• Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (180 Tablets)

    Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (180 Tablets)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint Formula Now, you can prevent inflammation in your canine friend before it even starts. Duralactin Canine is a cutting edge immuno-inflammation aid that supports the health of your dog's joint and tissues. It can be used on its own as a nutritional supplement to help prevent and manage inflammation, or it can be used along with NSAIDS or corticosteroids. Its ingredients are all food grade, and the gentle recipe make this medication ideal for long term use.

    Every tablet is full of invaluable milk proteins like 1000 mg of MicroLactin (Milk Protein Concentrate), but you'll never have to worry about tummy aches as these tablets are also low in lactose content. The easy dosing schedule means that you will never forget to give your dog a dose while the great flavor means your dog will never resist. Each highly palatable tablet has an unbeatable vanilla flavor.

    Weight Dosage
    under 40 lbs. 1/2 tablet twice daily
    40-80 lbs. 1 tablet twice daily
    81-120 lbs. 1 1/2 tablets twice daily.

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    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    by Blossom from Utah02/22/2013

    Duralactin is an amazing product. My dog Posyden has chronic kidney disease and is unable to safely take Rimadyl for his bad knee. He was limping and could hardly walk up the stairs. After taking the Duralactin he runs around like a puppy. He is once again a happy, playful dog.

    Running Like A Puppy by Joyce11/12/2013

    My 12 yo Molly's favorite pleasure is to chase a ball that I throw. Before the vet prescribed Duralactin her arthritis was curtailing this joy. This gave her her "puppy" back and she looks forward to it every day. If you didn't see the gray in her coat you would never guess her age. She is a very happy girl.

    Best Product Ever!! by Merjoy from Staten Island, NY12/18/2012

    This Duralactin is truly amazing. My 12 year old lhaso apso has been on it for about 4 years used in conjunction w/Cosequin DS. Before he took this milk protein, he couldn't even walk down the stairs.

    Excellent product by Kathyg from Illinois01/12/2014

    This product has added years to my dogs life I am sure. A few years back he was limping, laying around and was in pain. And forget about climbing the stairs. My vet told me about this product. He had given it to some police drug dogs who needed to stay drug free themselves. The cops were amazed at how it worked to resolve hip and joint problems their dogs were having so they put all their dogs on these. My dog (who was 10 at the time) became like a young pup again after about 30 days of giving these to him. Running, jumping, climbing the stairs again, and wanting to play fetch everyday again. He's still with me at 14 1/2 years old. I have recommended these to a couple of friends who were ready to put their dogs down and the same thing happened - they started climbing the stairs again, walking around again, etc.. For something completely natural I have no idea how these work but they do and I am so thankful for them!!

    Best Product for Joint Maintenance by BowWow from Independence, MO01/27/2012

    I adopted an older Wire-Haired Fox Terrier and we discovered that he must have been hit by a car when he was younger because his hind quarters are wired together. I have been giving him Duralactin as part of his daily maintanence medication for sometime now and even though he doesn't get around well any more, the medication helps him get where he wants to go without any sign of discomfort. I have recommended it to others and they started using it to the benefit of their loved family member pets.

    Duralactin Significantly Helps my Senior Airedale by WildAiredale from San Diego, CA10/20/2011

    My rehabilitation Vet recommended I place my 11 year old airedale on Duralactin to help manage her herniated disk. It's amazing how much more comfortable she is now. While we have to be careful about not to overdue it, she does run, play, and walk daily just like the frisky Terrier she is! Needless to say, I'm grateful to this product.

    by Dianne from Reno, Nevada10/25/2012

    My Golden Retriever has shown NO sign of hip pain since starting Duralactin. It is fantastic, better than prescription drugs for this ailment.

    Great price by Susie from Wisconsin02/11/2012

    Thank you for making Duralactin affordable! Same product I get from my vet but more affordable. I love the larger count bottles also. I have recommended this to friends of ours.

    Great Product! by Tammy Blomquist from Upper Michigan02/22/2012

    I purchased this for my 12 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel. Since taking this product he has shown and increase in his activity and he has even been jumping on the couch again. He loves the vanilla flavor as well. This is a great product!

    Reduce risk, improve results by jswaid from Colorado Springs, CO10/09/2013

    This drug does what it claims with significantly reduced risk to the dog.

    Very Satisfied by KOK02/28/2011

    We have been using Duralactin for the past 7 years with our Goldern Retriever and truley believe it has made a difference in our dogs joint health. It was initially requested by our vet when our dog was very young. When we first gave it to our dog you could see a slight difference in her gate. We are very satisfied with the product and would highly reccommend it. many thanks also to our vet for suggesting it.

    by from 10/22/2012

    I bought this products because my collie has arthritis and I wanted a product that would not upset his stomach and that he could take long term without any side effects.

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    by Debbie12/26/2011

    This last order would be the third bottle used. Originally ordered from Vet and now will only order through Entirely Pets. Extremely pleased with the results. Our dog is a ten year old Golden. Was taking anti-inflammatory and Duralactin....now only on Duralactin!

    Duralactin by kelti from Payson AZ.02/28/2013

    I have used this product for many years.My 13 year old Schnauzer is still doing well.I am happy with Duralactin,& highly recommend it..

    Bobber says this stuff is greyt! by racindog from Louisville, KY07/23/2013

    Duralactin is a wonderful and very effective anti-inflammatory IMO. It is palatable enough the dogs eat it; it works greyt; the tabs are soft and I break them into smaller pieces and then the dogs eagerly scarf it down. Really good stuff because not only is it effective-it is also SAFE. That's a greyt combination for sure.

    good product by susanjo from Michigan11/11/2011

    My German Shepherd contracted Lyme's disease and became very sore in her joints. This product is very helpful in reducing the inflammation . She is so much more active and doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.

    Works for my dog by Pat11/27/2012

    My 11-year-old German shepherd has suffered from severe hip dysplasia since she was two. Duralactin and similar products plus weight control, daily moderate exercise and a positive disposition have kept her active and comfortable.

    so far so good by analog guy from Cincinnati08/27/2013

    Dog's love it and combined with Joint Max it is working wonderfully for our 9 year old large Shepard - Lab mix. Took just over a week to get into her system, but now the limping and slowness is greatly reduced and some days completely gone (we all have our bad days).

    Great product by sam from Mesa, AZ02/07/2013

    My dog needs an easy to chew tablet for his joint pain and this is perfect for him. A previous product was too hard for him to chew. He also considers this to be a treat.

    good product, great delivery and price! by becky40ohio from canton, oh05/06/2012

    this is a good solution 4 pain in joints as opposed 2 rx medication. price is very good compared 2 vet charges and i was impressed w the shipping. not only did it get here quickly, but in great condition. i have ordered from a few other online vet stores and gotten tablets that were broken and jostled in2 dust. this bottle was packed in bubble wrap and pills inside were safe and whole!!

    Really helps by Bobby11/01/2011

    We purchased Duralactin for our dog Sadie and it really helps her move around. It's easy to chew and swallow and she takes it twice a day.

    by from 12/17/2012

    Recommended by my vet as part of an involved course of joint supplementation, Duralactin is received mostly well by my dog...she is a bit more reluctant to take this than Curaflex, but still does so willingly.

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    by Old Boy's Buddy10/31/2012

    Duralactin is a good supplement. It really helps our buddy stay active.

    Smartest choice for my budget by The Honest Average Women from Appleton, WI11/18/2012

    I contemplated going to a website instead of my veterinarian. I was very satisfied with the product, it was the exact same product I got from vet. Thank you so much for your prices and it keeps me inline with the needs of my dog.

    AMAZING by Jess05/09/2008

    This stuff is incredible. With it we were able to take our dog off a large quantity of Rimadyl. Unlike Rimadyl, it has no side-effects or interactions with other drugs. I recommend it to everyone.

    Wonderful Product by Judy from Newcastle, CA11/16/2012

    My 12 year old lab has had spondilosis (arthritis in her spine) for three years. Taking NSAID pain relievers almost gave her liver failure so they were eliminated as a choice for relief! Vet recommended many things to try. I give her Duralactin twice daily and glusomine once daily. She is a new dog. I highly recommend Duralactin. I think my lab has lived to this age in comfort because of it.

    Fountain of Youth by V D Ping10/18/2008

    We have a 12 year old Lab/Beagle mix who suffers a slipped disc which causes pain and swelling. Our Vet started her on this product about 3 years ago and it has worked miracles for her mobility. When my 9 yr old Shih Tzu began exhibiting signs of joint paid we started him on it, too, and now he acts like he is a young adult again. Seeing such remarkable results makes me wish I could take this product myself!

    Amazing Product by Pete07/10/2008

    This product is amazing. Immediate improvement in my large dog- within days she was getting up easier and able to jump up and down from our bed again. She loves the taste of it, so it's easy to give and causes no side effects.

    It works! by Samby12/04/2012

    When my 7-year-old Husky began having knee problems on a back leg, the vet said surgery might or might not help and was very expensive. A "dog mom" friend told me about Duralactin and said it would take 2-3 weeks of use before taking effect. She was right...three weeks of two tablets per day and my Husky is no longer limping and favoring the leg...instead she's running and jumping around again. This dog usually spits out any kind of supplements but she'll eat these like a treat. I started my 15-year-old Border Collie on them and was able to reduce her Rimadyl dosage with no ill effects. This is a wonderful product!

    Turned our old guy into a puppy! by Nicole04/04/2009

    We have a 13-year-old greyhound who has been having joint problems for a few years now, getting worse as he gets older. A few months ago (at the beginning of winter), he was worse than we had ever seen him. He was in pain walking, could barely lay down and had to be helped up when he wanted to stand. His appetite decreased too, probably from the pain. We started him out with chewable glucosamine tablets for pets (from Trader Joe's) which helped a bit, but not enough. We started him on Duralactin and within a few weeks, he was a different dog - like when he was young. He lays down, gets up, sits, walks, runs and leaps off the porch again like he used to and his appetite is back to normal. He's still a little stiff when the weather is bad (exceptionally cold and/or rainy), but he can still manage and only needs a little boost up the stairs. Before Duralactin, we thought we would have to put him to sleep before the end of the winter. Now we feel like we can enjoy him for a few more years.

    Best product for arthritic pets by Marie from NJ09/14/2014

    This is the absolute best product for arthritic pets, and I've tried them all. Noticeable improvement within 2 weeks and now my dog walks as if she does not even have a problem

    Excellent organic muscle pain reliever by Kbob11/01/2012

    Duralactin is the best muscle pain reliever I have found. Henry Higgins is over 13 1/2 years old and the stiffness in his arms and legs is gone. He runs and jumps like a young pup.

    Vet Recommended by vikki-o08/15/2013

    Our vet recommended this product for our rescue greyhound who had joint problems/arthritis from running on the track, as it can be used long-term and there are no side effects. It helped, but we got the best results after we started combining it with Dasuquin w/MSM.

    On My Second Bottle by debr1956 from Pontiac, IL01/25/2012

    giving this with the Gycoflex to my senior Dalmatian. Been using these for almost a year...sure seemed to help get her thru the winter!! She could run and play with the other dogs, which made me smile!!

    Like a miracle!!! by happy doggie mom06/23/2012

    This worked a miracle for our 14 year old Aussie. She went from very lame in two legs to active and wanting to play within several days. She also has lupus, which makes her nose red and raw, and even that inflamation has cleared up. She's had no negative side-effects. We are so very grateful for finding this product! We have our girl back!

    Great Product by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH05/09/2012

    My vet recommended that I use this product after my dog injured her back. After a couple of months using it the results have been wonderful. You would never know she had any type of injury.

    This is amazing! by Abby'sMom from Moline, IL07/01/2014

    My dog thinks these are treats and they really seem to help. My vet was really impressed that I found this online on my own. She says they are amazing and she would recommend them.

    The Best by Brio from Madera, CA11/27/2013

    I have been using Duralactin for several years and recommend it to all my friends. My older dogs with arthritis and my younger dogs who over do on the running and chasing or tweak a muscle are happy and ready to go. I use it in place of the more expensive prescription NSAIDS. Wouldn't want to do without it! I wish they made it for people!

    Very helpful! by Hoof10/27/2010

    We have a ten year old white sheppard who has lower back and hip discomfort associated with inflamation. She loves to play fetch and still thinks she's three when chasing the ball but suffers with severe stiffness and lack of mobility afterwords. Duralactin does not make her 100% but it has significantly improved her mobility and lessened the stiffness. All this without steroids! We plan to keep her on Duralactin for the remainder of her life.

    Great Natural Anti-inflammatory by Bassetnut from Parrish, FL06/05/2013

    Keeps my old babies going. Has allowed them greater mobility

    Works by Tom from Frankfort, KY06/27/2013

    My dog Sammy is 14 years old and has arthritis as many dogs his age would have. He has been on Duralactin for a couple of years following a recommendation by his vet. It has helped to increase his mobility and is well tolerated. He likes the taste and views them as treats.

    THE GREATEST by LN7677@AOL.COM from CINCINNATI. OHIO10/24/2012


    Duralactin by Zac11/14/2012

    Wow, what a great product! To make a long expesnive story short my 6 year old Cockapoo had severe neck and back pain from disc problems. Vet wanted to "try" surgery after many months on Rimadil. Then I found Duralactin. After about 2-3 weeks on Duralactin instead of Rimadil, the pain was gone. He has been on it ever since and the back and neck pain is GONE! He can even jump off the couch again! This is a great natural anti-imflamatory medicine that really works. I ran out once for about 2 weeks, about 10 days after running out the back problems came back. It was so painful my dog would sit in the corner shaking and crying in pain. I got him back on Duralactin and after about a week he was fine again. I suffer from 3 bulging discs in my back, I wondered if it would work for me? FYI, Duralactin is made for dogs but I found Microlactin on the web that is made for people and it works great too!

    Duralactin Canine 1000 mg by 2 Newf Mom from Ohio12/15/2012

    My 8 year old Newfoundland gets much relief when I give her Duralactin. She has arthritis in her front feet and this enables her to run around without any limping.

    by from 11/14/2011

    I have been using this product for 2 months on two dogs and they seem to have better mobility.

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    Good for joint inflamation by Frances from South Carolina06/19/2013

    One of my yorkies has a luxating patella and I want to avoid surgery at all costs. She's on Cosaquin as well but I add this to her food twice a day. So far, we've avoided surgery! I recommend this as an additive to any joint medication.

    by les from Pontiac,IL (Summer) Casa Grande. AZ (Winter)11/06/2013

    Prescribed by our Vet. Your price is about 40% of Vets price.

    by from 10/06/2011

    I don't say this lightly - this stuff is fantastic.

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    Daisy & Dolly's Dad by from HIGHLY

    Almost a Miracle Product

    prices on Durlactin are the best by Madde's Mama from Orland Park, Illinois10/06/2013

    Durlactin has helped my Labrador Madde over the years. She is 12 years old and still going strong. She loves Durlactin and she thinks it's a doggie treat. Your prices on Durlactin are the best and I will continue to shop Entirelypets.com. Thanks, Madde's Mama

    Love this! by Tammy B10/04/2013

    I purchased this product for my arthritic dogs, it has improved their mobility greatly. They love the taste as well.

    Excellent product by Suzi from Rio Rancho, NM02/10/2012

    We purchased Duralactin for our 11 year old border collie mix. He has always had a slight limp. We suspect he had been tagged by a car before we found him abandoned in a park as a puppy. His limp seemed to be getting worse as he got older and a friend recommended Duralactin. He has never been an easy dog to administer meds to but he sees this as a treat. He loves the pills and reminds me if I forget to give it to him after breakfast. This has has made him 5 years younger. He is more active than he has been in years. Thank you Entirely Pets.

    Speedy delivery by Zan11/18/2011

    Products have arrived very quickly after every order I have placed!

    by nutmeg03/26/2014

    Good adjunct to joint supplement. Smell and taste very good.

    Great product. by marmac3902/11/2014

    I love this product and my Rainy loves it and always reminds me when it is time to take her pill. Works great.

    Mediocre product by dski kski08/28/2013

    Having gone through half of a second bottle they're still expensive, with too many broken tablets, and seem to have little effect.

    really helps! by kd10/14/2011

    I have found this product to really help keep down inflammation and pain, it can be used in conjuction w/nsaids!

    Wonderful Product by Lulu from Rockford, IL11/07/2012

    My dog has hip issues and has been taking this product for 2 years. When combined with Glucosamine Sulfate, it gives him relief from pain and enables him to walk and run without limping.

    great price by Duralactin Canine 100mg from Troy, Ohio11/25/2013

    Works very well and is a great product. Have been using this for about 6 years

    by LN7677@AOL.COM from CINCINNATI OHIO11/06/2012


    The Golden Years by PB from Amesbury,MA06/26/2013

    I have used this product for the past four years for my eight year old Golden Retriever and I swear it has helped him with his progressive arthritis. I began using this on my four year old Tibetian Spaniel, who had necrosis of the leg and lost a portion of her bone. This is a proactive measure to help with the expected arthritis she will face later in years.

    Duralactin Canine by san from Dallas, TX11/06/2012

    I have a 14 year old German Shepard mix dog that was diagnosed with dysplasia when we adopted him at 6 months after he was found in a dumpster. He has been on Duralactin for several months and I will never be without it. His gait smoothed out after several days of starting it. People stop us on the street remarking on it and asking me what "magic potion" I give him. It really works! I recommend it to everybody!

    Works Great and Great Value by Maximus from Elizabeth, Colorado01/27/2013

    Our veterinarian recommended Duralactin for senior German Shepherd due to his debilitating arthritis. This product works. We purchased it from our veterinarian at first, but it was really expensive. Entirely Pets has the best price on this.

    Good Product by Katy from Belvidere, Il10/27/2012

    Using with Cosequin DS for hip displasia.

    great supplement by sam06/28/2014

    this is an important part of the daily supplement regime my elderly dog takes to ease the general aches and pains old age brings. Since starting this she is more playful and alert than she has been in a long while.

    Almost a miracle by Judy from California12/10/2011

    Since my 11 1/2 year old Lab has been taking Duralactin.....she's a new dog.....almost like a pup again.

    Best For My MinPin by oldbat4402/24/2013

    My MinPin Jeffy, had a malformed hip joint and underwent surgery to remove it. A false hip joint formed, and we gave glucosamin msm and other products. Last year we tried the Duralactin at the behest of a friend. It works better than anything else and Jeffy is so much happier and comfortable. It relieves his pain and discomfort.We are all very very pleased..

    Duralactin by Les from Winter/AZ Summer/IL01/22/2015

    Been using for several yrs. Dog like it. Out !!!! Still waiting for delivery of Dec 22nd order. Backordered ???

    Worked Great by RDW from Navarre Florida01/21/2015

    Our 85 pound Doberman was having a problem with soreness in her paw joint after running. The anti-inflammatory the Vet tried didn't work so I tried Duralactin - it eliminated the problem within a week! One pill twice a day has kept the problem from returning. Well worth the cost!!!

    Duralactin at a Great Value by Cheena from Seattle, WA10/29/2011

    We couldn't be happier with our purchase of Duralactin from Entirely Pets. We had been buying the tablets at the vet, which of course was MUCH more expensive. We will be using Entirely Pets as often as we can from now on!


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