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LaxaCat™ Hairball Remedy (60 Soft Chews)

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LaxaCat Hariball Rmedy.  Hairballs don't accumulate in the stomach, the hair easily passes.
LaxaCat Hairball and Remedy Salmon Flavor (60 Soft Chews)

LaxaCat™ hairball remedy for cats is a tasty salmon formula to help eliminate hairballs and their symptoms, including constipation, straining during bowel movement, dry cough and vomiting after meals. Although this product comes in a soft chew form, with 60 soft chews included with each bottle, there is also a gel form of the supplement that is petroleum-free.

LaxaCat™ also helps limit the incidence of hairballs (A.K.A. furballs) by supporting a healthy skin and coat. Contains no added salt or artificial colors.

Directions For Use:
To eliminate hairballs, feed up to four pieces every day until hairball is eliminated. To prevent hairballs, feed up to four pieces twice weekly along with regular brushing of the catís coat.

Guaranteed Analysis (per chew)
Crude Protein 5% min.
Crude Fat 12% min.
Crude Fiber 2% max.
Moisture 3% max

Corn Starch, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Mineral Oil, Water, Modified Corn Starch, Rice Bran, Brewers Yeast, Corn Syrup Solids, Dried Cheese, Natural Flavor, Sorbic Acid, Calcium Proprionate.

Made in USA

Usage Information

Directions For Use:
To eliminate hairballs, feed up to four pieces every day until hairball is eliminated. To prevent hairballs, feed up to four pieces twice weekly along with regular brushing of the catís coat.

Guaranteed Analysis (per chew)
Crude Protein 5% min.
Crude Fat 12% min.
Crude Fiber 2% max.
Moisture 3% max

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Store tightly closed at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.


Corn Starch, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Mineral Oil, Water, Modified Corn Starch, Rice Bran, Brewers Yeast, Corn Syrup Solids, Dried Cheese, Natural Flavor, Sorbic Acid, Calcium Proprionate.

Customer Reviews

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3.59 rating based on 29 reviews
1 Persnickity Cat by lotus from Nevada07/31/2012

We have six cats from 2 to 15 and only one of them snubs her nose at them. The others beg for more. I intend to purchase more soon.

LaxaCat reformulated, so cats no longer eat it by ACW08/10/2014

This used to work well for easing hairballs in our 6 cats, but in elate 2013/early 2014, EntirelyPets reformulated it (was translucent, now is brown), so our cats won't eat it anymore. I will be returning excess bottles for refund.

No more hairballs! by Ocho's mom from Oregon03/06/2013

Yay. Something that actually works. My cat wouldn't touch them at first but I kept offering for a few days and now she gobbles them up immediately. And no more hacking and coughing and spit up hairballs.

by ljt08/10/2014

my cats hate this product. Isn't helpful if they don't eat it.

great purchase by taz from oshawa, ontario08/10/2012

I have bought every laxative on the market, but what good is it if the cat won't eat it ... he loves this, so I will buy more

Great new product with no MESS by Renee12/15/2012

I have always used Laxatone in the tube. Most of my kitties, I don't have a problem giving them the product from the tube. I have one longed haired cat that refuses to take the paste from the tube, so this makes a mess all over her, me and whatever else gets in the way. With these little chews, no mess!!! It's great. She eats them and all my other cats like them too.

by MamaKat58 from New York06/02/2013

My cats didn't take to this product... and i tried several times to NO avail.. :(

Nice Product by JamKirch from Sacramento, CA01/07/2012

With a clan of 3 cats and everyone grooming everyone there is always concern of hairballs. Only one of my cats likes treats and had no issue with these soft chews. The other two cats are a little more picky and need some help. These soft chews are easy to smash and hid in a little wet food. I have been using a maintenance and so far so good.

LaxaCat by fatotto1201/24/2013

So the "paste" was not appetizing for one of my cats, but LaxaCat is the best product ever. She is always cleaning herself and of course has ton of hairballs, this has helped a ton.

Laxacat by Cat who is picky eater11/11/2012

My cat did not like it at all. My cat prefers food that is not healthy for her. She refused to eat the Laxacat , however, will eat Friskies Hairball Remedy. Please don't go by what my cat refuses to eat. You must try it on your own cat.

too hard by sixcathouse09/10/2013

The soft chews, in my opinion, were not that soft. I had to break them in half, espcially for my senior cat, to eat. Then when I broke them in half, they kind of crumbled apart. Though they did eat them. So the flavor must be ok.

by Bucky64901/16/2015

Cat will not eat it. Have tried adding to food by braking it up. She just will not use it. Have tried a few times .

Laxa Cat by Shar01/20/2012

This may not be a review you want to see. While it was nice of Entirely Pets to send the product from their contest, I have to say this is not a product I would buy. I have 7 cats, and when I gave them the product they all sniffed them. Three tried to eat them, but without much sucess. After several attempts 2 gave up. One did manage to break apart 1 piece and eat some of it, but not all. The other 4 cats sniffed and walked away. One did think they were a toy and started batting them around. So from their point of view they didn't like them. From my point of view watching them struggle to chew them, it was like rubber that they just couldn't get through. Sorry to say this is not a product that I would buy or recommend.

Laxa Cat Hairball remedy chews by Loretta from Minnesota12/31/2013

My long haired torti wont lick the other hairball remedy in a tube. So, I am happy she likes these chews. Ate them right up.

Just so so by TheBullyMomma from Leroy Township, Ohio12/18/2012

I have 2 short haired kittens that just love these and 1 short haired kitten who won't touch them. They don't seem to help with hairballs with the 2 who eat them daily however.

Chewable remedy by madz from Danvers, MA10/27/2013

I'm not really sure if it's working, but my cats loves it

Noticeable Improvement by CatLover from SC02/24/2012

My cats are reluctant to try anything new, but they absolutely loved these treats. After a few days of use, I could tell a big improvement with them. They really like the flavor and I can tell a reduction in hairballs.

not a treat by toys from TN10/31/2012

Neither of my cats consider this a treat. They will occasionally eat it mixed in with their food. But I have not seen a hairball since these have been mixed in the food.

works well by katz from new orleans, la10/23/2012

cats love it and its Much easier than paste in the tube

love it by cmcfee from gainesville, fl01/20/2012

I have 3 cats and this product really helped

My cat won't touch them. by jumpseed from NJ01/19/2013

Great idea but my cat won't touch them, and he laps up the goo-in-a-tube, grocery store kind. Maybe you could crumble them and add to canned food but that would sort of negate the ease of using them.

Stops the Midnight Hacking by Pumpkin01/23/2013

kids have stopped hacking up hairballs once they started on it. my boy doesn't like the paste taste, so he thinks of these as treats and inhales them

Great product by thurt from St. Clair Shores MI09/06/2013

Product worked for my cat. 25 pounds and a hairball problem.

disliked by LaVerne from Missouri07/21/2012

My cat wouldn't eat these, tried cuting them up.

My cat loves it! by JouJou from Allen, TX05/29/2012

My cat sees me get the continue & she wants it. She thinks it is a treat. It seems to be working on the hairball problem.

Good supplement; use with caution by Mary from Dayton, Ohio03/21/2013

I use this to help my male cat move his bowels when he hasn't been able to go in a couple of days. It works. Since he also has urinary tract issues, I am careful how much I give him - I break the pieces in half and give him only one half-piece a day for a couple of days, then I skip a day or two. My thinking is that the high fiber pulls water into his colon, which is good for helping him move his bowels; but, it also seems like he is not urinating as much. If he has a problem with crystals, it's my understanding that the goal is to flush out his urinary system with lots of water - that's why I am careful about how much of this I use. I do like the product and will continue to use it. He likes it, too.

it works by jchrosto from Havertown, PA05/21/2013

one of my cats take a medication that makes him consitipated we tried 3 products (Naturvet Cat Hairball Plus Catnip, Pet Naturals Hairball Chews for Cats, LaxaCat Hairball Remedy). He like shtem all and they are all producing greater "output".

cats wont touch it by catmom from Boston, MA06/22/2012

I have 3 cats, only 1 of which I would consider "finicky". But none of them would touch these chews. Won't do much good if they won't eat them. The dog loved 'em though!

No significant improvement in hair ball removal by Rose from Holland, OH01/25/2012

Even though the cats liked the flavor, I could see no significant difference in using these chews or what I have been using, the gel form in a tube.. Seemed to have better results with the tube, so will go back to that product.

Excellent product by Jas from Spearfish SD10/05/2013

We have a 14 year cat who has always had problems with hairballs and yes, constipation. She is a groomer no matter how many times I comb her. Her last visit to the vet was because she wasn't have regular bow movements - one every four days. She was eating & drinking the same. I was prescribed 5 daily penicillin shots for her and when I told the vet the vet she was taking laxacat daily, she said to increase to twice a day. What a difference it made. Her stools were real hard at first & full of hair. Now she takes the laxacat as prescribed & has continued to improve. I have been very pleased with it. It also decreased her vomitting of hair balls. Funny thing is she loves the taste of them & we crumble one twice daily over her wet food. In no time the food is gone. She eats dry food as well. It is a great product & one that I find the best on the market. No more fighting her with products that come in the tube.

received wrong product by howie12/31/2012

I can't really give a review of the hairball remedy when I received joint medicine.

A Winner! by Little Ms. Kitty05/19/2013

My kitty actually thinks these are a treat and loves them. I throw them up the stairs so he gets exercise while he's also eating something I'm using for him if he needs it which is once in a while. He eats raw but sometimes has a bit of trouble going #2 and this does the trick!


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