• Dechra Dentees Chews (12 oz)

    Dechra Dentees Chews (12 oz)

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    Works Great With BoniesDechra Dentees Chew is a all natural, multifunctional treat that is good for your pets teeth and breath. Dechra Dentees is the first and only patent protected limited antigen treat to provide dental care benefits in one nutritious enjoyable chew:

  • Irresistible taste
  • Brightens teeth
  • No beef or beef byproducts
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Created by a board-certified veterinary dentist & other expert veterinarians
  • Improves digestibility
  • Limited Antigen for allergic dogs

  • Dentees can be given to your dog twice a day and is intended for dogs over 6 months old.

    Dechra Dentees doesn't contain: artificial coloring, synthetic preservatives, plastics or other inert ingredients.

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    Dental Chews by JMJU from Chester, NY01/20/2014

    My 12 year old Labrador loves the Dentee Chews. I have offered other dental chews in the past and she seems to like the Dermapet product the best. I tell her to "brush her teeth" after each meal, and she knows that she is getting her favorite treat.

    Smell is good by Hyangdan11/22/2011

    My puppy doesn't enjoy it very much since it's not a snack type but she has it enough to keep her teeth healthy.

    Great product by sledog06/05/2012

    Great product but getting more expensive

    wonderful by sandy04/26/2014

    My dog is a Dalmatian species. im korean customer. Like chewing gum. This gum is a low-allergy-free, color free, hydrolyzed protein, and I can feed without fear. Insufficient amount of eating too well.

    Finally, fresh breath by Chris08/12/2013

    DenTees is the only product we've found that keeps Olive's breath fresh.

    Great Dental Treat by Pet Ma10/29/2011

    Although the DermaPet Dentees Chews are a bit pricey, I think they're worth the price. They keep our Jack Russell busy for a least a couple of minutes. Since she has moderate skin allgeries most treats don't set too well with her. But these ones seem to "agree" with her.

    Best Product Ever by Sunny in Florida from The Villages, Florida10/22/2012

    Our dog is 9 years old, she gets 1 Dentee Chew everyday...She has NEVER had to have her teeth cleaned by the vet. Her vet is always commenting on how great her teeth are. I recommend these too all my dog friends.

    Absolutely the best! by Dogmom from Virginia01/23/2013

    Our vet gave these as treats in his office when our dog was a pup. 8 years later our dog is still getting one a day. He'd eat the whole bag if he could. Our vet always comments on our dog's teeth but a month ago we saw a different vet in the office. She didn't believe that an 8 year old had teeth like a 2 year old. These chews are the only thing different that our other dogs didn't get to eat.

    Great product! by Ellie09/19/2013

    I received a free sample for my furry four-legged canine at the veterinarian. He loved it. So, I decided to find Dentees online and ordered a supply. He now looks forward to getting this special treat before I go out for awhile. No stress when I leave and they are beneficial for his breath and teeth. Just ordered another supply plus Dentee stars.

    Not yet received by sled dog11/03/2011

    Product has yet to be delivered. Still on order. Apparently not yet delivered

    by lab & rott08/06/2013

    found out about these from the vets office....they actually take my rott. way more chews then other treats and for whatever reason he does not just swallow it whole. As for my lab/whippet, she is a lazy chewer but she loves to spend time with these treats. not too hard .... not too soft

    Should have read the ingredients before buying by tmg from Chicago Suburb02/09/2012

    I threw them in the garbage. It was my fault for not reading the label. If I had, I would have seen that the first ingredient is PROCESSED WHEAT GLUTEN!!! YUK!

    Good chew by teddy from Florida06/29/2012

    My dog is limited in food intake choice because of allergies and sensitivities. She eats these as readily as she used to eat her until now favorite chews. Since she is a very large dog, over #100, a larger size would be nice for her.

    Nice treat at a nice price! by Trixie's mom from Canton, Ohio05/26/2013

    My 20 pound dog looks forward to getting the DermaPet Dentees Chews to "brush" her teeth after her dinner. I ordered several dental cleaning products after paying $400 for a dental cleaning a couple months ago and these were paws up her favorites.

    not happy by embee01/11/2014

    placed the order on a friday received an order confirmation, after a week realized i'd not received a shipped confirmation so i emailed them and then called them. was informed it was shipping that day 7 days later...i asked if i could cancel and they said no, just return when received. they did not send me return information so i had to call and get a RA#, nothing ever in writing, no confirmation they are processing the return, i'm just hoping i get my money back.

    Very GooD by eeppunya06/04/2012

    Above all, the dogs really like this product. Palatability is the best! Robust and more effective in removing calculus seems to be. "dentees chew want?" If a word uproar uproar dogs. I have a pretty large size of a thick, cut in half is fed to the dogs. Does not contain any harmful ingredients are products. Therefore, the dogs love a product that is worth every penny. Then again, I sure will buy this product.

    by DRG03/07/2013

    Our dogs love these! Even our picky pup grabs hers. They're not long lasting, but also not something they eat in seconds.

    our dogs go crazy by daisydue from TEXAS12/18/2013

    they love this product soon as they finish there morning meal its to the prantry sit in frony of it till one of us get ther bone.it keep their teeth so clean & white. best stuff ever.thanks

    Finally - A great chewy! by rg from Maryland06/19/2012

    I have a Cairn terrier that is very picky about what he chews and, consequently, I have had problems keeping his teeth clean. He loves these chews!!! All I have to do is wave it in front of his nose and he comes running. It has done a great job cleaning his molars up, which needed it the most. Thanks DermaPet Dentees.

    Cameron's favorite by HR from North Carolina02/17/2013

    This product was recommended by Cameron's vet and it is his favorite nighttime treat. Come 7pm he is sitting in front of me, staring at me Sheltie style until I go retrieve one of his "goodies."

    Dentees Chews by sukij from Mountain View, CA12/31/2012

    My dog absolutely loves these chews and they have been great at keeping my dog's teeth clean and free of tarter. It would be great if they came in a larger size bage.

    Can't be without these by marcia07/15/2013

    My dogs love these. My vet recommended them because my dogs both have allergies and I have to be very careful about what I give them for treats. Not only are these good for allergic dogs, they also keep their teeth clean. I give them to my dogs every day.

    Can't live without them by The Queen of Everything from Laguna Beach, CA08/04/2014

    We have four Havanese. They Love Dentees! A wonderful treat that cleans their teeth. What could be better. Buying on-line is so easy and a good buy.

    Dentees Chew by Linda01/27/2008

    We give our 12 year old Springer one dentee a day. She no long needs to have her teeth cleaned at the Vet once a year. The savings pays for the Dentees and is so much safer than the going through the ordeal of getting her teeth professionally cleaned.

    Dogs love these by Clara from NC07/06/2014

    All five of my dogs, 1year old and up love these. Only issue is they are all very tough chewers and nothing lasts longer than 5 minutes!

    Best teeth cleaning product ever by gainesville gal from Gainesville, Fl07/23/2012

    My dog who is 9,,she has had the dentees chews since she was little,,,NEVER had her teeth cleaned by a vet, and they are always amazed on how great her teeth look and she never has doggie breath...All my dog friends use this product and everyone should.

    big dog like them by Jinger from san jose ca02/10/2010

    My little dog didn't seem to care for them maybe it is the shape and her not having too many teeth. But out bigger dog Skylar likes them they are good for her special dietary needs too.

    treat dogs love by shenandoah11/08/2011

    My dogs enjoy the dentees and cets strips. I feel it helps keep their teeth healthy.

    Great Teeth Cleaning Bone by Sukij from Bay Area02/28/2012

    Doc says this product is one of the reasons my dog's teeth are in such excellent shape.


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