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    Easy to apply drawstring design. Soft and lightweight fabric collar provides protection and freedom of movement for the head, neck and body. Allows animal to eat, drink and sleep in comfort.

    Size Collar Depth Circumference
    XS 4 in. 12.56 in.
    Small 5.5 15.70 in.
    S/M 6.5 in. 18.84 in.
    M/L 8 in. 21.98 in.
    LARGE 9.5 in. 26.69 in.


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    Better for Persian Cats by trailwaif from Elizabeth Lake, CA01/04/2014

    Flexible collar allows for easier eating and drinking for flat faced breeds. My vet likes the inflatable collars better but I like this one.

    Soft yet strong by Whispurr from NC07/16/2014

    Purchased my third one. Cat is allergic to fish; she steals food with fish. Allergy causes her to remove fur. This is soft enough to enable her to move around yet prevent fur removal.

    Eliza Soft Recovery Collar by Puddin from Sebring, Fl.02/26/2014

    I have a small Shih Tzu and she suffers with seizures so she scratches her face all the time due to the seizure. The Eliza Collar has really made a big difference in her face as she can't get to it with her nails. She can sleep with it, eat and drink with it on and has no problems. You can fold it back if you need to make her more comfortable or leave it pulled forward around her face. I highly recommend this collar for a small animal as they can get around every where with no problems of bumping into every thing and it protects the animal at the same time. They are made of like a tarp material with a white binding around the edges and mine have lasted me a long long time and she doesn't mind wearing it at all.

    by zoo owner10/26/2011

    Was exactly what I was looking for ~ didn't order from Amazon because they couldn't get it here in time so I ordered it from Entirely Pets with a larger fee for shipping for 2 - 3 day delivery WHICH I DIDN'T RECEIVE for 5 days at which time I didn't need it anymore ! obvious they couldn't deliver it in the time they said either but they took my money ! ?

    Works better than plastic e-collar by Linda03/27/2014

    This e-collar which was used on my cat had a longer length and could be used in a downward position so that he could move around better. It worked well to protect the area healing as he seemed driven to lick at it.

    better than hard collar, but... by anastasia802506/11/2012

    I was very happy with the product the first week, as my cat was able to move around comfortably and didnt seem as depressed as he was with the hard collar... but by the end of second week: collar is collapsing and is allowing him to lick his belly again. There are holes all over it from him trying to scratch his ears. I am now forced to buy another one, as this one had only lasted for a short period of time. I wish it was made out of slightly tougher material, as well offer better fitment charts, as I dont even know if I got the right size for my cat. But overall, this is a much better alternative to a hard cone.

    WORKED FOR OUR SITUATION by popie from brookville,pa02/23/2014


    Worked very well for neck wounds by Cat Man from Birmingham, AL04/16/2013

    We found a severely injured kitten and needed a soft e-collar since she had neck wounds. The collar never irritated her neck and also kept her from scratching as it healed. At times we used two of these collars to completely cover her neck and shoulder area. One collar was towards her face and the other towards her shoulder. They worked great. She could even play while wearing two collars.

    wall saver by Betty10/14/2013

    our neighbor purchased this product first and let us borrow hers. we have an extra large dog that is not able to walk down the hall or fit in a doorway with the plastic cones. this has been the best purchase we ever made to save the house and the dogs sanity.

    Recovery Collar by Christine from San Gabriel, CA10/23/2012

    The price is reasonable, however, the quality can be better

    For future... by ocalalady from Ocala FL05/29/2012

    Bought these for future needs, if any.. the one put on by the vets ofc after tumor removal was a pain.. these will work better for kitty.. bought few extra for my daughter that is a rescuer in case she needs them..

    by from 01/07/2014

    Have been very pleased with the service of Entirely Pets!

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    Great to keep on hand by AMEPE from Littleton, CO03/26/2012

    I have to say I really enjoyed this collard. She was able to move with ease with no fear of the collar stopping her normal activity. She was able to sleep nicely in it and if she ran to close to something the collar just folded back. Didn't seem to bother her one bit that she had to wear it!

    cone of shame by davejnewman from Brea, CA07/27/2014

    We use these to prevent our dog from chewing or licking. While he's normally good about being told no, sometimes he needs a reminder. These collars are perfectly sized and prevent all but the most persistent dogs from licking or chewing.

    Best collar available by Karen A. from Marlton, NJ04/29/2012

    This collar is great for post surgery. The soft material better than hard plastic. The drawstring closure better than snaps. The versitility of wearing it as a cone or skirt for best coverage. I purchased it because it is the collar my vet uses. My dog is approximately 20 pounds and I purchased the Large. The circumference is perfect to keep him from his left rear leg where the surgery was performed.

    by anne04/18/2013

    This product does the trick of a hard cone. But, my dog isn't always trying to get it off. Much easier on her.

    Disappointed by Craig from Goochland, VA05/04/2014

    The biggest issue with this collar is not being able to adjust the neck size. We measured our cat Riley's head and neck and based on those measurements we ordered the extra small collar. It fit fine but the depth of the collar was insufficient to keep him from bending the outer rim down in order to scratch his healing ear with his back foot. We then ordered the next size up since it is a deeper collar, but the absence of any way to snug it up on his neck made it useless. It was so loose on his neck that it just hung loosely. The collar would be a worthy purchase if the design could be modified to allow snugging it around the pet's neck.

    by from 12/08/2012

    by from 01/31/2009

    My shetland sheepdog had ACL surgery on her knee on hind leg. The vet used the collar the first night after the surgery, however, on her second and last night of boarding, she got her head around and the softness and flexability of the collar allowed her to chew out two of the staples. I have used it this first week, now that she is home, but don't feel totally able to trust it and am keeping a constant watch, including sleeping next to her in the utility room where she is for now.

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    These are GREAT! by donnajeanw11/22/2011

    If you have ever looked at a dog or cat with one of those horrible rigid plastic collars, you will love these. They are soft enough to be comfy, but rigid enough to be protective. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Two warnings: The sizes listed wherever I have seen them are the DEPTH of the collar, not the size of the pet's neck, making it a little difficult to gauge the correct size. Second, if you have an especially agressive scratcher or fighter, these won't hold up very well. For the average pet, however, they are durable, reusable, and accomplish the purpose.

    Great alternative by Kim06/18/2009

    I've used these collars for 2 cats now and they are so much better than the hard cones that can hinder drinking/eating. Only criticism is that they are fabric and can show some wear when worn for several days - making them last a shorter amount of time than the sturdier plastic cones. I'm ordering another couple of them just to have on hand.

    by from 08/01/2013

    This works perfectly for my dog! I just slip it on him and no more licking.

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    Great for cats by dogsanderg10/06/2011

    I've purchased 3 of these for our cat who cannot stop licking his hind end. He's on medication and a new diet but has had to wear one of these to prevent further trauma to the wound he has already caused. This collar allows him to use the cat box, get under the baby gate and function as normally as possible. The other types of collars were too clunky for him. I suggest getting more than one, however, because they are cheap and bound to get soiled.

    by from 06/25/2012

    My 100-lb dog has had 3 surgeries that required him to wear a cone. We tried everything from those hard plastic ones to the "soft" and "comfy" cones but, for his size, they were all too bulky, heavy, or both and he was miserable. After much searching we found these cones and they were great! He wore it for his entire recovery period with no "complaints," and didn't seem to be bothered by it in the least. They are lightweight and easy to wipe down if they get dirty.

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    by from 07/16/2012

    This collar is lightweight and comfortable, and the drawstring helps it stay on the dog's head even when they want to rub it off. If you get the right size it should do a good job for you. It's the only collar I've found that is comfortable enough that I don't feel bad leaving it on all day. The only issue with it is that it's possible for the dog to turn it completely inside out if s/he walks between two close objects, like maybe chair legs. So it's not 100% secure, you do have to check every now & then to make sure it hasn't been turned backwards encasing their shoulders instead of forward the way it's supposed to be.

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    Best recovery collar i have seen by mimi02/01/2008

    The first time I saw this kind of collar was when I picked up one of our cat, Sammy, from the Emergency Center in Tustin, California. Sammy had to undergo a major surgery and I felt stressed already thinking they he would have to live with that hard lamp-shade plastic collar, in which he would not be able move around normally. But when i saw him came home with this soft collar, and he was able to eat, sleep, play like nothing has happened. we were so relieved and happy with this new collar. when my other cat was ready to be spayed, i asked our vet about this kind of collar, to my surprise, they does not use this kind. I had to search the internet, and i found it here. I have six cats, so i have bought a couple before. In one case, i had to have it shipped overnight for emergency purpose. Now i decided that I should buy a couple just in case. I wish that local pet stores, such as, Petco, Petsmart can carry this kind of collar. Believe me, it's totally stressed-free for both me and my babies.

    The Only Recovery Collar to Use! by Brenda02/19/2008

    This is the best way to help the healing process! Soft and flexible! Easier for them to wear and get used to rather than the plastic collars.

    by from 06/26/2014

    Item has draw strings to close it. I am very disappointed in it. It is soft, but hard to close it on the cat. Sorry I got it. It should have velcro to close.

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    Great product by Chuck01/03/2013

    Soft collar Perfect for my pet. She's short and squat, hard collars don't fit.

    Perfect Collar by Catlover07/23/2012

    I've used these collars for years and they are very durable and perfect for my cat. She's able to lay comfortably while they still do their job.

    Best comfortable healing by Chow Mama from Los Angeles, CA12/10/2012

    The soft collar option is awesome when my dogs need to heal from an owie. Hard collars catch on or bump into everything. Because it is flexible, they are able to move around and be comfortable while the collar keeps them from licking or scratching until they are healed. Also, you can flip it back to help them eat or play. My female Chow, Kleo is always doing thing to cause a scrape here & there and the soft collar goes right on so she can't make it worse.....I think she kind of likes it! We just tell her that's "it's time to wear your Princess Collar" and she just starts wagging her tail with excitement!

    i would recommend this by lynn from boston06/02/2013

    my cat scratched her neck & has been rubbing it open. i took her to the vet & got some medication but they were out of collars. i couldn't find my old one so i purchased one of the inflatables at the pet store. she got that thing off in 10 minutes by rubbing it against the stairs. so i started looking online & ordered this one. i love it. she's had it on for 2 days now. i bought the xs for my cat since the reviews said it fit even large cats. the tie keeps it secured around her neck. it folds back easily enough so she has room to eat & drink. she doesn't seem to be able to scratch at her neck so hopefully it will heal more quickly now.

    much more comfortable by lschopf from boston06/26/2013

    i should have gotten 2. soon after i ordered this, another cat tore her nail & was sentenced to a cone till it heals. that cat is much more unhappy than the cat that is wearing this one. this one can fold back to allow more comfortable eating & drinking. it presses down so she can sleep & get around more comfortably. her scratch is just about healed so i'm planning to transfer this "halo" soon to the other one so she can heal more comfortably too. this one has been very effective at keeping her from scratching open the scratch she had on her neck. before i had this it wasn't getting a chance to heal because she kept rubbing it. this has kept her little paws away from it & it's just about healed over.

    ElizaSoft Collar by HollyAnn06/05/2014

    This soft collar was perfect for my doxie that had back/neck surgery last year, and had to be neutered this year. He is also blind, so I couldn't use a hard e-collar, as I didn't want him running into things and jamming his back or neck! He slept well in it, and he seemed very comfortable. For the price, I would recommend this.

    ElizaSoft Recovery Collar by AB from Charlotte, NC01/07/2014

    Most e-collars are made of hard plastic and if the pet runs into something the collar is jammed into the neck which I imagine is not comfortable. The soft e-collar is terrific. You can even fold it back to allow for eating.

    Collar not long enough to prevent licking/biting by Can't find the right cone01/24/2012

    My dog is a chronic licker Sept-Nov of each year. He has worn a plastic (semitransparent) cone for quite some time. The size (length) of his plastic cone is perfect, but I wanted him to have something softer. First, I ordered the "Comfy Cone." BIG mistake. He hated that he couldn't see through it (no peripheral vision), it was ANYTHING but comfy (less flexible than the plastic cone), and, despite ordering the largest size, it wasn't long enough to prevent him from licking. As a side note, DO NOT ORDER ANY PRODUCT FROM ARCATA PET. Next, I tried the Eliza Soft Recovery Collar from Entirely Pets. Unfortunately, regardless of how close to his ears it sits, the collar is not long enough to prevent him from licking. On top of that, he cannot see through it, and it is made of a paper-like material which ripped after only two uses. I did not attempt to return it for a refund because the product is not "defective." Long story short, you may not find a "soft" cone that is made/designed for long-and-lean breeds. For the record, I have no complaints about Entirely Pets.


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