• Joint MAX Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)

Joint MAX Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)

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Joint MAX® Triple Strength (TS) Chewable Tablets

Triple Strength (TS) for Dogs is recommended for joint health with powerful active ingredients that enhance the functions of joint and connective tissue as well as antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress. The Joint Max TS proprietary blend was selected to target every aspect of joint health: lubrication, cushioning of tissues, and support of cartilage, connective tissues, and bones.

Use Joint MAX TS for Maximum Support
This powerful joint supplement is intended for older or middle aged large dogs or smaller dogs with maximum joint health needs or soreness from daily activity or exercise.

Joint MAX TS Active Ingredients
The ingredients in Joint MAX, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, work together to support joint health by supporting the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues. Joint MAX is a highly palatable supplement. Joint MAX can be given with prescription drugs.

Joint MAX Family of Supplements

Available in a variety of formulas, Joint MAX® supplements deliver customized support to match the specific health needs of your pet. Joint MAX comes in three strengths and a variety of delivery methods for easy administration. There is a proper strength of Joint MAX for every size and breed of dog, cat, and horse that needs it. Joint MAX also offers a Hypo-Allergenic (HA) formula specifically designed for animals with sensitivites to known allergens or animals on restricted diets. The Hypo-Allergenic formula is free from the top 9 most common dog allergens: beef, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and egg.

Joint MAX is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Dogs Needing Joint Care
by Size

Joint MAX TS Highlights
• Veterinarian Recommended
• Maximum Joint Support
• Powerful Antioxidants
• For Dogs of All Ages!

Common Areas Needing Support

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Intervertebral Joints




"Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!"

"Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste."

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Joint MAX® is also available in:

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120 Tablets

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120 Soft Chews

120 Capsules

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120 Tablets

120 Soft Chews

240 Soft Chews

Granules (120 Doses)

Granules Hypo-Allergenic (120 Doses)

Granules for Equine (180 Doses)

32 fl oz Liquid for Dogs

8 fl oz Liquid for Cats

60 ml Liquid Hyaluronic Acid


Usage Info

Administer chewable tablet directly to dog. Can be given during or after meal time.

Loading Administration: Double the daily amount for first 3 weeks. If digestive upset occurs, taper dosage for a few days then gradually resume recommended dose.

Size of Dog Daily
Under 30 lb 1/2 Tablet
30 - 60 lb 1 Tablet
61 - 100 lb 2 Tablets
Over 100 lb 2 1/2 Tablets

After 3 weeks loading dose, if positive results are seen, reduce to maintenance dose. Since each dog's body is different, results may take longer in some dogs. If positive results are not seen, continue loading dose. If digestive upset occurs, taper dosage for a few days, then gradually resume recommended dosage.

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Active Ingredients per (Tablet):
Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish Source) 1000 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 600 mg
Creatine Monohydrate 400 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source) 100 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg
Vitamin E 50 mg
Boswellia Serrata 20 mg
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 18 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 12 mg
Hyaluronic Acid 2 mg
L-Glutathione 2 mg
Zinc 2 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mcg
Citrus Bioflavonoids 200 mcg
Selenium 2 mcg
Proprietary Antioxidant Blend: Brewer's Yeast, Cinnamon, Turmeric Root Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Valerian Root, Cranberry Juice Extract 375 mg
Inactive Ingredients: Bioflavanol, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Microcrystelline Cellulose, and Natural Meat Flavors (non-bovine source).

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Joint MAX Triple Strength Comparison
  Joint MAX® Triple Strength Synovi G3® Glyco Flex® II Cosequin® DS
Chondroitin no no
MSM no
Creatine Monohydrate no no
Eicosaentaenoic Acid (EPA) no no
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) no no
Vitamin C
Vitamin E no
Grape Seed Extract no
Zinc no no
L-Glutathione no no
Alpha Lipoic Acid no no
Citrus Bioflavonoids no no
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Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (30 Chews)Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (30 Chews)Reg price: $12.99
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Joint MAX Triple Strength Granules (120 Doses)Joint MAX Triple Strength GranulesReg price: $36.99
Sale price: $32.99
Joint MAX Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (120 Doses)Joint MAX TS Hypoaller GransReg price: $54.99
Sale price: $33.99
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Customer Reviews

DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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Great for my dogs hips by Hayley's mom11/22/2011

My yellow lab is only 5, but she limps at night after playing hard and running around with her friends. I have found that giving her 2 of these pills a day has significantly reduced the amount of times I see her limping. These pills have a higher dosage of ingredients compared to Petsmart or the local pet store. I definitely recommend them. She doesn't really like to eat them by themself, so I crush them up in her morning food.

I think they're working...how would you know? by ReadyEddy from Southeastern Connecticut10/22/2012

The dog likes them and thinks they're a treat, they rarely break in the bottle, not too much dust, she's old and she's doing ok, sort of like me. And I take glucosamine chondroitin too, but mine aren't chewable. But really how would you know if they're working or not? The benefits are subtle and I'm not going to experiment to see how she does without them, etc. I trust that they're working.

by from 04/23/2011

I have been giving my rottweiler/husky mix triple strength joint max for a year now and my soon to be 13 year old dog is better on them than without them.Destiny has had 2 major hip surgeries before she was 2 years old so it is a miracle I still have her at all.Wish they were a little less in cost but the product has helped my girl and I love it.

Rotties4Life by Liberty NC from Michelle

Great product

Great product! by Chena02/07/2011

Joint Max has been a life saver for Bubby. He is a rescued cocker spaniel; his rear leg joints are pretty much shot and he's too old for surgery. This product has helped him stay active, eased any pain he had & made all the difference in the world to this little guy! Unlike harsh prescription medications there's nothing in here that will harm him.

Joint max Triple Strength by Rachelle12/05/2011

I have used this product since my golden retriever was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a puppy 4 1/2 years ago. It won't cure him of course but I strongly feel it has made a difference in his life so far and in his comfort. At times I see signs of the dysplasia but then I also see him jump, run, walk and bounce around like he's still a pup. Matter of fact, he outruns my sister's one year golden all the time, it's a riot!

by Ginger from Springfield, MO.03/28/2012

There are not enough words to tell how pleased I am that I purchased this product. My 14 year Aussie is back to being the playful, fun girl that I haved missed for some time now. So nice to see her playing with her other 4 legged girl friends she lives with. It took about 4 to 6 weeks to get to this point but certainly worth the wait.

Great Purchase by Jeff from New Cumberland, PA10/27/2011

We are repeat buyers of this product & it certainly seems to help with our dog's joints plus she loves to eat them.

by mdgpsilva from Monroeville, PA07/17/2012

The product seems to work well for both of my 11 year old dogs.

GREAT STUFF by scarlet from Colorado home of the Super Winners 4801/27/2014

This stuff is wonderful, my border collie is 13 and now acts like a puppy. I would like to use it myself.

Essential for older pets by Flash from Lima, Ohio01/26/2014

We love this product for our older dogs. We viewed a noticable amount of increased mobility, due to less inflamation of their joints. I would highly recommend this product to others, and are happy that it was shared with us.

Triple Joint Max by Veronica10/29/2010

Two of these daily really help my 11 year old female Great Dane. Much better mobility and no side effects.

great product by aprilj04/04/2013

My dog has been taking this for a number of years now. He is almost 10 and acts like a puppy again.

Always tops by Jay10/23/2011

I have used these products for years and have always purchased from Entirely Pets. Their service and products can't be beat.

Joint Max by JJ from Kentucky12/26/2012

Our Buddy, an 8 year old lab mix, has been on this product for several years now and it has done wonders for him. He was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at 9 months old. I tried different products and this is the only one that has allowed him to have the life he deserves. Thank you Entirely Pets

Good Product by CarolD from Nicholson, PA01/14/2012

Joint Max works great for my 12 year old border collie Buster.

Joint Max must taste bad by BL02/16/2012

I wasted my money on this product. My dog, who eats everything, will not eat this product. I should have stuck with the brand name product.

time savings! by mom2labs from Chicago suburb04/12/2013

Instead of giving individual capsules for the supplements, they are all included in these tablets. Love them!!

Great product! by Jan12/06/2011

Have been purchasing a Glucosamine/Chrondroitin/MSM product for my "perfect puppy" (15 1/2 yrs. young) for about 10 years now and have used this product for the last 3 years. Although she has really slowed down lately, I believe that this product helps to keep her joints in pretty good condition.

Has helped my lab so much! by Kel10/08/2013

My lab had a torn ccl that we had operated on when she was 5. Her other ccl starting going a year later. We did not operate that time but let it heal with scar tissue. She is 12 now and has been on Joint Max Triple Strength for years. She is able to enjoy running around and playing still because of Joint Max.

by Robbie from South Central PA03/27/2012

I felt that the ingredients were comparable to much more expensive brands of this supplement. I think it was a good value.

Best Product ever by slopoke from Arizona05/17/2011

Joint Max is without a doubt the best product I ever used,My Chow had joint degeneration and the vet said she needed to be put down, I found and started using Joint Max about 5 years ago within two months my dog was walking almost normal, at ten years old she is still going strong.

dog likes it!! by TOM from Rhode Island03/27/2012

Notice a big difference in my dogs movement , she is 11 years old and gets around a lot better. She also likes the taste.

Great Effect by gmcentore10/18/2011

My 5 1/2 year old Lab has been taking this for a few weeks now and I see a big improvement in her. She is running more and getting up and down all the time.

Best Purchase Ever by tori10/23/2012

my dog is the most important member of my family,and to help her i bought joint max...unbeileveable...she dont have any problems getting up on running...thank you so much...

Really Works!! by sknott21114 from Wilson, NC09/21/2010

I have a 14 yr old Collie and he has been very slow getting up, sometimes lost his balance and tripped occasionally. I tried the JointMaxx 3x and within about 3 days I could see results. He isn't as slow to get up, he runs around the house playing with the smaller dog and he can jump up on the couch. It worked so well that I told my Mom to try for her Great Pyranese. He fell in a sink hole several years back after escaping from the backyard. He was stuck overnight until we finally found him. Needless to say he has suffered incredible pain and has a collapsed disk. These dogs are prone to hip problems anyways so I told her to try it. Max was on Rimadyl and Dasaquin with little relief and a HUGE expense. After a 2 days he was a new dog. So much so that his vert decided to take him off the Dasaquin and just use 2 of the Joint Maxx and 1 Rimadyl. He is so much more steady on his feet as well as seem to want to go outside and walk more. He can get into the truck with little to no help. We used to have to pick him up...all 125 lbs. No easy feat! If you are on the fence about trying this...TRY IT!!!

Awesome by CarolynJo03/26/2014

Product has helped my dog for a long time with his joint problems. Company is tremendous to deal with also. THANKS!

Completely Satisfied by Friend of Animals from San Mateo, CA09/04/2013

I have a 12 year-old German Shepherd and I had been giving him the Cosequin DS for some time. He didn't seem like it so I switched to the Joint Max Triple Strength chewables. They're like treats for him and I think he has a little more flexibility in his movement now that he's been on them for a few months. We're both satisfied!

Works Well by Karen from Frankfort, IL03/28/2012

My 9 year old German Shepherd was having a hard time getting up. About 2 weeks after taking Joint Maxx I've noticed it's been much easier for her to pick herself up. She's been running around a lot more too. Thank You!

Joint Max by Harley11/14/2012

My 9 year old Lab no longer wanted to play ball or frizbee due to hip problems. He lives to play ball and eat. I was pretty worried when he just stopped playing! After about 2-3 weeks on Joint Max he was ready to play again! He is now 13, takes 1 Joint Max a day and still plays ball. A Great product with no side effects and affordable.

JointMax helps older dogs ! by David from Seattle, WA05/14/2013

My dog Casey does so much better - jumping, walking, and running with JointMax TripleStrength. He's a big, lanky lab mix and this really appears to make his joints feel better and allow him to stay active as he grows older. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. -David

Joint Max Triple Strength by kimk11/19/2012

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks and I am starting to see a difference in the way my dog gets up and down. She appears to be much better and I will continue to use, to help with joint pain, she is a 12 year old black lab who just recently started showing signs of aging.

Joint Max by itsoruss from Tacoma, WA11/09/2013

Excellent results for my 9 year old Golden Retrievers.

Our Border Collie was diagnosed with hip displasia by Dick01/20/2014

She was diagnosed at 9 months old.Within a month on Joint Max Triple, she had stopped limping, stopped favoring her left hip and began to chase the frisbee again. 4 years later she competes in agility shows and just took home a second place in Standard on Jan 18,2014.

For the Health of My Dogs! by Linda10/27/2011

I began using Joint Max Triple Strength approximately three years ago for my 12 year old Akita, Jake. Although I lost him at age 14, Joint Max improved the last few years of his life! He suffered with arthritis in his later years, and Joint Max made a very noticeable difference in his comfort and mobility. I now use Joint Max Triple Strength as a daily supplement for my two young Newfoundlands. I am thankful every day that I can provide my "big guys" with a non-prescription supplement to keep their joints healthy!

Greatest joint product available by Fortune Labradors from Charleston, SC07/27/2010

In 20 years of breeding & showing Labrador retrievers, this product is by far superior in keeping dogs with orthopedic issues comfortable.

Good Choice by Toby's Mom05/31/2012

We use these as treats for our 11 year old Queenslands with hip dysplasia. The tablets are scored down the center so they break easily in half (pretty soft tablet) and he eats them right up!

very good product by kb101 from texas08/16/2013

I've given these to my older lab with 2 mot=nths space bwetween bottle so I can really tell they help him. His running is more fluid after on them for 3 weeks, he is more eagor to fetch for a longer period of time. He is only 5 y.o but he's a big one, 100+ lbs. A field lab.

these are the best by catcusbud10/16/2011

these have helped our English Bull dogs so much. Our male loves to play with a jolly ball in the park, but twisted his hind leg and had to have surgery when only a couple years old. these have helped to keep his joints strong. He even plays ball again, with a vengeance. Our vet is very pleased.

We like JointMax by fuzzerdog from Silver Spring, MD03/27/2012

My dogs like the taste and I know it's good for them. It's easy to give them, they think it's a treat.

by micky03/04/2013

We've been using Joint Max for several years for both of our large breed dogs. They do seem to help, especially our 14-year old Golden Retriever. In our last bottle, however, 1/3 of the tablets were broken-some in more than 2 pieces. Although there was a ton of cotton packing inside, many tablets were in pieces.

Good stuff by JC from san antonio, tx04/02/2013

Have had my 15 yr. old lab on this for a few years. Last year the vet asked me to try out a new product for a month instead of this; within a week and a half, my boy could hardly get up - vet said stop the new, go back to the previous. Originally was using the Synovi G3, but this is almost the same, but much cheaper. Love it.

best help for my only one by tori02/27/2013

i have a cockerspaniel with arthritis problems,i tried several things before and then i found your store...i dicede ti try joint max...after 4 days i was suprised,my dog wake up with no sleepy leg problem...there are no words for my joy...she is my everything...all said

Good purchase by Cheryl01/02/2013

This was a very reasonable purchase and my dog loves this. She has no problem chewing it and actually looks forward to it. Anything to help a very aged dog is worth every penny.

Joint MAX & More by llinmarin from Santa Venetia, CA12/11/2013

We've had our dog on Joint MAX Triple Strength and Joint Treats and other chewables (started with Synovi MSM) since he was young. We had lots of issues with our last Shepherd so were well aware of the various natural joint medications. He's just turned 11 and although he's not a puppy any longer, he's doing okay. Do these work? Who know, but better to be safe than sorry.

Joint Max Triple Strength by Mandi from San Jose CA02/26/2010

This is agreat product. Using on an older dog and works! I reccomend it.

All my dogs use Joint Max by CE11/01/2011

My dogs and I compete in Agility, and I want to do my best to make sure that they stay healthy and injury free. Joint Max Triple Strength is one of the things I use to achieve this. My Shetland Sheepdog is now 15 years old, not competing any more, but doing fine. My Border Collie is almost three, and actively competing.

Joint MAX Triple Strength is Great by CSK10/20/2011

Joint MAX a really great product. The tablets perform as well and the premium priced tablets at a significant savings. The table are soft and must taste good to my dog as he has not turned his nose up to them.

My girls love Joint MAX by mbond from Lubbock, TX09/12/2011

My Labs enjoy Joint Max like its a special treat and its much better for them long term than what the vet prescribed. (not to mention the cost$$) We've used Joint Max for more than a year and my girls are happy and more active than before their knee problems. It's like they are pups again. We will continue buying Joint Max and we are not being paid to say that. Its good stuff!!

JointMax killed my dog by RJ12/22/2010

JointMax caused a bleeding ulcer in my dog, sparking off an immune system problem which ended up killing her. She could not recover from the bleeding ulcer despite multiple blood transfusions.

Joint Max Triple strenth soft chews by Mandi from California01/20/2013

A great product my dog eats right up. I have told many dog folks about it. I suggest it !

by Heidi07/22/2014

Joint Maxx TS is the best, most affordable and most effective joint supplement on the market. It has given out 12 y/o Lab the ability to get around and keep up with his much younger sister who's half his age. I will continue to give this to both of our dogs and every single one in the future. Great stuff!

Wonderful product! Highly Recommend! by Tricia S.11/16/2011

I started giving this product to my 2 pugs, who were at the time, 11 and 14 yrs of age when I noticed them slowing down a bit and having some difficulty with stairs. I couldn't believe the difference in them after only a couple of weeks on this product. Now my 2 pugs are 13 and 16 yrs old, and still going strong. My 13 year old acts like a puppy, and is now completely off all prescription pain medication (he had been taking daily). My 16 year old still runs up stairs and jumps on the couch by herself. She amazes both visitors to our home and her vet!! I highly recommend this product...can't say enough good things about it!!

works! by jackie from texas12/28/2011

originally had my dog on synoviG3 from the vet, then switched to the jointmax. same good results, the ingredients are comparable to the other, but the price is better! my 14 yr. old lab has had arthritis for a few years now and these help him a lot.

Immediate results by Ann from SF bay area11/07/2012

My dog Rocky showed improvement in mobility almost immediately. He's had torn ligaments in both rear legs, plus he broke one leg. That plus being at least 13 yrs old (he's a rescue) I'm pleased with the results. I toss the "pill" into his food & he doesn't hesitate to eat it up. I have already recommended this to my friend.

GREAT STUFF by scarlet from Colorado02/26/2014

There are many items like this on the market, but this one really works. I have a 13 year old Border Collie and she now plays like a young puppy.

great but not happy with new pill by Bruno08/04/2012

I love this product and have been using it for a few years now. I however am not happy that they changed the pill to a flatter from a thicker pill. Only because many of them are broken, Over all great product and seems to work great.

Joint Max by me from Columbus, Ohio12/11/2013

It seems to be helping a lot. We have noticed a great improvement.

Decent Joint Product by Lancelot from Denver, CO08/07/2014

We need to divide these chewable tablets into 4 pieces based on dosage for small dogs and crush them into food. Previously, tablets were scored so division in half wasn't difficult. Division into 1/4 was more challenging as the tablets tend to fall apart. Recent purchase - Tablets no longer scored and are as hard a a brick making subdivision and crushing most difficult. Medically, product does help with joint issues, but we may seek provider with different type of delivery medium. For our use, a powdered or crushed formula would be best.

Great for my Bouvier! by Candy from Plattsburgh, New York05/01/2013

I have an 11 year old Bouvier who started showing signs of an arthritic problem a couple of years ago. She's a big girl, 105 pounds, and I immediately put her on triple strength Joint Max. Her limping and stiffness went away quickly and she's still going strong and loving her time playing outside or getting in and out of the car for her car rides. Thanks to Joint Max!

Really Effective by RockinRhombus from Texas10/18/2010

My 7 yo shepherd mix had ACL surgery 2 years ago, with some success. She developed arthritis in that leg, and was not doing much besides sleeping and eating. Within a month, she was much more social, playing with the other dog, and wanting to get up and out. I tried another product, but this one made the difference. Having my happy dog back is well worth the price of this great product!

Excellent product for senior dog joint health by Suzi from Nixa, MO06/12/2012

I am so amazed with the results of Joint Max on my 15 year old Golden Retriever, Sedona. I know it is what helps her to still take her daily walk, climb the steps on and off our deck and enjoy quality of life in her " golden years". I put the tablets in her food daily and she eats them right up, NEVER a problem! I will always be ordering and using this product for Sedona. Thank you Joint MAX.

Super fast shipping by Dean from Bangkok, Thailand04/21/2013

I am from Bangkok, Thailand and order this product from this website. They are cool response buyer and very fast shipping to my country.

Joint Max Triple Strength chewables by Mary04/26/2014

My dogs are in dog sports, agility, obedience, rally, bar n hunt nose work and tracking. Joint Max helps keep their cartilage healthy. I start my dogs on it a soon as I get them as pups. My 10 yr old SFT still moves like a pup.

Works Well For Our Yellow Lab by Dandy Dan from N. W. Ohio01/30/2013

We started using Joint Max Triple Strength on our rescued Yellow Lab who has been hit by a motor vehicle and had a dislocated hip. This hip won't stay in place and for the last 2 years we have used Joint Strong and she has had no pain problems with the hip. The vet can't believe it is still dislocated.

Joint Max by JoJo from Wilton,NY12/09/2012

I highly recommend this product. About two years ago my13 year old IWS started to have issues; lameness from time to time. She just wasn't her self..As a great retriever all her life; her heart was their; but you could see something was wrong; she was sore. I started her on Joint Max...What a diffence it made! Runs like a 5 year old. Best Purchase I've ever made!!!

Seems to be working but... by ldn from SC04/24/2012

I had my dog on a different supplement for her aches and pains and like a dummy, took her off of it and was using a holistic remedy which ended up not being suited for her. I had high hopes for this product and so far after a few weeks I can see a slight improvement and hope that this will continue to improve. However, my dog does not like these pills and, as opposed to other chewables she will eat, she won't touch these so I put them in her food.

Very good product by Jaxson's Mom from Spring, Texas10/22/2012

I have been using this supplement for years on all of my senior dogs. I have been very pleased with the results. All of my senior pets were very mobile until they went over the Rainbow Bridge. I typically start my dogs on Joint Max at the age of 5 or so when they start slowing down a bit or younger if suffering an injury. I believe this to be a very good joint supplement.

Great product by Pj from Wilmington, NC05/19/2013

Has definitely helped our 2 labs with their joint pain.

by petlover02/08/2012

One of our dogs has hip dysplasia. The surgeon stated to get her on joint supplements and wait until she is showing symptoms before we do sugery. She has not needed it yet, and it has been about 4 years since she was diagnosed. She is still running and acting crazy. This stuff really works!

Good product by Poocher from Oklahoma01/25/2012

Helps arthritic joint - noticeable improvement

Crumbled Mess by Jus4su from Grapevine, Texas10/17/2013

I have bought this product before, and been very happy with it. This time, I would have to say I'm less than pleased with it. At least half of the bottle, is a crumbled mess! I won't be able to use a lot of this product, I'll have to discard it!!

Good product by JewelandTy from Oregon11/07/2011

I have used this product on two large Akitas for 2 years now.I have been happy with the results,my female has joint degeneration in her knees,this product has made a huge difference in her mobility.The male littermate takes the joint chews,he has slowed down some,but with the product has remained very active.These dogs will be 11 years in Feb. 2012.Joint Max was recomended to me by another Akita owner.

Really good product. by Harv from Visalia, Ca.11/07/2012

This product has worked wonders for my two mini- Dachsunds. I would reccomend it to everyone !

by from 02/20/2012

I would like to say that my Rottie has really bad hip dysplasia. She is a rescue dog that we got from our breeder 4 years ago & she has had nothing but medical problems. We started her on Joint Max as a recommendation from a neighbor & have really noticed a great improvement. We are on our 2nd bottle & without this miracle pill, she would probably be in really bad shape.

we by are from thrilledOne


Power source by Sheri04/10/2013

Joint Max triple strength has been used by us for years now. Our previous dog (we lost him to bone cancer) took these and it gave him significant relief during his need. Dont get me wrong...he was on other products as well but this definately helped. I now have my little pitbull on these as she has a knee issue. I KNOW she feels better when she takes them. She also takes a prescription but when I added these, there was improvement. Thank you for caring...

joint max triple strength by wrightlin from Saxonburg, PA09/03/2013

My Golden Retriever was born with severe hip dysplasia and is 8 now. I put him on JointMax Triple 2 years ago and I notice he is moving around a lot better....it is a good product for joint pain and arthritis.

great value/dogs love these by Sue from Tampa Florida02/17/2013

Both my lab and my Pomeranian have had problems with hips and knees over the years. They're both seniors and love this product. At 14yrs they're still running and playing!

Execellent Choice!! by dms1905/13/2013

I have tried various other arthritis remedies, all which had little or no effect on relieving symptoms. JointMax works like magic. Thank you.

Best Joint Supplement by smccarl01/05/2013

I have worked at a veterinary clinic for a dozen years and been aware of various joint supplements. I compared this product with other similar products and decided it was a better choice. I had one dog with hip issues arthritis and gave him these from age 9 until 16. I have another dog now on them since her double ACL surgeries four years ago. I swear by Joint Max. It is a superior product.

GREAT product!! by bmbmb from Washington, DC08/28/2014

Our oldest boy is showing signs of slowing down. He has taken these dail for about 6 months, and he seems to be maintaining his activity level. Apparently they taste good...he gobbles them when given as a treat, or sometimes I just crumble it into his food.

Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength (120 CHEWABLE TABLETS) by Dr. V.10/22/2012

Great product, really helps relieve the pain of our older dog who has arthritis in the hips. When he doesn't take the product he limps all the time, after using the product within 2 days he is back to normal. Thanks for a great product.

I Hope it's working by Madge03/30/2012

My dog can't talk, so I can only hope the product works as well as the expensive name brand. The service was excellent, and I will buy the product again.

Joint Max Triple Strength by pin11/15/2012

given to my dog after bad leg injury..... .

awesome product by mammo1 from Phoenix, AZ01/05/2012

Our Rottweiler has taken maybe three weeks of meds and is a new dog!! She no longer whines when she moves first thing in the morning, and seems to be happier and have more energy!!!

Best Gift I could get my Pet! by Sue from Palm Bay, FL10/29/2011

My 8 yr old black mouth cur is slightly overweight and has recently started acting very stiff and having a difficult time on the wood flooring and tile in our home. She can't seem to get decent traction and has a hard time getting up from a laying position. She has been taking Joint Max Triple for about two weeks now and I already see a big improvement in her ability to get around and she has been much more playful too! I can only see her getting better from here on out. Thanks to JMT for a wonderful product that actually does what it says it will do!

Dog really likes it by Mike05/22/2014

Dog is finicky about food, but loves the Joint Max Triple Strength. Gobbles it down.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT by beagle lady from ODESSA, FLORIDA11/17/2011


by Roxy from Hilton, NY07/19/2013

Bought these because of a review I saw here. Sure glad I did. These work better than any other similar type product I tried. Our 11 year old Lab has been taking them now for years. I recommend this product to everyone I know that has a big dog with joint problems.

Joint Max Triple Strength Chewables by Juan08/23/2011

We had tried a variety of other products to help our 7 year old Maltese with joint problems in his hips....nothing worked. When we started him on the Joint Max he improved very quickly and now goes up and down stairs with no problems. The product has been a really big relief for him and us because we hurt for him so much when he was in pain....thank you for the opportunity.

by bigjim01/23/2013

This glucosamine works well for my Rufus and he enjoys the flavor.

Works better than anything I've tried yet! by Twinkles from Atlanta07/07/2012

I have a 12 year old Golden Retriever who has had joint and hip problems that have worsened over the past 2 -3 years. I have tried a number of joint support meds, but this seems to make the most difference in his comfort and mobility...AND at a reasonable price!

by mountain dog03/11/2012

Immediate improvement in activity and appetite

Wonderful product by Nani from Picayune Ms.12/02/2011

I have been using triple joint max on my Yellow Lab Bella for several years. Prior to this she was on rimidal and all other kinds of expensive pain drugs. I decided to give this a try and was very surprised. Bella is nine years old and moves quite well. She is active for her age and does not hesitate to jump up on my bed. I strongly recommend you all give this product a try I think you will be very pleased.

by andrea10/31/2011

I started using this when I could see my 5 year old active dog was looking a little stiff after laying down for awhile. The stiffness went away after a few weeks of use.

Dogs love them by JGandy04/02/2013

My dog love these tablets and she only has to chew half of a tablet twice a day which saves money. She's 14 so it should help with her achy joints

by tinkerbelle from Murphy, NC10/23/2013

These are better than the soft chews. Have no trouble getting our pet to eat them!

Seems to be working by Kobe07/02/2013

My dog has been taking this supplement for over two years. That's when he was diagnosed with knee issues and the start of spinal arthritis. Before taking this he was moving more cautiously and slowly. He was also taking shorter walks. Afterwards, he was running around and throwing his chew toy around. Fast forward, my dog's arthritis and knee issues have progressed. He's experiencing a little more pain from his arthritis and taking the occasional pain med. I believe the supplement is still helping. I don't know if the supplement has change, but my dog doesn't eat the tablet as readily as he once did. I have to trick him into eating now.

Refund by max from California11/18/2011

Sorry to say I am sooo dissappointed. I see little or no results. Can't say if I acted too late purchasing these pills or not. Could be my dog is just too old. Still I was hoping for a better quality-of-life for my dog. Thus far, dissappointed. I feel you people take advantage of us heartbroken animal owners. Will NOT purchase anything ever again. Retired, living on a fixed income, I reallly cannot afford to waste money. Would appreciate refund won't hold my breath.

by from 08/24/2013

Best I have found by far for the price. I have an 8 year old golden retriever who was diagnosed with HD at 11 months old. According to his xrays and vets I have talked to his hips are so bad he should not be able to walk, let alone run and play and with this supplement he is doing great! A little stiff on stairs still but he is happy and active. I will be starting my other dogs on this as well. They have no joint problems so I will only be giving a half a pill per day for a little extra support. Great product, recommended 100%

in by dogs from asI


Joint Max Triple by Lois01/02/2013

Not so happy because the tabs are much harder to break into my dog's food (as I had done with the double strength dose). I fear there may be a staleness despite the expiration date being good on the bottle. chewable should mean chewable. Just hoping my 13 year old dog will get some benefit anyway because I can't afford to repurchase the item.

best product ever by doberboy03/02/2012

We had surgery twice on are dobermans legs twice and nothing would work. We had medicines like crazy and it still would not get better. We heard about this product and we started using this on are doberman in about two months the dog started showing improvement. Its not a miracle but it showed more improvement than anything else we used including surgery. We would recommend someone trying this with a dog with leg issues.

Great by Curly10/06/2011

My dog is 10years old he is so much better . He is a bear hunting dog everyone could not believe how great he was. I am so proud of him thahks

Couldn't do without it by Jackie07/23/2012

Joint Max Triple Strength makes all the difference in the world for my 14 year old Australian Shepherd. She can do stairs and still jumps up on the couch. I can tell if I've forgotten to give it to her. It makes that big of a difference. She couldn't do without it!

Triple Joint Max is Great by mdgpsilva06/04/2013

My dog is 12 and has been taking this supplement for several years. She's able to get around so much better than before she started taking it.

Joint Max - Great Product by Janine from Denver, CO12/20/2012

I have been buying this same product from Entirely Pets for 6 years. From the time we started giving it to our Golden he has never had any joint issues. He had come to us after having elbow displasia and would come up limping after a long walk or playing in the backyard. Once we started him on this, it has never happened again.

Love Joint Max Triple Strength! by TXEllen from TX12/30/2013

Great product. Really seems to help my dogs with their joint issues in their back legs.

Seems to help by Sewist2 from Birch Tree MO10/23/2012

I have been using this for about a month on our 12 year old dog who has arthritis in his back. I have been able to cut his pain meds in half and he seems to be just as active and comfortable with less medication. He seems to like the flavor of the tablets and eats them with his food in the morning.

Good results by LindaC from Liberty Hill, Tx01/24/2014

I believe this is helping my girl dog. She is getting up better and doesn't seem to be as bothered by the arthritis as much.

Nice Change of Pace by LK from Indiana, PA11/27/2012

My dog eats the supplement along with his food without any issue. I had been using the granules and decided to try out the chewable tablet. It's a bit easier during feeding time. He seems to enjoy the tablet and it has been sitting well with his stomach. It's a great alternative to the granules! To give you some history on my dog, he is 13 years old, has been struggling with his back legs for about a year now. I added this supplement to his diet along with prescription pain meds and Rimadyl. I believe the combination of all three have been helping to give him a quality of life.

Makes all the difference by westiemom from Memphis, TN06/19/2013

This supplement is vital to the mobility of my 11-year old golden mix who has severe arthritis. It had a similar effect on another dog I had who has since passed on. I NEVER run out and in addition to giving it daily to my golden mix, I also give a smaller, preventive dose to my two smaller senior dogs. Highly recommended!

Joint Max by Qholic from Navarre Beach, Fl03/30/2013

Our 14 year old Weimaraner started to show signs of arthritis so we got some Joint Max and now she rarely shows any signs of the arthritis at all.

by from 02/28/2014

This is a great product, my Rottweiler, started limping somewhat, where he tore his ligament in his right hind leg when he was a pup, took his to his vet, said it was just the ware and tear of joint be damaged when he was a pup .

using by these,, from hisSince


Great Product by BJ from TennesseeThis


seems to help by jsilvers22 from Surprise, Arizona11/14/2012

The Joint Triple Strength seems to have relieved the discomfort for my dog . He has a little more energy and gets up and down much quicker

by from 07/26/2013

we use this every day for our 12 year old black lab and it makes a huge difference!

Helps my ol' lab with his joint pain by David from Seattle, WALove


Concerns about my older dog by Tank02/05/2012

I need to know if customers have experienced extreme diahreaa in their per and a high volume of urination. My older lab has never urinatinated in my house. Since using this product, he has had very bad runs and urination. Help. He has not been diagnosed with diabetes, never a reason to even test him for this. But since giving this product to him for 1.5 weeks, I am going to have him tested. It is a serious problem Please let me know if you have other problems such as this. I do believe it is the creatine in the supplement that is causing the problem. I do hope that the usage of this supplement does not cause him to go into diabetes!

Good product by maddie10/28/2011

Old dogs do well with this product and they like the taste.

Do your pet a favor by Edward V.01/16/2008

For those of you who may be skeptical of supplements for your pets joints and hips. I bought Joint Max triple strength chewable tablets for my dog who is 11 years old, and he was having some difficulty getting up in the mornings due to some arthritis in his hips so I put him on Joint Max, and about 2 months afterwards my dog acts like a puppy , he gets right up each day, he wants to run out in the yard, and plays like he did when he was a pup. You would never think its the same dog, so do your pet a favor if it has health concerns such as arthritis and try a Joint MAX.

Wonders for both joints and COAT by Robb for Tabor07/18/2008

Just Do IT!

Worked great by Carrie08/01/2008

I started giving this to my 12-year-old yellow lab when he was really limping and barely moving around. I noticed a BIG improvement within a couple weeks. He now gets up much easier and seems much more active and comfortable. In fact, I'm finding dog hair on the couch again which means he's jumping up again! He also takes Rimadyl once a day, but until we started the triple-strength Joint Max, I wasn't seeing a huge improvement. I've since recommended this product to others.

She LIKES it! by Mutt Rescuer11/14/2011

My oldest dog is a lab mix and has started having some hip discomfort issues at the age of 8. I tried buying a similar pill at Petco, but she did not like the flavor and I would always have to put peanut butter on the pill to get her to take it. These pills work just as well, and she likes the flavor. No more peanut butter on my fingers just to get the dog to take her medicine!

JointMax by Cathy10/24/2008

JointMax has worked incredibly well on my 90 lb. labrador. He started having stiffness and trouble walking years ago, I think around 7 or 8. Often, he had quite a bit of trouble getting up. He is 12 now and has been on Jointmax DS and recently switched to TS and he has minimal symptoms, only mild stiffness. It has really been a miracle for him (originally I had tried to give him some people glucosimine which was of no help).

SNOOPY The Wonder Dog! by Judy Richman11/22/2008

Our 8 year old English Setter, Snoopy, was hurt in backyard accident and pulled her left hip and leg out of joint. After many months of expensive medicine from the vet, and still having a three legged dog, we tried the Triple Joint Max. It is a miracle and you gave us back our Dog. Thank you so much. She runs, jumps, plays and runs on all four legs. These pills really work. Thanks

Joint Max Triple by Donna01/11/2009

When my springer spaniel (now age 12 1/2) was diagnosed (07) with back leg arthritis, I thought she would have to be put down. She used to fall often and whimper in pain. With the use of Joint Max and Metacam, she is running and can jump off a high bed. I'm amazed!!!

OMG by Pam01/30/2009

I have a 15 year old pit bull. We had her on Joint Max at the recommendation of our vet. We ran out and what a difference in our dog!! We quickly ordered 3 more bottles and have vowed NEVER to run out again. Within days of not having Joint Max our dog was dragging her legs behind her and could hardly get up. I was thinking it was about time to put her out of her misery (even as pet owners know it is a heart wrenching decision). Within days of being on Joint Max again she can walk and run with no problems. This stuff is a miracle!! Thanks so much for improving the quality of my dogs' final days!!!!

joint max triple strength by mona penn02/02/2009

My twelve year old dog has hip problems. Now that he takes joint max triple strength he can go for walks and get in and out of the car.

great product! by catherine10/27/2009

My German Shepherd was in really bad shape. Could barely walk and when he did, he limped to an extreme. I ordered these tablets and give him 3 a day. Within a week he was back to normal, running around with the rest of my dogs. This definitely works!!!!

Best joint medicine by Amy11/10/2009

This is an excellent joint medicine on the market! My dogs are enjoying their walk again.

Works by LindaL from Waterville, NY02/17/2012

My 13 yr old likes the taste for these. And they seem to be helping his joints. He has severe hip problems. He is willing to move more than he was.

by Pam07/10/2012

My 4 year mastiff was having problems getting up.. Limping a lot this really has helped

Provides Relief by PattyP from Texas08/01/2013

Joint Max does seem to give my dog relief from the little aches and pains we all start to experience with age. The product is fine. However, this bottle looked like it had been driven over. It was oddly shaped and a fair percent of the tablets were either broken into small pieces or pulverized into dust. Iím assuming this is an isolated case as the first bottle I ordered was fine. The next bottle will tell more of the story.

Joint Max Triple Strength Tablets by Madge from Frackville, PA10/22/2012

If Ajax could talk, I know she would join me in thanking Entirely Pets for supplying the means to ease her hip dysplasia. I plan to continue using this product for my dog, knowing I'm making her as comfortable and happy as a dog with her problem, can be.

A Great Relief by Vikki07/14/2010

My 5 1/2 year old beagle was having some problems with her rear legs. She didn't want to climb any stairs or even take part in her favorite daily routine of tracking squirrels. In fact, she would just sit or lay down instead of partaking in much of anything. After reading some of the reviews of Joint Max Triple Strength here, I decided to give it a try. It has been a huge relief that a difference was noticeable after just a couple of weeks. About a month & a half later you wouldn't know she had any problems. This product has worked wonderfully for my beagle. While beagles don't refuse many things to eat, I was worried she wouldn't eat the tablets. She loves them & thinks of them as a treat. Double hooray!

Works as advertised by JB from Laguna Niguel, CA06/19/2013

Since using Joint Max, we eliminated the use of a prescription drug.

Works Well by Dandy Dan from Ohio06/09/2012

We have been using the Joint Max on our yellow lab. She was a rescue from along side the road left for dead. Besides a lot of cuts and bruises she had a dislocated hip. We have had it put back in 4 times and rather than have the surgery to cut off the ball from the femur we have been using Joint Max. The vet can't believe her hip is still dislocated for the way she gets around. She will run, jump off the porch and play as if nothing was wrong. We plan on keeping her on the Joint Strong as it really has helped her.

Good Product by Dandy Dan from Ohio11/12/2011

Thhis is the 3rd time we have orderede this product. It has kept our lab going. She has a dislocated hip ther will not stay in place but allows her to run and jump with no sign of any pain.

joint max chews by ray from nc06/11/2011

work and works well is a cheaper product

THE WORST EVER!!!! by Maltipoo Mom from California08/31/2012

Our 16-yo maltipoo did very well on GlycoFlex. Someone encouraged us to try JointMax Triple Strength. The ingredients seemed comparable to GlycoFlex, so we switched. Discovered a HUGE difference in quality. Soon, our dog began to limp and her head bobbed when she walked; she was in excruciating pain. Initially, we thought she slipped and bruised her elbow or paw. Summary: we spent more than $1,100 on vets and therapies. Decided to put her back on GlycoFlex. She's doing much better and I will never stop kicking myself. It it works, leave it alone!!

Great Product by Qholic from Navarre Beach, FL11/21/2012

I give our 13 year old Weimaraner one a day and she no longer shows any visible signs of arthritis. Highly recommended.

by from 11/14/2012

the jury is still out... by bmbmb from Washington, DC10/03/2013

We have an older, larger dog (a stray, so his true age is unknown to us). He is slowing down, particularly on stairs. We're hoping this product will give him some relief for his (likely) achy bones/joints.

Triple Joint Max WORKS by Bernay from Las Vegas, Nevada04/01/2010

My lab is 15 yrs old.. I just finished my 1st 120 tablets I think this stuff really works.. She does have more energy..

Traveling by LAP from Dallas10/23/2012

Very portable and great for travel. The dogs love them as a treat.

Arthritis Relief by Midge from Anne Arundel Co., Maryland02/12/2014

I have used Joint Max Triple Strength for years on my own dogs. It is the only product that I have ever used for my older dog. When I visited my daughter I noticed that her 14 year old Yorkie was having trouble using her back legs. The next time I saw my daughter I gave her a handful of the Joint Max for the dog. When I called a few days later I asked about the dog and my daughter told me that her little yorkie was now able to walk up the steps. So, I ordered the 120 tablet bottle of Joint Max for her. The dog is doing wonderful.

Fantastic Product by Fin's Mom from Denver, CO04/17/2012

We have been purchasing Joint Max and Jointmax Triple Strength for as long as we have owned Fin. We adopted him at 11 months - he had Elbow Displasia and had just had surgery. He wasn't even able to go for walks without coming up gimpy or limping because his elbow bothered him. We stared with a lower dosage and also gave him the jointmax treats. 5 years later, you would never know he had any kind of surgery! He and his brother the doodle, are constantly running, wrestling and chasing each other and he has never shown any signs of hurting! This product is well worth it!!

Best Product Ever by Goag from Nesconset, NY11/14/2011

We have been using Joint Max Triple Tabs on our 14 year old lab. She lived to 16 1/2, passed last week. I firmly believe these tabs kept her mobile and more comfortable then had she never taken them. I passed the remaining tabs on to my sisters 8 year old golden just two days ago. Looking forward to seeing how they help her. Don't even hesitate. I am so happy with Entirely Pets!

Joint max by none from San Antonio, TX02/16/2013

Have had 5 beardies, our last one is almost 12 yrs of age, All of our "kids" have been on this product. Every day & Long before it became so "commercially" correct.


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