Keratolux (16 oz)

    Keratolux (16 oz)

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    Formerly Allerseb-T Shampoo
    Formerly T-Lux Shampoo

    The ONE shampoo for managing keratoseborrheic disorders

    What are Keratoseborrheic disorders (KSD)? Alteration to the surface appearance of the skin scaling , flaking, skin dryness or greasiness, malodor, dull hair coat and poor overall skin condition are all common signs associated with such disorders.

    How does Keratolux Shampoo work? A unique formula that:
    1. Corrects keratinization defects
    2. Aids in restoring epidermal barrier function
    3. Normrmalizes sebaceous secretion
    4. Controls microbial proliferation
    5. Reduces inflammation
    6. Manages malodor
    Active Ingredients
    Salicylic Acid 1%
    Zing Gluconate 0.5%
    Pyridoxine 0.5%

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Best there is by Shellyshug from Pensacola, FL06/14/2012

    I've used this shampoo for years. I've had a few dogs through the years with skin issues, and this is the best shampoo I've ever used. It seems to kill the fleas on them too. Good stuff!!!

    great for troubled skin by shorts from windsor, London10/24/2012

    great shampoo for my chinese crested hhl she had bad skin this has helped clean and clear

    Dry Flaky Skin No More by GB Ray03/10/2014

    Awesome shampoo for sensitive skin prone to itchy or flaky skin. My GSD had a small patch of dry skin that significantly improved in two weeks and was gone in three weeks with this shampoo. Already familiar with Virbac's Hexadene shampoo that was used to bath a recent litter, I thought I'd give this product a try. I was extremely pleased with the results and the dry skin has not returned.

    best shampoo ever for any type skin rash or skin by patspuppypalace08/08/2011

    i used this one time on a english bulldog whos skin broke out and she wwas given alergy meds and nothing worked this treatment of one time use on her cleared her skin up and it never returned ..dont waste money on something prescribed by a vet that they believe to be an alergy use this first ... no gaurantees but it just might fix your babies fur and skin too

    Good stuff by ccmom02/11/2012

    Great shampoo for my Crested. Awesome delivery!

    Awesome shampoo by Malamute Mom from pa09/25/2013

    We absolutely love this product. We have a wooly malamute with allergies and this stops her itching and takes the smell of her oily skin away. There is literally no smell to this shampoo like many of the others that smell like tar and it rinses out immediately. For best results make sure to let sit on for a few minutes. You will love it!

    by Mimikuri10/30/2011

    My chihuahua/fox terrier had hot spots for a few months. I tried various shampoos prescribed by the veterinarian and am very happy Virbac's Keratolux was one of three shampoos that he recommended because now my dog is hot spot free.

    Great product by Westiemom from Bridgeport MI06/03/2012

    I use keratolux along with Epi Soothe on my westie with allergies. I bathe him twice a week alternating between the two and I always use Humilac as a rinse. It seems to be a winning combination.

    Excellent Product by Flores from New York, NY11/16/2011

    The shampoo worked from the first time I used it on my dog. His itchy, flaky skin condition cleared up very fast.

    Great value by pa#9 from Chicago10/23/2012

    This shampoo cost half of what my vet charges, for twice as much product! Jetta needs weekly baths, so this large size will last for quite a while.

    works great! by Isa from Hialeah, FL09/30/2013

    My pet is an outside animal and is allergic to the grass. She is constantly scratching to the point where she makes herself bleed and has bald spots. This shampoo is a Magic! Instant Relief for Tiny. She stops scratching and her coat shines!

    Great for allergies by Westiemom from Bridgeport, MI01/01/2013

    I have been using Keratolux for about six months on my westie. It helps with his allergies so much. I bathe him with it once a week and do a second wash with Epi Soothe. Then I rinse him with Humilac. I am so happy with Entirely Pets prices on these products compared to buying them at the vets. It is expensive to take proper care of a dog with allergies, so I really appreciate finding great products like Keratolux.

    Miracle Product by C.A.01/20/2014

    This product has been a relief to our Pomeranian. Almost from birth she has had scaley flakey skin. This product used regularly has resolved the issue. We've been using it for three years and are very satisfied.

    Great Shampoo by Sunshine08/12/2013

    We have a cocker spaniel that gets a yeast growth every summer from being in the lake so much. He gets this real "sour" smell. This shampoo, when used on a regular basis, works wonders in keeping that problem down. It is a great product!

    Great Dog shampoo by jimbo from Ventura, California10/25/2011

    I purchased this from EntirelyPets because it was double the price at the Veterinarian's office. It has helped my dog with his itchy skin and I plan on continuing its use. The product was delivered to me only 2 days after ordering and that was very impressive.

    Amazing shampoo by Keratolux lover from PA10/17/2011

    I use this on my very wooly malamute who has allergies. She gets a funny smell to her after about 2 weeks of not having a bath or from playing outside in damp weather. This shampoo gets rid of the odor and is so unbelievably easy to rinse out even with all of her wooly fur.There is no residue. I also love that the shampoo dosent smell like tar and when she dries there is no smell at all to her. That is a huge plus!!! It really is a wonderful product, by fat the best of any medicated shampoo i have tried. I have 2 other malamutes who do not have allergies and I use it on them just because its easy to rinse out and does not smell after they dry. I highly recommend this product.

    Love This by AP01/05/2014

    This shampoo is awesome. My dog has a ton of allergies and skin issues. Washing him once a week with is product has been a huge help. His coat looks vibrant and is soft. He is not itching his skin and ripping it open anymore. Definitely seems to work better when used regularly and if its left on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

    Keratolux Shampoo by Pati from Port St. John, FL02/21/2013

    I love this product I have 2 terriers who tend to get skin problems. I use this on a regular basis, skin issues seem to have gone away entirely.

    Great Shampoo by m.c. keahi12/09/2013

    I really do like Keratolux Medicated Shampoo. I have bought it before from Entirely Pets and was completely satisfied so I re-ordered and and will continue to. Good product!!!

    Best Dog Shampoo Ever by Rick03/05/2012

    Best dog shampoo I have used so far and I have English Bulldogs. They are known for their skin problems and this product has saved me alot of money not having to take them to the vet as much.

    Keratolux A+++ for Dermatitis in Beagle by Alexis Rivera from San Juan, PR11/03/2011

    There's no better product to help my Beagle with her dermatitis condition and Entirely Pets is really helping me in making her treatment something not to worry about.

    GREAT QUALITY SHAMPOO! by wtbeas07/16/2012

    I was looking for a shampoo that did not allow my dog to get hot spots after being groomed and this stuff works!!! She has VERY sensitive skin and can not even use oatmeal. She requires a tar-based shampoo for her seborrhea and so far this stuff is the best!

    best conditioning shampoo for itchy coats by luvmIanimals05/22/2012

    I love Keratolux! I have two Bassett Hounds, one of which has a very seborrheic, itchy coat. Now he basically jumps into the tub to have is Keratolux bath! He used to have problems with scratching continually and shedding horribly, to the point that his white coat was noticeably thin. He no longer sheds excessively and hardly ever scratches. I am now searching so that I can by a gallon of the stuff. Anybody know where I can get one?

    A therapeutic shampoo that really works by Nancy Perrine from Tuscaloosa AL06/12/2012

    I use this on Clark our black and white domestic short hair cat. He is an inside and outside cat so is exposed to seasonal inhaled allergies that causes itching and scratching to the point of patches of hair loss, last year he was almost bald at the tail base area. Keratolux shampoo relieves itching and helps settle his skin down so that it can heal. It took months but now his hair has grown back. I use this shampoo as needed to control itching and it works!

    Keratolux medicated shampoo by GracieM11/25/2011

    This has been the best shampoo for my dog, Sandy. Her skin irritation/scratching disappeared after using this product. Originally prescribed by her Vet. many years ago, I'm a loyal purchaser of this product.

    great stuff for Mini-Schnauzers by Mac's mom02/15/2012

    Does your mini-schnauzer have schnauzer skin? This shampoo gives our little guy great relief from dry, itchy skin and helps prevent new "schnauzer bumps." It's cheaper here than anywhere else I've checked, too.


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