• Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)

    Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)

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    Liver Bits Training Treats for Dogs by Green Pet Organics, are freeze dried training treats that are 100% natural and absolutely irresistible to dogs! The process of freeze drying preserves the aroma, full flavor and nutrients of raw beef liver giving a consistent great taste every time. Liver Bits are rich in protein and preservative free. Great to give as a reward or sprinkled on food for extra flavor!

  • Tasty & wholesome
  • Great for training
  • Refrigeration not required
  • Freeze drying seals in nutrients
  • All Natural and low in fat
  • High in protein
  • Retains the aroma, full flavor and nutritional value of raw beef liver
  • Made with 100% pure beef liver
  • The perfect pocket treats
  • Sourced and Manufactured in the USA
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    Usage Information

    Recommended Serving Size:

    Bits Per Day
    Small Dogs 1 to 2 bits
    Medium Dogs 2 to 3 bits
    Large Dogs 3 to 4 bits

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Crude Protein 64% (min)
    Crude Fat 5% (min)
    Crude Fiber 1% (min)
    Moisture 5% (min)



    Freeze Dried Beef Liver

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    Liver Bits Training Treats

    Customer Reviews

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    by from 12/07/2011

    Received the Liver Bits and my retriever mix & pomeranian both went crazy as soon as they got the first sniff! I even crush a piece or two and sprinkle on the food they aren't so fond of...they chow it down! Also wonderful for training.

    TM by from Great

    Great Treat!

    Liver Treats are a Hit by SingingDove from Golden, CO08/04/2011

    I first learned of using freeze-dried liver from a doggy acupuncturist. I save these for training so that they have something that is highly desirable. My dogs love these. I do have to cut them to be smaller since I have small dogs and too many training treats (even though these are low in calories) lead to a pudgy puppy.

    lovin the liver by katman from Illinois11/22/2011

    My dog LOVES the liver treats. Very convenient; I like that they come in a plastic tub to stay fresh.

    Best by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/08/2014

    The best decision I've ever made, says my dogs. They'll do anything for these treats.

    Great treats! by liz12/10/2011

    Dogs love 'em! Even if you have a picky dog...these liver treats go over great! Great for any size dog and keep a long time.

    Favorite treat! by ZsaZsa from Dallas, TX12/09/2011

    Very pleased with the quality of these liver bits. My boxer anxiously awaits her treat time. They recommend only giving her several a day so they are really special. And at the sale price we stocked up. I am really happy I discovered Entirely Pets. Great site, prices, quality and shipping!!

    Tasty by Gitanjali from India12/12/2012

    I think this is the second time I am reviewing this product. I previously bought the large jar and this time the smaller size. 2 out of 3 of my dogs love this treat. I'm glad the expiry date on the smaller jar is longer since the large 19.5 oz jar had a short expiry date and since you can only feed 2 to 4 pieces a day to the dog, depending on size, I couldn't finish it by the expiry date. Anyhow they absolutely love this - one of my great danes and my cocker spaniel.

    Liver Bits for Dogs by lindag from Wynantskill, NY02/01/2014

    Both my Bichon and my Cocker Spaniel love these!

    mmmmmmmmm so good by angi from NC11/16/2011

    I used to get this Product at my Vet in KS. Now I found it here. My Dog just goes Bananas when I reach for the tub. Bst Product I ever found Thank you and my Dog thanks you

    yes, I'll buy it again by ibclare from san diego, CA06/15/2014

    These are great. I had to laugh when I read the review about the the bucket not filled all the way, since this is by weight, not volume; and the one about the smell, that too. If I had a dog's nose I don't know if I'd be grateful or horrifed, but mine love these. I even break them up in kibble size bits and sprinkle them up on their food on days they're picky or not feeling 100%. About the company's customer service, these shouldn't be in the review of the product, so those ought to push up the overall rating. I dare anyone to find me 19.5 ounces of pure, dehydrated beef liver at this price!

    Liver Bits,best Treat Ever by J. A. from Pittsburgh,Pa11/22/2011

    5 star rating,my dogs love it and I will be buying it again.

    Watch your fingers! by Deanna from Hamilton, Canada12/07/2013

    Just the sound of the lid pulling back brings them running! Very yummy and desired, simple and healthy, no worries here

    great treata for training by Corky from Gold Canyon AZ11/22/2011

    My chocolate lab puppy learns very quickly when he knows a liver treat is his reward. Even his buddys line up for the treat.

    Love these 10 calorie treats! by karine from Oregon coast, Oregon04/17/2012

    My dog expects about 4 of these each night as we sit during the evening, reading or watching TV. She barks until she gets them. They are crunchy, nutritious and low calorie. All good things.

    Smokey likes by NancyS from Southbury, CT11/26/2011

    Smokey was eating them right out of the broken container. My only problem is that so far 2 boxes that I received from Entirely Pets came with broken packages. First was the salmon oil-yuck, and the 2nd was the liver Bits.

    liver bits by Becky from Green Bay11/29/2011

    Dog likes them enough...the only reason I ordered them was because they were advertised as the daily special and it is always fun to offer him new treats. The daily special price, however, was not reflected on our invoice.

    by from 01/11/2012

    I've ordered these a few times and use them for training treats. The larger pieces can be broken easily and a handful fits in my pocket. My dogs love them - even my picky dog. My dogs are on strict diets and the natural treats don't upset their stomachs.

    order by these." from great training treatsI'll


    extra special reward treats by aprlm12/07/2011

    My dog will do anything for these treats! He only gets these when he does his "play dead" command,or when he learns a new trick. You can also sprinkle (break the treat into almost dust) on their dog food. These are great treats but they aren't for training.You have to be careful not to overfeed I break his treat into pieces since I follow the recommended amount which for my small dog it's 1-2 a day. The treat is dried liver which has a dry,yet powdery consistency,very easy for my chinese crested to eat.It comes cubed,and lightweight. Haven't met a dog who doesn't like these.

    What will your dog do anything for? by doodler from New York, NY10/30/2013

    my dog is not food motivated - until these liver bites came into the house! now he will do anything to have one of these liver treats. highly recommend these.

    Good product. Thumbs up. by racindog from Louisville, KY12/06/2011

    Has more smaller bit pieces than some of the other dried liver treat products but that's what its called Liver BITS so all in all is a good product. Very convenient tub. The dogs love it.

    Company is dishonest by momstress3 from Newark, NY12/08/2011

    I placed an order on black friday for reduced prices on treat items. When I received the order, they had charged my credit card double the amount. When I called to ask about the Mistake, I was treated rudely and told to return the products. I will never deal with this company again.

    These don't even smell good by sgreen3412/08/2011

    I only purchase all-natural treats without any grain, preservatives or pretty much anything else. I bought these at a heavily discounted price. Good thing, since I won't buy them again. I'm not sure what liver smells like, exactly, but I don't think this is it. The pieces are all different sizes, and all are squared off and have hard edges. I don't mind the sizing, but it's just one other oddity here.

    My picky eater just can't resist! by Jen from Southern California12/06/2011

    This is the first treat that I've found that my dog can't say no to. Other treats are ok, and he will take them or leave them depending on his mood, but he never refuses Liver Bits. They stink sooo bad, but maybe that's why he loves them so much...

    My picky dog drools for this treat by Jen from California08/15/2012

    I have a finicky standard poodle who turns his nose up at stuff other dogs devour. Well Liver Bits are amazing. They smell horrible, but he cannot resist them. My cat comes running for them, too, and she begs for a taste when she hears me shake the container for the dog. I doubt there's a dog on this planet who could resist Liver Bits.

    Liver treats by Sue11/27/2011

    My dog Luna loved them. They are freeze dried and keep well.

    Bedtime Delight by BK from Austin, Tx11/22/2011

    Perfect for that last little treat before bedtime. Our little rescue dog runs to the bedroom when I tell her it is time for bed because she knows she will get one of these healthy treats. I was giving her a dry cookie but not anymore. I am happy to find a healthy treat that is affordable and good for them as well.

    Tasty treats by GreyGhost from ashevillle, nc12/08/2011

    I got these treats for my dog because I wanted something healthy and grain free to use for training. My dog loves the taste, and I like the fact that they dont leave my hands smelly and greasy like other treats. The only downside is that the jar is only filled 3/4 of the way.

    Great treats for training by a danes luv11/23/2011

    These are the best treats for training! I haven't met a dog that doesn't LOVE them, and they are easy to carry around a small baggie of them for spontaneous training or fun at the park.

    Great treat but flimsy lid by Gitanjali from India02/18/2013

    Every time I buy this I get asked to review it and as always I will say my dogs love it - my great dane as well as my cocker spaniel. However this time I have taken off one star because of the lids that break every time. This treat is for limited usage so the lid needs to last at least 4 to 6 weeks but it breaks upon opening a few times.


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