and within 2 weeks he was jumping again. The vet said he has arthritis in his spine and hips. Cosequin had changed George's life.

Easy to use by lorikeffer from Kennesaw, GA10/22/2012

I give this supplement to my 20 year old cat, Lucy. I've tried various joint supplements, like pastes and pills, but my cat is very picky about what she consumes, and she did not accept the pastes and pills. However, these little capsules are perfect for her. I just open one up and sprinkle over her morning canned food and mix it in. This is a great product and I believe is helping to keep Lucy's joints in good condition. She is still able to jump up onto our bed or the couch with no problem or signs of discomfort.

Never received by Nikida from Kentucky12/03/2012

It has been a month and I have still not received my order. I called a week ago and they were going to refund my shipping cost and remail the item. Said I would have in 2 to 3 day. Guess what still have not received. I cannot wait this long for my pets medicine.

good product & price by MGoulding from MD12/11/2012

I think this supplement has really helped my middle-aged cats keep limber.

much more inexpensive than purchasing from a vets by Natedog520 from Phoenix, AZ03/13/2013

Quick delivery and inexpensive compared to the price i was paying at the vets office. My cat was peeing on my bed so i took her to the vet, was unable to afford blood work but he suggest i try Cosequin, even tho she does not have joint issues and is only 5 years old, this product has stopped her from peeing on my bed. She seems to have less pain while urinating. I highly recommend this product and this website :) We are now an extremely happy family. thx Entirely Pets

Good stuff for my senior girl by Debshvn from San Jose, CA02/01/2014

My Persian sweetheart is 16 years old. Her left knee is not attached so she has a slight limp with arthritis. I got her late in her life, last year I started her on laser therapy, Cosequin and fish oil and I swear she is like a kitten now. She flies through the air and runs and jumps like crazy. And to top it off, your website was the lowest price for this brand. I'm very happy all the way around. Thank you!

old kitty now a happy cat by katie from texas06/12/2013

my old cat, 10 yrs. old, didn't want to climb or jump until we started giving him one of these a day. we sprinkle in a little treat & he loves it. good product

Great Product by KidKats02/11/2012

This product has improved my cats overall joint health. They are able to get around with more easy and less pain.

Cosoquin-great product by Rusty Jr04/09/2013

Cosoquin is a great product. It keeps my elderly cat moving easily and painfree!!!

Cosequin for Cats (its not just for cats!) by pommom from Louisville, KY07/01/2013

This is a great product. I have been giving it to my Pomeranians for a few years now and it makes a big difference in the way they get around. My oldest one is a 12 year old puppy, still has some arthritis, but she is rarely bothered by it due to the cosequin. My other pom was rescued out of a puppy mill and she has the displaced knees, one we feel was made worse by the living conditions she suffered. However, the cosequin has been great for her too. She is more active and even runs all the time. Great product!

Amazing Product by DragonflyTreasure from Central California03/20/2013

Recommended by our vet - One of our cats had been limping, after her exam by our vet the diagnosis was arthritis (she's 10 yrs old). Even before the initial dosage. she is no longer limping. She is on themaintenance dosage now and doing well. Great product and great service.

Cosequin by babsbeck from Huntington Beach, CA03/18/2012

I definitely recommend to anyone who's cat is over the age of 5 years and is slowing down on their activity. It's not easy to diagnose arthritis in a pet unless you do x-rays. But this is a safe and harmless supplement to give, which will make your pet much more comfortable. It's a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. Only issue I've had is the cat's don't always like the taste, and may not eat as much or as well. I haven't had them refuse to eat it, but it does tend to keep him from over eating.

Great to help male cats by mcat01/29/2013

My vet recommended this product to help prevent urine crystal formation in my male cat. It seems to at least play a part. He hasn't had any more incidents for more than 5 years.

Excellent Product by vsir14 from Las Vegas NV03/22/2013

This is a great product, I can really see a difference in my pet.

Cosequin for UTI by Chris09/29/2009

Kramer (so named because he an HC cat with severe head shakes) had such terrible urinary tract infections that we considered letting him go. An English vet recommended we try cosequin because the lining of the bladder has the same makeup as the lining of the joints. This was 6 years ago. Kramer hasn't had any infections since. NONE NADA It literally saved his life.

Really does work by Tina10/25/2009

We have an older cat who was having a difficult time going up stairs and we could hear his hips joints "clicking". The vet suggested Cosequin and charged an outrageous fee for us to buy it from them ($35 a bottle!). We found it much cheaper at entirelypets.com and it has made a big difference for our cat. Within a few days of starting it (1x per day) the clicking went away and he had a much easier time going up the stairs. After a few months of daily doses, we cut it back to every other day and he is still doing great. When I am forgetful for a few days about giving him the cosequin, I can soon tell because he again limps up and down the stairs.

Best Kitty Purchase Ever by WendyRose08/13/2010

My twin cats were 10+ years and highly active when I noticed that Rusty was beginning to drag his back end and struggling to jump up. A senior check-up showed arthritis in the hips, very minor in Blackie, more advanced in Rusty . The vet recommended Cosequin and suggested I give one capsule a day to each since they ate together. The results in Rusty were dramatic. Within 2 weeks he was spry again as though there had never been a problem. Rusty died last year, but Blackie is 17 and is still as spry as a teenager. Thank you Cosequin.

by from 01/01/2013

I'm happy with the Cosequin I ordered from Entirely Pets. It came in a timely manner with no hassle. I will definitely order from you again.

Judy by from Thanks,


Great Product by Gail from Chili, NY10/26/2011

Cosequin for Cats has really helped my 16 yr old kitty with her severe osteoarthritis. We open the capsule and sprinkle it on her food every morning ... she seems to like the taste!

Very Good Product by nellie from USA11/11/2012

My cat takes this on the advice of his veterinarian to help his bladder wall. It seems to work, in concert with the other steps we're taking - diet, etc. He likes the taste of it too. I sprinkle it on moist food, & he always goes to that part of the food first.

Cat tolerates it well by Alibi from Eastern North Carolina08/21/2013

My cat has no problem eating his food with this sprinkled on it. And it has not upset his system in the least. It's been about 45 days so far and I cannot really say if the Cosequin is making him more comfortable in his joints. But, we are going to continue with it a while longer. I know he is definitely no worse and a few times I have thought he moved a bit less stiffly. He is 13.

Great Results by Chermac07/23/2013

I bought this for my 17 year old cat Gremlin. She was walking very stiffly and I could see her discomfort when she would jump off of the couch. I open the capsules and mix it in with her canned food. Gremlin is a very finicky cat and has always refused her food if there was anything added. At first she did walk away but I put less in. Now she eats her food without hesitation with one capsule mixed in her food. There is no discernable smell. After about two weeks I noticed her walking was less stiff. After a month she was jumping off of the couch without hesitation. Even my Vet recommends Cosequin. It is terrific and no side effects.

Help the elderly by colette06/11/2009

I wish I had heard of this earlier. My Keesha is 17 and although she still loves to play, her arthritis started slowing her down; I could see her discomfort. Since starting on Cosequin she is getting around much better; I'm thrilled to provide some relief for my precious cat

by from 09/25/2008

Having dealt with other online pet supply stores who had very lax customer service, I was reluctant to try another one.

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Bladder issues resolved with Consequin by Suzanne Mac from Warren, RI04/17/2013

Highly recommend this product for relief of bladder issues. Have been giving my cat 2 capsules daily sprinkled in her wet food. She has had no problems so far.

Huge improvement by MM from Poconos PA01/01/2013

I purchased Cosequin on recommendation from friend who is a vet. Within 2 weeks my 8 year old cat was able to jump easily on to the bed and her favorite chairs without having to pull herself up. Gave it to her daily for a month then every other day. I sprinkle it on her wet food and she eats it with no hesitation.

Cosequin by Kalola from Austin06/03/2012

This has turned my 17-year-old aging cat into an "almost" young cat again. She has been eating well and has a tad bit more energy around the other two cats.

by from 01/08/2013

My cat is 16 years old and has been taking Cosequin for 7 years.

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Cosequin for cats by JB09/21/2013

This product is such a wonderful help to our 13 year old cat. He can now jump on the couch without any hurting joints and is even playing now like he used to when he was much younger. Thanks for this great product. It got here quickly too!!!

revived my old cat by Nellie from florence, wi09/20/2014

Have been giving Cosequin to my large old cat for a couple of years. He moves better and just seems more active & comfortable.

by from 03/06/2013

My cat had a tough youth. He broke his elbow at some point and it never healed properly. When i adopted him from a rescue group when he was about two he walked with a limp and he couldn't bend his leg.

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Cosequin for Cats by cat owner10/30/2011

This is helping out 15-year old cat quite a bit. Our vet recommended it, after a friend mentioned it.

Does what he wants! Yeah! by KC from Redondo Beach, CA11/08/2012

I could tell the difference after only 2days..... My sweet 16 year old kitty boy had really taken a rather quick turn for the worse. I really thought he was dying and that I perhaps should put him down. The only thing my vet could figure out was that he definitely had artritis in his ankles especially. He was odviously in pain so they gave him pain killers. Although he might not have hurt as much , he was kind of stoned from the meds.Then I remember someone mentioned Cosequin. So I thought I might as well try it. I couldn't believe it ,with in two days he was walking much better. The change was quite remarkable and most days I don't even give him a pain killer, just the Cosequin seems to work great. He still has become my little old kitty now but it gives me great comfort to watch him walk around with ease. When he wants to that is , after all is he is still a cat and does what he wants.

Great price! Comparable to Dasequin (same company) by Cat Moma from California05/28/2013

Just as the title says, basically the same product as Dasequin which we had gotten from our vet for triple this price for our cat who has had a UTI! The only difference is Cosequin doesn't have soy & the avocado, which cats aren't really supposed to have avocado even though we see it in lots of foods (maybe a small amount is ok?). Anyhow, the Glucosamine & Chondroitin are the ingredients we need, specifically the Glucosamine to support his bladder health. Just like Dasequin, just easily pop open caspsule & apply to (wet) food & mix in! Per our vet we give it once a day after the inital twice a day for a few weeks. Will definitely order this product again!

cosequin for cats 80 capsules by nanny60 from Akron Ohio01/08/2013

love the price and the fast shipping. My vet recomended this product to replace monthly shots for my cat that had a urinary infection. works great cat has no problem with eating her dry food with the capsule sprinkled over the food.

Cosequin for Cats WORKS! by Gailski10/16/2012

Our cat (Alexander the Great) is 16 years old and is a large cat. He has been taking Cosequin sprinkle capsules with his food twice a day for a few years now and it really works! He has arthritis in his leg joints (front & back) and this product has been a miracle for him. He moves around much better now and is in excellent health. It supposedly tastes like tuna and he likes it! I sprinkle it on his wet food and there is no problem. Great product!!

Coseqin for Cats - Terrific by mrsmaz from Peabody, Ma01/29/2012

Our cat was recently diagnosed with arthritis. Cosequin has given us our "kitten" back - thank you!

Excellent Product! by jaxaunt00 from Mason, Ohio05/18/2013

This has helped my 12 yr old kitty so much! He was limping, not able to jump, and within two weeks on this product, he's like a kitten again! I recommend it highly!

Makes a difference for those old knees by Faithful User from IL02/15/2012

We have been using Cosequin for our 17 year old Siamese for over 2 years now and it really does work for her. We certainly recommend to any owner with an older cat - it has helped keep her healthy and happy. She'll even race the hallway occasionally and has't given up stair.

Awesome product by bubblepoplop from Singapore07/14/2014

Within the use of one bottle, my cat is no longer limping as badly anymore - we assumed the limping was due to possible arthritis.

by from 01/29/2013

Good price, fast delivery. by Wallace04/08/2013

Price was one half the price from the animal hospital, and received product in 2 days.

Super Palatable and Works Too! by Marie from New York12/27/2011

I just sprinkle this in a little bit of meat baby food (no onion of course) and it is my senior cat's favorite treat. So she is able to move better, jump on the bed, and groom herself more easily, while I feel good giving her something she really likes every day.

Cosequin for Cats Works by DEB from Montgomery, IL10/23/2013

We have a 9 yr. old female cat, Callie, with bad knees and Cosequin was recommended by our Vet. It has helped her immensely. She does not limp hardly at all and does not seem to be in any pain. She has taken Cosequin since she was a kitten. So glad we found this because the alternative was very expensive surgery. I would HIGHLY giving Cosequin a try.

Good for cats arthritis by Sue10/23/2012

My cat has arthritis and needs Cosequin so she can walk. She has been taking this medication for years and she has not limped at all since she started taking them.

Senior Bliss by KatMom from Olympia, WA12/15/2011

I have used this product for a couple of years now for my senior kitty. Artemus is now 17 years old and has arthritis. I put one capsule in his food twice a day and has made a dramatic different. He moves more, can still jump on low surfaces, (like the height of a coffee table), and I believe he is more comfortable. If you wonder when to start using this product, I go by when a cat starts missing their jumps. They may be having joint pain and/or stiffness and Cosequin helps. Check with your vet, of course.

Best deal EVER by Cheri from Venice, Florida05/31/2012

I purchased the Cosequin for Cats 80 capsules, at a great deal. Less than 1/2 what my vet charged me for the 1st bottle. And yes less than the other pet sites. And that INCLUDES the shipping. And it was delivered to my door, in 4 days. WONDERFUL. I will definately be ordering from Entirely Pets again.

This really works for Cats. by loumotes from Spring Valley, IL.10/27/2012

I have tried this product before for my 10 year old cat and it really helps with his Arthritis. The Price on this was very reasonable and I will be purchasing more in the future.

by from 11/14/2012

I use this product off-label, recommended by my vet. My cat Zinnie, co-founder of my pet sitting company AZ Pawsitively Pets, has a urinary stone problem, not arthritis.

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Cat doing much better by Madelyn from San Antonio, TX03/11/2012

Our 12 year old cat is doing much better after using Cosequin for about three months now. X-ray showed he had arthritis.

Cosequin!! by Nick from Hudson, WI11/06/2012

Cosequin brought my cat back to normal and is now part of his daily meal!!

Good product, good price by Kittymom11/03/2011

I'm pleased with the speedy delivery and obviously fresh product, the price was good too! Getting ready to re-order right now.

great product by none from Wellston, Ohio08/22/2012

I have a 20 lb. long haired black cat. He's my best friend and i love him very much. At 14 yrs old ..he's been suffering with joint pain and could'nt jump up on things like he used too...he cries when he jumps, I've been giving him Cosequin for cats for about 3 wks. now and he seems to be feeling much better and is getting around much better! Thank You, entirely Pets for this great product! I'll be visiting your site more in the future! Thanks again, Judy S.

Love the Price by BMDROSARIO from Plymouth, Minnesota06/28/2013

I have three older cats and I give them the Cosequin for their joints and inflammation issues. I put it in some canned food and they eat it right up. If I get it from the pet store it's twice as expensive and you only get 55 tabs. Great product at a great price.

Great supplement by Becky from Illinois05/23/2013

I've been giving this to my cat for awhile. Things got hectic & I found myself forgetting to add it to her food and she started limping again. Once I started giving it again on a regular basis, she no longer limps & runs around like a silly girl.

Cosequin helps more than joints by Annabeth from Illinois02/11/2012

This product was first prescribed for our cat for bladder problems. As a male cat, he had quite a bit of trouble which culminated in major surgery. The vet said that the ingredient in Cosequin had been found to be beneficial for the lining of the bladder. They felt it kept the lining smoother so that bacteria could not stay around long enough to produce an infection. Though he has not had a bladder infection for over two years, we keep giving this to him as a preventative measure.

Cosequin for cats by Pet Lover02/04/2013

This product works great for my cats. Even my picky cat cannot detect the chicken flavor in her soft food. The vet recommends Cosequin for UIT's that both of my cats have had in the past. No UTI's since they began taking this RX over two years ago. :-)

Good Product for my cat by katzenlubber from St. Louis, MO04/14/2014

My male Persian cat is 8 years old and my vet suggested preventive care for his joints. He seems even more energetic now and he can really run and jump like a kitten. He is very picky about what he will eat, but I sprinkle the powder in with his wet food and he ate it right from the start. He's been on this about four months now. I will continue to get him this supplement. I give him one capsule every other day as he is a small cat.

by Shanna08/06/2013

I've been using Cosequin for years for my cats, dogs and other creatures. It definitely helps with arthritis.

Great Value by Ern from Phila. Pa07/17/2013

This is the same cosequin I once paid $35.00 for at my vet. Unbelievable deal, same great product.

by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York02/08/2012

My veterinarian recommended this product for my cat and it has done wonders for his arthritis. He also has a dislocated hip and has been moving around much better since taking this. The instructions are to take every other day once the initial 5 week period but it works best when given daily. My cat has been on this for years, miss a day and I see a difference.

Light in the tunnel by NanC from AZ03/16/2012

My 12 year old Siamese mix was having pain in her hips and was biting herself and her people. She has had several cortisone injections but they only last for a limited time. Her Vet suggestioned giving her daily Cosequin supplements. After two weeks of two capsules a day, I do notice a difference in her behavior and range of movement. This is a big plus in our lives.

Indoor cat by Blugardenia from SF01/12/2014

Old indoor cat who I thought was goners before going on these. He wasn't eating, couldn't go upstairs, was messing outside of the litterbox and not jumping on the counter. He is now a different cat! He is back to doing all of the above. Pretty miraculous difference. He gets it mixed once a day in his wet food. We are so happy that he's using another one of his nine lives!

More than just for joints! by Kelly from NC07/27/2013

I bought this in place if a much more expensive Dasequin from the Vet's. It was prescribed for the bladder inflammation my cat had due to cystitis. (crystals in the bladder). The cosequin had the very same ingredients! It worked very well, as I was shown in a follow-up ultrasound. He has been on it for almost a year. Now that he is better, I decided sense he is 9 or 10 yrs. old, I would keep him on it for his joints, in hopes that he won't have arthritis as he gets older. The instructions say once results are reached, you can go down to every other day, so that is what I now do.

Cosequin for Cats by Kim02/24/2012

This has been a great product for our dog. Yes, dog. She is only 7 lbs. She was rescued from a puppy mill where she was a breeder. She has bad knee displaysia in one leg and some in the other, made worse by where she was. This product has reallly helped her and she evens runs. I am sure she feels better too!

Great product by Petey's Mom from Hollywood, FL07/08/2014

I have always used this brand for my older cats with great results. They each seemed a lot more perky and agile once I got them on this product. On a side note, Entirely Pets ships so incredibly fast: I think I ordered Saturday and it was on the porch on Monday! I didn't even run out. Fabulous.



great product by Mandimae from Phoenix, AZ12/26/2012

great product, my 13 year old Siamese mix would hobble when walking, this is helping her joint pain.

works wonders by britishbabe03/13/2012

our 20 year old japanese bobtail cat {TOPAZ} was walking around like he had a broken leg, of course he didnt... and after a week he was walking a lot better, not exactly running around like a spring chicken of course, but non the less a lot better that he was before adding Cosequin to his food

Cosequin for Cosmo Cat by Kitty from Fort Myers, FL05/03/2013

I have been getting Cosmo's Cosequin from his Vet and it has helped him tremendously. I went on line looking to see where else I could get the product and found EntirelyPets. You saved me a lot of money and the delivery was so fast I couldn't believe it. I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future.

Great price by Cat lover10/23/2012

I was pleasantly surprised to see the low cost of the Cosequin. It was about half the price my vet charged me. I will definitely buy it again.

Cosequin by Zenny Beazley from Virginia Beach, Virginia01/29/2013

We have a cat Pepper and she will be 19 April 15 2013 and it just seems that adding Cosequin to daily diet must have helped Her mobility and bladder for the last several years to now and many more.If anything It can't hurt to try. MEOW Zenny

Good for urinary tract issues by XIM from Michigan01/02/2013

One of our female cats is prone to urinary tract infections (UTI's). Cosequin, combined with special food and increased water intake, has helped to keep her UTI-free. She did have a scary flare-up a few months ago and we added cranberry powder to her regimen.

Perfect for a Senior Cat's Aches and Pains by Twinsmom from Oregon10/23/2011

I began using Cosequin for Cats for my now-17-year-old cat about 4 years ago. I'd known the product since using it with horses and my arthritic dog, and wondered if it would help a rickety kitty. After about ten days, we were all commenting that our cat was moving more easily and seemed less stressed in general. I continue to dress his evening meal of canned food with the contents of a single capsule of Cosequin and recommend other pet owners try it as well.

product works as advertised by Dick08/01/2013

The Cosequin for Cats was necessary for my two older cats, one with arthritis and the other with a torn ACL. Very easy to administer, just sprinkle onto their food and mix it in. Both are doing very well since starting the Cosequin.

by from 12/10/2012

Your website was easy to access and your product arrived promptly.

Hoboken Chicken by West Coast from Thank

Great service

Cosequin for Cats ( 80 capsules) by Brenda01/31/2012

A most wonderful product. My cat of 13 years was suffering from Arithitis and was barely able to walk. And was very lathargic. My vet proscribed Cosequin for Cats and 6 weeks later she was up and about. Then I found your web site and found I could get the very same product at 1/2 the price. Both Snowwhite (my cat) and my self thank you for this wonderful product. She now has a quality of life that I thought she had lost. Thank you again.

She acts young again! by MOLLYSISSY06/16/2012

My 14 year old cat runs and plays again now that she is on Cosequin for cats.

Cosequin for Cats (80 capsules) by Gordius1 from Upstate NY03/14/2012

We have an older cat. Our vet advised use of these capsules. Our cat seems to tolerate the capsules well and is still quite agile at over 12 years of age. Price and shipping are also very good.

by BPH02/22/2013

I had been purchasing Cosequin (for cats) from my veterinarian. Her price and the price at one of the two national chains were commiserate with one another. Out of frustration, I did a web search and stumbled upon the Entirely Pets website. I never heard of them, and was a little scared, but made the purchase anyway. I recently completed my 2nd purchase, and am very happy with Entirely Pets. My cat is 12 1/2 years old, has arthritis in both elbows, and loves the Cosequin mixed in with a tablespoon of wet food. Between the Cosequin and the Hill's joint food, he's doing well.

Helps more than the joints by Pat02/27/2014

My vet recommended this product for bladder problems for two of my cats. They have found it keeps the lining of the bladder moist which helps to keep it healthy. It surprised me. I have been using it for 7 years on all my cats and have not had any bladder problems with even my senior cats. This is unusual. The joint benefit is a given and they still all (7 seniors) act like youngsters.

cosequin works...for awhile by pluckycat01/29/2013

i feel that this product initially helped my 16 yo cat. she was walking stiffly, not moving as she used to and hiding instead of being her socially demure self. with my vet's blessing i started her on cosequin, sprinkling a capsule on her food daily. it seemed to work for a couple of months but i'm finding that she's, once again, walking stiffly and hiding instead of being social. i think its time to get her vet to prescribe her something for kitty arthritis. i'll continue to give her this product, if my vet feels that it will aid in cartilage growth and maintenance.

by from 07/02/2012

I have two cats, however, only one of them will eat this product on his food. I have been using it for the past two years. Before he started to take it, he was limping. Now, he has no more limp. It was recommended by my vet.

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will continue this product by bev from florida10/10/2011

my old boy seems to be less stiff and walks a little easier. i hope he's in less pain. i will keep using the two capsules daily.

Much less expensive than at the vets by Shelly10/26/2012

I have tried this product before, and purchased it from my Vet, for alot more $. Thank you so much, it helps my older cat move around so much easier.

Takes a while to see results by Morrowtomorrow from Fuquay Varina, NC02/06/2014

Recommended by the vet. Sprinkle over food everyday. It takes a few months to see results. Finally, after 3months.

Cosequin for Cats by pommom08/10/2012

I actually use this product for my Pomeranians. It works beautifully. I recommend it to my friends that have toy dogs that have joint problems.

Cosequin for kitties by Shorty09/09/2013

Best price I could find and love the flat shipping rate!

Cat won't say... by Lynn from Quitman, TX11/28/2012

I've been giving this product to my 17+ year old Tonkinese but she isn't fond of the flavor and doesn't seem to be any better or worse than before which means she can still jump the four feet from the island to the bar.

cosequin by tom jo11/30/2012

makes mrs. b...one very happy cat..thank you for having it in stock

Cosequin Capsules by Jude from Chicago, IL11/13/2013

My senior cat, Alexander, is now around 15 yrs. of age and that's why I giver him this product. He seems to run around more now since being on Cosequin. My younger cat, age 9, gets it sprinkled on her food, also.

Easy and vet recommended by Melb from Athens, ga04/04/2013

Have been sprinkling a capsule on my cat's food for years. So easy and works and so much cheaper here than at the vet's or the local pet store. I also appreciate the fast shipping and good prices on other items. So nice to get a deal on shipping, too. Thank you Entirely Pets!

Urinary track health by Fuffy from Las Vegas, Nevada12/29/2012

Our vet suggested adding the contents of 2 capsules per day to our male cat's canned food who has a history of urinary track infections.

Good product by elke from Arkansas05/29/2014

My male cat has had this for years, vet recommended for urinary tract difficulties. I think it has definitely helped keep such problems in check and would recommend it for all male cats.

Highly recommend!! by Bubby from Coventry, Rhode Island09/28/2013

We have an aging cat who started limping - we thought he had a foot injury but it turned out to be arthritis. Our vet recommended Cosequin which we give Tommy twice daily in his food. It took about 2-3 weeks before we noticed a difference and now he is walking normally on all four paws and thriving. Great product! Highly recommended.

It seems to work!!! by ivelinas77 from Atlanta,GA09/09/2013

I am not review person at all. Long story short is my cat had a terrible limp . I came across EntirelyPets website and read all of the reviews for this product. Delivery was excellent . I haven not use the whole bottle yet ,but my "baby" loves it and the limp is way better. I will keep giving her Cosequin and will re-order as well. Thank you!

Cosequin by No Nickname01/19/2012

I started my 14-year-old black male cat on Cosequin and within 1 month I think he was walking better and having his frisky runs through the house occasionally. I plan to keep him on Cosequin.

Geriatric kitty gives it 4 paws up by Lovethemkitties from Vancouver, WA11/13/2012

Hi! My name is Maudie and I'm 15 years old in people years. I weighng 7-1/2 pounds right after eating. I get a dose of Cosequin mixed with my wet food every day during the Fall and Winter, because the damp weather here in the Pacific Northwest makes my back end painful when I have to jump up onto a chair or down from the sofa back. With Cosequin, I can run like heck from my younger, male housemate, spin on a dime to hiss at him, and leap like a kitten into my hidey hole and laff my tail off, all without any arthritis pain to meow of. My mommy says that Cosequin is great to help me feel my senior best, and she should be able to relate to that ! The price here at Entirely Pets beats everywhere else, so try it and make your little ole kitties happy!

I swear by this by Annzo from Long Island, NY03/26/2014

I have a cat that suffers with a great deal of artritis pain and can hardly get down to sit some days. This was recommended by my vet and it is a God sent. The cat now takes 3 of these a day, but it does help him get around the house with less pain. He will be 18 next month and with age comes more problems Cosequin definitely helps.

by Lori130 from New Mexico10/25/2011

This really seems to help my cat with his arthritic hips. I can mix it in with his food and he eats it up.

by Skeeter from Bessemer City, NC07/30/2012

This product was recommended by the vet for one of my cats with a crystal issue, blocking his urethra. This product has help prevent the crystals and also is helping with their joints, both cats are 8 years old now, they play like they are kittens again.

Love Entirely Pets by risajune from Detroit, MI07/22/2012

My Gus is a 7 year old grey Tabby that was diagnosed with cystic bladder when he was one. He was told that using Cosequin was the best treatment for his symptoms. I was not believing when they told me that but figured I would give it a try. It is like night and day!!!! Most vets offices will charge $40-$50 dollars for a twenty day supply so I went online and found Entirely Pets. With their great prices and easy website, I would recommend them to anyone.

Poor Shebe by Madelyn from San Antonio, Texas10/23/2012

Our poor Shebe is a 12 year old Russian Blue who has arthritis in his hip. It was hard for him to jump up and down on things and often limped when he walked. The Cosequin has really helped him. The vet suggested it a year ago but charged us more than I pay for my arthritis meds. We started buying it at Entirely Pets and now Shebe is much happier and so are we.

by from 08/08/2013

Product was recommended by my veterinarian after mentioning my older cat was having difficulty jumping up onto her usual spots - she seems to have lost some flexibility/strength/mobility in her back legs.

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nice product by funta from Los Angeles10/30/2011

I bought it for my 9-year-old cat who was diagnosed arthritis. After she is taking "cosequin" every day, she become more active; jumping on the sofa, climbing to the cat tower, running in the room.

Good Product by Cat07/27/2012

Seems to be helping with joint movement.

Greatest buy! by Kori07/02/2011

My cat Scooter had crystals in her urine and my vet sold me Cosequin for Cats so I could sprinkle it on her food. The cost was 3 times what I can buy it for at Entirely Pets! I buy all my pets supplements from Entirely Pets. I love the monthly specials and how quickly my products arrive. Thank you so much!

Can't be without this! by salandry from The South12/12/2011

I have 3 cats, 2 with joint injuries from the past. I read about this and asked my Vet and he said he highly recommends Cosequin for cats. My cats have been taking this for at least 2 years now and they are doing great. I just sprinkle a capsule every morning on their dry food and they love it. Others state it helps with bladder issues also. Entirely Pets has the lowest cost that I have found, so I always buy it here.

motion magic by Dan06/24/2013

My 18 yr old kitty was feeling her age and having difficulty climbing stairs. My Vet suggested Cosequin for Cats and my cat was moving around a lot more vigorous after about a week. This remains part of her daily diet of one capsule mixed in her food daily.

Huge Pills by Dorothy from Virginia02/12/2013

This item was advertised as easy for cats to eat. Unfortunately, these pills were huge. My cat just smelled them and walked away. Even when I broke them up, she was not interested. When I ordered them, I was under the impression that they were easy for a cat to eat. Since I had opened them, I did not send them back. I did find a small chewable, soft supplement at a pet store nearby. I don't recommend these :(

GREAT deal by littlebear03/25/2012

I was paying almost twice as much for Cosequin which keeps my 17 year old cat going. It was great to find your web site and be able to purchase Cosequin as such a reasonable price. I've passed along this info to all of my friends with animals, both dog and cat. Now I'm going to place an order for Frontline in stead of buying it from my vet. Thank you.

An important part of Spookys' regimen by Mad Dog11/17/2011

Spooky, an eight year old Tuxedo is suffering from arthiritis in the hips and knees. She is Polydactyl and double jointed. Her Patella poorly track and can be easily taken out of alignment. We were looking at $3000.00 and isolation in a small room for about a year for two surgerys with no guarantees. I give Spooky monthly injections of Adequan and a daily dose of Cosequin and she is moving freely, pretty much without pain. She was having pain daily and had limitied movement. She was having trouble jumping because of pain.

Cosaquin by drdale01/01/2013

Super Price and Super Service and all the rest of that stuff too to make the minimum number of characters which is really dumb.

Cosequin for Cats by Carol from Raleigh, NC02/15/2014

We gave this to our 20 year old cat for the last few years when she started having problems with arthritis in her legs. The results were amazing and she was able to get on our laps again without having to be picked up. She recently passed and we are giving the Cosequin to our 16 year old cat as a preventive measure.

Excellent arthritis relief by mcarel from Washington DC07/29/2013

My cat had difficulty putting weight on his front leg due to arthritis. With the help of cosequin, he now prances like a kitten. Mix it in with wet food, and the cats never know.


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