• Denamarin 225 mg for Dogs (75 Tabs)

    Denamarin 225 mg for Dogs (75 Tabs)

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    contains SAMe which markedly increases liver glutathione levels, a potent antioxidant. SAMe also helps protect liver cells from cell death and may help cell repair and regeneration. Denamarin also has Silybin, the most active part of an extract from milk thistle. Silybin acts as an antioxidant and stimulates the flow of bile through the liver to aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients from your pet's diet. Silybin also helps with liver cell regeneration and may enhance levels of glutathione, the liver's major "detoxifying" agent.

  • Supports healthy liver function by raising antioxidant levels
  • Silybin aids digestion and absorption of nutrients from your pet's diet
  • No known side effects
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    Usage Information

    What are Denamarin Chewable Tablets?
    Denamarin Chewable Tablets are a nutritional supplement containing S-Adenosylmethionine (225 mg) and Silybin (24 mg) to provide a multi-faceted approach to liver support.

    How it works:
    Denamarin combines pure S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) with Silybin to provide a one-two punch to keep your pets liver healthy. Silybin supports the flow of bile through the liver which helps with the digestion and absorption of nutrients from your pet's diet. Silybin also helps to regenerate liver cells and may enhance levels of glutathione, an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from toxins such as free radicals.

    Store in a cool dry place, not to exceed 86F.

    Pet Weight Dosage
    Dogs: Up to 6 lbs Give tablet
    7-15 lbs Give tablet
    16-30 lbs Give 1 tablet
    31-45 lbs Give 1 tablets
    46-60 lbs Give 2 tablets
    61-75 lbs Give 2 tablets
    76-90 lbs Give 3 tablets
    91-105 lbs Give 3 tablets
    Over 105 lbs Give 4 tablets


    Active Ingredients (per tablet):
    S-Adenosylmethionine 225 mg
    Silybin A+B 24 mg

    Customer Reviews

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    Vet recommended by Barkie from Los Angeles01/02/2013

    My vet advised I give these to my dog to help with her liver. So far so good. I put them into the pill pockets and she gets one every day. If your dog's not picky, he will chew the tablet as they are chewable which is easier to feed them.

    Denamarin 225 mg chewables for dogs (75 tabs) by Tamster5659 from Syracuse, NY11/28/2012

    Although the Denamarin brand is very effective to help support my dog's liver function, he will NOT eat these chewables. Given the expense of buying these, I am crushing them up and mixing them with moist food so they will not go to waste. I will order the regular Denamarin next time and pop in a pill pocket. Note: these chewables are huge!

    Thankful this works by Pupper from Indianapolis09/30/2013

    Three or four years ago, our dog had a pancreatic attack which through her liver enzymes out of whack. They've never come back to normal range, but using this stuff as directed keeps them from going haywire. It also seems to help her digestion so that she can process her food better. She's on a grain-free diet.

    by from 11/15/2012

    We had been giving our dog the "capsule" version of Denamarin, but he would not swallow it, especially when he didn't feel good (tried peanut butter, etc.). Our vet recommended we try the chewable version. He now takes the pill like a treat with no trouble. In addition, we only have to give him half of the chewable pill for his weight, so we are saving money over the capsule version.

    with by email from specialAs


    Works as advertised by Stump Jumper from Colorado Mountains01/02/2013

    My dog had stage 4 lymphoma 4 years ago and as a result his lymph nodes and blood numbers were all messed up. After Chemo, surgery, and radiation the cancer is in now in remission but the dog had high liver problems he was placed on this by my Vet and measuring blood number have been dropping(a good thing) for last three follow up exams.

    Great liver support by Irma07/23/2013

    Great product, my dog has epilepsy and takes drugs that are harmful to the liver. Had high enzymes and started this supplement and after one month they were back to normal. Highly recommended. Also best prices and fast shipping make Entirely Pets the best place to purchase. Thank you

    denmarin tabs by gentlman4u from Mississippi06/07/2013

    received very fast and dog loves them. she waits for the pill every morning as a treat before breakfast

    Worked great by abbibear10/30/2013

    At his annual exam in 2012, my 50+ lb. dog had one liver enzyme slightly elevated. This year in 2013, that enzyme was up a little more and also another one was elevated. His veterinarian prescribed a 30-day regimen of Denamarin 225 and then a second liver panel to see what the readings would be. We just had the second test last week. The second elevated enzyme is now normal and the first one is still elevated but not as much. Our vet was pleased and said we will just continue to monitor his levels at his next annual exam. The Denamarin worked great.

    Denamarin Chewables by Melissa from NJ04/10/2014

    My 16 year old dog, Sable, has been on Denamarin for elevated liver enzymes for the past 2 years. I decided to try the chewable form as the pill doesn't always seem to digest (she's vomited several hours after taking the pill and the entire pill would be in what comes up). I thought the chewable might help lower her enzymes more. However, she does not want anything to do with the tablets. As it must be given on an empty stomach, I cannot grind them into food. She refuses to take them unless I wrap pieces of the pill up in soft food. I'm hoping this doesn't defeat the purpose, since she has to have food to take it. I will see what her next bloodwork shows to decide whether I would purchase the chewables again or if I will go back to the pills. Denamarin as a whole is an awesome product, just not as convenient to administer as I would like.

    VET recommended by DjembeMc from Oregon03/09/2013

    Recommended for liver protection for senior huskie on prednisone regimin for a cancer. Pet doing well.

    made a difference by Dawn from sc11/06/2013

    My dog, age 13, went to get blood tests so she could get her teeth cleaned. The liver function numbers came back really high. I had more tests done and put her on Denamarin. After three months number was down a lot...not normal, but much better.

    by Mikey11/07/2012

    We have been using this product for five years for our dog's liver problems.

    Excellent by GoldenGirl from New York, NY02/05/2013

    Easy for my Golden to take every day. She has been on it for a year now. Entirely Pets has the best prices and discounts!

    by Di from PA12/10/2012

    My dog loves the chewable denamarin -- it's her early a.m. treat! Plus her liver levels have greatly improved.

    Good product, however! by Taysmimi from Orange County, CA08/17/2014

    I had to return the chewable form of the product and get the tablet as my dog.refused to eat the chewable anymore. Received an RA # to return the unopened bottle three weeks ago and they still had not processed my credit as of yesterday. Bad business considering all of the business I give them!

    Great product by MTSUgrad2004 from Huntsville, AL11/06/2012

    The Denamarin chewable tables are reducing my schnauzer's AKLP level. The 75 tablet product choice helps me save money and far less expensive than purchased from the Vets office. The tablet will be taken my mouth with no hesitation and no pill pocket needed. I will continue to purchase this product at this money saving price.

    Great Supplement by Doug from West Palm Beach, Fl01/31/2015

    My dog has elevated liver numbers. The vet recommended Denamarin. It is helping with the problem...and it's less expensive through Entirely Pets.

    great! by sharky04/16/2013

    i give this to my dog every day. her liver values still go up and down a bit, but i think this helps. my vet also recommended supplementing with fish oil. i cut this in 4 pieces since my dog is small, and she loves the taste.

    Denamarin by glinda from Little Falls, MN02/25/2014

    We have not used this product for very long but it is possible that my dog's liver values are better because of it. Recent tests showed improvement. This is good.

    Denamarin by Terry ANn from Bothell, WA06/13/2013

    Very disappointed as I unknowingly ordered chewables and my dog cannot take them, so I am out almost $90 and entirely pets would not help me out because I had opened the bottle. I thought i had ordered the tablets because it SAID tablets on it. They could have at l east offered me a coupon code. Too much money to waste....I do not have this kind of money to throw away.

    Denamarin 225 mg by Ginny from Beverly Hills, California03/12/2013

    My great old dog, Reggie, has been on this medication for more than a year and I feel that it is helping to maintain him. Thank goodness. Reggie will be 12 years old in June.

    Denamarin helps by CALILADY from Porter Ranch, CA05/28/2013

    My dog was born with a liver shunt and surgery was not able to current the problem. She's been on Denamarin and Royal Canin hepatic. She is now 6 years old. So far, so good.

    Excellent price by nedden from Swartz Creek, MI06/01/2013

    Since my buddy has to be on this forever. I was looking for this to make it easier on my budget. So far, this is the cheapest I have seen it.


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