• 2-PACK Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (360 Tablets)

    2-PACK Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (360 Tablets)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaDuralactin Chew Tablets For Canine - Vanilla Flavor

    Save even more with this 2 Pack of Duralactin (360 Tablets)

    Now, you can prevent inflammation in your canine friend before it even starts. Duralactin Canine is a cutting edge immuno-inflammation aid that supports the health of your dog's joint and tissues. It can be used on its own as a nutritional supplement to help prevent and manage inflammation, or it can be used along with NSAIDS or corticosteroids. Its ingredients are all food grade, and the gentle recipe make this medication ideal for long term use.

    Every tablet is full of invaluable milk proteins like 1000 mg of MicroLactin (Milk Protein Concentrate), but you'll never have to worry about tummy aches as these tablets are also low in lactose content. The easy dosing schedule means that you will never forget to give your dog a dose while the great flavor means your dog will never resist. Each highly palatable tablet has an unbeatable vanilla flavor.

    Weight Dosage
    under 40 lbs. 1/2 tablet twice daily
    40-80 lbs. 1 tablet twice daily
    81-120 lbs. 1 1/2 tablets twice daily.

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    Perfect by Claudie from Oregon12/04/2013

    The quantity and quality of the Duralactin are just what our dog needs.

    Seems to help. by Silly from Reno, Nevada03/26/2012

    I use with Cetyl-M seems to help that work better.

    Great Product by KMLarr02/27/2012

    My basset hound has mantained improved mobility for over 4 years taking Duralactin.

    Use this with the "Leaks No More" Works Wonders. by Dedi07/08/2014

    Our dog used the "Leaks No More" for quite some time, then lately there's a little leakage. So we added 3 tablets a day of the Duralactin Canine 1000 mg and no more leakage. Yay!

    Very Effective Product by Shannon from Nashville, TN07/30/2013

    These tablets really help the mobility of my 2 arthritic dogs and the price of them on this website is far cheaper than my veterinarian. I would highly recommend this product.

    Duralactin by mam from PA01/29/2012

    Boxer has arthritis in hips and this product was recommended by our vet. She is walking much better. Good price and shipment as promised.

    Veterinarian recommended...dog approved by Nina from Northeast Ohio11/22/2011

    We have a Bernese Mountain Dog, Trudy, who has been taking Duralactin for elbow and hip displasia. She will be 7 years old in December and is playing like a puppy. Duralactin is making her pain free and a very happy dog.

    Best non-narcodic for pain. by Bob from NEPA03/12/2014

    We have used this for over12 years.It was recomended by our vet instead of Rymadil which has bad side effects.Our dogs are up there in age,just like us and you can see when they are hurting from arthrisis.Duralactin appears to work well for this.Our one dog pulled a muscle in her hind leg and the vet thought it would require surgery.Duralactic relieved the pain and she recovered without surgery.The only problem with it is if you give them too much,they get rammy and may hurt themselves.

    duralactin by jeani03/05/2013

    Entirely Pets has been my dog care store for years. I recommend them highly

    Seems to work by Marisa05/24/2013

    My vet recommended trying this product. I think it helps my 15-yr-old dog at least a little, along with Cosequin.

    How do I get off this list? by AntiSpam06/04/2013

    Somebody apparently used my email address for this account. I have asked several times to get it removed. They even responded that they have, but the spam, account information, review requests, billing statements, etc just keep coming. I hope their other customer service is better than this. Please ignore the product review, I have no idea who received the product!

    Duralactin by Jackie from Jackson, NJ06/03/2013

    I have two older overweight dogs with hip problems. I started using Duralactin three years ago and they don't limp anymore. It has helped them a lot.

    Great product!! by Brandon from Levittown, NY01/25/2012

    I have used this product for my dog for about 3 - 4 years, after he had his first ACL surgery. He also had his other one done a year later. He has had no problems or issues since then. He is now 11 years now and is still likes to romp. He definitely enjoys his walks. Unaware to me, I recently found out my neighbor's dog is taking this as well. And they also praise this product. It does help.

    Dogs eat um up. by Silly from Reno, Nevada12/19/2011

    I have my 11.4 years young Rottweiler on this product, seems to help. No upset belly or diarrhea.

    Best recommendation from a Vet by horse1 from Danville, IA07/06/2013

    We have an Aussie with a hip problem, and he is too old for surgery. The Vet recommended Duralactin. He could not go up the stairs anymore and just laid around. We started the Duralactin and within the first week we saw a HUGE difference. It removes the inflammation from joints and it REALLY does work! Best product we have found. It is a natural prod. not chemical. Our dog is 10 yrs old, now runs, goes up the stairs, and is very active. I was not paid to say this, it is actually from our own experience.

    Excellent Product by Missy from Hereford, AZ09/22/2014

    I have 2 mix breed dogs, 50lbs and 65 lbs, on the Duralactin Canine 1000mg. One is older with arthritis and the other has 2 bad knees (which would have required TPLO surgery). They have been on the Duralactin for at least 2 years and are both doing very well. I like this product for long term relief of inflammation.

    Best in Health by doxe from Peoria, AZ08/10/2010

    One of these every day has kept my 10 year old dachshund joint and back pain free, energetic,and runs and plays with our other 4 year old

    I think it helps by Lady05/03/2012

    My dog has been using Duralactin for 3 months and I believe her elbows seem stronger. She is a 2-1/2 year old yellow lab with elbow displasia, she had surgery at 16 mos. but the problem remains. She was beginning to need Rimadyl frequently so vet suggested this. I didn't see a difference until one month but feel she does better after a walk. I'm ordering her second bottle. I hope the price doesn't continue to go up and make it unaffordable.

    DURALACTIN 1000mg tablets by LIN01/18/2012

    DURALACTIN 1000mg is a great product. I have three dogs taking it. They have less pain and stiffness. i have used this product a few years now and i am sure SAM, ABBIE and ELLIE would say," THANK YOU " if they could speak. It was recomended by a family member. i would recomend it to anyone with a dog that has hips, knees, or back problems . The price of this product is good when you are dealing with three dogs. It does the job and the dogs don"t lay around sleeping all the time like some medication would make them do. It gets an A+ from my doggies !!!

    Stuff works by sedonaron from No. Arizona05/04/2013

    Our Shiba Inu has hip dysplatia and Duralactin helps him a lot. Our Blue Heeler/Aust. Shepherd has arthritis and it gives her relief too.

    Been purchasing Duralactin all my senior dogs life by gg01/17/2013

    My vet first recommended Duralactin and have been giving it to my 13 yr old dachshund all his adult life. He can hardly wait to get his "snack" because he loves the taste and has kept him active.

    Mild chronic inflammatory medicine by Fawnbrook Labs02/12/2013

    Works great for dogs with mild cases of inflammation. We use with our older Labradors and the outcome is mixed: works great with some and OK with others. Try it for 30 days and if you see improvement, then continue use. If no improvement, consult a veternarian

    Good product by Jan from West Burlington, IA08/21/2013

    I used this product for at least 5 years, and believe that it kept my 110 pound german shepherd from becoming arthritic. When she passed at 12 1/2 years, she was still able to get around on her own.

    by from 04/20/2012

    I have been using this product for quite sometime. The first time I ordered was from Entirely Pets.

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    this by product from forI


    by DJH from San Tan Valley, AZ05/31/2013

    This product does REALLY help and so much better than keeping your dog on Rimadyl. No side effects unlike Rimadyl, per my vet. I've been using this product on an American Bull Dog who weighs 90 lbs. and blew out his "ACL"..he was on rimadyl for a month and then blood tests were needed, etc. etc. I opted to use this for the past 60 days and it's working very well. Even giving it to my 14 year old Queensland, it helps her move around a little better and not so sore and stiff anymore.

    Works Great and Great Value by Maximus from Elizabeth, Colorado01/27/2013

    Our veterinarian recommended Duralactin for our senior German Shepherd due to his increasingly deteriorating arthritis. At first, we purchased the Duralactin directly from our veterinarian, but it was so expensive. So, I started researching online and found that Entirely Pets has the best price on the product. The Duralactin helps relieve some of the arthritis pain for our shepherd, and it is much more affordable now.

    Excellent improvement in my dog by Lisa Graff from Detroit, Michigan06/02/2012

    The first 2 weeks we saw an amazing improvement in my dog's mobility and flexibility. Diagnosed with hip displaysia and arthritis a few years ago we found this medicine and used with 2 others have helped a great deal. We have a 12 year old large dog and with regular doses walks 3 miles a day and runs up the stairs. I have recommended this product to many of my friends.

    Worth the buck! by Lady's Mom from CO07/18/2014

    Lady has been using Duralactin twice a day for over 2 years and we believe it has helped her joint issues. It takes a couple months to see good results so hang in there. Lady just turned 5, she suffers from birth defects.

    Not. by Dog Person04/30/2013

    I purchase this product for a dog. In the last four 2-Pack Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (360 tablets), I find that SEVERAL tablets are broken into half and/or small pieces.

    old dog doing new tricks by PattyC11/08/2012

    My almost 11-year old lab/retriever mix has the energy of a dog 5 years old! He is in great shape, runs with all kinds of dogs at our local dog park and is mistakenly guessed to be a 4 or 5 year old dog! I know it is because we have him taking Duralactin every day!

    Smells Yummy! by Michelle from Ontario, Canada02/12/2013

    The tablets smell like vanilla ice cream! Yum! They are about the size of a quarter and about 0.5cm thick. My dog takes 1/2 tablet and they are fairly easy to split with a knife as they are scored. So far we have been taking them about 2 weeks with no side effects. We have not seen much of a difference yet but my dog is in significant pain from arthritis in his back. Here's hoping this helps him get around a little better!

    Durlactin by Stella08/30/2013

    Seems to keep control of elbow inflammation and allow for daily walks. tastes good too!

    by Bill from Seneca SC12/10/2011

    Duralactin Is really helping my old dog walk better I wish we had known about much sooner.

    Duralactin by jwc from Pendergrass, GA11/29/2012

    Love this product for natural anti- inflammatory. I am a pharmacist but look for natural alternatives.

    Good product by JW from Surprise, AZ11/11/2011

    tastes good to my dog and smells very nice

    good product by jm04/19/2013

    works well, nice to have some thing else to use with the other pain medication that my pets are on.I have used this product for years.

    Duralactin keeps my dog young! by Augie's mom03/19/2012

    My dog has been using Duralactin for many years. He is 10 years old and has the energy of a 3 year old! He even fooled his vet! He loves to run as fast as he can at the dog play area nearby and is in great shape!

    Duralactin Canine by Marisa03/23/2012

    Along with other supplements, seems to be helping my older dog to move better.

    great suppliment for inflammation by Lisa from Toms River, NJ10/29/2012

    I have started my old lab on this suppliment and feel it is really helpful for her in addition to the other things I am doing for her (laser, acupuncture, meds)

    by from 02/07/2013

    Duralactin is the most effective product I have found with the senior dogs that come into our program at Rocky Mountain Collie & Sheltie Rescue. They can't wait to snarf up the tablets! And when they move around with less discomfort, I am a happy dog mom.

    Rocky by Mountain from CollieHope


    Duralactin by racinggirl from Tucson, AZ06/20/2013

    My 9 yr. old Golden Retriever has 1 1/2 tablets of the Duralactin twice a day in each meal. She takes that along with Glyco-Flex III. I feel when we go for walks, she has more energy lately. Duralactin smells wonderful when you open the bottle. It smells like baked cookies or vanilla and it makes me want to take it also.

    Best recommendation by Lady's Mom from Canon City, CO08/15/2013

    My yellow Labrador Lady was born with dysplasia in her elbows. She had surgery when she was 16 months with little success. She would limp after a walk or chasing a ball or stick. Veterinarian surgeon had never used Duralactin himself but had heard from others that it could be effective; might be worth a try. Lady turned 4 recently and is doing wonderfully. She takes two Duralactin tablets a day along with glucosamine and fish oil. She runs for 2 miles with us on bicycles and doesn't suffer from the exercise. She's doing GREAT! Has given me my 'puppy' back. Highly recommend trying, give it at least 2 months before you decide if it's working for your pet.

    Works fantastically by Habby from Syracuse, New York 1322406/11/2013

    Our Gordon Setter Tazz is going to be 14 years old on August 1st, 2013 We truely feel that Duralactin has played a big part in keeping Tazz more active. When we 1st started using Duralactin Tazz responded within a few days and was acting like a puppy again.

    by from 07/14/2012

    Credit this product with helping to save us from a very costly TPLO surgery. Used this, OTC human grade glucosamine chondroitin and a good 4 months of strictly monitored limited activity. Dog is completely sound. No sign of limping whatsoever and has returned to job of guarding livestock.

    another by older from dogNow


    Old Dog New Again by Lynn09/09/2008

    I have supplemented my 10 year old dog's arthritis in her shoulders with gluscosamine/chondroitin for years. She was having trouble jumping up onto my bed so I decided to try the Duralactin (which I heard about on a yahoo website for dogs with liver disease.) Within days she was jumping up on my bed again and was much more energetic. This product is definitely worth trying if your dog has arthritis and/or including hip problems.

    by reg01/07/2013

    Have used this product for years for an older dog and has helped her arthritis.

    Duralactin changed our lives by Anne02/14/2008

    A holistic vet suggested for my 10 year old labrador's arthritis. The results were amazing and immediate. Within two weeks she was no longer limping, was able to climb up stairs, and hike in the woods again! That was two years ago and she is still in good shape.

    great product for older dogs with joint problems by dagusy from Independence, Ohio06/23/2013

    I have an 8 year old 200 pound mastiff. He takes 4 duralactin daily and what a difference in his activity, not only does he walk better, he actually attempts to run to keep with our puppy. Great over the counter medication and much more reasonably priced than the vet. Highly recommend this product.

    pain killer alternative by stu12/29/2013

    This is an effective alternative to the use of non steroidal, anti-inflammatory pain medication. Our 12 year old lab has a shoulder joint that has degenerated to the point of constant pain. With the daily use of Duralactin she is able to do mild exercise. Our vet recommended this product. What a blessing!

    Duralactin is a great product by middkees from Illinois12/24/2012

    My dog was diagnosed with arthritis of the elbows at a very young age. I had been managing his condition using a Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement. A couple of years ago he started to limp again. The vet tried Rimadyl and Tramadol and even doubled the doses of each. I'm happy to say neither helped a bit. I really did not want to have to use either of these on my dog. I started doing research on orthopaedic sites and found references to Duralactin helping a lot. I ordered Duralactin and within a few days of taking it my dog stopped limping. It obviously gave him great relief. It has continued to work very well in combination with the Glucosamine and Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid. I ran it by my vet and he said Duralactin has proven very effective for treatment of pain in horses and dogs. I think it is a wonderful product. If your dog is having pain issues, give it a try!

    SUPER This REALLY WORKSs by Jill03/30/2009

    We have 8 dogs - differeing ages differing issues & I must say this has put solely on it's own a spring in my older guy's step that was not there before I noticed the differnce in just a few days & he is more active & happy again & this will help him with his weight as he was just laying around. That in itself is quite telling. I have another dog with a CNS disease called SM & with pain med's & even prednisone he was at the point now of crying at nite in pain - with this product on it's own for 3 wks' now he is sleeping comfortably & is doing great i was able to take him off the Pred. after just 2 days & all pain med's & have not needed to reach for any since. He is more active & we have our dog back who would have had to been put down he was that bad & nothing was managing his pain so this has been a god send. I had a girl recovering from Pyo & been spayed this alone really got her back on her feet & one could see the health & happiness come back to her. This really supercharged her recovery & she is doing great. This is good for inflammation of ALL sorts but it is ALSO a important Immune booster of which almost ANY dog can benefit from. My other girl with allergies & reverse snorting this has helped. Helped another dog with chronic red itchy yeasty ears. The vibrance & overall health of my family of dogs has jumped & I am VERY grateful. I just wish I had tried this sooner. Duralactin is the best & I have tried many joint supplements & immune boosters etc. THANK YOU for such a great product do not stop carrying and making this product PLEASE -my dogs life literally depends on this.

    by Brio from Madera, CA07/18/2013

    I have used Duralactin for over a year now on three large breed dogs. I was spending about $100 a month on a prescription drug for one of them, but I get the same results with this. Works great on arthritis and joint pains for long term and after a hard days run for short term. The dogs eat it right up. I would hate to be without it!

    Love this! It really works! by Lisa from Michigan11/24/2013

    We really saw increased comfort and movement for our large dog when we started to use this product

    by from 08/17/2012

    I have a 14 year old black lab with arthritis. He's been taking Rimadyl for quite some time but is no longer able to take it because it is affecting his liver. My veterinarian wanted to put him on Prevacox but paying over $100 a month for that prescription is a bit much for my family's budget. After doing some research for alternative solutions to help my dog, I gave Duralactin a try.

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    Woofs have Renewed Vigor! by Woof Mom from Morro Bay, CA10/23/2012

    This product recommended by a complete stranger who swore by it. Mica (10 years old) was suffering from a chronic right wrist sprain and it just never seemed to be healing. She was limping in various levels of pain for several months. It was clear that she was unhappy. Yes, our Vet prescribed several things but none of them worked. Mica was not running or jumping into the truck. After 3 weeks on Duralactin (1 pill/2 times a day), Mica was back to her old self of running, jumping and pouncing. Now, Willow (sister to Mica, 10 years old) has always been the slower of the two and she was having trouble getting up from laying down. She responded to the Duralactin in 1 week. She is moving easier and keeping up with Mica more. In fact, Willow has been inspired and is now jumping in the truck where before she preferred the ramp and she is joining/competing with Mica in the "scouting". We continue the Duralactin regime daily and are grateful to see our woofs without pain and energetic. THANK YOU for SUCH a GREAT PRODUCT!

    Helps with joint pain by Silly from Nevada10/23/2012

    Helps with joint pain, the dogs like it. Thanks


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