• FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)

    FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)

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    Purina FortiFlora for Dogs is a probiotic nutritional supplement for pets suffering with diarrhea and poor intestinal health.

    If your dog is suffering from diarrhea due to a change in home circumstances, boarding, eating the wrong types of food, a move, or the use of antibiotic therapies, or if your puppy has soft stools, why not ask your veterinarian how FortiFlora could assist.

    FortiFlora™ is recommended as a nutritional supplement to help with the following:
  • Diarrhea associated with microflora imbalance
  • Acute enteritis
  • Diarrhea associated with stress, antibiotic therapy, and diet change
  • Poor fecal quality in puppies
  • To promote a strong immune system

  • Each box of FortiFlora contains 30 one-gram sachets. FortiFlora restores a natural and healthy balance to your dog's intestines with its unique microencapsulated live microorganisms. FortiFlora canine nutritional supplement also contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, and it can be easily mixed with your dog's normal food.

    The active probiotic in FortiFlora is Enterococcus faecium, and each packet is guaranteed to deliver 108 CFU/g to your dog. Other ingredients include vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate, beta carotene, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate and sodium selenite. Many customers recommend FortiFlora for use as a regular nutritional supplement for dogs that are continually sick but otherwise healthy. So if you are looking for a canine nutritional supplement that will ensure intestinal health for your dog, check out the benefits of FortiFlora.


    Usage Information

    Dietary Considerations

    FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement for dogs and has been formulated to achieve the following characteristics:
  • Contains a special strain of probiotic that has been proven to promote intestinal health and balance
  • Contains a guaranteed amount of live active cultures
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Contains high levels of antioxidant Vitamins A, E, and C
  • Excellent palatability
  • Proprietary mircoencapsulation process for enhanced stability
  • Shown to be safe for use in dogs
  • How does FortiFlora work?

    FortiFlora may help nutritionally manage dogs with diarrhea in many situations, including:
  • Stressful situations such as boarding or change in home environment
  • Diet change or consumption of inappropriate foods
  • Soft stool in puppies
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Ask your veterinarian how FortiFlora can help your dog’s diarrhea.

    Feeding and Administration

    The following feeding program is recommended as a guideline only, with discretionary clinical adjustments for proper weight maintenance.

    Feeding Instructions

    Feed 1 sachet daily under the supervision of your veterinarian.


    Animal digest, Enterococcus faecium, L-ascorbyl-2- polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), brewers dried yeast, Vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate, beta-Carotene, salt, manganese proteinate, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite.
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (min)43.0%
    Crude Fat (min)10.0%
    Crude Fiber (max)1.0%
    Moisture (max)5.0%
    Microorganisms (Min)
    (Enterococcus faecium)
    1 X 108 CFU/g
    Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Very sick older dog by Andy's mom from Kansas10/05/2014

    We took my very sick 16 1/2 year old Spitz mix to the vet - diarrhea, vomiting and heavy labored panting. Along with an antibiotic, the vet prescribed FortiFlora. The next morning I noticed an amazing difference, she was acting more like a puppy than a senior. Since she only had 2 pills of the antibiotic, I can only contribute her reaction to the FortiFlora. Good stuff!

    by Beverly from Dallas, TX12/14/2012

    One of our dogs has a very sensitive stomach. Our vet originally suggested this along with her prescription food. Really helps her alot.

    Dog had stopped eating, was in pain.... by Peregrine from Vermont12/30/2012

    I thought I was going to have to put him down. My vet (who is generally excellent) was not at the top of her game here, and suggested acupuncture... I should mention before going on that my dog has chronic inflammatory bowel disease from his puppy mill breeder. I have managed to keep him off medications for this, but sometimes it is difficult to keep him well. Anyway, my vet didn't notice Albert had stopped eating. I was desperate. It occurred to me to add digestive enzymes to his canned food, and this is what my vet gave me. It worked a MIRACLE! i

    Great deal by Jock from Golden, B.C.11/22/2012

    Purchased canine FortiFlora. Less than 1/2 the price it is in Canada. Shipping was reasonable & quick.

    FortiFlora by 2 Newf Mom from Ohio10/23/2012

    I have used this product on a couple of my dogs. It works quickly. They eat it with no hesitation when mixed with moist food. I keep it in my cupboard so it's readily available if they get sick.

    FortiFlora or Tylan Power one or both really worke by MalteseLover from California09/18/2014

    My 5 yr old Maltese developed diarrhea on/off for several months. The vet had him on Metronidazole for 14 days with no lasting results Then my dog was switched to Tylan powder 2x daily and 1 packet of FortiFlora daily. What an immediate difference. No more problems. This was an immediate solution.

    FortiFlora For Dogs With Liver Disease by KK from Barrington, NH01/16/2015

    My dog had surgery for a intra-hepatic liver shunt at 7mos of age. The surgery has helped his liver to filter toxins, but it cannot be closed completely. Thus, some toxins get released in to his stomach and can cause numerous digestive issues. FortiFlora has helped to decrease his stomach irritation. He will be on this product for life. It is very helpful to be able to obtain this product from Entirely Pets. . .I get 3 boxes for the price of 1 box compared to my vet's office.

    Excellent Product by Mia Thibault from Atlanta, GA04/07/2012

    I have no wish to again experience a large dog's terrible & bloody diarrhea after taking an antibiotic. Our Siberian Husky will remain on this probiotic for life! Your price and service are excellent. Thanks for your help.

    Great stuff by cookie from Raleigh, NC05/30/2012

    This product really works great. I can depend on it to help keep my girl regular. I recommend it to all of my friends whose dogs have problems.

    Safe, Nutritious, plus Affordable! by ray from St. Gabriel,La04/09/2013

    Our pet yorkie "Pepe" loves Fortaflora sprinkled on his food. He has chronic inflammed intestines and takes a steroid med. just for the intestines. While this helps, it was not enough; there were still flareups. Since we began Fortaflora Pepe's life is better...much better. Thank you "EntirelyPets," for offering this healthy and affordable product. Pepe thanks you too...Woof!

    Great Product! by Jon Six03/22/2013

    Great product for my dogs! Great Price, Fast Shipping!

    works wonderful by Pauline from Saginaw, MI07/30/2014

    My dog has digestive issues due to addisons disease. He loves the flavor of this he licks his bowl to be sure he got it all. It works great and is very mild for him. I would suggest this to anyone.

    Teriffic Probotic by Bernice from Oregon08/17/2014

    Good for all regulation of stool...price was more than reasonable vs other retail outlets

    Truly works by Maxi from Virginia Beach, Virginia03/15/2012

    I use this product because my Tibetan Terrier is on a low-dose antibiotic daily as a preventative for a bladder infection. Last year she had to have surgery for removal of stones and polyps. I use Fortiflora as a preventative against diarrhea. It works wonderfully. She has no problem taking it as it is sprinked on her food. Thank goodness she is now a happy, healthy dog.

    Great for digestive upsets! by SweetAnnie12/10/2011

    This product was recommended by our vet for a mini schnauzer with a sensitive digestive tract. I keep it on hand at all times, and I use a half a packet once per day to settle a gurgling tummy and loose stools. Great when your dog has to take antibiotic meds, too.

    Life saving product by Chuck from Roanoke, Va01/15/2013

    My 13 year old Corgi was near death. After about a year and a half of different anti- biotic medicine, our Vet recommended FortiFlora. Today she is still with us and doing well. I'd recommend your product to anyone.

    Works great by mishka01 from Las Vegas, NV07/28/2013

    I was not aware of this product in the past. Am using it when my dog suffers from diarrhea and it works great. Easy to use and no side affects.

    good product by speedy from New York, NY11/05/2011

    Two of my vets recommended this supplement. I can't say that it has made a noticeable difference in my dog's health, but I believe that FortiFlora is a good product.

    Great to keep bellies happy by Tonkadog from Portland, OR05/16/2014

    I give this to my three dogs whenever we switch food or go camping. It keeps their appetite up, gas away and helps them transition easily to any changes in their diet. They love the taste so much they think I'm giving them a treat when I sprinkle it on their food!

    worked for my dog's loose stools by pja17 from Palm Harbor, Florida05/19/2013


    Great Product by char from WV05/22/2013

    I was introduced to this product by my vet; but it is so much cheaper to buy online. It works great to sprinkle on my GS dogs food. It takes care of diarrhea really great. I give it to them every day to help with their digestive tract.

    Great for use with antibiotics by brownie200004/01/2013

    My dog was on antibiotics for a while due to a skin issue. The antibiotics bothered her stomach (room-clearing gas and soft stools), but when I started using fortiflora, her digestive issues lessened. I sprinkle it on her food and she has no problem eating it. The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that although entirelypets has the BEST price on this product (and I searched extensively), it is still on the pricey side. If you suspect your dog might need a large quantity of fortiflora, look into the 6-pack that entirelypets offers.

    Great product by Momadmac from Del ran,nj06/09/2012

    Have been using for a week. Have seen tremendous improvements with my dog,s soft/diarrhea stool. So happy I tried this product!

    FortiFlora is our Friend by Cate from Toledo, Ohio07/22/2012

    My senior Greyhound has Colitis and we wouldn't be able to keep him feeling good without this product. Sprinkle on his meals or give him a treat FotriFlora sprinkled on white bread:)

    fortiflora...does the job and more! by nance from new york, ny10/17/2013

    Since we have added one packet to his food once a day, he has had perfect stools....no loose and muscosey. his stomach has been great even though he eats anything he can find on the street. Would you believe that it's almost a pleasure job to pick up his poo? You can tell we live in the City.

    Doggone Good by JWM02/08/2012

    Was provided by vet initially with positive results against diarrhea. Improves stools of all the dogs and stimulates their appetites. Will reorder on a regular basis.

    FortiFlora by Cece from Santa Monica, CA03/13/2014

    My senior dog has a very sensitive stomach. FortiFlora has helped quiet down her stomach and firm the stool. So happy our vet recommended it.

    by from 08/04/2013

    Probiotics for Puppies by griffingirl from Atlanta, GA04/16/2012

    My pup has always had a sensitive digestion, and aging has only made that worse, I switched him to a limited ingredient diet and added the FortiFlora. He hasn't had an episode since!

    Fortiflora by 6 dogs09/13/2013

    Keeps my food sensitive Cav from having upset stomach.

    FortiFlora by Patrick from Dallas, TX01/18/2013

    Great for rebuilding the canine flora. Obviously less expensive than the vet - in my case about $7.00 (net of shipping). fast delivery by EntirelyPets.

    Great product and price by Pamhb from Dallas, Tx12/25/2012

    Texas is notorious for giardia and this product helps so much for the illness and more. Anytime the dogs have loose stool consistently I put the Fortiflora in their food to help firm things up a bit. My vet sold this product for an outrageous price and I was elated to find the product for an excellent price.

    Wonderful by Scooter from Dallas, TX04/04/2012

    Same thing my Vet recommends, but Entrely Pets is a much more afforadable price !

    by felony@66610/30/2013

    My rottweiler has irritable bowl syndrome and since I have put him on FortiFlora once a day he has stopped farting and belching. He seems so much more comfortable now since he has been on the FortiFlora. I tried everything from the best dog food to making him home cooked food and nothing worked as well as the FortiFlora. Thank You!

    meds for the old man.. by dr1044lull03/24/2013

    We have a 14 year old plus male border collie who was slowing down a little too quickly for me, so we got him back on the fortiflora meds for dogs... I'm thinking about giving him 1/2 a packet instead of a full one. Man...its like he's half his age again. He is running and chasing our boxer pups and going up and down stairs like he hasn't done in years...I'm sorta concerned he might over do it if he's not carefull. Nice to see him with energy and stamina again.

    Forti-Flora by Claudia from Swansea, MA08/06/2013

    This is a great product for controlling diarrhea in my Shih Tzu / Maltese. Have been using this product for 2 years; it's easy, the dog doesn't mind it, and most importantly, it works!

    FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement by sherry from Albuquerque01/24/2013

    Greyhounds rescued from dog tracks become lovable, excellent family pets. However, they have to make many adjustments to fit comfortably within loving family life. One of them involves their diet. On the track they are typically fed substandard raw meats and as a result, they usually suffer with worms and plaque-ridden teeth. As they undergo the transition from track life to family life, one major change is their diet. It typically can take a while to find out what kibble works best for their digestive system. ForiFlora has been an excellent supplement to make this transition easier and quicker for these loving dogs.

    Very Helpful by Lovemy3doggies01/26/2014

    This product has helped keep my doggies tummy more balanced. It has helped with soft stool and less gas. Yay! Entirely Pets sells for a great price too.

    Good for delicate stomach by Gunner'sMom04/01/2012

    My boxer has an extremely sensitive stomach. This probiotic was given to me by the vet and the improvement was immediate - so I ordered my own. Much less stomach issue! Will reorder.

    Fortiflora by Kathy08/14/2013

    It is a great product for my dog who has a sensitive stomach which requires special food and a med to calm his stomach. A great price too; the vet's price is too much. Thank you for providing this product at such a great price.

    Excellent Product by Beans10 from Troy, MI05/16/2013

    This product has helped my dog with his never-ending intestinal issues. I mix one packet with his special vet food, twice daily, and his intestinal issues remain good. I would be afraid to stop using this product because I can see a huge improvement.

    works as advertised by jayirvin12/25/2012

    This is a great product. my dog had to have antibiotics that killed off all her flora and this product got her back on track

    Praise for Fortiflora canine by Nori from Parma, Ohio01/20/2013

    Our chocolate Lab"Ronin" has always had a sensitive stomach for all his 6 years, trying different foods seemed to help at first but ended up back with soft stools. We now have him on a grain free dog food plus giving him the fortiflora on his food once a day. "Ronin" now enjoys eating his food and his stools have firmed up and he feels better which makes us all the more happy that we have found a solution to his sensitive stomach with the fortiflora supplement.

    FortiFlora by Sandy from Orlando,Fl01/24/2013

    Would definitely recommend this. My dog has a touchy stomach and as long as she is on this she has no problems with diarrhea .

    by Richard from Davidson, NC02/07/2012

    This product has settled my toy poodle's stomach and has firmed up his bowel movements.

    Great Product by LuLu from Michigan06/21/2014

    My dog had digestive issues for years,until I started him on FortiFlora and a healthy diet. He's 12 years old and, still acts like a pup at times. Good, Good stuff!

    FlortiFlora by Gilda10/06/2011

    Best product we found for sensitive stomachs. Put one package a day in the dry food. Moisten the dry food and stir. Very easy to use and it works.

    by laura07/02/2014

    Very fast delivery and just as described. My dog loves it!

    great purchase by Jan from Newport Newx, VA03/23/2013

    I order Forti-Flora canine every month and Entirely Pets ships immediately. I usually receive my order within three dage and that is so great. I will continue to order from Entirely Pets.

    very satisfied by tipsy's mom12/02/2011

    Helps my senior citizen dog with his stomach problems, he likes taste- just put it on his food. Priced fair and quick delivery!

    Great Product by Kathy C from NH09/30/2013

    I was told this was a great product and it really is. I keep it on hand now and use it regularly.

    Sensitive Stomach by BMWMC from Henderson, NV07/07/2014

    Adopted a rescue boxer that was recuperating from another stressful rescue. He had lost 20 pounds and had suffered a URI so it was important to get him back up to weight. Kept him on FortiFlora for a couple of months and he has since done well and regained the weight he had lost. My vet agreed I was doing the right thing.

    Great Product! by Sierramom from Lake Worth, FL01/01/2013

    I have been using Fortiflora for years now for my two White Shepherds. They seem to digest their food better with this probiotic and I will continue to use it. First recommended by our Vet.

    Really works by SkylarMia from Cedar Park, TX02/07/2012

    We give this our dog whenever she gets into something she shouldn't and her stools get a little loose. A couple of days on Forti-Flora and she is back on track and regular. Highly recommended!

    This product is terrific! by Lou04/17/2012

    Our dog had problems liking his food, apparently, because nothing agreed with him (poor baby). Well, we tried the FortiFlora with his evening meal and we couldn't believe the difference. He has only refused one meal in 2 months. This is after our vets tried everything else. We are so happy for our dog. He's 11 (we think, since he was a rescue) and this is the first time he has eaten bag after bag of food!!

    Does Wonders! by Kathi from New Jersey07/20/2012

    One packet a day has kept my Golden Retriever's colitis under control. Would recommend this to anyone.

    by In dogs we trust from Plainfield, CT12/24/2012

    This product worked wonders for my dogs digestion.

    Good, but spendy by Tuce from Portland, OR03/03/2014

    I used this for my FCR with IBD. It is, however, a bit spendy as he needs it twice a day for the rest of his life. It got me started on putting pre-probiotics in his food.

    FortiFlora by VCH09/07/2014

    Excellent product. Great for upset tummies

    Very good product by nancy11/02/2011

    My springer, Jack, has had problems with diarrhea since he was a pup (he's now 2 1/2). This keeps things healthy and it also helps with allergies. A little pricey, but when I've tried other products, we had problems again.

    Great product by Bobo's Mom07/28/2013

    Our dog has a sensitive tummy and this product really helps.

    saved my dog by McQueen10/11/2013

    after 4 years of being on antibiotics as a maintenance regime for lupus, my shep became anorexic, very picky eater, and eating only small amounts of food at a time, also regurgitating alot. Vet recommended probiotics to counter the long term antibiotic erosion of the stomach. Took a couple of weeks to take effect, but he gets it daily and will continue to get it because he now eats much better, for longer periods of time, and does not regurgitate anymore.

    Great Product; Great Price by Mylassie08/10/2013

    This is a great product at a great price which I highly recommend.

    Works well by OG's Person from Atlanta, GA01/17/2013

    Our old dog can have incontinence problems, and FortiFlora helps us prevent many accidents by keeping him on a regular schedule.

    FortiFlora for Dogs by Charlie10/28/2011

    Our dog has a sensitive stomach and is on i/d dry dog food. FortiFlora is very helpful during and after a course of antibiotics and as a flavor enhancement that keeps her regular. Product has worked very well for us.

    Keeping new puppy regular by Marcy from Indianapolis, IN10/03/2013

    This product helped to keep my new puppy regular during booster series.

    Excellent by Audi from Vermont06/12/2013

    Great product,great price and excellent service. I will again be ordering from you in the next couple of days. Thank you

    FortiFlora-canine by Tirzah from Arizona01/21/2012

    Great product and Entirely Pets does a great job. Fast shipping and I always receive what i ordered.

    best probiotic by sue08/21/2014

    when my dog gets soft stools I just give her the fortiflor a few days and it works great. I can't be without it..

    Excellent product by BlueBlue from Leesburg, VA08/14/2013

    I like to always have Forti Flora on hand. It is very helpful for getting canine digestive systems back on track after using antibiotics, and settling upset tummies.

    this is really good for your dog by carebear from Woodbridge, VA05/22/2014

    i just wanted to know if this makes your dog have the shakes or throwing up

    It was everything I wanted it to be! by Charley09/15/2014

    My doggie had recently been given a week's supply of antibiotic without also telling me to give him a probiotic at the same time. . .as a result, he had digestive symptoms that cleared up in no time when I added FortiFlora to his diet. Thanks for such a great product and one that he takes without a whimper1

    by Old Boy's Buddy10/23/2012

    This stuff is great in helping keep my older pup regular.

    Good product! by desertes from California10/09/2011

    This product came in handy the very first day it arrived in the mail. One of my dogs had a loose stool, and it cleared it right up. I'll keep it on hand from now on for those occasional times it is needed.

    Good Stuff by Carol N.10/13/2009

    In addition to being Gluten intolerant, my dog has a sensitive stomach. I tried several things, and the regular vet always wanted to give him antibiotics for his loose stool to "settle his stomach." I saw an osteopathic vet, who recommended Forti Flora. She said that this is one thing Purina did right, and it is the only probiotic she recommends. It helps!! Also, remember that, like us, a large part of our immune system is in our gut, and probiotics are essential for overall health. I can't say enough good stuff about this product.

    Excellent product by Caterina11/07/2011

    Very speedy delivery and product arrived as recommended. The cost is competitive and I will gladly purchase from EntirelyPets again.

    Fortiflora canine for a nervous traveler by Stacy01/03/2013

    Amazing product! Our sheltie gets mucousy stools and diarhea when we travel so we sprinkle half a pouch on each meal with a little water to make it like gravy and she gobbles it up (she has had it in water alone and loves it too). The result is incredible! Her stools are back to normal in no time, she calms down, and our travels are much more enjoyable. If you know you have a dog with gut problems I strongly recommend this product.

    Vet recommened by Orbitsblu from Milwaukee, WI01/02/2013

    The first time I tried this product was when my vet recommended it for one of my dogs that had colitis. It worked really fast and really well. Recently another dog was having stomach issues and my vet prescribed it. The dog,who is a picky eater, loved the taste of this, especially with a little water mixed in to make a gravy. It helped his stomach and I keep using it just so he stays on a good schedule. He is 13 years old and needs all the help he can get!

    by from 04/24/2012

    Animal digest, Enterococcus faecium, L-ascorbyl- 2-polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), Vitamin E supplement, beta-Carotene, zinc proteinate, salt, manganese proteinate, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite. A-4582

    above by ingredients...Animal from digestLook


    Great product! Very useful by Toni and Kobe01/29/2012

    This is a great product. My doggie Kobe had a skin infection and needed antibiotics which promptly gave him diarrhea. We gave him this and it helped SOOO much! by the third day everything was back to normal, so to speak, AND he must love the taste becaues he gets so excited when we bring it out and sprinkle it on his dry food. My cats were really interested too...they tried to get into the box! Simple to use, seems to aid in diarrhea due to antibiotics and he loves it!

    Great Stuff! by careylarabee06/05/2012

    This stuff is one of the best products ever made. Diarrhea - gone like that. This works every time. Get it. I give my dog one every two weeks as maintenance and she never has diarrhea anymore ever.

    FortiFlora Probiotic for dogs by Patti from Los Angeles, CA10/22/2012

    My Vet recommended this product to my dog after she had a big cancer tumor removed from her liver and I use one packet every day and she likes the taste of it in her food. It is easy to use and not as expensive as other Probiotic products.

    FortiFlora recommendation by Dan from Dewey10/28/2012

    We have been buying FortiFlora for our Lab&Whatever for some time now as she has a very sensitive stomach and all too frequently will just not eat at all(until we put Majic-Powder on it). Then she wolfs it right down. She will get very excited just seeing us get the blue box!

    Good Nutritonal Supplement by cje09/12/2013

    After my beagle's surgery to have her gallbladder removed she had further complications with eating and digestion. Fortiflora helped give her the nutrition she needed to get back to her old self.

    Well Worth the Price by xeridot from Phoenix08/07/2012

    My service dog Sophie has had chronic colitis ever since she was a pup; every little stress makes it flare up. Forti-Flora has helped immensely! I won't say it's perfect, as it doesn't always work for severe attacks and we have to couple it with prescription meds, but overall it makes things so much better that it's well worth the price.

    FortiFlora and IBD a Great Match by Deborah Sue09/21/2013

    My dog, Cookie, has had IBF for her entire life...11 years. My great vet recommended that I add Fortiflora to her meals twice a day to help keep her delicate system more in balance. The more my vet puts dogs on it the more he thinks that this product is a great choice. My vet is super, so I believe what he says and my dog reaps the benefits.

    Maxamillion's Comeback! by Janie Robbins02/18/2008

    This product is wonderful! I recently bought a 7 month old Rottweiler(Max). He was stressed from being in a different place and not use to eating proper dog food! Max has been on this for 2 weeks and he is great! His stools are formed and he has alot more energy!

    good stuff by ski11/20/2012

    seems to knock out our chi-pap's loose stool whenever he gets it....fortiflora is now part of his regular diet..

    Lucy's Miracle Dust by Vivian Falero01/17/2008

    There's nothing in the market like this product. My Yorkie, Lucy, has suffered from severe colitis since an early age. Every two months she would get sick over and over again ending up in the "emergency clinic" . My bills were running up to $700 + . Since my Vet prescribed FortiFlora sprinkled on her special food (Hills Prescription Diet i/d).Lucy has not been sick again. This is the perfect combination for her. I use a little bit mixed with her food daily because she weighs 4.5. lbs....I call it Lucy's Miracle Dust!! Vivian, Coral Gables, Florida.

    Great product by Bunz from Illinois12/20/2012

    Keeps my Dooney's tummy regular. No diarrhea which happened often

    great [product by dandi08/07/2009

    my dog had suffered poisoning from ingesting something my neighbor put out in their yard. She is fine now, along with many other things our Vet put her on FortiFlora. Wow, this supplement continues to make a major difference in her recovery. I highly recommend.

    Great for diarrhea by deb05/20/2008

    My dogs both had diarrhea for almost 2 weeks and even an antibiotic and change of diet didn't help. Five days with this product and they are both well. This stuff is good!

    Sophie's Better by Dave H from Spring Lake, MI12/06/2011

    Our schnauzer's intestinal problems have mostly vanished since we started using FortiFlora supplement. Our vet bills much less.

    Excellent Product by smiley0511/08/2011

    My puppy was on antibiotics for an exteneded period of time. This caused her to have very loose stools, This went on for several months. My vet suggested trying FortiFlora.Within two days of using this product, she is back to normal. I am still using the FortiFlora and I am weening her off of it slowly as recommended by my vet.

    Problem Solved! by Westie Mom from Charleston, WV07/27/2012

    My Westie Jennings has many allergies, both environmental and dietary. He is on a daily dose of antibiotics and FortiFlora prevents him from developing diarrhea. He loves the beef boullion flavor and it is very easy to mix with his food and a sprinkle of water. FortiFlora has simplified both of our lives significantly! I highly recommend it.

    Good Product by MiMito2 from New Orleans, LA10/28/2012

    I have a greyhound that has very loose stools. This item was recommended to me by the organization that I adopted her from.

    The Best! by Kim03/02/2013

    This product has helped "solidify" my 13 year old Cocker Spaniel's "output" for the first time in her life. Have used it with my Schnauzer and Catahoula with the same results when they had issues. I will continue with this product.

    Enhances Food by Sandee from Palm Harbor FL11/18/2011

    The vet recently recommended that Shorty take a box of Fortil-lora since he was having diaharrea. Sprinkled over his morning meal, it worked very quickly and he gobbled up his food with gusto.

    Great Product by Lisa from North Platte, NE12/30/2013

    I have been using FortiFlora for awhile and it helps a ton with putting good bacteria back into your dogs digestive track. In my opinion it's the best form of natural enzymes on the market.

    Excellent product by sylvia from Delmar, NY12/01/2011

    I was so glad to find this product on-line for at least $10 less than at my vet's office. My sheltie needs a boost once in awhile & this product does the trick. Try it.

    Great when Travelling by Jacglen from Orange, CA01/01/2012

    This item is great to give your dog when you are travelling and having to use different water than your dog is used to, being in different areas.

    by mamie from IL & AZ10/23/2012

    Recommended by our vet for digestive problems. It has to be added to dry dog food and our giant schnauzer did not like the taste/smell so she wouldn't eat her food until she was very hungry! Product may have helped the original problem but we discontinued use after a month when our dog continued to refused her food.

    Healthful by Babe06/17/2013

    Improves overall health, improves digestion and promotes good bowel movements.

    This is the best stuff. by rockypatricia from Madison West Va.06/05/2014

    My maltese was very sick, took her to the vet and they gave her FortiFlora and I give this to her everyday. It has made a very big difference in my Sugar. She loves the taste and her dirreha is gone.

    made a diference by sheltielover07/12/2012

    I purchased this product to help get my sheltie's stool back normal while treating bad bacteria in the gut. So far it has really made a difference and my vet said to continue to use even after the treatments for diarrhea.

    Great product by RR from Cherry Hill , New Jersey08/27/2013

    I use this product every day and my dog Loves it. It is great for her digestive System.

    Excellent Product by jojo from Portland OR10/02/2013

    This probiotic has helped my dog's inflammatory bowel disorder and kept her in remission for three years. Amazingly effective.

    good product by dawg lover from Pasadena ca12/27/2013

    It has helped our dogs- general overall health

    The Perfect Answer by Deb09/14/2013

    Our new puppy, despite tweeking the type and volume of food, always had less than formed stools. Upon recommendation of a friend, we purchased FortiFlora and found it to have almost immediate results. One happy customer with one very happy puppy!

    Great stuff for digestiveproblems by Marty from NC04/13/2014

    The dog that takes this is on Chemo drugs which upset his digestive system. This has helped tremendously!

    FortiFlora Canine by Jay from Cape Cod10/12/2013

    FortiFlora has truly worked with my two Goldens and and I would highly recommend it.

    great service by Judi from Fresno CA02/10/2012

    great service, the delivery is remarkable. I am very satisfied

    by kathy from Beaumont texas10/29/2012

    I will order again the shipping was fast and my German Shepherd has to be on FortiFlora the rest of his life. He was rescued at the beach and he drank alot of salt water and he must be on this for life. This product straightened his digestive system out and as long as he takes this medicine he is fine. Thanks so very much.

    Great stuff for intestinal bacteria problems by Linda G. from Gilford, NH09/23/2013

    Best intestinal aid for bacteria. 14 yr old MinPin has some kind of bacteria in the intestines and diabetes from having Neck surgery.Predisone induced diabetes. Little guy has been through a lot. Then Dr. recommended this as last resort trying to figure out what was wrong and it's been a big relief keeping him clear so far. Love this stuff. Extended his life!

    by Cindy02/28/2013

    This works well for digestive issues including prevention. I use it daily, mixed in some plain yogurt before a meal. Dogs love it.

    UNHAPPY CUSTOMER by JIM04/01/2012


    fortiflora by teresalp1 from lakeway tx07/19/2013

    Helps my dog that suffers from pancreatitis

    Health Maintenence by Toppop from Charlotte, NC04/27/2012

    My dog Henry was prescribed Fortiflora after he was hospitalized was pancreatitis. This along with a special diet has prevented a recurrence. I would recommend it for any dog with stomach problems.

    FortiFlora by MsL from Flagstaff, AZ08/02/2013

    My dog is a rescue dog who spent a lot of time wondering in very cold weather. When I rescued him he obviously had some health problems, including his digestive system. I started by giving him one envelope of the FortiFlora every day and now I've tapered it to sprinkling an envelope twice a week. I really like this product. Charley seems to like it too!

    fortifora by lucinda from nampa id01/29/2012

    i have a choc. lab that has always had the runs and a gass problem she is 13 years this product is the greatist both problems has disapieard and she at one time could clear a house

    by from 08/04/2011

    I recommend this for pups when weaning or even when switching to a raw diet as it helps give them a beneficial belly boost :)

    new by puppy from familyEvery


    Love this product! by MoscowMom from Bristol, RI07/31/2013

    I have two German Shepherd Dogs and they both have, true to the breed, sensitive stomachs. One of them really has digestive issues so I sprinkle a packet of FortiFlora on his food every morning, and it really helps to keep his bowels working properly.

    Straightens out digestive issues by gmm from Spokane, WA06/27/2014

    My dog is now 16 years old and has only recently become a picky eater. It's been a struggle to find a balance of dog food that she'll eat that doesn't cause her gas and diarrhea.You are supposed to slowly transition new foods, but that's difficult when you're trying to find a new food for a picky eater. I used the feline version of Fortiflora for my cat when he was a kitten and had perpetual digestive issues and it really helped straighten his system out, so I figured I'd try it for my dog. I've been mixing it into her food for about 3 weeks now and it really seems to have helped. Fortiflora works so much better than other probiotics I've tried. I highly recommend it.

    forti flora helps a dog stay strong and healthy by annez from lima ohio10/29/2011

    i have a dog with allergies. the vet told us he could no longer reciver corizone injections for it. but that she was recommending Forti flora for all her patient dogs and cats that have allergies and got the cortizone shots for it. it really helps build up the dogs immune system. i still have to give him meds for allergies but he's much better and stronger. and has a good appetite and not the issues with his tummy or bowels.i give him a sachet each day with one of his meals. itcosts more than it should it should but it works....and Entirely pets tries....to help make it more affordable. try it on a dog that doesn't want to eat and has bad allergies. it worked for us. one sachet every single day.

    Saved My Lab by Afieldk from North Carolina12/15/2011

    My 8 year old yellow lab has had chronic diarrhea and vomiting for years. FortiFlora was suggested by my new vet. It has saved his quality of life. He rarely gets diarrhea now and when he does I just give him two doses in a day and it's gone. Amazing product!

    Ellie loves it! by judyaustin from Boise, ID06/12/2014

    Ellie--adopted at 2 five weeks ago--inherited some from a beloved dog who died two months ago. She clearly thinks its wonderful--laps up any of it that sifts through her food to the bottom of her dish. Our vet loves it too!

    Excellent Product by Friend of Animals from San Mateo, CA09/04/2013

    My German Shepherd has a sensitive stomach and the Vet recommend FortiFlora. I've had him on it for several years and it does make a difference in his stool. The Vet's prices were a bit high so I was pleased to find the item on line 30% cheaper. Your prices are reasonable and the service is outstanding. Thank you for being so prompt with delivery.

    FortiFlora by Bee from Texas01/28/2013

    Thank you for supplying FortiFlora at a reasonable price. My scottish terrier needs this for her stomach she has allergy issues and other stomach issues.

    FortiFlora by Lew from Sanford, North Carolina05/02/2012

    Own two "special" dogs we rescued from the local shelter. Healthy in every way, but both had digestive issues that would often cause them to thow-up food shortly after eating. Heard about FortiFlora from a friend, so close to a year ago we began adding one pack of FortiFlora into their food once a day. It's a very easy addtive to work with and they both obvioulsy like the taste of it. Since starting this process, very rarely do they ever throw-up and then it is only because they get too excited when "play-time" follows dinner. We fully endorse FortiFlora and recommend it to anyone who has a pet with periodic or regular stomach issues.

    Life Saving Supplement! by KC from Oregon01/27/2012

    My 16 1/2 yr old Jack Russell, Macaroni, was diagnosed with Inflammatory BD 3yrs ago & pancreatitis. This product along with his food change has kept him very vital. Thank you!!!!

    doggie vitamins.. by Doc from manchester,nh03/11/2012

    we started fortiflora on our 13 year old boarder collie after he had a flare up of lime disease. once his fever of 105.3 was under control, our vet put him on it to get his health and strenght back...Holy cow!!..in just a couple days he when from being carried into the vets to running in the yard with the pups trying to herd them as they play...amazing stuff. He and our other elder aussie shepard, who is 15+ will be on fortiflora from now on...

    Great purchase! by annierosie10/30/2012

    My dog loves the taste of this product. I sprinkle it over his regular dog food and he devours it all! It keeps his bowels regular as well.

    Sensitive stomach tamer by Nori from Parma, Ohio03/05/2013

    Ever since our chocolate lab was a pup, his stools were always loose and we always had him checked for parasites which came up negative each time. We tried special diets through his adulthood and still had loose stools after awhile. Recently we have him on a no grain dog food that has been helping for some time now and our vet recommended to also mix in with his food, fortiflora canine supplement, to help ease his sensitive stomach. It's been fairly solid stools for awhile now with the combo and we're all happy and thankful that we had started using fortiflora canine supplement for our dog and will continue to in the future! Thank you again!

    Seems to Be Helping by Momto64legs11/08/2011

    FortiFlora has not 100% "cured" my Yorkie's chronic colitis, but there is a definite improvement. Considering how many things I have tried with little to no success, "improvement" is wonderful! The positive change is definitely worth it and, although she is a picky eater, she seems to love it sprinkled on her food!

    Forti flora by TD from Phoenix, AZ10/15/2013

    love this product it's great when one of your dogs has an upset stomach...quickly does the trick

    Best pro Biotic by DeeJayDee from Reston, Virginia08/18/2014

    Expensive but worth it, this product keeps my dog from having loose stools every day of his life. I give him one full packet in his canned dinner every evening. My fur baby weighs 40 lbs and is a larger purebred Sheltie. His breeder recommended this product to me.

    IBD Dog Who Never Eats LOVES Fortiflora! by Caribou2u from Central Virginia12/11/2012

    My dog spent most of the first two years of life not really eating. Once he was diagnosed with IBD, he really needed some probiotic support, but I was very apprehensive about adding ANYthing to his food for fear he would stop eating again. The Fortiflora has been a welcome addition - he gobbles his food up and seems to really like the taste. His health is better overall. I even added to my other dog's food (her stools have always been very dry with white parts). The addition has made her stools very normal and her breath seems to smell better too.

    Always Order This from Entirely Pets by msdebbie08/06/2012

    Entirely Pets has the best price on this product & takes coupon codes!I always place an order big enough to benefit from free shipping, so there is a substantial savings & my dog takes a packet every day.

    worked well by summerluvin from San Jose, CA02/21/2013

    My dog was treated for giardia & hookworms. Her fecal was negative, but was still having diarrhea. The doctor recommended this product. It helped get her back on track. Her stools are normal now.

    FortiFlora Canine Supplement at a fantastic price by Super Dave07/02/2013

    Veterinarian sold me one box for my White West Highland Terrier at 31.99 a box. That is one heck of a markup in price. Buying from Entirely Pets is saving me a fortune. Looking for other savings from Entirely Pets.

    Great GI support by Pup'sMom10/15/2011

    Iinitially received this for our puppy from our vet for a GI upset after eating something he shouldn't have, as all puppies do. Now we keep it on hand for episodes just like that and also with antibiotic use. A healthy gut helps make a healthy immune system! Much more effective than human probiotic supplements.

    Great for stomach disorders by SJW08/14/2014

    Our Pom has digestive problems with loose stools and stomach upsets. Since she has been on Flortoflora, she seldom has an attack. She is a much happier doggie!

    Miraculous by Maureen from Hermitage, PA12/22/2011

    My mom's cocker spaniel (Shannon) has always had issues with diarrhea and constipation ... Fortiflora has been a tremendous benefit to her. She takes it easily - it is sprinkled over her food, usually hamburger that mom cooks for her, and she gobbles it right up. Shannon is 14 years old and has some age-related health issues. This has at least given her relief in one area.

    want to believe in this product by melmilo from honolulu, HI07/23/2012

    Am looking for a supplement to ease my pup's tummy, and really want this product to work. We're 2 weeks in and so far not much difference in her situation. But will continue on for the rest of the month with the hopes that her situation will improve, mostly based on the other great reviews.

    Great purchase by micknchet from Rochester, NY08/06/2013

    while we fostered our dog she was given FortiFlora for her loose stool. After we adopted her our new vet had us try a bland diet but it didn't seem to work at all and she had no other issues so we found that we could purchase FortiFlora online without a veterinary precription and have been using it since - it works great! Our dog has firm stools and she can eat basic dog food now - no special diet and no issues, fantastic!!

    Great for our Yorkie by BarbaraQ from So. Calif.11/17/2011

    Our Yorkie has been on Fortiflora for about 3 years. He used to have frequent gastric distress - a gurgling tummy and loose stool.Our vet recommended Fortiflora. Since he is small (8 lbs) we just sprinkle a little over his food at every meal. Since then, the problem has almost disappeared.

    Good product for sensitive tummy's by Eddy from Olathe, Kansas11/07/2012

    I have been giving this to my Lab for 3 years now and she has a sensitive stomach, but she rarely ever throws up and her stools are now normal. We believe that this product is the reason for her good intestinal health and it was recommended to us by our Banfield Hospital Veterinarian.

    Wouldn't use anything else by Paige11/07/2011

    My vet recommended this product for my dog shortly after we adopted him (about two years ago) because he was having difficulty digesting his food. My dog loves forti-flora and won't eat his food without it. Forti-flora has really helped to give my dog normal bowel movements.

    by Jesse02/27/2014

    Our dog loves the taste. It works great for him.

    Why didn't my vet suggest this??? by Peregrine from Burlington, VT11/08/2012

    Hi, my "moyen" poodle, Albert, now nearing age 10, came from a supposed reliable breeder who was actually running a puppy mill. I drove to her kennel in NW NH, saw beautiful poodles -- it never crossed my mind that she was a crook, that the beautiful poodles were inbred, that the pedigrees were made up. So I wound up with a wonderful dog who has IBD from the coccidia in this rotten kennel. I have managed to keep Albert off medications, and find a canned food he could tolerate. For a long time he was pretty stable. Recently, as he has aged, he has begun to suffer pain from some kind of rear quarter problem -- and this has caused him to STOP EATING. I was able to get him to eat by forcing scrambled eggs down his throat... then it occurred to me to ask vet for digestinal flora supplements. Voila! With Fortiflora, he is now eating normally, and has normal stool. Thank you, FortiFlora!

    Fortiflora by Kathie10/24/2013

    Veterinarian recommended, but half the price than the vet offices offer. Great product.

    Flora-"RuFF"ic!!! by Pez's Petowner from Fairfield, CT10/08/2013

    My vet suggested I try this probiotics on my dog who was having multiple intestional problems and diarrhea intermittently. Since starting the fortiflora Pez has been doing beautifully with no more complications it has really boosted his intestional tract system I would reccomend this product to any dog owner that has experienced their dog with a poor intestional tract it will and does wonders my dog is living proof of this..Thanks Purina you saved by life with Dr's visits and costs.. It's FloraRuffic!!!

    Amazing Results! by Tracey from CA01/16/2015

    My dog has had Giardia which causes very bad diareha .The medice given is antibiotics which in turn is bad for the stomach.This Powder help put good bacteria back in his stomach almost immediately .I highly recommend it for dogs with stomach issues.We take probiotics to help us!

    fortiflora by iowachick10/11/2011

    Love the product. Stools much better while traveling. Will definitely continue use of the product. Kris

    Works great by smoothfox from SF Bay Area, CA04/20/2013

    My vet recommended this product and I now use it after giving our fox terrier her beef rib bone to curb the diarrhea that usually happens after she chews on a big bone!

    by from 10/09/2013

    This is the first time my 8 year old Springer Spaniel had FortiFlora added to his food. He has had problems with his digestive track for years without a diagnosis after numerous tests. While a no grain dog food has improved his digestive issues, early indications are FlortiFlora has really helped him during his first 14 day course.

    dogs by and from haveWe


    Best product by MAXXX from FL10/11/2013

    Our vet recommended this probiotics on my 11 years old dog who was having diarrhea. Very easy to use and it works!!!!

    by from 10/18/2013

    My Vet recommended Fortiflora because my dog was having stomach issues. It has helped so much and by using Entirely Pets, it has saved me a fortune!! I've checked with various vet clinics and they charge $10 - $15 more at the clinic! Thank you Entirely Pets!!

    Great Product by Doggiewhisperer from Los AngelesRandy


    Excellent Product by Chloe's Mom10/18/2011

    Our vet originally recommended FortiFlora because the change in our dogs diet from regular food to a kidney food diet caused major gas. This product helped tremendously while she adjusted to new food. More recently, as her disease progresses, she has suffered from chronic diarrhea. A daily dose of FortiFlora has this under control.

    Fortiflora for eye stain by Denimbluz10/05/2011

    Fortiflora is recommended for intestinal health, but my vet thought we could try it to help eliminate the stain under Marley's eyes. It did not help for this particular thing. But I'm sure it is a good product for other things.

    Great start by Bella's John09/26/2013

    Found this on-line at a great price and love the regular shipping, one less thing to worry about for Bella each month. It is great to know she will get her supplement that does wonders for her.

    FortiFlori Probiotic Nutritional Supplement by Sparky from Sacramento, CA02/07/2014

    This is and excellent product to restore your dog's intestinal health and balance. Should be given after treatment with anti-biotics and after de-worming and dogs with diarrhea. Contains viable naturally occurring microorganisms including enterococcus faecium which restores intestinal health.

    Keeps Stools Firm! by Phil1336 from Key West, FL03/27/2013

    Our Vet recommended this Product to keep one of our Golden Retriever`s stools firm. One Packet a day sprinkled into her Meal seems to do the trick. Vets price was so high, she should have been "wearing a Mask"!

    Great Product by Linda from Altamonte Springs, FL09/18/2014

    I order FortiFlora regularly for my dachshund. She has an immune disease and the vet recommended this product. This probiotic has done wonders for her. She loves it and I sprinkle it on her food daily. I highly recommend it.

    Great product by Barb dog lover from Berlin md01/31/2013

    I have used this product in the past when my dog Stranger was very ill. Now I want is on hand when my boys have an upset stomach.

    Works like a charm by kinger from Arizona07/09/2013

    When our dog is having loose stools, this really helps her feel better and gets her stools back to normal.

    best purchase by Holly from Yonkers, NY11/19/2012

    My Vet started my dog on fortiflora after dx of IBD. Frequent mucous stools. It took about a month but she is doing great on this supplement. EntirelyPets has the lowest price for this product. Since she will have to remain on this, I glad I found your site.

    Lucky Find by Lulu from Rockford, IL11/07/2012

    This product has vastly improved my dog's digestive system. Does exactly what it says it will.

    FortiFlora by Loose dog07/16/2013

    Fortiflora worked very well when my nursing mother had a loose stool. I have since used it again on a nursing mother and keep it on hand when any dog needs an intestinal boost.

    Best Product by Jenny02/02/2012

    I have 5 Sheties and they get diarrhea often this product slows it down and stops it when nothing else will and it is natural. Great product

    Forti Flora by BC Boys Mom12/04/2012

    This is an excellent product. Our BC/ Aussie mix boys were being treated for Giardia by Vet and this was one of the follow-up treaments. It is working wonders restoring the natural balance to thier digestive system and has actually improved their appetites back to where they will eat again without being tricked into doing so. Definitely would recommmend.

    highly recommed by Stormee from Houston Tx06/16/2012

    with my darling one, she has acute pancreaitis, and went through a major surgery, adrenalectomy. this product was recommeded to me by specialist at a very high standing animal hospital that folks around the NATION travel to seeking their expertise. This product has helped her maintain healthy stools and helping prevent stomach upsets. she struggled with combined issues that would result in vomiting, and diarrhea , and with standing health concerns this could lead to a critical situation quickly for her. This product has helped us maintain a steady and consist positive health status. In short. IT ROCKS. and i feel completely confident in using it and from this site it cost a fraction of what it cost from the doctors offices.

    by merrilee04/17/2013

    Fortiflora helps my dog's occasional stressed stomach. It stops the diarrhea after 2 or 3 packets.

    Forti Flora by Gidget from Space Coast Florida11/19/2013

    I don't see any difference in my dog since I started this, but I feel better knowing that I am doing something to keep him more healthy. I use probiotics so why shouldn't Woody??? He seems to love the taste-I sprinkle it over his morning meal and he gobbles it right down. I am sure it is helping his digestive system and hopefully his immune system as well. Being an old dog(10 yrs. old) I want to do everything I can to help him stay healthy.

    Great Product by Lynda from North Carolina03/22/2012

    FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement by Purina has definitely improved our Westie's digestion and helped alleviate his Bilious Vomiting Syndrome. And I can't say enough nice things about Entirely Pets' friendly customer service and timely delivery! Thank you!!

    Good for Stomach Issues by cosmocitygrl from Los Angeles07/23/2014

    My dog has colitis and other stomach issues. This gives back the good bacteria that the other meds take away.

    Effective for digestive problems by brgunter from Columbia, SC04/23/2013

    This has certainly been good for our 15-year-old cocker who has battled digestive disorders for several years. She has done very well on this product and we intend to keep her on it. It was prescribed by our Vet, but trying to buy it from the vet is cost-prohibitive. Over twice the price it is here, so we're most grateful to find it here.

    Wonder Worker by sandi09/05/2014

    This probiotic works wonders keeping my dog regular. No more trying to pick up "squish".

    good product by Melissa03/20/2014

    I really trust the purina name. This is a good product does help my dog she does have stomach problems this will probably be a staple in my home

    Could not find this anywhere by lkp11/02/2011

    My vet recommended that I put my male Standard Schnauzer on FortiFlora or something similar. She gave me some to help with his Gastrointestinal problems, but I had to find a source for ongoing supplementation to his diet. I will not know for some time if the FortiFlora prevents further GI problems, so cannot say how good the product is yet. Thanks so much for carrying this product; yours seems to be the only company that does.

    A definite must have to have on hand! by Judiblue03/01/2011

    My gang constantly getting into things they shouldn't & end up with diarrhea. I feed them this product for a few days and all is well. Also great to give while they are getting antibiotics for whatever reason...

    Great Product by Wally from Montana01/23/2014

    I purchased Fortiflora for the second time. Wally has a bit of a tummy problem from time to time since he was a little puppy. Wally is a Chihuahua so I give him a half a packet a day for five days and it clears him up completely. The first day he gets the fortiflora it is working no runny stools. Wally likes the taste so it isn't any trouble giving it to him, I just add warm water to his dog food let it stand so the food softens then add the FortiFlora and he gobbles it up.

    It works!! by Dogmom01/01/2013

    Fortiflora by Purina is a wonderful product for any animal that has been on antibiotics for an extended period of time.

    by mojo from illinois12/02/2012

    It is something our little baby girl is going to take for the rest of her days, It does work.

    Works fast! by mimi from Woodstock, New York04/25/2012

    I have two Aussies with sensitive stomachs but are always getting into something that they shouldn't. They get daily probiotics along with their meals but when they get the runs nothing stops it like FortiFlora- and fast! They love the taste and if I notice that they're beginning to show signs of stomach upset they'll lick it up as is with a little water if it's between mealtimes. 1/2 an envelope each shows results and then I continue the same amount for the next couple of meals to make sure. Since they usually go everywhere with us, including Mexico, I never leave without it. It's really a great product.

    wonderful probiotic by meca from oregon07/30/2012

    gr8 probiotic for pets, & much cheaper than it's selling for at vet's office. this is very easy to sprinkle on food, as it smells pretty much like your average dog food, so the dog doesn't even know it's in their food. i use 2 packs in a period of 10 days to 2 weeks; a half a pack in a day for a less than 10lb dog. i find this helps restore his balance, so his stool doesn't get too loose. my dog is on alot of meds now for a number of illnesses, so i have to be very aware of his inner balance, & fortiflora is a very easy to use, safe, effective product.

    by from 05/30/2014

    Amazing product! by ScrapbookJoe from California10/23/2012

    I highly recomend this product to everyone! It has been a so helpful with all my pets eating habits. They love the taste and has helped one of my dogs finiky appetite!

    Seems to be Helping by 4-Quarters Ranch & Rescue from Bell Buckle, TN06/05/2013

    We have a Beagle with intermittant stomach issues and coprophagia. We decided to try the probi as a possible way to help with these issues. It has almost been a full 30-days since we started him on Forti-Flora and so far his tummy doesn't seem to be giving him the troubles. The coprophagia seems to be better but not gone. We are hopefull that by continuing with this supplement, we will see even more improvement in another month. There was no other place online to purchase a proven, probriotic supplement like this online at a better price than right here!

    Value Purchase by rotten02/18/2013

    Our dog has been taking Fortiflora for several months. She has to take several medications and the Fortiflora has been a great for her health.

    FortiFlora by BoxerLover from San Fernando, Ca02/06/2013

    After my boxer puppy (I own her mom and she is a pup we kept from her only litter) was bitten by a tick and got lyme disease was put on steroids and got the runs because the medicine. I was advised by the vet to buy this product as it is the ONLY one of its kind that guarentees it has live cultures in it to aid my girls digestive system and help her stool firm up. I havent noticed much of a change. I do see it now as being more formed rather than a puddle so it has to be working in some ways. I would buy more.

    Best thing I've tried by Dubs Fan from Chicago01/22/2014

    One of my dogs has always had a problem with intestinal issues, having bouts of diarrhea every few months or so for no apparent reason with stools always negative for parasites. Using Forti Flora on a regular basis has completely solved that problem.The other one has had ear surgery and a lot of ear infections and Fortiflora has prevented all antibiotic related diarrhea. They now get half a packet daily and have regular bowel movements..

    Forti Flora for dogs by Lady Paiva from Swansea, MA12/07/2011

    This product worked well to control my dog's diarrhea. I am very pleased with this and with the prompt service by EntirelyPets.com.

    Great for when your dog is on antibiotics by karsmitty from Pennsylvania12/12/2012

    I use this product when one of my dogs is on antibiotics. My vet recommended it.

    FortiFlora probiotics by Mary05/06/2014

    My lab had to take antibiotics which led to a prolonged period of loose stools, lasting a few weeks even after stopping that medication. She got back to normal after about a week on the FortiFlora and the stool looks more consistently normal than it ever has. My vet says she can take it every day and she will be now. Plus the price is much lower than anywhere else that I've found.

    vet approved by kd from dallasm tx10/19/2011

    great product to have around when a dog has loose stools - vet prescribed for my dog when she was ill so I know it works.

    Great product! by Miller10/06/2011

    My lab has had to take 2 3-week antibiotic course and never had diarrhea thanks to this product!

    Good stuff by westiemom from Milpitas, CA07/03/2013

    Having a dog or two with loose stools is never fun, this product really helps.

    Great product by goldiesetc from renton,wa10/06/2011

    Great price and best price , fast shipping

    It worked by Harry from Roanoke, Va02/06/2013

    Harry had been having issues with diarrhea for years. All the Vets he had gone to could find nothing wrong. Our last wonderful Vet also could find nothing seemingly physically wrong with Harry but suggested we try FortiFlora. The change was dramatic. While he is not perfect all the time he is 90% better and we plan to keep him on this product. Give it a try.

    forta flora by dogma10/09/2013

    Product seems to work well, but just raised the price. I'm not sure it's worth what they want for it now, plain yogurt will work just as well much cheaper.


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    3 Pack FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)Fortiflora Cat (3pk)
    Reg price: $92.99
    Sale price: $83.97
    6-PACK FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 180 (1 gram packets) + FREE Hairball Remedy Chews (3 oz)6-PACK FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 180 (1 gram packets) + FREE Hairball Remedy Chews (3 oz)
    Reg price: $218.99
    Sale price: $167.94
    3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)Fortiflora Canine 3pk
    Reg price: $92.99
    Sale price: $83.97
    6-PACK FortiFlora CANINE - Box of 180 (1 gram packets) + FREE Gentle Snackers (8 oz)6-PACK FortiFlora CANINE - Box of 180 (1 gram packets) + FREE Gentle Snackers (8 oz)
    Reg price: $218.99
    Sale price: $167.94

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