Kyjen Plush Toys

Kyjen Plush ToysDogs love Hedgehogs!We have a variety to choose from.

Deluxe Hedgehog with Santa Hat
Deluxe Hedgehog with Santa Hat

($10.99)  $10.24
Extra Large Deluxe Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)
Extra Large Deluxe Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)

($14.99)  $10.99
Halloween Hedgehog Grunt Dracula
Halloween Hedgehog Grunt Dracula

($4.99)  $3.39
JUMBO Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)
JUMBO Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)

($14.95)  $12.99
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Brown)
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Brown)

($5.99)  $2.99
Kyjen Holiday Hedgehog with Santa Hat - Large
Kyjen Holiday Hedgehog with Santa Hat - Large

($9.99)  $7.48
LARGE Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)
LARGE Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)

($7.95)  $5.99
Kyjen Plush Puppies Holiday Santa - Large
Kyjen Plush Puppies Holiday Santa - Large

($9.99)  $6.99
Kyjen Holiday Hedgehog with Santa Hat - Jr.
Kyjen Holiday Hedgehog with Santa Hat - Jr.

($3.99)  $2.99
The Deluxe Hedgehog with Santa Hat will surely entertain your pets during the holidays. Features a great GRUNT! GRUNT! High quality plush toy measures 9"w x 6"h x 12"d
4.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for Deluxe Hedgehog with Santa Hat
My dogs love their hedgie by DebbyW from Wisconsin03/14/2014

My dogs love the squeaking & 'grunting' that comes from their new toy. It could do without the piece that sounds like a baby rattle though.

Featured Reviews for Extra Large Deluxe Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)
You Are My Best Friend! by Christina from Graham, WA05/23/2014

That is what I think my lab Abby is thinking when she carries Mr. Hedgehog with her :). Everywhere .....

Awesome Toy! by Tess62 from Seattle, WA06/20/2014

My dog loves this toy and will play with it for hours! She loves the grunting and squeaking sounds.

She loves big toys! by Larry S from San Francisco Bay Area01/27/2015

My 45 pound American Staffordshire mix LOVES this toy! This one's going to be around a while!

Featured Reviews for Halloween Hedgehog Grunt Dracula
If you have to have Hedgies . . . by Sheri11/21/2012

If your dogs and house must have hedgies, this is another fun one for the collection! My dogs drag it around, and stuff it in my face. They love it!

Never received by Sue11/22/2012

Never received item!!!! Have contacted this company 4 times trying to get this order cancelled !!!

Featured Reviews for JUMBO Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)
Hedgie is her favorite by mx5girl01/14/2015

I'm back for the third time for another grunting hedgehog. My German Shepherd LOVES her hedgie more than any other toy. She clearly prefers the grunting toys over the squeeky ones. She is always bringing Hedgie over to us to play with her. She finally killed the last one after about a year, so they last pretty well. Long live the Hedgen!

Merl by Merl01/24/2014

It it is cute dogs loved it BUT did not last more than 2 weeks the stuffing came out in several places it tore way too easy

by from 06/17/2014

THE only toy my LAb will play with. he will carry it with him everywhere and sleeps with him. When he has to go out in the morning he make him "grunt".

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Hedgehogs are the best! by Chow Mama from Los Angeles, CA12/10/2012

I have 3 Chow Chows (The Chowdren) and the Hedgehog is their FAVORITE! They will dig through the toy box to find them. When people come to visit, my oldest Chow grabs his Hedgehog and starts showing them all the noises it makes. All of them know the word HEDGEHOG and always enjoy when they get a new one!

my dogs favorite toy by mary from Lubbock Texas04/07/2013

I have a boxer and he absolutely loves this.

so cool and BIG by andieopie from New Jersey01/06/2010

It is great. It's even a little big for my 100 lb. labrador. If you have a giant breed, this is the toy for you. It looks like it will be hard to tear up.

by brownie08/14/2012

My dog is a 50lb mix that loves stuffies but tends to be rough on them. This jumbo hedgehog is HUGE, which has really helped it last. I bought one over 6 months ago, and it only had to be patched (minor hole) once. That is a record. The squeakers and grunting mechanism seem to be fairly sturdy, though two of the feet squeakers no longer squeak. My dog loves to play with this toy and on occasion, even brings it to bed with her. I have already bought a backup.

by Angie from Olney, MD12/04/2012

My pet loves the hedge hog. He carries his new friend all throughout the house. He even sleeps with his friend.

My golden loves her hedgehog by whobob from Pennsylvania11/28/2011

I thought this toy might be too big for my golden who I generally buy smaller toys for as her mouth is very slender. I don't know if its the soft fabric or the grunting noise "Henry" makes, but this has become her new favorite and she sleeps with him as well.

My Dog's Favorite "Baby" by TerriW from Gloucester, VA12/27/2011

Our rottie x lab, Casey, LOVES this stuffed toy. It has been her favorite for about 3 years now and I've only had to replace it once and that was only because our Akita decided to gut it. Casey loves the grunting noise it makes and it has managed to hold up very well under her "loving" care. When we tell her to go get her baby, this is what she brings back to us.

My Best Friend's Best Friend by Jagcapt from Westlake Village, CA11/22/2011

My very sweet golden retriever ("Babe") was distraught when his favorite toy, a stuffed hedgehog, began leaking stuffing. I went on your site to buy him a replacement (actually, a replacement and a backup spare since he got so upset losing his toy.) I mistakenly bought your JUMBO Hedgehog which was twice the size of the item to be replaced. It took Babe 10 seconds to master "mouthing" this monster toy. It's beautifully made, excellently priced, and is Babe's constant companion. A great buy!.

These are awesome!!! by LLFTZ11/13/2012

The jumbo grunting hedgehogs are my dogs all time favorite! It grunts, rattles and has multiple squeakers in it. One in the body and one in all four paws. It's big that's for sure but my 50 lb Vizsla loves it!!!

great purchase by tobyro from Chattanooga, TN12/31/2012

My big German Shepherd loves this. He especially loves the deep sounding grunt it makes and squeaks it over and over while holding it down with a paw. He loves the furry very large 'animal' as it is a good mouthful. He does not tear up his toys

by from 05/06/2012

hedgehog dog toy by mastiff mommy from Brentwood, CA05/29/2010

This is the absolute favorite toy of my mastiff. He walks around with it in his mouth. He loves to sleep with it and nibble on it. Its a great toy for any dog.

My dog loves this! by sunrise03/18/2012

My dog just loves to hold it in her mouth and make it grunt. It's her favorite toy!

Favourite Toy by Cooper from Toronto, Canada11/28/2012

This hedgehog is by far our golden retreivers favourite toy. It is strong and durable - can be run through the washing machine and comes out - good as new. Highly recommend for any dog - our first Harry the hedgehog lasted 9 years and two dogs before we had to replace!!!

My dog loves his big babies by Terri03/02/2012

I have a 130lb Lab/Great Dane mix, he loves these toys. Highly recommend. We call the toy his baby and he takes care of it. So cute.

Dobbie favorite by Dobie mom from Sacramento, California03/31/2012

I have always had Doberman's and their favorite toy has been the Jumbo Hedgehog. They are made strong enough to last for months of constant chewing and carrying both in the house and outdoors, as well as being a bedtime companion. My only wish is that they could withstand the teeth of a dobie puppy. But then, our solid wood tables can't hold up against their teeth.

another hedgie by bonnie11/06/2011

My golden retriever was given a grunting hedgehog to bring home the day she came to us from the breeder. We are on number 7 now. (she's 3 yrs old) She loves them but plays roughly with them and they must undergo a series of surgeries as the stitches tend to rip if they are shaken daily for long periods of time. We have had a few whose legs were amputated and eaten...but she continues to favor the grunting hedgehog....a small price to pay to see the dog who only gives me joy be happy!

Great stuffed dog toy by Janee07/04/2013

My giant breed dog loves this and she has not wanted to tear it apart and "kill it" like all the other many stuffed toys I have tried for her. This one is tough and withstands lots of chewing.

My Pet's Favorite Toy by Karen from Lawrenceville, GA11/28/2013

My golden absolutely loves this toy. It lasts a very long time. She carries it with her everywhere she goes.

My dogs love these hedgehogs! by Rayban705 from Fairview, PA04/12/2013

I've got two happy Vizsla's who love their grunting hedgehogs! You get used to the grunting dogs absolutely love these things!

Hedgehog by Jenn11/05/2009

My labradors LOVE these hedgehogs. We have 3 and I am purchasing my 4th. Everyone who comes into the house is greeted by them with their hedgehogs in their mouth. They carry them everywhere and the Jumbo is the perfect size for a large dog. Would not do well with an aggressive chewer though . . .

Grunting Hog by Suze08/30/2009

Lovely toy for a non chewer. Our gentle border collie is besotted with it and after 3 months it has just lost a couple of whiskers. 4 different noises make sure she doesn't get bored and she loves playing hide and seek with it.

Featured Reviews for JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Brown)
Fun toy! by Indy63 from Minnesota01/01/2013

Bought this for my 3 year old Springer and he loves it!

Love Homer the Hedgehog by Chelseagirl from Chelsea, AL07/24/2012

So seriously I am on Hedgehog #95 or so. My English Bully loves these so I always buy a bunch at a time. My two pittie mixes love them too but they tend to rip out the stuffing way to fast sometimes. These toys are great but are not chew toys.

Everybody loves Junior by Molly's Mom from Orange County,Ca03/11/2014

Bought all my neighbor friends a Junior and although some have been dissected of the squeaker, they have become the favorite toy.

not as good as larger one by Stef12/29/2012

Pretty good product, but my dog prefers the grunting hedgehogs.

Another Favorite! by The Clan from Delmar, NY01/07/2014

I don't know what it is about the Hedgehog toy, but wow! my dogs all love them. Tell them to get the hedgie and someone comes running with the toy ready to play.

Truly a bargain by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/23/2014

This has been one of the sturdiest toys I've ever bought. It's been through 1 adult Chihuahua, 1 Chihuahua puppy with very sharp teeth and a Dachshund puppy. The 2 puppies love to play tug-of-war with it and it has no rips nor punctures. It's a bit worn from all it's been through but still in good shape. It's practically indestructible!

love Squeaking Hedgehog by keeswoman02/12/2012

Adorable Hedgehog. I bought this one to replace the poor frazzled one my last dog loved for over 11 years. Figured my new dog deserved one of her own. Well made.

My dog loves this toy by Archie's Mom from Enoch, UT06/12/2014

My dog can "kill" the squeeker in this toy but it is a well made toy and I just cut it open, replace the squeeker and stitch it up. If the manufacturer could wrap the squeeker in kevlar or something it would last longer warranting the higher quality of the body of this toy. I have tried to buy tougher squeekers but they don't seem to exist.

Fun hedgehog by Wendy from Sydney12/17/2012

They all love the hedgehog! He's their favorite at the moment. I had to remove him from over zealous chewing and tearing a couple of times.

great toy by lelly from boynton beach,fl.07/26/2012

my puppy loves this. none of the big pet supply stores have it anymore. please keep it in stock so i can reorder when i need to.

Puppy Loves this Toy by Arkie from Conway, AR02/13/2013

I had gotten my puppy Izzy a larger hedgehog with a Santa hat for Christmas. She loved it but this one is more her size. She loves to squeak it. She will toss it up in the air and chase it.

hedgehog by Vicki from Glendale Az10/17/2013

my dog Grumpy loves his hedgehog's he now has 6 sometimes he lines them up in a circle like he is senting some message but they are his favorite toys

dogs love them, great price by Lisa from Allentown, PA12/06/2011

Hedgehog is one of a few toys that our dogs do not destroy in one day. They are durable.

Just what I was looking for. by Sally12/23/2013

Several years ago I gave one of these toys to my daughter's Saluki, Delilah . . . she loved it. I was so happy to find this Hedgehog for that sweet pup.

by from 12/08/2011

Cute by DaisyGirl from Georgia02/22/2013

Huckleberry loves it! Bought one for my best friend's dog too!

Junior Hedgehog by kiki from West Palm Beach03/03/2013

My pet loves this toy and plays with it every day

GREAT TOY by REE from Waldwick, NJ01/05/2013

Too large for large cat, Was unable to manipulate. Too heavy

Nice Product by Jen from Ohio01/05/2013

My dog loves this hedgehog. It squeaks so that makes it even more special to her. She likes you to throw it and she retrieves it. She also will lay down with it and chew on it just to listen to it squeak.

Totally Awesome Hedgehog! by Gus03/24/2008

As a dog, I'd like to say this is the BEST toy ever! I love to run around the yard with my hedgehog in my mouth, squeaking it all the way. Sometimes I love them so much I chew little holes in them but they're pretty tough and I really have to put my mind to it to do this. I highly recommend hedgehogs to all you dogs out there!

Cute!! by Denise from Randleman, NC12/16/2011

I don't know how long these will last - but my dogs are really enjoying them! Cutest little critters I have seen.

Horrible - Don't Buy by TD from NH12/17/2012

My puppy is 5 months old and not really a heavy chewer, but in 30 seconds literally had skinned the hedgehog. We have another hedgehog that he has had for 3 months that is a much better product.

My dogs love Homer the Hedgehog! by chelseagirl from Chelsea, AL01/27/2012

Both of our dogs love Homer the Hedgehog. I buy these toys in bulk. You will not find a better price anywhere else either.

The whole family of squeaking hedgehogs by Stacy01/03/2013

We have purchased both the junior and large hedgehog as our sheltie just loves them! The junior is best for her mouth size but the large one has two squeakers (one squeak and one grunt). She runs away when it grunts so it makes for more fun for us. This is not a toy for a chewer unless you supervise closely.

A favorite toy by Sammy's mom from Kingsburg, CA02/27/2013

This is one Sammy's favorite toys. He plays with it all day long and whenever he goes outside or even to bed at night he takes this little guy with him.

Perfect size by smoothrider from Pittsburgh08/06/2013

My Boston Terrier loves this toy. I don't know what it is about it. It's his favorite toy.

Marvelous toy by Mluvnlife from Des Moines, Iowa02/05/2014

I've ordered 6 of these over the past couple years for my dog and for gifts. This is my dogs favorite toy...he bites it, kisses it, sleeps with it, carries it around, runs with it in his mouth, squeaks it, plays tug-o-war with it....etc! I keep one hidden/one hand for him in case we wear out the squeaker...but he loves them even after he has taken the stuffing out! Lol

quality purchase by tobyro from Chattanooga TN12/31/2012

was a little bigger than i thought but the little dog likes it though it is hard for him to squeak it

dogs love it by Blaze from Lock Haven PA01/27/2013

My 3 dogs just love this toy,have the best time with it.I should have bought 2 more!

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Holiday Hedgehog with Santa Hat - Large
Adorable! by Sarge from Buffalo New York01/05/2014

I love this Hedgehog by Kyjen as it is sturdy for play and also so cute with the Santa hat! Entirely pets always has great prices, too!

Favorite toy by ziplex from Plano, TX02/10/2014

Hedgehogs of all sizes are the favorite toys of my 2 aussies. The hat never lasts past a couple minutes but then it's just a 'regular' hedgehog. Good durability.

favorite with my three labs by Karen from Orlando, FL01/07/2014

We have had several of these hedgehogs the past few years. They last pretty long considering that I have destruct-o-pups! We love to hear the sound it makes.

Featured Reviews for LARGE Grunting Hedgehog (Brown)
hedgehog by crooky01/16/2015

stuffed toy arrived with a tear in it-----and it wasn't a large toy as ordered

by Lexi06/22/2012

Dog loved this toy but it didn't last long. She is a puppy and not a strong chewer and this lasted a week or two tops.

Dog's Best Friend by Sandman from San Diego04/11/2012

My lab loves these toys. They are good quality and remain in tact a fairly long time with constant chewing. The 'grunt' noise is different than your normal squeak and keeps my dog's attention.

Okay for small dogs by Terri from Saginaw Mi02/14/2012

I purchased these for my 130lb Lab/Great Dane thinking the 9" size was large enough well 9" is from tail to nose. Very small in height. Definetly would recommend the Jumbo. Maybe they need to carry an X Large. I know they are out there I have had them before. Thats what I thought I was getting. Oh well now I have 4 tiny babies for the 2 Jumbo ones I had to reorder. They are the only toy my dog likes, but I would recommend if you have a smaller dog. This is the Jumbo in the pictures.

Go to toy by Mo from Los Angeles11/06/2012

The large hedgehog is holding up well even though it is used for tug of war. It's a little on the big size for the mouth of our springer.

by JR12/28/2013

My 105lb dog loves it. Makes honking sound when squeezed and has rattle sound as well. He carries it everywhere. Sturdy and cute.

Just ordered our second one! by Patricia from South Carolina09/03/2013

This is a dog owner's salvation! Our Shitzu loves this thing. Great for travel, as they can play in the hotel room and not make a huge racket or break things. She shakes the heck out of it to relieve built up energy while in the car too. We have a basket full of all sorts of toys, but this one is her number 1 choice. Do they wear out, of course, but after daily beating up for two years, what can you expect??

gone too quick by cdforsman from Gadsden, AL11/11/2012

My pit bull tore this hedgehog up within 3 while it lasted..

Dogs love this grunting critter! by elsa from illinois11/08/2011

We have 2 Mastiffs & this is one of the few toys that has endured and they love the grunting noise it makes.

Horrible - Don't Buy by TD from NH12/17/2012

My puppy is 5 months old and not really a heavy chewer, but in 30 seconds literally had skinned the hedgehog. We have another hedgehog that he has had for 3 months that is a much better product.

Hedgehog Very Popular by Grammy 521 from New Jersey06/08/2013

My 3 dogs like the hedgehog so much, they steal it from each other.

Long Lasting and High Quality by Romeo'sFriend11/06/2012

All dogs seem to love hedgehogs... this particular one seems better made than any I've purchased in the past. Most of them don't last very long but this one is going strong. Reordering when it wears out!

My girl loves this. by Star01/11/2013

My dog carries this around with her. She takes this outside with her and lays on it. She has 4 of them and loves them all.

Great toy for the money by Marie06/24/2013

I've purchased a number of these for my dogs. They love all the noises they make and they are just the right size to thrash around. The grunting sound doesn't work after they sink their teeth in the toy to deep. I do a little surgery to repair it a double of times before buying another. Only thing I'd change is add more protection to the part that grunts. Still a great toy for the money.

Durable toy by Maggie from Atlantic, IA12/04/2012

I have had a large hedgehog for several years. It is one of my favorites because of the grunts; it sounds different than my other toys. My cousin is very hard on his plush toys. Even though he is bigger than me, I think the hedgehog is very durable and will be a great toy for him also.

Dog's new best friend by Gigi from Halifax NS03/20/2013

Funny toy - our dog enjoys playing with it as much as we enjoy it when he plays with his new furry friend.

Noisy, But FUN by janetsue02/12/2013

My English Springer Spaniel is absolutely crazy about this grunting hedgehog. I has two different sounds plus a shake/rattle sound. He walks around gently crying with this in his mouth. It's gotten a great deal of vigorous squeaking and still going strong!

another great toy by lelly from boynton beach, fl07/26/2012

i ordered this along with the regular size hedgehog. my puppy loves this one too. hedgehogs are her favorite toys

Great Toy by Kaye06/01/2009

Got this for my brother's GSD at Holidays. he loved it! His favorite reward toy. He has yet to pop the grunt noise, and since it is much quieter than normal squeaky toy, he can play with it as an inside toy!

love this hedgehog! by star02/25/2012

my dog carries this around like her baby. she brings it outside with her in the morning. she lays on her blanket with it. it is so cute!

tough and durable by Patti09/09/2009

Great toy. This lasts a long time with our rottie that can destroy the noisemakers in toys immediately.

Great toy by Clark10/23/2012

My pup loves this she carries it around a lot. Loves the grunt noise too.

worst toy ever by ann12/16/2011

the glue let go had little pieces of it every where

mess by Gooddayz04/06/2012

I have a 13lb little guy with power jaws. This hedge lasted only 30 minutes. In the destruction process, he was able to pull out all the "fur".

All time favorite toy for dogs by Darnell from Boulder City, Nevada08/07/2014

All dogs love this hedgehog. It keeps them busy for a long time playing with it.

Fun, well made, durable by didsx3 from saint louis, mo03/05/2014

My puppy is still a little small for this but it doesn't stop her from playing with this as much as possible. She loves the weird sound and so far we only had to cut the "fingernail" claws on the toy. She was ripping them off pretty quick but i'm already cutting tags off all her toys since she chews at those first. Amazing toy, if this ever falls apart I will buy another. My border collie is so hyper active and this really distracts her

by from 12/14/2011

This is a wonderful dog toy as it is sturdy and will get alot of playing time! There are no small parts to rip off. It is almost "destuff proof", too!

adds by to from theThe


favorite by torys from forOne


Our Dogs' Favorite Toy by LJQ12/14/2010

All of our 4 dogs love this toy. 3 of the 4 will leave the toy intact. However, one will shred it; but she shreds every toy she gets.

by from 01/10/2013


MADE by TOY," from Hog in the HedgeVERY


Great toy by vacation05/02/2014

I felt very lucky to find a hedgehog on your site. I've been looking for them in many different stores and other websites, but had no luck. My pup really enjoys playing with this toy.

Our Aussie loves it by sirrah23106/14/2010

The squeaking, the grunting, she goes crazy for this one. It's become one of her favorite toys. She can easily tear through a cheaply constructed toy, but this one is tough.

My dog loves this thing! by V in Vestal12/18/2012

We call this his 'piggy' - he loves that grunting noise. I bought a couple as backups for the day it grunts no more.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Holiday Hedgehog with Santa Hat - Jr.
Love love love by Sarge from Buffalo New York04/29/2014

These Hedgehogs are Adorable - I always buy for my dogs and for gifts, too! Great prices at Entirely Pets!

Favorite toy by ziplex from Plano, TX02/10/2014

Hedgehogs of all sizes are the favorite toys of my 2 aussies. There is usually a 'herd' of them around the house in various states of destruction. Good quality construction that lasts a while for my "toy killer" dog.

amazing price by AWESOME from Costa Mesa, CA01/29/2014

The best price in town for this AWESOME toy. I have 3 of them at home at it last longer than a cheap toy.

Favorites! by The Clan from Delmar, NY01/17/2015

My dogs just love these! The hats don't stay on for long, but I was not expecting them to. The toys are still in one piece and the dogs are constantly carrying them around.

Jolly Holly Hogs by LabbyMom01/16/2015

My labs loved these holiday hedgehogs. They served as Christmas decorations on the mantle before being sacrificed to the labs. The labs enjoyed ripping the Santa hat from the hog and biting the belly to activate the squeaker. A great value to boot!

Cute by Jeeplady from Williamstown, WV10/17/2013

This is actually a present for my Boxer for Christmas. He had one before but it got messed up. He likes the smaller size one as he has always been partial to the small toys. It's well made and has the all important squeaker in it. It's very nice.

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