• Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)

Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)

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Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)
These medicated pads provide unparalleled activity in topical management of pyoderma and Malassezia. Can be used for the antiseptic cleaning of interdigital areas, chin acne lesions and nasal/lip and other fold pyodermas in cats and dogs.

Active ingredients:
  • Chlorhexidine, 3%
  • Climbazole, 0.5%
  • Phytosphingosine Salicyloyl, 0.05%

    Unit Size: 30 wipes.
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    Happy Feet by Maggie from Santa Rosa. CA07/23/2013

    Have been using this product for a few weeks now. My dog saw the dermatology specialist from San Diego today, and she said that my dog's paws look less inflamed. It must be due to the paw wipes.

    by Bullie owner01/21/2012

    Excellent product for use to a bulldog's keep nose fold clean and free of bacteria.

    Soothing dryness by Tana from San Diego, CA04/19/2012

    These pads are awsome...I use for dry spots, clean a scratch or irritable skin

    great medicated pads for the pup with skin issues by direppucci from del mar12/23/2013

    This is the perfect " go to" medicated treatment for my frenchie that has skin problems. These seem to provide a sense of relief for those hots spots that pop up.

    Great for little cuts and hot spots! by jjw04/23/2012

    Always have these handy for those little annoying cuts or hot spots - especially on my dogs sensitive skin. Good to keep the area clean and helps healing process.

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT by yvette05/22/2010

    I originally got this product from my vet - it has helped my shih tzu with her skin issues so much - I still use the chlorhexidine PS shampoo, but these pads are just awesome! The first time I used them, she just relaxed in my lap from the itching disappearing. Will use them on an on-going basis. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS PRODUCT !!!

    i love these by Sandy from virginia03/31/2013

    i have an english bulldog who always seems to have a yeast or bacteria problem like interdigital cysts and hair loss on her back. her tail pocket always seems to have gunk in it and yeast. i have used malaket wipes for ages until i tried these and i think they work so much better. they are simple and easy to use. i recommend them to anyone who has to clean their dogs feet, tail pocket, face wrinkles, ears. they are wonderful for yeast and bacteria.

    Great Product by Connie from Indiana12/02/2013

    Use this product for both my Dachshunds to provide relief for severe skin issues. One Dachshund has skin allergies, the pads give her relief when her skin flares under and on the inside of her front legs and belly. The other Dachshund was just diagnosed with a very rare skin condition and I use these pads to cleanse the skin and to help in the preventing secondary skin infections. I have also used this on my Yorkie when the tops of her feet were irritated from grooming, gave her quick relief! I wouldn't be without this product!

    Douxo Chlorhexidine Pads by Glo from Sayre, Okla06/18/2013

    Excellent product for dogs. Especially bull dogs.

    Great product by Animal09/12/2013

    Excellent product at a fair price. Works great. Great when used daily with allergy dogs.

    Excellent Product by emmkay from Fort Lauderdale, Fl01/21/2015

    Originally prescribed by my vet for saliva build-up on my Shih Tzu's lower lip. Did such an excellent job that I decided to check online for a better price. Even with the shipping you did better than the vet. Thanks.

    Great Product! by Hollywood from Chicago, IL06/18/2012

    We use these pads to clean the folds on our English Bulldogs face. They are very effective and get her folds cleaner than using a baby wipe. Highly recommend.

    Easy to use by Zoey06/19/2012

    The pads are easy to use for skin allergy maintenance in between baths and for cleaning skin folds.

    works great by Ace from Sarasota , Florida07/28/2013

    excellent pad for treating our English bulldogs bacteria minor infection at tail area, Vet.approved.

    Really Works! by Wolfen from Norfolk, VA03/31/2013

    Great product. Less expensive than from the vet and same great results. Keeps the itching to a minimum.

    Great product by Julianne04/19/2012

    This product is identical to the product I purchase in Australia via a skin specialist...apart from the price. Even including postage it is less than 1/2 the price AND is delivered in the same amount of time! I couldn't be happier and will definitely be ordering this product from this company in the future.

    If you do Agility you need this by Redskinsdean from Atlanta Ga12/16/2011

    This is great!! My staffy would have redness or her paws would be sore after a trial or practice, using this before and after has really made a difference!!

    Excellent product for by SJ07/14/2013

    keeping my bulldog's facial fold clean and bacteria free.

    Duoxo chlorhexidine pads by may jo j. from ohio10/30/2013

    I love these pads for use on tender greyhound skin when they have tears/cuts from heavy running in backyard!

    Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS by Lois05/30/2012

    This product is great! My dog has allergies, he is constantly licking his paws, they would become inflamed, red and swollen. Using Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS worked miracles. One pad, once a day worked amazing.

    works well by corgigal from Oceanside CA11/05/2012

    These pads work well to clean hot spots on my Corgi's. Very convenient to have on hand.

    Effective & Convenient by 3DogMomma from Little Rock, AR02/10/2014

    Our adopted puppies have had several bouts of puppy pyro derma. This is such a convenient and EASY way to treat the bumps daily without having to bathe them...daily. This last time just using the pads for 6 days completely cleared up an area on one of the dog's head. Great product!

    by erica from New York, NY10/22/2012

    product was great. exactly what i get at the vet without being price gauged.

    Works great by piebaldbully from Minnesota11/15/2011

    I used this product for my bulldogs feet

    A Godsend! by Hootie05/12/2013

    These pads are a Godsend for keeping up with our older kitty's chin acne. They are nicely packaged, very moist, and ready to go...a plus when you need to sneak up on the patient!!

    AntiBacterial pads for infections by 22vblue from Los Angeles, CA08/04/2013

    We now use these daily...great to kill bacterial infections. Also keeps new infections away. Our dog does not mind it or lick it off. The pads are gentle enough that it kills the bacteria yet does not hurt the skin.

    Great buy by Dog Lover11/26/2011

    All Douxo products are great. The Douxo pads really help with keeping my dog's skin clean, clears up problems and is very gentle.

    Great Product by Jonny08/26/2012

    I have a labrador and her belly gets pretty scratched up from hunting in the fields. I clean her belly with one or two of these pads as soon as we get home, and the scratches are gone within a few days. This stuff is like magic for active dogs.

    Effective in controlling skin problems by daufuskiecap from Georgia03/04/2014

    My Westie like many others has skin problems, these medicated wipes with Chlorhexidine have proven to be helpful with His skin problems

    The best for face wrinkles by Bulldogger01/16/2013

    As a bulldog breeder and show handler I am always looking for a product that will clean and soothe our dogs face wrinkles. This product is great!. It cleans not only their wrinkles but I also use it between their toes and to wipe inside the ears. It is non-irritating and is a pleasure to use.

    Exactly what I wanted by Nikki10/29/2011

    I found exactly what I wanted. The Vet charges three times what I paid. What a deal. The product arrived in just a couple days. Thanks.

    I love this stuff! by Winsmom01/20/2013

    Originally we got a jar of these pads from the vets. They are great for cleaning folds, like on our Pug Winston. I was thrilled to find them offered for sale on Entirely Pets, and even more happy with the great price

    works great by kernerva07/17/2014

    Vet recommended for a rash and after daily use everybit cleared up.

    Same as your vet prescribes by KaraToon from Montgomery NY07/31/2013

    Originally prescribed & purchased from the vet for undiagnosed scabbing condition in the skin under my dog's lower lip, used before expensive testing was done & it worked immediately. When the problem recurred about six months later, I was able to order the same product online without a prescription, with the same immediate successful result!

    Excellent Product by steelcity79 from New Jersey10/30/2012

    I purchased this item along with the shampoo which I use on opposite days, this combination has been of great help to my pet and the price is not bad


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