Virbac Hexadene Shampoo (16 oz)

    Virbac Hexadene Shampoo (16 oz)

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    Hexadene - Medicated Shampoo with Spherulites is an antimicrobial shampoo designed for use on dogs and cats with dermatological conditions responsive to chlorhexidine.

    Spherulites: an exclusive and patented encapsulation system developed by virbac; provides slow release of ingredients long after product application.

    Chitosanide: a natural biopolymer that creates a protective film on the skin and hair. This reinforces hydrating and restoring effects of the formulation, helping to protect the skin against damage from the environment.

  • Gentle, antimicrobial cleansing for use on dogs and cats of any age.
  • Active ingredient: Chlorhexidine gluconate 3%.
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    Life-saver product by Hau from New York, NY05/30/2012

    Hexadene is a life saver. My shih-tzu's skin problems are immediately relieved when I use this shampoo and the results are dramatic. I've tried many different ointments and creams on his frequent break-outs and scaly, flaky skin, but Hexadene is the best, by far. Highly recommended.

    Excellent shampoo for allergic dogs by Marie from NJ09/14/2014

    This is a wonderful shampoo for my dog who has skin allergies. Keeps her from forming collarettes.

    Great product to relieve scratching by Mary from San Antonio, TX12/28/2012

    Our dog was scratching for 2 months before we found this product. Changing food didn't help. A special (and expensive) diet didn't help. Then a friend told us what a doggie dermatologist told her in a similar situation. Buy this product and mix it half and half with the Virbac EpiSmooth. Bathe the dog and leave it on for 10 minutes. Repeat 3 days later, a week later, a week after that and then as needed. It worked great! Our dog scratched less right away. He has continued to improve so he rarely scratches. The hair has grown back on his paws. We are all much happier.

    Excellent shampoo for special allergy problems by Codykins from St. Louis, MO07/06/2014

    I have used Hexadene for years on my Golden Retrievers who have skin allergy problems. I like it for staph infections too. Not a harsh shampoo. It was recommended by a vet. who specializes in skin problems.

    Great product by dogloverX3 from Central Wisconsin10/26/2011

    Great product, smells good, and about half the cost of shampoo purchased thru my vet! My 14 year old Springer Spaniel has relief from his skin allergies!!

    Great Response by Peteg from Catonsville, MD07/21/2012

    Mowgli's dermatologist recommended Hexadene shampoos twice a week for our almost 13 year old shepherd mix. It really helps his skin allergy and recovery from scabies, Ttwice a week wasn't possible because he has trouble standing up long enough. Now we wash just the cysts on his elbows. Good price, arrived quickly and no RX hassel.

    Keeps skin issues under control by Rog01/26/2015

    Our Golden Retriever is allergic to everything. We use this shampoo 2X a week to keep his skin as free from allergens as possible. The coat is soft and skin stays balanced. Excellent price.

    The Product Really Works! by Chamomile T from Westchester, NY12/24/2012

    I have a 17 year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever who had sarcoptic mange. Her skin was itchy and very dry and the hair on her legs was gone from the mange. After one use of the Hexadene Shampoo, there was dramatic improvement. I have been using the product twice a week for the last month. The vet said "she looks amazing" and her hair has almost completely grown back.

    Hexadene Shampoo by JoannT from Michigan11/08/2012

    Works great - our vet recommended it for our dog who has allergies. The shampoo doesn't lather but it does work.

    Never received this item by gwen11/23/2013

    I never received this item. It was on backorder. This is my second review. Never received a response from you from my first review of your service. Disappointed.

    Virbac they said they do not Guarantee their produ by Barbara from New Jersey01/03/2013

    My vet said DO NOT use medicated shampoos from this site. Called manufacturer Virbac they said they do not Guarantee their products sold from this site. Only from authorized vets that receive their products from authorized dealers.

    Finger's crossed! by Ruby's mom12/17/2011

    Fingers are crossed that this clears up her skin as beautiful as it left her coat. Rich lather that rinses clean, and her coat is soft & shiny. I am hopeful this will help get rid of a stubborn skin infection that she's taking an Rx for now. Chlorhexidene is a terrific antimicrobial that has worked in the past to clear up rain rot on my horses', so this just might do the trick. If possible I'll leave an update, as I used it this morning for the first time.

    Virbac Shampoo by Dar from Michigan09/14/2014

    Our male cocker has had skin problems for a few years. Last year they got real bad and took him to a doggie dermatologist who put him on Omega vitamins and baths once a week with this shampoo. His skin is the best it has been. The dermatologists started carrying something else. This worked and we are sticking with it. Delivery was in a couple of days. We are very pleased.

    Great shampoo by Diana05/03/2013

    Works wonderful for my little baby, cocker spaniel who suffers w/many skin allergies.

    good medicated shampoo by gigi from Kulpmont, Pa.07/24/2013

    Been using Hexadene for a long time...very good on controlling my dog's problem with his skin condition...would recommend this shampoo to anyone whose dog has skin problems.

    a necessary shamphoo by dodo60 from beaumont, texas11/07/2012

    my dog has a allergy to something in the ground. this shamphoo and the conditioner helps keep him off of alergy medicines. he needed it 2-3 times a week - now 1-2 times a week. my older dog hair gets dirty a day or two after a bath. since i started using the shamphoo on her; her skin stays cleaner longer.

    Hexadene shampoo by Carrie from Airdrie , Alberta/Canada.04/30/2013

    Very gentle on my cats , this product works I use it on my cats when they need it/I love this shampoo and I'm very greatful it's available to me. ( Thank-you Virbac )

    by Rita from Minnesota04/13/2014

    This shampoo is very good for your dog with allergies along with the Virbac cream rinse to leave on. If possible leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing with cooler water, not cold.

    Great Shampoo by GM from Pennsylvania08/26/2012

    I have been buying Hexadene shampoo from entirely pets for quite awhile now...very good deal...price is amazing...will continue to buy from entirely pets because my dog has a skin condition that requires him to be bathed every 4 days...

    Hexadene by Hexadene03/04/2008


    Just what the doctor ordered by MB from Poinciana, Florida02/28/2012

    Excellent product. Really takes care of problem skin on my dog.

    Finally relief for my chow/bordercollie mix by Sue08/20/2009

    Last year, my dog had repeated visits to the vet for a recurring itchy staph infection. A "new" vet prescribed this shampoo (in addition to the meds). And wow!! Finally, no more staph infection! His long hair comes out looking beautiful, silky, with a very pleasant light fragrance. I love this product!

    Relief for my Dog! by Dog Owner02/01/2009

    This shampoo was prescribed by our vet dermatologist and brought great relief to our dog!! Won't live without it now! He gets a bath in it weekly!

    Final relief by Golden Retriever Owner06/23/2009

    I have had years of throwing money toward hot spots and skin infections. A bath once a week with Hexadene has prevented any reappearance of these issues. I love this stuff!

    The Best I've Found... by boxdude from Long Beach, Ca11/08/2012

    My Pekingese has a skin problem. The dermatologist recommended this product and I must agree it works the best of all the others I have tried. I've been using it for about three years now. Give it a try!

    allergy relief by Mitzi12/24/2012

    My vet sold me this product to help with my sweet Carrie's allergies. She scratches so much less when this is used. Buying it from Entirely Pets is about half what my vet charged.

    Virbac Hexadene Shampoo by Sea-Jay02/18/2013

    My mom bought this shampoo for me and since she has started using it I am off of the antibiotics. She does have to bath me twice a week, and after the bath before drying me with a hair dryer she puts on ResiSoothe by Virbac. I am alot less itchy and the scabs have gone away.

    Great truly medicated shampoo by wikiwicked from Biloxi, MS05/31/2012

    HEXADENE is a gentle, antimicrobial and antiseptic shampoo not like the OTC medicated shampoos containing lidocaine and/or oatmeal. If your dog or cat has pustules causing bald spots or staph infections from itching, there is nothing better. Plus Entirely Pets is expedient in shipping orders!

    Only Shampoo that has helped by scouts4 from Meriden, CT08/17/2010

    Our Wheaten Terrier has severe allergies and this shampoo has made a huge difference in her scratching. We have tried so many shampoos and this is the only one that has helped her.

    Great for Cockers with skin problems by Ally from Ashland, Ohio04/21/2012

    This or vet sold us a yr ago. Love it. So, we looked around and found it here for 7.00 lower. Works so GREAT on cocker spaniels with skin issues.

    Works great for skin problems by Schnauzer Rescue from Maryland10/12/2013

    I originally got this product from a vet dermatologist and it works great on my Schnauzer's skin problems. When her skin gets bad, I have to bathe her every day but it's much better than all the drugs she used to take to get her skin problems under control. I also use a diluted vinegar rinse on her that I leave on her after using this product. She used to be on some pretty strong antibiotics and she hasn't taken any drugs for over 6 months.

    good product by damy12/06/2012

    this is a good product and it seems to be doing its job on my dog and her skin.

    by CAB11/19/2012

    My dog has allergies and this shampoo is what his Allergy doctor wants used on him. Product works great on him and is much cheaper buying from Entirely Pets. Highly recommend.

    New fresh scent by chloes_owner from Mercer County, NJ05/04/2012

    Have been using Hexadene shampoo on my 45 pound shorthaired mutt for 10 years. It is effective in reducing her chronic itching and "hot spots" associated with her grass and tree pollen allergy. The shampoo in this last bottle was a different color and had a new pleasant scent and still leaves her coat smooth, silky, and dandruff free for 2 weeks.

    Excellent medicated shampoo by dogsbestfriend from Canton, MI12/07/2011

    Great shampoo for dogs prone to bacterial skin infections and allergies. Does not lather well but leaves coat clean, soft and manageable.

    Great product by Rick from Puyallup, Wa04/30/2013

    I have an English Setter. Years ago I had found that this product is THE BEST medicated shampoo on the market. I would never change to anything else.

    Great product by LSG from Cincinnati, OH11/30/2012

    We have a white American Bulldog with skin problems. Our vet recommended this product and we were looking for cheaper prices than his office. We ordered online and we were really glad with the services. We received it quickly and did not have any problems. Will buy more soon!

    by from 11/04/2011

    My dog likes to lick her feet. It's not that she really likes it, but feels compelled to do it. Her allergies make her feet so itchy, that it's constantly lick-lick-lick. I took her to a doggie dermatologist who prescribed this shampoo. I pick her up (55 lb bulldog), put her in the kitchen sink, and wash her feet with the shampoo every other day. Others could probably do this in a bathtub, however my dog cannot walk up stairs so I would have to carry her up & down.

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    Great Buy by Korki from Conroe, Tx04/29/2012

    This was the best price I found the VET wanted to charge me 28.00 for same size bottle. He can pay for his vette some other way!!!

    Works by Marcia from Houston, Tx04/21/2012

    My Boston has severe skin allergies. The vet had her on another product that didn't seem to do anything. I got online and found Hexadene. I have to bathe her every other day. It works well. She doesn't scratch as much, if at all. It obviously does not dry the skin out either as i bathe her frequently. I dont always have time to let it sit on her for the 10 min. but even if you don't it still works.

    by Sharkey02/02/2013

    The best product for White English Bull Terriers with skin problems.

    Hexadene by Benton Shopper from Texas11/06/2012

    I have a West Highland Terrier that has constant allergy problems. I have found this shampoo to be very helpful in keeping the scratching to a minimum. Entirely Pets offers a great price compared to purchasing the product at my Vet's office.

    Like a godsend! by Gabacho from San Diego01/08/2015

    Our Pit-Beagle mix struggled with skin issues for years, often needing steroids and antibiotics for his belly rashes. The poor guy would scratch himself in misery constantly. My vet recommended Hexadene baths twice a week, leaving it on for 10 minutes (which he HATES)... and it has worked like a charm! He is way more comfortable, we have not needed any medication, and he doesn't stink! This has been an awesome product for us, and so far we have not had a recurrence of his terrible itchy skin. This is a fantastic product, and my dog Willie is much happier now that we use it. (except for the part where he stands there sudsy for 10 minutes and shakes like a baby). :-)

    Never received it by Mad customer10/27/2013

    Once I placed my order it said on back order which was 1 month ago and I have not received one iota of information or PRODUCT. I have no idea when or if I will get my shampoo as no further information has been forwarded. I have used the shampoo from other vendors so I can say great product but HORRIBLE vendor through entirely pets!

    Excellent by Camillo from Puerto Rico02/17/2013

    If your dog plays outdoors, runs through the woods and is exposed to climate changes, this antiseptic shampoo will balance out bacterial and fungal levels for an excellent shiny coat. Consider your pet allergy to grains as well. I have switched my GSDs to grain free food.

    Very good Shampoo! by Rich from Bangor,Mi.06/09/2013

    Excellent service and on time delivery,great company to deal with,product worked great on the rash on my dogs stomach!

    Hexadene by Maxie from Chicago, Illinois06/10/2012

    I have a rescue Irish Setter that has skin allergies. She developed doggie MRSA. She is finally free of it, but requires weekly bathes with the hexadene soap and resiketochlor lotion. I order most of it from you. I love your company, you are so professional and FAST!!!!!!!!!! I don't worry about running out of the soap as you ship it ASAP!!!!!! I have recommended your company to many of my doggie friends across the country. Keep up the great work!

    good product by dodo07/04/2012

    my dog is allergic to something in the ground, it is hard to keep the itching down, the shamphoo with the leave on rinse helps. i wish it was alittle stronger; but without it my dog would have to have allergy shots so it is doing the job. thank you.

    YEAH! It helped! by dchristian999 from Lakebay, WA05/15/2012

    I have a silky terrier with a lot of skin and allergy problems. My vet advised that I use this shampoo. It smells good, is gentle, and really does help her skin. My daughter is now also using it, and she has a 'smelly' (oily) Pug that now smells MUCH better too! I wouldn't use anything else now! Love it! Thank you Virbac.

    allergys by Marciab from Houston, Tx11/18/2013

    I have used this and similar products for years. I bathe my dog every other day. She has terrible inhalant allergies meaning everything she breathes in causes problems. This shampoo is one of several I use and it really does help. I will continue using this as long as they make it. Or as long as I can get it. Its half the price of the vet shop.

    great dog shampoo by Anya from White Mts, NH06/19/2012

    I have a dog with allergies to environmental items, like some trees, grasses, bushes and also food sensivities. I changed her diet and started using Virbac Hexadene shampoo weekly for her severe scratching.She used to scratch herself raw, and chew her feet. Since using this shampoo she hardly scratches at all. Only once in a while if bored... but I think that is just a learned behavior. She doesnt bite and scratch with a vengence anymore. This shampoo has helped her and made her coat soft, shiny, and she smells great , really clean. I would recommend this for anyone with a dog with scratching issues.

    Excellent product for superficial pyoderma. by Edie07/09/2012

    Previously, I had to purchase a similar product from Australia because Virbac did not distribute it in the US. I am glad they changed that.

    really works by apollo from Athens, NY04/25/2012

    My dog is allergic to the staph on his skin--this product really helps to keep him clean and itch free--this makes both of us happy!!

    by Rupert04/18/2013

    An extremely good shampoo. Cleans very thoroughly.

    Wonderful for Highly Allergic Dogs by Marilyn from Galveston, TX06/03/2012

    I have a dog who is highly allergic to dust, many kinds of grasses, and some food types. Every shampoo other than Hexadene has aggravated his skin condition. He has used this shampoo for app. one year and his skin is not irritated after having a bath. I'm so glad this shampoo works for him and seems to help his skin condition.

    Wow, what a great product by Rich from Bangor,Mi.09/04/2013

    After a year of steroids,antibiotics and other Vet treatments for my dogs stomach rash I tried Virbac Hexidine Shampoo and it really worked to rid my GSD of it when nothing else would! Thank You

    A very good product. by Doris from Quebec, Canada11/22/2011

    Due to her active chronic hepatitis, my dog developped skin problems. This shampoo controls the bacterial infections. Her coat is soft and shiny. She's enjoying her bimonthly baths!

    Skin problem miracle product. by Sharkey from Fort Lauderdale, FL10/25/2011

    Sharkey is a 3 year old English Bull Terrier. He came from an Animal Shelter will all sorts of skin problems and allergies.Every few months I had to treat Sharkey with $200 Convenia shots and all sorts of other drugs.Finally a Vet recommended Hexadene shampoo. It truly works like a miracle!No more skin problems,allergies and drugs.Sharkey gets a 20 minute bath every 5 days and and all is well! And, thanks to Entirely Pets, I get Hexadene Shampoo for half the price that I had to pay at the Vet's.

    by from 03/08/2014

    by gwen11/09/2013

    Never received this item. Was told it was out of stock.

    Great Product by LindaM11/13/2012

    Love this shampoo! My Springer Spaniel has skin allergies and the shampoo really helps control it. It's mild enough that I use it on my other two dogs...smells great also!! Highly recommended! Thank you Entirely Pets for the great price and making this available!!!


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